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Weekend Hashtag Project: #WHPcamouflage The goal this weekend is to make photos and videos of subjects that blend into their surroundings. Here’s how to get started: Think of both small- and large-scale settings in which to hide the focus of your image — whether in the intricate pattern of a fabric, against the colors of a bright mural or in the lush greenery of a forest scene. Look for naturally camouflaged objects or people around you — or get creative by selecting an interesting background for your picture, and then painting or dressing your subject to blend into the scene. To make your compositions more complex, try incorporating multiple subjects in your frame that blend into different areas of your picture. PROJECT RULES: Please add the #WHPcamouflage hashtag only to photos and videos taken over this weekend and only submit your own visuals to the project. Any tagged photo or video taken over the weekend is eligible to be featured Monday. For more examples and inspiration, check out Featured photo by @hartlands
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Most people don’t lift weights to prepare to carve a Halloween pumpkin. But for Jon Neill (@jon_neill), daily upper body workouts are required for the 850-pound (385-kilogram) behemoths he sculpts at live audience shows throughout the season. “You need good core strength and endurance in your shoulders because you have your arms out in front of you all day long pulling through material,” he says. Jon honed his skills in Hollywood, sculpting dinosaurs for “The Lost World: Jurassic Park,” and is now invited to compete at extreme food TV shows and events. Using a customized vegetable peeler and carving tools, Jon pulls his designs through the meaty flesh of the pumpkin, drawing inspiration for the character from the squash’s size and shape. “I like heroic-looking pumpkins, which normal people wouldn’t find unless they get to the farm,” he says. “Then people are like ‘oh my gosh’ when you carve it — it gives it a supernatural extraordinary feel.” Video by @jon_neill
milly_tornado : Wow how did you do it
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Green eggs? Dr. Seuss, you have competition. “I want to create purple pancakes,” says Heike Müller (@tastyasheck), who uses plant-based ingredients to construct Technicolor dishes that look almost too fanciful to eat. “It’s just fun to eat something colorful. Maybe it’s my inner child playing around with food.” The 49-year-old visual designer, who lives in the countryside near Zurich, has been a vegetarian for over 20 years. But it was only last year that she began whipping up rainbow-hued, mostly veggie works of art in her kitchen and sprinkling them with homegrown edible blossoms. “When I was a print designer, putting colors and textures together is what I loved,” Heike explains. “Eating is a very sensual experience. I love to combine unusual flavors, mixing savory with sweet, crunchy and soft, cold and warm.” Most people would hesitate to destroy a masterpiece like tossed bits of grass-green tarragon onto coins of Barbie-pink potatoes or ladled creamy coconut yogurt over sunny orange jewels and ruby-red strawberries in a to-go breakfast jar. Not Heike. “I never have a problem demolishing my creations,” she says, laughing. “I’m always hungry!” Photo by @tastyasheck
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After his family goes to sleep, Dylan O’Donnell (@dylan_odonnell_) goes outside and looks at the stars. The 36-year-old self-proclaimed computer nerd and business owner from Byron Bay, in the easternmost point of Australia, has immersed himself in the precision-driven craft of astrophotography after having his photo of the Comet McNaught published in a local newspaper. “I think people have the idea that all we’re doing is going up to a telescope and putting a camera on the back and just clicking the button, as you would take a normal photo,” he says, pointing out that the process involves longer exposures, sometimes up to 20 minutes at a time, and “stacking” images. “That allows you to draw out the detail that you wouldn’t normally see.” Dylan shares his solar, planetary and deep space pictures, hoping to educate and inspire others who are curious about space. “Sometimes the most benign photos can take on a life all of their own. And the scientific intrigue and depth that you can get from a little bit of knowledge behind what we’re looking at can really add to that image.” Photo by @dylan_odonnell_
jbezeeismylegalname1 : I am the Flow, Thus I know. It is the minds of those whom will guide Peace back into our own universe and existence as the Manna Essence is emerging behind them connected to that little light, of mine, that I let shine, thus you see our twinkles so.
