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We specialize in fresh and modern stationery--save the dates, bridal shower invitations, thermography, letterpress and more!
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weddingpaperdivas - Wedding Paper Divas
Incorporate displays in your wedding that are practical and pretty - like this casual seating for post-dinner lounging. Your guests will appreciate comfort and ease above all else! @potterybarn #potterybarntakeover (Styling @bethhelmstetter, Photo @stevesteinhardt)
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aamrhh : Lovvvvvve this eeek! β€πŸ˜‚β€
milkcrateshuffle : @debxb I miss you
mizzclyn : I think they would appreciate an actual seat. Instead of getting insect bites at night on the floor and having to sit on pillows wearing a dress.
nuenuelicious : @xoli23
xoli23 : @nuenuelicious
anamariaorrantia : @tribibi
alittleofmaria : Loooove!!!
angelamarieevents : @junkinjulie1 @timelessvintagerentals
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weddingpaperdivas - Wedding Paper Divas
Have a small flower budget? Alternate moderately priced flowers with greenery and unique elements that you already have or plan on using after the wedding in your own home. @potterybarn #potterybarntakeover (Styling @bethhelmstetter, Photo @stevesteinhardt)
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kleeareyan : @brookekalei
mrsbarone52414 : We had half the table with small floral arrangements that were included in our venue package and half the tables had lanterns. We liked the idea that when we own a home, we can use the lanterns in our yard. Also, since we only ised the flowers on half the tables, they were able to double the amount of flowers for each arramgemt at no additional fee!
deefilipowicz : @auntiediflip - I love this idea!!
youreventbyerin : Love!!!
annaricav : @katherlap see the succulents laying on the table?! 😍
lmj126 : @jlr0386 πŸ‘πŸ‘
lilb10 : @rr_shyne you like?
lmatoian : @esinu833 sorry! I can't stop. We don't need flowers.
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weddingpaperdivas - Wedding Paper Divas
You don't need to spend a ton of money on your tables, but make them look as full as possible - it'll make a big difference in photos. Add pops of color and personality - let the feel of your weeding be your guide. @potterybarn #potterybarntakeover (Styling @bethhelmstetter, Photo @stevesteinhardt)
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monspix : @k10sweetcakes
brandidandiecards : Love the table cloth
youreventbyerin : #latavola linen??! Love it all!!
annaricav : @katherlap make them full looking?!
bulldogmomma13 : @weddingpaperdivas Where is the tablecloth from?
stefaniegliko : @sarahann3310 quite the popular linen :)
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weddingpaperdivas - Wedding Paper Divas
Invitation tip! The paper you select is important in communicating the style of your wedding. If you're considering a black tie wedding, a thicker, more luxurious card stock is appropriate. If you're going more casual, play up you invites with a fun trim option or DIY details. @potterybarn #potterybarntakeover (Styling @bethhelmstetter, Photo @stevesteinhardt)
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mennalawindy : @mayelgendy msh ayza ne3ml cards 3al tarabezat?
genevievealiviolim : @wanderlizzz
jennabechtholt : Oh I love these!!!
jensopunk : @kimloan_le
ashleykerr : 😍😍😍
jodiblk_ : @spdesigns_
mayelgendy : Momken walahy :) bas khalina fel invitations el awal 😘 @mennalawindy
b_maree : @kteday
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weddingpaperdivas - Wedding Paper Divas
Invitation tip! Your invites help set the tone of your wedding. Are you classic or modern? Is your wedding formal or casual? Choose an invitation that reflects the look and feel of your wedding. @potterybarn #potterybarntakeover (Styling @bethhelmstetter, Photo @stevesteinhardt)
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missalissa_ : @alicemrod
madlkrmen22 : @cielitomurillo @cieloisabel26
chelle008 : @sj_dip
anna_choy : @mjunone
jayyb8 : I see you @garrygallimore getting ready ;)
alyemiss : @alyemiss @kcampbell85
garrygallimore : @jayyb8 how u saw these lol? We in the trenches from all angles now bruh
daniellepimentel : @jmpc
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weddingpaperdivas - Wedding Paper Divas
Serve your cake on something special. We often rent special plates just for this moment and accent each slice with a fresh herb, edible flowers or berries. @potterybarn #potterybarntakeover (Styling + tip @bethhelmstetter, Photo @stevesteinhardt)
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lauren_gabrielle : pottery barn does rentals? @potterybarn
lmj126 : @tscotford fancy
lhf14 : @zachbna this cake looks amazing
katherineloh : @shanchan22 should've served this at your wedding. πŸ˜‹ it ain't key lime tho
shanchan22 : @katherineloh it looks like a paper plate? Lol
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weddingpaperdivas - Wedding Paper Divas
Accessories matter. Many, many pictures will be taken of and in front of your cake - choose a beautiful stand and cutter. And make sure you've displayed your cake in the prettiest part of your reception space. @potterybarn #potterybarntakeover (Styling + tip by @bethhelmstetter, photo @stevesteinhardt)
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pardianimal : @katieawatts
ariosg85 : @mariuala
mrs.nikki.ty : @crystaleighc love design
crystaleighc : @c_sweet_mrstyler we're doing our cake like this!
missdeleon : @lilbettyred : we still have time don't worry ... Pin some ideas :) that picture you liked, we couldn't find it
erin_nielson : Yummy!
swest35 : @hwest08
katieawatts : That's right @pardianimal πŸ‘Œ
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weddingpaperdivas - Wedding Paper Divas
Attention brides! Follow the #potterybarntakeover on our Instagram for great wedding tips and beautiful inspiration from @potterybarn and @bethhelmstetter. TIP: Picking out a cake isn't just about flavor - consider what the cake will look like when you cut into it. Do you want a bright color, or more subtle tones? (Photo: @stevesteinhardt)
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_sendonoiva : 😍😍😍
occasionsmag : This is so so so lovely!
lyssburnham : @lexamaree!!!
mcintosh873 : @princyr
claudiamo2784 : @piamo35
veroeka70 : Pretty console
j47wang : @vmyl simple but beautiful
olivas_85 : @mariafranco1 perfectionβ™‘
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weddingpaperdivas - Wedding Paper Divas
#Repost from @potterybarn! We can't wait to take over @weddingpaperdivas Instagram tomorrow and Friday for a #potterybarntakeover! Follow @weddingpaperdivas and #potterybarntakeover to see more of this inspiring set up + wedding tips from the amazing @bethhelmstetter starting tomorrow. (Photos by @stevesteinhardt)
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ariosg85 : @mariuala
500daysofsami : @rikkkki_lindsay These table cloths! This table set! 😱😱😱😍😍😍
jam1e_s : @ewlittle7
m__k__p : Where is the tablecloth from?
hannahbergman : love that @stevesteinhardt :)
nuenuelicious : @xoli23
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weddingpaperdivas - Wedding Paper Divas
Wouldn't you just love to play dress up with one of these @marchesafashion beauties? πŸ‘— #design #fashion #stationery
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whitetoronto : yes!!
leticiabellaver : Curti a logo @pahbella
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