Totally bland looking lunch but it was good. Applegate free of the yucky stuff #hotdogasthebun, #paleodog, whatever you wanna call it, with ketchup, mustard, and sauerkraut over cauliflower rice (from Trader Joes because its fast and easy and even #organic). #lunch #paleo #glutenfree #glutenfreelunch #grainfree #hotdog #sauerkraut #probiotics
paleo - organic - sauerkraut - glutenfree - grainfree - lunch - probiotics - hotdog - glutenfreelunch - paleodog - hotdogasthebun -
mygapsjourney : @tayshas_world That's crazy. Pretty sure it was applegate. Do you have an earthfare down there?
tayshas_world : @mygapsjourney I don't have an earth farm....but I too think it's crazy because I remember finding some that didn't have fillers and I would buy it often. I could have sworn it was applegate....but the last few times I've checked that have fillers now. Maybe it's something they added recently?
mygapsjourney : @tayshas_world could have. Or maybe I did buy it with seaweed labeled as carrageen thinking it was better than celery powder. Ill keep my eye out!
tayshas_world : @mygapsjourney I could have very well done the same thing!! The labels say carrageenan from seaweed...I until today didn't think that was bad...rookie mistake for this almost veteran πŸ˜‚
mygapsjourney : @tayshas_world haha!! NCM allows seaweed tho after intro? Should be alright?
tayshas_world : I asked in the GAPS Kids group earlier today and I got a lot of "no" answers. It specifically says on p169 (?) it's on the avoid list. @mygapsjourney
mygapsjourney : @tayshas_world a shame!
mygapsjourney : @tayshas_world You should write the company
frannyskitchen - chrisleroux72 - mikeysmuffins - bravopaleo -
Lunch for all the munchkins at my house yesterday πŸ’š#hotdogasthebun filled with peas and a bit of mustard with more peas and grapes on the side. #theylovedthis #secondsforeveryone #realfoodkids #glutenfree #grainfree #dairyfree #paleo #paleokids
secondsforeveryone - paleo - glutenfree - hotdogasthebun - grainfree - paleokids - realfoodkids - dairyfree - theylovedthis -
frompaulatopaleo : well that's easy and cute!
mos_mummy : Very cool!
marenna4 : The boys were still talking about it that night :-) What a cute idea!
paleokitchenlab - junkfoodjolene - paleo_nic - fifonnnn -
#latergram super tasty and simple dinner last night. Applegate farms beef hot dog , @al1fe7 made flavorful potatoes roasted in olive oil, and greens with onion and olives and plenty of spices. So delish! Can't wait to cook up this tasty meal in jerz this week and visit my local Livingston ShopRite! #EatLocalLiveBetter @villagesupermarket #realfoodcourt #hotdogasthebun #eatlocal #balancedplate #grainfree #applegatefarms
eatlocal - grainfree - applegatefarms - eatlocallivebetter - balancedplate - realfoodcourt - latergram - hotdogasthebun -
amandagarger - karolanerondeau - daagenhaas - this_is____me -
Hot + Tired = Simple Dinner @applegate hotdogs, topped with mustard and Firefly Kitchens Emerald City Kraut. Raw veggies drizzled with @wholesisters ranch dressing. #hotdogasthebun #simpledinners #whatsfordinner
whatsfordinner - simpledinners - hotdogasthebun -
jenjea - -
#hotdogasthebun All-feed dogs stuffed with mustard, homemade mayo & The Seaweed Sensation kraut from @fabferments and my favorite #kombucha #paleo #primal #lowcarb #hflc #keto #healingmygut #jerf #healingmyliver #easymeal #lunch
healingmygut - paleo - keto - hflc - healingmyliver - primal - jerf - lunch - easymeal - lowcarb - kombucha - hotdogasthebun -
sabrinadizdarevic - thecavemanscupboard - eatplanima - paleodietandfitness -
Applegate Dogs Wildbrine Dill & Garlic Sauerkraut Sir Kensington's Mayo mixed with Annie's Dijon for the sauce Guac & Plantain Chips Broccoli Slaw with @againstallgrain Herb Ranch again because I am obsessed with this dressing
nutrition - whole30 - jerf - foodie - foodporn - grainfree - getfit - cleaneating - fitness - beachbody - weightlossjourney - healthychoices - eatcleangetlean - healthyfoodideas - keepitpaleo - foodpic - healthyeating - piyo - paleo - healthylifestyle - healthy - igfood - paleoeats - healthyfoodie - fuelyourbody - fitnessfood - realfood - healthyfoodpics - fitnessjourney - hotdogasthebun -
_kim_adams : #fitnessfood #healthyeating #cleaneating #healthychoices #Whole30 #Paleo #paleoeats #grainfree #keepitpaleo #jerf #healthyfoodie #foodporn #healthyfoodideas #healthyfoodpics #eatcleangetlean #hotdogasthebun #beachbody #piyo #igfood #nutrition #getfit #fitness #foodie #healthy #weightlossjourney #realfood #fuelyourbody #fitnessjourney #foodpic #healthylifestyle
diegoisaac : ⭐ : Nice β˜€
_chris_3112 : Pretty cool!
