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Stylist | Confidence Promoter | YouTuber | AZ #whippycake
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whippycake - Becki
I’ve made huge progress on making over my new studio, but now it’s a blank canvas and I was thinking you might like to help me figure out what to do with it next. This is the mood board I created for inspiration, but I just shared an entire post about the before and after progress on ripping out flooring, my secret passageway, and some decorating accents I want from @worldmarket. You can see the full post through the link in my profile. I need all the advice I can get! #studiomakeover #studioneedsaname #ad #WMAffiliate #DiscoverWorldMarket.
discoverworldmarket - studioneedsaname - studiomakeover - ad - wmaffiliate -
jessicamuro : Love @worldmarket some of our key pieces in our new house are from there.
smfrog777 : A! I love A
kerrysherman : H. It's cozy and inviting
mysticstitches : H/I I love black, white and grays and that seems to suit you.
bebay59 - terinavajo - kmdevine04 - emilypennick -
whippycake - Becki
#nailart #diy #freehand #perfectlyimperfect
freehand - nailart - diy - perfectlyimperfect -
bethachristian : Ok I have a question. How do you not totally kill your children with those nails?? I feel like whenever mine are a little long my kids are always complaining that I scratched them! I could never have nails like that without injuring the world! Lol.
bonkday : Do you still do jamberry?
newvibrantlife : I would be the same way @bethachristian!
myfabulouschaos : @whippycake I loved your mystery monday on a tuesday! LOVEDIT!! I wanted to write down who made your bracelets and what your charms were again, I loved what they stood for and I am trying to figure out some stuff for me and I loved the idea of using those symbols. and my best friend just had a baby and the swan bracelet would be perfection!! If you can let me know!
kylar_tubbs18 - audracolino - laceyhelton - mckindree -
whippycake - Becki
If you are trying to keep the giant pores under control like me, you probably double up on your clay mask ritual every week. I use the @dermadoctor_skincare Amethyst Clay Detox Mask consistently. #marriedtoit I wanted to make a mask tutorial because I know there is some misinformation out there on the proper way to use a mask, and you could be causing more harm than good. I put a link to the video in my profile so you can see if you are using your mask wrong and find out how to get the best results. #checkit #skincare #howto #kakaduc #alldaylong
checkit - skincare - marriedtoit - alldaylong - howto - kakaduc -
pinkishtrends : @whippycake 👆🏼👆🏼👆🏼
dermadoctor_skincare : So beautiful @whippycake. We absolutely 💜 your mask maximizing tips!
whippycake : @pinkishtrends I got them from @worldmarket and I put real succulents inside them w cactus potting soil and rocks underneath the soils so the water has a place to go. They seriously grow soooo fast!
pinkishtrends : Oh my gosh I'm so stealing your idea! Thanks so much! @whippycake
kross305 - lydianai - kaylacie - rperry17 -
whippycake - Becki
I guess it was pretty mean of me to mention Fitz and then not even post a pic of him. I love my smooshy face kitty kitty. #whothefitz #persiancats #sofluffy
persiancats - whothefitz - sofluffy -
brookelmo : Awe 😍 agreed @hairbyshannablair
gardlaura427 : @agardner48. Just was Penny needs ;)
poshpoppie : So precious! Aaachhhhhooooo! Had to watch your scope this morning because I was in bed when you were live.. It was a late one! Love that you have a book, I am super stoked to read it! I must say, I don't LOVE long scopes but I could sit and chat with you forever. It's like we are friends, but not..haha. thanks for sharing your life with all of us and thanks for being you.
jadegroovy : 😻
torinanderson - kortnejule - booyabrooklyn - belle_bear_11 -
whippycake - Becki
I don't want to claim that these earrings are designed after Fitz, but they might as well be! I friggin love them, and of course, got them immediately upon seeing them. 🐱 They are $12.95, and you can get these puuurrrfect Enamel Cat Earrings from @centsofstyle by commenting below! 1. Comment below with “sold” and your email address. 2. Include your color choice: WHITE/PINK, TAN/WHITE, BLACK MULTI 3. Go check your email and pay your invoice by Wednesday, April 27 before these cats are out of your shopping bag! They'll go fast, promise! PS. These are great for people with sensitive ears and there are three different cat faces to choose from. ❤️ #wcapproved #favoritethings #funfinds #instasale #centsofstyle
instasale - funfinds - centsofstyle - favoritethings - wcapproved -
purplepenelope : Sold. WHITE/PINK,
madonmad12 : Where is the kitty? Haven't seen in a while?💜
ericanmadon : Sold. White/pink
alaskan_annie : Sold White & Pink
charlottelynnm - hkj65 - rubymarissa - lydia_johnson36 -
whippycake - Becki
I mean, there is never an overage of kindness, we are always in high demand. Complimenting others is how I give myself a little boost of happiness, especially when I think I want to wallow in negativity or sit in a pool of judgement. I'm sure someone is rolling her eyes at me right now bc, come on, no one is that nice! It's true. Almost none of us are consistently nice and pleasant, it takes persistent work and intention. I'd rather work hard at being nice and optimistic and keep working at it than take the easy route by only seeing the bad in life and pushing others down so I feel higher. When you lift someone up, you inadvertently lift yourself higher too. I dare you to leave a compliment on the post above you and then watch and see the positive ripple effect it has on your day. #challengeextended #challengeaccepted #kindnesswanted #girlinprogress
kindnesswanted - girlinprogress - challengeextended - challengeaccepted -
samantha.hartle : @lisaraspino cutest hair cuts!
