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92 2117
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49 2024
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wilco - wilco
Wilco at Red Rocks. July 14. 😎
rockymtnjaime : @forlornscape are you coming?
menezsoa : Return to Rio !!!!
crosskotula : Great venue and what's sure to be a great show!
zil999 : @mhhalps of course that is during the one week we will be out of town this summer!
strawberrycircus : It's very hard to not drop everything and hit the road for this show. solid sound is my solace.
springsteen75 : @klabberdaddykarl I love this band!! πŸ‘
rachelann1966 : That will be an amazing show!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
francescaa_68 : can't wait!!! xxxxxx
germain.david - bakedbychar - esq_katsu - engelkate -
wilco - wilco
@johnhodgman's taking over the @solidsoundfest Instagram today. He wants your questions (and your attendance at Wilco's curated fest at @massmoca in North Adams, MA on June 26-28).
addisoncurthipodtouch : @amyhimebaugh
amyhimebaugh : @addisoncurthipodtouch go bosstown!!! Take that @zo.ho
zo.ho : @addisoncurthipodtouch @zo.ho @amyhimebaugh fuck off bitches
jbraymusic : @jessebrayman @jbraltimore
doodonnell : @chrisloughran :)
electricmoonrise : Head on down to San Antonio ... Or Boerne , how bout Boerne ;)
triphopcr : @mrbobcr ojo al mae de la intro, igualito a ustes haha
tropicodelcapricorno : I see him in "mozart in the jungle". Ciao from Italy!
snooba_ - blauralynne - esq_katsu - pollywantsherhealth -
wilco - wilco
Nels shreds // Indianapolis, IN. #Wilco20
wilco20 -
poodlejess : Impossible germAny | unlikely Japan
poodlejess : Louisville ky!!
poodlejess : Ask for poodle Jess
nlybarr : !!!!
jakdaddyo : @corydlewis76 @cmlewis78 Nels rules.
chinesewhiteman : Best guitarist ever.
jrrffkovo : Great show and great guitar playing...as always!
grillotina : Argentina! We love wilco here! Pleasee!
kegan.clark - jrrffkovo - adamturer - tdmulhern -
wilco - wilco
Indy tonight. Everyone is welcome. #Wilco20
wilco20 -
moro502 : @wilco can't wait to see you in louisville tomorrow!!
nicky_f_baby : That Indiana show that was once canceled @nandarod @bertasilva25
swoods50 : Great stripped down encore - thanks for playing.
rellisnw : @lghcole
fletchdog21 : It was amazing
alisylvia : Amazing concert!
dallas01cowboys : Wow - what an amazing concert! love you guys! Can't wait to see you again tomorrow!
jbirdshamo : Of all the times I've seen you, this was by far the best! An insanely great concert
stayfittogether06 - tyler.b.dolan - santiagocollado99 - arthurduarteneto -
wilco - wilco
Timeline Retrospective: Submissions Wanted. Win @solidsoundfest or headline show tix. Details on Wilco Facebook. #Wilco20
wilco20 -
jhominha : BEST BAND EVER ♥♥♥♥
jhominha : COME TO BRAZIL
janmlopes : Come to Brazil (2)!!!!
janmlopes : Or else, play do in Chicago between july 24th and august 4th... :)
tancabel : I love Wilco and have seen them twice in the Twin Cites.
f_abbate : @strawberrycircus you need to do this.
strawberrycircus : @f_abbate whoa, Wilco and scrapbooking, my two favorite things!!!! Pretty sure I have all of our tickets dating back to the 90's...
vinyl_4ever : I don't Facebook @Wilco but I still support you...
