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23/12/2015 21:37:05
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youngkrizzle - Big K.R.I.T.
Happy Bday to my big brother @kushedgod!!! We still outchea setting trends and giving them the secret 2 success! #RFC #Multi #AllMyFriendsJamming #NoWheaties #OnlyOne
rfc - onlyone - multi - nowheaties - allmyfriendsjamming -
bweezyyyyy : @svvadelee9 be the mutha, fuckin, best
alexandergpk : #Knickstape
rosemizzle : 🙌🏽
batbazzbangpow : #RFC #SmokersClub #Salute
yomawtakemypics : RIIIIIIIGHT
vern_303 : Happy birthday @kushedgod
snizzyizzy : RIIIIIIIIGHT
landongibson34ways : The epitome of greatness
noochigot - bye.eve - yungfavo - taylor_made_2016 -
youngkrizzle - Big K.R.I.T.
Y'all like this? Q.R.I.T. is for the ladies & the K.R.I.T. ones are for either side
xkanex_ : @yungxgeezy must cop
only1trublu : @youngkrizzle hope you have some in blue!!! (Q.I.R.T)
a_lil_libra : Where can I get one
a_lil_libra : Purple my favorite color good choice
_jessanna : Yea
_jessanna : @__blackcity Queen. Remembered. In . Time
yungkrizzle : When you gone drop the k.r.i.t. hats ?
bigchiefkyn : @natedoe i want this bit
kwame_calisthenics - janelivin_kujo.ken - sbbb.6 -
youngkrizzle - Big K.R.I.T.
Just checked out the movie RACE .. Amazing movie #LikeJesse
likejesse -
wavyeye : @classic_mann82 @buffalo_bill78 @esiaba @kia_said_soooo @blushingberriesatl hey good morning beautiful souls, may I please ask you all to take a minute to check out artist @_iamteewavy latest single "No Tears" in his bio FOLLOW him as well peace and love. ❤️
wavyeye : @ayomere @sharneu @xystflowerchild @kiaj @lovekeilahj @jay_vogue23 @bspn_90 hey good morning beautiful souls, may I please ask you all to take a minute to check out artist @_iamteewavy latest single "No Tears" in his bio FOLLOW him as well peace and love. ❤️
wavyeye : @bspn_90 @hollygroveeeeee @m_munive @highbrid.blackflagent @_4everbright_ hey good morning beautiful souls, may I please ask you all to take a minute to check out artist @_iamteewavy latest single "No Tears" in his bio FOLLOW him as well peace and love. ❤️
bg_brvd : @dapperdan301 big krit was there !!
itsonlyktg : @youngkrizzle #blessings say bruh this who doing yo mix tape artwork I'm heavily inspired and really need to work wit the plug I would love it if u or somebody could show a brother the way god bless king
sammysweetjones : Bae
ulikemyphotos : I'd love to shoot a visual for "Rich Dad, Poor" but I don't want to do it without your blessing. That is one of my favorite and, personally, the most relatable tracks to me. @youngkrizzle
truelyfakelove : Keilah interviewed you?! 👏🏽👏🏽 That Queen goes to my church. 💙
chef_boy_are_dee - solacethapoet - lucasfisher08 - swaggdiiiirty_ -
youngkrizzle - Big K.R.I.T.
Stepped out last night to support my brother @iamricolove @ @bryanmichaelcox 's #VinylATL event
vinylatl -
bigkingwill : @hondapro210 that don't look like @_charli_charlie_
itz_jfon : @camslingoooo bruh I thought this was you at first glance...I was like aw hell nah lol
camslingoooo : @itz_jfon 😂😂😂😭😭😭😭 I'm weak af
dieu_donne : Thought cidney grew a beard lol @tedrowwww
rpjoshdaatllien : My nigga Yung Krizzle!!
jensennicholas : @youngkrizzle where do I buy Krit Wuz Here?? not on itunes anymore
ahart_amerika : @youngkrizzle how does one get to collab on a beat with you fam? I'm 26 from new York and I work my whole craft around you king would love to collab on some real soulful shit with you man
gamcypher : What do we have to do to get you out here on March 4th for our next cypher? @youngkrizzle
smoogie86 - david_justin_wise04 - morethanadr89am -
youngkrizzle - Big K.R.I.T.
