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whippycake - Becki
#Repost @veryjane with @repostapp. ・・・ Wanna get a box in the mail from THE one and only @whippycake? 😘 Tomorrow you can buy a Mommy Mailbox--a monthly subscription box for stylish women containing 4-6 lifestyle, fashion, beauty and home décor items--and get the August box from Whip! Each @mommymailbox is curated by a well-known mom blogger who includes their trendy faves. Products in the box retail for 2-3x the amount of a box subscription, so it's kiiind of a big deal! #sneakpeekage I have a pretty good feeling you are going to love what I picked out for the August box. Who ordered one? Can't wait to reveal all the pretties! 🎉
sneakpeekage - repost -
bulajula : @alicinc
tdel910 : @camdeoa
racharachs : Is it too soon to start watching out the window?
aliya_tubbs : You even have the fancy crinkly paper!😉😉😉
whippycake : Um, no it's not. I can't even wait to get it in the mail. @racharachs I hope you love it. @hjetland123
gourmetpeach : Just placed my first order. So excited!
maddy_jolie : I'm ordering this as a thank you gift for my sister in law who threw my baby shower and has given us so many valuable hand me downs. I can't wait for her to get it each month!😊
veryjane : Sooo excited for this 😍!!! Love ya, Whip 😘😘
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whippycake - Becki
I gotta' say, I am becoming quite the fan of these facial wipes from @yestocarrots. I got sucked in with the colorful packaging, but the wipes are so cool and refreshing it makes living in Arizona more bearable. I’ve been using these after workouts and the pool, and it’s like a mini shower for my face. 🚿 Sometimes I just leave it on my face so I can pretend I am at the spa getting a foot rub from Tina (in my head Tinas give the best foot rubs). 💁Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, facial wipes for the win, especially at night when it’s late and you don’t feel like going through the whole skin care routine. Plus, exfoliating everyday can cause breakouts, so I like to alternate. Next on my try list are the grapefruit brightening wipes, has anyone tried those? Do I need them or what? #yestofootrubs #yestoskincare #yestocarrots
yestocarrots - yestoskincare - yestofootrubs -
allisor : @krissmith0317 good to know!
classiclyamber : For brightening, have you tried real lemon juice and honey? It's super star stuff!!
liblibby : They're so good! Stay away from the blueberry ones though. Stink city!
callyroo : Tried them all...coconut water & kukui nut my favorite!
tmichel76 : I loved the blueberry wipes too!!
hpengler : Love both the grapefruit and cucumber. I stuck the cucumber ones in the fridge!
whippycake : You guys, now I have to go by the Blueberry ones too. @wifeymamaof2 @patchfam2005 @staceybug @jlanier24 @holllygolightly @tmichel76
wifeymamaof2 : @whippycake One time I was buying the cucumber ones (I think) at Ulta and the cashier told me that I HAD to buy the blueberry ones instead. I've never gone back!!
mike.wazowski_6 - littlebeam19 - shopjolieboheme - missolive23 -
whippycake - Becki
Can you dig these prints? I love mixing and matching, but I always keep the + print in there for my #2015OLW. #more2015 #reminder #jamberry Available here: http://bit.ly/jamnailwraps
jamberry - reminder - more2015 - 2015olw -
amandaelizabeth78 : @sassy_kaylee I got them as a sample and I watched you tube videos on how to apply them.
sassy_kaylee : @amandaelizabeth78 oh darn. Sorry you didn't get all the help you needed for them. I know I was super confused when I first got mine and was terrible at applying them. I ended up asking a lot of questions and practiced applying them when I first got them.
leannchavis : @gracy_is_da_bomb these nails?
skunamuffin : @shannon_paterson27 Whips pink polka is #whitepolkajn layered over #kissmeombrejn. And @akgenz , that's a retired wrap called #femineflairjn
shannon_paterson27 : @skunamuffin oh! DUH! Thank you!!
catherineanneauger : I lurrrrve!!
whippycake : I made a 'Jamberry Nail Wrap Tutorial' that you can find on my blog or YouTube. Be patient with them. @dashofsass_blog And yes I still wear nail polish, but am always disappointed when it's chipped the next day. @nandice1
classiclyamber : Oh how I love the floral + stripes!
