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Offering customers the best and newest videophone technology. Approved and Certified by FCC. #soeasysosimple
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zvrs - ZVRS
No ZVRSers were hurt during the making of this holiday party. The next day, however... (Photo credit: William Irwin Photo) #HappyHolidays
happyholidays -
janice659 - carabalestrieri - qztedee2 - maxjager95 -
zvrs - ZVRS
Here's an idea you can do with that amount of snow you have in your front yard. Take a photo & send it to someone you love! #HappyMonday
happymonday -
hbdelao : @mskowz
stucksilent - turtl3_fr3ak21 - sparky1256 - alaasaraoursayad -
zvrs - ZVRS
CEO Sean Belanger met with Chris Soukup, CEO of @csdig, yesterday. We're grateful for our continued partnership with CSD.
jacwny : Good but I not get z5 max yet
zvrs : Hello @jacwny. Have you called our Customer Care? One of our reps will be happy to help you. 866.932.7891. Thank you 😊
jacwny : Yes but they not help me
silent2sign - aleximorfesis - gmailownsyou - jamineford -
zvrs - ZVRS
#SigningSanta is coming to your VP! Tell Signing Santa... how good you've been, and what you want most of all. Check the URL link and mark your schedule, so you don't miss out! www.zvrs.com/SigningSanta
signingsanta -
ncdeafvlog : Santa Claus are fake, they wear Santa costume. That's a FAKE SANTA CLAUS!!!!!!
silent2sign - samfeibelman - joellep0822 - mmottapr -
zvrs - ZVRS
The #FireflyParty was a blast this past weekend! Call us to see how you can score your Firefly units for FREE. www.zvrs.com/firefly
fireflyparty -
lisa.ozuna : @clairebeans_
deafjessy44 - deafangel50 - mboricua1959 - 225brpz -
zvrs - ZVRS
Texting is a risk for some 58% of American adults who own smartphones, a study recently published by Washington Post. Save your neck and use Z5 Mobile as your solution. 👍 #EasyCommunication
easycommunication -
rcitoaz : Yes I know that's true.. not good everyday...
tomlacy74 - imirivera11 - zvrs_hitman - thebeachtoday -
zvrs - ZVRS
We'd like to extend our congratulations to @motionsavvy on being named by TIME Magazine as one of the top 25 Best Inventions of 2014! They were finalists in the Next Big Idea competition hosted at RIT/NTID and sponsored by The Z in 2013. Their very first public appearance was one to remember!
dflyco : #playhardflyfar boys!
txgamgam : WoW! This is exciting. Great work men!!
emily.pullin - janice659 - mylessmul5 - 4nala18 -
zvrs - ZVRS
Due to popular demand, we're hosting Firefly parties! Join us for fun, food & drinks and a chance to win a $100 VISA gift card! The parties will be in the following cities: - Los Angeles, CA (Fri, Dec. 5) - Chicago, IL (Fri, Dec. 5) - Rockville, MD (Fri, Dec. 5) - Austin, TX (Sat, Dec. 6) - Arlington Heights, IL (Sat, Dec. 6) - Miami, FL (Sat, Dec 6) - Countryside, IL (Sat, Dec. 7) For more info, visit www.zvrs.com/events. If you're not able to make to an event and want to order your Firefly, give us a call at 877.777.9776 and we'll hook you up!
mrdmarquez : I wish it was Mac OS Compatible Have coworkers that use Macs only.
deafgretta45 : I wish going to austin tx i cant go i live in satx @zvrs
makaylynclose21 : I wanna come but I live in Tennessee :( @zvrs
mylessmul5 - 23steelersman - janec_romero - lildolphin75 -
zvrs - ZVRS
The Z5 MAX: multi-tasking at its best! It features our award-winning Z5 Desktop app, which allows 3-way VP chats! Order your Z5 MAX today. 877.777.9776 www.zvrs.com/Z5MAX
elle.cruz : What kind of product do you have to use on TV? (Not something I can carry.)
zvrs : Other than Z5 Desktop, there are Google Chrome, Video tutorials, Clock and other settings on the Z5 MAX you can use @elle.cruz
foxysweetheart21 : I did order n I have receipt. I waited since long time then I called back they say I have to wait 2 yrs. I don't understand wut goin on
ncdeafvlog : I can't believe they already buying Windows installation DVD than Z5 Max. Installation are simple, and download drivers include wireless, Bluetooth, anti-virus software, webcam, and etc. will working.
ladiiqueensandy : I have iPad w z5 if I wanna max they said I have give back my z5 iPad. I'm confused
janice659 - mylessmul5 - janec_romero - lildolphin75 -
zvrs - ZVRS
Today is World AIDS Day. Unite in the worldwide fight against HIV. See the link for special events hosted in your areas today. www.AIDShealth.org/WAD/ #WorldAIDSDay #UniteToFightHIV
unitetofighthiv - worldaidsday -
jataribethea25 - mylessmul5 - lovepeace529 - thebeachtoday -
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