Walter Phillips

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walter_phillips - Walter Phillips
When I was #youngandreckless and hanging out with my #family in #college. I miss those days and those people. It was all basketball and chillen. #throwbackthursday @jumpmanace32 @corose13 @isaaccvpg2 @danroy1120
youngandreckless - college - throwbackthursday - family -
barbershopty : #durag #youlooklikeTYRONE
walter_phillips : @barbershopty I wasn't that big back in the day. Lmao
jacemailo : & Dunked on anybody that looked tuff lol
walter_phillips : @jacemailo yes sir those were the good old days. I could use ur help back here with these workouts. When r u coming back lol.
jacemailo : Half past never lol when I do lil man handle gon have the ball on a string
jdad22 : @walter_phillips young marshawn lynch... I'm dying over here
walter_phillips : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @jacemailo
walter_phillips : @jdad22 I got something for u. Lmao
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walter_phillips - Walter Phillips
Amazing event this weekend and an unbelievable turn out from the kids. On behalf of Medz ,Colby and myself I want to thank you guys for coming and putting on one hell of s show. @keeganhyland13 @nichjobin @dennisr2323 @thiwat_2_time @thomas_coyne14 @jack_simonds @talbotgotjuice @clevelandmartin @los_opf
kingteel - ethanthea4 - mma8989 - cheerin_loverr10 -
walter_phillips - Walter Phillips
#littleman @ #summerslam
littleman - summerslam -
keenanmars23 : Grown man now @walter_phillips
walter_phillips : @keenanmars23 yes sir
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walter_phillips - Walter Phillips
Such a great turn out at #summerslam. Thanks for everyone who came and thanks to everyone for helping out.
summerslam -
ernielorange10 - coachc_greelyballers - sneakeraddict207 - cheerin_loverr10 -
walter_phillips - Walter Phillips
Just got a little care package from @jlongstaff for the kids tomorrow at #summerslam. Big s/o to Josh for sending us some stuff to give away. Staff you will be missed #knicks #nba #portland #maine #basketball
basketball - summerslam - knicks - nba - portland - maine -
jlongstaff : I wish I could be there my man. I love what you guys are doing there. Keep developing Portland's finest! Miss all you guys, see you soon.
kwogs : That's awesome! @jlongstaff the kids are going to love them! Happy belated bday josh! Looks like you had an amazing day! Jealous! :)
thefranch1z - jakelongstaff10 - katelynvaeae -
walter_phillips - Walter Phillips
Saturday August 8 starting at 9am Free basketball clinic for the kids. Check out Colby and myself on the radio today at 3:45 96.3 the big jab giving all the details on the event. First 150 kids will receive a free T shirt and lunch. Also special guest @barnies15 @los_opf and Nik Caner Medley will be attending. SEE YOU THERE.
nicconicco_ : I'm coming
alex__saade - mrshaineburks - christel3boys - mainegirl812 -
walter_phillips - Walter Phillips
Summer slam is back, the free basketball clinic for kids 15 and under. The first 200 kids will receive a free Summer Slam T-shirt, we will also provide lunches courtesy of Subway. Their will be prizes and giveaway for the kids as well. Once the clinic is over we have planned an all star event with a dunk contest, three point shootout, and All Star game with some of the best basketball player Maine has never seen. Don't miss an amazing event like this. It's also free to the public it won't cost you anything to check it out. SEE YOU ON AUGUST 8
walter_phillips : Either one if anyone wants to come out and play some ball come on down. @black_magic2.0
black_magic2.0 : I might
walter_phillips : Ok
teamkingmark : @nicconicco_ @jared_johnson0092 @chris_saade @christel3boys (adam ) yall should go
nicconicco_ : I'm going
christel3boys : Not sure on Adam...his knee needs rest and don't think he'd have as much fun watching!! :-( @teamkingmark @nicconicco_ @jared_johnson0092 @chris_saade
walter_phillips : @christel3boys u should bring the boys to the all star game and dunk contest around 3:30
christel3boys : That might be the plan!! @walter_phillips Poor Adam!! He's really hurting!! He starts PT next week! Total bummer!!
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walter_phillips - Walter Phillips
@nicconicco_ @chris_saade @jared_johnson0092 @adamlewis739 @coachc_51yes @yes_aaubasketball unbelievable experience in Hampton Virginia at the #AAU #nationalchampionships. Check out @coach_phillips_yes for all the photos
aau - nationalchampionships -
teamkingmark : @ball_is_life1238 @teamkingmark
nonnofoos : Alright Coach K. Calm down with all the pointing.
austin_p27 : Been in the hot seat before πŸ˜‚
johnnywilliams9 : i remember these days too well lmaooooo @austin_p27
walter_phillips : @austin_p27 @johnnywilliams9 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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walter_phillips - Walter Phillips
Follow me @nicconicco_ #ballislife
ballislife -
teamkingmark : Big Dawg how's it goin.... LJ's
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walter_phillips - Walter Phillips
#familyphotos @reginaphillips62 @nphillips08 @kelstophilis @chole32312 #portland #maine
portland - familyphotos - maine -
sallymckibben : @walter_phillips love this pic!! #family
walter_phillips : @sallymckibben thanks
workfromhome9 : is there a filter on this?
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