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wilco - wilco
Tweedy take their new album Sukierae door-to-door in Nick Offerman-directed "Low Key" music video. Watch it here: http://bit.ly/Tweedy_LowKey
gogwen : @schirmta @mamend21
megbacher : @sheenam81 Aw, they're so cute.
ginkgopapers : @oldjawbone
idiotwind : @leahjagt @blargsticals
groveteer : Wtf?
megincali : Awesome album (s) awesome video
annaalexeb : Love.
gmfeld : Best video ever
leahjagt - kittykatatat - oldermostmusic - flagstaffgirl2 -
wilco - wilco
The Tweedy men and their muse, Sukierae (Susie). #tbtweedy
tbtweedy -
misscls : Awww. Thanks for sharing all these gorgeous photos of your family!! Sending all my love!
jojodunc : Drumsticks indeed! @spencertweedy @wilco
rickminden : Tweedy a great album !
paigekenmore : @sahokornegay he was supposed to be mine πŸ˜‚
ssathoma : Cute pic of the fam! That's what it's about!
lisajaneolsen : Lovin' it!!!
destlund116 : Saw you guys in Ithaca last night. Is there an emoji for a blown mind? Thank you for such a memorable experience. Love you and also what you love!
breparker42 : Album is fantastic! Perfectly chill πŸ‘Œ
talelalevy - lilac_rain_ - mancunadian - bradconwill -
wilco - wilco
Live stream TWEEDY's Sukierae album release show at @bam_brooklyn tonight. 9pm EST. http://bit.ly/TWEEDY_Live #TWEEDY #TweedyLive
tweedylive - tweedy -
seanwiberg : Now there's a dad and a son
marcelofrizon : Yeah! Brazil!
encyclovadia : The jean jackets are strong with these ones
semitwang : @encyclovadia πŸ˜„
lucyloss : Photo credit @piperferguson
ksanmartin1 : @encyclovadia shit! I bought a jean jacket and this album today!
phairlady66 : Philly show was awesome! Still in a good mood from it and singing new tunes!!
robertashdown - molconnelly - tammeco - antsala -
wilco - wilco
It’s release day for Tweedy’s Sukierae. Head down to your local record shop and pick one up!
unclecrappy : My Summer of Wilco: Tweedy in Pittsburgh in June, Wilco in Akron to start this month and Sukierae in the mail yesterday. Can't beat it.
strawberrycircus : Can't wait to see tweedy tonight in Brooklyn!
noemisandra : Como se nota que es hijo de su padre menudo clon!
litwaart : Sweet
rainydaystamps : Can't wait to pick this up. Hope you can find it in Vietnam @bazhanco
bazhanco : Thanks @rainydaystamps
corydlewis76 : The album is amazing guys. Been listening via Spotify and can't wait to pick it up on vinyl. If I had to pick a favorite track (so tough), it would be Diamond Light Pt. 1. Those rambling beats mixed with Jeff's smooth rolling vocal melodies kill me.
phairlady66 : This is an incredible record!!!
littlebaygirl - dpm1973 - dixiebomb - magazine333 -
wilco - wilco
"It's the rare chance to follow one of rock's thinkers as he goes off wandering without a map or a professional care about the results — crucially, without his mind getting in the way." Listen to Tweedy's Sukierae album in its entirety on NPR First Listen now.
joshcarus_ : Sounds great! Can't wait for the 23rd
jamesbiagiotti : @valet_parker
garriele : This record is amazing, makes me wanna cry.
steveoas : @carlyoconnell
jerdearman75 : I preordered and have been listening to 7 of the songs non-stop. Awesome album.
isainfantine : πŸ”Šβ€οΈ
shepardsphotos : Great record y'all!
vezpinoz : @entremez Lo reconoces? Jajajajja que amooooor.
cpg68 - nakalve - mineyan1225 - karyntn -
wilco - wilco
First there was Brando, then there was Tweedy... #tbtweedy http://bit.ly/sukierae
tbtweedy -
greenskeptic : Contenders.
jbrown860 : junior badasses!
victoria_rosales : hearts in eyes
slushfundband : Our arch nemesis....
