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youngkrizzle - Big K.R.I.T.
ibtw -
thefrontrunnaz : We wanna work @youngkrizzle huge fanz.....
porksaucee7 : Heat
dhamp92 : What does IBTW stand for?
miiista.miiista : Good question ^
therealmrmitchell : It's better this way?
brpimp102pimpinutube : http://t.co/KsLc0GBfqq LISTEN 2 MY RAPS BRPIMP102PIMPIN YOUTUBE GET AT ME WER DA CASH AT @youngkrizzle
loyallovelucas : Albummmm
loyallovelucas : Leggo kritt
gator512 - d_hipolito - ga_boi_93 - mrgates_19 -
youngkrizzle - Big K.R.I.T.
Just copped my brother @scottyatl new album off iTunes!!! Super proud of the homie for staying true to himself and always dropping quality music! Go buy The Cooligan by Scotty ATL on @AppleMusic. https://itun.es/us/nn9o-
joshfriedrich_ : Love his work
orientalchild : @sir_goldwatch lol please don't tell anyone
juiceman8_ : Is he lit? @uak82
uak82 : Ima listen a lil later @juiceman8_
thatdamn_killa : U and Paul wall need to make a track bro
johnspainart : What's good krit...check out my art bro...I got a style that I think u would like
funkadelic_lifeguard : If you like big krit then click that link in my bio @johnspainart @thatdamn_killa @uak82 @juiceman8_ @orientalchild @joshfriedrich_ @thomasbonesouth @gomdlidden @dbo_dboski @sir_goldwatch
infamous_gotti74 : I got a powerful song in my bio I think you should check out
dizzletunes.404 - asapkevy - itsjustbassguitar - jackhofland -
youngkrizzle - Big K.R.I.T.
Decided to sit down and reflect on life at "Wooloomoolooo Bay" in Sydney. #MultiWorldwide #NoFilter
multiworldwide - nofilter -
thaonenonly_yaneli : Loving your beautiful surroundings huh? Something especial u learned from your angel @marahruby 😍 love you guys dearly 😘
ws_bhearn : Everybody go follow @luxuryundervalued an inviting and uniting brand straight out of JXN, MS #LUV #LuxuryUnderValued #southgotsomethingtosay
davidtealejr : David wuz here @youngkrizzle
dtha_tech : K.R.I.T. Come to AZ man🙏🏼 I'm a huge fan of yours
leeroy.brownn : Ay homie when you in Asheville NC. Please end your show with multi til the sun die ! @youngkrizzle been witcha since krit wuz here !
tahnyewest : @baylahbetar
igotsoul_3 : Meditate
bmoc_experts : @youngkrizzle we talked about #Australia years ago in SF, it became reality #manifestation 💯
jennaa.tx - amescuagloria - illmindboogodii - badhabit___ -
youngkrizzle - Big K.R.I.T.
Just got thru eating at the famous "Harry's Cafe de Wheels" in Sydney. Got a young playa sleepy 4real. #MultiWorldwide
multiworldwide -
disco.tt : @joely_uoeno
shammmiie : @rowvnne_
rowvnne_ : @shammmiie this makes me happy
lost_my_lighter : @hood_aviatorgang @datninjaraw
joely_uoeno : @disco.tt We out here sonnnn
imonlywun : What happen to the soul food?
jekendriat : @realifecitygirl
awpeponis : @ttocsycul
luisaflowers - gold_soultheory - the_fluffy_hippy_ - brynnbradley83 -
youngkrizzle - Big K.R.I.T.
About to touchdown In "Sydney, Australia" got 2 shows outchea! #MultiWorldwide #MultiTilTheSunDie
multiworldwide - multitilthesundie -
uncldoc : Good day mate😂
markymark_2010 : If only....... @_staying.creative_
thud3000 : @tjsoulfull
ammaralkatiri : Madura masa depan @arissuryojatmiko
jbandfamily : Great shot
markind88 : @tru_king_migz we saw him at a shop called @culturekings in sydney! @mairamrin
916riobarz916 : Dope city @youngkrizzle
iamyungeazy : @eazyeofnwa @iamlildubbcpt Good day mate at the end lol @iamthataussiekid
710_lifestyle_mag - reedmysole - floresbryan23 - rdeak -
youngkrizzle - Big K.R.I.T.
