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Instagram analytics made easy

Keep an eye on your Instagram performance and save time reporting.
Discover exclusive insights to grow and engage with your audience on Instagram.

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Access comprehensive graphs and charts

Our analytics platform covers the most important aspects of your Instagram presence.
We're pulling key metrics from Instagram to help you build, grow and engage your audience.


Follower growth

Gained and lost followers

Media posted


Best time to post to maximize engagement

Filter impacts on engagement


Likes and comments growth

Most engaging posts

Love rate, talk rate, spread rate

Community insights

Most engaged followers

New and lost followers identification

Reciprocal relationships - users you don't follow back, reciprocal relationship, etc.

and much more !

Save time building your reports

Available for download directly on Iconosquare
our exclusive exports include everything you need to:

Oversee your account activity

All the key metrics from the past month.

Discover your community structure

Segment your follower base by influence.

Monitor followers growth

Daily gain and loss.

Locate your followers

Repartition by country.

Identify your top followers

Followers with the largest audience in your community.

Explore your media's performance

Sort your media by the number of likes, comments or engagement rate they generated.

Optimize your posting strategy

Full export of your best time to post chart. Daily likes and comments received.

Analyze your best performing hashtags

Summary of your hashtags usage and performance.

Analyze your best performing filters

Summary of your filters usage and performance.

Track hashtag performance

Our hashtag performance export allows you to access deep insights of your hashtag use on Instagram:

Measure hashtag growth

Daily number of posts, likes and comments received.

Identify brand advocates

Discover the top 100 most influent Instagramers posting on the hashtag over a specific period.

Locate brand advocates

See where people posting on the hashtag are located.

Posts details

Check out what users publish when posting on the hashtag (video/image, caption, source URL). Analyze the top 1.000 most influent posts on hashtag.

Monitor your competitors

This feature allows you to easily see how your competitors perform and track any account you're interested in.


Get their current number of media posted, followers and engagement rate.


On last day, last 7 days and last 30 days.


Latest media, most liked media, average number of likes and average post frequency.

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