hellomisha : @samantha.hartle your blog is so good!!
bwellhealthfitness : @hellomisha your photography is so vibrant and colorful!
marybthielke : @bwellhealthfitness you have amazing skin! You look so young!!! #gorgeous! 😘
rescuemom85 - stacjlars - penguinjosiee - katie_ellie_14 -
whippycake - Becki
@mooreaseal is trying to steal my heart with all of their perfect chokers right now. Ok more like succeeding bc I'm in love. I remember having one like this in junior high and I get psyched when my favorite trends make a come back. I'll be the first in line er'y time to wear something from the 90's. Ps. It goes with black sooooo. ❤️☺️ #todaystoppings #wiw #ootd #90s #bringitback [link to choker in my profile]
todaystoppings - wiw - bringitback - ootd - 90s -
shannah73 : Love this look on you. That lipstick is to die for...what is it?
becauseimkaty : @whippycake what is your Lip color! Love it
cassandraclark3 : Before I read your comment I was thinking in my head how good you rocked chokers in high school!
hustlemamahandmade : Sent you a dm- regarding the best 90s trend ever! 👏🏻
merewall2 - dandelion_23 - kenyonsmith73 - m0ni_vp -
whippycake - Becki
Today I'm going to NOPE it like it's hot. Will I do everything on my to do list today? Nope! Not today. Will I punish myself for being imperfect? Nope! Because I'll do the best I can and that's good enough for me. Feels pretty great too. #nopeforlife #morenopesleadtobetteryes More backstory on this plus shirt details through the link in my profile. 👆🏼 #nopeclub
nopeclub - morenopesleadtobetteryes - nopeforlife -
myfabulouschaos : Ok I just watched you on scope for the first time! You are so great!! Really happy I got to know you a little better! Can't wait to see more scopes! And if there is a nope party, I want to come;)
whippycake : @myfabulouschaos oh my gosh Lara! Thank you for all of your comments. It makes the conversation so fun! I love us and our big ok' families too! 👪👩‍👩‍👧👨‍👨‍👧‍👦👨‍👩‍👦‍👦👩‍👩‍👦‍👦👨‍👨‍👧‍👧
poshpoppie : Ordered my shirt at the 11th hour!! I am so excited to get it!!
noramadisondesigns : @whippycake sending you a DM :)
michellekstx - zillahgigi - aimee0108 - kyleystatham -
whippycake - Becki
Nope! That's my word don't wear it out. Jk. I hope you do wear it out bc as I have ranted about previously, saying NO can make room for a much better YES. I just shared a progress post on my personal outcomes from intentionally using NOPE in my vocabulary in 2016. This is HUGE for me guys. I am so proud of myself and I think I earn a #TaDa! I think I also get a #TaDa for designing this NOPE shirt for @centsofstyle. They are all about empowering the ladies for progress. 💪🏼 [link in profile] Moral of the story is I REALLY hope you read the post bc it's the first in a collaborative series and I will be having lots of friends and influencers guest post about their own NOPE experiences. PS. If you have a NOPE story to share please lmk bc I want to feature you too! Just DM me or send me a message on my blog. Ok, I think I've abused the word NOPE enough for today but I couldn't help it. I've been really REALLY excited to share about the new shirt and the NOPE series. #pleasecare #butseriously #care #girlinprogress Double Ps. If I haven't said it enough thank you and I love you. You complete me. ❤️
butseriously - girlinprogress - care - tada - pleasecare -
whippycake : Tips on my hair and growing out your pixie coming soon to a blog or youtube video near you! @elizabeth_brewin @deena_marie72
whippycake : I'm so happy you found your balance! Thank you for your sweet words, you def need the shirt! 😘 @epicard83
deena_marie72 : thank you @whippycake
shyeone : YOu look VerY PrettY right here missy @whippycake 😘 !!
brookekapp - acheea - jenniejs - kay_msmith -
whippycake - Becki
Who wants to come with me to @junkinthetrunkvintagemarket on May 6th in Phoenix? They are opening for the first time ever on a Friday night so you can get early access to 200 vendors plus it will be a party with drinks, live music and food trucks. I haven’t been in forever but since it’s on a Friday night and I can go kid free there is no chance I will miss it! Who’s with me??? If you want to meet me there head over to @junkinthetrunkvintagemarket to get your ticket. I’m fixing to get myself some very thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts while I’m there. 😜 #shopaholicsunite #partylikeajunker #junkinthetrunkvintagemarket Photo cred // @zinniasatmelrose
shopaholicsunite - partylikeajunker - junkinthetrunkvintagemarket -
ficklefig : @whippycake is this event indoors or outdoors? you know it's 95°at night in May. @gypsyrae wanna go to this party? She did say yummy food, drinks and maybe CUPCAKES 😲😋
gypsyrae : @ficklefig that looks like fun!
melissaheaps13 : Dang it I should be coming a month sooner! @jennakleiner ;)
ficklefig : @gypsyrae let's make it a date then!!
mama25hw - bebay59 - timmerimassey - jrhs0802 -
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