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New Found Glory. What's Eating Gilbert. Producer. Straight Edge. Disney. Violently Happy Records
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xchadballx - Chad Gilbert
Just a Honda Civic Tour reunion in target with @benjaminmadden. Who was there?
patty_g86 : Oh my husband ( my boyfriend back then) and I were there! That was my dream tour. You guys going to make it happen again @xchadballx? The Movielife back together would be amazing!
andreamaree : @xchadballx @benjaminmadden wtf lol that's awesome!
borntolose27 : 2002-2003ish? Haha Hartford civic center with less than jake and hot rod circuit. I think you went and got a hotdog or something from a vendor
giverfer20 : Par de putos
vero1723 : @xchadballx that tour was my first ever concert and it was awesome. My favorite sixth grade memory!
gusgon17 : Nooo <3
codywneal : I remember that tour. I was at the show in Bakersfield. @xchadballx
xgoodshotarottex : Love you @xchadballx @benjaminmadden πŸ‘πŸ‘
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xchadballx - Chad Gilbert
Had a short but great #whatseatinggilbert tour! Thanks to my band mates for rockin with me and thanks to all the bad ass fans that came out to get their groove on!
whatseatinggilbert -
mmacha93 : Come to Oklahoma !
xdannyboyx619 : So pissed I missed the SD show
wandaxpanda : Till next time! πŸ‘‹πŸ˜Š
hernameisluana : next time come to brazil, I love your songs!
johanasaves : I had an awesome time even if sometimes @oh_victoria annoys me lol jk tour buddies for life :)
oh_victoria : @johanasaves wow! Love you too buddy! Can't wait to do the next tour with you too lol
withsmt : Bottom of the Hill was tons of fun, can't wait till you guys make it back!
artista4u10 : Tour east coast soon!!!
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xchadballx - Chad Gilbert
My my my its a beautiful world!
xchadballx : @hctrbass oh yeah
sabrinarocks : We're kept together by highways and telephone lines!! 🎢
denn_whore : πŸ’•
hris_cay : Yes sir
daveoflow87 : Buttonwillow!!!!
yelyahnath : Achei que seu mundo era a Hayley... '-'
champagnehunty : cali
the.parawhore : kkkkkkk
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xchadballx - Chad Gilbert
I miss my son. #alf
alf -
_rafaei : esse bicho é horrível
sweetmelissajean : OMG is alf a goldendoodle?? So is my @missdelaneybear :) cutie either way!
springbreak247 : Hey @crystabot looks like @thewonderfulworldofwalter has a reel cute twin!
leadon62 : Pooka and I miss this big boy! Well not so much Pooka, but I miss him. I'm glad your posting pictures so I can see how much he's grown :o)
ppriu : Awwwwwwwwww
elusdanger : Alf and alf! Cute :)
marleyjna_713 : Awwwwww so beautiful
crystabot : @springbreak247 OMG! Baby Walters twin!!!🐺❀️
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xchadballx - Chad Gilbert
Tonight in San Francisco! Come see me and Matt Pryor play at the Bottom of the Hill! #whatseatinggilbert ! Photo stolen from @therainbowbeard.
whatseatinggilbert -
johanasaves : So much fun the past couple days! I will rock my new WEG shirt at the Dodger Game next month! :)
xchadballx : @imonamission hey you too!!!
ayeeezah : What time are you playing tonight?
physicsistruth : @xchadballx when's the next time you going to been touring through Richmond VA? Be good to play a couple games of magic.
bryanperez86 : Awwwww I wish I knew this a few days ago!!!!! :( @xchadballx
vulcanvegan : I'll be there!
sunburst42 : @pierce_the_mala doesn't change the fact that your comment was unnecessary
pierce_the_mala : @sunburst42 I'm just looking out for my daughter . There's not very good fans or parents like this.
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xchadballx - Chad Gilbert
Stop by and visit the What's Eating Gilbert merch guy. He looks weird but I swear he's nice. Early set time tonight at the constellation room in Santa Ana. We go on at 7:45. Tomorrow night we play the bottom of the hill in San Francisco!
kerbey : @xchadballx Hey Chad, don't suppose you can hook me up with a blue variant of the EP? Can't get to a show from over here 😭 😎.
susmoz : If you hand me Fea's merch there'll be more room for yours! πŸ‘ gotta go by and pick it up for them
lyanneolympia : So I forgot to ask you today, but where can I get a shirt with @psychosmoke on it?lol
fayeleyyy : PLEEEEASE come and play in the UK. maybe on the tour in Autumn?
vanessaslv_ : Heyyy Chad
nopeak : Robby lawler and chad gilbert loook alike for some reason
pantryqueen : put this online at some point please we're all thirsty for it
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xchadballx - Chad Gilbert
One of my favorite new singers Phoebe Bridgers (@phoebe_dweebee) opened the show last night! Venue made her leave right after the set because she wasn't 21. LAME! Here's a link to her music! http://phoebebridgers1.bandcamp.com/album/killer
xsuedeheadx : love it
xsuedeheadx : reminds me of the sundays
nicole_york_ : @xchadballx And Hayley ??
uma_parawhore : E a Hayley cara
stevenharlow85 : Thanks for posting this. Checked her out and hooked. Beautiful voice. @phoebe_dweebee
jasonxedge : #ViolentlyHappy next signeeeeeee
laceface21 : I love her! I thank you for introducing me to her music. I love the songs "Turned Around" and "Chelsea". πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘
cyrataris : phoebe_dweebee
bruna_anurb - larissahjt - angievillanuevardz - nicolacer -
xchadballx - Chad Gilbert
Hey friends in Los Angeles! Come see me jam and hang at the Satellite tonight! 8pm doors!
anniessaazhar : @khaaleeeedaa
austin_arm14 : WHOO!
cristinax321 : What time are you on?
khaaleeeedaa : Ape ni nisa? @anniessaazhar
xchadballx : @cristinax321 close to 10
anniessaazhar : Chad ni boyf hayley hahahaha dia buat show pi la mesti best @khaaleeeedaa
suchamessca : my gf didn't know it was 21+ so the security wouldn't let her in. 😁
parawhore55 : Just wondering @xchadballx are you ever going to play in Fresno,Ca ?
zuleykaruiz - yelyahjulia - mira407 - gregorysebin -
xchadballx - Chad Gilbert
This Starts tonight! California! Come see a show!
leyla_tatiana : @dsdelta @adam__pfeifer bottom of the hill! More chances to miss me!
adam__pfeifer : @leyla_tatiana wait... you're not going to fly home for this
xgeeiox : bring it to south fl
dsdelta : @leyla_tatiana just bought my ticket. Thanks kid
leyla_tatiana : Awwww good @dsdelta and @adam__pfeifer your sarcasm was wasted on me
mandeeznuts : Dammit! We should've gone!
leyla_tatiana : @dsdelta pour some out for me when you're there...
iamtheparawhore : So down for Santa Ana!!!
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xchadballx - Chad Gilbert
Thanks to @altpress for the #apmas and the ultimate hang out with people I never get to see.
apmas -
xmelloncolliex : Please come to Chile !! We miss u 😞
zapatillaconagua : Mijito digale al Jordan que se ve super mal con el pelo asi
jekisdead : skaff
breakingeorgia : Anthony!!!
cbriana08 : Awwww bae @kaylabbg
rbnmc14 : Awe, Alf
letfbegin : alf's selfie
pantryqueen : just the completely unrelated dramatic closeup of alf
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