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xianlimm - Xian Lim
Before discovering and making stars, he is first andforemost an artist. Mr. Johhny Manahan obtained the esteemed TAA from CCP in 1972 and presented at Paris Biennale in 1982 & was recently recognized by the National Gallery in Singapore as Southeast Asia’s pioneer visual artist to use video as a medium. #TatakStarMagic
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normadepasucat : Kmi mga kimxi fans dto sa zamboanga city dont watch asap or other shows ng abs kung wala sina kimxi dats how we luv ds luvteam
normadepasucat : We see the same faces on screen from the beginning of the show to the end. Lets hve less of them n feed the desire of many.
otaku_master_anime : @xianlimm Happy Chinese New Year!
djperezzz : Great movie! Best acting I've seen from you! πŸ‘πŸ»
normadepasucat : For me kimxi is d best luvteam in local sbowbiz. Thats why we pray that this luvteam relationship will end up in marriage.u luk so perfect for each other.kim is a wife material as well as motherhood . true luc
normadepasucat : (True love)
normadepasucat : True love does not get fed up of each other inspite of the yrs they spent together. I pray u will always b faithful n true e each other.
1sktdcc_blsklx2 : KUNG HEI FAT CHOI GEGE! WO AI NI! @xianlimm
mjxx1130 - jessamariegonzales16 - dani_081301 - lovelyaguinaldo04 -
xianlimm - Xian Lim
vergiloco : WOW, nasa ASAP KAYO NI @CHINITAPRINCESS, tomorrow pa namin mapapanood , it's Saturday night here, GOOD MORNING @Xi , INGAT LANG KAYO NI @kimmy , REGARDS TO HER, WE LOVE YOU BOTH πŸ˜πŸ˜™πŸ˜»πŸ˜»
nefelibata_1384 : gooooooddddd morneng:-D @xianlimm
cillanossil : gud morning xian ..have are beautiful sunday..from sabah malaysia...☺
kimxi.ph : πŸ’ͺ
simplyjule : Good morning idol @xianlimm
mayyuwaddy : good morning @xianlimm
justme_hazel : Xian !! Ang galing mo sa #EverythingAboutHer !!! Congratulations !!! @xianlimm
_perkiizzy : MORNIN . 😍
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xianlimm - Xian Lim
#EverythingAboutHer NOW ON ITS 2nd BLOCKBUSTER WEEK!!!❀️❀️❀️
everythingabouther -
arlene1125 : Just watchedcthe movie .. so heartwarming .. grabe ang mga scenes .. love Vi's acting .. was crying the whole time during ur scenes with ate vi! U did a very good job xian .. proud of you
rcdevera08 : galing niya naman talaga, pinag-aralan niya mabuti yug role niya, thanks sa tulong ni direk joyce, ate vi & angel .
denden0482 : Hey Bro! Don't normally msg Artista.. Pero ang husay mo with Ms. Vilma! Didn't expect you're a good actor. You deserve an award.. Galing nang scene sa hospital.. #kakaiyak #ifeelyou @xianlimm
akojunyur : Weeeww. The Best Movie @xianlimm , @therealangellocsin , and Ms. Vilma Santos πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»
_coffeefreak : just watched it today :))) galing keep improving xi!! πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
reiders8 : My gosh! The scene from the hospital was so good. Waterfalls! I have not cried like that in a long time. Proud of you @xianlimm sa maalaala mo pa Lang nun na appreciate ko na pagiging magaling mo na actor. Thumbs up to you. Super galing. πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘
reiders8 : @mcbastn_08 pero yun pagiging bastos mo at mapang insulto at mag put down ng kapwa ok Lang right? Kung ayaw mo yun ugali na ganon bakit ganyan ka? Diba Kung sa tingin mo pag may mali kang nakita di na dapat gayahan pa. At least yun ginawa Nya di Nya sinanadya. Hindi yon ang intention at nag apologized na. Eh ikaw alam mo exactly Kung ano ginagawa mo intention mo na insultuhin sya. So sino mas malala? Ako nangangaral Lang kasi di tama pero yun iba dito for sure I ba bash ka. Kaya hwag kang magalit pag ginawa Nila kasi ikaw naglagay sa sarili mo sa sitwasyon na yan. Ikaw ba mag a apologize Kay Xian para di ka na bash ng mga Tao? I don't think so. Ngayon alam mo na Kung ano difference ng personality nyo. Dahil kahit ano sabihin mo sa tingin ko ikaw ang kailngan ng major attitude adjustment.
