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Sylt, Germany’s northernmost island, may be connected to the mainland by rail, but many travelers flock to the “Queen of the North Sea” in order to disconnect. Sylt’s major draw is its picturesque places: think thatch-roofed houses, sandy beaches and tidelands. For Hamburg-based Instagrammer Anja Sauer (@anja.sauer), Sylt is the perfect escape from the city. “Rough sea air, beach as far as the eye can see and wonderful variegated dune landscapes — there I find the width and the endless horizon I need to completely switch off.” Even though Sylt is a mere 38 square miles (99 square km), its offerings are diverse. One can tour the island by bicycle, surf off of Westerland’s Brandenburg Beach, visit a gallery opening in Kampen or simply relax in one of the iconic white and blue painted two-seater beach chairs that are scattered along the island’s beaches. To sample some North Frisian atmosphere on the island of Sylt, tap the blue location text above and browse the #Hörnum and #Nordseeliebe hashtags. Photo by @anja.sauer
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Simon Porte Jacquemus (@jacquemus) — a young, playful fashion designer showing his collection in Paris today — has discovered that when it comes to posting photos, three isn’t a crowd. Simon tells stories through a trio of similar images, each with a different zoom or cheeky twist. “I just quickly realized that posting three was more strong and beautiful,” he says. “It’s kind of a signature.” Simon, 25, has also become known for exaggerated silhouettes and vivid colors in the six years since he launched his line. His photos elaborate on that story. “They’re about my everyday life in the Jacquemus studio, with colors, graphics and a smile.” Photo by @jacquemus
soccerplayervideogamer : this picture makes no sense what so ever
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mrwelldressed : Funny enough imma post 3 by 3 on my page too @retrodave3000
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Hello, Instagram! Did you know it’s #NationalPigDay? In honor of this very special occasion, today’s #WeeklyFluff is a pink pint-sized piggy named Abby (@abby_thepinkpiggy). If your feed could use a pop of porcine playfulness, follow @abby_thepinkpiggy.
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meerbeer : @livv1029 hahaha omgg it's actually national pig day....look at it, it's so cuteeeeee
penguin_lover1304 : I love tea cup pigs I have my own
barbarahegger : @stephenhegger
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Every Monday we share some of our favorite Weekend Hashtag Project submissions on our blog at Congratulations to @miklasmanneke, @pacodelosmonteros, @hiltonic_, @billsmith2315, @jsommereyns, @pu422, @kona_panis, @marcauxvisual and @vincentlaroze who all had featured submissions for #WHPonrepeat!
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“Marseille is a patchwork of old neighborhoods, all in the typical Marseille style,” says Romaric Lopez (@romdilon), a caterer who moved to the French coastal city from Avignon last year. Founded over 2,600 years ago, Marseille is France’s oldest city and its second-largest. Romaric, who lives in Marseille’s cultural district, called Old Port, takes advantage of exploring local landmarks like the Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilizations (@mucem_officiel), designed by French architect Rudy Ricciotti, and the Notre-Dame de la Garde, a 19th century Roman-Byzantine basilica which overlooks the city. For more scenes from around the city, tap the blue location text above. For more from Romaric's #LocalLens on Marseille, visit the Instagram blog. Photo by @romdilon
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c.marseille : AYE WE LOOK HAWT IN THIS PIC @smarseille721
peronnet67 : Been there...great view...lots of ship art.
