Xian Lim

See the world through my eyes...
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xianlimm - Xian Lim
fashionkissconnection : ❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍👍
vinaturuganan : ♥♥
stehpgo : @hazekua
hazekua : @stehpgo dis. :)))))
glodenecaserisl : Agree!!!:-)
nuj_thenow : ..oo naman.!!
btborders_ph : talaga
sashimi888 : Way to go Xi! Take good care of what you have, great opportunity knock once, but their will be more opportunity coming your way, keep changeling yourself,coz the way to prove how good you are, keep learning, learn new things & explore more of what you've already learn & be the best of it. Stay strong,stay focus,stay hungry,stay humble & love god above all! We're here to stay,stay the way you are! I'm proud of your achievements keep it up your good work! KEEP UP YOUR GOOD WORK ETHIC & STAY HUMBLE. God bless,god provides.
laboy1979 - seorynellzy - fahayhay - nathanvidola -
xianlimm - Xian Lim
itzz_lhai_rs : Xa p talaga yung nasa center ng pic eh kala mo nmn may teleserye yun pla FLOP ABNORMAL
mariesugimoto : Xian san poh ba toh
monopodsmnl_ : MONOPOD FOR 199PHP AND MORE ♡
aidaabas1 : I wish you have in New York
kimxianforever02 : Xian Lim Is ❤
kimxirald : followback pls...
mucgoliver : Am on it!
kristinatanedo : So proud of you Xi!!! BLOCKBUSTER KING in yes mags 100 most beautiful!!! 😘😘😘
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xianlimm - Xian Lim
👍 #mrandmschinatown2014
mrandmschinatown2014 -
junjunmaimai : Very unforgettable night...XIAN & KIM, what a LOVELY couple! The "aura" of your beauty is really amazing, very PRINCESS ang dating! And the very handsome PRINCE ALEXANDER, sobrang feel ko na "in love na in love" sa kanyang PRINCESS. Great job,Congrats! The event even more fabulous because of KIMXI couple! To GOD be the GLORY...KIMXI LOVES GOD!
ravengo2014 : IDOL XIAN :)
nenitaasprec : You all so awesome!!!!
aidaabas1 : Congratulations Kim Xian you anexcellent hosting
kimxianforever02 : Xian ang ganda ng house mo grabe kakaproud i love your bedroom super ❤
xixilim : Kimxi
chomelz7 : Wonderful couple💟💟💟
mucgoliver : Missed #enchongdee when acting.....big up
jeanette061418 - puthikun5555 - nmns405 - iamreyan325 -
xianlimm - Xian Lim
Group shot! Thabks @ton_lao @pepssilvestre
bunny0675 : Good looking!
maryann1683 : @xianlimm you are the best gentleman with a good heart.I love you Xian.
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b_atz : Congrats!@xianlim
bellesumayod : Congrats @xianlimm and @chinitaprincess great hosting job! More hosting stints...
mylenefab25 : Congratulations @xianlimm & @chinitaprincess galing! 👍👏❤️
tedpython : congrats! @lacoste.polo.shirts.for.sale
xianaticsrockss : Chinito <3
ar_niezst98 - michellesilla - yustry - honigracia -
xianlimm - Xian Lim
Take two👍 thank you @francisLibiran8 for this very exquisite design 👍👍👍😄
aprilbonita : Oh my giiid supeer gwapo mo @xianlimm..i miss kimxi sooo much
patricklazol : @marychristinejewel no. Hahah. Its francis libiran who did :) hehe.
patricklazol : @marychristinejewel pero thanks ill take them as compliments :)
iamkhimpalacio : Congratulations @xianlimm ,great hosting job last night.the grammar,diction,intonation,you delivered it awesome.and your voice sounds great.parang si ryan sea crest lang ng American Idol.and i"ll give u 5 claps on that..
chantydom1 : CUTE
ladynel29 : Great hosting job last night Xi@XianLim:-))))
iamkhimpalacio : Congratulations @chinitaprincess you did good as well.Keep shining,shimering,splending!God bless KIMXI your such a gem..
dianasuechiu : Sana sinama mo na sa pic face mo! Sayang ka gwapuhan! :D
eyderlinnn - daima_mkombodzi - anamacalino - bethdm -
xianlimm - Xian Lim
My formal wear would not be complete without my @gibishoes 👍❤️
bunny0675 : Nice shinny shoes!