vergiloco : INGGIT & BITTER LANG IYAN si @mcbastin , PILIT Di -na - down si @xianlimm , naipakita ni @xianlimm na talagang magaling siya , na shock iyan mga iyan kaya double effort ulit sa never ending na issue nila. Hindi naman ini- intindi ng mga tao iyan sila coz can really see their STUPID BAD MOTIVES , WE WILL WATCH AGAIN TOMORROW EAH GANDA-GANDA TALAGA ANG HOSPITAL SCENE , THATS THE BEST SHOT YOU DID @Xi SO NATURAL & REAL 😭😭😭😭 SUPERB !!!! CONGRATS @XIANLIMM WE LOVE YOU & WAITING FOR THE TSOU PAIIYAKIN MO KAMI @XI 😒😒😒😒 LOVE STORY DRAMA , diba πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜™πŸ˜™
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xianlimm - Xian Lim
Late dinner with these great peopleπŸ˜„
mrahc123 : happy couple ang kimxi.TheStoryOfUs malapit na sa primetime
truly_sweetheart : so sweet!
pamphnx : I love you Kim & Xian. Happy Chinese New Year in advance.
i55007384 : I love you kimxi...
joysfegi : KimXi KUNG HEI FAT CHOI..
evepers : GONG XI FA CAI @xianlimm & @chinitaprincess Love you both...
lili_jane : Kung HeinFat Choi Kimxi Good luck and more power to you both! Love you @chinitaprincess
teamkimxi : ❀❀❀
njiniyifou - she_torichavez03 - erikaagulto - ronetteponce -
xianlimm - Xian Lim
everythingabouther -
milagonda : Congrats Xian...watched the movie...great performance!!!!KimXi fan..
jackdelia : I love your movie.very amazing . congrats xian.
kimaealmores : Congrat xian ang ganda ng movie niyu.more movie to come
mai_zarooni : We watched this movie here in DubaiπŸ˜‡ u gave justice to ur role. Congrats πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ soar higher @xianlimm we will support you all the way πŸ’•
carlabscmtb : Congrats Xii!!
levyguivelondo : Great movieπŸ‘best actor @xianlimm πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»
beapabebe : @xianlimm grabi po talaga napa iyak ako nang sobra2. Ngayon ko pa napanood ito and it's so worth it! Applause!
maribel_insta : Ang galing nyong tatlo :) I jus watched here in Vancouver, ang daming tisue na nagamit namin. Congratulation @xianlimm. Ang galing mo Xian.
julesbrillantes - sarahjoy3514 - sarahmaed2 - imsecretmj -
xianlimm - Xian Lim
Abangan ngayong lingo πŸ˜„
yvettedandoy01 : Ako happy and grateful kay Xi kasi finally nagsalita na siya and pareho silang proud sa isat isa kung anuman yung na achieve nila.Makikita mo sa aura ni Kim na shes fulfilled na.To Xian and Kim be happy always and never forget to visit Padre Pio and pray.
hals9370 : @romeo_bryant22 Walang credibility bilang consultant. May pa Bible verse ka pa mandin.
aurea104 : dapat don din kim para mas ok
rose7castillo : Si Kim, sobrang happy, kita naman eh, the way she looks kay Xian, iba yong sparks! Ganun din si Xi, hehe... kakakilig! Omg! Kaabang-abang yong teleserye ng KimXi #TheStoryOfUs #ThankYouForTheLove #KimXiForever
perpetualemmuogbo : I hope u nd ur gal re still OK cuz u 2 looks perfect(celyne & liam)
terecagayan51 : KimXi precious jewels for each other...
shenjovic : I lovr d participation of xian here
sashimi888 : Pls make sure 2acknowledge newbie actors like during ur chill out moment so ppl will not condem ur attitude,just a reminder remember what happen b4,it took u years to get to this moments,don't waste it, just relax & not overwhelm w/just one movie,u still had a lot of things to proved,at least u earned a respect,don't blew it this time. Be cautious coz ppl all eyes on you.
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xianlimm - Xian Lim
You're a great success mom...#EverythingAboutHer NOW SHOWING
everythingabouther -
arjaycee2002 : XL,have you seen the interview of your Dad&Mom (SirRicardoCepeda&Ms.MarinaBenapayo)? they are so proud of you grabe!!! Congrats again! Keep it UP :) :)
miawrrr : Just got home from watching EAH.. What an awesome film! Dami kong tears. I'm so proud of you, Xian. I've been your silent avid fan since Katorse pa. More power! God bless. 😘😘😘
cruas400 : Am proud of you Xian! Galing mo! God bless you!
cvn58 : @xianlimm Love you Xi Keep shining. Sooo proud of you.
03pinkblossom : I knew it Xi,even during MBG days p lang , given d right project, you will go places, ur acting prowess will really show. MATA MO LANG ,nangungusap na. Congrats, super proud kming mga fans mo.πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
glomonton : Really proud of you. You nailed it. Will pray for good health and more blessings.
