In 2013-14, @Rotary members carried out large international activities that helped solve real #community needs using almost US$52.5 million in global grant funding from The #Rotary Foundation. Thank you to all those who gave and made it possible! ©Rotary International/Monika Lozinska #rotaryhero #cleanwater #water #waterandsanitation #diseaseprevention #rotaryinternational #rotaryimages #volunteer #service #charity #nonprofit #sm4sg #photo4change
sm4sg - photo4change - waterandsanitation - service - rotaryimages - rotary - community - water - diseaseprevention - cleanwater - nonprofit - charity - rotaryhero - rotaryinternational - volunteer -
zinnymcmb : ROTATY MY ROTARY. ....
diegobertodb : 👍🍀👍🍀
wipe_fernandez : @rotaractguatemalanorte @rotaractguate
a_rafaelaandrade : @rotary_natalalecrim
jessiegitana : Love it!
marine_sgt - rotary_satelite - tasharib - mikematt89 -
Don't Stop Believing! Join Rotary ! #rotaryhero #rotary #community #volunteer #care #love #helpothers
rotaryhero - love - helpothers - volunteer - rotary - community - care -
ariellecaputo : Lovely!
ilya_afinogenov : @bigevanb Nice one! :)
commogri - sparklesandlace - grizzni.7 - renatazareba -
This pink #Jeep belongs to #Midwives for #Haiti who work to ensure that women in rural Haiti have access to #prenatal care and skilled #birth attendants. Nadene Brunk, founder of Midwives for Haiti, says long distances, inadequate transportation, and lack of information on basic prenatal care contribute to Haiti's maternal mortality rate, the highest in the Western Hemisphere. The off-road vehicle allows the midwives to reach some of Haiti's most remote villages significantly reducing the chances of Haitian women dying in #childbirth. The #Rotary Club of Western Henrico County, #Virginia, #USA, along with Bon Secours #Health Systems and local individual donors, contributed a total of US$70,000 to purchase the Jeep including the Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund, a donor advised fund set up by The #RotaryFoundation. Photo posted by @midwivesforhaiti #regram #rotaryhero #maternalandchildhealth #motherandchild #rotaryinternational #rotaryimages #volunteer #service #charity #nonprofit #sm4sg #photo4change #pinkjeep #midwife #midwives #callthemidwife
regram - rotaryfoundation - sm4sg - birth - motherandchild - rotaryimages - virginia - prenatal - midwife - midwives - callthemidwife - haiti - childbirth - rotaryhero - rotaryinternational - charity - maternalandchildhealth - photo4change - usa - service - jeep - rotary - health - pinkjeep - nonprofit - volunteer -
brimama : This is the most amazing thing
marine_sgt - biggybiggie - beatrizgiacomini - mikematt89 -
寒い - 秋 - 紅葉 - rotaryhero -
daiki_802 : #紅葉#秋#寒い
pirolyinco : めっちゃ羨ましい((〃´д`〃))綺麗!
skziks : 太宰府天満宮んとこだあ!
ptw147 : うわ、真っ赤(^-^)
daiki_802 : @pirolyinco 行ってみて♪
daiki_802 : @skziks 太宰府天満宮のですよ♪聞いたら教えてくれます┌(┌^o^)┐
daiki_802 : @ptw147 真っ赤ですよーヽ(*´∀`)ノ
daiki_802 : #rotaryhero
ayumi7210 - akialoha - duskystar - sherrys_ss -
宮地嶽神社に行きました! (^_^)ノ
宮地嶽神社 - 神社 - rotaryhero -
daiki_802 : #神社#宮地嶽神社
daiki_802 : #rotaryhero
sachit31 - ayumi7210 - mckiiiku - kbskickhiro -
宮地嶽神社 - 神社 - rotaryhero -
sachit31 : 立派ですな~!!
