Will Barton

#PTF Bmore Bred University of Memphis Alumni NBA Swingman Follow me on twitter: www.twitter.com/WillTheThrillB5
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willthethrillb5 - Will Barton
My team to turnt up I take the blame for that. #PTFthemovement
ptfthemovement -
blazersnation : He was traded. @jay2bball
ca_films : #PTF
jay2bball : I know that for who
jay2bball : @blazersnation
asapsnake : @jay2bball if you dont know you're not a fan. And don't you think it would be faster to just google it rather than asking someone who's not going to answer you?
swagyyy_g : We love you here in Denver!
i_amjaydollars : #PTF #WETHEMPROTECTERS @willthethrillb5
iamaprilhunter : Alwaysssss swaggy! πŸ’―
cfinaob - kalissi___ - chargedup_pat - actually_sun_desh -
willthethrillb5 - Will Barton
To know the struggle you know passion. To love something so much you will do anything for it and once you get a chance to do it you will do anything to keep it and feel the same way. We always going for the big one. #NuggetsNation keep fighting things gonna turn around for the better. #PTF
nuggetsnation - ptf -
ricky_bender : Nice game hope you keep doing good wish blazers could have kept you!
anthony49erz : Blazers were holding your game back. @willthethrillb5
girondeisy : Good game tonight Will!
kai.murphy : nice to see u in denver πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ
leronmblack : I see you turnt up tonight my guy ! πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’― @willthethrillb5
iam_mrgonsalves : @willthethrillb5 putting in work. Your a gem in my fantasy league keep up the hard work man!
mlourenp : Glad to have you in Denver boss! Great game last night!
adamsmyname : Welcome to Denver
zhalsey - michaeljarrett_ - tonytilla503 - amadrionhall -
willthethrillb5 - Will Barton
Chapter 2. Let's go @denvernuggets its on now baby lets get it! So happy to be here. Thanks GOD for always blessing me. Time to put in work.
anakinlopez : We miss you will #ripcity
dodgerdave619 : @boreycarton gotta get u one sunn!!
boreycarton : @dodgerdave619 maybe for Hayden. He's 5 now.
paya5ito : Jrs number πŸ™Œ wear it well
laurajrogers : Congrats on the great start! Rip City will always be cheering you on.
maxsmith12 : We love you here man!! #nuggetsnation
fatboy0324 : Congrates bro baltimore mines thru u shawty
orallygifted_214 : Wait what...
kaiesping - adamsmyname - chargedup_pat - fatboy0324 -
willthethrillb5 - Will Barton
Just wanna thank the @trailblazers for taking a chance on me by drafting me and giving me an opportunity to be apart of a great organization. Gonna miss everyone that is apart of the organization, coaches, teammates, & most importantly some of the greatest fans in the world. It was a great run. The memories will last forever. Good bye #RipCity. Sincerely, The People's Champ! Mad love forever!
ripcity -
ariferrari9 : We will miss you ❀️
sheen_bean1212 : So sad to see you go. Thank you for everything! β™‘ Take care, you'll always have a soft spot in our hearts... Wish you nothing but the best in Denver!
enlightend_maniac : Its a crazy thing to be able to say I walked the halls with a cat that got so much love for the game...just know man wherever you go your drive and skill going to make people respect you
dwight_morris : You were one of my top 5 favorite blazers man, I'm gonna miss you - t rob too. Hopefully you can find your way back here someday! This fool Batum be fuckin up too much, so once we get rid of him I'm sure you'll be our guy ;)
chrispbacon13 : @young_affonso the man from 2kπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
chibby_ogu15 : @wte1022
wte1022 : πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯😭😭😭😭😭 @chibby_ogu15
davidfranks_and_sherry : Good luck to u buddy I'm gonna miss u seeing u in clackamas mall lol
zhalsey - alex_villanueva22 - kholiva88 - javrx__ -
willthethrillb5 - Will Barton
headprotector -
katietheostrich : You're my favorite, we'll miss you in PDX Thrill!
kiiddaviid : My favorite blazer got traded 😭😭 miss you bro
haydenlowrie23 : Good luck we will miss you 😭😭
sonderp30 : We will miss you!!
gabycancel : I will miss you
juliiibrooo : We'll miss ya Will the thrill
howe.fierce : I was so upset when I heard today. We will miss you in rip city!
foreverprettytye : 😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘I love you 😩😩and miss you so much bro !!! @willthethrillb5 #didntevenknoit
churn_it - calvinmosher - ronnieron46 - fudjo78 -
willthethrillb5 - Will Barton
Was this way my whole life, still is this way more then ever, gonna always be this way. This is what got me this far & it's gonna get me to where I wanna go. Driven to success at an obsessive level.
ethiopiangoddiss : 24:7 🎨
ace_lace : @davidaanderson all day
born_2.b_wild : Or a kid who forgot to do his homework and remembered it right before he fell asleep then stayed to all night.
nessassarydesigns : Thats me! 😊
a1_hustl3r : Me 2 shorty I'm always up
n8_davis : MVP 2015
h13ou : @shaabooya
foxstudios : @chinaralive2dance you know it. Wide awake @3am! 😳
tru_manchev - kevo_kj - fudjo78 - cgeorge3_ -
willthethrillb5 - Will Barton
#monster #beastmode
beastmode - monster -
samipitts12 : @rem_dmc
hokusszokus : @stephboychuk
gavin_lane2 : @j.b.2
iamveelo : Mad cute! 😍
simysimca : sooooooo cute πŸ™ŠπŸ™ˆπŸ˜
sydthekid657 : @eeezymissbreezy your child better look like this
isaiaharellano1 : @risaa_lovee
cmcloughlin13 : @annamcmurray
annieumi - xoyvanna - sheen_bean1212 - kingpolofresh86 -
willthethrillb5 - Will Barton
colingilby : Too suave. Mark Morrison would be proud
a1_hustl3r : Icey , keep killing the comp‼️
willthethrillb5 : It's in our blood u know how we do @a1_hustl3r
kingof_checkin : Snap up with me bruh
_hairismyhustle : Hey Fam!! Long time.....Tracy from Memphis me and Pops used to hang out here.....tell him im trying to get in touch with him plz and thanks!
audia4s : You will be missed defiantly nephews fav u and t rob. @willthethrillb5 before u leave i know wont get a reply but if nephew can get autograohed
audia4s : Jersey
jefe_btb : πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ŽπŸ”Œ
lilfreshsam - xoyvanna - edu_tornero3 - missangelagail -
willthethrillb5 - Will Barton
Did this for you. Happy Valentine's Day
andrew_mckee02 : 1
kiidiosa : ❀️❀️
bridgetownaviation : Zers is the dumbest nickname ever @milespanako
ace5thomas - monikha.son - rh.xxo - _kikislim -
willthethrillb5 - Will Barton
Just like bruddas #PTF @_tonebarton2
ptf -
n8_davis : V
n8_davis : P
trainwr3ck : I hope #PTF drops for the public. I need that hat in my life. It's perfect, and comes from one of my favorite players my favorite team! My lady keeps tellin me to stop getting new hats... HA! HELL NAH.
_mello5 : πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―
jahrellh : @willthethrillb5 @_tonebarton2 .. good seeing my guys in the place tonight..
jasonmcobb : Pac is alive...
jan_pdx : @willthethrillb5 you're going to be in the slam dunk contest one year soon! You'd crush it! #nbaallstars
nike_boyss : Couple goons in the cut
jackbeastinout - brianan - nvelu2 - eamon_tha_og -
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