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Walk off the Earth

We are a band and we like sharing pictures...
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walkofftheearth - Walk off the Earth
Exclusive Movie screening tomorrow! 2pm PST Tickets: http://bit.ly/16rPxVw 5pm PST Tickets: http://bit.ly/1uXDW5X
sierratheresar : :)
alifshenk : So excited!!
sariendipity : Saw it the other night! Loved it and love you guys!
dreamingtreegirl : @nkpeeaacceeee
anniezsq : I love all your songs♥
dennisfreire : @alisonmfreire be ready for this !!
h_honey_8 : @m_madi_1 @theodor_1376 @fati.insect @kh_ahmdi
sincerely_bobby : Im so jelly I wish I could go 😭😭
senutu - bigbanana64 - meandmyrazorblade - mauliddin19 -
walkofftheearth - Walk off the Earth
Sarah's photoshop skills are getting a bit out of hand! #merman #walkofftheearth
walkofftheearth - merman -
simone_wit : Cute little mermaid! 😍
sraeann : @ssharleem @smykelm @jammin_sadee
sofiortizx : Please come to Argentina. We love you!
__vmp__ : Listening to Red Hands in the bowling alley. AWESOME!
eprocinsky : Just saw ur Christmas special! Very nice
maravillosa021 : Cool! <3
ines.x : So beautiful :')
feehmarson - czarnakreska - nikkilodean - princessemmie95 -
walkofftheearth - Walk off the Earth
I got the pleasure of meeting and hanging out with this dude, The Legend, Jose Feliciano. He'll be making a cameo in our Holiday special. #WOTEchristmas
wotechristmas -
noreenfauss : *bestest
lafleurmusica : Greeeeat!! 🎢Feliz navidad, Felíz navidad, prospero año y felicidad, i wanna wish you a merry christmas 🎢 that's awesome guys.
jaw_dropper_1212 : He doesn't look happy!!!!!!!!
ruthrose101 : I can't wait til your movie comes out I'm so excited lol ours gonna be awesome!!
ruthrose101 : *****its
uxtitled : Can't wait to watch WOTE Christmas on Sunday!!!!
deeell30 : Just watched it! Hilarious! You guys are da bomb!!!
gabbynavarrete : Red hands is my favorite song 😭😭😭😭😭😍😍😍😍😍
mad.fangirl.with.a.phaser - cassandra_xiongg - shemakeshats - evandrixlr -
walkofftheearth - Walk off the Earth
@WalkOffTheEarth: On set for our new Christmas Flick. Gonna be fun times. #WOTEchristmas
wotechristmas -
aaronbrown186 : You guys are better then the actual people who sing the original
andibryant73 : like it..great couple. .
gracejaclyn : Wow I just got a free iPhone 6 from @iphonegiveawaysz
ruthrose101 : You guys are adorable together ❀❀❀❀❀
josiewarrener : @paulinagonzalezz we we're there!!!!!
paulinagonzalezz : OMG we rπŸ™ŠπŸ™‰πŸ˜ΈπŸ˜§ @josiewarrener
paulinagonzalezz : i mean we wereπŸ™ˆ
dolau_eckington_ : Please come to Sheffield
gabbynavarrete - alifetveit - jegard_ - shemakeshats -
walkofftheearth - Walk off the Earth
Sarah bet me 10 bucks to wear my hair like this for the show in Bahamas last night. Guess who's $10 richer baby!!! G.
athomasintheburg : Haha we didn't care what you looked like Friday ... You guys rocked it!!!!! #Sysco πŸ’–s #walkofftheearth
nanyhuizi : Oh my
vt_floyd : Are you guys the real walk off the earth band
vt_floyd : Jey are you guys going to come to.. tucson arizona some time
sarcastic.ducks : When well your next vid come out?!?!
matteddus : I love this band :)
babygotzach23 : Omaha bound anytime soon?!
