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whippycake - Becki
The menacing ghost makeup tutorial is live on YouTube. πŸ’€ #ifyoucanhandleit [ link- http://youtu.be/lSB9znzvlj0 ] I have one more surprise for you tomorrow that all of you last minute costume planners are gonna love! #morehalloween #bringiton
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justagirl : Mercy!
_beautywithgrace : @wedontgiveahoot_ Makeup is sort of plain. I love her bow!
dotsonlove : Creeptastic!
frostedevents : Creepy! I love it!
kristinelouiseball : @kourtniraeball super cool
_mugsie82 : Good, I need something easy :)
laurie.eller : @nat.eller creepish.
nat.eller : Lil but @laurie.eller
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whippycake - Becki
Double tap if you are scarred for life and leave a comment if you want to see a tutorial on how to get this sinister look for a last minute, quick and easy costume. #iscarepeople #menacingmakeup #halloweencostume
halloweencostume - iscarepeople - menacingmakeup -
jaylenemm : @adreycox
allyroo8 : @mandyroo8 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
knucklechuck : I hit like so that your like count went to 666. Your welcome.
knucklechuck : You're*
simonnnaaa : @makeupbybeckyianos @datrutwerkstaaa4life
kristinelouiseball : @kourtniraeball reminded me of you!
tiffanierosewhite : @chany_white This made me think of you!
katecrandall : @arichey
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whippycake - Becki
I mean. ❀️
whippycake : Thanks😘😘😘 @anarchysdoll @twoprimpollys @lindsee.jean @lsu_gram72 @berryblonde81 @norahwright @georginaluttrell @katrina1786 @madixwallace
whippycake : Thank you!πŸ’• @classycozmetics @sofiasdream12 @fourandknowmore @sorellamy @photographybymckenzie @tinybitsofhappiness @cremedelagems @andracinpean
gabidesign14 : @manusoldera777
serena.matthews : @swankystewarthairdesign
pattymessner : i can't stand HOW adorable this is...
leslieavila24 : Fabulous!
pretty_fluffy : @chicsprinkles love!! πŸ’—
julie__cowan : @ambozeman
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whippycake - Becki
1. Wordpress hates me this week. 2. The fawn costume tutorial is finally on my blog along with an exceptional amount of photos of the cutest little fawn I ever did see. #FINALLY [link in profile] #freckledfacefawn #accordingtolo #FPcostume
freckledfacefawn - finally - fpcostume - accordingtolo -
whippycake : Thank youπŸ’• @mrspatels @lindsee.jean @norahwright @trishalisha @nathangelag2001 @jmarsh7612 @mysweetmerrimint @livesweetphotography @_.atomic.blonde._ @showyourboness
whippycake : Thank you!! ❀️ @freshlypicked
whippycake : Thanks! πŸ’• @melissa_mullinax @andreannewoodbury @rdclay @abccreativelearning @kitchtowels @dee_em_z @fromdeanna @nicoletaylorbarney @jamesonmonroe_chelsea
whippycake : Thanks so much! 😘 @hollybanks @lemonsandlace @smilenow @sherbertlane @mywafflecrush @loraleelewis @_myfairlady_ @jaxon_jill @jenndear @shellsdeus
maw730 : @whippycake I just tried to view your blog and it isnt loading. Lol. I think your cute fawn crashed your site.
terrgalvan : She is the cutest lil fawn ever! πŸ’—
donnalee1970 : So pretty!!!
jmccash : Thank you soooo much @whippycake I followed the makeup and headband tutorials and was actually able to wear this for work even though we have a dress code! Yay for finally getting to dress up a bit! Thank you thank you! You are so wicked talented!
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whippycake - Becki
What's that, it's fall? Someone should tell Arizona and my finger nails bc they still think it's summer. It is hot as yuck up in here! 😭 I'm still madly in love with my Jamberry nails though so I suppose that makes everything ok. Did you guys see the new fall prints yet? Check em' out here: http://bit.ly/1m41dm6 #hellojamberry #myfavs #heatisnotafav
heatisnotafav - hellojamberry - myfavs -
sweets2him : @linzyszechenyi THANKS!
kellzh76 : @cyndit30 ❀️
linzyszechenyi : @grneyed1 I would say get a spoon cuticle pusher and make sure you get rid of any "invisible cuticle." Google "kyrsten's Jamberry no bubble application process" that might help
aimhelm : If you go to her Jamberry website there are videos on application and tips and tricks. You can also you tube it. There are videos for every issue you may have.
cyndit30 : @kellzh76 how funny. @grneyed1 the baggy method works wonders. Look it up on YouTube.
