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It doesn't matter if you #ski or #bike, #camp or #hike, @YakimaRacks is here to help you #takemorefriends Beaverton, OR
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yakimaracks - Yakima Racks
It isn't frequently that we are jealous of a bus, but @buslifeadventure makes our knees shake. #buslife #cargobox #skybox
skybox - buslife - cargobox -
yakimaracks : PC: @bregantephoto
tylerxburns : @mradamx is that you?
throughtheroof : No support under that thing?!?
revlimitryan : @nathanje212
buslifeadventure : @thoughtheroof the deck is sitting in the chassi!
sweetdirt : @mayakova pour Yann
mradamx : @tylerxburns these dudes rule, check out @buslifeadventure pro boarder, pro photographer, living in a bus chasing snow. And their bus is 4x4 (jealous)
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yakimaracks - Yakima Racks
Remember, it's important to stop and take in the sights every now and then. PC: @mountainmandan
safetyfirst -
avante_gardener : And enjoy the occasional trailside safety meeting. @yakimaracks
yakimaracks : @style_esk #safetyfirst
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yakimaracks - Yakima Racks
Did you know the founders of @patagonia @thenorthface and #yakimaracks all attended kayak camp together on the Salmon River in CA in 1982? #tbt PC: Rush Sturges
tbt - yakimaracks -
wlshafor : Awesome fun fact of the day
rockoutwithyourkayakout : @yakimaracks who didn't know that. Thanks for the fun fact Tim.
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yakimaracks - Yakima Racks
The Yakima CrashPad, not just for mountain bikes. Are you racing #cyclocross this year? PC: @cycle_solutions
cyclocross -
phillybikesmith : @roadbik dat threshold tho. 🍌πŸ”₯
4shaw_official : @yakimaaunz βœ”οΈβœ”οΈβœ”οΈβœ”οΈβœ”οΈβœ”οΈβœ”οΈ
swoyer : lol. Buy a better truck. Good idea though!
keenandb : @jake735
jake735 : @keenandb yeah! Sucks the CX season is over in Ontario though...
keenandb : Sucks big balls! :)
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yakimaracks - Yakima Racks
A good looking #Whispbar setup! "This was my 2013 CC from #SEMA2014 with an AWD conversion and 400+ HP @aprllc Stage3+ kit. Built in Denver by @bwperformance." - @43f
whispbar - sema2014 -
spence_peterson : @bob.siegel see what I'm talking about
erica_17 : @swaykillsit πŸ’˜
salomaoup : @raphacipolla
dinzo_97 : @stallionphotos
bob.siegel : @spence_peterson πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―
the_rstead : @loudcityrob
loudcityrob : @the_rstead yeeeessssss πŸ‘
zelvycarbon : Sweet ride
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yakimaracks - Yakima Racks
It did indeed get a little icy here at Yakima HQ. How is this winter storm treating you? #SnowPocalypse #portland
portland - snowpocalypse -
kieranm37 : How long til theres a fit guide for 2014 mazda 3 sedans? Ive been searchin for months cant find anything online
josh_m312 : @kieranm37 I have found that the same fit for the 2013 and older Mazda 3's works with the 2014 models. Underneath the black strips on your roof are "fixed points". The 2013 and older models had doors that could be opened to access these points. Idk why but for 2014 Mazda got rid of the doors. So you just need to drill a hole through the strips to access the fixed points and a @yakimaracks control tower set up will work
kieranm37 : @josh_m312 i was trying to stay away from fixed points, but i may have to go that route. Thanks for the advice dude!
josh_m312 : @kieranm37 no problem
jpdx : Fresh
alex85mechanic : @kieranm37 I have the Thule fixed rack on our 2010 3. I didn't see that Yakima had anything that mounted to the fixed. I believe it looks cleaner in my opinion.And to show the love, I do have Yakima on my truck.
wyanfewwis : It's pretty crazy here, too. I think the high is dipping into the 70's today!
colinislostinwi : Needs some @dipyourcar on that box.
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yakimaracks - Yakima Racks
Check it out, @sevenslots rocking our SpareTime bike rack.
sevenslots : Hey That's Me!! πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ Thanks A Lot! I love the rack, and Customer Service is Awesome!! Keep up the good work!
yakimaracks : Thanks @sevenslots !
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yakimaracks - Yakima Racks
We are giving away a limited edition FatCat! Tag your favorite ski/snowboard partner for a chance to win. We will randomly pick a winner tomorrow.
ryaninnampa : @klash625
hobson_rw : @ghobson301
elgeseter_sykkellakkering : @hdimmen
atomicpepper : @lizdreamer10
lizdreamer10 : @romanfc9
danielluongg : @lochnes23
yakimaracks : Hey @sheldonboss you have yourself a set of FatCats, our limited edition ski racks. Shoot us a private message with your address and we will mail your ski racks out to you!
sheldonboss : Thanks!! So stoked! @yakimaracks
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yakimaracks - Yakima Racks
Meet Suzy. Wherever our Head of Marketing, Summer, goes so does Suzy. This of course includes weekend trips to #mthood.
mthood -
luistennis : @salazaracely
salazaracely : @luistennis hehehe
spiritmovesthruallthings : @yakimaracks my favorite dog in the whole wide universe !! #snuglife
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yakimaracks - Yakima Racks
.@ginesedragon and @catcloudcooper are doing an installation clinic at the San Carlos @REI today! Check in with your local shop about getting a #yakimarack and having them help you install it!
yakimarack -
duarte_ecohustle : @kirathorn sick
duarte_ecohustle : Love that rei
codydc06 : Eh. They wanted to charge $60 to put mine on. You can do it yourself with the help of a friend if the shop tries to charge you
colinislostinwi : Racks are expensive enough. Should be a free install. And it was at my old padding shop it was, and at my new ski shop it's free install.
yakimaracks : @codydc06 @colinislostinwi it's up to the shop if they charge or not. You can always give us a call and we will walk you through the install as well! Or email instructions to you.
nativexnature : So great to have you all out our way! BIG HUGE thanks for droppin' your knowledge, lending us your time (and patience too) and an extra thank you for the java and doughnut hook up ! Well done ladies πŸ˜ƒ Happy Travels ! @ginesedragon @catcloudcooper @yakimaracks
yakimaracks : @nativexnature glad you enjoyed the visit! :)
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