jaw_dropper_1212 - will.halliday8 - elaneandrade73 - mandalena3225 -
walkofftheearth - Walk off the Earth
Making movies with my high school buds! @chrisbstacey @theshameless1 #walkofftheearth #woteholidaymovie
walkofftheearth - woteholidaymovie -
thejenblackwood : 😦
save_montes : Can't wait!! Love you guys!!!! XoXo
chrisbstacey : Ha!!!! Wouldn't have it any other way. #wotechristmas
honeybeemel88 : Can't wait !!
dopeshoe : Dont forget @chewychewychopsticks
camera2official : Lookin' good Jamesy!
camera2official : (And Gianni, goes without saying. ;)
fedecarabajalph : Please! Make a cover of Avril Lavigne's "What The Hell"!!
julia_irdina_azman - adamvanrensburg - felicie.brdt - mr_duck_13 -
walkofftheearth - Walk off the Earth
Sarah finally got her wish of teasing Gianni's hair. Christmas Movie Shoot...day 2! #walkofftheearth
walkofftheearth -
mattbritez : Estoy preparado u.u @mjrodm :*
erinchristiansen28 : @walkofftheearth I bet once you finished teasing his hair it was a flashback of the 80's! Lol The BIGGER the hair the BETTER!! Haha
thariq_izzulhaq : what the hell 😱
mateus_hblima : When you come to Brazil?
jersey_starlet : Happy birthday sarah
bella_villalpando : Happy birthday!
adriana.socorregut : I love you guys soooo much. you guys are such an inspiration, every single one of your videos makes me smile and wish I knew you guys personally. you're all so talented and creative and I wish there were more people like you in the world ❀️😍😭😊
smokeshow91 : I am so excited I found you're music! I'm going to Hawaii and you are going to start my adventures off right Thanks for being awesome at what you do! Need more bands like yall!
fela_felita07 - beth_murray7 - xjennaayx - dolau_eckington_ -
walkofftheearth - Walk off the Earth
Gianni working on his ping pong skills for his big match against Sarah. New WOTE vids in the works! #walkofftheearth
walkofftheearth -
casskate21 : Haha ik zag wel dat het een touwtje was hoor @gwncrazyimkee
they_call_me_eddie : Nice shirt Gianni
l_bethhand : Haha I could watch this on repeat!
perry97103 : Ha! Love it!
jaw_dropper_1212 : Who won the match between Gianni and Sarah?
abigail_cheetham : Nice
anaaaabee : HAHA! LMAO!
widowati_dwi_hs : @khatipps @puspcitaaa
anaaaabee - debbay07 - jed_leafe - dolau_eckington_ -
walkofftheearth - Walk off the Earth
Fan art by WOTE-ling Sherwin Viray. #walkofftheearth
walkofftheearth -
seanross2000 : Windsor needs you guys! Show some southern ontario support!
joulyine_grey : @seanross2000 they were just in Amherstburg for WineFest πŸ·πŸŽ‰
vavandha : Come to indonesia pls! @walkofftheearth
unicyclegirl_12 : Can you fallow me pleaseπŸ˜‡
hardanuu : What is marshall and gianni ig ? They dont have it ?
benson_p : notice how @walkofftheearth never responds to these but THEY STILL ROCK I LOVED THE PEI SHOW!
barrietta : @walkofftheearth is one of the most talented group of people I've ever seen. What would it take to have you all play at my wedding April 2016????!!!!
wei_una : Oh my god! I find u
fela_felita07 - beth_murray7 - sayyidfathur - rafaberna09 -
walkofftheearth - Walk off the Earth
Bigger isn't always better...but most of the time it is!! #walkofftheearth #gianniandsarah
gianniandsarah - walkofftheearth -
raffianne : Loved your performance at muskoka sounds!!
mermaid_party : @pala_sun they need to play their big guitar on this big chair! πŸ˜„
lukeroozendaal : @amblackwood next level giant chair sitting!!!!!
kadekelin03 : Follback please @walkofftheearth
laluyusufwiby : Please make frozen cover onegai dess o:)
xiko_lains : You're too big for that chair guys... ;)
h2omeloneng : Play the giant guitar on the giant chair please!
alexiska2000 : Lol I know where that is I passed by it when I was going to a leadership camp lol I sat where Sarah sat omg! #blessed
biene_msjs - adamvanrensburg - lilz803 - talipcan17 -
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