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#WHPvibrant asked community members to make brightly colored photos and videos filled with energy — like this one by @sxntisxtx. Follow along as we feature some of our favorite submissions throughout the week, and check out more at Photo by @sxntisxtx
whpvibrant -
cecilia_venancio : Eu quero @david_pfarias
cdiksha6 : 😊
8vzi : 🌚
josy.shawty : Lb
eissa___1 : Snap:eissa1.1
gmz_oez : Fff
josy.shawty : 100% lb
josy.shawty : 💦💦💦💦
raftar_rohit - sumitdhin - mouctara5 - aliceait -
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#WHPvibrant asked community members to make brightly colored photos and videos filled with energy — like this one by @waqonthewildside. Follow along as we feature some of our favorite submissions throughout the week, and check out more at Photo by @waqonthewildside
whpvibrant -
shahin.samadipoor : سی ای چل
renovamenvitae : Wow
s_s_alenzy : مثل الاجواء عندنا😢
farisanpp : Fff?lff?
sefah.nana : beautiful
edith_mulli : Detailed
georgiawardner : That's something you do not see every day
eror_anicka : Crazy
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#WHPvibrant asked community members to make brightly colored photos and videos filled with energy — like this one by @mgrevtsov. Follow along as we feature some of our favorite submissions throughout the week, and check out more at Photo by @mgrevtsov
whpvibrant -
lenabosi : Eu queria esta animação toda do carnaval,quando formos para as ruas gritar por dias melhores para o povo brasileiro:educação , saúde , segurança ....
talesmpedrosa : Estava aí! Foi lindo mesmo.
jojoerard33 : Magnifique
khaild6461 : The
ricardapaloma : Tare este colorat
vrinitif : Waow
sum.aiya : @jameelalisha you
raftar_rohit : Nice
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Tatiana Ruediger (@tatiruediger) grew up in Rio de Janeiro, but she didn’t fall in love with #Carnaval until a few days ago, after experiencing her first street parades in the city’s center. “These traditional street parades are totally different from other celebrations I’ve been to,” the 26-year-old sociology graduate student and photographer explains. “The energy is phenomenal and people are really there for the parade and the music.” In the spirit of the festivities, Tatiana plans to morph into a unicorn or mermaid. “I love costumes because you let go of your serious day-to-day persona and indulge your inner desires.” Photo by @tatiruediger
carnaval -
indianathlete_gaurav : Long family
justdecidefitness : Fun
franklincirino : 5 days lost. And the Brazil lost.
maleki.berneti : وااااااای چه رنگهایی
jann.reza : Niceee pic
jedaiah_hannah : Festiv. I like it 👍👍👍😁😁😁
zissa88 : @topangeazy 😍
kang_ripay : This love
biapinto2004 - sherwansiyari - taruna_dani - jacob_sartorius1013 -
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Starting this week, you can quickly and easily switch between multiple accounts on Instagram! 🎉 Go to your profile settings to add an additional account. From there, tap your username at the top of your profile to switch between accounts. Once you have multiple accounts added, you’ll see your profile photo appear in places throughout the app so you can always tell which one you’re using at the moment. To learn more, check out Account switching will be available as part of Instagram version 7.15 for iOS and Android
_void_malia_ : I don't have the option to add an account
shafwanshuhami : @simsallstars omoo..kekekek
lauraa.fas : I already have this!!
sarahyork1 : @mirian_conn 😁😁😁
8vzi : 🌚
mocornelisz : @saarrahakbauw @steef_muller zo getest, het werkt nog goed ook!
reese_hannah25 : There is no option
gizellecarv : @bellesweetgourmet @vitacruaalimentos
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Curious George has a cousin. Mr. Monkey is just as mischievous as his famous relative and even has his own “Man in the Yellow Hat” to ferry him from adventure to adventure — Paul Copeland (@smallpaul), who says Mr. Monkey has traveled to five continents, about 45 countries and snapped selfies with celebrities, like former pro soccer player Thierry Henry. “I'm just the courier, photographer, tour guide and Sherpa for Mr. Monkey,” says Paul, a creative director based in Singapore who was born in the year of the monkey. “He’s got his own personality — jaunty. I don’t want a selfie, he does.” It all started 20 years ago when Paul’s girlfriend at the time fell ill on a ski trip and he took pictures of Mr. Monkey to show her the trails she’d missed. Now, he has thousands of photos he hopes to collect in a book and pass down to his kids, along with Mr. Monkey himself. But like the Man in the Yellow Hat, Paul is always scared Mr. Monkey’s inquisitive nature will get him in hot water. “I’m terrified of the day he disappears,” he says. “But being a year of the monkey, I think this could be his year.” #YearOfTheMonkey Photo by @smallpaul
yearofthemonkey -
anni303 : 帅
apurbahazarika : Awesome.