fitness_journey_pvo - - the_luxury_caveman - musclesarethenewcurves -
Going #bunless doesn't have to be dull or require a fork! This super quick lunch of @twrgrassfedbeef Polish sausage with @farmhousekraut & mustard purchased @naturalgrocers was super delicious #sugarfree #glutenfree #Paleo #grassfed #nourishingexcellence #pdxhollym #HollyShopsNaturalgrocers - inspired by a @flametofork's post some time ago! #21dsd #21dsdcoach #hotdogasthebun
21dsdcoach - 21dsd - paleo - glutenfree - hollyshopsnaturalgrocers - sugarfree - nourishingexcellence - bunless - pdxhollym - hotdogasthebun - grassfed -
twrgrassfedbeef : Looks Delish!
thetastyremedy : #hotdogasthebun
rachhanson5 : @twrgrassfedbeef is my favorite!!!! Looks delicious @pdxhollym πŸ˜ƒ
pdxhollym : Lol, I'm behind the times @thetastyremedy - @flametofork just told me about it! Always learning! πŸ˜˜πŸ‘ŠπŸ»
pdxhollym : πŸ‘ŠπŸ»πŸ˜‹ @rachhanson5
mkmazer : Lovely!
healthcoachcarrie : I need this now!
mysocalledpaleo - rachhanson5 - clean_plates - kitchencreative -
Tonight's dinner: Hot Dog As A Bun (ala @flametofork ) and Sweet Potato Perfect Oven Fries (ala @thedomesticman ). The fries are so crispy and light -absolutely perfect! #paleotakeout #eatoutathome #jerf #paleo #kcpaleo #GlutenFree #grainfree #21dsd #21dsdCoachKeri #hotdogasthebun
21dsd - paleo - eatoutathome - glutenfree - grainfree - jerf - paleotakeout - 21dsdcoachkeri - kcpaleo - hotdogasthebun -
glutenfreediaryforkids - - cleaneatsinaz - myorganicdiary -
Hotdogs w/sauerkraut and mustard, veggie chips, avocado and carrots. #whatsforlunch #hotdogasthebun #addictedtoavocado
addictedtoavocado - whatsforlunch - hotdogasthebun -
erinmarierose - hollyyy_valentine - jenjea - kondikitchen -
#21DSD Day 18 Dinner. Small dinner as I ate breakfast and lunch today. Usually don't do 3 meals, but I got a decent lift in this evening and feel I deserved it. Some #applegatefarms #organic hot dogs, and avocado salsa. #boom ## #paleo #nosugar #sugardetox #noprocessedjunk #3daystogo #hotdogasthebun #holdthebunplease #lowcarb #protein #singlelife #cookingforone
21dsd - paleo - organic - singlelife - cookingforone - 3daystogo - noprocessedjunk - holdthebunplease - nosugar - sugardetox - lowcarb - protein - boom - applegatefarms - hotdogasthebun -
primalblissnutrition - vgsorganic - crunchymamas - modernmamaskitchen -
After helping D start and work in our garden, this lunch was shown NO MERCY πŸ‘ŠπŸ» #paleo #healthywaysfor100days #jerf #wapf #howisummer #hotdogasthebun #morevegetablesthanavegetarian
paleo - wapf - healthywaysfor100days - morevegetablesthanavegetarian - jerf - howisummer - hotdogasthebun -
kazoodelee - ketodiet_app - drkellyannpetrucci - ashleymariecasey -