1976octopus - _ted_griffith_ - arthurduarteneto - santiagocollado99 -
wilco - wilco
@spencertweedy has taken over the @solidsoundfest Instagram today. Follow along now. Spencer returns to Solid Sound Festival on June 28 as the drummer of Tweedy, a band with his father Jeff Tweedy, Jim Elkington, Darin Gray and Liam Cunningham.
danreedmilam : @ryanmilamtime I wish we were attending
ryanmilamtime : @danreedmilam right
vinyl_4ever : @katgering go to there!
adarneezy : Thanks for doing that guys! Nice to see ya @spencertweedy
thegkump : @wamby This would be a great show in STL
tweedybootlicker : got my ✈️ tix yesterday #🌝
andrewgeraci : Great set in Memphis last night, lots of love! "Secret of the Sea" is one of my favorites. And "In the Street" with Jody was the best way possible to end the festival.
hanafrenette : Any posters from last night or new ones to the tour??
arthurduarteneto - music_holder - theloftchicago - blauralynne -
wilco - wilco
Great day for playing hooky if you ask us. Tweedy at @vintagevinyl in St. Louis. #TWEEDY
tweedy -
ksofiakodner : @glicktrick
katyhall777 : Hey there's me and @langkg ! πŸ‘πŸ˜
ashleechappell : Your Salt Lake show sold out before it even went on sale to the general public. πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”
etvedt : @lorentvedt
lorentvedt : He's a cool guys @etvedt
wilco : @ashleechappell send us an email at info@tmmchi.com. We may be releasing a few tix soon. - Wilco HQ
tonesmalone : @instagram_parsons_ nawwe I wish, you seeing wilco in the fl keys?
instagram_parsons_ : @tonesmalone missed em when they came to universal studios home of shrek
schultzmicah6 - luis.fundo - theloftchicago - oklamerica -
wilco - wilco
Behind the boards. Beale Street Music Festival in Memphis last night. #Wilco20
wilco20 -
_sky_hank_ : Psyched for Cinci tomorrow
oliviagrace31 : Can't wait to see you guys again in Atlanta!
cfrayer : So glad I have great taste and booked you for @winnipegfolkfestival with @dawestheband and @jennydianelewis ! 😜
superjentendo : See you tonight in stl ✌🏻
eesin_bah : But that setlist tho
springsteen75 : Chicago is still the best!!
thirdcoasting : Thanks for coming to Sun Fest! Please come back to South Florida soon. @wilco
ohokaybeth : @manda_4ever see us up there?
shawna.robertson - schultzmicah6 - generallee1024 - thetraincatcher -
wilco - wilco
St. Augustine, FL #Wilco20
wilco20 -
teambrandi : #isatandwatchedyoubleed
soundguylance : @taylorpsoutherland I didn't take the photo. Looks like it was by the lighting desk. Was a great show though, sweet set and cool crowd. Best of the tour so far.
wetzilla : No love for the mid north east
mikemotogragh : Wow!!! Key to my Heart!!
mbwhelan : See ya in KC
electricmoonrise : Please come back to San Antonio Texas ... Your concert at Sunset Station was epic !! Love , love , love you guys !
claireemcm : @jbartmcmahon ok look how good this set list is
skizbradley : @bdbradley_
arthurduarteneto - shawna.robertson - greene.patrick -
wilco - wilco
New dates: Bend, OR, Troutdale, OR, Missoula, MT and Salt Lake City, UT. Presale Wed. at 10am local. #Wilco20
wilco20 -
jymez : @laurswasserla @sirwilliamfresh #edibles
twobellesandabeau : @mrrawton yep!! πŸ‘
jrlongo79 : Toronto?
ddeepbblue : uh....where is San Diego on that list??????
stephen522 : @ssschreffler @jbtaylor
shannonmrohe : See you there @simplymarin @beandoggg πŸ™Œ
patrickjacobson : I know it's a long shot, but if you guys ever get up to the Yukon... hey, I'd even come to Alaska.
quixola : @wilco you're playing the red butt, but no midatlantic bookings. Holy angel moroni batman!
_ted_griffith_ - matteoneil - vintagemarketclothing - santiagocollado99 -
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