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“Each papercut can take anything from a day to a week to complete all depending on the scale and the complexity of the design,” says Emily Hogarth (@emilyhogarth), an illustrator and papercutting artist from Edinburgh, Scotland. “I design it as I go along, which I find often makes the design more organic.” Each work is cut by hand and on the opposite side of the final product, which means Emily is extra careful when incorporating words into her designs. “Writing backwards has become normal for me these days but it did take a bit of practice.” Emily says she uses Instagram to capture the magic of everyday life, as well as to document her art. “My work is often inspired by my surroundings, flowers and foliage on my dog walk or the pattern on an old vase.” Photo by @emilyhogarth
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“I try to capture the Japanese landscape and culture through my family life with Sora and Itaru,” says Shunsuke Miyatake (@casadetake), who lives in Japan’s Kanagawa prefecture. A father of an outgoing five-year-old girl and a restless three-year-old boy — both very curious about everything from insects to music to outer space — Shunsuke always has his camera ready for moments when the little ones absorb themselves in something interesting in their environment. Some of his favorite captures of his kids include when Itaru became glued to the window when he saw a Japanese garden for the first time, and when Sora and Itaru sat and sang at a park on a cloudy day during the rainy season while they patiently waited for sunshine. “Through my kids, I want to share aspects of Japanese culture and sceneries,” he explains, “from the traditional ‘wabi-sabi’ aesthetics to the history and to the edgy modern art in the cities.” Photo by @casadetake
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Hello, Instagram! It’s time for your dose of #WeeklyFluff. Today’s unconventional furry friend comes from Japan. Meet Bikke (@bikke_the_chip), an adorable chipmunk with a love of yawns, stretching and sunflower seeds. To add some miniature ‘munk fluff to your Instagram feed, follow @bikke_the_chip.
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Every Monday we share some of our favorite Weekend Hashtag Project submissions on our blog at Congratulations to @lowerasberg, @harmonycalhoun, @warausaboten, @tonipascualcuenca, @parative, @gothamkid, @stephendanny, @mapy_jaen and @saherabbasi who all had featured submissions for #WHPemojisinthewild! #✌️
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Jeremy Ennis’ (@jeremy_ennis_1979) micro-illustrations celebrate “Star Wars” in stunning detail. As a student working on his natural science illustration certificate, the Seattle-based artist plays with the techniques he learns in his studies by drawing his favorite characters and ships from the beloved film franchise. “I’m a huge ‘Star Wars’ fan. I came to the ‘Star Wars’ movies late, actually. I watched ‘A New Hope’ when I was 13 years old back in 1992,” he says. "I was so drawn in and impressed by the visuals and the creative attention to detail.” Although his day-to-day work focuses on the patterns and textures of the natural world, much of Jeremy’s creative work is sparked by the intangible — from music to galaxies far, far away. “I am a self-taught violinist,” he says. “I am also really into the order and chaos of the universe, and spend a lot of time learning about astrophysics.” For more intricately detailed "Star Wars" iconography, follow @jeremy_ennis_1979. For more "Star Wars" fan art in honor of #maythefourth (Star Wars Day), explore the #starwarsart hashtag.
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“Getting stalked by cougars and run-ins with pissed off bears … Feeling the earth BOOM when a 700-year-old tree that was burning out from the roots cracked and hit the ground not even 100 feet away … Getting drenched with water from rogue bucket drops, and splattered with red retardant from air tankers.” In five years of fighting forest fires, three of them as a member of an elite 20-person Hotshot crew based in Northeast Oregon, Caitlin Chinn (@caitlinchinn) has had her share of harrowing experiences. For Caitlin, who grew up outside of Seattle, a grueling and dangerous job was not preordained. “I overcame way more difficult social obstacles to become a firefighter than physical ones,” she says. But a life of adventure, where work and play are largely indistinguishable, is exactly what she sought out. “I take pictures from places many people don’t get to see and provide my own perspective,” says Caitlin, who emphatically rejects labels people might ascribe to her. “I am just an ordinary person with an extraordinary part-time job. If I happen to inspire people, great!” Photo by @caitlinchinn
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“I wanted to design a character of maximum expression with the minimum of lines,” says Yacine Ait Kaci (@elyxyak), a Paris-based director and media artist, describing how he came to create his stick figure Elyx. “He mainly lives in a little notebook, but he totally shares our reality.” Elyx is featured daily — sometimes several times a day — in Yacine’s Instagram posts. “He has the vision of a child, discovering everything as if it was the first time,” says Yacine. “And he is amazed by very simple daily things that we don’t see anymore.” Photo by @elyxyak
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Every Sunday, we look back on the week and select some of our favorite images from emerging voices across the globe. For these photos and more news from around the community, visit Congratulations to those who are featured! @dlongstreath @ariadokhtjahanbakhshan @matiascorea @gaiasquarci @dianazeynebalhindawi @elijahsol @callhercaly @prashanthvishwanathan @maddiemcgarvey Photo by @dianazeynebalhindawi
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“This is a look at the last remaining spaces, cities and design from America’s very particular version of modernism — hopeful, rational, unsustainable.” So explains Tag Christof (@americaisdead), an American photographer who has spent the last decade moving back and forth between Europe and the United States, alternately studying architecture and design, interning at a fashion photo agency, and now working as an art director and editor in Richmond, Virginia. On weekends, Tag sets out with his vintage cameras to see how far he can drive, as he records relics of the late 20th century American economy, exploring a landscape of languishing shopping malls, motels, and drive-ins. “Especially with the malls and their clean lines and quietly crumbling façades, you sometimes have to look quite closely to see that they’re ruins.” He adds, “the things I photograph are the direct result of a system that defines progress only in economic terms.” Photo by @americaisdead
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“There is a certain magic about cooking. It’s like creating a potion,” says Diego Oliveira (@eudiiih), an aspiring photographer with a passion for cooking. Diego learned at a young age that there is also magic in taking pictures. As a child, his uncle told him that photography was like “looking at the world through a little magic rectangle.” Growing up in São Paulo, Diego learned to love cooking from his aunt. “I would spend most weekends with my aunt, who was a cook, and she would give me small tasks in the kitchen to keep me busy. On weekends, my family would also get together to share food, so cooking reminds me of family and fun.” Today, Diego blends his passions for photography and cuisine by capturing his culinary creations on camera. He hopes that through his photos his audience can get a taste for his cooking, which is heavily influenced by northeastern Brazil’s strong flavors, as well as food from North America. In order to get his creative juices flowing, Diego’s soundtrack must be just right. “My taste is eclectic. Everything from Madonna to Maria Bethânia,” he says. “Music helps me prepare food and inspires me to photograph the table. Music is fuel.” Photo by @eudiiih
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