Today's highlights: 1️⃣hot dogs for breakfast because summer 2️⃣free cherry samples while grocery shopping hangry πŸ’ 3️⃣delicious new juice find I drank alongside half a rotisserie chicken for lunch πŸ˜‚ 4⃣growing celery! And keeping Bamboo Radley company 🌱 How was YOUR Tuesday? #paleo #healthywaysfor100days #hotdogasthebun
healthywaysfor100days - paleo - hotdogasthebun -
applegate - iwennie - flooorrriii - lish.ann -
Today's dinner: #hotdogasthebun with mustard and @farmhousekraut Dill Pickle, with a side of pan fried sweet potatoes. I used @kasandrinos to fry the potatoes, and @sirkensingtons chipotle mayonnaise to dip them in. Delicious. #21dsdCoachKeri #21dsd #kcpaleo #eatoutathome #jerf #glutenfree #grainfree #dairyfree #paleo #primal #guthealingfoods
21dsd - paleo - eatoutathome - guthealingfoods - glutenfree - primal - grainfree - jerf - 21dsdcoachkeri - kcpaleo - dairyfree - hotdogasthebun -
mkmazer : Great!
paleoga_momma - certifiedpaleo - drkellyannpetrucci - ilseceline -
Easy peasy dinner! Lots of probiotics going on here! @farmhousekraut Kraut in my Applegate Farms hot dogs....AND a side @farmhousekraut Kimchee! I haven't had kimchee in a while -- oh my...this was good!!! 😍 #farmhousekraut #probiotics #fermentedveggies #thecleanerwiener #applegatefarms #hotdogasthebun #cocospaleokitchen #foodie #foodwithapurpose #easypeasydinner #paleoeats #funwithfood #keepitpaleo
foodie - farmhousekraut - funwithfood - foodwithapurpose - paleoeats - cocospaleokitchen - probiotics - fermentedveggies - easypeasydinner - keepitpaleo - thecleanerwiener - applegatefarms - hotdogasthebun -
mattricedc : @mattyjay07 Hot dogs without the bun πŸ‘Œ
therebelplate : That looks so good right now!
derekforreal21 : @soohope
healthy_kelsey : all my favs πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜
jantoinetter : @tanya.diane @nyccurlygirl yessss!!!!!
jenniferfer624 : @caitlinrose_12
mvenlos926 : @jkamm1017 we could do this like we used to but with our veggies and sausages!
lys.11 : Looks greatπŸ‘ŒπŸ½πŸ’•πŸŽˆπŸ˜±
thaone510 - sara_bzb - permaculture_life - playhardworkhard3r -
We love your "hot dog as a bun" idea @plaidandpaleo! For those who follow the #paleo diet, it's tough to go #bunless when you're a fan of condiments. Problem solved! We are sampling and selling our hot dogs at the Costco in Wichita, KS this week. If you're in the area stop by :) #Repost @plaidandpaleo with @repostapp. ・・・ The obsession has started again... I can't get enough of #hotdogasthebun especially with @twrgrassfedbeef frankfurters! Holy cow (literally), these are the tastiest hotdogs I've ever eaten! I ate them tonight on a bed of massaged kale with a little @kasandrinos olive oil and balsamic vinegar and topped with stone ground mustard!
