Big K.R.I.T.

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youngkrizzle - Big K.R.I.T.
Limited Edition "What's a KING Without a Crown" Tee!! Available now on
chefguccii : need a chef?
beccawhoa : ❤️❤️❤️❤️
beccawhoa : Krit who Loves u more than me? 🌹
hoodxparadise : Hey my name is Ray Jones, I'm 19 from Houston and I Rap, Sing, make my own beats, and Mix my own records. Can you check me out? The link to my music is in my bio. Or just type this in! 👇🏾 thank you krit
youngking3_bcs : @rickosuave13
kond_1_e : Being a king is much more than the weight of w crown
therealiamtonyb : @youngkrizzle I see u at the twelve bro
cadillac_salis : I want you to hear Wha I gotta say bro @youngkrizzle
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youngkrizzle - Big K.R.I.T.
#Repost @funzach with @repostapp. ・・・ About a month ago the squad and I went down to Meridian, Mississippi to explore the hometown of @youngkrizzle. During our time there we experienced the true meaning of southern hospitality. KRIT and his family and friends treated us like one of their own and gave us the access we needed to make a truly compelling and meaningful documentary. It was an experience that I'll never forget. Thank you to everyone from Meridian and Complex who helped make this project possible @lostarr1 @bigsant @djwallysparks and many more. Directed by @barclayrobbie, produced by @heathyb, second camera and aerial photography by me. Link in my bio. #justakidfrommeridian #justakidfrom #youngkrizzle #bigkrit
youngkrizzle - bigkrit - justakidfrommeridian - justakidfrom - repost -
amberallnatural : @kstrong90 you need this shirt lol
kstrong90 : Don't want everybody knowing that lol @amberallnatural
amberallnatural : 😵😂😂😂
boknow5all : Will you be at Essence Music Festival @youngkrizzle ?! If not, we need to change that quick! Lbvs
savvybones : I see that glow he talked about in the video.... Thank you for shining your light and speaking the truth.
savvybones : Sometimes people are afraid of letting their light shine... Not you!
landon.gibson : Love you man
ed_rios23 : Thank You! @youngkrizzle For the amazing work you do. Can't express how much I love your music. Keep up the good work!
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youngkrizzle - Big K.R.I.T.
We outchea!!!!!!! Thank you Big Bro @davidbannerlikespictures 4 the chance to be apart of such amazing record! #MyUZI #MississippiGotSomething2Say
myuzi - mississippigotsomething2say -
dreamvillespersonalhypeman : @kunta.king smh they got rolos flock
his_jewel83 : On repeat in my Chevy....the beat is fiya but the lyrics are sick!!! @youngkrizzle & @davidbannerlikespictures
dre_sumnelse : @eldorado4700
eldorado4700 : Yea bro I listened to that hoe all yesterday @dre_sumnelse
garretth503 : Get this song bro 😏👌🔥💯 @beepspowered
abn.4life : That shit go hard af
succafreektg : Really felt yo spirit thru yo verse bruh @youngkrizzle
mr__bellamy : @dapandyman
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youngkrizzle - Big K.R.I.T.
Working from the bedroom today...watching movies and creating my own theme music to them.
ello.domingo : Love Dre but individual. #extraterrestrial
irepthecell : @youngkrizzle i hate to keep seeing these awards wit no K.R.I.T. on stage and no awards presented to ya ..them folk need to show u some love frfr
iambigjake : @irepthecell preach
ty80baby : BET without BiG KRIT is B.E. Trippin...#betawards2015 #youngkrizzle #bigkrit #multitilthesundie
irepthecell : @iambigjake yes sir...krit wayyyyy better than erything i saw tonight..
iambigjake : @irepthecell always has been. It's a shame he's never been on their stage...that I know of at least. Other than the cypher.
mightytherealone : Yo that's dope
nimbus93 : @doobie818 dope
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youngkrizzle - Big K.R.I.T.
