Capturing and sharing the world's moments. Download Hyperlapse from Instagram today at the link below.
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Douglas Coupland's show at the Vancouver Art Gallery (@vanartgallery) is highly interactive. “It's creatively satisfying to crowdsource objects,” the artist says. “In this show, I have works made from crowd-sourced Lego, chewing gum, plastic bottle lids and cigarette foil. Anything can be beautiful.” And they encourage photography. “When everyone's taking pictures, everyone becomes a curator,” Douglas says. “How they document the show becomes an art exhibition that they now can store forever.” To see more photos of “everywhere is anywhere is anything is everything,” which closes on September 1, tap the blue location text above. Photo by @yvarcade.
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Before he became a prolific, semi-anonymous creator of dachshund-themed collages, David Carnie’s biggest claim to fame was coining the term “bromance” in the mid-90s. (“I’m sorry,” he says.) For the past year and a half, however, David has produced a dachshund collage nearly every single day under the pseudonym @acidinvader—an anagram of his name. David began collaging as an exercise in creativity after receiving a daily dachshund calendar as a gift from his parents. “At the time, I had a soul-crushing job that was rendering me mentally bankrupt,” David says, “so I gave myself an assignment: make one piece of art every day for one year.” A year came and went, and he kept going. While the resulting works feature dachshunds amidst seemingly random scenes, David says “there’s the occasional smarty-pants reference to literature, mythology, fairy tales or music.” To see more of David’s whimsical wiener dog works, follow @acidinvader. Photo by @acidinvader
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A crowd gathers to marvel at #hurricanemarie’s swells building in Newport Beach, California. “I wanted to capture the madness on the beach as well as the madness in the water,” says Instagrammer Justin Speaks (@jstnspks), who took this image in the storm's earliest legs at a popular surf spot called ‘The Wedge.’ “Everyone who has lived around here has seen hundreds of photos of this beach... but this is different. It's a very serious situation out there for the surfers.” Photo by @jstnspks
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Old taverns, abandoned docks and ghost ships are all part of "Ghost City" (город-призрак), a park located in the small town of Seredinkovo in the Russian countryside. The park premises were originally constructed as a Russian movie set in 2010, and were designed to look like an 18th-century European city. Now open to the public, the former film set allows visitors to explore the "city" and dress up in period costumes. With replicas of prisons, gallows, hotels, cemeteries, a fort and more, the park offers opportunities to capture time-worn landscapes for visitors and Instagrammers alike. For more bizarre and beautiful photos from "Ghost City," tap the blue location text above. Photo by @polosatenkaya666
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Seventeen-year-old Mark Otto first started experimenting with color when he was living abroad in Hungary, away from his family and friends. “I realized the city felt a little too dark and it made me a little sad,” he says. "I started to use Instagram to showcase the few colorful things I could find.” After he returned to Ohio this year, he continued to use photography—and minimalism—as a way to express himself. “Minimalism kind of showcases the color as the subject instead of the background,” he explains. “I'd have to say that colors are probably the best thing to happen to our universe.” From Polaroids of his friends to a back-to-school pencil set, his Instagram feed also uniquely, and unabashedly, explores what it's like to be in high school. “I believe that our generation is using the Internet to make connections and showcase our art,” he says. “Young adults totally own the Internet world.” For more vibrant moments from Mark's high school experience, follow @markotto. Photo by @markotto.
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“I’m redefining myself as a photographer in my home country,” says photojournalist David Guttenfelder (@dguttenfelder). Based in Japan and India for the past 15 years, David worked across Asia, from war-torn Afghanistan to reclusive North Korea, where his Instagram feed became an unique window into a secluded world. This year, he returns to the United States as a National Geographic (@natgeo) photography fellow, working on a long-term project about the ecosystem surrounding Yellowstone National Park. National Geographic was given a preview of Instagram’s new Hyperlapse app, and David was one of the first photographers to try it out, recording the bison that he now shares the road with on his daily commute. “I will spend the next year in America's Wild West,” he explains, adding: “What could be a more perfect homecoming?” To see more of David's videos and photographs, follow @dguttenfelder. Video by @dguttenfelder
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Today, we’re excited to announce Hyperlapse from Instagram, a new app to capture high-quality time lapse videos even while in motion. Hyperlapse from Instagram features built-in stabilization technology that lets you create moving, handheld time lapses that result in a cinematic look, quality and feel—a feat that has previously only been possible with expensive equipment. From documenting your whole commute in seconds or preparing your dinner from start to finish to capturing an entire sunset as it unfolds, we're thrilled about the creative possibilities Hyperlapse unlocks. We can’t wait to see what you’ll create. Hyperlapse from Instagram is available today for iOS devices in Apple’s App Store. It is currently only available for iOS.
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This weekend, 175 years since photographic processes were first created, a group of Instagrammers celebrated the anniversary by exploring the overlap between old and new forms of photography in a daylong workshop at The Photographers' Gallery (@thephotographersgallery) in London. Armed with vintage instant film cameras as well as smartphones, Instagrammers experimented with new techniques in printing Instagram photos using Impossible Project (@impossible_hq) Instant Labs and film. “People enjoy seeing an image being created right in front of them, so there's a really natural synergy between Instagram and instant film,” says InstaMeet organiser Tom Skipp (@tomskipp). “It was great to be able to share something simple and beautiful with people that are so passionate.” To view more photos and videos from the Impossible Project InstaMeet, follow @tomskipp, @impossible_hq and @thephotographersgallery. Photo by @london_streetphotography
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Hello, Instagram! It’s time for the #WeeklyFluff! Meet Momo and Milo (@momomilochub), two playful shorthairs that hail from Toronto, Canada. To add an adorable double dose of feline fluff to your Instagram feed, follow @momomilochub.
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Every Monday we share some of our favorite Weekend Hashtag Project submissions on our blog at Congratulations to @suzysaysrelax, @shaneml, @jasonbodak, @karlstream, @jeffro, @nonametwentyseven, @vladimir.rosario, @americangarage and @kneeseespieces who all had featured submissions for #WHPcarcorners!
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