paleo - whole30 - cleaneating - bunless - grassfed - grassfedbeef - hotdog - repost - hotdogasthebun -
twrgrassfedbeef : #grassfed #grassfedbeef #hotdog #cleaneating #whole30
mmm_paleo - eighty20nutrition - otbredgourmet - healthy_nomz -
#HotDogAsTheBun and some other stuff 😜 #whole30 #w30 #wholefood #whole30challenge #whole30june #whole30dinner #dairyfree #sugarfree #glutenfree #grainfree #soyfree #eatclean #cleaneating #paleo #jerf #timeforchange #instafood #lcpwhole30 #whole30homies #whole30alumni #iamwhole30 #lifeafterwhole30
soyfree - jerf - whole30homies - wholefood - dairyfree - whole30june - sugarfree - cleaneating - whole30alumni - lifeafterwhole30 - whole30dinner - iamwhole30 - whole30 - lcpwhole30 - paleo - glutenfree - timeforchange - instafood - w30 - eatclean - whole30challenge - grainfree - hotdogasthebun -
paleobrokers : :)
stephanieos : ✨ πŸ’«
youngpaleo - mal_gets_fit - collegegirlgoeshealthy - paleo.foodie.whole30 -
The obsession has started again... I can't get enough of #hotdogasthebun especially with @twrgrassfedbeef frankfurters! Holy cow (literally), these are the tastiest hotdogs I've ever eaten! I ate them tonight on a bed of massaged kale with a little @kasandrinos olive oil and balsamic vinegar and topped with stone ground mustard!
healthyfood - summer - eatprettythings - foodgams - colorful - food52 - tastespotting - primal - grainfree - jerf - cleaneating - tasty - huffposttaste - foodie - cleaneats - healthyeating - paleo - salad - glutenfree - healthy - foodporn - nomnom - instagood - instafood - food - yum - eatclean - realfood - photooftheday - hotdogasthebun -
stayfitmom_com : Love these! It's been a while. πŸ˜‹
sarabe11 : @_walli_ easy healthy meal
twrgrassfedbeef : @badwolfbakery where are you located?
badwolfbakery : @twrgrassfedbeef Colorado Springs! πŸ—»
twrgrassfedbeef : @badwolfbakery we are in the process of getting at least one of our sausages in Colorado Costcos soon. We will keep you posted! You can also buy our products at Natural Grocers there in Colorado Springs!
badwolfbakery : @twrgrassfedbeef Thanks so much for the info! I've actually never been into Natural Grocers- will check it out and can't wait to see your product in @costco!
plaidandpaleo : @jj_sully I love sauerkraut with my hotdogs!!
plaidandpaleo : @pamperedpaleo It is such an easy and tasty dinner!
nutritionswoon - sofialagar - ironpitt - kettlegirlketo -
How gorgeous are these?? Taking #hotdogasthebun to another level with these puppies Kraut a la @farmhousekraut and plenty of @sirkensingtons Mustard #movementmenu #feedfeed #thekitchn #f52grams #foodgawker #huffposttaste #foodphotography #eeeeeats #buzzfeedfood #buzzfood #lifeandthyme #paleo #primal #jerf #eatclean #eatrealfood #vscofood #healthyfoodshare #thatsdarling #bragyourplate #foodwinewomen #instagood #instayum #foodie #foodporn
foodie - f52grams - foodporn - primal - foodphotography - jerf - lifeandthyme - buzzfeedfood - huffposttaste - bragyourplate - thatsdarling - foodgawker - eatrealfood - thekitchn - paleo - instayum - eeeeeats - buzzfood - instagood - feedfeed - movementmenu - vscofood - eatclean - healthyfoodshare - foodwinewomen - hotdogasthebun -
hardcoresince74 : @dana0115 I'll take two please!!
nyandlove : @whitetapestryblog mmmmmm
farmhousekraut : Oh yeah!
whitetapestryblog : @nyandlove so good
mizweaver : @glovebox2010
myk_mo3 : @julia_r0se
glovebox2010 : Oooooooh yeah! @mizweaver
playpaleo : Dude looks just like the ones I stuffed in my face tonight for dinner 😍
fat.miltank - sophie_gahng_88 - thepoornurseeats - clauu.dia15 -
First #hotdogasthebun of the summer! I filled these @twrgrassfedbeef frankfurters with sautéed sauerkraut and stone ground mustard. Simple and delicious!
