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whippycake - Becki
Oh baby, no, baby, you got me all wrong baby. My baby’s already got all of my love! 😘❀️
justagirl : Babes.❀️❀️❀️
missytemple : @whippycake I love your sunglasses where are they from?
barb_at_daisys : No way we were just singing that, like 30 seconds ago
todaysthebestday : You're a babe!!!
count_jacula : So gorgeous!!!
jaimielynnlee : Your hair!!!!! β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘ @whippycake
photosbyjaana : Stevie's favorite song πŸ˜‰
bethmartineau : Hottest couple ever!
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whippycake - Becki
Parades are the only time it's socially acceptable to eat candy off the street. #seecandy #eatcandy #nomorecandy 🍬
seecandy - eatcandy - nomorecandy -
kiaravowell : She was the cutest thing out there 😍. ( crazy follower next to you )
camilleforbes_callmeshabby : Those glasses=perfection!!! Too cute! Happy 4th!!!!!
chrispaxman : Becki ! You're gonna be on #creativelive next week! that's awesome !!!
taylorjoelledesigns : Adorable!!!
ajete_writes : @shpresazen hahaha
jessica_block : @krystalaeby I thought this was emy. Ha
filmgeek1980 : Brilliant pic x
shebaclaudine : #truth
jocelyn_ortegaa - christinep.cuts - liv_mace - missolive23 -
whippycake - Becki
So thankful Will Smith killed all of those aliens so we can celebrate Independence Day with family & friends. #YayAmerica #4thofJuly #paradetime PS. Truly proud to be an American and thankful for my country and those who fight to keep it free! πŸŒŸβ€οΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ’™
4thofjuly - paradetime - yayamerica -
megancamille : He's such a great guy! πŸ‘πŸ»
ericamariefitnessgeek : Love that movie! Happy independence day!
bethanyolinger : This caption. @azraelsmommie
jennpphotography : I see you got rain on your side of town too! Hope it's not too humid out!! Love your kiddos!! They are getting so big!
melissa.mullinax_spun.candy : LOL. Me too πŸ˜ƒ
mymoonsalvage2 : Great movie!
dlparr : Love the cans. How did you make them? Did the kids paint them?
cage414 : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
missolive23 - liv_mace - brithewolfpup - rostami.soheila -
whippycake - Becki
First I drink the drink, then I do the things. #sippysippy #fueltofunction #icanquitanytime
sippysippy - fueltofunction - icanquitanytime -
whippycake : "Pink Vibrations" by Elizabeth Arden @abuter0730 @mjdes324
mjdes324 : Thanks!! @whippycake
abuter0730 : Thanks! @whippycake
heddaleigh : Are you driving a Beetle?! @whippycake
whippycake : @heddaleigh woa! How did you know that! It was a rental for one of my recent trips. 😝
linny.lou.who : @brittanyland 😍😍😍
brittanyland : @linny.lou.who oh I want to cut mine again looking at hers
heddaleigh : @whippycake I have a Beetle, very distinctive interior. πŸ˜‰
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whippycake - Becki
Answering your #1 #pixieparade question in my latest video, “How do I talk to my stylist about the Pixie I want?” Let’s just say the next time you leave the salon, you will leave with the haircut you wanted and not “The Rachel" unless that’s what you wanted. In which case, #the90s called and they want your hairstyle and Birkenstocks worn with tube socks back. [click the link in my profile] #therachel #AskWhippy #pixie #nothingbutpixies
1 - pixie - nothingbutpixies - fashionpolice - the90s - pixieparade - officerwhippy - askwhippy - therachel -
mssammielynne : Love your hair here! @whippycake
abbystrawder : Your hair is amazing
supermaggiewhat : Went to the stylist with a few pictures from ur ig and came out looking nothing like I asked. Totally looks like a pixie cut of the 90s thankfully some of your videos helped me style it but it's a pretty horrible cut.
