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Based in Brooklyn, New York, west elm designs clean, simple products for modern living.
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westelm - west elm
Taking a little break at the end of the day to relax and fill some poster orders 🌴🌴🌴! Moving the poster operation out of the house is one of the best things about this studio. Also love how the space feels cozy like a living room! @laurejoliet #laurestylesup
laurestylesup -
spndone : I love #bensimon πŸ‘
_sta : @allthatshimmers
cerasoycandles : How can I get a big picture of those Palm trees?? @laurejoliet
aannagreer : I LOVE what you're doing with your space. It's so lovely.
justsaynative : @laurejoliet this looks amazing! I'm loving the feed. Can't wait to see it in person! #studioenvy
jessireddin : @westelm @laurejoliet will this be available at west elm for purchase?
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westelm - west elm
Things are coming together! Having vertical storage means I can display my old cameras and favorite art books and hide the printer in the cabinet. This is definitely a working studio so I don't mind having the seamless rolls out and on display. Rolled out the awesome Steven Alan Aliye Rug and it lightened the whole place up 😻. @laurejoliet #laurestylesup
laurestylesup -
monica_font : @blessed2travel
emmajane_francie : Please tell us about this cabinet and where we can get it 😍 @westelm
cleverendeavor : Is this the mid century modern media cabinet?? I love it, and that entire collection! @westelm is my fave place to go!
kessara : πŸ‘Œ
jfranski : @itsdarrel
thesassmouth : @creepurkey that cabinet
westelm : Thanks @cleverendeavor @emmajane_francie @meg_jal! That is our Mid-Century Bookcase in white.
petuniaandcharlie : Wooooo I'm a sucker for the mid-century line in acorn (we have a few of the bedroom pieces) but this white is 😍😍😍😍😍
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westelm - west elm
Best part about my studio's neighborhood--BOBA BREAKS! (With @chaparral_studio + Hannah). @laurejoliet #laurestylesup
laurestylesup -
wuthis : China town!!!πŸ™Œ
olive.vue : Highly recommend Via Cafe in LA's Chinatown.
pep4szan : Phoenix Bakery!πŸŽ‚ Best cakes ever!
pep4szan : @dracuette @frankxciv
laurejoliet : Ooh thanks for the suggestions @olive.vue @pep4szan ✨
olive.vue : You're very welcome @laurejoliet! Your IG feed makes me miss my hometown of SoCal.
chaparral_studio : I heart you @laurejoliet - more boba breaks!!!!! 🎏
laurejoliet : @chaparral_studio 😘😘😘
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westelm - west elm
These marble shelves with brass brackets are the perfect way to display all my treasures. I'm playing around with how to style them-- that woven pot was made by my friend @twworkshop and I love a string of pearls. The prints are my own-- I've been experimenting with prints of my favorite plant in LA-- Bougainvillea! @laurejoliet #laurestylesup
laurestylesup -
libbylemke : I can't find these on the website?
carrie.marie : @seanstotts She helped design our salon and does our photography! We need these...
nataliegracewilson : @abbywasson :: um yes
fungum : @piazza63 this is what our plant should look like. πŸ˜‚
thefeiffers : πŸ‘Œ
laurejoliet : @thefeiffers πŸ’—
dezign24seven : Beautiful styling!!
polly_appleton : @cherihoffman628 check out these pretty shelves!
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westelm - west elm
#hannadog (and her mom @chaparral_studio) drop by for a visit mid move in. I've started tacking up inspiration on the wall and there's a little bit of disarray but hey, sometimes things have to get worse before they get better. Side note: it's such a luxury to have somewhere besides my house to keep these seamless rolls! @laurejoliet #laurestylesup
hannadog - laurestylesup -
2bars3stars : @jackeclev that dog
kabarbar : @tiffcabeca I want that dog
killtronics : @mynameissima
jenginsberg : @stephginsberg
laurejoliet : @saavedradesignstudio 😘
francisguindon : Ton genre @noemie_martin !
thefeiffers : Gorgeous
amayadamico : #hannahdog!!!!
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westelm - west elm
First things first--it's finally time for a real chair! It's the Bentwood Office Chair and I love that it's a little bit Mad Men. @laurejoliet #laurestylesup
laurestylesup -
bowbawna : @thepeasouper oh baby!
laurejoliet : @cottonandflax always!
a_maryann : @_eide
mbergh78 : #mbergh78_house
kmhymel : @jakeohman niiiice
goots : @bradleymountain I'll take this x4
bradleymountain : @goots gah! I'll try and get you a deal ;)
goots : @bradleymountain πŸ‘†this guy
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westelm - west elm
Hi everyone, Laure here! So excited to share my new studio with you. With #westelm's help I'm gonna be moving my photo business out of the house and into this space in the heart of Chinatown in Los Angeles. I'm hoping to make the studio a place where I can get creative, a place for collaboration and fun (and serious business). Follow along this weekend as I take this blank slate and make a working office out of it! @laurejoliet #laurestylesup
westelm - laurestylesup -
brianpaquette : Get it girl!
withlovefromcalifornia : Can't wait to see what you come up with!
maemaepaperie : Yeaaah @laurejoliet!!!
mendetc : @laurejoliet πŸ‘
sarahshermansamuel : Yeahhh @laurejoliet! Can't wait to see
jnash621 : @claire831
melbourne_faye : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜ƒ
lenngrayes : Congrats! And thanks for sharing! Such an inspiration πŸ’šπŸ’œ I can't wait to see more πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
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westelm - west elm
Meet @laurejoliet, one of our favorite interior photographers! She's taking over our Instagram account this weekend + styling-up her new studio from scratch. Stay tuned! #westelm #laurestylesup
westelm - laurestylesup -
irinabru : @sunsetsweetly I found your look a like
zioandsons : Me next πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹βœ”οΈ
chaparral_studio : πŸ’œ @laurejoliet
sara.obviously : Is that a new print that you'll be selling? @laurejoliet
laurejoliet : @sara.obviously it's my friend @gveeve's print!
jeffreybrodsky : What a sweetie!
tambian : πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’› @laurejoliet
stephlloyd : My favorite photographer!
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westelm - west elm
Nothing like that LA light! Interior photographer @laurejoliet's home has great style, but it's doubled as her office for far too long. Follow along this weekend as she takes over our Instagram account to makeover her brand new studio! #FF #laurestyleup #westelm
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adamastronardo : @thehiredhome cow hide everywhere πŸ˜‰
aliiserafinii : Take me there
kenny77lol : @franny412 ε₯½ηˆ±πŸ™ˆ
franny412 : @kenny77lol δΈ»θ¦ζ˜―ε…‰η…§εΎˆε₯½ο½ž
jacquelynct : Where are tees curtains from?!
debraszidon : Looking forward to it
felix_al : I want that pendant lamp
modchik : Well I'm sure she will be up on the inspiration wall 😻a dream come true to get a real studio, I'm really excited for you 😘
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westelm - west elm
Round tables help maximize space in any dining area! This room features our Arc Base Pedestal Table. #westelm #styletip
westelm - styletip -
peiling561 : Fantastic😍😍😍
cb5577 : I love mine!
grand_kamon : @tzahery do you like this round table???
oansier : @westelm what paint color is this?
_rach_lee : @fyilil56 this is a nice wall color!
tyranna : love that paint! what is it please?
natalie2275 : Ya seriously.. I need to know what this paint is called....😻
studioeduardogarza : β™‘ β™‘ β™‘
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