healthyfood - summer - eatprettythings - foodgams - colorful - food52 - tastespotting - primal - grainfree - jerf - cleaneating - tasty - huffposttaste - foodie - cleaneats - healthyeating - paleo - glutenfree - healthy - foodporn - nomnom - instagood - instafood - food - yum - eatclean - realfood - photooftheday - local - hotdogasthebun -
kptncookapp : Looks amazing!!!
evebastien : looove this one
foodfanboy : Yep yep! Good food right there!
detroit75_kitchen : Great Photo ❗
zucchiniandcarrots : Mmm so perfect
plaidandpaleo : @kptncookapp @evebastien Thanks!!
plaidandpaleo : @detroit75_kitchen @foodfanboy Thank you!!
plaidandpaleo : @zucchiniandcarrots It's my favorite summer treat!
alpha.kyle - buildabadassbody - simpleissweetaip - the_luxury_caveman -
#healthy #dinner this evening. It felt oddly good to wrap kosher #hotdogs in #bacon. Split them like #hotdogasthebun and filled with #cheese #chilis #avocado and #blackBeans. Served it up with #homemade #sweetpotato #chips fried up in #coconutoil #paleo #primal #jerf
cheese - bacon - jerf - blackbeans - sweetpotato - chips - hotdogs - paleo - healthy - avocado - chilis - dinner - homemade - primal - coconutoil - hotdogasthebun -
doriloveslife : @jd8787 this looks great!!!
carolynscooking - nutrition2l - helensbulkfoods - obsessionfoodaustralia -
Whole30 • Day 4 | Applegate Italian Sausage with sautéed spinach, Vidalia onions, and tomatoes πŸ…πŸŒ± #whole30 #paleo #applegatesausage #vidaliaonions #heartplate #hotdogasthebun
heartplate - vidaliaonions - applegatesausage - whole30 - paleo - hotdogasthebun -
ww_fitandfine - mochagardens - paleoparisian - whole_thick -
Haven't had a @flametofork style hot dog in forever! Went with #grassfed bison dogs stuffed with @sirkensingtons ketchup, mustard and gingered kraut. Plus a side of sautéed shrooms and peppaz #paleo #primal #cleaneats #realfood #hotdogasthebun
hotdogasthebun - paleo - realfood - primal - cleaneats - grassfed -
twrgrassfedbeef : @flametofork is a fan of our 100% grassfed beef sausages and hot dogs! You should try us out!
ccmcg3 : Nice weeny!
shwagenseller : Almost like an octodog
genuinejulefitness : Great work
chefmahdi - eatplanima - iambarefootnoily - 24carrotkitchen -
Dinner tonight: TJ's uncured beef franks, coleslaw, and sautéed spinach. #simple #paleo #primal #whole30 #eatclean #jerf #fitfam #hotdogasthebun
paleo - fitfam - simple - primal - jerf - eatclean - hotdogasthebun - whole30 -
carolynscooking - paleoparisian - deliciouslylegal - nourishingfir -
Simple and easy dinner. I would be lost without @applegate on the days I just don't feel like cooking. Made #hotdogasthebun with homemade guacamole, tomatoes and hot sauce. Totally hit the spot! #kettlebellsandkale #whatsfordinner #fastandeasy #applegate #hotdog #paleo #humpday #sideofpickle #bikiniseries #tiuteam #tiubride #tiumichigan
sideofpickle - paleo - tiumichigan - fastandeasy - bikiniseries - tiubride - kettlebellsandkale - applegate - tiuteam - hotdogasthebun - whatsfordinner - humpday - hotdog -
primaldesign : @faith_lee_wbff I'm drooling!
tiu.mrscgetsfit : What?! Stop! I need this in my life!!
kettlebellsandkale : @tiu.mrscgetsfit it's sooooo easy!!
martinathemermaid : @kabenton4 totally trying this
tiu_lez - garage_que - ourkindofpretty - rachelbtonesitup -
My first #hotdogasthebun! Ok it's really sausage but I filled it with guac and hot sauce. Also tried a new abs class today. Tried to run after but had cramps in both feet that would not go away! How do I stretch that out? Tennis ball? #whole30
whole30 - hotdogasthebun -
beckylynnfitz : That looks amazing!