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whippycake - Becki
#thatearlymorninglife Most people who know me personally won't believe that I get up at 5:30 am bc I am the extreme opposite of a "morning person." I recently realized you are what you DO, not what you say. Now I get up at 5:30 am and do my most important routines before 7:00 am just because I decided to. You don't need any other reason to do something hard - do it because you want to, decide to do it, and ignore anyone who doubts you or says you can't. Surprise yourself and shock everyone else by doing something you typically "can't" do, bc guess what? You can if you want to! 😉 #surpriselife #more2015 #aboveaverage
aboveaverage - thatearlymorninglife - more2015 - surpriselife -
laurenjadelately : I love this!!
treenawf : Thanks needed to hear that today💚
whippycake : You girls are dominating the morning.  @karritait @lifebeatsproject @brenda_c_hall
myjorgiegirl : Thanks Whippy I needed this!😉
rhonnafarrer : Yay YOU! I know what a sacrifice this is. Love you!
yourliferevamped : I have that shirt! And I need to start doing this I am just so tired!!
classiclyamber : Courage!
lmglimpse : @whippycake, thank you - I really needed to read this today.
karleytillman - la_ladrina - foxysocks3 - warmthfilledlight -
whippycake - Becki
It’s time for a little #AskWhippy. Katie Lane on YT asked about applying matte lipstick without looking like she “ate a crayon." Girl! I feel you. That’s why I’m sharing my top 3 tips for applying #mattelipstick like a pro over on my blog. [link in profile] P.S: The lipstick in this photo is @Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm in "Unapologetic."Have a question? Don’t forget to use #AskWhippy.
mattelipstick - askwhippy -
whippycake : Thanks for the suggestion. I think you just inspired a shopping trip to @Ulta  @stenokitzia
whippycake : What color did you get? @3jlynne You need this color stat! I would just order it online girl. @shainalongstreet
andreakriserboshard : @lindsay_schiess see it's a hit!!
3jlynne : I got an orange and a baby pink
shainalongstreet : Brilliant idea!! 😂👍🏼
lindsay_schiess : Yes! @andreakriserboshard it is!! I went to find it yesterday and it was sold out... But I'm on the hunt! Also I found NYX at target! 👍🏻
lindsay_schiess : @whippycake thanks for the tips! I would love to hear your favorite brand and colors for blonds.
whippycake : @deluxemodern hello Coco darling! How are you!!! Miss your gorgeous face! 😍😘❤️
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whippycake - Becki
Every time I eat a cupcake it goes straight to my butt. #eatallthecake Also, where might one find a giant cupcake pillow such as this? I almost stole this one butt stopped myself. Haha, get it? #isaidbutt 👆#cupcakepillow #want 🍰 UPDATE: found it http://bit.ly/1JQDVb1, thanks Jennifer!
isaidbutt - eatallthecake - want - cupcakepillow -
bellahux : Hair obsessed!!! I just got mine cut like yours!!! Always adorable on u!
bonniebonchic : Me too!
ikymmberly : yep, you said "butt". #GoofyGirl
laceykempt : Where are your overalls from?! So cute!
skiptomyloumydarlin : Love it!!!
dreamingofdietcoke : @jnichols2 I could see you with this haircut. You could rock it!
whippycake : Overalls are from @lightinthebox and Yes they are from the Maternity section and No that doesn't mean I'm pregnant it just means that their sizes run small and they are super comfy. Happy shopping! @jaimekins_ @laceykempt
cashcacherace : @lorilane1972 you need this pillow!
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whippycake - Becki
In place of #MysteryMonday today I’ve got my Etsy shop open for business. When I say FLASH SALE you say “YAY!” Flash sale —> 🙌 “YAY!” Flash sale —> 🙌 “YAY!” Also, it seems like things are selling out super fast so I am sorry in advance if there are slim pickings. Here is the link: http://etsy.com/shop/whippycake  PS. How cute is @jaxnblvd in this pic? Hope you are having an awesome Monday! 😘
mysterymonday -
cris10_casados : Yay!
annacmajor : Her hair!
mrsforrestberry : @pepparrr Håret!
candyapple1 : @jaxnblvd is a hottie!! Love her.
veebutterfly : Kim!!! Woah! U look gorg!♡love the hair and makeup! @jaxnblvd
pepparrr : @mrsforrestberry Ja!!!!
terrgalvan : Oh my gosh!!! I thought she looked familiar! I didn't know all along this was Kim! Holy crap, she is a hottie! @jaxnblvd ❤️
derecashort : So hot I bought her whippycake! So excited!
