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williamssonoma - Williams-Sonoma
The best thing about the Inspiralized cookbook is how imaginative you can get with #spiralized veggies while maximizing flavor + staying healthy. For the Chicken Banh Mi Bell Pepper Sandwich, the bun is replaced with a nutritious + crunchy bell pepper, the sauce is made with protein-packed Greek yogurt and the pickled veggies are spiralized! Thanks to Williams Sonoma for letting me takeover, and I hope you all are now #Inspiralized – so pick up a spiralizer + the #InspiralizedCookbook at Williams-Sonoma and start transforming your veggies into exciting, creative meals! xo Ali @Inspiralized #WSTakeover
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catjubs : @tristanjubs This looks very tasty, not that we need a spiralizer to do this
carina737 : @anapaulaviananutri gostei da montagem! Só que mudando alguns ingredientes...
tristanjubs : @catjubs interesting! Never heard of this spiralizer...
sherry7411 : Yummy!
cberman1 : @the_nattieb
charles1979 : @rickjohnson88
dvhoang12 : Sigh @minhnani @tunap00
cetaddei : @scottscamera
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williamssonoma - Williams-Sonoma
The most powerful part of the @Inspiralized cookbook? The front matter! I’ll show you how to meal plan, stock your pantry, prep and of course, you’ll get all my best tips + tricks for #spiralized cooking. All of the recipes are meant to be easy, approachable and healthy – they even have nutritional information to help keep you on track! xo Ali @Inspiralized #WSTakeover #inspiralizedcookbook Click the link in our profile for a recipe sneak peek on the #WSTaste blog!
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jerhardtxo : πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹
thesimplefare : Just got mine delivered today. Zucchini with garlic and parm coming up! πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ
bee_aguilar_24 : @kalunggay
kam.iron : Insprinalazed...i cant pronounce it...i kept thinking pralines...chocolates..
edsoncrosara : @camilaacrosaraa
ayoksdavis : @inspiralized Go Ali!!!!
mascarofamilyfoods : Beautiful
celieisa : @madamalice
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These Everything Bagel Buns are made of #spiralized potatoes, seasoned with “everything bagel” spices (poppy seeds, onion powder, garlic powder, salt!) They're easy to make. All you need are eggs to bind the potatoes. They’re also #glutenfree, vegetarian and packed with protein! I like to top mine with fresh ricotta. How will you Inspiralize your breakfast? xo Ali @Inspiralized #WSTakeover #inspiralizedcookbook
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ashl3yburgin : @mydogben umm yum!!!
ali2me : @mandytoomey
abbycrockett : Yummy looks good
laurenlacorte : @laurenalyssa242 now
mascarofamilyfoods : Mmmmmm
whatjewwannaeat : @mrs_hl yes!!!
amandaradford : @angeliestaal
azager : @fermented_gratification
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williamssonoma - Williams-Sonoma
Morning! It’s me, Ali Maffucci from @Inspiralized, the food blog dedicated to cooking creatively and healthfully with the #spiralizer. The spiralizer has transformed not only my body but my life! Less than 2 years ago, I quit my corporate job to pursue my dreams of creating a community around spiralizing, through my site Inspiralized.com. Now, I have a cookbook and I get to share it with you! Follow along today for some of my favorite recipes from the book! #WSTakeover #inspiralizedcookbook
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pinksylk : @nguyenienguyens , follow @inspiralized !! And buy you one...veggie pasta!!
melaniegpalmer : @sarahnazo wait woah...
karenbarrow : @chelseafrancis
thecouturepalate : This confirmed I should buy a spiralizer
healthynatty : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ to quitting your job to follow your dream x
merryme63 : Good for you!!
seeannsave : @xtinablake Have you tried Spiralizing???
xtinablake : Yes @seeannsave, I have one. I like it but don't use that often.
