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Based in Brooklyn, New York, west elm designs clean, simple products for modern living. Shop our feed:
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westelm - west elm
And just like that it all comes together! This may well be one of my favourite shed themes yet! Every inch of it feels like a reflection of the way my brain operates and it's also become a place for me to sit in silence and also paint! Thanks for having me @westelm - this project has been so exciting for me!! Don't forget to head over to the blog post for even more photos of my shed transformation (link in bio)! #the5ftinftakeover
the5ftinftakeover -
esculligan : @valerie_iambatman looks like a good reading spot.
becky1243 : @coolrice
krinster : @morse.ah
carolina_samaniego : Beautiful! ❀️
larren_g : This style 😍 @jaredsgibbons
yani_mixtec : @yourworstn8mare
musbkris : @oleanderandpalm
fishboy3 : @morgankellilarsen thanks!
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westelm - west elm
To make the shed extremely personal to me, I've added a crafty touch to some of the key pieces. I customised this lamp (available only from @westelmlondon - click the link in the bio to check it out) by wrapping the shade in a vintage 1950's vintage Bartholomew’s street map of London. Another example of my love for mixing the old with the new! #the5ftinftakeover
the5ftinftakeover -
artofstyleblog : Great styling!
dscibetta : @thegaymacgyver oh my gosh!!
fitz_gera : @fflowtan can we make this lamp?
caroline_sawyer : @camsforte that lamp shade though!!!
smithette106 : @shhhhhh_notme I see you decorating just like this
chelseafitzwho : @jennblasco decorator 😍😘
jennblasco : @chelseafitzwho perfect for your new place! πŸ˜‰πŸƒπŸŒΏ
amyelizabeth503 : that lamp 😍
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westelm - west elm
This console table (link in bio) is the perfect fit for the shed! It's become such a great place to sit at to organise my collections. #the5ftinftakeover
the5ftinftakeover -
moni_g_ : Looks like my desk 😍
rgalueart : Like it
daisy_tribe : Wow this is gorgeous @westelm!
camille_grch : @elinatarade
pattyannfurst : Oh, I love this space....and your gorgeous photo underneath the bench!
handlettereddesign : ❀️
elena_princessa : @superrsonica drvena stolica !
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westelm - west elm
I gave the shed a quick vacuum this morning and then realised that it was positioned perfectly in the red section of the space! I love finding beauty in products that are traditionally considered ugly! #the5ftinftakeover
the5ftinftakeover -
misschrissyf : @hey_jules_studio
etdoshi : @ejshin54
jhosmer : Is the rug from West Elm @westelmkc
westelm : It sure is @jhosmer - check out our jute rugs!
jmeinhardt : @rmdef
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westelm - west elm
I love an indoor/outdoor space and could never work in a studio that didn't have doors opening up to a garden. I knew I wanted to include twigs or branches in to the decor of the shed so I made my own nests! There are also beautifully painted butterflies hanging from the ceiling by artist Shyama Ruffell …if you click the link in the bio, you'll see a link to my post about them over on my blog! #the5ftinftakeover
the5ftinftakeover -
piccolapianta : Love
adammetauro : @ryanmetauro @patwentling @mcbucca @nadayne @wdpalladino17 We are going for it.. nest, eggs and all
citizenmuse : @leluideas 😍
nestnumber4 : Love it
amir_ovdat : βœ”οΈ!!!
lexxxi05 : @bigmistakey @jkgreenway don't even need west elm to create this space. #pigeoneggs
kellyannfer : @matthewpavkov
sawtell_lj : Organic elements is such a lovely way to design a space.
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westelm - west elm
I have a rather wonderful condition called synesthesia, a sort of merging of the senses. When I hear certain sounds, it produces a visualisation of a colour. It's another reason why colour means so much to me. #the5ftinftakeover
the5ftinftakeover -
_cultureshock : @deboraleia
leilandotcom : @jhchiang Yellow!!!
foad.audioslave : @gol.rsn
jhchiang : @leilandotcom those bowls!
karen_barlow : That sounds like a gift or a 6th sense to meπŸ‘
gabsnicoal : @jamie_e_davis
nikiniki38 : πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›
elena_princessa : @superrsonica regla
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westelm - west elm
Morning! @5ftinf here! I recently visited an exhibition at London's @barbicancentre - click the link in the bio to check it out - called 'Magnificent Obsessions', which reassured me that my natural inclination to collect was the norm for many artists. I work in a space that most would define as a "mess" but the exhibition showed how other artists felt it necessary to be surrounded by personal collections - almost nest-like! My vintage alarm clock selection is being positioned in the shed to represent that! #the5ftinftakeover
the5ftinftakeover -
moniibologna : I spy ... Our clock! @jako_bear
portia_hontas : @westelm when are you opening your store in manila?
melisaford : @ayzly
jdsara : @anhovi haha would they all be set to different times?
trujillojulie : @jamietea53 - I'm in love!
jessalyn789 : @emilystarpoole Saw this and thought of you! :-)
jamietea53 : @trujillojulie this is 100% you. Let's start hunting for old alarm clocks.
trujillojulie : @jamietea53 - I'm in...
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westelm - west elm
Clearing out the shed in readiness for my nest installation, became quite a cathartic process. I've really enjoyed discovering bits and pieces I had forgotten about like old tools, a childhood clock and even my grandparents old dual passport! With the shed taking shape, I'm going to head to bed (we're well in to the evening here in the UK). Get ready for some serious colour inspiration tomorrow when I show you inside! Don't forget to check out the blog post I did over on Front & Main by clicking on the link in the bio! #the5ftinftakeover
the5ftinftakeover -
ourvintagefarmhouse : ❀️😍 can't wait for the color inspiration !!!
thefoodandwinediva : Love West Elm. They are part of my list for every room in our renovation. Great quality and prices.
shesemerald : Timeless
behindthescenesnyc : Hi guys! How do I get in contact with you Marketing and Business Development team? Tks! @westelm
hedyus : Thank you for allowing us a peek! Can't wait for tomorrow! I have deep English roots even tho I'm in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
smariepete : @hemjetwin
xgp__ : @bellalamerton
elena_princessa : @superrsonica pasos stare majke
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westelm - west elm
I have to be surrounded by texture and colour in my "nest" space. I like the concept of collections - my house is filled with different types from Penguin books to magazines - and wanted to make this an integral part of the theme. This bench has become the epicentre of my organisational skills (click the link in the bio to check it out!) #The5ftinftakeover
the5ftinftakeover -
taku_ca : @makoto_wada
catherine_in_paris : Nice deco !
alybeeps : @abbeylynnstanford reminds me of your house!
hedyus : Happy to know you also save Mags! We're moving and I'm holding on to my (sic) issues of living etc and Elle decoration UK. We're in the states!
tilly2milly : ❀️❀️❀️
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westelm - west elm
First thing's first, it's time to clear out the shed. I have been constantly drawn to this yellow lamp (link in bio) - this was really the starting point for shaping my nesting theme. Colour's going to play a big role! #The5ftinftakeover
the5ftinftakeover -
ianrob231 : @lexusnex dope
smackcool4 : 😍 love this
kelsiewells : Love that lamp
0lsonlife : Can't wait to watch!
mollymhunter : Cc @rlee522 ❀️
gypsy_mel : It's Lampy! From The Brave Little Toaster
joelgodd : @Meeganmakes check out the story.
elena_princessa : @superrsonica
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