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whippycake - Becki
Who has been waiting for my #jamberry tutorial! Sorry it took me so long to get this up.  Better late than never right! Besides, it's loaded with tips and tricks to get your wraps to last longer so it should totally be worth the wait! Tap your pretty little fingers over to my blog for my step by step guide for a long lasting #jamberry manicure. [link in my profile] #jamberryaddict #wcapproved
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whippycake : I'm wearing Urban Lights || Rose Gold || Mirrored Gold Metallic from @jamberrynails. @sna10282
whippycake : Finally is right! ξŒ’ Thanks again for all your help! @cassandra_romney
karlacarp : @virijams check out this tutorial πŸ’…
sweet_ts_design : Yes! I have four packs I've never used. I'm a nail polish addict, I need to get on board and figure these out. I can't wait for nap time so I can watch your tutorial. 😘
jmlimb2008 : @whippycake I'm totally geeking out that you replied!! ☺️☺️☺️ you are so great! Thank you so much! I'm so glad you love Jamberry, and I'm sure your video will help so much!!
kirathunell : I will need this @pbseiter
rhonnafarrer : Meeee πŸ™‹
sweet_ts_design : Ok I totally watched and it makes so much sense. How long does it take to apply a full set using all those steps? Genius using the dish soap!!! πŸ‘πŸΌ
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whippycake - Becki
I'm literally wearing sunglasses to work today bc my eyes are on fire! πŸ”₯ #chronicdryeyes #itsarealcondition and also, all the cool kids wear sunglasses indoors. #partvampire #itburns #whyamilikethis
chronicdryeyes - itsarealcondition - partvampire - whyamilikethis - itburns -
rachichi2 : @natie____ I never thought of that. Maybe I should get then checked...
rachichi2 : @yomasheen everyone always thinks I'm crying 😭 I mean, I've been known to have the feels be tender a lot, but sheesh, not ALL the time πŸ˜‰ #overactiveglands?
natie____ : @rachichi2 I used dry eyes eyedrops from the chemist, and it helped. I guess it's like oily skin should still be moisturised!
shoegal215 : @whippycake i just started using an OTC drop for the same thing. Systane Balance 2x day...my eyes burn from chronic dryness as well. Seems like its working! Hope you find some relief, I feel your pain!!!
briandoviatt : My husband had chronic dry eye. He had eye duck plugs put in- Changed his life. I'm so sorry. Nothing worse!
larie_l : I use Systane too. Works great!
newmomerin : My eye dr put me on hot compresses 3x a day. It helped greatly.
rhonnafarrer : Dang. Sorry girl! #loveyou
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whippycake - Becki
Remember how I get super psyched about the purple shampoo I use? Let’s revisit that feeling with a triple #GIVEAWAY of my secret weapon for banishing that brassy adversary terrorizing blondes everywhere. Tag a friend below to enter for a chance to score a set of my favorite Purple Shampoo, Conditioning Treatment, & Argan Elixir from @naissantlatam. 3 different people are gonna take home all 3 products. You can increase your odds by entering the giveaway on my blog in today’s #PixieParade post about Lisa. Winners will be announced Friday the 17th. PS. If you don’t know what purple shampoo is you should watch my blonde routine video here —> https://youtu.be/RM2No4RRNfA #kissthatbrassgoodbye  #whippyprizes [Winners of the Naissant Giveaway are; Beca Lyke, Megan Musser and Sarah Henze Pearson. Congratulations! Winners, please send me a direct message with your mailing information. #winning]
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eamott6 : @kodiburden
rindianne : @mrscantwell33
rindianne : @rindianne
monica_giles : @vierracrew
whippycake : @megancmusser Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! You are one of my Lucky winners of the Naissant Giveaway! Send me a direct message on here with your mailing info. Congrats!
megancmusser : Omggg this is the best day ever😁😁😁 thank you!
dragonfly_7899 : @krissss8_
rhonnafarrer : πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›
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whippycake - Becki
Find out who these long piggies used to belong to in my latest pixie parade video. I’m revealing what long, thick curly hair looks like when you cut it all off into a #pixie? Lisa came all the way from Hawaii and I can’t wait for you to see her before and after results. Fresh new #pixieparade transformation hot and ready on the blog. [link in profile] #orderup #alohapixie
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whippycake : Thanks @brandierichards for beating me to the punch. I love this community on IG. @violetlakestudio I would say ditto to that. You will see me use thinning shears on thick haired pixies. I use the razor to add texture to those with thin or stick straight hair.
