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Walk off the Earth

We are a band, you are our friends. Sing some tunes with us and dance your ass off.
23/04/2016 18:22:15
46 6905
20/04/2016 19:41:31
53 5268
20/04/2016 01:39:19
235 4177
20 2056
13/04/2016 11:15:28
15 4812
46 1625
31 1406
19 1269
#groupoftheyear #juno
117 7261
03/04/2016 23:59:13
48 3181
30 4784
19 2448
34 1550
21 3855
13 3325
60 1731
01/04/2016 23:48:19
21 4194
70 1424
58 1505
29/03/2016 12:59:11
33 2743
27/03/2016 23:14:47
41 3682
44 1487
48 2115
23/03/2016 23:11:38
110 6442
61 1953
#singitallaway #neversaydietour
15 2704
26 1437
58 1722
64 1567
47 1492
58 1840
28 1489
50 1654
walkofftheearth - Walk off the Earth
Post Juno photo @georgepimentel1
xxnoes : So much talent in one photo !😍
tammynjohn : Found you on FB. Just had to let ya know.... You are now my favorite group, and thats saying something. Would like to know if you'll be in the USA soon, and were you'll be playing. Thanks for reading.
abarrowinthemarketplace : I just discovered you guys from a YouTube video a family member shared and I love it! Love your music, your style, your voices, you guys are so great!
karinlaowo : Love Ryan Marshall so much... πŸ˜πŸ˜—πŸ˜™πŸ˜˜πŸ˜š
paulina_kozub - marie_boucly - jacrick - victorhugooli -
walkofftheearth - Walk off the Earth
realwes : How u get out
xzleahxz_87 : It might tip over
latte_fagustino : When are you guys coming to Indonesia? πŸ˜”πŸ˜­Really reeeeally want to see you @sarahblackwoodmusic @thesarahblackwood @walkofftheearth
jmallett44 : You lean forward, stand up, and drop the cart to the ground, and step out. Lol.
io_samali - paulina_kozub - paulina_maccartney - howardgrammy -
walkofftheearth - Walk off the Earth
The new lights in this studio remind me of something!?!? πŸ‘πŸ½
lukanator26 : @harls_e
haendal : Something of King Kong @hong_jewel
abarrowinthemarketplace : That is too funny! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
jayajaya22233 : Wow πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
v_goodboy_v - angel2194 - saurdeano - emmmjayess -
walkofftheearth - Walk off the Earth
Follow our stories at WOTEofficial
misschanandlerbong1 : This chick wore sweat pants on stage tonight and still looked effin fire. I just can't even with all the amazing.
swimmer_luke22 : @vicky.smithson πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
sfloeser : FANTASTIC show last night!!! You all we're #amazing
librajilly : Love you guys!!!
oceanbird12 - derek_letchford - dwigustih - wenting_mo -
walkofftheearth - Walk off the Earth
Exploring the lush forests of British Columbia last weekend with @luminati. Mother Nature, you MILF!
kgnxo : BC is the best
yael.gottesman : I miss you guys
laura_d_davis : I consider out of all of Canada , BC is GODS Country ! Come enjoy, respect , be humble !!!
ringette06 : Ah
rionakneee - mastsumzo.lo - noah.studer2 - debraannfoster -
walkofftheearth - Walk off the Earth
Vancouver! It's always a gift to be in your presence. Amazing last show! Thx @mtrenchofficial you guys are true talents! 🀘🏽
briskturtle : What a show! Great performances by all 3 groups!!!
melanie6610 : Yes!!!! I got in the one! all 5 feet of me!! FINALLY!!!
little_joey_1234 : !!!!
ikaelynelliott : I was there❀️❀️
makiru57 - xemmybethx - sakai_andrea - grhum62 -
walkofftheearth - Walk off the Earth
KAMLOOPS..small town...loud as F%#*k!! Love you guys.
matthewecker_ : @rylan_mccaleb
artistreflect : Great show! You are amazing!!!
edevries : Thanks for the great show!
fenrich5 : What an awesome performance! Took my whole family (hubby & 3kids) and we've all had your songs stuck in our head since the concert. Needless to say, we downloaded them all when we got home! Cant wait to see you again some day!!
melaniemae.xo - lomaselle - joshy.keurs - amber.lowey -
walkofftheearth - Walk off the Earth
Kelowna!! Beautiful City, Beautiful People. What a show!
junia_mara_mara : Hello
mama.larzo : What venue in Kelowna? I love it there!
taufiqrizky74 : Why not indonesia?
lorinboys : You guys blew me away. I forced my teen to attend the concert with me (he's a metal head) and he loved the opening and really enjoyed your show. #woterulestheworld
gwenmilly - ladybug0330 - limalves2 - jessythedaydreamer -
walkofftheearth - Walk off the Earth
We are truly grateful for the night we had last night. We want to extend a massive thank you to the people who help us every single day. Thank you to our families for being everything we need you to be in order for us to keep our vision alive, thank you to the one and only @wotecrew for being a huge part of this group every single day. Tawgs Salter, Justin Koop and Btown Sound for giving us roots and a place we can call home. And of course our friends, those who pushed us to keep going no matter what, those who challenged us through doubt, and those who helped guide us with the motivation we needed to reach this goal. Thank you to our fans who are the biggest reason we are even able to continue to do this. Today we celebrate! #juno #groupoftheyear πŸ™πŸŽ‰πŸΎβ€οΈ
groupoftheyear - juno -
hockeymumzrule : It's about time I've been waiting for you guys to be recognized πŸŽ§πŸŽ€πŸ’ƒ
emily.a.m.morris : are you guys gonna post anything from your opening in Kelowna???
mgillespie31 : Congratulations! It was an honour to be a seat filler at the end of your row at the Juno awards. I still sort of can't believe that happened! Big, big fan am I.
leo_hahne - 4jhuanda - the_little_big_nugget - juttapaczulla -
walkofftheearth - Walk off the Earth
.@thejunoawards red carpet with @mtrenchofficial
jess_rose_hunter : @h0lly_mackenzie JOSH ASDFGHKL πŸ˜‚
someoneson : I thought it was beard guy with his wife
envirothusiast : @carissa.cicchini
hariimaulana_024 : @muhammadreza_f
paolocherici - carcarlover123 - jam.s.x - juliarod879 -
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