daiki_802 : @sachit31 迫力がありました!(ノο)ノ オオォォォ-
daiki_802 : #神社#宮地嶽神社
daiki_802 : #rotaryhero
sachit31 - ayumi7210 - summerlin7 - mckiiiku -
宮地浜! 綺麗(ノο)ノ
宮地浜 - selfie - rotaryhero - 海 - instagood -
daiki_802 : #宮地浜#海
miz1221 : コメント&フォローありがとうございます( ・ᴗ・ )
daiki_802 : @miz1221 遅れました(T ^ T)コチラこそ有り難うございます(^_^)ノよろしくお願いします-----
daiki_802 : #instagood#selfie
daiki_802 : #rotaryhero
miz1221 - kumamegane117 - ayuayu1183 - appsonycano_ver3 -
春 - ootd - 梅 - selfie - rotaryhero - instagood -
daiki_802 : #梅#春
daiki_802 : #instagood#ootd#selfie
daiki_802 : #rotaryhero
sachit31 - mckiiiku - koto_n - boshun -
大濠公園らへん - ootd - selfie - 大濠公園 - rotaryhero - instagood -
daiki_802 : #大濠公園#大濠公園らへん
ptw147 : だいちゃん、まぶしいww
masa1248e : こっち来たんかい((o(^∇^)o))
daiki_802 : @ptw147 許せ!(笑)
daiki_802 : @masa0326 おう!(笑)
daiki_802 : #instagood#ootd#selfie
daiki_802 : #rotaryhero
misamisa21 - saaayoooo34 - pinkkkky - masa1248e -
こじろう - 巌流島 - むさし - rotaryhero - photooftheday -
daiki_802 : #rotaryhero
daiki_802 : #photooftheday
miz1221 - ayumi7210 - summerlin7 - etsuindigo -
Dekker My favorite tripper #rotaryhero
rotaryhero -
jhonny_urbina - the_jc_rios - antoniotizocfotografia - polycorona -
16 hr #flight to #Sydney #Australia #quantas #rotaryinternational #rotaryhero #nomnom #browniestuffedpockets
quantas - australia - flight - browniestuffedpockets - nomnom - sydney - rotaryhero - rotaryinternational -
redlandsrotaract : Maybe we will meet in Sydney @jessewatson01 I'm on my way in the morning!
dcolvin06 : Safe flight mah dude
preetifrancis : @jessewatson01 Qantas :-p Wish you a very happy and safe trip to the land of Sunshine! :-)
jessewatson01 : @redlandsrotaract see you here! @dcolvin06 thanks brother! @preetifrancis thank you, we're heading to Cairnes in a few days. You said you live in Gold Coast right?
dcolvin06 : 👍 @jessewatson01
koolerthanurmom : You look like you just ate five pot brownies jk no offense tho :)
jessewatson01 : @wafflechickenwingviii Haha no offense taken
aguzman85 - joey_neutron - nalopez03 - rotaractguatemalanorte -
Chock Encabo, @superchockster former Rotaractor, now a Rotarian celebrates with the kids of #greenearthfoundation during the @racmanilametro #smileinabox project in the #Philippines “This is the Joy of Service,” says Encabo. © @cess_27 #rotaryhero #rotaryinternational #serviceaboveself #rotaract #rotaryimages #igersmanila #photo4change #volunteer #service #nonprofit #charity
smileinabox - photo4change - serviceaboveself - service - rotaryimages - philippines - igersmanila - rotaract - greenearthfoundation - nonprofit - charity - rotaryhero - rotaryinternational - volunteer -
commogri - happyhappyjoyjoyhappyhappy - hayliemunda - rotaractguatemalanorte -
Thanks @RotaryInternational for this. This is for my Rotary Club and @racmanilametro. #ServiceAboveSelf #Children #rotaryhero #ROTARACT #ROTARY #HappyRotarian
thankyou - rotaract - everyone - happyrotarian - serviceaboveself - salamatdoc - children - rotary - rotaryhero -
gramofome : 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
superchockster : Thanks @gramofome
gramofome : @superchockster keep up the best work 👍👍👍👍🆒🙏🙏
superchockster : #SalamatDoc. Project tayo in the future.
gramofome : @superchockster sure ill wait
superchockster : #ThankYou #everyone
cristoyo14 - l30_24 - benzrey1434 - ja_delima -
Chock Encabo, @superchockster former Rotaractor, now a Rotarian celebrates with the kids of #greenearthfoundation during the @racmanilametro #smileinabox project in the #Philippines “This is the Joy of Service,” says Encabo. © @cess_27 #rotaryhero #rotaryinternational #serviceaboveself #rotaract #rotaryimages #igersmanila #photo4change #volunteer #service #nonprofit #charity
smileinabox - photo4change - serviceaboveself - service - rotaryimages - philippines - igersmanila - rotaract - greenearthfoundation - nonprofit - charity - rotaryhero - rotaryinternational - volunteer -
gramofome : loving the service above self
alhelivazquez : @rotaracttgz
jessewatson01 : @superchockster awesome!
superchockster : Thanks @jessewatson01 . Congratulations to all of us.
