Big K.R.I.T.

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youngkrizzle - Big K.R.I.T.
Gotta support the OG @officialboosieig and @asvpxrocky music! I'm still old school and I digg having the physical copy with the booklet. Go get yours Shawty on iTunes or in stores!
jodielandon : @ikickmoonss
swaagmcavoy : @avrndwny @coachdannydep πŸ™Œ
scentstreetmngr : The difference in price hmmmm o welll.... like how u support ur fellow artist it's a must!
master_c_15 : I still like the hard copies too...
59russo59 : Rocky getting to the point where he's overrated
toppin10__ : You stupid @upliketrump_7 that boosie Fire you don't know good music!
upliketrump_7 : @toppin10__ bitch that's my opinion I don't like it fuck u
nickrogerszz : Check this out
jason_h361 - asvpk.r.i.t - air6_gat_aries - tattedupevents -
youngkrizzle - Big K.R.I.T.
About to slab out to the homie @dizzyhippy album while the sun still shining. Much respect to him for having a message in his music and subject matter. I'm thankful to be apart of his album. Go get it on iTunes Shawty and support real music! #TheGrowingProcess #multi
multi - thegrowingprocess -
thekingdannyg : Yeah i got it last night shit is fire fam πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ @tml1300
monk_in_motion : @irishclover420
lanceahmakeherdance : Daaaamn @genocidetosh
jmabry42389 : @kadeezy314 told you bro
cking_95 : @pj.patterson
59russo59 : @mariogarcia27
kashwyz : @inmyownlane32 you'll appreciate this album bro .. Conscious music ✊🏾
inmyownlane32 : @kashwyz good lookin....have to check this out
pifgod316 - air6_gat_aries - patricktharuler - burninbelowzero -
youngkrizzle - Big K.R.I.T.
Last night at #RiverFest in Little Rock,AR
riverfest -
_kailajohnson : You should come to Louisiana seriously..
austin.tayes : @davis1lee @colelemley @will.strickland
looneyg318 : Check out @hesteadygrindin_ songs an interview on YouTube at Marcus Fobb channel 1 time @youngkrizzle
jaclynnnsmith : 😍😘
edwinvr6 : @_zngajulita the homie big krit tho
littlemissperfekt : ❀️❀️
asexiicreakation08 : Hurry up and come back boo!! 😍😍😍
the_real_idot : Keep it up my nigga
assa86ssin - jd_barela24_7 - doak_37 - crislopezzz70 -
youngkrizzle - Big K.R.I.T.
Had to stop and holla at my boy Corey @ @rockcitykicks #LittleRock #RiverFest tonight
littlerock - riverfest -
benevolent_jay : Killed the show krit
alexaaaam : @youngkrizzle
angelica_rae1217 : @sciguard_f
claysteel : Kriz. You're my hero man. Staying the same though the years teaches is all to be humble and accept who we are. You help shape the music industry in a positive way and your talent on and off the mic shows you're a true musician. Been on your team since the beginning. The Vent really helped me get through my grandmas death back in '11. It would mean the world if you got back to me. Thank you for what you've given us.
getdedant : @spacejamjackson u still work here?
spacejamjackson : @getdedant yes sir. @rckfay
getdedant : Thats dope @spacejamjackson
bstangn_mccoy : I see my New Balance sneakers up in there! No more Jordans and Nike shoes for me.
assa86ssin - wenzal_music - el_o._quent - ejebmf07 -
youngkrizzle - Big K.R.I.T.
Super good seafood in downtown Little Rock before I hit the stage tonight #RiverFest
riverfest -
chinnboi : @waayco
soljasims_kapo : @youngkrizzle u n the City ima b dwn there Fuxin wit u 2Night G..... #KingwithOutakrown
waayco : @chinnboi boi that's sum good food maan
fitnesswithpwebb : Ate there yesterday. Pick the wrong day to go
3a2t0n : @mbolin17
jvokal : @youngkrizzle we should work bro IMA unsigned artist from Little Rock ! I love all your music its so real and original
sciguard_f : @angelica_rae1217
will.strickland : @austin.tayes @colelemley @davis1lee he went to flying fish
iamrhianna_ - semi_lavulo - kofibaboo_starbe - mackrogers23 -
youngkrizzle - Big K.R.I.T.
