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youngkrizzle - Big K.R.I.T.
Happy G'day to my bro @dibiaseatl
playplay_shayb : When are you coming to SC
naimarei : Love you!!! Your Baton Rouge concerts are apart of some of my best memories!!!! #foreverandaday @youngkrizzle
saraduckie : Happy birthday boo! @dibiaseatl
kdthe1nder : @playplay_shayb nobody ever comes to SC... Which is why I'll either be @ the Charlotte or Atlanta show
seanfalyon : #spinwednesdays
uptopfonz : 1 love
candicanon : @dibiaseatl this was the point of no return!!! Lol you are loved!!!
underdawgz9381 : #gz_up @youngkrizzle
kingburse - mrharris614 - _abrown_95 - herbhead_hendrix -
youngkrizzle - Big K.R.I.T.
payattention -
spaceagediva_tip : Me too @cutlass350 I can't wait! The Sip representin in D!
holivz : @yelbz__ We're there!
spaceagediva_tip : @rickysuperbad Krit gone be at the South side on Lamar Nov 7th...in Dallas
rickysuperbad : @spaceagediva_tip yea I saw that but I don't see any tickets on ticketmaster
spaceagediva_tip : It's on something else. ..google big krit. ..they only 30 dollars. ..or u can go by Southside or call them
spaceagediva_tip : @rickysuperbad ^^^^ forgot to tagg u...
cutlass350 : @spaceagediva_tip I'll be in atl
akcentdior : Get at me for beats @youngkrizzle
mlinque - anissabswift - tha_black - ez_pick -
youngkrizzle - Big K.R.I.T.
Support my bro from houston @delomdr "Picture Me Swangin" on @979thebox & ITunes now
macbookdrizzy : @helpful_shoutz got me 1k
ethan__mcnew : @helpful_shoutz got me 1k
youngbabyfat : #baleedat
80el : @helpful_shoutz got me 1k
blackpowerinthismuthafucka : U still ain't got nothin to say bout the mike brown situation "how you can be in position to say so much nothin at all" #KING..
black_world_order : Aye krit you of all people should be talking Ferguson as a devoted supporter of your music I'm highly disappointed. Don't be like these other rappers and become a sellout
so_sexiig : Its crazy how people holler justice...but when its black on black crime its free this person free that person. Change starts within ourselves. You can speak on Ferguson all day....
spaceagediva_tip : @black_world_order now I somewhat agree cuz u ain't seen none of the ones on tv every day talking about they the best rapper...but my nizzle David Banner and Nelly been representing...and since I'm a fellow Sippian as David and Krit...David speaks for all of us...lol..;)
marvingrey87 - mayneforever - thats.justjay - kjdisalive -
youngkrizzle - Big K.R.I.T.
Multi Alumni x @officialtwo9 x @djinfamous #PAYATTENTION ... Hit Bigkrit.com for all tour dates... coming to a city near you
payattention -
akeulie907 : Alaska rockin wit you man !!! Come to the 907
tluster2 : I see you @daveoffkb
justyanna__ : Who's the artist in the "golden era" shirt, I saw him perform at opera in atl and tryna find his ig, he was mad dope!!!! @youngkrizzle
icorrectyou : Dad?
kimzyluv : His name is @bigsant! @justyanna__
kingkhalil91 : @helpful_shoutz got me 1k
eyeefull : How do you feel about the chaos going on ferguson ...
jamie_irie : I'm curious about that too @eyeefull I've lost a lot of respect for a lot of these celebs ...
thenetworkking - britgoboosie - kiayahbug - johnhornbeck -
youngkrizzle - Big K.R.I.T.
payattention - kingkrit -
kimberdjay : #King
k1ngmon : King Remembered In Time
randi_margarita : @lala 😍😍😍😍
randi_margarita : @la1la1 😍😍😍😍
la1la1 : @randi_margarita lol yea I can see you with him :)
damselofthewest : ❀️❀️❀️
aychmanefromoklahoma : Yo krit you got your own label im tryna get signed to any label u got i just think i fit with the type of sound u got see im from oklahoma mane and i feel like a country boy just let me know somethen cause i look up to u kritt out of all rappers now days and for the culture of hiphop and i want u to produce me mane
aychmanefromoklahoma : I just need help outta tulsa mane for my kids my own family turnin against me i just wanna tell u my whole story mane i hope u let me know somethin i know it aint your job but i believe thru GOD WE CAN MAKE HIPHOP MUSIC
socio.louis - dats_whatu_like - dumitru5 - cognac_god_ -
youngkrizzle - Big K.R.I.T.
