Key metrics about your IG account

Iconosquare is the only service for your Instagram account statistics. Stats about your photos, likes, filters. Metrics about your community engagement. Optimization tips.

Iconosquare provides a wide range of informations.
Fun facts about your account, such as:

  • most liked photos ever
  • hashtag cloud
  • filter usage

Growth monitoring

  • follower growth charts, monthly and overall
  • daily follower gain and loss
  • and who are your new and lost followers

Community insights

  • reciprocal relationships and followings who don’t follow you back
  • ratio of followers/followings in your community
  • followers most engaged recently

Account history

  • amount of media posted month by month
  • likes and comments recieved, by month or by week
  • and evolution of the average number of likes and comments

Optimization tips

  • best time to post to get most engagement
  • how filters impacts likes and comments received

For more account management tools, check out the comment tracker.

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