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#CADILLACTICA Pre-Order Link out now!!!
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youngkrizzle - Big K.R.I.T.
payattentiontour -
gawd_body : Wtf yo mane tho weak I wanna go fuck @tapatio_tay @t_whyyyyyy @diamondartist1
tapatio_tay : @gawd_body I'm getting tatted but I'm going if it's still going after
djkymu : When outchea! #pdx #live
3pcchickennuggets : @ayybleezzie fuck the party lets go
3pcchickennuggets : @tucknasty93 @ay_whitty @idontgettired36 where you at let's go let's meet up @_seanreed
3pcchickennuggets : @ztpdx420
ziiafi : Beautiful and Powerful promotion #Bless
illlsparkbeats : Aye if anybody need beats get at me! I'm a up & coming hip hop producer from Southeast DC & I'm versatile as hell + I'm always making new stuff. Check the soundcloud link in my bio or snippets on my page. SOUNDCLOUD.COM/STUDIOFIFTYFOUR
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youngkrizzle - Big K.R.I.T.
If you pre-ordered the album I appreciate the support! To those that haven't yet .. Make sure to check the link in my bio .. #CADILLACTICA .. I can't wait for y'all to hear it #LetsMakeCadillacticaNumber1 #Support #5AlbumsInISwearACountryNiggaSnapped #LetsgoK4L
cadillactica - 5albumsiniswearacountryniggasnapped - support - letsgok4l - letsmakecadillacticanumber1 -
real_sheldrick : @weathermanfran :-) :-)
tdt_83 : Already preordered
kttoro23 : Pre-ordered two days ago. Don't remember the last time I was this excited about an album.
pnice75 : Can't Wait¡!!!
gcastro0829 : Tried per ordering. iTunes screwing me over @youngkrizzle
gcastro0829 : @veronicaam4 fuck iTunes
slickbutter : Whenever you decide to put it on spotify let me know, taking too fucking long
derrell4_ : @anthony.syon when this hoe drop
sorry4cussing - pefenk - tubzmcguyver - jrwaf -
youngkrizzle - Big K.R.I.T.
Big bro @davidbannerlikespictures went in on this one! Evil Knievil by @therealbanner feat. @e_onthescene #theGodbox
thegodbox -
tobias931 : Yo sad part is alot of people will not understand what he is saying. Minds are closed.
akareverse : This shit is fire @youngkrizzle
thequeenneequa : @dinahdiehard will u find this for me
natural_e_poetic : πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
opulentartlife : @too_focused13
kpthepromoter : Let's work. On behalf of producer Paris Beuller. The Chicago Native who've produced records for Kayne, Lupe fiasco, Kevin Gates, Lil Durk, French Montana and many more. Some of his 2014 notables are "Dis ain't what u want" by Lil Durk and "L'z anthem feat French Montana" were trying to work closely with you on your next project whatever that might be on the production side. How can we set that up. @youngkrizzle
kimzyluv : @davidbannerlikespictures
loudatyourdoor_ : πŸ˜šπŸ’¨In need of Top Shelf MEDICAL KUSHβ›½β›½? ALL MEDICAL ALL LOUD! Hit us up TODAY! OVERNIGHT SHIPPINGβœˆπŸ“¬! Oz's $250 Qp's $500 Lbs $1700! #dope #dank #loud #piff #bud #420 #highlife #stoner #trippy #maryjane #shipping
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youngkrizzle - Big K.R.I.T.
My #WCW...A true inspiration and magical woman! #shawtygotmetakingvitamins #tryingtogetbacktothebeach
shawtygotmetakingvitamins - tryingtogetbacktothebeach - wcw -
danielaapeguero : Ohh I'll take that as a compliments she's pretty!! @cmiyares
tattedpiercednfierce : I just started crying 😒😒😒😒 bae got a bae noooooooooo ... she is beautiful tho @anastasia_beaverhousing
trefkennedy : Damn Krizzle lol respect
_beachboy757 : she's beautiful my brother ....multi til the sun die...
cmiyares : @danielaapeguero hehe
ikeep1 : My nigga @youngkrizzle
onehitwanda : @tattedpiercednfierce I thought I was the only one, imma still be at his concert cryin on the inside!!
dose1_ : @youngkrizzle
blvck.hood - ivsteveo - its_kristy - raveenalexis -
youngkrizzle - Big K.R.I.T.
payattention - somethinright -
lizz_with2zs : #CADILLACTICAtalk
rande3p : King of the South
d.thomas94 : Killin everything you touch @youngkrizzle
dev_sdad :
dev_sdad : @cash_ova_u
tax_society : This nigga is the King of rap! Yeah dawg, you doing something right
gia_b_ : Dc young fly got his 15 sec of fame lol @youngkrizzle @teambigkrit_k4l
sagee_3 : Krit IS here !!!!!
