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Photos and videos from our reporters and photographers from D.C. to around the world. Follow us on Snapchat at washingtonpost 👻
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washingtonpost - Washington Post
One would never have guessed that this 60-year-old Korean woman, who runs a dry-cleaning business with her husband, is actually an aunt of Kim Jong Un, the leader of North Korea 😳 Since defecting from North Korea, the former royal has been living an anonymous life here in the United States with her family. She and her husband agreed to talk with two Post reporters to tell us what it was like leaving the royal family, fleeing North Korea and creating a new life in America. Learn about their journey in the link in our bio! (Photo by @yanapaskova) #northkorea #korean #asia
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kirbychaffin : @cate.barton
xikartu : I'm with @geridoc7 on this one... 😩🙅🏽
rocketjohnnyk : If it's the person I've known since I've moved to my hood in DC, I'll protect from that little #manboy I grew up with #theMob in #newkensington #pa he wouldn't last a day against our crew
amandayaptong : Daaaaamn @natalieyaaap
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washingtonpost - Washington Post
During his trip to #Hiroshima, President #Obama placed a wreath at the cenotaph for the victims of the 1945 atomic bombing. Obama became the first sitting U.S. president to visit the site of the world's first atomic bomb attack🔹His visit "was infused with symbolism for the two nations that have evolved from bitter World War II enemies into close allies," writes our White House correspondent @davidnakamura, who followed the president during his trip to both #Vietnam and #Japan. (Photo by Ma Ping/Pool/AP) #asia #travel #peace
vietnam - japan - travel - peace - hiroshima - asia - obama -
afshin.samardia : With the same idea
afshin.samardia : With the same idea Iran has limited the centrifuges but USA is talking against Iran . Iran has trusted all the world , therefore what Mr Obama is showing ,seems to be a drama .
afshin.samardia : What USA has accused to Iran about 11 september is just a disrespect against Iranian .
jinghanchan : What America needs is not an Apology! Mr Obama can mourn the victims, but NEVER the country of Japan!
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washingtonpost - Washington Post
This photo of 2nd Lt. Alix Schoelcher Idrache, standing at attention during the commencement ceremony at #WestPoint, went viral after it was published on West Point's Facebook page 📷 Idrache explained the three things that led him to tears on the military academy's Instagram page: "The first is where I started. I am from #Haiti and never did I imagine that such honor would be one day bestowed on me. The second is where I am. Men and women who have preserved the very essence of the human condition stood in that position and took the same oath....The third is my future....Knowing that one day I will be a #pilot is humbling beyond words." 🛩 Idrache will be moving to Fort Rucker in Alabama to start flight school. (📷 by Staff Sgt. Vito T. Bryant/ Army) #military #graduation #army
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pinkkookies : God bless him and he's so brave
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washingtonpost - Washington Post
What generation do you belong to? We take a look at the newest generation who will be transforming society as we know it: Generation Z 📱 Learn more about the newest generation, born with the Internet and all sorts of information right at their fingertips, in the link in our bio!
pouyanghanbari : 👍
ilovedoctorwho13 : I was born in 1984, and I don't consider myself a millennial. I know how to write in cursive, and I know how to use a typewriter. How many millennials can do that? I'm not a millennial. #notamillennial
felix_constant : You're definitely right Doc, who' millennial? Meaning u're above 1k, lol
a_barn : @uwsider9 read the article. Gen Z is the generation of kids, children aged 10 to 20. My 11 year old daughter is in this group of kids and she is anything but a zero. She's smart, extremely aware and concerned about the world around her. She's also kind, and open minded. Yeah she's a bit self absorbed but what pre- adolescent girl wasn't at that age? @t.rgsc made some really good, well articulated points, but I think everyone is assuming this article is about the so-called millennial generation of 20-somethings. For those who complain about these kids and their addiction to their online devices I have just one question: Who bought these children their devices? YOU did.
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washingtonpost - Washington Post
If Air Force One had a baby or little sibling, what would it look like? Well, here's your answer. President Obama's plane on the runway in #Hanoi is flanked by a U.S. government support jet. When #Potus goes abroad he needs so much support personnel, including State Department officials and additional Secret Service, that a second plane follows closely behind. Any plane the president rides on is technically #AirForceOne. There are 13 seats in the press cabin in the very rear of the plane. On the trip from Washington to Hanoi, we refueled at US military installations in Anchorage, Alaska, and outside Tokyo. The Big Bird could refuel in flight but the unnecessarily risky maneuver is reserved for emergencies. The best thing about flying on the presidential jet--no airport lines, no waiting for takeoff: Once Potus arrives, we're off, ready or not. This is my last post for the day. AF1 wheels up later on Wednesday for Japan where I'll be posting more from this trip on my personal account. -- @davidnakamura
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alittle_boys : He is stay in hcmc now , we love him so much 😘😘😘
michelle_ford_writer : Very Cool-Enjoy the experience!!
