Will Barton

Bmore Bred University of Memphis Alumni NBA Swingman for the Portland Trailblazers #CA #PTF Follow me on twitter: www.twitter.com/WillTheThrillB5
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willthethrillb5 - Will Barton
Can't wait till my big homie buckets come home. Missing you like crazy. #PTF
ptf -
wecashoutweekly : Very cool!
i_get_moneys : Ahhh!
onelove1mic : @willthethrillb5 bucket man!! Lol
c_roc : Hi co buckets
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willthethrillb5 - Will Barton
i_get_moneys : Take a gander At What REAL People Are making! We Train You And Pay Every Week.... Go See What We Mean And How You Can Make $700+/Weekly ON IG...
amsterdam305410 : Baby dopes !
z18_lou_ca : #ptf
samportesi : @willthethrillb5 how can I get a hat or some gear? You got my card hit me up
oldyork_pun : Let me know will @willthethrillb5
sterlomo : Tough dum dum
keith_0332 : Keep it up Good Papa!!!
kissedtheboiz : 😍😍😍
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willthethrillb5 - Will Barton
Bmore Elite days. I'll never forget that spring/summer. Had so much fun on the circuit. Coach Bub let me go! #1 shooting guard in the country 2010 #allornothing
1 - allornothing -
joshselby91 : @willthethrillb5 facts the funnnnn days Cuzzo we killed everyone
willthethrillb5 : Appreciate that bro @kwise15
kwise15 : @_selbyj them games use to get out of hand πŸ˜‚
rellalwaysluv : I remember that that was the break out year Boo Williams to me I think that was the come up Eventho u was going to earn it anyway @willthethrillb5
goodman2324 : @mase_goinham5 @jordanltf dude would drop 70
da_real_mvp : @willthethrillb5 @_selbyj I seen the tape when yall played Harrison Barnes team, y'all murder them boys!
willbarton : Big Willy Style tearing it up as usual, cya at Christmas dinner champ
imkayyoung : I was just telling your bro i went to National with you two
d__lifestyle - guwop_laflare_ - nick__elodean - 13thelegend -
willthethrillb5 - Will Barton
Nepsac champs & national prep champs in the same year. First team to ever do it. Brewster we did that! Where my BA fam at?
willthethrillb5 : Lol don't worry I'll recall for u @joytotheworlddd
shmurdamami : lol whatever boy.
pip2095 : @apnum5
apnum5 : Shoutout to the little white boy @willthethrillb5 lol miss you bro
samportesi : @willthethrillb5 what's up with the #ptf gear
loyalty_buck24 : Wasup my nigga @willthethrillb5
dilling3r_ : Lmao, why you gotta do him like that? πŸ˜‚
hunter_dinesen : BANGOUTS
lil_sosa_33 - devinlint16 - uwalkher_here - misslioness1208 -
willthethrillb5 - Will Barton
28-0. Lake Clifton forever
quane89 : #lakerpride
taeridley11 : Hell of a year dog @willthethrillb5
a1_tye : TFP
mikesturge : Hey man, what are the odds you'll let me customize some in game kicks for you this year? I would love to work with you sir. Please let me know.
_091112_ : Best year ever
_only1jaysharp : We shut that shit down🎯🎯🎯
_only1jaysharp : I'm still waiting on my shoutout man lol
pitchblack30 : #LCE πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘ #Lakers4life
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willthethrillb5 - Will Barton
Not everyone on the team is going to be famous but everyone on the team can get money, be successful, and take care of their family. #PTF
ptf -
samportesi : @willthethrillb5 cool meeting you yesterday at #benihanas. Your one stand up humble dude. Thanks for being cool. Let me know about the #ptf gear.
2patients1doctor : πŸ‘ŒπŸ’ͺπŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―
_liltrey901 : #PTF
goosecocker : Ptf = puto, the fuck?
_mello05 : You already know
c_denton11 : #PTF
iamjayoliver : What up shorty this my IG
jrholmes31 : @willthethrillb5 #PTF #real
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willthethrillb5 - Will Barton
Hey world met this beautiful young lady today. 8th grader playing varsity basketball for Benson in Portland! Can y'all say #phenom . I am a fan I will be at a game this season.Make sure y'all follow her @og.qxeen #blackgirlsrock #PTF
ptf - blackgirlsrock - phenom -
karina_kamara_mary : Love this
ahmedyoung1 : Ayee hmu will
ahmedyoung1 : I live in portland to come see me @willthethrillb5
zvne_r : Which game will u be at cuz I gotta come meet u if ur there
ivanagarcia21 : Wow great for her!! Love this!!!
ca677lizard : Fresh af kid. #CAfam πŸ’―
jfinleyenglish : Awesome!
egyptian_rina - gotdamnhotrod - fmg_bp - scottpee -
willthethrillb5 - Will Barton
Everybody at this table going eat. This the beginning of something special. The rise of an empire. Ride with us or get rode on. #PTF
ptf -
davonunltd : Get it bruh. Respect the hustle n the love. That's w#the only way to get it and keep it. See ya at the too πŸ’―
davonunltd : Top* lol #inebriated
tlk4realtho : Stay focused young man!!!πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜‰ @willthethrillb5
graham_abernethy : F4f @willthethrillb5
coachjmal : A Will this coach Jamal from Lake u need to send a box of those Hats up Lake and u know we got u always support #TFP #PTF
coachjmal : @willthethrillb5
i_amjaydollars : Call me bruh you miss my bday @willthethrillb5
onebadque : @willthethrillb5 you know I need that hat to represent in the 410
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willthethrillb5 - Will Barton
#PTF Protect The Family. The new movement. Watch how we take over.
ptf - ca -
tresdad1 : @willthethrillb5 I need one of those hats!
kaleidoscopeclothing : Check us out Mr. Barton! Best wishes
shilanelson : Is that at Mr @rologotnext house?
rologotnext : P.T.F
ca_meech_ : My brothers Icey ' ! Killin em ‼️
willthethrillb5 : #CA shit #PTF shit u know how the fam do @ca_meech_
zayyytoven : @ca_meech_ this is just the beginning!!!
ca_meech_ : I already kno brova @zayyytoven ‼️PTF
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willthethrillb5 - Will Barton
#PTF #CA @ca_meech_
ptf - ca -
ezmeraljolie : Me guy
koneisha_ : Awww man :( I gotta make a trip down there soon
ca_meech_ : πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’― you already kno !
willthethrillb5 : Yea u do @koneisha_
catrinlynne : Hot!!! @willthethrillb5 😍
taeridley11 : Will wats up bro...how u been? @willthethrillb5
ivan_37 : You young men need to learn how to grow a beard!
willthethrillb5 : I'm good & u big bro @taeridley11
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