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New Found Glory. What's Eating Gilbert. Producer. Straight Edge. Disney. Violently Happy Records
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xchadballx - Chad Gilbert
We are coming back to you Australia! Soundwave festival 2015!
natashavolski : OMFG
natashavolski : @gerardway
natashavolski : YEAAAAAAAAAAH
nfg247 : Thank you @newfoundglory. I'm so glad you will be visiting us!!
dayrosee : .omg! Why im from brazil? Shit
allan_knot : @mushuwilliams ya lo había visto xD
mushuwilliams : @allan_knot pero ve quien lo puso :3
i__need_help : #bringhayleyback
jaimedanserdisco - khriz_z - parawhore55 - singin_adri -
xchadballx - Chad Gilbert
Alf is focused trying to figure out what kind of @wizards_magic deck he wants to run.
ayeeezah : @suuuzin @ruhskee hahaha!! I wanna see alf step and roll on cards like Appa!!
ilonafisabila : πŸ’—
kylesuxxx : @xchadballx just build soul sisters for modern! That's the next deck I'm going to work on.
itsdaju : Aaaalf <3
clockwerk10 : yugioh or wizard magic?
elsitha : @felipe_o27
jaymarkro : @xchadballx I sent you a DM in regards to the ones I'm bringing to the October show.
mario_wlt : ALF!
triix2402 - yeleyngonzaga - monica_marianne - singin_adri -
xchadballx - Chad Gilbert
Teenage Mutant Target Turtle.... Hayley in half shell!
hanahamorelli_ : tal fã tal ídola πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @larissadiniz_
caahyork : @ree_volts tãaao retardada <3
priscilahnw : @amandadiiaz kkk
leticeamartin : To paixonada ♥♥♥♥
carolyndias : @csdgabriela *o*
christinaa_1811 : @uhhsandraa this made me smil
christinaa_1811 : Smile*
alainyj_ : :')
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xchadballx - Chad Gilbert
yara_fontenele : I
yara_fontenele : L
yara_fontenele : Uhu
guilhermem0reira : Who lived in a pineapple under the sea? @yelyahwilliams
anrutuj_ : 'cause you're on your own in the real world.
brandotos : I still love this part of the light board.
jardim_amaanda : Aint i't fun?... β™‘β™‘β™‘
paramore.is.our.life : Cause your on your own in the real world ain't it fun ain't it fun baby now your one of us ain't it fun ain't it fun AINT IT FUNNNNNN ain't it fun livin in the real world
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xchadballx - Chad Gilbert
Way behind me, @stephenlooker, @pleasexdie, & @eliolsberg is @yelyahwilliams kickin Irvine's face.
alexandrahinson : @guavakava OOOOMGGGG
daydreaming_williams : Paramoreee <3 *--*
bringmethebeah : PARAMORE
sw33t_t : @xchadballx where's Alf???
laurabran : @klm04 😭😭😭
heyvoce : Ahhhhh *000000*
heyvoce : PARAMORE ♥
pan_09 : Owwww😍😍😍😍
meow_its_destinee - davneetkaur13 - para.monsters - taylover_parawhore -
xchadballx - Chad Gilbert
Chillin with Alf! He wanted to find a good spot to see his momma rock Irvine tonight!
zorilda_v : @ alfthepuppy lookin good you WOOF of pup
vale_lml_p3 : Awww...Alf is so cute!! *-*
_oliveiratai : <3
1dpm0re : Alf <3 @yelyahwilliams xxx
allwekn0w : UGH IVE BEEN UP THERE 😍
allwekn0w : Cause I live there πŸ˜„ but I saw monumentour in Denver cause I was on holiday
allwekn0w : Btw alf is adorable
maverickthegolden : So cute! He should have his own ig like me!
rebecky_ - ferchisgall - whatabout_dayoff - maferfoster -
xchadballx - Chad Gilbert
Hope you guys are blasting our new @newfoundglory song loud! Not just for the song but for the message! #selfless
selfless -
paramore_para : @xchadballx tell hayley I said hi
izzz_lizzz : such a good song!
julibabe93 : I love "Selfless"!! Such a great song and message! πŸ˜„πŸ‘β€
its_me_svb : That's the only way to listen to it!
monique_hoppus : I can catch up on my sleep when i die 🎡🎡
bosoxbrez : @xchadballx great job. Love the riff.
nooneisasluckyasus : I LOVE IT
laurabazzucchi : Congrats @newfoundglory it sounds perfect πŸ‘Œ
neverxfade_again - itsparamorestuffyall - aurevoirlalune - kaitdrake2 -
xchadballx - Chad Gilbert
Yesterday @giglife and I did a 2 hour hike at a place called Bugaksan in South Korea. It was pretty unbelievable at the top. When my back goes out I'll know I've seen it all and have stories to tell. #ReadyandWilling.
readyandwilling -
bri.brie : @xchadballx that looks beautiful! How long are you visiting for? Long ways from our middle school and High school days πŸ˜œπŸ˜œπŸ˜„πŸ˜„
were.so.starving : Nice view
maaddawgg : Go to china, @petedunk lives in shanghai now
himynameisjoee : Bad ass
whzupshong : New found dou like hiking ga @dimholei
riotanitnot : Are you in SK for holiday only?
punk87 : wow "뢁악산"! did you arrive safely? see u next time ;)
mr_x_mr : The expression
nicolexelder - alessatalyele - theirajgomez - aintitcry -
xchadballx - Chad Gilbert
I was lucky enough to meet Robin Williams about a year and a half ago in New York City at a comic book shop. He was browsing the shop and I told him "thanks for all you do". He replied "thanks big guy". By the time I checked out he was in front of me waiting to pay with a huge stack of Trades and graphic novels. I was buying Incognito for my booking agent as a present. Robin Williams asked me about it and went back to buy that too. He was very friendly and cool. Very sad to hear him go. I know everyone's feed is filling up with Robin Williams pictures but I do not mind being that guy for Mrs. Doubtfire.
br1514cr : One of my favorite movies, #riprobinwilliams
lauran0elle : This movie is SO SAD
katiespradling : Liked it just for the story. #tears
xkristakx : thanks for sharing your experience.
leeloomarshall : I Think he deserves to be on everyones TL.
friendlymrt : Truf
paint_pastel_princess : What a lovely memory you have with him @xchadballx
its_megan_c : I loved mrs doubt fire! Such sad news :(.
aleyanezyay - kasobo28 - donnieinthedarko_ - anaclarasimoes2001 -
xchadballx - Chad Gilbert
Last nights show was so awesome but such a tease! I'm ready to tour already! Thanks Seoul. Regram from @superjjii
hayleydabae : Awesome!
hovitosway : @xchadballx Stop rubbing it in that you get to play in a band with Jordan, Ian, & Cyrus 😜
chubbzilla : Can't wait for the next tour down under!! Maybe soundwave?
alienotok : Wow Korea love NFG? awesome
mapaille84 : Woo woo! Were ready too!!! #lovinselfless can't wait to celebrate our anniversary @opaille seeing these awesome guys @newfoundglory in october!!!
xfelipemartinsx : Come to brazil man
mrszukas : @xchadballx weird question but my husband wants to know your shirt size! We are coming to see you 11/1. Purchased the VIP experience.
evelynmadden28 : Still listening to ' I dont wanna know' ......luv u guys
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