bellesumayod : Kimxi... Congrats for your great hosting... More to come
samrl14 : You're the guy who carries anything.... Ikaw talaga ang nagdadala... Not the product/signature brand carrying you!!! Galing!!! Siguro maski the cheapest, or not too attractive clothes , shoes... Carry mo pa rin!!! True model!!! 👍👏😁 @xianlimm
glodenecaserisl : Kimxi perfect couple
tedpython : nice! @lacoste.polo.shirts.for.sale
simplyjule : WOW D best and the most effective endorser ka talaga idol @xianlimm You did a Great hosting job last night perfect diction pronunciation and accent Cogratzz KIMXI still trending 7 spot time check 10:43 AM Xian and Kim
simplyjule : @gibishoes great shoes so durable my son's brand since idol @xianlimm started as endorser Thank you fro trusting him
sashimi888 : Nice, gibi shoes!
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xianlimm - Xian Lim
Maraming salamat po sa lahat ng support👍👍👍 #mrandmschinatown2014 #xianandkim 👍
mrandmschinatown2014 - xianandkim -
tessespinol : @starcinema@asapofficial
herbeth1031googlemailcom : Great tandem! love, love, love!
ladynel29 : Congratulations KimXi,job well done.....
dianasuechiu : You are such a great host Xian!! @xianlimm love you :)
joymacxi : Good job kimxi
samrl14 : @xianlimm love your hosting!!! The diction, pronunciation.... The modulation ng voice.. The looks, the moves.... Total package talaga.... Galing Lang!!! Buti na Lang you didn't have to ask guest ions; matamene mga contestants; ma star struck like before..... Galing mo!!! God bless!! Stay grounded and Ingat!!!
xixilim : Love kimxi
nmns405 : exo stan here! haha
daima_mkombodzi - rubygoyala - jurencediaz - bethdm -
xianlimm - Xian Lim
anidemvj : Kaloka ka @xianlimm paraparaan lang talaga BDO.. u got the perfect endorser @xianlimm he really #findways just for u... hihi clapclap
johnartss : i
johnartss : The first time I saw you in love with you you're very charming
bordassunshine : @xianlimm the chinito
dalduazo : I love you @xianlimm ! 😍
andywu_4780 : pogi talaga bagay sa u new haircut mo lalo lumabas pagkapogi mo...neat looking looking so fresh ka tlga as always... great endorser pa...congrats to u n Kimmy for a job welldone in mr&mschinatown...more hosting jobs for the both of u...so fabulous gorgeous couple kau tlga...bagay na bagay walang makakapantay man lang ..the royal couple KIMXI
jennypicart : good job!
evangelyn502 : Pogiii
lhublie - yssacruz - michellesilla - beayersssss -
xianlimm - Xian Lim
@mcdo_ph 👍
jennypicart : ang galeng!!! ah.. paki translate po .. hehehe 😘
riafranchescaa : @dennicaayn ahh he's so cute
bunny0675 : Wow! Sayang..i only understand Fookien...he..he..
bajumer : LOL
bellindasalvo : Sarap daw yan.
goodear : ang sabi Nya kay Xian ano ang gusto mong kainin? ang Sagot nya Mcdo
betinakau : Hahahaha love this @xianlimm hi hi
herbeth1031googlemailcom : Ang cute mong mag chinese Xian!
jathmemen - gutierrezjoshua - michellesilla - linchinroque -
xianlimm - Xian Lim
mrandmschinatown2014 -
tamlynicole : @riafranchescaa He is cute!!!
bunny0675 : Wow....! Miss hearing u speaking chinese...those were the MBG days teleserye...he..he..galing..👍
akosikentoi : 高さ日焼けします。なあかサラダ文とならたあひかなわ、、
evepers : @xianlimm Nì tài kè'àile...wo men ai ni :)) xi wang ni you yu kuai de yi tian!
evepers : @xianlimm You are so cute..we love you..hope you have an enjoyable day')
miamelicado : super cute mo at natawa talaga ako kagabi ky kim kasi kinilig xa haha
dianajanke : So handsome!😘
aidaabas1 : Ay ang galing mong mag intsik
rhyvson22 - michellesilla - linchinroque - beayersssss -
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