Yesterday @ TreeSounds hearing the Minister speak, Thank you @iam_mali for the invite
tazz4rmkgent : @iamwizdum maximize expansion
zulu__kings : Come show love to us Navy boys in Jacksonville, Florida cuz we fuq with cuh @youngkrizzle
money_gang_bosses : 💯
christolitmob : DM
ello.domingo : Tree sounds amazing
aprivilege : #Wavy
melanin_royalty : #melanin #unity #melaninmen
mr__bellamy : @dapandyman
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youngkrizzle - Big K.R.I.T.
Krizzle x 2chainz x Drummaboy x YoungThug .. Yesterday at Treesounds for the Farrakhan listening
_child_of_a_king_ : @cam4tmh1 dats yo boy
_selfiegod : I wouldn't let young thug touch me 😂
neversay_yes : Fuck me
christolitmob : Dm
msbowie_inkd : 😍
beccawhoa : In the trap : Krit doesn't even belong in this pic...he's a legend
melanin_royalty : Ooo I'm so glad young thug attended the event, and I pray that the melanin brother got some enlightenment about the significance of melanin unity
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youngkrizzle - Big K.R.I.T.
Happy Father's Day Pops! Thank you for always encouraging and inspiring me. I'm truly grateful for all the times you made sure food was on the table. I appreciate the fact you always supported my career decisions and kept it real when I was on the wrong path. I love you and I'm Thankful! "Grew up to be just like pop and it shows" #RichDadPoorDad Photo Cred : @funzach
richdadpoordad -
jmoney____cat : With one @pvxll
pvxll : the closest one @jmoney____cat
christolitmob : Dm
nuthingbutgr8ness : #AllDay
ratchetxhippie_ : @5_stacklord_tip2strainz_8 see something like his
5_stacklord_tip2strainz_8 : @ratchetxhippie_ hell yea black n brown I like gold too
dudewheresmygarr : Houston !
theastrologylady : A man who was raised by his father you can def tell the difference!!
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youngkrizzle - Big K.R.I.T.
#MyUZI @davidbannerlikespictures featuring me = June 30th! For Pre Order on iTunes now Shawty! #Multi
myuzi - multi -
lowkeylegit : Mannnnn text me a list again @5thwheel_
ubsman1 : The south speaks up while everybody else creating new dances and slangin birds
thenames_sckolar : @trilllspringz
cyndaniels09 : @mralpickett Ooooweeee *picks face up* 🙊
blaqjewel79 : @youngkrizzle hey boo how hope all is well! yeah MS got sumtn ta say,all we missing is me a blaq Queen for da soulful vocals,then we cud kill da game!!I am still ready!!let me write sum history & hits witcha hmu#motivation #MSLUV
cgd.waltb : Need beats
cgd.waltb : Hml
_rq92__ : @quaye488
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youngkrizzle - Big K.R.I.T.
#Repost @bigsant Praying for them and their loved ones.
repost -
beautiful_outside_sexy_inside : R.I
beautiful_outside_sexy_inside : R.I.p
ralph_london23 : I'm speaking for my race because we have been getting killed at a hi rate with no respect so respect that if u black or of color u should understand if not I don't give a @traels264__
ralph_london23 : Pray for us @traels264__ times have not changed @traels264__ if u have a problem with me saying that thats your problem @traels264__ oh and I'm done with this convo bro
starcloudstudios : Thank you
innate13 : #ripwanza
sophistik8ed_konvict : #chucktownstrong
christolitmob : Dm
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youngkrizzle - Big K.R.I.T.
ONE MusicFest - Atlanta Ga - Sept 12th
kingtuneshe_ : @mlnrnate @cookbpelicanfly
beholdalaady : @soscsweet
beholdalaady : @worldofrenaissance do you know about this? I'll be there
worldofrenaissance : Yup I do! Pending anything crazy I'll be there too @beholdalaady
beautifully_enigmatic_ : @am.wdlth yes I can do this one
real.eminent : Yessss to L-boogie ♡♡ @am.wdlth @beautifully_enigmatic_
imperfectlyshannon : @ambitious_girl003
lazerz_never_die : @downwitthefett
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