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Glaciers in Fiesch, #Switzerland from George Voulgaropoulos's series "Pilgrim." This image was shot through a filter, but was not digitally altered.
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On this day in 1971: A woman dressed in a space suit carries an American flag and a sign that reads “Women’s 1971 Revolution” during a women’s liberation demonstration on Fifth Avenue in New York. (πŸ“· by Marty Lederhandler/AP) #WomensEqualityDay
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Chris Hannah of @arnaudsnola describes his unconventional crafting of the #Sazerac. It’s been made this way for almost 30 years, and it packs a punch. (Video by @leekpowell / The Washington Post)
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Wood-fired oysters at @cochonbutchernola. We traveled to New Orleans to document its changing food scene, from red beans and rice to wood-fired pizza. Read more and see photos by clicking the link in our profile. (πŸ“· by @melinamara)
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Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce of Jamaica (front) starts off the blocks during her women’s 100 metres heat at the 15th IAAF World Championships, August 23, 2015. (πŸ“· by Jason Lee/Reuters)
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Morning β˜•οΈ (πŸ“· by @arash777)
alinecolina : Em três dias homem de pouca fé! @trombonechaser
dmytroraiskyi : It's enough you've became a main cheerleader for those Aston Martin yachts and a guide for luxury penthouses in New York. Taking a coffee selfie with bottega veneta wallet put on this article is a new kinda low!
timpaulmurphy : "I love sipping coffee and fondling my BMW while reading about ISIS murders"
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Berylynn Gettridge and her father got out of New Orleans before the hurricane made landfall, but her husband, Jules, had stayed put. Two months went by, and Berylynn had no news of him. Then a relative’s phone call brought her word of what happened: Jules had remained at home until his couch began to float. Besieged by rising waters, he found his way to the Superdome and then evacuated, to Baton Rouge and then Chicago. By February of 2006, all three were together. Today, Berylynn stands alone on the front porch of her New Orleans home. Her husband died two years ago, about six years after her father died. Photos and reporting by Chris Usher.
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chandreshjobanputra : We Stand by The People of New Orleans who have made Us Proud by The Courage that They have Shown in The Times of Tests.
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k.sharifi114 : Message of ayatollah seyyed Ali Khamenei Leader of The Islamic Republic of Iran To the Youth in Europe and North America.... Full Letter in #letter4u
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On March 3, 2006, Mary Burns wore a protest sign at the spot where a canal levee failed in Lakeview, pushing water into the low-lying New Orleans neighborhood. A congressional delegation was scheduled to stop by the spot, too. “Louisiana has the best politicians that money can buy,” Mary said. Today, she remains in her Metairie, La., home, undamaged on the other side of the canal that ruptured in 2005. Photos and reporting by Chris Usher.
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We have photos and video on our website documenting how former New Orleans residents have changed in the 10 years since Hurricane Katrina. When Jock Piernas returned to Pass Christian, Miss., on the day after the Hurricane Katrina blew ashore, he found his cousin laughing at just how ridiculously jumbled the landscape was. Jock no longer had a suitable roof over his head, so he and his brother hung blue tarps in the yard and camped out in the unforgiving heat. “The love I have for this place is unexplainable,” Jock recalled more than two weeks later. “If another [storm] comes, I still intend to come back.” Jock still lives in Pass Christian today. Photos and reporting by Chris Usher.
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The making of a #LocalLiving cover. (Julie Notarianni/for The Washington Post)
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