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Hello, Instagram! Welcome to a special #Easter edition of the #WeeklyFluff. Meet Mason (@veryfatrabbit), a fantastically furry floppy-eared bunny from Seattle. If your feed lacks snow white rabbit fluff, follow @veryfatrabbit.
weeklyfluff - easter -
ahmedeldarawy : @burn_it_ :D
kusterdagmar : Beautiful fluffy bunny !
x_3bochi : كلب منحررف قليل ادب 😂
teamlocals : @jamydog @strawberry_rubes @lovesouthsea
vinaykhatri9927 : Nice
scaley15 : So cute x💕
sarah_nid : Instalove @iridegear
goonerli : @meibunny look! Is it cute😬 my Bannie is even more cute than it 😘🐰
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Every Monday we share some of our favorite Weekend Hashtag Project submissions on our blog at Congratulations to @ediediedy, @mmahyan, @two_mad_bros_soultripping, @the_duttons, @bhismadiandra, @elinelindblom, @boscology, @zatomas and @adeeshkapoor who all had featured submissions for #WHPlisten!
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aidagjondrekaj : Non capisco dov'è la bellezza???
yasi_barane.eshgh : @faezeh.c4e @argentum_1391 @pretty_kristine.24 @arun.showry plz like me.tnx @military_forces_of_ukraine
arun.showry : But y should i?? @yasi_barane.eshgh
yasi_barane.eshgh : @arun.showry for fun
arun.showry : 😌😔😏Not intrested @yasi_barane.eshgh
yasi_barane.eshgh : @arun.showry as u like..
nicolezer : Follow for follow? Hehe ❤
arun.showry : Haha @nicolezer
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It all started with a dream to become a trapeze artist. “Well, that didn’t go well. Every time I would come out, people would laugh and I would never be able to get on the trapeze,” says Gaby Munoz (@chulatheclown), who lives in Mexico City. “At first, it was frustrating, but then I understood the great feeling I had by making others laugh. It was contagious. My teachers told me that if I was a clown I could do whatever I wanted.” Gaby feels she has now found her true calling as a professional clown. To her, clowns are actually very much like trapeze artists: “They will throw themselves to the abyss without wings, hoping to build them on the way down! They’ll tell you about whom you are, exploring the depth of human emotions. They create an invisible mirror where one can look at the clown and see their own reflection.” Gaby’s profession is no surprise to her family. As a kid, she recalls, “I had my own interior universe of fantasy. I remember playing with mud, pretending to make little cakes and trying to sell them to kids in school, as well as inside trash cans, pretending they were supermarkets.” Her parents did have some words of wisdom as she embarked on her professional path, encouraging her to be what they deemed “a serious clown.” Gaby took her parents’ advice to heart and is now involved with social clowning, giving workshops all over the world, from refugee camps in Syria, Lebanon and Jordan to theater schools and indigenous communities in Mexico, Colombia, Sweden, the US, Brazil, Tbilisi, India, the Philippines and Indonesia. Photo by @chulatheclown
sionevss75577 : This is just fricking kreepy
wafaa.ahmed01 : Nice
_.hrs_ : Yeah!
cars2216 : @suzyanna_xoxo Annabelle agen
bam_itz_gallacher : Lol
xhe_ni_sa : @stivenmema lol
suzyanna_xoxo : Lol @cars2216
oztrk.melis : :)
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Shinjiro Ono (@marutaro) had no intention of owning a dog until he met Maru, a half-grown Shiba Inu who had been for sale for over a month at a pet store in his neighborhood near Tokyo. “My wife and I decided that if it was still there the following week, we would take him home,” reflects Shinjiro for this edition of #todayimet. Little did Shinjiro know that Maru would become one of the most adored pets on Instagram — and open Shinjiro up to a community full of new friends. Tokyo designer Daisuke Kujiraoka, who goes by the name Halno (@halno), shares a series of “levitation” photos that he started with a group of friends he met through Instagram. “We were exploring aesthetics that would be fun for us to shoot, and the broomstick levitation captures eventually became my trademark,” he says. Since then, the works of his team have sparked the curiosity of many people, and the group has recently begun to share their creative process more broadly though InstaMeets. Last February, Shinjiro, Maru, Halno and Halno’s team met up for the first time, where they spent an entire afternoon doing a photo shoot. “We told Shinjiro about the images we had in mind, and Maru just followed Shinjiro’s instructions,” says Halno. “It was impressive to see how much friendship, love and trust exist between the two.” Photo by @halno
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waythesky : execellent illusion
nelliraaiyappa : So nice
sammy_k281 : (:
murat_41 : Bu adam rize limi dur yoksa
talentedniger : Are u all sure that it is real????
shalraj : @anitajerry hahaha loafa
walt3d : Very cool
_irdina_imanina : What?!
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Every Sunday, we look back on the week and select some of our favorite images from emerging voices across the globe. For these photos and more news from around the community, visit Congratulations to those who are featured! @choudharyravi @freegrassfarmer @hervsfree @mitsuguuu @hamedbarei @andresdelima @mi_noir @unmaderhyme and @hnato_nf Photo by @andresdelima
tracey.webb : Ever dance with the devil by pale moonlight?
