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whatfoxknows - _Jason_
Can't even come close to expressing how blessed I am to have them as my family. The kids have been with my mom for almost a week while we have been packing/moving to give us time to make some progress. Last night was the first night they've been at the new house and I didn't realize how much I had been missing them until they walked back in the door. Hugs and kisses galore haha. I'm a lucky man and am blessed beyond what I deserve.
kristagatz : Happy Father's day, Jason!
seamerias : Aw Happy Father's Day 💜💜💜
whatfoxknows : @kristagatz Thank you so much Krista!
whatfoxknows : @seamerias :) Thank you Courtney! I appreciate that!
3robins : Happy Fathers Day!!
susanne_mc : ☺️beautiful family. Blessed indeed.
pennyhor : Happy Father's Day Jason!
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whatfoxknows - _Jason_
This guy was peeking around the corner at me while I was mowing. I think he may have been sizing up that hole in the fence to see if he could fit through.
mket82 : Lol... Im imagining him trying to get through the fence now and taking ages to realise he wont fit. The trying to get back out.
whatfoxknows : @mket82 haha that would've been funny to see but sad too. Must not be much fun to have a huge shell always in your way, right?
mket82 : No thats for sure. Im not sure how long the fence is to. Would take ages to go around.
vanchka : Maybe The grass is greener on the other side!
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whatfoxknows - _Jason_
We had so much fun at the OKC Dodgers game. Great seats, fun atmosphere, and my daughter got her own funnel cake too (minus the dad tax, of course).
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whatfoxknows : #okcdodgers #fountains #harkinsbricktown #harkins #ourchildrenphoto #instagram_kids #ig_kids #kids_circle #igersokc #igersoklahoma #myoklahoma #travelok
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whatfoxknows - _Jason_
Taking my daughter out for her first @okc_dodgers baseball game! Got the tickets for free from a coworker and they're 5 rows back from home plate! Awesome seats.
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whatfoxknows : #chickasawbricktownballpark #bricktownballpark #okcdodgers #myoklahoma #travelok #ourchildrenphoto #instagram_kids #ig_kids #kids_circle #igersokc #igersoklahoma
bella_g_brown : I sang there !!!😘😘😘😘😘
whatfoxknows : @bella_g_brown hehe I saw your video! Even showed Makenna when I got home. :)
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whatfoxknows - _Jason_
This whole buying/selling home business makes me so nervous. It's such a big financial commitment. Please pray for us that we are making the right decisions as we go along.
rakstar13 : Prayers for you all. When in doubt, hold onto a ninja turtle. :)
whatfoxknows : @rakstar13 lol yes a ninja turtle always helps me when I'm in doubt
steveserres : 🙏🏻
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whatfoxknows - _Jason_
The kids are already missing @greatwolflodge. Fun place to be but boy is daddy broke now haha
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whatfoxknows : #greatwolflodge #waterpark #grapevine #texas #anticipation #ourchildrenphoto #instagram_kids #ig_kids #kids_circle #igersokc #igersoklahoma
seamerias : Lol so cute!
kristagatz : I feel that way about Disney. I've never been and will absolutely take the girls but ticket prices being $100 each makes me sick to my stomach!
whatfoxknows : @kristagatz I kid you not, when we went to Disney World I bought the kids a hotdog there when I got the receipt it said $19.99. I spit out my drink like they did in the movies because I started choking after seeing that! That, in a nutshell, is exactly what it's like to be at Disney World.
susanne_mc : 😃that looks awesome fun
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whatfoxknows - _Jason_
On our way to Great Wolf Lodge!
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whatfoxknows - _Jason_
Last day of school for the kiddos. They're so excited, we're bringing donuts to their classes this morning. (We may also be using that as a motivating factor to get them moving this morning haha)
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whatfoxknows : #canon6d #sigma35mm #sigmaart #boy #igersokc #igersoklahoma #myoklahoma #travelok #ourchildrenphoto #instagram_kids #ig_kids #kids_circle
vanchka : He's grown and changed so much this year.
kimstatson : Exciting! Kids here in Michigan still have a month left.
seamerias : Wow already? They must start the beginning of August? Have fun! Donuts are always good. 😀
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whatfoxknows - _Jason_
The view from my grandmas back porch tonight.
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whatfoxknows : #okwx #okweather #spring #storms #beautiful #sunset #myoklahoma #travelok #crescentok #pano #panorama #enlight
whatfoxknows : @keepcrescentok spring storms
summer3d : Love this!! 👌👌
s_i_e : Beautiful!
peace_w : Beautiful! :)
whatfoxknows : @summer3d @s_i_e @peace_w Thank you so much! Couldn't pass up getting a picture of it
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whatfoxknows - _Jason_
The main hard drive, where I've stored all of my photos since 2003 (the birth of my children, my wedding, all of our memories...), has corrupted and won't even load when plugged in. Luckily I've backed them up online using Crashplan so I can get them back but I've had nightmares all night because of this. I want to encourage you to back up your files, especially to an encrypted online service, because you never know when something bad like this will happen to your hard drive. I would have been devastated if those photos were gone. This is why printing out lots of photos makes so much sense.
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seamerias : Cute! I have my photos in several places. Online, 2 computers and an external drive. 😄 it's slightly excessive. Sorry to hear about that.
whatfoxknows : @seamerias Thank you! Good job on your setup, that's smart. I'm considering investing in a RAID setup to where if one drive fails, I can swap it out with a new one and it will copy the data back over to it. It's expensive though!
seamerias : Yes but worth it!
susanne_mc : Thanks for the reminder. It's been on my mind for a while I need to get to it👍
berlynnphotography : Thanks for the recommendation. I have backups for my backups, but will look at crash plan too.
whatfoxknows : @berlynnphotography I love crashplan because I can access it anywhere and its unlimited storage and doesn't get rid of deleted files by default. What I didn't post to this was my hard drive apparently had been failing a few days prior and was deleting the files systematically. The files were not on their folders inside crashplan when I initially looked and I panicked even more. When I selected to show deleted files, there they were. Thank God! :)
berlynnphotography : So scary!! I think I'd vomit if I lost everything....
berlynnphotography : Oh, and there'd be lots of tears. Tears and vomit. Ha! Glad you got it all back!!!
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