chelmabelle : Omg I'm so awkward in front of the camera πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
whippycake : Stop, no way. You were so sweet to go along with my impromptu video. I can't wait for next week's reveal. @chelmabelle
chelmabelle : I tried πŸ˜‚πŸ’™ can't wait either! Pixie for life! @whippycake
whippycake : Yikes, that's a bummer. But if you can style your way around it, then you are already making it work. So proud of you for having a positive attitude about it. @supermaggiewhat
supermaggiewhat : Plus I'll know what to say next time :)
kalelovesviolet - oakleyaddicted - missolive23 - lisabee6679 -
whippycake - Becki
Morning light is my FAVORITE light to get ready in. Better a small mirror in front of a window than a giant mirror in a dark bathroom. #findthelight #thelightisyourfriend
findthelight - thelightisyourfriend -
whippycake : @undercover_mama what an incredibly sweet thing to say.😘❀️
whippycake : @jwaahila right, anyway it just works.
bowsandfringe : Totally agree! I love putting my makeup on in the car while my husband is driving! It doesn't happen very often though.
julesmama9 : You shine in any light!
jfortman88 : @whippycake It was so lovely running into you at the ice machine today! You should come hang out more often! 😁
whippycake : @jfortman88 oh man, I would be there every day if i could! I got so much work today working outside of home and all that diet dr pepper flowing.
jfortman88 : @whippycake I'm jealous of the diet dr pepper! Have one for me!
srice88 : I love your blog!! What's the lip colour? Love from Canada πŸπŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦
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whippycake - Becki
I’ve been trying really hard to be a good girl with how I spend my time lately, but it’s so freaking hard sometimes. I mean, part of me just really wants to take a nap for 12 hours straight and then catch up on my favorite TV shows, but then IDK if I would have the self control to stop there. I just keep reminding myself that consistent resistance on the small idle things leads to massive rewards and progress on the substantial more important things. In other words,  I’m not going to remember who got eliminated from that one episode of AGT, but I will remember every milestone and victory with my family & business. And also, I feel like a super cool winner just for having the self control to resist Netflix in general.  #thestruggletho #girlinprogress #more #toofocusedfornetflix
cantadult - girlinprogress - thestruggletho - toofocusedfornetflix - more -
whippycake : Girl, I totally know about using Netflix as my buddy in the room when doing repetative tasks. But don't forget that you are also tuning out inspiration that might come to you in those quiet moments.  So lucky to have friends out there that understand. Thanks @littlemissdessa
modestgirls : Thank you for this!
carlakwhite : https://instagram.com/p/4k6rCnQhy7/ <- So you!
ashleyapricot : I totally understand! I'm routinely have to bribe myself through grad school. One assignment = 20 minutes playtime.
ashleyapricot : Ugh. Too early for words. πŸ˜†
asliceofstyle : I'm feeling the same way these days! If I start Parenthood on Netflix, you might find me a week later on the couch with popcorn stuck to my butt not having moved. #butseriously
whippycake : @asliceofstyle don't you mean "butt seriously" haha! 😜 we can be each other's cheerleader right?
whippycake : @ashleyapricot lol! #cantadult
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whippycake - Becki
So it only took a few weeks of negotiating contracts, hours of late night pep talks, thousands of compliments, a box of chocolates, and a trip to the day spa, but I finally got #MysteryMonday to make his comeback. He's such a #DIVA! It’s been a crazy month as Whippy Cake, so I can’t wait to catch you up in this week’s episode. I have video and photographic proof that I have indeed been working hard and not just sipping Dirty Diet Cokes by the pool this whole time. [click the link in my profile] #thewaitisover #nowyoucangetonwithlifeagain #jkLoveYou
mysterymonday - jkloveyou - mm - thewaitisover - nowyoucangetonwithlifeagain - whippycake - diva -
jill20659 : YAY! I'm over the moon happy🌜to see you're back, Whip! I was so worried about you!♥️
tdp2863 : Please post info about your glamper restoration. I want to do this for myself! Thanks.
whippycake : Yes, love this @tealannie necklace. I've been wearing it quite a bit lately. Thanks crazy talented girl.