_alexkieee : πŸ˜­πŸ’•β€πŸ’ž
rosiegj66 : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
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xianlimm - Xian Lim
Everything About Her now on its second blockbuster week! πŸ˜„πŸ‘
emem_ya_phixo : @kimxifan4ever di lng yung dahilan may isa pa kasing video akong nakita na parang ignore nya si kalook a like kim chui sa isang event.... bago lng yun di mo pa cguro napapanood.. ang bastos nga talaga ng pag uugali..
kimxifan4ever : @emem_ya_phixo LOL. Ay tonta! Hindi yun bago matagal na yun at misunderstanding lang yung nangyari! Yan kasi ang hirap sa inyo ang hilig niyo makisawsaw or mangbash hindi niyo muna inaalam yung totoo. Uso rin kasi ang magtanong! πŸ˜€πŸ˜’
emem_ya_phixo : @kimxifan4ever matagal ba yun ..? Hayy matagal man o bago.. bastos parin pag uugali nya..
kimxifan4ever : @emem_ya_phixo alam mo ba yung salitang misunderstanding? Bakit hindi mo rin panoorin yung interview sa director ng banana sundae para malaman mo kung ano talaga nangyari! At hindi ko talaga magets kung pano siya naging bastos, dahil lang sa tinawag niya na bea binene yung girl? Nakakabastos na ba yun? Nakakaloka! πŸ˜’
emem_ya_phixo : @kimxifan4ever dapat pinansin nya yung babae.. nag mukhang tanga tuloy.. kawawa. bakit mo ba ba pinangtatanggol yung ginawa nya.. kinokonsente nyo e porket idol nyo.. wag ganyan te...
kimxifan4ever : @emem_ya_phixo hindi ko tinotolerate yung ginawa ni Xian. Ang sinasabi ko lang huwag niyo i-judge yung tao dahil wala naman kayong alam. Bakit hindi mo panoorin yung interview ng director ng show para malaman mo kung bakit ganun yung nangyari. Hindi alam ni Xian na may kasama siya sa prod nagulat na lang din siya at hindi sinabi ng floor director ng show kung anong gagawin nung girl sa stage kasi nga biglaan lang yung nangyari kaya nagmukhang tanga dun yun girl. Alamin mo muna kasi yung kwento bago ka magsalita ng kung ano ano!
emem_ya_phixo : @kimxifan4ever dapat naging professional sya.. para kasing rude yung mga action nya dun sa babae.. lumalapit na nga yung babae.. di parin nya pinansin.parang wlang tao sa likod nya.. sunod lng yung babae... wag ka ngang blind...
kimxifan4ever : @emem_ya_phixo sinusunod niya lang yung blocking na tinuro sa kanya. Hindi nga kasi dapat part yung girl sa prod na yun gets mo ba? And let's say na hindi niya pinansin yung girl that doesnt give you the right to say something harsh against him. Hindi niya naman pinagsalitaan ng masama or sinaktan yung girl. Grabe kayo magsalita tinalo niyo pa yung girl kung makapagreact! πŸ˜’
rjaylauscolis - mariayacinthmaereynon - manuelkimberly30 - miss_khuletz01 -
xianlimm - Xian Lim
Grade 9 freshman year keyboard class😁
sya_pikahhh : @athirahzmi bunyi lagi wehh !!!hahahaha
kingseeya : @siatoni look alike-@maximilliondollars πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
marsuhhh : @bonjo27 Is that you!? LOL! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
jay_siao_mua : Hang gwapo!!
shenjovic : Cute ka na talaga
nyuz_ig : @xianlimm i have watched and read an article regarding your negative attitude during your Albay tour. Grabe! Di ko alm pro bkit during the banananite, when the impersonator of Kim came out, ni hi o hello o shake hands man lng wala? And u kept.on distancing yourself from her, na animoy nadidiri ka. What an attitude, Xian.
itsmerosegarcia : Move on dn pag may time 2016 n...just ask the director of the show., don't jump into conclusion at wag may judge lalo na't d m alam qng bkit ganun/gnyan orayt... Never believe hearsays unless u get to know the person personally πŸ˜›
teamkimxi : cute mo dito xi! 😁
fabulousphotographgirl22 - hannamaepaquira - nicapulido - precious_meniano -
xianlimm - Xian Lim
ms.sharonsaenner : Adore you xixi 😍😍
rose7castillo : Your the man Xian! I really admire you & Kim a lot' nakakainspire kau ni Kim♥ #ILoveKimXi #Inspiring #Admiring #Happiness #Love #AdorableKimXi
caserislglodene_kimxi : πŸ‘@xianlimm
bene_nikki : @ken.bene_ ka vibes tau 😁
dregun_ : Try to watch One punch man
marz120429 : haahaa
nefelibata_1384 : saitama!!!
kahrenmanzano : I wish someday I see you in person @xianlimm
fheakhatrinaartuz07 - aikz95 - luciaal888 - laylamohamedy -
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