Walk off the Earth

We are a band, you are our friends. Sing some tunes with us and dance your ass off.
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walkofftheearth - Walk off the Earth
What do you mean, you haven't checked out our latest cover video...Go to our youtube or Facebook page asap.
mkramer35 : U guys rock
b.ana.na72 : Can't wait to listen! 👍🏼😄 @walkofftheearth
putri_agustinos : @m_f_hamam
jucci_holygreil : @alessamcw justin bieber?
pure_jay : @vixobrien
helena_essex : @willy_bond 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼
rossysafa : Love love 😍
lilynoorbrooks : It's so good!!!
b.ana.na72 - mooey.salmon - hardanmaulanasyarif - yeniardwiieindah -
walkofftheearth - Walk off the Earth
CANADA!! We're giving you the chance to get pre-sale tickets to our shows with Marianas Trench right now! Go to www.walkofftheearth.com/tour and use the pre-sale password "ruletheworld" in order to get tickets. Make sure you get them soon because the presale ends Thursday night at 10pm local time. Also don't forget-- VIP upgrades are available starting this Friday November 13th! Can't wait to see you!
niknac06 : My gawd I have loved Walk Off The Earth for years now. And my hubby bought me and the family for Christmas
forthosewhoroamthenight : @2katbell have u blown the concert budget w/ 21 pilots or no
jusluke : @skaterforever12
fabiiilous : You guys are soooo amazing!!! My 14months old baby just LOVES watching your videos! He dances and get like hypnotized 😂 I have to film that ando show you!!! Big kiss from Brazil
baby.perler : March 22
fatsothepanda : March 9th
m.ivy2 : You guys rock!!! Check out @tenplayt if you like walk off the earth 😁
collett1982 : Yay!!! Will see u April 7 th 5 th row on the floor yay!!:):)
im_mharkjhade - luuk_holleman - chantelle.foster -
walkofftheearth - Walk off the Earth
WOTELINGS OF CANADA!! In case you missed it, we're so excited to announce that we'll be joining Marianas Trench on their #NeverSayDieTour this spring!! Tickets & VIP Upgrades go on sale Friday, Nov 13th at www.walkofftheearth.com!
neversaydietour -
friassuarez : Your music takes me to another dimension! Thank you guys!
hanieh___mh : @atoosawote
atoosawote : @hanieh___mh ممنون هانیه جون
hanieh___mh : @atoosawote خواهش می کنم آتوسا کاری نکردم💚💚💚💚
lunajwednesday : ♡.♡
stakman1 : This wpu
seen.unseen : I love how you guys work together in songs, invite collabs and make interesting videos!
_tigarasi_ : great music guys.
simona.ceriani - cam_wote - anaisatine - lolo_lorenzo440 -
walkofftheearth - Walk off the Earth
The #singitallawaytour European leg is finished! We want to thank all of you for coming out and singing with us. Seeing your faces at all the sold out shows is truly inspiring to us and your support engulfs us with motivation to continue sharing the stages with you. The #wotelings are truly becoming one big world family. Thanks for all the memories and we'll see you next time! More Sing It All Away Tour dates will be announced soon. #SingItAllAway #Thewotelingcrew @wotecrew @sarahblackwoodmusic @luminati @walkofftaylor @joelcassady @walkoffmarshall a big shout out to @scotthelman for sharing the stage with us every night and serenading us with his angelic pipes.
singitallaway - thewotelingcrew - wotelings - singitallawaytour -
jonnaheijke : @kus_lisax They already came to Holland
anthonyjanetzki17 : You need to come to Australia please
adamo_yay : TORONTO PLIZ
adamo_yay : U guys r awesome and u inspire me to play my guitar
ekingokalp : #Turkey#zmir pls!!👍
fabiiilous : Braziiill
mina_mohajer_ : 😍❤️
ashwini_123 : Minnesota?😍
sena.gezgin - macsa1971 - kitenatopalova - cool_cat23_ -
walkofftheearth - Walk off the Earth
.@Luminati soaring high in Milan! Find @sarahblackwoodmusic's tambo! #singitallawaytour photo credit: @mairocinquetti
singitallawaytour -
thisisrobort : They "walk the earth" down!! 😜
itsazoosue : Australia is calling you down under!
carlos_guitars : @itsazoosue yeah, when will they come here??????
dabblesofpaint : Whoa. That is high. 🙌🏻👍🏻😀
natha.k : Wow! Great Photo!!!
xm.ilaa : 😍
storie9 : @walkofftheearth when are you coming back to Boise?
mairocinquetti : Thanks a lot guys ;) I hope to see you soon in Italy!