Just touched down in "Brisbane,Australia " #MultiWorldwide
multiworldwide -
ogkhyamb : Show was dope as fuck tonight @youngkrizzle
aydispicstory : @charge_in ahh I wish! Left Melbourne the night he was performing there 😔 seen him in London though he's amazing
evolvingfrank : Pleasure meeting you last week bro, have a blessed tour G💯
joshtueta : @youngkrizzle can't thank you enough for killing it at the zoo last night man. So thankful! Much love!
jbandfamily : Good Stuff Brother!!!!! Respect Due
jbandfamily : @jmoneyaintdamnthingfunny In the land Down Under Damn. That's Crazy
modelme_love : Beautiful
empresskujan : Can't stop raving about how good this show was. Fuck.
zaramalik1995 - superwomansupporters - bermoza -
youngkrizzle - Big K.R.I.T.
Happy Bday to my big bro @bigsant! You are Def. one of the realest people I know. We went from sippin "211s" on the curb dreaming about this rap shit to selling out venues. Country boyz took that "country shit" worldwide. You already know we gone pop bottles when I get back to the city! You need to stop playing and drop that heat on these folks! Plus you already know I owe you a lyrical slaughter since "Moe Betta Cool"...I ain't forgot about your verse lol. #MultiTilTheSunDie #MultiAlumni #MFxOG #MyBrotherWillMurderYouOnARecord
mfxog - multialumni - mybrotherwillmurderyouonarecord - multitilthesundie -
zano.beats : i see you guys like bun and pimp , great chemestry 👊
viva_lalife : @joseswerrvo that 211 part lmao
arrikhanbaby : Yo @youngkrizzle geedup for ur gig in Melb tonight! Would be really dope to meet you. Is that possible? Peace
taylor_copple : Just happen to be listening to MFxOG!
yngfreshcc : Check out our page. If interested contact us. Free gear on us @youngkrizzle
aubreyus : Dope page 👌
msladykayne : @bigsant 🍰🎉
jayludaq : Bruh you the man I see you out here on ESPN! Major moves!being made! Continue to hold it down for us country brothers!!!
jennaa.tx - majormusiq - illmindboogodii - mykell892 -
youngkrizzle - Big K.R.I.T.
Video out now on @realwshh #BoughtItandBurntIt #AllinTheSameDay #CadillacReallyOnFire #KOTS
allinthesameday - boughtitandburntit - kots - cadillacreallyonfire -
adrenalinejakeogx3 : King Krit!!
kangaroobutt_ : Super #Lit
mizzeves : you are so talented.. i love your art so much
ave_art : I just saw the video. It will always remind me of your concert I went to in Jackson, Mississippi. You turnt dat bih UP
say_eye_na : Cadillac lac lac lac 👑 #KountryShit #LyricalGod @youngkrizzle
sauce4x : Krit fuck the haters mane the art you put out is the shit real niggas wanna hea
msladykayne : Dope
_lordslaysome_ : Please K.R.I.T Drop A Video For "Saturday's=Celebration" 🙏
rdeak - badhabit___ - luis_guzman512 - flowerxzchild -
youngkrizzle - Big K.R.I.T.
Right now in Melbourne, Australia studio sessions working
traz27 : @tgaff16 sound like it's gonna go hard cuz
_leanni : I wish you were in Melbourne, FL 😢😢
returnofsimba : @thekhid_jano
jernard_dagr8t : @freddyosmosis
jams1e : @blazenhannah crazy!!
adriene_is_my_alias : Makes me wanna take off💨💨💨
s_playalistik : @ixe_berg_slim
cl_trav : @ogtrillphill
eloiboulaya - rdeak - cdtwd - ramo951 -
youngkrizzle - Big K.R.I.T.
Headed to "Melbourne, Australia "Shawty! These flights got me super tired but it's all worth it. I'm thankful! #Multi #InternationalPlayer
internationalplayer - multi -
piffjamesbitch_ : Peace and love king. I will be sending some beats to your email sometime this week soon as my mpc out the shop should be by Wednesday @youngkrizzle
andrewtarcher : Shout out for the show in melb @youngkrizzle good vibes
msladykayne : Kritttt
briggshurley : @kenneth_l_manning tbt to the concert
springmeyer91 : @youngkrizzle my beardo brother
pa_str8likethat : Nigga when you coming to Cleveland @ @youngkrizzle I need to put in a vacation day!
2pairtate : Best MC in the game period
asap_rhocky : you are so amazing i love you @youngkrizzle ! you have a real gift and you're using it properly. I love your music, the vibe it gives off and the sound of your voice. i hope you continue to be prosperous and successful in the music industry.
just_misundastuud - __lukeskywalker420__ - badhabit___ - rdeak -
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