violetlakestudio : Ah I see, thank you @whippycake. Wish you were my stylist here in the UK! Fancy coming to Nottingham? πŸ˜„
valleyalli02 : Wow!!!! How awesome. ❀️
tvega13 : This is an awesome hair cut! I have a hard time getting my stylist to texturize my thick hair enough for it to sit correctly. My styles are gone in two hours! Any suggestions?
brandierichards : @whippycake I hope I didn't step on toes for answering. @violetlakestudio you are welcome.
kimseeaz : Her hair looks fabulous.
psiadoreyou : @whippycake we saw your comment on the flamingo shoes😘 email me ashley@psiadoreyou.com with your size and address doll 😘😘
rhonnafarrer : So fun!!'n
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whippycake - Becki
Got a case of the Monday's? Good thing I just posted a brand spanking new #MYSTERYMONDAY video where I try and put a little order on things. Whaaaaaaaa? You will have to watch and see if I am successful at it. Also, stay tuned to all things WC because this is the week that I have been planning, plotting and preparing for! [link to the goods in my profile] #mondayfunday #imsoexcited
imsoexcited - mysterymonday - mondayfunday -
arrowandlacedesigns : Ahhhh!! I love this!! Thank you so much for sharing!! So glad you love them!! Your amazing and so sweet!! I would love to share a clip from the video if possible!! 😘😘😘 @whippycake
whippycake : Of course @arrowandlacedesigns! You want me to make you a shortened clip or do you know how to pull from the vid?
arrowandlacedesigns : A shortened clip would be amazing!!! @whippycake πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜˜
arrowandlacedesigns : @whippycake If you have any photos of the products on the kidlets I'll add them and make a blog post if you would like.
melea101 : Where did you get your shirt ?! :)
sweet_ts_design : Love this episode. So cute!
whippycake : @centsofstyle of course! Here is the link you can copy and paste --> http://bit.ly/eatallthecarbs
rhonnafarrer : Love you.
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whippycake - Becki
If you are looking for something fun to do this weekend with your friends, I hope you find my latest post the perfect inspiration. I recently teamed up with @restylesource to create my guide to #locallove in Phoenix, AZ. 🌡 Is it possible to spend a full day window shopping and exploring old and new favorite spots? Ah Yah, cause I’m a girl and that’s what we do. It’s a hard job, but someone’s got to do it. [link in profile] #shoplocal #shoptilyoudrop #Ienjoybeingagirl
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lmlifestylist : You're awesome! Miss the desert πŸ’«β˜€οΈπŸŒ΅πŸŒ΄
katespinks : Heading to Az on Monday - can't wait!!! πŸŒ΄β˜€οΈ
chymme : I mean this in the nicest- genuinely curious way- but who watches your kids when you're busy being fabulous? I feel like I lost all my fun "me" when I had a baby.
gorgeouslashesbylisa : You are stunning!!
styleandpepper : Wish I could shop with you this weekendddddd! ❀️
restylesource : Whippy is a fun date ❀️ thanks for sharing your favs
dimpledsmile83 : @chymme I feel the same way!
framedewe : Thanks Whippy!! It's always so nice seeing you :) Today would the perfect day to stop by and check out @framedewe. TODAY is our Garrett Leight Trunk Show. 12-5pm. We'll be giving away a free pair of prescription lenses!
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whippycake - Becki
This is my excited face after cranking out a ton of new videos today. #comingsoon #toayoutubenearyou #pixieparade #tutorials
tutorials - pixieparade - comingsoon - toayoutubenearyou -
mellamomiaa : @loverose1985 how did they get it so thin?
loverose1985 : @mellamomiaa razor
loverose1985 : Look at her YouTube
mellamomiaa : @loverose1985 do you think they'll let you do it again? Go and complain
loverose1985 : @mellamomiaa lol no I wanna go somewhere else but don't know where 😞 just to thin it
mellamomiaa : @loverose1985 I'll do it
cajaal : @jetskidmore, you are the second one to recommend her haircut. It's 😍😍!
rhonnafarrer : πŸ™Œ
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whippycake - Becki
Popsicle break! #redlip #24ktgolden
24ktgolden - redlip -
brittmanton : Please just fly to WA so you can give me a pixie.. I adore you! 😍
paintingyoupretty : The best!
justagirl : ❀️
keepyoualways : Any tips on how to cut 2 year olds bangs!! Your little girls bangs always look perfect! I have such a hard time. Thank you so much in advance for any advice! :)
yourmomjams : Adorbs! One ❓ though...how in the world has she eaten that much of a RED Popsicle and still has a WHITE shirt?! #sorcery #mykidsareslobs
modernimagepixelsoaps : Those glasses ♥️😍
victoria_obseussed : Becki, I sent you an email a few days ago about doing a TV spot for SNAP Conf. Let me know if you got it. I'm helping Tauni coordinate media.
rhonnafarrer : Cuuuutest!!!!