sab.13817 - mizelly - jessabelleughoc - yugmii -
walkofftheearth - Walk off the Earth
The show tonight in Milano Italia was beyond words. The WOTElings all over the world are truly changing our lives. We love you all so much. More to come. @luminati @sarahblackwoodmusic @walkofftaylor @walkoffmarshall @joelcassady @scotthelman
tia_gue : @massilave85 l'unico paese di cui non hanno messo il video...probabilmente abbiamo fatto cagare 😅
iacopoermacora : Hahhahahhaha @tia_gue
iacopoermacora : Hope you return in Italia, i love you so much!
maryjasha : @walkofftheearth @wotecrew hey guys I know you have a lot of work to do and maeby why not to relax after tour, but tomorrow it will be anniversary with my boyfriend and thanks to him I know you. It would be great to have your photo with wishes to him.
maryjasha : @walkofftheearth @wotecrew his name is Marco but his friends call him Vela. Thanks in advance :) hope to see you again!❤️
jasi170510 : hey guys where is the video from zurich s show? 😊
frilly_mints : I love you guys! you are amazing and talented and very,very creative!
fedo_cor : @walkofftheearth hi guys! When do you share the video maked During the show in Milan? Thanks😁 @la_martona_ @corpiii
meganvanvleck - nachocaillon - pamela_ccs5 - _mattiaborgia -
walkofftheearth - Walk off the Earth
Well this is awkward. We bought the same shirt today. @luminati @walkofftaylor #walkofftheearth
walkofftheearth -
ozkanzere : Coming to Istanbul, anytime soon?
thekwerksmusic : Twinzies! Hahaha! Well done guys.
tapp1287 : Who wore it better?
lelapalatutte : Please come to Istanbul, so much love💙
thisisrobort : It's looks a little better on the beard man;)
bli_wayand : @walkofftheearthh come to indonesia please...
kelseacay : Cat cuffs? Love it!
lena_loves_you_ : If you could read this...it would mean soo much to me...Throwback to concert Oct 23 - thelenaprincess: October 23rd I went to the Walk Off The Earth concert and... https://t.co/L429ivBtXY ❤❤❤
kitenatopalova - cool_cat23_ - noneya.99 - dtretinova -
walkofftheearth - Walk off the Earth
Prague Czech Rep! Thanks you for an unforgettable night. #wotelingfampic #SingItAllAwayTour
wotelingfampic - singitallawaytour -
annieanback : Thanks guys for arriving to czech i was waiting for it since years ! I hope that you liked our city. Looking foward to be on your next concert ♡
elisa_mrtz : Can't wait for the Vienna video 😊
xkucal : Guys, you were just incredible! Thanks!
_anni_hu_ : Da scheint alles geklappt zu haben, wären wir mal gefahren! 😜 @mareike_who @__annaceline__
bizmiez : oh guys, it was so wonderful to see you at vienna...hope you had a great day off the next day.
_crush_candy_ : Fff
areyouproooud : i'm waiting. italy is waiting you.
sedricius : You all were amazing,great and I hope that it was not your last visit by us in CR...Thx
thurnip - emilyhowrylak - youtubersfavorite - salsadel16 -
walkofftheearth - Walk off the Earth
New WOTE Video!!! Go to our youtube channel to watch our new video for "Alright" staring 8 year old Ellie.
___.phoenix.___ : OMG ELLIE I MISS YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!! So happy for you😘❤️
behindthefringe : @pammielaj oh bless you, this is sweet! How old are they? My boyfriend is trans and I have 4 trans friends as well so this video means a lot to me too 😊
emily.ferris.01 : Aww I loved that video and I loved the message that you guys put out:)
jammer6294030 : KAYLEE IS THAT YOU
rubicongirl12 : Is that kid a boy or a girl
rubicongirl12 : ???
rubicongirl12 : Oh Ye it's a girl never mind
mariaddlo : 😍
salsadel16 - marktetangco - hnfumrbaki - jamesmcwallace -
walkofftheearth - Walk off the Earth
Aarhus Denmark! You sang your hearts out. Thanks you! #wotelingfampic #SingItAllAwayTour
wotelingfampic - singitallawaytour -
alice_kardborn : What about the video from Sweden?😢 I'd really like to see it😊
supermomfrasolbjerg : @mlmknudsen @lottebirkmose @tildebjoernholt @karenrosebud
mlmknudsen : Best.concert.ever
bendennis : @nannaroman
gustaqc : Aarhussss ✌🏻
wwwwq123 : The first time I heard your song like a long time no one.I hope you to come to China to perform in China.
_.m1a_ : You are coming to austria today yayy lookind forward to seeing you
adriane.oliveira1 : Come to Brasil, please!!!!!
klochmusic - nlillyona - bailey8142 - lille527 -
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