Walk off the Earth

We are a band and we like sharing pictures...
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walkofftheearth - Walk off the Earth
Fan art by WOTE-ling Sherwin Viray. #walkofftheearth
walkofftheearth -
sarahk780 : Come to West Virginia!!!!' Please? U guys r literally the best band I have ever heard of! @walkofftheearth
jeesheca : Come to Indonesia pleaseee? ;) @walkofftheearth
abigailxty : Come to Indonesia pleaseee? ;) @walkofftheearth (2)
micaelaswanson : Come to Sweden :)
seanross2000 : Windsor needs you guys! Show some southern ontario support!
joulyine_grey : @seanross2000 they were just in Amherstburg for WineFest πŸ·πŸŽ‰
vavandha : Come to indonesia pls! @walkofftheearth
unicyclegirl_12 : Can you fallow me pleaseπŸ˜‡
madhatterie - greciamelanie - rickii7shii - socialfluidpaul -
walkofftheearth - Walk off the Earth
Bigger isn't always better...but most of the time it is!! #walkofftheearth #gianniandsarah
gianniandsarah - walkofftheearth -
mekarewillis : You guys are so cute. πŸ’™
dschuurmanator : I've sat in that chair!
faaaaaaaaaii : NICE πŸ˜„
basser_32 : @caleb_640
vamooshe : Is there a ladder?
raffianne : Loved your performance at muskoka sounds!!
mermaid_party : @pala_sun they need to play their big guitar on this big chair! πŸ˜„
lukeroozendaal : @amblackwood next level giant chair sitting!!!!!
alaniskiedis - pai_1027 - lena_wyszynska - thelaurarotz -
walkofftheearth - Walk off the Earth
If giant balloons don't make you happy...you might not have a soul!
_maiadavid_ : Post the selfie of you and the fans in Huntsville I was right beside you it was amazing
alifshenk : I want a purple one πŸ’œ
amymunz2 : 🎢🎈🎢
chelsie0042 : One if the best parts of the show!!! My son about flipped a shit when those came down from the celling!
lilymvohara : @dannyivanrobbins giant balloons πŸ˜‘thinking
raffianne : I saw that at muskoka!!
behindthefringe : πŸ˜‚
cucinashay : you are weird, in a way that makes me #Happy, like those giant balloons
stefi0789 - mrs_rindy - bholschrocks - lena_wyszynska -
walkofftheearth - Walk off the Earth
Charlottetown P.E.I. You were incredible! Thanks for the love and the lobster. Now...back to the studio. #newWOTEalbum
newwotealbum -
_musicmatt11_ : @walkofftheearth I'm SO excited for this new album!!! Do you guys have a release date yet? #excited #WOTEling #walkofftheearth #releasedate #newWOTEalbum
connor.stock : @dank.n.drank lobster clawsπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
connor.stock : @blake.barnes lobster clawsπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
thepieman69 : Rock lobster
mmiyaa : Follow @hai.miya
jrors8tr : @walkofftheearth. Hey guys im your new big fan since i heard your music i really like you and i said to my friends have you heard this bamd and they said no so i let then hear your songs and they like it and i like to buy all of your albums since day one and i am hoping that i can buy your new album thanks WOTE keep inspiring people
rosaliekkas : Yeah!!! I will wait for the new album. And the new tour!!!πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
carterroo1208 : Awesome
shaomitecson - melindatantiado - ignaciia__andrea - mistyfun3 -
walkofftheearth - Walk off the Earth
Check out our new Patreon page! http://www.patreon.com/walkofftheearth #walkofftheearth @patreon thanks for the support!
walkofftheearth -
sunny_raodameng : δ»€δΉˆζ—Άε€™ε―δ»₯εˆ°δΈ­ε›½ζ₯
v2themo : Did the patron thing last night! You guys are amazazing and worth it! Loooove u alllll!!! Suggestion: Red Right Hand by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds...has a lot of cool sounds in it that you guys would rock, and Beard would be the perfect main character in the video!!!