waythesky : Its BATMAN SHADOW
ash_elly : BatMan ♥
zoeblondi : Barman 😍😘
kylecabigting : its batman shadow
sharonleigh13 : I love me some batman
pink__fluffy__unicorns__ : Batman
hollybellamy : 👏👏
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“New Orleans exists with no expectation from its residents or visitors. It moves the way it wants to,” says Whitney Mitchell (@twomacks), who has lived in the southern city for nearly eight years. Gradually, Whitney found New Orleans bringing out her creative side. “There is a magic in this city I couldn’t even begin to justify with words,” she says. “There’s a feeling of creation with no fear of failing. The city lent itself to me to just try, to just live and take life easy.” Whitney’s photographs often take shape as bright, strong portraits of the women in her life set against the vibrant colors of the city’s buildings. “There is so much in life that tells people to feel and look a certain way, or that beauty is measured by a ‘pretty scale,’” she explains. “Each of the women trust me to help them feel beautiful when they don’t outside of a meticulously thought-out selfie. I want to show sexiness in line with power and blackness in line with holistic beauty.” Photo by @twomacks
1.wn : التسلاب الي بالشعيب يضيفوني
_spanish__papi : Follow me 😍
ghetto.luu : Me tbh after I'm done beatin yo pussy up @_ayycali
charley_and_mcenzie_and_me : Awsome
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__jaavier____ignaciio : seguidme
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When Prinka Saraswati (@prinkasaraswati) makes a portrait, she’s looking for the person inside a person. “I try to capture their real personalities,” says Prinka, 21, who makes a living in Surabaya, Indonesia, as a kindergarten teacher, English tutor and photographer. “Seeing their insincere laugh when someone tells a lame joke or silent smile when they receive a text. Small, forgotten things like that.” Many of Prinka’s friends, whom she calls “beautiful creatures,” are also artists and she photographs them along with intimate moments from her life. “I love capturing melancholy stuff,” she says. “Lonely people, half a cup of black coffee or trees that move as the breeze goes by.” Photo by @prinkasaraswati
keanuprintup96 : I like the pic shay
amanda_keiko_adachi : Cool
callumwasburn123 : Who can be bothered to write this much?😜
nurulquaitika : Hai
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reza_mazraeh : hi.
gainalyusuf : Hi, Follow @carolynepanjaitan 😊😊
nizamaniasif : Which is focused here???
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Weekend Hashtag Project: #WHPlisten What does a sound look like? The goal this weekend is to capture creative videos or photos showing a visual interpretation of a sound. Some tips to get you started: You can find sound almost everywhere. It can come from things close to us, like teapots or people laughing, but also from objects in our recent past, like phone dials, typewriters or tape recorders. When people see your photo, you want them to immediately hear a sound in their minds. Let a unique noise around you draw your attention, then frame your shot to show the action and best convey the sound. For video, avoid music in favor of the ambient sounds in everyday life. From the roar of a train leaving the station to the strike of a match, seek to capture footage where sound and motion come together to bring a moment to life. PROJECT RULES: Please add the #WHPlisten hashtag only to photos and videos taken this weekend and only submit your own photographs and videos to the project. If you include music in your video submissions, please only use music to which you own the rights. Any tagged image or video taken this weekend is eligible to be featured Monday morning. For more examples and inspiration, check out Featured photo by @rthm8
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q.p.d.l.v : @fshakerr check your DM please
vvenkat.vr : Nice
andr1w_biiel : Likes na ultima
annag_123 : LISTEN
kevinjoker1212 : Y el whatsap
samiratrabelsi : C'est beau
walt3d : Great idea!
b.a.o.q.i : Awesome
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For California native Dana Roth (@dana_arr), the experience of living and working as a Peace Corps volunteer in Senegal, West Africa, has been nothing short of transformative. “Going into this, I really didn’t have an idea of what I was going to do in the future,” says Dana. “While I hoped that I’d be on a journey of self-discovery, up until recently I thought maybe that was a silly idea. But as I get further into my time here, I realize that I’ve changed a lot, and I’ve changed my mind about what I want to do in the future.” After spending a year and a half in a country that’s captured her heart, Dana is considering a career overseas — working for an aid organization, or, perhaps, in the Foreign Service. To help cement long-term memories of her time in Senegal, Dana has been taking intimate photos of the people and her surroundings. But her Instagram feed is specifically tailored for one specific viewer. “Nearly everything I post is for my mom,” says Dana. “I take photos of people and things that she would be interested in.” Photo by @dana_arr
jens_johanssons : ⬅️⬅️CHECK OUT MAH ARTWORK!!🎨🎨🙌Feel free to give a follow/feedback appreciate it TY🙏🙏🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕💰
noora_basel : wow,tis is amazing!
reicela.balode : vghhcnxnxbdbsh. jac. ddhhfbdcbdcvsnc. xhzv
santhioktvn : Cool
aymankannimi : J🙏🙏
aymankannimi : Cool
badgirl_brittanyjane : Motivation
mnjalae : Congrats for loving your mum
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“I have about 30 to 60 seconds of time to bend a strip of wood into the desired shape before it cools and becomes unbendable,” says furniture designer and builder Matthias Pliessnig (@matthiaspliessnig), who lives in Brooklyn, New York. “It’s a hectic, yet focused, series of movements.” Matthias was experiencing creative malaise after years of studying and practicing the rigid rules of woodwork. It was a chance opportunity to fabricate a boat that sparked Matthias’ desire to rebel. “In order to build this boat, I needed to teach myself how to steam bend wood. I was also taking a course on 3-D modeling, and these ingredients came together like an adrenaline shot.” The synthesis of digital and analog has become central to Matthias’ process, where each piece is designed for a specific space and can take more than 1,000 hours from concept to creation. While each work may be unique, Matthias says it also becomes a chapter in a larger story: “It’s an evolved version of the previous design.” Photo by @matthiaspliessnig
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petronebartels : This is incredible ❤️
salm_h2 : مشالله مبدع 😂
brandt_drew : @kennethdelevante this is awesome
harzkea_16 : nice! 👍👍👍👍😂
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ahmad_wael_hamd : Usiskxixixuxu
judywelch066 : Love love ; just my thing(weird as hell) haha
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