trishyface : @georgeanne88 nomnomnom
burpees_for_bacon - glenda.nola - paleoparisian - herremegethetero -
So I've been listening to the @nomnompaleo podcast recently and Michelle mentioned using a hot dog as a bun... I took it a step further today and used the hot dogs as a plate!😊Topped with mixed greens, sautéed onions, sauerkraut, tomatoes, avocado, mustard and BBQ sauce. Such a great lunch! #nomnom #paleo #organic @applegate #realfood #realfooddaily #lunch #hotdogasthebun #hotdogasabun #paleodiet #jerf #yum #primal
paleo - iseatingtolivereallyathing - organic - primal - jerf - hotdogasabun - nomnom - lunch - yum - realfooddaily - realfood - paleodiet - hotdogasthebun -
leslieklenke : Haha #hotdogasaplate #genius
applegate : Creative!
lizcohn : Food takes my brain to crazy places @leslieklenke and @applegate . Probably because I think about it so much #iseatingtolivereallyathing
applegate : Well you're in the right direction!
healthy_challenged : Great idea!!
xiandiaxia : Thank u for your comment!
theglutenfreelifesaver : So many cool pics in your feed! Awesome!! πŸ˜ƒ πŸ˜ƒ πŸ‘
lizcohn : Awe! Thanks @theglutenfreelifesaver ! It's my passion.
carolynscooking - certifiedpaleo - tgipaleo - wildfoodsco -
When dinner plans change I'm always thankful to have quick solutions to throw together in my fridge! Hot dogs are very rarely a planned dinner for me, but I'm never disappointed by a good dog + kraut combo (#hotdogasthebun)! πŸ˜‰ What are your quick, last minute go-to meal solutions?? Oh, and I've been DYING to try this @farmhousekraut Horseradish Leek Kraut and I finally found it at a local health food store that I rarely shop at. It also did NOT disappoint! But I'm also kind of crazy about horseradish anything too...πŸ˜‰
dogandkrautloversunite - mustard - itstartswithfood - primal - healthymom - cleaneating - paleomom - applegatedogs - fermentedfoods - naturalmom - farmhousekraut - paleo - paleoandbreastfeeding - kraut - easypaleo - primalmom - naturalmomma - wholefood - justeatrealfood - quickpaleo - whole30 - healthyliving - hotdogasthebun -
kara_thewholemomma : @farmhousekraut aww, thanks! πŸ˜‰ I LOVE the horseradish leek too!!!! So excited that I know where to find it now! A new staple in my fridge!
kara_thewholemomma : @capturedsimplicity nice! 😍 #dogandkrautloversUNITE! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
kara_thewholemomma : @themommygame aww, thank you! And thanks for reminding me to hashtag it up!!!! I totally forgot!
kara_thewholemomma : @mandaswholeishlife oh yes! Sweet potatoes too! Great ideas!
kara_thewholemomma : @i_heart_kale oh that sounds like a great "in a pinch" go to! We don't have Whole Foods here in North Idaho, but I'm sure I'd be there often for that too if they were!
kara_thewholemomma : @flametofork awww, thank you! And thank you for making that a "thing"!!!! Seriously genius. And I agree...@applegate + @farmhousekraut is MONEY everytime!!!!! πŸ’²πŸ’²πŸ’°πŸ’²πŸ’°πŸ’²πŸ˜‚
kara_thewholemomma : @realfoodlab πŸ˜‚ thank you!