cohors_ignis : πŸ‘ˆBand starting out here πŸ˜‰ @walkofftheearth plz follow it would mean a lot we are going to do 5 peeps one guitar bc your our idols we love you xxx
teresita_000 : Dear Walk off the Earth!! I love you soo much!! I watched you become famous!! I love you all so much! And you are a great inspiration.. So i decided to nominate you for the #alsbucketchallenge .. It's on my profile.. I hope you check it out and accept the challenge.. It would be wonderful if you did πŸ’“πŸ’“ πŸ’“πŸ“­thank you for everything.. Kisses from your n#1 fan from Spain
acrosstheboardmusic : We love been your patrons on patreon! You inspire us to be better musicians ... yay GTA.
____waldo____ : !
maddy_9_cronin : You guys were amazing in charlottetown tonight πŸ’”
rin_sugg : I'll do it so Joel can go to the moon πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
anapat385 - dreamzxtlovetaylor - irenxx - mrs.smartiiii -
walkofftheearth - Walk off the Earth
Flower dreads!
whitch75 : Dig it.
nandasgroba : @leogroba
maquimurua : @nicoclar
gwncrazyimkee : Looking good. 
nickel_lam : Wanna see this look in YouTubeπŸ˜†
elieshahda : @esnehme
zebrasmitfluegel : Tutoooriiaal!!!!!:))))
sunny_raodameng : εˆ›ζ„ε°η»„ε•Š
lizaliz28 - _.termz._ - moshu_fc - mnlisglad -
walkofftheearth - Walk off the Earth
Giant Gianni being completely inconsiderate and just plain rude!
wimie64 : OMG Godzilla is back πŸ˜‰ or is it King Kong? No. It's its heritage. King Gianni. Greetz from Germany
hanaback7 : μ™€μš° λ©‹μ Έμš”
lvhanzi : Hope u can sign a weibo. 😳😳😳
shooting_star5545 : Please come to the Saskatoon ex please I really want to meet u guys
shooting_star5545 : I am a really grate fan if yours
shooting_star5545 : F4f?? Please
eli413holyoke : How could you ?! :)
mekarewillis : Sick picture G!
irenxx - _.termz._ - mrs.smartiiii - lauraoviedo1994 -
walkofftheearth - Walk off the Earth
Check out the full chorus at www.youtube.com/gianniandsarahmusic
jenibombom : @danischaly
elieshahda : @elieshahda
elieshahda : @dodymereby
flyfly12138 : welcome to China!!!
leonagusto : How romantic you two guys
marce_hernandez : @kjulieth__
solmorr : @solmogil fichalos se van pa arriba
julianasarenas : @michellepaliza
diegorincon401 - ccloudx - apriliaghifari - melindatantiado -
walkofftheearth - Walk off the Earth
Giant Gianni being destructive in Atlantic City. #walkofftheearth
walkofftheearth -
ruby_and_saphire : wow
ltimetotea : Hahahaha that's cool
jazzy_0440 : Lol
heyitscherryx : @helpful_shoutz got me 1k
nadello_ : look at the shadow. lol.
pewdie.swift : GOD GIANNI
joyce_miyow : The shadow was an epic fail but the picture was amazing
ashelc - irenxx - joyce_miyow - bananahills -
walkofftheearth - Walk off the Earth
Top up your cup and let's Sing It All Away! #wotecrew #stagerock
stagerock - wotecrew -
ruby_and_saphire : Saraaahhh! :D
cali.art : Check out my account
lovemygoos : Waiting for you all to release this song on iTunes!!!
joey12moo : I wuv u guys and like um... U really cool and like um.... I is only wittle.... And u awesome and like um..... U so amazing..... And um..... Yea...... I wanna b best fwends..... So um yep @walkofftheearth
joey12moo : Wuv fwom jojo
johannosaurusrex : ich liebe euch β™‘ πŸ™ˆ
livphillips7 : I saw u guys in concert on PEI! u touched me!!!! πŸ™†
sararhythm : Muskoka needs more of you guys πŸ’›πŸ’šβ€οΈ tonight was magical! THANK YOU!
irenxx - _.termz._ - alfisyahriin - mrs.smartiiii -
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