whippycake : Definitely takes practice but the magic is in the prep work! So make sure to prep your nails (remove cuticles, file, buff, etc.) and then follow the application tutorial on Jamberry's site to get them looking perfect😘😘😘 @cameoabigail
whippycake : Me too me too😞 @jenndear
whippycake : I don't have a tutorial yet on how to apply them, but there are plenty on YouTube and Jamberry's website! If they are bumpy, it could be cause your nails are curved, if that's so, you can try cutting a tiny slit on both sides. OR you can try scrubbing your nails with dish soap and a nail scrubber before you apply to really clean the nails. Lmk how that works or if you need anymore help! 😘 @grneyed1
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whippycake - Becki
The fawn make up tutorial is posted but my site has been crashing today (againπŸ‘Ž). The good news is you can still watch the video on YouTube! πŸ‘ [http://bit.ly/1zeYJZ3] I will let you know when part two of the DIY fawn costume is posted which will show you how to make the other costume details like the antler headband. #freckledfacefawn #nowyoutry #diyhalloweencostume
freckledfacefawn - diyhalloweencostume - nowyoutry -
xxxtinagarcia : @katiehanger
heidi_mnelson : @stefanieharris11
spencercarlton : @kaylaboxy
ellejaneglory : @amap06
truliz : @ahiemenz
tayllour : @squiddy_p
houseofsmiths : I did almost the same technique for Emberly's kitty makeup a few days ago, and that Lorac liner was BOMB!
karyssaveach : @corrinnewebb !!
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whippycake - Becki
#iwokeuplikethis - the result of sleeping in my makeup after recording this fawn tutorial last night. I got some rather questionable looks from the Boss and my kids this morning during scriptures... Thinking I should wear it grocery shopping now. #yahright Be on the lookout for this video tutorial and the full post on Lo's fawn costume, coming soon! #freckledfawn #whathappenedtoyourfacemom
yahright - iwokeuplikethis - whathappenedtoyourfacemom - freckledfawn -
xxxtinagarcia : @katiehanger
delaneydmac : @mallorina1 you should do this !!
missthealyn : @jennaclaire82 @karendot
splendidbee : @crackerjack1707
crackerjack1707 : Cute @splendidbee
ellejaneglory : @amap06
hopsingtrading : @slomygosh she's a fawn! ☺
slomygosh : Leah sent this to me too! @hopsingtrading
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whippycake - Becki
This is the kind of kid who actually reads the book by F. Scott Fitzgerald while posing for the camera. Love this little brain and his quirky costume too! You can see more pics of Professor Bones on my site (link in profile) πŸ’€ #professorbones #halloween #handsomelyscary or is it #sohandsomeitsscary
handsomelyscary - halloween - professorbones - sohandsomeitsscary -
cutekdub : His costume is so cute!
whippycake : Aw lol thanks so much! And I feel ya on old fitzπŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜ @mediocrepoetry
whippycake : Thanks! @cutekdub @datingdivas @suchagirl2 @danimdc @litlendn @jessicaamanieeperry @poppiesparties @matchu8
lindamonsen : @nicolecollins6
bethmartineau : Love!!!
rhonnafarrer : Brill.
nicolelanse : Omg...loos just like him @hmpost and he would also really be into the book, lol
terrgalvan : Seriously such a brainiac!πŸ’€
alex_n_luca - fashionontheprairie - carrottopbabe - amandaand -
whippycake - Becki
Discovered this quote this last week and had to share! "We don't have to engage in grand, heroic actions to participate in the process of change. Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world." -Howard Zinn I may be one among millions but I can still make a difference, even if it's a small difference. Little by little, a little becomes a lot! #challengeaccepted #bethegood #kindnesswanted
kindnesswanted - challengeaccepted - bethegood -
whippycake : Aw thanks girl! 😘 @azblossom
whippycake : So glad you got them and are enjoying themπŸ˜„ @jessbw
whippycake : Love that so much! Thanks for sharing @jenisue6
whippycake : Thank you! 😘 @summerbellessa @nathangelag2001 @whitneygilmer @ad_pyt @littlesunhat @abrimley @13princessworld13 @danielle.nowell @maggiehdesign @woodfamily76
rhonnafarrer : Awesome!!!!
kindredvintage : πŸ’—
kellydeal72 : Great quote! BTW, love your hair!
terrgalvan : Beautiful quite, beautiful you! πŸ’—
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whippycake - Becki
Today I gave a talk in church about charity. I was surprised by how nervous I was and inadequate I felt. I am thankful for the opportunity to be humbled and challenged to grow. I hope I was able to convey my testimony and teach true principles I love and know. If you want to watch the video I got my inspiration from here is the link: http://bit.ly/10ui1vg
rdmagic - rhonnadesigns -
borupkim : I bet it was amazing.
eeleah : @greenautumnfilm
janaeheath : {LoVe} this quote.....
loganashleyy : Such a good talk πŸ™Œ
olivewooddesigns : Great quote!
brittfullmer : Loved your talk so much today πŸ’•
robinsitchler : I'm so sad I missed it! I bet it was amazing:)!
rhonnafarrer : Wish I could have heard. I'm sure you were amazing & sprinkled your light ✨✨& love all over. Love you.
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