1234fein : @meredithkatz
biancalevon : @thais_toni :)
thaddaeusluper : Those are proper B.A. Smiles...
todd_kato : 3 FONZIS .... Ehhhhh
invisiblechef - karyntn - idecaminhas - lilmisslou -
wilco - wilco
Big news for Wilco’s 20th anniversary (yes, 20 years. We can't believe it either). Tour dates announced & new releases coming. http://wilcoworld.net/
laura.leone5 : @mariamichelleeee
bust_it_big : ...and no date for Cain's Ballroom #inconceivable
giovist : @paolodina_ 😱!!!
follefille : No LA dates? 😭
virgilcain : Two great guitarist. .., making beautiful music ...... This doesn't happen that much anymore .... I know it's there i know the band ;) but these 2 are timeless and such a treasure ! Thank you WiLcO
orangeflux : Congrats on 20 years! We were at that Navy Pier beer fest show for AM, and we're still fans! Hope to catch you guys on this tour. Happy 20th!
dinosaur67 : Omg..20 years. I'm old now. I listen to Being There and Summerteeth and it transports me back in time...which is nice. Thank you Wilco and I love you.
thecoolestchickever_duh : Holyyyy! @dewdrop.s πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
todd_kato - elenasimandan - bigbluedesk - theysaycc -
wilco - wilco
The Tweedy Boys: Sammy and Spencer lookin' sharp in today's #tbtweedy photo. Spencer (left) plays drums on Jeff's new album Sukierae, out September 23. Share your Tweedy-inspired photos with us tagged #tbtweedy.
tbtweedy -
isainfantine : πŸ’™πŸ’š
m_schwantes : Spencer still looks exactly the same.
cristinitazgz83 : ¡Guapos! ;)
thais_toni : @biancalevon
xxxjimaxxx : So cuuuute !!!!
ryokocriedwolf : What a cutie xx
ruby_claire : Time flies !
shepardsphotos : I can't wait to hear you play Spencer!!!! Athens, ga love!
carterbass67 - danlevity - elenasimandan - om28vs -
wilco - wilco
It's time we throw a spin on the usual Throwback Thursday. Each Thursday leading up to the release of Sukierae, we'll be sharing throwback photos handpicked by the Tweedy clan. Share your photos with us using the hashtag #tbtweedy and we'll post some of our favorites as Sept. 23 approaches...
tbtweedy -
mengfer : @mattengfer
dartfarm : I am going to start doing throwback Thursday because of this.
abby_thoma : @ssathoma
bia_figueiredo : @jgabrielveras
jgabrielveras : @bia_figueiredo
jgabrielveras : πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–
theseaner : Yes it is @mccoyseitz
tbarr1 : @bonethrower
drakeiswaves - brandoneast - ftr600r - jrbfryer -
wilco - wilco
Glenn will settle in at Chicago's Old Town School of Folk Music November 4-7 for a 4 night residency; a first of any kind, and in his neighborhood. 11/7 solo show onsale this Friday (8/22) Workshop tickets on sale now. http://glennkotche.com/chicago2014/
gringofusilero : @magsy79 πŸ‘
viking611 : @kevinyarger
thawkinson : @eljefehak we should go to Chicago together to visit Perla & GiGi & happen to see this :)
eljefehak : @thawkinson yup
rubeez67 : Hot drummer. And not even heavy metal!
photoleon01 : Highly recommended @kkalou. I saw Glenn in Brooklyn this summer & loved it. After all it's only a hop, skip & a puddle jump.
stateofjefferson : @and_davidson I'm missing it too man. Looking forward to the new Tweedy record tho
and_davidson : @stateofjefferson awesome that he's touring with his son
arianaallene - chicago_drum_exchange - tired76 - elenasimandan -
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