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When Tamra Chatikanon (@tamra.cha) started exploring with watercolor painting four years ago, he quickly became drawn to its delicate techniques. “I like watercolor because it is difficult but challenging,” explains the 24-year-old artist from Bangkok. Tamra, who now also teaches watercolor painting, believes that the best way to master the skills is by learning the basics and practicing as much as you can. “Sketching in location is good experience,” says Tamra. “In Thailand, you will find that the heat of the air dries paper very quickly,” he says, explaining that it’s harder to fix mistakes once the paper dries. He also likes to take note of moments that impress him, since most of his drawings are inspired by things that he encounters in real life. “When I see something and love the light and shade of it, I will take a photo or do a sketch on the spot so that I can paint it at home. I often do work from my imagination and add or cut little details to make the painting look beautiful.” Photo by @tamra.cha
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In Oma forest, located in the Basque Country of northern Spain, art and nature coexist in harmony. The artistic work of Spanish painter Agustín Ibarrola can be observed captured on the trees. “When you are in Oma forest you feel joy,” says Ida Johansson (@artessano), a Finnish artisan who has lived in Spain for several years. “Being there means having a great time because there’s so much color. You can see one image or a completely different one depending on where you are standing,” she says. “It reminded me of when I was a little girl and I was treasure hunting. It’s a very playful place and every time you discover something new you get all excited,” says Ida, adding, “More often than not, art feels institutionalized, as it lives in a museum or a gallery. Seeing it in the woods is very different. You don’t have to be an art expert, you just need to go with all your senses open.” For more pictures of Oma forest, tap the blue location text above. Photo by @nicorp
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Last year, when Josie Keefe (a prop stylist) and Phyllis Ma (a window dresser) were brainstorming ways to collaborate, they made up a character of a bored parent who plays with food instead of preparing meals for her family, and their LAZY MOM (@lazymomnyc) project was born. “We work in a very spontaneous way — shopping for colors, textures and shapes that inspire us,” Josie says. “We like to keep things simple, so the food can express itself.” Recently, LAZY MOM has become even more than a fun project. “When we started we joked that it’d be really funny if someone hired us as food stylists,” Phyllis says, “and then it happened.” Video by @lazymomnyc
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Luis Mileu (@mileu) got to know his father through photographs. As a professional sailor, his dad spent most of his time traveling around the world. “He would send our family Polaroids and cards from his trips. I think my fascination for photography began back then, while I waited for those photos,” says 42-year-old Luis, who grew up to become a photographer and graphic designer in his native Portugal. Taking after his father, Luis also now roams the world, documenting his journeys and capturing portraits of people he meets along the way. What once allowed him to get to know his father is now about self-discovery. “Travel is a vital priority in my life. It’s the way I get to know the world, people and myself,” he says. Just like the young boy who held on tight to his father’s words and Polaroids, Luis clings to his travels long after the journey is over. “When I look at a photograph I took two years ago, I’ll remember exactly how I was feeling and actually relive that day through the image. This is one of photography’s great powers.” Photo by @mileu
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Sixteen-year-old singer Bea Miller’s (@beamiller) photos are often sparse images of white, muted grays and blacks. But in those pictures, she tends to be peeking out from the shadows –– a far cry from the spotlight she currently finds herself in. Three years ago, Bea appeared and made it to the top 10 on season two of “The X Factor,” where both her talent and honesty nabbed attention. Now, on the verge of releasing her debut album, you might expect at least a little hesitancy to creep into her voice. Nope. “A lot of girls, young girls especially, don’t speak their mind very often because it’s not the ladylike, proper thing to do. A lot more frequently men get away with saying whatever they wanna say. So I think it’s interesting for girls my age to see an outspoken young female artist.” For more behind-the-scenes photos with Bea, follow @beamiller on Instagram. To see more music stories from around the world, check out @music on Instagram. Photo by @beamiller
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Starting today, Layout from Instagram will be available on Android. In March, we debuted Layout on iOS as a fun, simple way to combine multiple photos into a single image. We've been blown away by the creativity we've seen so far, and we're excited to bring Layout to more of the community. Layout for Android is available today in Google Play. In addition, we're also bringing you Structure, a new Instagram creative tool that brings out details and textures. Structure is available as part of today's Android update for Instagram and will be coming soon for iOS. To learn more about Layout for Android, check out
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Every year celebrities and actors flock to the French Riviera for the Cannes Film Festival (@festivaldecannes) to celebrate emerging talent in cinema, with 19 feature films ‘In Competition’ for the acclaimed Palme d’Or prize, awarded on May 24. “It’s a huge event,” says French photographer Bálint Pörneczi (@balintporneczi), who is originally from Hungary but lives in the South of France. “I was interested just to see and feel how it happens.” Bálint aims to capture the diversity of those involved in making Cannes so special, away from the glitz and glamour of the red carpet. “I find people here and immortalize them, to put everybody at the same level,” he says. “In my photos there is no difference between the celebrities, or a homeless person, a guy who works in a fast-food chain or sells flowers on the street corner.” For French fashion and celebrity stylist Camille Seydoux (@camilleseydoux), the festival is her busiest time of year. “It takes around two hours to prepare,” she remarks on her role of fitting actresses into complicated dresses ahead of red carpet events. “You can really feel the energy and the excitement.” Photo by @balintporneczi : I don't get it!!
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Hello, Instagram! Today’s dose of #WeeklyFluff is an Irish Red Setter named Sara (@quite_a_red). When not snuggling on the couch, this poised pup spends her time bounding through the forests of the Finnish countryside. To add a splash of spry Setter to your feed, follow @quite_a_red.
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Every Monday we share some of our favorite Weekend Hashtag Project submissions on our blog at Congratulations to @aladiia @tenthousandthspoon @jen_good @missmolvik @jouel @changingplate @sliceofpai @kims_photo @febriunggy for #WHPcolorfulcooking!
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Photos of the artist James Turrell’s “Amarna Skyspace,” located at the Museum of Old and New Art (@monamuseum) in Hobart, Tasmania, are the focus of this week’s #whereartthou, a series that highlights works of art that inspire visitors to photograph and share. Visible from miles away, Amarna provides an opportunity to capture the sky in a whole new light. At sunrise and sunset every day, visitors turn up to witness light compositions that complement and play with the colors beyond. “Turrell designed Amarna to have optimal color and light saturation making for very photogenic compositions, but there is nothing like experiencing it in person,” says Nicole Durling, senior curator at MONA. “Due to the artwork’s design, scale and location, we’re able to give visitors 24-hour access every single day of the year.” Photo by @nilbarcodefood
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