uihda11 : אהבתי
joettamorgan162 : Gud
lilou3364 : 🐒❤️
gulden_ilk : Hehe
gulden_ilk : O
isaacayaaba : Nice
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Twelve minutes, more than 100 million viewers: the Super Bowl halftime show is not for the faint of heart. But this year’s headliner, @coldplay, is taking it all in stride. “We’ve taken inspiration from all of the Rocky movies, in terms of preparation and perspiration — and spending time doing pushups!” says drummer Will Champion. Despite the stakes, there was no hesitation when the band got the offer — though that might not have been the case if they were asked any earlier in their career. According to lead singer Chris Martin, they weren’t ready until now. As for what to expect during Sunday’s performance, Coldplay is being careful not to spoil the set, but it’s safe to assume they’ll drop a mix of old classics plus new tracks from their latest album, “A Head Full of Dreams.” “During the first half we’ll be warming up,” says Will. “And then we’re hoping to get out into the stands for the second half to watch the game, knowing that our hard work is done.” Photo of Chris Martin by @coldplay. Words by @music
caylee_alissa : 💜
chiten3jamir : @_misfit13_
standmoneyco : Awesome
_misfit13_ : @chiten3jamir gonna watch it! Their new album is so good!
tamararn6 : ♥♥♥
muratopraks : Son durum begenin beğenim
xdmoh : Naice
galah222 : naice
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Melissa Melvin-Rodriguez’s (@panthersphotog) first day of work photographing the Carolina Panthers coincided with another big milestone — it was her very first time at an NFL game. “It gave me a huge adrenaline rush,” Melissa, who has lived in North Carolina for over 30 years, says. “I didn’t know what to expect.” Her photography career with the Panthers kicked off as an intern in 2013. Now, she works full time as the team’s photographer. Like the players on the field, Melissa’s work is physically grueling. She carries anywhere from 30 to 40 pounds (14 to 18 kilograms) of equipment while moving up and down the sidelines. “You’re sprinting not only to not miss the action, but also to get the best spot before other people get there,” she explains. As the Panthers head into the #superbowl, Melissa can’t help but reflect at the team’s “mind-boggling” season. “There was just this overall sense that almost everyone had that this is a really good group of guys, a really special team,” she says. “There was just this fantastic momentum happening.” And that makes Melissa’s job a lot easier — and even more fun. Photo by @panthersphotog
superbowl -
aung2084 : hi
arif.arsyad08 : Argggg nasi kandar 1
hdywid13 : Nice
jawadjomaa : من هذا
galah222 : naice
faymon_skewwing : Sa c'est moi
njnjnj399 : وليش صاير عصبي😒
ava_vecchioni : Nice
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Every week, we look back and highlight some of our favorite emerging voices across the globe, like this photo from Finland captured by @jarisokka. For these photos, videos and more news from around the community, visit Congratulations to those who are featured! Photo by @jarisokka
yosefvashady : @the.high_life @nita_navdekar_ @ellatapola @hesamj @instagram
uswatunmaratus : .
uswatunmaratus : ...
4hfi5 : Nice
lizetegrillo : Awesome
afhajshsjksh : حلللللللو
liubovgaida : Замечательно
tammyyy_b : It's a winter wonderland! ! ! ❄ ❄ ❄
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It’s been almost 10 years since Aujin Rew (@aujinrew) overhauled her whole life, leaving behind a stable engineering career in South Korea to pursue photography. Last year, she accomplished another dream by traveling all over Asia, starting in Vietnam and ending in Turkey. “Mostly I traveled by bus or train, but sometimes hitchhiking took me on a more adventurous experience,” she says. “I hitchhiked a vegetable sellers’ car from Sary-Tash, Kyrgyzstan, and helped them sell vegetables on the way to Osh. A three-hour journey became six hours.” Aujin’s current home base is in Singapore, but before heading back on the road, she’s pausing in Seoul to reflect for the #LunarNewYear: “What has been driving me to keep traveling and stay away from home? Maybe even before I find some answers, my itchy feet will lead me to somewhere in Siberia or the border between Myanmar and India. Who knows? Life brings surprises.” Photo by @aujinrew
lunarnewyear -
haleyrivera977 : @dsm2244 us
theawesomelightice : I am in love with this picture.
theahealertwin : this statue is called "Ali & Nino", which is in Batumi, Georgia! it's created by a Georgian sculptor - Tamara Kvesitadze
chanachairock : It s' love forever😢
amalalyarbuai : Nice
hasudungansiregar : @theawesomelightice @theahealertwin
galah222 : naice
amaliasubroto : Woowww...awesome
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