whippycake : Thanks for letting me know @tdp2863 I'm gonna have to get to work on that post. Having a glamper is one of the best decisions I ever made.
whippycake : Yay! So excited for you. Make sure you use #whippycake when you post your new style so I can check it out. ξŒ“ @cscook07
whippycake : Thanks for all the #MM love girls. You definitely made my Monday.  @mariahbaddas @yourliferevamped @msclassicglamour @skyewe @sarahmhubbell @ambermichellefineart @thedudemommy @jill20659
cscook07 : @whippycake ok I will for sure! 😊
studiobriacolleen : @whippycake I'd love to join in on a 30 day challenge!! I'll have to grab a copy of the book :)
macylew_12 - strongmind_fragileheart - emmas_mom81 - autumnbreezy13 -
whippycake - Becki
This is usually how I feel by Friday, collapsed on the floor in need of a snuggle. How are you surviving this summer? What's you're favorite way to thrive in the heat and chaos of kids? I need a pep talk or something. β˜€οΈπŸ˜΅πŸ”₯ #thestruggleisreal #holdme #accordingtolo
accordingtolo - holdme - icantadulttoday - thestruggleisreal -
luckymermaid777 : That caaaaaattttt 😍
sugarlanebakery : πŸ‘ good for you my friend!! you are a better woman than I...But you never know Cinnamon Rolls or Gooey Cake just might randomly show up at your house in the coming weeks {your allowed to have a cheat day aren't you πŸ˜‰} @whippycake #cheatdayskeepyousane #justonebiteneverhurt
barn25 : Play dough outside in the shade. Sidewalk painting with buckets of water and brushes.
makingitwithstephany : Girl, sounds like you need a whiskey. 😏
sarahsaint79 : The library has movies that aren't on Netflix and free is always a plus.;) gives us something to look forward to in the afternoon or evening. We pulled a puzzle out to start on, and rearranged the living room....I'm glad to know I'm not the only mom who needs her very own vacation! I could totally curl up in a ball and have a good cry about now. My baby girl turned one today!
photosbyjaana : The struggle is sooooo real. Time for a trip to the beach. 🌊
ze.kate : Yoga, run, dance, etc. Move your body to feel young & strong, & mentally if you can handle that you can handle anything! plan B a shower or plan C pet ze kitty! ;)
emmas_mom81 : Swimming in the pool ({})
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whippycake - Becki
Bulletin, Bulletin! I interrupt my ridiculously long absence from social medial to bring you the following message…Here is my gorgeous friend Jen Hadfield from @tatertotsandjello. She just whipped up a bright and colorful summer clothing and jewelry collection with @centsofstyle called #FruitSalad. Run don’t walk to check it out and snatch up your favs. [click that fruity link in my profile] #I❀️FruitSalad  #πŸπŸ‰πŸŠπŸ‡πŸπŸ“πŸ‹πŸ’πŸŒ #centsofstyle
πŸπŸ‰πŸŠπŸ‡πŸπŸ“πŸ‹πŸ’πŸŒ - i❀️fruitsalad - fruitsalad - youarehired - getready - centsofstyle - makingacomeback - 1966darla - itstime - darla1966 -
luckyblogs : Woah, that's a big-ass strawberry πŸ“ #notabigassstrawberrywithoutthehyphenhahaha
a_mermaid_named_poppy : So cute!
ericasbrooks : @amias_mum I love that chandelier! Would be fun to paint yours lol πŸ‘πŸ˜πŸ˜‰
whippycake :  @luckyblogs Please feel free to leave hashtags on every post from now on. #youarehired
maggiedancer : @whippycake best news to know you will be back. Hope all is well. I have missed your tutorials. If only I had the guts to try out platinum on this pixie. #hairgoals
veeplusthreehamp : Oh. Mah. Gah. YES! Get your outfit planning on!!!! @jhamp12
kissedbysunshine : I love all things strawberries. But I can't spend $30 on a shirt oh well. Super cute though!
todayisamiracle : @whippycake Hope you are okay girl. ❀️❀️❀️
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