acbro1 : Nice
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Blending marriage and work may be a challenge for some, but Dabs and Myla — collectively known as Dabs Myla (@dabsmyla) — make it look easy. The Australian graffiti and street artists, who are based in Los Angeles, have been making bright, bold pop art since they met in school some 12 years ago. “We fell in love and straightaway started working together on projects and paintings,” says Myla. “After a few years, we found we loved working together so much more, so we made the decision to start solely working together under one name — and have been ever since.” The duo collaborates at every stage of their projects, from start to finish. “Usually we will call out at the beginning what each person would like to paint: ‘Is it cool if I paint the boy, the cat character, the car, the television and the flowers?’” Dabs says. “We make our work together and for each other.” Photo by @dabsmyla
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savanna121314 : 'Weird but total cool and rad
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Every Sunday, we look back on the week and select some of our favorite images from emerging voices across the globe. For these photos and more news from around the community, visit Congratulations to those who are featured! @juligarcias @briancassella @affection_90 @legojacker @taniasavayan @ted1488 @meaw_016 @nabenao @ekinik Photo by @ted1488
fajarfayfae : Panjat Pinang nih πŸ™Œ
angel_boo_2003 : man try to climb a poll
zenyiah3 : Climb faster
kafi_muslimah_collection : Sedia baju" muslimah. Wa 089680700546.bbm: 53956A75.kafi muslimah cek y gaess..
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“My first instinct when finding things I love is always to share,” says Kailey Flyte (@mermaidens), who as a kid used to rip out photographs of magazines and tell everyone about her findings. Today the peachy-locked graphic artist from Portland, Oregon, captures whatever sparks her interest and shares her pastel-hued images with an online audience. “I’m obsessed with color,” admits Kailey, who is convinced that her natural hair color should be pink. Kailey considers her style to be a throwback to vintage pinups, but with a twist, so her look isn't stagnant. And she'd prefer to live in a house that matches her aesthetic: “My dream home would have huge windows to let in natural light, walls painted Technicolor and pastel shades, a library with wall-to-wall book shelves – and have a faint smell of strawberries!” Photo of @mermaidens by @hanahaley
mk46bangdown : Gd
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Crowds of people took to the streets of Singapore yesterday and today as the country held its 43rd annual Chingay Parade. Boasted as the largest street performance and float parade in Asia, thousands of performers dressed in bright colors, and elaborately decorated floats passed through this year’s main venue at the F1 Pit Building. The Chingay Parade originally began as a celebration of Lunar New Year, but over time the event has become more of a way to appreciate the cultural diversity that resides within Singapore. This year’s street procession is themed “We love SG” to mark Singapore’s 50th anniversary as an independent country, and more performers and dancers have turned out than ever before to celebrate the occasion. “The local community enjoys watching the parade and taking photos of the vibrant floats, dancing dragons, prancing lions, stilt walkers, wushu masters, performers of different races in their traditional costumes and fireworks,” says Ivan Kuek (@phonenomenon), a local coffee purveyor who photographed the festivities. “I remember attending Chingay back in the late 80s when I was a little kid. This is my second year in a row that I’m attending the parade at the F1 Pit Building, and it keeps getting better and better as the years go by.” For more photos and videos from this year’s event, browse the #Chingay2015 and #IAmAtChingay2015 hashtags and tap the blue location text above. Photo by @blurboy1985
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Weekend Hashtag Project: #WHPonrepeat The goal this weekend is to capture creative looping videos. Some tips to get you started: Connect the beginning and end of your video by starting and stopping your recording on the same backdrop. For example, set your camera in a fixed location while your subject moves into and out of the frame. This will create a seamless transition during playback on loop. Next, keep an eye out for natural repetition around you. If you film something that's constantly moving, you can create an infinite loop. For example, a video of a train running through your scene will appear to run on forever—just be sure to hold your phone still. Alternatively, use the end point in unexpected ways. Play with creative transitions, and it's perfectly normal to try a few times until you get it right. PROJECT RULES: Please add the #WHPonrepeat hashtag only to videos taken over this weekend and only submit your own videos to the project. If you include music in your video submissions, please only use music to which you own the rights. Any tagged video taken over the weekend is eligible to be featured Monday morning. For more examples and inspiration, check out Featured video by @dave.krugman
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adria_hernando_barcons : 😬
adria_hernando_barcons : Pero πŸ˜„
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