youngdreamspeaker : Keep Rocking!
rotary9465 : Well done @superchockster !
superchockster : Thanks @youngdreamspeaker and @rotary9465
superchockster : Thank you everyone. Go and visit @racmanilametro and meet our #ROTARACT club
rotaractghatkopar - interactrmvalcea - rotaractelpenon - milkaanggreni -
Amazing shot by @jessewatson who traveled to Uttar Pradesh to help out with India's National Immunization Day (NID) to eradicate Polio. He says, “It’s really quite amazing how much effort the country has put forth for this effort. There are so many hurdles they have overcome and are setting a great example for the remaining 3 countries that still have Polio.” #rotarymoment #poliofree #immunize #rotaryimages #rotaryinternational #rotaract #endpolionow #vaccinate #travelgram #serviceaboveself #rotaryhero
vaccinate - serviceaboveself - rotaryimages - immunize - rotaract - travelgram - poliofree - endpolionow - rotaryhero - rotaryinternational - rotarymoment -
nelsonuberatur : Que Deus os abençoe no cumprimento dessa nobre missão...!!
jessewatson01 : Thank you!! @rotaryinternational
rotaryv - diegobertodb - fridamonroy_ - silvia_mcc -
Sharing another favorite from the #rotaryhero contest. Love this post from @leoneldecaires !!!! Leonel Paulo De Caires is part of the #Benoni Aurora Rotaract club in #SouthAfrica and went to this community for the day to see where their #Rotaract club could get involved. The club is going back soon to spend time with the little ones, read them stories, and donate books to improve their library. The local #rotaryclub has visited as well to evaluate #medical care, #education and the feeding centre. Shoes were donated by @toms here as well. #rotaryinternational #rotaryimages #preventingdisease #communitydevelopment #futureofrotary #reciprocity #humanityinmotion #charity #nonprofit #philanthrophy #photo4change #promotingeducation #serviceaboveself
futureofrotary - serviceaboveself - rotaryimages - communitydevelopment - benoni - rotaract - preventingdisease - education - rotaryhero - rotaryinternational - charity - photo4change - rotaryclub - humanityinmotion - southafrica - reciprocity - promotingeducation - philanthrophy - nonprofit - medical -
sajafathy : @hodaelenbaby @lkenawy @narafa_menna
narafa_menna : 👍👍
drruth1 : @rotarymenifee
leoneldecaires : Thanks guys!!!!
beckypoo82 : We need to get more photos this weekend @leoneldecaires
apachecommander : Great capture @leoneldecaires
superchockster - itsariuna - lucia_fonck - rotaractguatemalanorte -
One of our favorites from the #rotaryhero Photo Contest! Rotaract in the Philippines delivers #smilekits to kids at school. Thank you @rotaractcac SEE THE WHOLE GALLERY HERE: #rotaryinternational #rotaryimages #photo4change
rotaryimages - smilekits - photo4change - rotaryhero - rotaryinternational -
rotaractcac : Thank you @rotaryinternational! We're excited and honored that our project has reached so many! We couldn't have done it without the help of our District 5170, @racmanilametro, Rotaract of ACLC Butuan, Metro Manila Rotary, Metro Butuan Rotary, and all the local help in the Philippines and the Bay Area in California. Our adopted project motto says it all: "Every Toothbrush Counts!" Thank you all for making Smile Kits a success!
alyce68 : Sweet!
juanespivar : Congrats from Rotary Club Barrancabermeja, Colombia.
eduardomaths : Que coisa mais linda! Parabéns pelo trabalho @rotaryinternational
superchockster : Congrats!!!
rotarymogimirim - gustavoasta - shadiagh5 - adela8405 -
Congratulations to all 3 very worthy winners of the Rotary International #rotaryhero competition on Instagram. You really are #rotaryheroes! #community #recognition #fun @rotaryinternational @susiesasquatch
fun - rotaryheroes - rotaryhero - community - recognition -
susiesasquatch : Thank you!!
