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This week we are looking back at some of the inspiring stories from around the Instagram community in 2014. Today, it’s the work of photographer Ivan Kashinsky (@ivankphoto), whose account was featured here on July 27. “I shot this photo in Ecuador while working on Project Mi Barrio, a story about my rapidly changing neighborhood,” says Ivan. “It tells a story of friendship between a man and his dog as they are cradled in layers of the Andes, giving us a sense of the land that they are tied to.” Photo by @ivankphoto
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Every Sunday, we look back on the week and select some of our favorite images from emerging voices across the globe. For these photos and more news from around the community, visit blog.instagram.com. Congratulations to those who are featured! @pgannawayphoto @chetankumarstudio @cutraro @danielemattioli @katiemeyler @rogerhenrique @shelserkin @leyuwera1 @joachimladefoged Photo by @rogerhenrique
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“Clown witch nymph” may seem like an unusual way to describe oneself, but for Indiana-based artist Sophia Rapata (@sophiarapata), these associations perfectly match the dark, fantastical artwork she creates. “I know how to juggle, make people laugh, face paint and do magic,” she says. “I'm not really a nymph, but I love nature.” Sophia is also a musician, and often matches her original, off-kilter music with visual pieces using time-lapse videos. “I'm obsessed with creating,” she says. “If I don't paint for at least an hour a day, my heart will stop beating.” Video by @sophiarapata
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“The one thought that’s always with me is that I want to share mysterious and beautiful images,” says commercial photographer Keiko Kosaka (@wacamera) of Osaka, Japan in this edition of #howIshoot. Keiko creates scenes from a fantasy world made of vibrant colors, precisely timed lighting and playful shadows. She especially loves featuring silhouettes in her work, often having her closest Instagram friends pose in her photos. Keiko’s tricks to capturing clean and compelling silhouette photos include: knowing which angle to shoot from in relation to the direction of the light source; choosing a simple background to make the silhouettes stand out; carefully posing your models to obtain clear shapes of the subjects; and adjusting the color and contrast to emphasize the details of the silhouettes. “All the necessary conditions have to align perfectly in order to capture a clear-cut silhouette, and it’s always a challenge.” Photo by @wacamera
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Weekend Hashtag Project: #WHPfairytale The goal this weekend is to capture creative photos that feel like scenes from fairytales. Some tips to get you started: Your setting will be important for this project. Seek out natural landscapes in forests and fields or create an urban fairytale as you explore your city. Next, many beloved fairy tales contain elements of magic. Don't be afraid to pull in unexpected props or costumes. From capes to teacups and anything in between, details will help create the fantasy of the scene. Finally, imagine your scene as a page from a picture book and try to tell a visual story with your photo. PROJECT RULES: Please add the #WHPfairytale hashtag only to photos taken over this weekend and only submit your own photographs to the project. Any tagged image taken over the weekend is eligible to be featured Monday morning. For more examples and inspiration, check out blog.instagram.com. Featured photo by @littleredwanderings
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“Our identity is usually defined around our face,” explains Boston creative director Molly Tibbetts Scannell (@a_collage). “It’s what babies resonate to immediately. It's in our DNA.” She compares her collaged portraits to familiar strangers, “(They are) people that you see everyday in a particular setting but know nothing about.” In her artwork, Molly often distorts or erases the faces. “It allows anyone that sees it to illustrate their own story. Removing the 'identity' brings in a bigger landscape of color and shapes. It has the ability to tell a bigger story. Maybe you see yourself. Or maybe not. It’s all in the eye of the beholder.” Photo by @a_collage
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Architect Décio Araújo (@dearaujo) fuses photography and digital art to remodel his hometown of São Paulo. By infusing wildlife and nature into urban scenes, Décio creates montages entirely on his phone to express a different perspective on daily urban life. “I try to capture the city in unusual ways so that people might become more critical of the spaces in which they live,” he says. Photo by @dearaujo
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“I try to articulate the simple, yet harsh everyday lives of Afghans. I suppose I'm fascinated to observe a young population that has known no reality but war in forty years,” says Australian photojournalist Andrew Quilty (@andrewquilty). Currently based in Kabul, he covers news events around the region, including the unfolding crises spilling across the borders of northern Iraq, Turkey, and Syria. His own life journey began very differently, on beaches in the South Pacific. “I grew up in Sydney and spent my post-high school years surfing there and all over Australia and Indonesia,” he explains. “My interest in photography came a couple of years into that, and I began to combine the two obsessions when I got myself an underwater camera housing. Over time my passion for photography—as it became my career—began to override surfing. So much so that I now find myself living in a landlocked desert of a country, Afghanistan.” Photo by @andrewquilty
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You might say that becoming a pilot was preordained for Sammy Mason (@sammy_mason), who lives above an airport hangar in Santa Paula, California. “My mom is a pilot, my dad is a second-generation pilot, all my uncles are pilots and a few of my aunts too,” he says. But when he became the youngest stunt pilot to qualify for the US National Advanced Aerobatic Team last year at age 19, it was due to his own talent and persistence. While Sammy is quick to note the risks of his stunts—“There’s seldom any second chances in aerobatic flying”—he says learning to fly recreationally is more accessible than people think. His advice? “Stay away from bigger airports. Find a small airport with a mom and pop flight school. If you don’t have much money, most places will give you a job cleaning airplanes in exchange for flight time.” To see more harrowing photos and videos captured by Sammy’s cockpit and wing-mounted cameras, follow @sammy_mason. Video by @sammy_mason
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“I can see some kind of haunting beauty in these forgotten items,” says British artist Nick Gentry (@nickgentryart), about the obsolete items like computer disks, film negatives, and x-rays that he collects from strangers and then assembles into human forms. “These materials combine to form a composition of interconnected histories. In a sense none of us has a singular identity because who we are is purely the result of who we have connected with.” Nick describes his ambivalence toward this human machinery. “There's a certain vulnerability to being human,” he says. “We are entirely dependent on the objects we create around us, increasingly so with regard to technology. The fascinating and possibly scary part for me is that it’s almost like we are building this machine that we don't know how to stop.” Photo by @nickgentryart
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