kalelovesviolet - mike.wazowski_6 - macylew_12 - zillahgigi -
whippycake - Becki
Wait! Put the phone down. Don’t call the salon just yet. Raise your hand if you want to see me take my level 6 brown roots to a bold blonde with a box of #Feria hair color. Yeah, I thought you would. You gotta' see my #LiveinColor video that I created with @lorealparisusa. At-home color has upped its game, and I’m spreading the word. Everybody needs a platinum moment in her life. I promise, you will not be disappointed. [link in profile] #LiveInColor #LiveInFeria #ExtremePlatinum
feria - liveinferia - gasp - magentaincidentin2010 - liveincolor - cringe - extremeplatinum -
whippycake : You do need it! I've been wearing this color A LOT. It's Revlon ColorBurst Matte Lip Balm in "Unapologetic". Let me know if you try another color. You know I love me a matte lip. @katefendrick
whippycake : Awe, thanks for the love. If you decide to tone your hair after this product, you can follow my instructions for the toner I use at home in my "How to Color Platinum Blonde Hair" on YouTube. If you have questions after watching just leave me a comment on there and I'm happy to help. @anva76
thesocialdeco : @badass_makeup1 thought you might be interested in this 💁
aayotte93 : Do you draw on your eyebrows? @whippycake
beautygardenbecca : For the ladies that try this and ruin their hair, feel free to give me a call after. I'll take care of you! Take that 7$ that you'd spend on that box color and go get yourselves a dirty diet coke instead. 😘😘
rogers_hollymichelle : I am also a hairdresser with platinum hair and I applaud you for your tutorial for those who can't afford us to do their hair. Not everyone is made of money and the fact you recognize that and still want to help is awesome! Separates you from the rest! Of coarse we all want that clientele but showing people that you care more about them vs what's goes into your pocket is a better way of promoting yourself! So relax hairdressers!! We all should take a step back and remember why we started in this business in the first place! I for one want to help everyone look their best box color or not ! Good job @whippycake !
rhonnafarrer : 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
whippycake : @rogers_hollymichelle your comment is amaze and very much appreciated. You said it better than I could. XOXO! 😘❤️
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whippycake - Becki
A lot of people I really care about are facing some heavy challenges right now. From financial burdens, illness, and loss of loved ones, life can be a little bit too much sometimes. I'm thankful we could make it to the temple tonight and for the peace and clarity I find there. It helps remind me to pray for others because everyone is struggling with something. I hope tonight your burdens are light and that you know you are loved immensely. Consider this a virtual hug from me to anyone who needs one. 💕 XOXO 💕
em_max3 : Thank you for this
auntiefern : Very sweet Becki
houseofsmiths : ❤️❤️❤️
derecashort : I love to see the temple!
terrgalvan : Love U!
styledsimplicity : Love the temple! Great place to be.
katie_vintage : ❤️❤️❤️
rhonnafarrer : Love you.
greatskin_stacy - littlebeam19 - sincerelymariphotography - alahandra_robless -
whippycake - Becki
Hey, remember that one time I tried to surprise you with a pink announcement? Well...just kidding. Turns out I spoke too soon, and this is something I can't share about until next month. #mybad #openmouth #insertfoot (SPOILER: I am not pregnant). In other news, I have been wearing a lot of pink lately, including my new lippy crayons from @butterlondon, does that sort of count? #pinkobsessed #butterlondon
openmouth - mysterymonday - insertfoot - mybad - butterlondon - pinkobsessed -
whippycake : I found this top at Forever21 quite a while ago. It's a crop top that I wear over a maxi dress. @_darien_yott_
_darien_yott_ : Ok
whippycake : This @butterlondon Lippy is 'Primrose Hill Picnic'. I talk about these new lip crayons in my last #MysteryMonday episode. @olsenchic81 @valeriemckeehan Also, I picked up these shades from @framedewe, they are 'Anne et Valentin' @melissawaldrum
framedewe : 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
melissawaldrum : Thank you @whippycake 😘
danajolene3 : What color and brand is your lipstick?? 😍 @whippycake
danajolene3 : Oops sorry just saw the color in the comments! 😉 @whippycake
madonmad12 : L❤️ve your sunglasses!! & pink lippy💋
bisoupanda - lovely_links_jewelry - katt_mustaine - coralcreamcup -
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