kara_thewholemomma : @paleotreats thank you. It was. πŸ˜‰
faith.nomore - kel_gets_healthy - the_luxury_caveman - whole30annie -
Happy saturday yall #paleo #glutenfree #grainfree #plgranch #salad #cucumbers #kraut #hotdog #hotdogasthebun
hotdogasthebun - paleo - salad - kraut - glutenfree - grainfree - cucumbers - plgranch - hotdog -
glorykitchen - - carolynscooking - aasmithfit -
#Whole30 Day 7 lunch was @Applegate uncured beef hot dogs with compliant relish and mustard. Not pictured: steamed veggies on the side. #paleo #primal #jerf #hotdogasthebun #countdowntohousetarvainen
countdowntohousetarvainen - paleo - whole30 - primal - jerf - hotdogasthebun -
categoodman : Looks like summertime 😎
katharineduffy : @categoodman β˜€οΈπŸŒ»πŸŒ…πŸ‘
i_live_to_paleo : Beautiful!
carolynscooking - ___annabelleeeee - paleoparisian - blissedlyfe -
We're having our own #fangirl moment over here! Michelle and Henry of the @nomnompaleo podcast gave a little shoutout to our #hotdogasthebun idea on their Party On podcast! We feel so honored! 😊 We're not huge podcast listeners over here (I barely have a commute and can't sit still once home - that's my excuse! -Tonja) but their podcast is so fun! And Michelle, you have the cutest and sweetest sounding voice. I'd say you have a voice for radio, but that may imply you have a face for radio and we all know you two are one of the cutest couples on the planet. Go check out their podcast and keep tagging us and #hotdogasthebun so we can see your creations! --- shout out to @jpetee for alerting us on this!!!❀️
fangirl - hotdogasthebun -
nomnompaleo : Thank you! 😘
donteatthespatula : Yay! πŸ™Œ Major fan girl moment!
jpetee : @flametofork I felt such excitement when I heard the shout out for you guys! I had to alert Clare immediately haha! πŸ‘ love the podcast @nomnompaleo
flametofork : @jpetee you heard it before we even did!! Thank you!!😘-Clare
ladeelibra1018 : How do you join in or listen to the podcast. Would like to know for next time. Any help is appreciated.
flametofork : @ladeelibra1018 you can download on their blog or listen through iTunes. Most iPhones should have a Podcast app on it. Search there
sarala80 : I did that after I heard it on the podcast. So good!!!
primal.eating - kd025 - hookedonpaleo - -
Day 30 lunch🍴hot dog stuffed full of garlic sauerkraut, red onions, mustard and spicy guac along with a green apple and almond butterπŸ˜‹ #whole30 #whole30lunch #whole30compliant #hotdogasthebun #lacroixwater
whole30lunch - hotdogasthebun - whole30compliant - lacroixwater - whole30 -
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Had such a fun night BBQ'ing with my mom & dad. Here is my dinner, it was perfectπŸ‘ŒπŸ», even better was talking to both of them about nutrition and introducing them to some awesome brands that I use in our house! 🐷 @forkintherd #hotdogasthebun (my FIRST☝🏻️time!) with red onion, @sirkensingtons spicy brown mustard, Bubbies dill pickle relish and a teeny bit if @sirkensingtons ketchup❀️. @farmhousekraut and a #organic garden saladπŸ’šπŸŒ± with @tessemaes balsamic dressing. #NTP #nutritionstudent #holisticwellness #nutritionmatters #wls #wlsfamily #weightlosssurgery #gastricbypass #gastricbypasssurgery #bariatrcsurgery #bariatricweightloss #vgs #pouch #lapband #rouxeny #sleeved #paleo #cleaneating #glutenfree #grainfree #bariatricdiet #bariatrichealth #gastriceats #gastricbypasshealth #bariatricnutrition #bariatricrealfoodeducator #bariatricwellness #bariatriceats #weightlosssurgery
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forkintherd : Looks delicious! πŸ‘Œ So glad you liked our dogs!
pamperedpaleo : yum! that looks so delish!!
zucchiniandcarrots : Delicious!!
tessemaes : Thanks for the mention @wholefoodiern! We have a full line of healthy condiments available online as well!
jaspen17 : Looks soooo great!!
wholefoodie_rny : 😍
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Star of the show this afternoon is #hotdogasthebun! // with honey mustard and sides of carrot chips, broccoli slaw, blistered tomatoes, and some turkey #paleo #jerf #mdw #cleanerwiener #wheresthefat
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