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williamssonoma - Williams-Sonoma
Hi, it’s Ali Maffucci from @Inspiralized, the ultimate source for cooking with the #spiralizer! Tomorrow, I’m taking over Williams-Sonoma’s Instagram to share a sneak peek from my new cookbook, Inspiralized, available online + in select WS stores! If you’ve been curious about spiralizing or already spiralize and need new ideas, you’re in luck! Follow along with #WSTakeover. #inspiralizedcookbook
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leahgordon34 : @dantonow
corpollock : @jhuss__
caitie_nn : @allie_tn
smhamman : @isatorras92 @gone_with_the_lindz
isatorras92 : @smhamman @gone_with_the_lindz we have to get together and cook again!
birdrockfab : @jaconsultants Making this! Thanks for tagging.
jaconsultants : Fantastic, @birdrockfab - it does look 'fab'!
jocdrennan28 : Oh hey someone pretty great gave me that cook book 😜😘 @jaynemh
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williamssonoma - Williams-Sonoma
Cheers to the weekend! We're ready for margaritas, tacos and guacamole. For an extra festive Cinco de Mayo party, #setthetable with our colorful Veracruz + Rustic Melamine Dinnerware. Click our profile link to shop and get 20% off outdoor entertaining essentials. #fiestafriday
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hana_73_ : @em_ralph4
raewyne851 : @karenne14 just like Keith's fabulous dinner πŸ‹πŸ‹πŸΈπŸΈπŸ΄πŸ΄πŸΉπŸΉπŸ˜πŸ˜
ah_anjinho : @shelleyburt @Mels_Corner @CandyEfstathiou This sounds like a fabulous party idea! πŸ˜€
mnicole.love : Yum
myblueberrylife_leni : Nice plates!!
thuglife0509 : @cashoff
mnmiller12 : @knielsenmorris
angelicavelasquez : @lauraureta10 😱
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williamssonoma - Williams-Sonoma
Dessert for breakfast? Always a good idea. πŸ‘πŸ» @amandahaascooks stopped by @dominiqueansel's new bakery, #DominiqueAnselKitchen for Raspberry Passion Fruit Pavlova. #AmandainNYC
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liseyco : ❀️❀️ gorgeous
amandahaascooks : I have to say, it was one of the tastiest desserts I've ever had!
lolisorganicnutbutters : Yes Pls πŸŒΏπŸ“
najbechara72 : @catherine_bechara_
anjdiggity : @adanich I gotta go
casanacalifornia : @v.veschi_xavier65 Vania olha isso
v.veschi_xavier65 : Te agradeço, que delícia!!! Bjsss Buona notte!!!!
parkviewproduce : Always :)
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williamssonoma - Williams-Sonoma
No one does high tea like @palacehotelsf! Their delicious sweet and savory menu was accompanied by a trio of Williams-Sonoma teas (Jasmine Green, Peppermint, Earl Grey). Check out more pics from the event --> #WSMothersDay
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brittanylwilliams6812 : @rachwade yes please!!
murklesquirt : @cecordell lets go!!!!!
roula_c : Beautiful @rachwade 😍
limbobo : @willypro21 we need to go back!
zeynepbalkanoglu : @selozi
yolande1007 : @williamssonoma Just had high tea there for my birthday 2 weeks ago! Loved it!!!!
willypro21 : Awww @limbobo
urbanerin : @l.m.89
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williamssonoma - Williams-Sonoma
Time for tea! We're celebrating Mother's Day with some of our favorite SF bloggers at the beautiful Garden Court at @palacehotelsf. Thank you to the lovely @caitlinflemming for hosting with us! #WSMothersDay
wsmothersday -
dylanrgraham : @coffeemonster271 tea ❀️
o2body : Beautiful
appierance : @lovesthegym #agreedmagical
lovesthegym : @vwofficial πŸ΄πŸ’•
lilylowang : @imarco24
nativekiicha : @olivia_chilcote is this where u went for tea , wow !
olivia_chilcote : @nativekiicha yeah! It was so nice! Oldest hotel in SF. Apparently where that is now is where they used to keep the horses of the hotel guests, haha β˜•οΈπŸ°πŸ΄
florencemeats : @agoriup
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williamssonoma - Williams-Sonoma
For our culinary director @amandahaascooks, guacamole is must when it comes to taco toppings. Click our profile link to get one of our favorite recipes, just in time for Cinco de Mayo weekend! #AmandainNYC #tacotime
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candijinnette : Bury me with Avocado!
skyjewls : πŸ’š
jimmy.conroy : @amandahaascooks, can you get me a job? I really like to use food to feel great as well.
jhesikamenes : @thealexandraarnold Bahahahaha
itsaboottime : @sarapro yummmmmn!
sk8jenny3 : @wakakaia
michellepineda : @cesar_lau
quimusabe : Plant those pits
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