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whippycake - Becki
Yessssssssss! @jonacuff just released his newest book yesterday so of course me and my team are like... πŸ“–πŸ˜πŸŽ‰πŸ™ŒπŸ‘―πŸ‘ŠπŸ’₯πŸ“– plus a few extra emojies. So excited to read it! If I could have Jon as a mentor for a day or so I am pretty sure, business would be discussed, worlds would be conquered, laughter would abound, and we might even solve world hunger if there's time. Needless to say, I'm a fan and I'm gonna feast my entrepreneurial soul on this book asap. #getinmyheadphones #teachmeallyouknow #DoOverBook #wcapproved
dooverbook - teachmeallyouknow - wcapproved - getinmyheadphones -
stacyliser : @iamamylatta and look what I just saw!
iamamylatta : Ah! @stacyliser, I love it when worlds collide!
charmask : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ can't wait to read it!!
dawn_124 : What?! Just when I already thought you were cool I find you like Jon Acuff too?!! πŸ‘love him!
julzinphx : I am psyched for this book!!
whippycake : Yes! It's perfect timing. I hope you find the inspiration you are looking for. Keep me updated! @laceymcgusty
whippycake : Um, best neighbor ever! We are going to have to set up a bbq at your house.  @alliepug
imprintedlegacy : I just got my book in the mail yesterday!!!! I was thrilled🎊
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whippycake - Becki
Don’t mind me, just chillin (literally) in my very first CoolSculpting session. A few weeks ago I had never even heard of CoolSculpting and then my friends from @bodify did me the favor of educating me. This is just a peek behind the scenes of my procedure but don’t worry, they let me bring a camera along for the whole thing so I will be sharing all the details and of course embarrassing before and after pictures of my whole fat freezing adventure. Prepare to be wowed with this amazing technology and my transformation! PS. Please thank @bodify for generously offering a massive discount for you guys.  Use the promo code “whippy” when you buy a treatment and get your second treatment for 50% OFF!  #diefatcellsdie #letitgo #thecoldneverbotheredmeanyway
thecoldneverbotheredmeanyway - diefatcellsdie - letitgo -
bodify : @tugbedwell so glad you loved your results !! If you are thinking about doing anymore CoolSculpting remember to use the coupon code "WHIPPY" and you get your second treatment for 50%off !
lindzieh : @terrgalvan you know how to keep us in line :)
michdavis3 : @maygenm huh?
courtthesnort : @whitopher
terrifairbanks : In my opinion you already look perfect! However that doesn't mean we don't all have our little trouble areas of what we would like to seem gone. So way to go! This looks pretty neat, I can't wait to hear about your results and such. I honestly think we need to support each other and look for the positives. To all of you rippining into Whippy, didn't your mother teach you. "If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all?" Ladies the buck stops here! You need to stop ripping into each other and be kind! @whippycake Id love to meet you some day. Im so impressed with all you do. Keep up your AWESOMENESS! πŸ˜ƒ
latriceunique : I can't wait to hear more. People say i'm thin and blah blah blah, but what they don't realize is that sometimes it's more than that. How it makes you feel is what matters. I need some baby belly to go away and after working my ass off and eating healthy it doesn't. So all negatives people are saying may not apply. #doyou
latriceunique : @bodify Chicago? This mommy cross fitter has a diastasis that this might be great for
bodify : @latriceunique we are not currently in Chicago but check out CoolSculpting.com to find a CoolSculpting provider in your area. Make sure whoever you choose has the certified practice distinction by their name. Call and ask lots of questions and set a consultation with one you feel the most comfortable with. When you are in the office, ask to see their own office before and after photos (not just the stock photos) also ask how many treatments they have performed (we have done close to 6,000). Another question to ask is what happens if you don't get a result (at Bodify we have a beautiful results promise, we will retreat you for free if you don't get a result). Feel free to check out our website for lots of educational videos about the process thebodify.com or feel free to call our office if you have any other questions, we would be happy to help (602) 354-8040! Great job working out hard and eating well, keep it up and don't get discouraged!
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