Instagram analytics made easy

Iconosquare is the only service for your Instagram account statistics. Stats about your photos, likes, filters. Metrics about your community engagement. Optimization tips.

Growth monitoring

  • Follower growth
  • Gained and lost followers
  • New and lost followers identification

Optimization tips

  • Best time to post to maximize engagement
  • Filters impacts on engagement

Hashtag performance

  • Daily nomber of posts, likes and comments received
  • Brand advocates identification and location
  • Most engaging posts on hashtag

Community insights

  • Reciprocal relationships and followings who don’t follow you back
  • Ratio of followers/followings in your community
  • Most engaged followers

Account history

  • Media posted
  • Likes and comments received
  • Average number of likes and comments received

Data export

  • Rolling Month analysis
  • Monthly export
  • Hashtag performance
Iconosquare allows you to easily measure your Instagram performance with exclusive insights, easy-to-understand graphs and data exports.

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