Little Rock, AR
niko_soul : Need to be at the river fest @digitalambitions
donjosephcorleone : Thanks for coming G u killed it
_freeworldlarry_ : Great show in the roc
tdawgshit : got to see one my favorite rappers of all time!! #Respect @youngkrizzle
angelica_rae1217 : Thanks for coming !!
prettydemples : GREAT SHOW U PUT ON!!! #501πŸ—
jamisonmoon : I see you @newlifechurchtv 😍
thats_drake : The one time he here and I had to work
assa86ssin - kofibaboo_starbe - banco_populari - _.mahtaaab._ -
youngkrizzle - Big K.R.I.T.
Outchea in the ATL at "El Bar" kicking it with @djwallysparks on the turntables! #multi #playingclassicsouthernjams
multi - playingclassicsouthernjams -
eveedmonds : He is a chef at one of the best and most lavish restaurants in the country here in Atlanta and he would love to cooka
getatgabe : Ready to see you in El Paso! Get here safely KRIT
dreadpapimusic : Yung krizzle
ironfizt : KING!
natethegreat__ : Good set tonight big bruh. First time seeing you perform and I was turnt up the whole time.
bigshot_coolguy : Little Rock waitin brohem....rain, sleet or snow we'll be out there.
hoffaondabeat : U killin em
sunnflowerblossom : The dream. So is they playing old school shit on a regular? If so we're there @tommiimichelle
scentstreetmngr - jenna.htx - lewis.martha - 86ablessedsinner -
youngkrizzle - Big K.R.I.T.
#AWAY music video coming soon Shawty! Shoutout to my big brother @kennethwhalum for the opportunity to be apart of such a powerful record. #multi
away - multi -
goldchronicles : @mickeywoodsjr
trev_of_ev : @taguit
gb.is_real : word! still bump this tape. @youngkrizzle how about a video for Wolf on Wall Street, that song is the anthem for the real. can't go a day without hearing it!
mr2smoovee : @coley_solo
i_stayonpinnacle : I'll download anything u tell me to lol. I love your work!
chazncnd : #editedbychaz
losothagreat1 : @youngkrizzle what up bruh..mane if i can just get yo attention fa a sec u wont be disappointed wit my music..i am still growin but if i could work wit anybody in tha game it would be you..You got yo on style and u rap bout what u want to regardless of whats hot and trending..that is how i am wit my music..hit me back bro.
843graphics : @YoungKrizzle follow back nd dm me bro, i wanna put in artwork for you. huge fan of yours too dude! #SaluteNRespect
jonblaze91 - slim_solo89 - lewis.martha - reign_romello85 -
youngkrizzle - Big K.R.I.T.
Had an amazing time in LA shooting a "Day in the life" with @yngandreckless. shout out 2 @yousef_e and @sara_wass! Click the link on Twitter too peep it Shawty! #Multi #CountryBoiFresh cc: @dutchington and @steveogfc
multi - countryboifresh -
claytongray_._ : KRIT IS KING
nayalaurent : That potato salad @youngkrizzle
coachkrissica : @youngkrizzle thank you.
erinarwen : @dandelacroix
dev_mcfly2 : Please check your Dm πŸ™πŸ½
losothagreat1 : @youngkrizzle what up bruh..mane if i can just get yo attention fa a sec u wont be disappointed wit my music..i am still growin but if i could work wit anybody in tha game it would be you..You got yo on style and u rap bout what u want to regardless of whats hot and trending..that is how i am wit my music..hit me back bro..
innerflydom : Well said.
ellechanell : MERCY @jocelyn_jat @_nikki_g
patricktharuler - cesar_delcastillo - fredo_theboss - thizzthegreat -
youngkrizzle - Big K.R.I.T.
Had to play this record back like 5 times in the whip! Congrats to my big bro @iamricolove for dropping an amazing album! Go support and get the album on ITunes Shawty! #TTLO
ttlo -
featuring_juju : Yes! Love this song and the whole album! @iamricolove
carlbradford_54 : Man this is a dope track Krit.. Still waiting for something from one on this type of vibe πŸ’―
derekbaggett : @youngkrizzle check your Instagram DM's man!
alxndrmthw : Damn volume all the way up lol
getyourrbandsup : Flip yo cash asap #nogames
nza416 : People be sleeping on Rico, dudes very talented !
gbgedon_corleone : Dope young and reckless interview @youngkrizzle
ciatrax_ : Had this on repeat for lik 43 min str8
hh_zigzag_sk - slim_solo89 - 86ablessedsinner - lewis.martha -
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