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youngkrizzle - Big K.R.I.T.
1111 - cadillactica -
evia_love : You made magic happen in Denver tonight. Thank you for blessing us with your presence. 😘
s_cartel : @youngkrizzle I want u on a track I got called #Preach it's not and on some for the ppl type vibe please let me know what I gotta do to make this happen bro u gonna love it cuz it right up ur alley
ramirezzulu : @jaydelmore this guys is something special
afg.ahmad : Albums taking way too long to drop man. Ive been waiting on this forever now. I already know it'll be worth the wait though. Keep producing #realhiphop @youngkrizzle
gdub23 : @youngkrizzle bro u are the future of this hip hop shit. I'm right behind u. #cadillactica
k_cervsss : Santa Cruz!!! Bout to have the catalyst rockin @youngkrizzle #COUNTRYSHIT
zveahcreative : Bro I think you and @mrbryanbarber the director of Idlewild will make some magic... I think that's the guy to capture your sound visually
genoho : #CantWait @youngkrizzle
johnnybizz_league7 - onehitwanda - ambition412 - richhomiecollins -
youngkrizzle - Big K.R.I.T.
Sound-checking for tonight in Lawrence KS #GRANADA #CADILLACTICA it's going down #PAYATTENTIONTOUR
cadillactica - payattentiontour - granada -
illlsparkbeats : 4 Beat$ Trap/hiphop/rnb
mizzjessica93 : I had a blast!
josegarcia10_ : Dude look!! @superduperjvcob
superduperjvcob : Dude the DJ πŸ˜‚ @josegarcia10_
dasnapbackfiend : Where can I get that king hat and krit jacket @youngkrizzle
jessekrewall : @willymac88 @vonschneid Krizzle going hard!!
iamdsalt : Peep! @coach_steward
coach_steward : @iamdsalt went to my first cole concert at the granasty!
coach_steward - lil_trey_onhis_shyt - sdott_music - kimako_sills -
youngkrizzle - Big K.R.I.T.
somethinright -
callme_mropportunity : @chill_likedat
limini_t : Can't wait for that album to drop!! @youngkrizzle #cadillactica #the #SOUTH #IS #IN #THE #HOUSE
iamchevyb : @mr.svt
drew_breezze : @jeffrovangundy
_saucee : @jalenwash my nigha said get money
jalenwash : Ya hear me @_saucee
yezzzen : πŸ’―
it_aint_easy : @luv_it_mayne
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youngkrizzle - Big K.R.I.T.
#PAYATTENTION #MakeCadillacticaNumber1 #Cadillactica is now available on #iTunes & #GooglePlay... Get the new single "Cadillactica" with your order! Cadillac Lac Lac Lac... Click Link In Bio!
payattention - makecadillacticanumber1 - cadillactica - itunes - googleplay -
dasnapbackfiend : @youngkrizzle where can I get the king hat and krit jacket
robert_haugtvedt_is_swaggin : Pay attention is dope πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
mattjew_hones : Cadillactica single is fuckin hot
thacurtball : @devindude420 on there again! Yessir! 2 of my favorite artist. #realmusic
_withpeaceinmind : :'''( I was waiting till I got paid so I can do the meet and greet in LA but your VIP packages are sold out.... @youngkrizzle Least I get to see you perform again!
itsmeemanuel : already pre-ordered HOMIE.
1djrugby : When U get back to the A we gotta setup an Interview Fam!! My Team @rlmusicent will have you air with DSK Radio & have Visual premiere on our Vevo Channel... #LinkUp Bro #WeWorkin No Wasted Time #BelieveMe
wtfdj_ : @kofromatatf man this shit Gon b so hard
acesangelz - hiramane - siree1993 - lizzleman -
youngkrizzle - Big K.R.I.T.
payattention - cadillactica -
assa86ssin : You Are The Truth .. True Hip Hop
p._zoning : πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’™!
judddyyyy : πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
livindalife23 : @youngkrizzle he da realest rapper alive
livindalife23 : Like the stuff krit b rappin is some true shit n thats wat makes him the realest rapper ik
ravie_loso : 😩😩 @rare_alien πŸ˜’πŸ˜’ this coulda been me lol
ravie_loso : He need to be payin more attention to ME 😒 @rare_alien 😐✌️
ashduranduran : #obsessed
princesslullu - stephenkingjames - liyahmom13 - kdub90va -
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