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Misha Vallejo (@mishavallejo) has his #EyesOn the social issues affecting Latin America’s most remote regions. “My work revolves around the ‘lost person’ and the ‘lost place,’” says the photojournalist, who has traveled to locations like Lake Poopó in Bolivia to learn more about the changing livelihoods of indigenous communities. The son of an Ecuadorian father and a Russian-Israeli mother, Misha’s inquisitive images reflect his own quest to understand where he fits into society: “I don’t want to explain everything to the viewer — I love shooting banal scenes of everyday life and giving them a twist.” In Ecuador, where he says “the relationship between humans and nature is primordial and still very strong,” Misha reveals the society’s fragile relationship with a changing environment. Last month, he trained his lens on the coming together of communities along the Ecuadorian coast in response to a 7.8-magnitude earthquake: “We need to understand that we depend on our environment in order to survive.” Photo by @mishavallejo
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What goes up must come down — unless you’re Francesco Mattucci (@kitchensuspension). The concept of zero-gravity ingredients came to the Italian photographer from — where else? — his home kitchen in Modena, Italy. “The things that inhabit [the kitchen] get a life of their own,” Francesco says of the everyday items he creatively captures. He is secretive about his post-production magic, but Francesco will say this: “Every object that you see floating was captured in that exact spot.” Photo by @kitchensuspension
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“We love to perform and entertain people, and we feel at home on the stage. Our mum was a dancer and an acrobat and passed on her lifelong passion to us. This is #WhyIMove,” says 20-year-old Teagan Rybka (@teagan_rybka), one half of Australian acro-dance duo @rybkatwinsofficial with her twin sister, Sam (@sam_rybka). “Someone once told us that when they watch us it’s more like watching one person because of our strong unison, but dancing together is more challenging than people think. Trying to dance, execute acro-tricks and stay in perfect unison takes a lot of practice and patience. We’re both very similar in ability because we’ve worked together and pushed each other. We’ve spent most of our life upside down or on our hands down at the studio simply doing what we love!” Photo by @rybkatwinsofficial
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Charlotte Mei (@charlottemei_) believes worms are the most underrated creature in the animal kingdom. “They have no features or body parts, just one soft pink tube,” she says. “They are so funny.” Charlotte, an artist and illustrator who lives in London, spends time thinking about animals as she incorporates them into her ceramic works and drawings, often with a humorous wink. She also thinks about how her work may outlive her. “In 4,000 years, when all context is lost, how might someone interpret it?” asks Charlotte. “Will they think I worshipped worms? Do I?” Photo by @charlottemei_
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“#hellomynameis Daria Shatalova (@purshervil). I’m 17 years old and I’m based in Voronezh, Russia. I can’t imagine my life without art — probably because I started going to classes at an arts academy when I was 4. I studied classical choreography and piano. When I was 8, I saw the opera “Carmen,” and I knew that I wanted to sing in the theater. From then on, there has been a lot of voice work in my life. I love Salvador Dalí, classical music and decadence. I recently realized my dream is to become a theater director. Theater is my affection. I’ll finish high school this year and possibly go to Moscow or St. Petersburg to study. There’s a great deal of responsibility in that decision: stay home or move away. I am very inspired by travel, and I really love packed trips! New places, cultures, cuisines, styles — they really give you inspiration and energy. It’s no surprise that in every new country or city, it’s a must for me to go to the theater.” For more stories from the Russian community, follow @instagramrussia. Photo by @purshervil
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Kayak instructor Aleix Salvat (@aleixsalvat) is keeping up a family tradition. His parents were also kayak instructors who took Aleix out on his first trip at 4 years old — he’s been paddling the rapids of Europe and Latin America ever since. “I love how you feel in the water,” the adventure-seeker from Catalonia, Spain, says. “You feel so alive after making it through a difficult rapid.” Despite jumping a 78-foot (24-meter) waterfall on his most recent kayaking trip in Peru, Aleix is anything but reckless. “I’m usually frightened when facing tough rivers,” he says. “You always need to keep a cool head and analyze the situation.” For more stories from the Spanish-speaking community, follow @instagrames. Photo by @aleixsalvat
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Meet Daredevil Meatball: the protein-packed thrill-seeker that Marwa Ebrahim (@marwaebrahim_me) created for #WHPedibleart and #FoodRevolutionDay. Marwa’s muse? Last night’s dinner. “I tried to imagine what a meatball might do if it had a life of its own,” the 21-year-old Bahraini student, who lives in Glasgow, Scotland, says. Treat yourself to more tasty #WHPedibleart submissions for #FoodRevolutionDay on the blog. (Link in profile.) One may even inspire your next meal. Video by @marwaebrahim_me
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Danling Xiao (@mundane_matters) gave legs and life to an energetic carrot for last weekend’s hashtag project, #WHPedibleart. Follow along as we feature some of our favorite submissions throughout the week, and check out more at Photo by @mundane_matters
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Fairy tale magic pervades Laura Zalenga’s (@laura_zalenga_photography) images. “Even today, I have the Brothers Grimm book on my nightstand — it’s worn down from all the reading,” she says. The photographer from southern Germany doesn’t depict knights or frog princes, but she shares melancholic moments and magical places in her triptychs. “I like negative space a lot,” Laura says of her extreme landscape format. “The calm in it is something that’s important to me. I hope my pictures have the same effect on the viewer.” For more stories from the German-speaking community, follow @instagramde. Photo by @laura_zalenga_photography
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Today’s #WeeklyFluff offers up a triple dose of feline fur. Meet Gümüş, Gazanfer and Akide (@sleepy_gumus), a trouble-making trio of Turkish kitties. For those looking to infuse their feed with a healthy helping of cuddly cat, follow @sleepy_gumus. Video by @sleepy_gumus
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