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whippycake - Becki
Go ahead and have that treat today and tomorrow too. Save your #willpower for something bigger, better, and more important. Find out why I give myself permission to indulge everyday in my latest post, plus my summer flavor outfit of the day. Warning: cravings for #froyo will follow. [clickable link in profile] #yumyum in the #tumtum #guiltfree #todaystoppings
todaystoppings - tumtum - froyo - yumyum - guiltfree - willpower -
shaunswhiplash : I want to treat myself to those shoes and bag!
modestlyhot : Want your shirt!!
joannaryan : πŸ’—πŸ’—
baygooch : @alexmdillard shirt
hoppiquilts : I agree with your outlook on life! I'm all about treats :)
theoriginalpartybagcompany : 🎈
avlmom : Wow! Very profound.
bearstreet : Your hair....YES!
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whippycake - Becki
Just got the carpets cleaned... Cat rolls all over it. πŸ˜’ #letmehelpyou #meetfence
letmehelpyou - meetfence -
namaste28 : #worming
hopie81201 : Time for a lion cut. πŸ˜‚
kelleehawk : Love that rug, please share!!!
kell_bell_75 : Is it a rug or actual carpet! Super cute!
melfoos : @whippycake, that ruggggg!! Do tell where you found that beauty #droll
gardengirl2012 : I, like the other IG ers, love that rug and where did you get it?????
maelynnf : She/he is claiming it πŸ˜ƒ
msbecky : Yes @whippycake where did the rug come from? Thanks!
me_myself_and_micah - jc_wallen - lynzirlou - opinionsalamode -
whippycake - Becki
Today is your last chance to snag Cents of Style's The Diamond Drop box featuring this gorgeous fringed Kimono and two toned chain necklace for just $15.95 + FREE SHIPPING. You can’t find a better deal than that. [link in profile] #styleinabox
styleinabox -
livemiddlecoast : Goodness gracious cuteness :)
ec1281 : Where did you get the shoes! !!!!???? We need to know!!!!
pretty_in_ink_23 : Booties!!! ❀️😻❀️😻
cindy_loo_who1 : Ordered!!!
whippycake : Booties are from @lightinthebox. They are are comfy wedge bootie. Here is at short link to the website: http://bit.ly/1N5GOv1 @ec1281 @pretty_in_ink_23 I have much better photos of the shoes on my blog.
whippycake : WhooHoo! You are going to love this combo. I will be wearing this necklace for the rest of the year. @cindy_loo_who1
lauraehayes : @whippycake How tall are you? Don't know how the kimono would work in me because of height...
whippycake : @lauraehayes I am 5'4 😊
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whippycake - Becki
At church today someone told Lo that her dress was ugly. πŸ˜’ I asked her if she thought her dress was ugly and she said "no, I like my dress!" I told her that she knows what she likes better than anyone else and that's all that matters. You don't need permission to like yourself or to have your own personal style. You do you, you little rebel! #nopermissionneeded #rhonnadesigns
rhonnadesigns - nopermissionneeded -
alliejocarlson : I πŸ’— this!
janimal66 : @amandamoser1 I think this Is a great message for #missh
mjcastleton : "Do You, Boo"
jluck89 : Adorable
vlogtonowhere : Great advice, your daughter is blessed to have you as her mother. Love this!
grace_given_gifts_ : Adorable and so true ! Thanks for sharing
mcspiteri : @alitelford for Maddy
saharaamburns : Who does that?! At church none the less! How rude 😱
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whippycake - Becki
I have been packing up, cleaning up, and de-hoarding my house for the last 4 weeks in preparation to list it for sale next week and I am getting TIRED. 😩 I have vowed to never have that much clutter again! I also vow to spy on my kids more while they play because pretending and imagination is the most adorable thing, that and the panty tuck! 😝 #cantadult #somuchstuff #wishiwasakidagain
somuchstuff - cantadult - wishiwasakidagain -
bybeki : The chaos of "clearing" makes you choose choose choose, but you end up with more space. ...IF you don't re-fill LOL. @whippycake
mrssugarfang : We are doing same thing here. I am overwhelmed with how much stuff we all have :( everyday I have been trying to get rid of a few things cause I do not want to be packing up clutter and garbage to bring in a move lol
seviance31 : Love this!!! Bless you on all your cleaning and moving!!!
terrgalvan : Oh the panty tuck!! πŸ˜‚
skye_ojp : The cutest! I am always spying on my kids playing, especially Ever. So entertaining.
athriftymom : Adorable!!!!!
famousfootwear : @whippycake She's adorable! You’re an amazing mom, and for that we’d like to send you a stylish surprise! #momlikeaboss Paste this link into your browser to learn more: http://bit.ly/momlikeaboss
whippycake : @famousfootwear sounds exciting! I can't wait to check it out! Thank you for the sweet comment! ❀️
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whippycake - Becki
I don't normally post about news or other people's personal affairs, but in this particular case, I feel strongly that I should voice my thoughts. Earlier this week, a mother (Cherish) had a devastating experience when she made a terrifying mistake. This poor mother was then harassed and berated by thousands through social media. What was already a traumatic experience became blown up to catastrophic proportion. All I can say is I have four kids as well, and I have made mistakes, only my mistakes were not publicized on every news and social media platform in the nation. I can promise you, this mom will lecture, torment, and hate herself more than anyone out there saying the down right vicious things that have been posted about her. I want Cherish to know I am praying for her and her family, I am thinking of her in this horrible time of her life and sending happy thoughts and love her way. I am praying for others to have kindness, understanding, and soft hearts towards her. Cherish, you are not alone, my family supports you. I hope you are finding peace, joy, and comfort among the chaos and negativity. πŸ’• XOXO #istandwithcherish #ichoosekindness #rhonnadesigns
rhonnadesigns - istandwithcherish - ichoosekindness -
danidx11 : I love Instagram. Reaction to this same post on FB was horrifying. My heart goes out to Cherish and her family. #compassion
mommytatia : I couldn't agree more. You are such a beautiful soul Becki. I add my prayers too. #istandwithcherish
mallory_classyclutter : Prayers for her!!! #istandwithcherish πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—
jannaweiss : I have no idea what mistake she made, but all I can say is Amen! Stay strong, Cherish!