rotaryinternational :       
rosnf_rotary - interact_paipa - rcnc_rotaract - rotaractmarianas -
FINALLY! ANNOUNCING THE WINNERS of our first Instagram photo contest! With over 300 entries of #rotaryhero photos from all over the globe, you made this contest a huge success! Please join us in congratulating our #unitedcharitymiles prize winners!!! Look for a gallery of favorites on Facebook soon. Grand Prize Winner: Camila Assad | @camilassadq HERO: Her father, a Rotarian who has served over 20,000 children through many Rotary grant medical missions. PRIZE: 2 United Coach Class Tickets to anywhere in the world towards a Rotary program or project. First Place Winner: Mayra Noguera | @manoguera10 HERO: Rotarian John Ebel – Rotary Youth Exchange officer who has had a profound impact in the lives of over 500 students. PRIZE: 1 United Coach Class Ticket to anywhere in the world towards a Rotary program or project. Second Place Winner: Susan Clift | @susiesasquatch HERO: Catherine Macleod, International RYLA participant who has been an awe-inspiring friend and mentor to many PRIZE: 1 United Coach Class Ticket to anywhere in the world towards a Rotary program or project. Questions: #rotrayhero #rotarystories #united #unitedairlines #unitedcharitymiles #unitedholidaycampaign #rotaryandunited #rotaryinternational #photo4change #rotaryimages #sm4sg #peace #charity #nonprofit #philanthropy #RYLA #youthexchange #globalgrants #internationalservice #volunteer #humanitarian #travel
globalgrants - internationalservice - peace - ryla - rotarystories - rotaryimages - sm4sg - unitedcharitymiles - unitedholidaycampaign - youthexchange - rotaryhero - rotaryinternational - charity - united - photo4change - travel - rotrayhero - humanitarian - rotaryandunited - philanthropy - unitedairlines - nonprofit - volunteer -
camilassadq : Thanks Rotary International ! I am very honoured. Congrats @manoguera10 and @susiesasquatch
rotary9465 : Congratulations to all 3 winners! Thank you to @rotaryinternational for running the #rotaryhero comp, too. It was a fantastic initiative. #welldone #doitagain #fun
susiesasquatch : Thank you so much @rotaryinternational :) well done to @manoguera10 and @camilassadq I am hoping to donate my prize to a Rotary Youth Exchanger that needs a bit of extra support to get overseas!
manoguera10 : Thanks Rotary for being a exemplary organization and make the dreams come true @rotaryinternational !!! Congrats @camilassadq @susiesasquatch 🏆
rotaryinternational : #rotaryhero
superchockster - rotarymogimirim - shadiagh5 - heretohope -
Vaccines save lives. Help us #endpolionow “A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.” ― John Lennon. ©Rotary International/Alyce Henson @unicef @WHO #billgates #gatesfoundation #endpolio #rotaryinternational #rotaryimages #sm4sg #charity #philanthropy #diseaseprevention #vaccines
billgates - endpolio - sm4sg - rotaryimages - vaccines - gatesfoundation - philanthropy - diseaseprevention - endpolionow - rotaryhero - rotaryinternational - charity -
pedrocarrascolince : Humanitarian service #endpolionow
raquelchong : The results of the contest? @rotaryinternational the week is about to end and there is not results yet :(
willi3598 : Hey rotary, what have happened whit the results of the contest?? @rotaryinternational
germanmf : true ... what happened? @rotaryinternational
rotaryinternational : GET EXCITED, WE ARE ANNOUNCING THE WINNERS OF THE #rotaryhero CONTEST TOMORRO  W! @raquelchong @willi3598 @germanmf      
superchockster - rotarymogimirim - aglaedev - shadiagh5 -
We are excited to announce that yesterday, 5, May 2014, @PeaceCorps Acting Director Carrie Hessler-Radelet and #RotaryInternational General Secretary @JohnHewko signed a letter of collaboration strengthening the organizations’ cooperation to promote #globaldevelopment and #volunteer #service. Through the Peace Corps Partnership Program @Rotary clubs can provide small #grants to support #volunteers and their communities. ©Rotary International/Alyce Henson #globalhealth #peacecorps #partnerships4good #photo4change #rotaryimages #sm4sg #peace #charity #nonprofit #philanthropy STAY TUNED TO FIND OUT THE WINNERS OF THE #rotaryhero CONTEST TOMORROW!
sm4sg - globalhealth - rotaryimages - grants - globaldevelopment - rotaryinternational - volunteer - charity - photo4change - service - peace - rotaryhero - philanthropy - partnerships4good - peacecorps - nonprofit - volunteers -
leighabbott707 : Wonderful!!!
rcnc_rotaract : Fantastic:!
alyce68 : This collaboration will enhance all the good work these two organizations have done for so long. #nothingbutgood
hramchandani : Awesome
kerokk : Fantastic!
mlvaught : Great shot!