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bracey30 : Great info
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WATCH: So I've shown you the enthusiastic crowds for President #Obama in Vietnam; the media that documents his journey; and the Secret Service that protects him. Now how do they all come together? Watch this video of Obama greeting crowds after doing an interview with celebrity chef @anthonybourdain in the middle of a downpour in a narrow alleyway in the Me Tri neighborhood of #Hanoi. We got soaked and jostled and the scene is a bit chaotic. But it's moments like this, with the president carrying his own umbrella down a street far from #Washington, that I'll remember from my time covering the leader of the free world. It's been fun to give you a glimpse into #POTUS tour of Vietnam. Follow me @davidnakamura for more this week, including from the president's historic trip to Hiroshima. #ObamaInAsia #vietnam #asia #travel
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ciarajoycehb : @elturtleloco Obama and Bourdain
yip_lai_sheung : I like his mantra truth, casual and PFP 👍 good leader 👏🌷😇
alraciba : Excellent!
jeannikka : 👍🏻👏🏻
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When President Obama comes to town, these guys show up with him. This is the #SecretService counter-assault team, known as CAT. And in those black bags are the heavy artillery that will protect the commander-in-chief in case of an attack when he's outside the White House. Their job is to lay down "overwhelming suppressive cover fire," as one agent told me, while the presidential protective detail (PPD), the guys in suits and earpieces, get #Potus into the steel-plated limo, called "the beast," and out of danger. The CAT rides in an SUV just a few vehicles behind in the motorcade--all six of them squished inside with their weapons, highly trained and ready to react. #obamainvietnam -- @davidnakamura #vietnam #asia #travel
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real_ikennaobi : @digusix5
digusix5 : @real_ikennaobi these guys don't mess about they are the real deal
frosty_mcg : Except when they're banging hookers in South America....
bestcatindaworld : @frosty_mcg that's the DEA. Completely different bureaucracy.
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President Obama visited the #JadeEmperorPagoda in Ho Chi Minh City and received a tour from Thich Minh Thong, the abbot. The @WhiteHouse press pool was granted a brief "photo spray" to document the visit. The two boom mikes visible on the top right are for sound for the television crews--one from CNN and the other from the White House web site. The woman on the left holding a camera is Associated Press staff photographer Carolyn Kastor (@ckaster). The man in the bottom left corner is part of Obama's Secret Service detail. The president is observing a Buddhist statue. When a tour guide told Obama a lot of people in Asia hope for good blessings to have a son, the president replied: "I like daughters." -- @davidnakamura #vietnam #asia #travel
jadeemperorpagoda - travel - vietnam - asia -
dulceapplesauce : I admire Obama's statement.
introspection_ : 4 more years.
boboguai : 不要玷污神灵!为什么要背手!只有耶稣是神哦?还多元文化呢!没文化吧!
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washingtonpost - Washington Post
Hi, I'm @davidnakamura White House correspondent for the Washington Post. Today I'm inside President Obama's press pool as he tours #Hanoi and #HoChiMinhCity, where large crowds have gathered to catch a glimpse of the President and his entourage. I'll be showing you all the excitement and behind-the-scenes action from the day, such as these Ho Chi Minh residents on the motorcade route through the city. #vietnam #asia #travel
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washingtonpost - Washington Post
Our White House reporter @davidnakamura is following President #Obama as he embarks on a week-long trip to Vietnam and Japan in hopes of strengthening U.S. relations in the area🔹 Included in this trip will be a historic visit to #Hiroshima, where Obama will become the first sitting U.S. president to visit the site of the world's first atomic bombing🔹 David will also be taking over The Post's Instagram account for a day and will show what it's like to follow the president in the @whitehouse press pool! Be sure to check back for more pictures of Obama's trip. #asia #Japan #Vietnam #USA #news #travel
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hung_tran1706 : @saruhanabdullah why do u think that?
hung_tran1706 : So we should respect the past but shouldnt try to draw or take the past for reducing or unstepping developing history..
oxshelli : @craspler pretty kewl
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