Very proud to be apart of what happened today at Citizens Trust Bank with @killermike & @howuseeit for a great cause
jaypier__ : To know your true history is the greatest power...I may be spanish, but one hand helps wash the other. We will change the rules that keep us down and thrive cause it's inevitable, hint ( why do you think they tried erasing black history) because it's one of the most powerful to ever exist in human history!! ✊
macaribrooks : @kgoat02 😂😂😂😂😂😂
steboss243 : @souljabear. . Brah. .. the system is not in our favor.. you are stating the obvious... they believe to have found a way .. what solution do you propose? I'm not being smart.. I'm all ears. .
jahaan_s : @cvbrantley It was! Lol.
tribecalledtris : @keibythapound GIRL
buyblacknyc : Leadership!!!!!!!!
ridockking : Krizzle
dracwild : Yess🙏
morethanadr89am - solacethapoet - blacjac81 -
youngkrizzle - Big K.R.I.T.
Check out the "Royalty" remix out now! Nick Grant feat Big K.R.I.T. & Killer Mike
edna4ya : n
edna4ya : 😊😍😆✊
tatiyana.janae : please hurry and come back to birmingham alabama! your stage presence is amazing 😍
snaik_iz : The people of flint would really associate your presence
qpsc1 : Follow back bro @youngkrizzle
mikemainor : #MikeKnoxOnDaBeat
mattnetoren : Follow back kirzzle @youngkrizzle
97kamal : @kaybee_the_2nd I'm actually just seeing this
blacjac81 - brothamigs - hsaghvj -
youngkrizzle - Big K.R.I.T.
Felt like recording my thoughts today. #Multi #kingrememberedintime
multi - kingrememberedintime -
tillaarce : 🌊
tbrowndesigns : @youngkrizzle let me hook you up with some artwork..
chillsmith219 : Ik some fire coming this year from KRIT and tbh I've liked that he's always kept his hungry
t_cello : @youngkrizzle http://www.audiomack.com/song/djlpeezy/ride-2
lynne_lovelady : @kis_lovelady haven't listened to Big in a while!
ridockking : U actually record seated?
sammysweetjones : I'm creeping lol
before_the_party : do u need another artist on ur label bro???
khalzane4 - ___markg.___ - yusufmarrley - ken_coleman22 -
youngkrizzle - Big K.R.I.T.
Wichita KS 2nite shawty
kmitchc : Shoulda went!
oddchandler : Show was so live and you were too nice as always thanks for coming thru @youngkrizzle
b316 : ^
the_living_art : Amazing show last night krizzle, COME BACK SOON!!!
mr_image_n : Put on one hell of a show last night
jgwhite1584 : Whats his snapchat
missippi2trill : We need more music bro...
nehemiah114 : Hi
appleheadjones - synthpling_ - _merkz210_ - chiraqflock773 -
youngkrizzle - Big K.R.I.T.
Quick stop in OKC to grab some food from @offthehookokc .. They held it down for sure!! Off to Wichita KS for my show tonight @ The Cotillion #KRIT
krit -
husportsguy : Lmaooo. I hate you so much @kingcox
i_am_aldreamer : @youngkrizzle ... I would love to do a song with you... I create 🔥🔥 hooks!!
1_jeriah : @mik_eeee @ajholloway9
ohheavens_no : @myphinalthought no way that's hella cool!
wrestlerdee : Come back to the 706... #Athens #Ga #wefuckwithyou
iamlamarcole : @youngkrizzle I'm stupid proud of you big bro. I know we haven't officially met. But me and @dutchington chopped a few times and I gavem a couple copies of my project for you guys to listen too. Y'all stay hard at it. We gone meet at the top! #multitilthesundie #BlessUP 🙏
farrentino_ : @youngkrizzle mess with O City! That's what's good.
missippi2trill : We need more music ASAP bro...
lamb_erica603 - boogie_2504 - shreveport_slick - themozman -
youngkrizzle - Big K.R.I.T.
Wichita KS .. Tomm @ The Cotillion #KRIT
krit -
ownyourhappiness : Keep reppin for the Sip!!!! My folk from Greenwood but we still love you!!!!!!!!! 🙌🙌🙌 #Mississippi
edna4ya : 😍
prissyterry : I saw you at my school
motherlove__ : 🤗🤗🤗
valicity13 : @rn_keish his voice!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
sammysweetjones : 😍
__padro : @richieforpresident
brightangeleyes : Come back to SEATTLE! !!!
boogie_2504 - _merkz210_ -
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