germanmf : a question (: and honorable mentions ? (: @rotaryinternational
rotaryinternational : @germanmf Absolutely! Look for a gallery of the top contenders and editor's favorites on Facebook this week! Thanks so much for all you do! Loved your entry! 🇩🇪
superchockster - itsariuna - ama_6eek - khadijazanafi -
Past rotary international president!!!! #rotaryhero
rotaryhero -
akimyucel - germanmf - lizash84 - harris_angela -
Beach Sweep success! :) #edisonrepresent #rotaryhero
edisonrepresent - rotaryhero -
nidddhi48 - aye_ayesha - saumsaum_ - rotaracttegusur -
#PHX #Rotary 100 years banner at Sky Harbor Airport. #rotaryhero
phx - rotary - rotaryhero -
wtoft12 - harrisconsult - jterp3 -
#Repost from @susiesasquatch -what a worthy #rotaryhero! My #rotaryhero is Catherine Macleod (on the left). We first attended #ryla together in #district9500 in 2009 and then went on to become team leaders. This photo was taken in #turkey when we were on #internationalryla in 2011! (one of the most amazing and profound experiences - thanks Rotary! I spent my 23rd birthday sleeping on the beach at Gallipoli, which really put into perspective some of what the #ANZAC's struggled with for months). After CMac and I finished our RYLA involvement she went on to help found the #rotaractclubofadelaidecity which has been hugely successful and she has just completed her term as inaugural president. Without Rotary I wouldn't have inspiring friends like these!
district9500 - turkey - anzac - ryla - internationalryla - rotaractclubofadelaidecity - rotaryhero - repost -
salvogallo - germanmf - rotaractcumana - yeriboo -
Every year, the Rotary Club of Guayaquil Centenario, together with the Interact and Rotaract clubs they sponsor, organizes a Christmas party for children of Isla Trinitaria in Guayaquil. These kids have very tough lives due to their harsh living conditions. Having the opportunity to spend the day with them and light their Christmas spirit is worth while. The happiness and gratitude they show is undoubtedly the best Christmas present a rotarian, interactor or rotaractor can receive. In this photo we can see interactor @raquelchong taking a selfie with a kid and a rotarian. #rotaryhero #4400 #familiagye100
familiagye100 - 4400 - rotaryhero -
juliointriago1 : @rotary_gye100 @rotaryinternational
delyannasoares_ : Segue? Sdv
lukeyft - rfiilho - rita_novoselova_ - hasoonali7 -
#Rotaryhero Mukund Nori....DGE for D7980....Rotarian in his heart and his humble soul....from NID to his club's events...true example of humanity in motion....does nothing for a credit, does everything he can to make this world a better place. My fellow Rotarian, my friend, my husband.
rotaryhero -
PP Laurie Galloway, named as Paul Harris Fellow (PHF) by Pinjarra Rotary in 2013. Laurie was recognised for his prolonged & outstanding service to the club and Pinjarra community. #rotaryhero #phf #pinjarra
pinjarra - phf - rotaryhero -
redlandsrotaract - stocko2607 - rccrepuscular - rcpuertoreal -
PP John Stockbridge championed RCSD's sponsorship of E-WA. John is also a very active campaigner for getting more value out of social media in #Rotary. To us, that makes John a #rotaryhero .
rotary - rotaryhero -
ewarotary - rotaracttegusur - susiesasquatch - rcpuertoreal -
DG Erwin Biemel played a major role in developing child protection policy for our district. Since taking office he's thrown himself enthusiastically into lots of important projects, including membership initiatives, extension, fundraising & community events. The Rotary in WA Swimarathon is just one example. #rotaryhero
rotaryhero -
moarlo - redlandsrotaract - rotaractclubofnegril - stocko2607 -
Neo a #rotary member of rotary e-club of Carolina's #running 999 km trough #Thailand to #fundraise to #endpolio and #water projects. #rotaryhero here with a monk in #lampang north Thailand
endpolio - fundraise - rotary - water - running - lampang - thailand - rotaryhero -
casewithme1 - hallon21 - eden_whaanga - agirlrunning -
#Rotary #SnoqualmieValley #PresidentsCup returns for 2014 to fight hunger in our community. Join us as we partner with Snoqualmie Valley Food Bank and Rotary First Harvest to eradicate hunger in our community by golfing or sponsoring the event taking place June 30th 2014. Message me for details! #rotaryhero
rotary - presidentscup - rotaryhero - snoqualmievalley -
rotary9465 - susiesasquatch - wtoft12 -
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