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White sand beaches and luxurious resorts make up the tourists’ view of Bali. Agung Parameswara (@agungparameswara) has a different perspective. Agung, who was born and raised on the Indonesian island, records the experiences of his fellow Balinese. “Formerly, most Balinese were farmers and artists, dancers, painters, carpenters,” he says, pointing out how many of them have left those trades for jobs in the tourism industry, which arrived in earnest 45 years ago. Through the hashtag #balineselife, Agung is shining a light on people like this porter carrying a sack of cement on a wooden cargo ship or the feet of one of the few remaining “dokar” carriage drivers in the city of Denpasar. Balinese philosophies, like Tri Hita Karana, or the “three causes of well-being” — harmony among people, harmony with the surrounding environment and harmony with God — are what Agung says tourism is eroding. So he captures the moments he can. “I understand that change is inevitable and lasting,” says Agung. “Sometimes I feel sad and think, perhaps by documenting something that is starting to fade, someday it will be useful because, while it may not have value today, 30 years or 40 years ahead of this documentation it will be precious.” Photo by @agungparameswara
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Like a kaleidoscope, the work of Argentine optical artist Rogelio Polesello plays with perceptions. “Polesello Joven” (#polesellojoven), an exhibition of Rogelio’s early years, is on display at the Latin American Art Museum of Buenos Aires (@museomalba). “The work of the young Polesello wasn’t conceptual, it showed what was happening in the industrial world and how that related to art and design, challenging people’s perceptions,” says Mercedes Casanegra, the curator of the exhibition, which is open through October 12. Vibrant acrylic plates and color-carved transparent columns and blocks prompt visitors to interact with the art. “Polesello was interested in industry,” says Mercedes. “Working in his workshop, he had the idea of making those carvings, which resulted in magnifying glasses of concave and convex games that deal with elements of scientific perception.” #whereartthou Photo by @flavia_ess_pi
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Hello, Instagram! It’s time for the #WeeklyFluff. Today’s furry friend is Able (@able_maew), a handsome two-legged kitty from Thailand. Before he was adopted by a loving family, Able lived on the streets and lost his front legs and tail from an electric shock. These days, he spends his time eating and chasing feathers with his sister FinFin. For an extra dose of unconventional feline fluff, follow @able_maew.
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Happy birthday, Instagram! Today we are celebrating five years with you — our global, creative and ever-growing community. Thank you for all you do. #🎉 ❤️, The Instagram Team
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This past weekend, Instagrammers across the globe joined Worldwide InstaMeet 12. There were 2,600 WWIM hashtags in use. There was a great turnout, especially in places like Indonesia, the United States, India, Russia, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom. Check out #WWIM12 to see the gatherings in small towns and big cities, at the beach and on mountaintops — and meet the diverse members of the community by exploring #todayimet. Featured photos by: @aljvd, @il_mastromatto, @kajeh, @darialexfati, @guntoros, @mao_kokubu, @super.edd, @dougsjr, @dcsummerproject
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A London-dwelling lawyer by day, Tobi Shonibare (@tobishinobi) spends his nights and sunrises photographing the city’s most iconic buildings. “My mother is an engineer, and I remember seeing her technical drawings from a young age, which gave me an early appreciation for perspective, lines and symmetry,” he says. Tobi rises early to head to London’s “Square Mile,” a financial district that includes architectural feats now synonymous with the city’s unique skyline, such as 30 St. Mary Axe, better known as the Gherkin, and the recently completed Leadenhall Building — its wedge shape earning it the nickname the “Cheese Grater.” He considers a building’s structural angles and goes by the motto “composition is king and patience is paramount” to get the right shot. “London has world-class architecture that people travel across the globe to see,” he says. “It’s in my city so I have to make the most of it.” Photo by @tobishinobi : 💜
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