Will Barton

Bmore Bred University of Memphis Alumni NBA Swingman for the Portland Trailblazers #CA Follow me on twitter: www.twitter.com/WillTheThrillB5
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willthethrillb5 - Will Barton
She the reason why I'm always visiting the "6"
bigggmo : @willthethrillb5 u in my city cuz??
reymon1331 : Thanks brother @derek.merklin
willthethrillb5 : Yea. Let's link up! & where the open run at? @bigggmo
josmitt_ : @mammarussia
bigggmo : @willthethrillb5 bro I just left today...I was there all week tho...I would have hit u up if I knew u were in town
willthethrillb5 : Damn I ain't know @bigggmo
willthethrillb5 : Where the hoops at though? @bigggmo
missaj__ : @kiidiosa you guys are the cutest couple ever! #thatspecialkindoflove♥
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willthethrillb5 - Will Barton
Me & my OG E Watson. This guy taught me a lot about life & being a real professional. Believed in me from day one and always giving me good advice. Thankful to have a mentor like this. Gonna miss him being around this upcoming season. It's all love big bro!
ripcitynba : Why'd he delete his Instagram?
millertime541 : Earl the pearl!
blazersnation : @ripcitynba B/C he is looking at coaching jobs and it's nor professional to have social media if your an NBA Coach
dopeischon : πŸ’―
louwright : @willthethrillb5 good ole LA dude right there! My guy Eskimo lol
louwright : He gotta @ I just can't remember it
mikejworrell : @connerb1 OG E Wilson
connerb1 : @mikejworrell watson*
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willthethrillb5 - Will Barton
All we do...chilling in Miami & I.... Shout out to that boy Trey Songz this trigger album tough! Posted up in that 305
corbyn_herrold : @andyjones87 fucking will the thrill
lopezvic22 : What's the song?
sheisprettytye : 😘 luv you bro
cwoodrfgz : Song is πŸ”₯
kamkamgram : @neonfruitsupermarket this is pretty precious!! Will the Thrill!
ca_meech_ : Ayeee my nigga flashy
ripcityedits : Hey Will, I just posted a sick edit of you on my profile. I think you would really like it. It would mean a lot if you liked/commented/or reposted it!!! I'm a huge fan Thrill! #PeoplesChamp! @willthethrillb5
iambaldimore : @willthethrillb5 them glasses tuff as shit
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willthethrillb5 - Will Barton
Family @jselby410
truelivingtg : Hoopers all day!!! #OneLove #RoleModels to the game #1000
ace5thomas : Live like kings @willthethrillb5
misstyebaby : My favorite guys πŸ˜˜πŸ’― @willthethrillb5
alixhashish : @willthethrillb5 you look sooooo different dude loool
derek_landon : Them glasses tho
nutellababy_01 : Hahaha @tyke_thompson_2
sportsmompcg : Hey guys!!!
ca_meech_ : πŸ’―
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willthethrillb5 - Will Barton
When you realize you have become the person you been planning to be since you were a kid....
rxngxrxvxrdreamx : πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―
gerald_georgejr : Proud of you bro
godfred301 : that's a great feeling
pvt.parker : @mz_walton Aaron twin
whos_quan : @willthethrillb5 already bruh bruh‼️
kidcassinova : Hell yah will, dont ever be satisfied
primeimpactbasketball : Check your DM bro @willthethrillb5
ca_meech_ : Can't lie shorty you killing them !
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willthethrillb5 - Will Barton
Y'all know I had to accept the #ALS ice bucket challenge from my guys @3jmccollum @drewbarham43 . I'm now challenging @louwillville @jselby410 @realswat32 support a great cause
als -
rologotnext : Lol
intellectualinstinct : Nice Will! Ice cubes hella big! #G
tianaarielle : There was serious ice in your bucket
lebronna_cauthon : That camaro in the back 😍
jenifeerr_ : @michelleeph
chelly_r0zay : News cafe
hood__legend : @iam_devinevans
ace5thomas : @joshthejeweler I just did bro
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willthethrillb5 - Will Barton
And I ain’t never scared, but I’m scared of me. Me versus me, I need a referee. #krazy
krazy -
aeblhoops : @willthethrillb5 you playing this weekend ?
fontwar : People that don't understand the war of the mind are lost and blind. Self is the biggest challenge we all face. Thanks for stay real @willthethrillb5 πŸ’― #defense #lockdown πŸ™‡ #ripcity
fontwar : Staying*
rxngxrxvxrdreamx : πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’― @willthethrillb5
cjlivin : Those Balmain bikers tough
11jcf : @willthethrillb5 big Rome trying to Holla at you fam calling from the bing
abdulthebarber : A fam I met you at the hoop summit this past year an I'm a local Portland barber trying to get my name out! Forgot to give you my card tho hit me up if you ever need a line! @willthethrillb5
mrwhitedaman : I ever going to play in a game? I bet u wish you had Damian illiards skill set.
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willthethrillb5 - Will Barton
In Miami Kooling with my guys @camacky @c_denton11 @ace5thomas @zayyytoven @realswat32
hugo_boss18 : Cuz wassup With You My nigga see u doing your thing keep up The good work My nigga @willthethrillb5
iamdanaan : Them navy blue big B's on huh
t.williams32 : @willthethrillb5 keep hoopin bro!!
cwaehrer24 : The purge is real!!
ellisr_2014 : @cwaehrer24 bull shit
i_amjaydollars : @willthethrillb5 dam y'all left y'all brother
shakysmithson : Be there Tuesday you still out there?
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willthethrillb5 - Will Barton
I can't lie shorty a game changer. It's just different now.
ldotkiki : So adorable
tomtom103 : Congrats bro I'm loving it
jananderson79 : A baby changes everything! Congrats
erntreed : Congrats boi das wassup I can tell u happy u got a lil man lol
i_amjaydollars : @willthethrillb5 tell me nephew his Unc said wat it do #babythrill
pretty_fayee : Little blessing forreal ☺️ good look Will. #babythrill πŸ‘Ό onesie too cuteπŸ˜‚
itfactor35 : Congratulations
blkparis85 : 😍😍😍😚😘
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willthethrillb5 - Will Barton
#CA I got us global now @camacky
ca -
ca_meech_ : Salute!
willthethrillb5 : Get with me cuzzo @ca_meech_
doin_it_4_me : Killin em shawty...much love
yaboilionpride : @eztrey
ca_films : We set the tone in this and can't let no one intervene! #CA #BloodLove
bummy_nigga : Follow back please
monstarjj : @helpful_shoutz got me 1k
ispeaks_datruth : Pure Sexiness
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