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“It does not have to be a rhinoceros crossing the street,” says the 25-year-old advertising copywriter Vinícius Enéas (@vinicius_eneas) about capturing what he calls the “surrealism of everyday life” in his photographs. Vinícius is interested in documenting the unusual aspects of everyday life that are often overlooked. “These details catch my attention, whether they are beautiful, sad or eccentric,” he says. Vinícius, who has spent nearly a decade in the Brazilian city of Natal, famous for its postcard scenery of sand dunes and pristine beaches, challenges himself to show other sides of the city. “Most people see Natal as paradise, and for a tourist, it definitely is. But living here is different, so it’s good to be able to show other perspectives, which are just as real, perhaps even more so.” Photo by @vinicius_eneas
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Hello, Instagram! It’s time for the #WeeklyFluff. Today’s purrrecious feline is of the pint-sized variety. Meet Pancake (@nugget_pancake), a blue munchkin tabby whose teensy body is bursting with boundless energy and curiosity. To add some miniature kitty fluff to your feed, follow @nugget_pancake.
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Every Monday we share some of our favorite Weekend Hashtag Project submissions on our blog at Congratulations to @stacyant, @matt.andersen, @habib.alidengi, @sudeepnandurkar, @heyitsamoff, @nyroamer, @ceeesk, @me.lo.die and @cole_younger_ who all had featured submissions for #WHPnightlights!
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Before Kate Ulman (@foxslane) began farming, she spent her time rallying at protests. “At one point I realized that I was exhausted from all the fighting and wanted to create something positive instead,” Kate says. “And what could be more positive than growing food with love and integrity?” That was 15 years ago. She learned on the job and now runs her small farm Daylesford Organics outside Melbourne, Australia, with her partner Bren. “Farming is definitely hard work, but I can’t imagine doing anything else.” Photo by @foxslane
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Color is a constant in the life of Lourdes Villagómez (@lourdes_villagomez). The Mexican painter started off as a graphic designer, afraid of devoting herself to painting. But it was color that brought her back to her passion. “I love color and the fact that it’s so Mexican. One of my main topics is Mexican culture and traditions, and in my country that goes hand in hand with color. I started painting with this theme while I was in Italy, missing my country, and automatically the color appeared,” says Lourdes, who abandoned design after winning a scholarship to study painting in Florence, Italy. Back in Mexico City, Lourdes' paintings mainly focus on her country, but she also does portraits. “Now I earn my living through my paintings, and that is because I believed in me. I said, I’m going to throw myself at it — I am going to do it.” Photo by @lourdes_villagomez
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Every Sunday, we look back on the week and select some of our favorite images from emerging voices across the globe. For these photos and more news from around the community, visit Congratulations to those who are featured! @robfinch @thanos_duck @rickloomis @arkadripta1 @huggynbg @heathermcgrath @toastcards @milanjaros09 @charles_post Photo by @heathermcgrath
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Soccer stadiums are full of passion, roars and cheers, unless they are empty. That’s when magic happens. A few hours before the long-awaited Copa América 2015 (@copaamericachile2015) final between Chile and Argentina, the Estadio Nacional (National Stadium) in Santiago, Chile showed a different face to a group of Instagrammers. “You see this place completely empty, in silence, as if it was dormant, but you know it’ll awake soon,” says Tomás Westenenk Orrengo (@t_w_o), a Chilean architect who took part in #emptycopaamerica, an opportunity to greet and meet the stadium’s history with no one around. “Every corridor and aisle, it’s like a big labyrinth that can take you to unexpected places, so I was inventing memories in my head. In the end, I was able to stop seeing it as a stadium and was able to defragment all of its elements as artistic pieces that produce and communicate different feelings,” adds Alberto Siredey (@asiredey), a designer from the Chilean capital. Photo by @t_w_o
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Over the past year, a group of photojournalists have been telling stories about Americans you won’t see on the news. Their account is @everydayusa, and the 16 contributors have shown what it’s like to live on the nation’s poverty line with the images of Matt Black (@mattblack_blackmatt), to quiet moments of beauty photographed by Malin Fezehai (@malinfezehai), ironic encounters with modern Americana by David Guttenfelder (@dguttenfelder), and more. One of the members is Miki Meek (@mikimeek). She is half-Japanese, grew up Mormon in West Mountain, Utah and now lives in New York City where she works as a producer for the public radio show This American Life. “I’m a very random — or maybe classic — American,” she says. To tell stories like Miki’s, the group has started #identityUSA, a call for personal images that answer the question, “What does America mean to me?” Miki says, “We are all spread out, with different interests and backgrounds, missions and viewpoints. We’re trying to tease out what isn’t obvious, but is right in front of you.” Photo by @malinfezehai
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Just a few weeks before Bradley Wiggins became the first British cyclist to win the Tour de France (@letourdefrance) in 2012, he appeared in Rob Sargent’s bike shop, Sargent & Co. (@sargentandco), in Finsbury Park, north London. “It was just so exciting,” says Rob, who opened the shop in 2008 after a career in photography and art. Bradley was there for a photo shoot inside the shop, where the walls are covered with a stock of vintage bike frames from France, England, Belgium and Italy, and the house cat Aalto prowls between the suspended frames and window displays. Rob creates custom builds or renovates old classics to their former glory for customers, a passion project turned into a full-time endeavor. “He had a very strong presence which remained after he left; he was here for about half a day,” Rob recalls fondly. A sign in the shop window reading “Go Wiggo Go!” stayed up throughout the rest of the London 2012 Olympics. To keep up with this year’s Tour de France, follow @letourdefrance on Instagram and browse the #tdf2015 hashtag. For more vintage bike renovation, follow @sargentandco. Photo by @sargentandco
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Weekend Hashtag Project: #WHPnightlights The goal this weekend is to capture dynamic displays of light in the darkness. Some tips to get you started: Look for all the different sources of light that can illuminate an interesting scene around you, including street lamps, flashlights, candles and moonlight. The glowing lights of buildings and bridges at night offer a great opportunity for cityscapes. Remember to hold your camera as still as possible for the longer exposure required in a low light setting. To prevent your photo or video from being too bright or grainy, tap and hold the brightest part of your frame to adjust and lock the exposure. If you’re celebrating Independence Day in the United States this weekend, try to capture the unique light effects of fireworks and sparklers. (Just remember to maintain a safe distance.) PROJECT RULES: Please add the #WHPnightlights hashtag only to photos and videos taken over this weekend and only submit your own photographs and videos to the project. If you include music in your video submissions, please only use music to which you own the rights. Any tagged image or video taken over the weekend is eligible to be featured on Monday. For more examples and inspiration, check out Featured photo by @melaniericcardi (Take two: the original announcement for #WHPnightlights featured a mistakenly credited photo.)
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