iheartaz : Yes! Thank you for sharing.
brennanlau : I agree 100%. Thanks for sharing!
christine.higgins : Well said... And I love your other hashtag too #ichoosekindness
bybeki : I don't know about this situation, but any of us are just one decision away from disaster. Wouldn't we want someone to care or listen to us? We were all broken at one time, now we are learning how to become better. #chooseprayer
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whippycake - Becki
It’s my birthday, and if you’re new around here, then you have to know that my favorite way to celebrate my birthday is with a bunch of #RAOK. I’ve posted a birthday recap on my blog for you to catch up on all my favorite #birthday moments and RAOKs. [clickable link in profile] You can also tune in on Periscope all day for all sorts of birthday shenanigans! I have some surprises and sneak attacks planned on unsuspecting people. #RAOK  #hellokindness #SpreadingFreakingSunshine ™
raok - spreadingfreakingsunshine - birthday - hellokindness -
shawnamerlin : Hope you have a lovely wonderful FUN birthday! You are such a beautiful and bright soul...enjoy your special day!
studiodejado : Happy birthday!πŸŽ‰πŸ° can't wait to see what surprises you have planned!
aubreytubbs : Happy birthday beautiful sister. I love you and all the goodness you share.
theprincipledtype : Birthday Girl. Happy another year wiser :)
kelsyng : Yasssssss!! Sharing is caring. Happy Birthday gorgeous! πŸ’œ
bernice.leone : Happy Birthday!
mimilpsgalaxycatofficial : @whippycake I'm related to skye!!!!:3πŸ’˜πŸ˜
gayenewton72 : Happy Birthday!
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whippycake - Becki
Sometimes life is messy. #bts #paintshoot
paintshoot - bts -
brennanlau : You're adorable!
brittanylesueur : Wish my mess looked that good!
laurenkaiser85 : Beautiful
sylviahg70 : You are so beautiful @whippycake
shaycochrane : Love your simple makeup in this!
thevivnie : You are so stinkin cute!
mssammielynne : My sister did a photo shoot like this; I loved it.
lifeofanosborn : Love your "fresh face" look :)
bright_lil_lights - mamasofafeather - lynzirlou - warmthfilledlight -
whippycake - Becki
Who is ready for fall? Oh, oh, oh! Pick me! Today on my blog, I am falling for fringe and fantasizing about cooler weather and changing leaves on the... Cacti? It's all pretend here bc it's 110 outside and sun, sun, sunny. πŸ”₯β˜€οΈ Check out the full look on my blog though, and we can pretend together. 😝 #todaystoppings #wiw #fakingfall [clickable link in profile]
wiw - pixie - periscope - todaystoppings - centsofstyle - fakingfall -
alex_and_kari : @whippycake hey doll πŸ’πŸ» can you please reply to my email ? ... i need my username and password :( it wasn't included in the original email i received from admin@whippycake .. thank you in advance 😊 - kari
jessianne2003 : πŸ‚πŸ why do we live here?! Lol
draeg : I am!!!! πŸ™‹ you are adorable!
aschicka : Love the necklace @whippycake ! So cute!! πŸ’–
brave_mag : Omg I've been looking for a cute pixie cut style and I found your tutorials on Pinterest I LOVE THEMπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜
nikils906 : Hey twin! For glasses similar to those the other day...only $10 at JCP!
lindzieh : We are very much faking fall here aren't we?
centsofstyle : 😘
kubalina.de - _hell_silent_ - victoriancollins_ - warmthfilledlight -
whippycake - Becki
I don’t think I have ever done a rant video before, but as they say, there is a first time for everything. Somethings just have to be said, even if it’s on a live broadcast via Periscope. Fortunately, I saved the broadcast just for you so I could share it on my YouTube channel like you asked. [link in profile] #girltalk #comehavealisten
kissmyeyebrows - girltalk - comehavealisten - legit -
lindsee.jean : @heynataliejean Watched this and thought of you after seeing your thrift store post...followed by meanie comments. Stay rad!πŸ’—
lindsee.jean : I loved this SO much! @whippycake πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—
laurenkaiser85 : Saw this yesterday. I wanted to say your an inspiration and love your positive. People are so mean. You are beautiful from the inside out. What ever happened to "if you cant say something nice dont say anything at all"? Stay who you are!
anneosthus : @whippycake You are truly an inspiration for thousands (myself included) and an amazing role model for all the little ones in your life. 😊 You are teaching your girls how to be kind and respectful to others, in person and behind a screen. You are also showing them how to stand up for themselves in a way that is classy. Way to take the higher road. Keep doing you. 😘
anneosthus : Almost forgot...."Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." -dr. Seuss
farmer.johns.wife : Spread some Freakin sunshine is purely awesome!!!
amys_sunshine : Loved every word!!! Preach it sista!
jenschmierer : Wait, I missed the drama but if I'm being honest- I've tried replicating your eyebrows in the past, clutching my brow wiz in one hand and my angled brush in the other saying "lawd, why don't my brows look like whippy's?!" So yeah- I went back to see what all the fuss was about and that girl was for sure 50 shades of cray. You're awesome. From one pixie to another- if whippycake is wrong I don't wanna be right!! πŸ˜†πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ˜‹
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