Will Barton

#PTF Bmore Bred University of Memphis Alumni NBA Swingman Follow me on twitter: www.twitter.com/WillTheThrillB5
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willthethrillb5 - Will Barton
president_ger : Nice
killaam_21 : Welcome home
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willthethrillb5 - Will Barton
#PTF the team I play for & I signed myself to a max deal
ptf -
whos_quan : #salute @willthethrillb5
_tonebarton2 : F R E S H !!
no_pain_nosuccess : πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
bubbles___5 : Nice 😎
dewan55 : caption game crazyyy
cfinaob : Real one
willthethrillb5 : Back on my ish bro @dewan55
jaxrose916 - ckaidencoonradt - andrewskhut30 - tyree.moore -
willthethrillb5 - Will Barton
free_mylove_mook : #PTF πŸ™Œ
president_ger : You are the men
skii_loso : @mr_lowguy
justin.roland.1.23 : Tbh- I used to watch you when you where in college at the forum
ipas2incomesystem : Great!
ro_ramos23 : ro
3jmccollum : That jersey fire Bruh !
t.blazers - sportsterminator - hnickey20 - melloa1000 -
willthethrillb5 - Will Barton
Happy bday to my brother @zayyytoven . Thanks for always being there for me & taking this journey with me. Every year it gets better & better for us. Let's keep figuring it out like we have since day 1. The love unconditional for you shorty you know what it is. #PTF
ptf -
nambr33zy : Rip city misses it's Peoples Champ
zayyytoven : Already shortie we grinding like it's the draft all over!!! Luv u #PTF4LIFE
kiidiosa : My fellas!!!! ❀️
ladylemieux : Happy birthday! @zayyytoven
sptak2 : fresh
tayallidoisgetmoney : Happy birthday zay
jjforsgren : What are you looking at?
dakiddmoomr1700 : Yo hmp 4438247229 @willthethrillb5 this bay my nigga I need to holla seriously!!
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willthethrillb5 - Will Barton
They never knew me from jump so I never let em get to me
patience_is_a_process : Wats good bru @willthethrillb5
ro_ramos23 : ro
unitedstatesofwilliam : Clean! How's PTF holding up?
jovelorai : @willthethrillb5 the turn up was real last night I enjoyed my time with you fellas thanks for the birthday love
melobuckets : #PTFπŸ’―πŸ˜ˆπŸ€ Its a lifestyle @willthethrillb5
iggy_thegoodguy : My guy
jovelorai : @willthethrillb5 you're welcome to party with some real grown ups on Tuesday night at phaze 10
i_amjaydollars : #THRILLHENDRIX @willthethrillb5 #PTF
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willthethrillb5 - Will Barton
mon_bon23 : Pants!
stevedovner : Realest in the city
zackgeorgee : @willthethrillb5 what shoes are those? Even tho you probably won't respond..
j_hooper21 : Role model man I love your game!
kiidiosa : 😍😍😍 thrill Hendrix forever
pattywhatty : Get off Instagram and go father your kid will. And while your at it, come take the starting SF spot in p-town
keelsss12 : You're perfect.
no_pain_nosuccess : πŸ”‹βœ”οΈπŸ”Œ
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willthethrillb5 - Will Barton
Shout out to my UA lil bro on getting drafted making his dreams come true. Welcome to the team bro. Time to do ya thing in the big leagues. Looking forward to us being real dangerous in that backcourt & in transition. #UAfamily #nuggetsnation
nuggetsnation - uafamily -
djbedz : Yessss!
lunchtimeq : @emmanuelmudiay
kanefknlatham : @emmanuelmudiay is the steal of the draft
denva_maccaroni : #oooowweeee #CHUUCH
ryan_sb : These 2 on defense is gonna be real fun to watch
emmanuelmudiay : That's love brodie!
ben.isaly : @emmanuelmudiay favorite player in the draft
willthethrillb5 : All love bro I see u soon @emmanuelmudiay
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willthethrillb5 - Will Barton
Best rapper.....#FutureHendrix
futurehendrix -
willthethrillb5 : I can't stop it it's no realer lyrics out then future right now. Listen to codeine crazy, where I came from, my savages, & that's just to name a few & u gonna hear nothing but real shit if u from that struggle. Los got bars. @the_urbanchef
the_urbanchef : @willthethrillb5 oh okok! I can agree with you on that as far as trap and real street music he's the hottest right now! I thought u meant like just bar for bar!
willthethrillb5 : Future ain't trying to rhyme every line or get u to say oh shit u heard that..he trying make u feel that pain, that real shit. Future music capture ya soul & that's the best music to me. It's pointless to have a bunch of bars but no substance feel what I'm saying @tchennault5
the_urbanchef : @willthethrillb5 u fuck with Kevin gates fam?
willthethrillb5 : He cool @the_urbanchef
tchennault5 : Yea I agree with everything you said besides him being the best in the game. We are forgetting about drake, Kendrick Lemar,jcole. However you can hear the pain in his voice from his experience and obstacles he had to over come. He's def top 5 right now in the game tho. Everything he put out is a banger @willthethrillb5
willthethrillb5 : I like those guys I'm just taking him over them cuz they all good but I relate to future more @tchennault5
tchennault5 : I can respect that bcuz @nipseyhussle is my favorite rapper bcuz I can relate to his music the most. With life being a marathon and chase your dreams no matter what. #tmc @willthethrillb5
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willthethrillb5 - Will Barton
Relentless Grind #PTF
ptf -
savo448 : Been doing niggas dirty since National Christian and b4 dat... #EAT
odhere : Let's get a long term deal with nuggets. I see 6th man of year in your future
millercole12 : Tha Thrill
nickerbobs : Can't wait tell the nuggets make it back to the playoffs next year with you
adwalsh5 : Check out @drillsandskillsbball page. Best trainer in MD!
tarelle_jackson : You not playing in the blue grey Memphis game ?? @willthethrillb5
willthethrillb5 : Naw @tarelle_jackson
tarelle_jackson : Word ! Keep doing ya thang family. I fucks with the positive movement... I remember those long hrs in the rec at Memphis wen we hooped, I'm n the army now. This ya year my boy @willthethrillb5 word !
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willthethrillb5 - Will Barton
They see the shirts, the hats, the handshakes, us dragging & they wanna know what it's hitting for.....#PTFlifestlye
ptflifestlye -
skidd11 : Truuu
thatruth_410 : Dam bro i need a ptf shirt ill.rep.that shit we go way back @willthethrillb5 sense b4 u was in.highschool.blowing up u was running shit at the ring lol
whoodie_thegreat : πŸ‘Œ
dreamworksmotorsports : Good work fam #PTF @willthethrillb5
tyke_thompson_2 : @drewberkey
jordan_lind_ : @tyke_thompson_2 hi :)
ca_films : #PTF
mrlegacy87 : #ptfthemovement
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