#PAYATTENTION shop.bigkrit.com for the new #Cadillactica tshirts!!!
payattention - cadillactica -
davehelman : @cbranch89
l_forlucifer : Niggaaaa fuck a shirt, where is the album!? @youngkrizzle
theproducer88 : Re stocl them hoodies i need one bad just ordered new cadillactica and soul cant listen need a king without a crown now!! See ya in denver
tgramx : Big K.R.I.T ""Talkin Bout Nothin"" choreo link in my bio! If you reading this show love and go watch. Did the song justice! #KingRememberedInTime
jus_dc : @kingfant already
jlynchbeatz : Is that so @the_xen
wolfgangfresh : @youngkrizzle Any chance your fans is Australia could get some of these? Really really dig the merch
suni_dlyte : When are you going 2 restock. Went to the shop and within the blink of an eye everything was sold out
sashaxgrey - precice1 - keki_tooswavy - jaclynrunner04 -
youngkrizzle - Big K.R.I.T.
Out here shooting #SomethinRight wit @djinfamous #PayAttention .!!!!!! Tour details in my bio Oct 2nd - Nov 15th
somethinright - payattention -
mkandice2 : Hey too you baby
kingkiaro_simba : Southern nigga forreal
reggiebethaname : real MS nigga shit. Lol πŸ‘Œ
gvillanmike : @gvhittman like this bro
damselofthewest : 😍😍😍
aychmanefromoklahoma : Ay mane dnt just look over me i need somebody to believe in me i want to be your prodigy in hiphop you r like a teacher to me and i feel i can learn alot from u i feel we from the same world
ec_mario : Where can I download that something right song to my phone? Can't fine it on iTunes @youngkrizzle
ec_mario : Find
alexisjolie - kiayahbug - dari_the_great - janieb_ -
youngkrizzle - Big K.R.I.T.
"Pay Attention" tour w/ the homie's @officialtwo9 Oct 2nd - Nov 15th !! go to BigKrit.com for all the new dates I need every show SOLD OUT .. Let's make em #PayAttention
payattention -
jeremyjammm : I'm there @youngkrizzle no doubt
stickyickkyicky : You got fans in Florida too
acosta_chris24 : How about adding a VIP package to the LA OCT 31 show? Just selling GA tix, kind of shit is that!?
aprilpope : @youngkrizzle can you add a VIP package to the show in LA !
hiiiyella22 : Your tickets already almost gone in #DallasTx I had to hurry up and cop em! πŸ‘ŒπŸ’―
kinggeezy365 : @ogstephhh can't miss this one!!!!
hiii_power103 : Man i hate the fact that some of my favorite rapper never come to miami..disappointed
revilotsfinest : Portland!! I'll be there
papabeaux - chitownq - keki_tooswavy - jaclynrunner04 -
youngkrizzle - Big K.R.I.T.
#PayAttention link in my bio #PayAttention
payattention -
ceenije : Excuse me, If you have the time could you checkout the link in my bio...It's a Facebook link to a group about African Empowerment, If interested contact me. #ThankYou #PeaceBeWithYou
muhajirah : I LOVE YOU K.R.I.T! LOL Keep doing what you do. #K4L
nahforrealtho : @jakeyartz @jhilly1993 that beat is hard
__kjay : 😩
rnt10 : Daaamn that beat is redic can't wait to hear @youngkrizzle on that !!!
blaze_da_og : @youngkrizzle πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ #JrCrickets
pharaoh_guru : Check out the hashtag #mediablackout
aychmanefromoklahoma : I cant get a job nowhere in tulsa oklahoma i feel working with u n hiphop will give me respect as a hometown hero 2 to get me sme exsposher and i want u to produce me i feel your sound with my soul just tryna do for my two kids and do whats best for them and show the world my story thru your producing
soccerwr1996 - austenparks - portgas_zeuz - mzkaye79 -
youngkrizzle - Big K.R.I.T.
Show out when you show up! #PayAttention ft @iamricolove on ITunes now - link in bio .. #PayAttention #PayAttention
payattention -
mg_joed : Not much of a fan but I just heard your 4 Eva in day instrumental...over with!
queen__bribri : ATTN RECORDING ARTIST @unknownbeatz for some of the HOTTEST BEATS pumpin out the south! #UpNext
holivz : @_yelbz_ Yasss πŸ‘
thehungerjames : @alexfowles06 so good πŸ‘Œ
alexfowles06 : Sounds like it offers @thehungerjames
ceefood : @beatassicey
temet___nosce : @fatmason @domx34 this hits
aychmanefromoklahoma : Just heard it ima put it with my classics krizzle playlist i always vent out to your craft
kingbolo24 - _ahhliah - keki_tooswavy - jaclynrunner04 -
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