We value a cute cotton quilted handbag, sweet treats, lots of color and a great adventure. Follow us for filtered fun with all of these!
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verabradley - verabradley
For a limited time, get 50% off the Canvas Backpack. Online and in stores through Sunday, August 3. #BrightestYearEver
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mrs_ag2 : @doxie_lover08 hahaha rude!! 😠
ellie_spottke : @s_dragseth
hannahag93 : @joshdiaz_
_c_a_r_m_e_l_a_ : I love this!!πŸ’•
ruth_alexandria : @taurussweetie
ed1naa : @andreab72101
maddawg_774 : @oliviaversluis
taurussweetie : @ruth_alexandria Now that one is cute!
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verabradley - verabradley
Add some color and pucker up, it's #NationalLipstickDay! πŸ’„β€οΈ
nationallipstickday - abeautifulmess -
chrizzy_gurl2014 : My favorite pattern
field_hockey_4life26 : ILYSM Cole LaBrant!!!
_lizkeller_ : @awesome_alo
mitten_girl816 : My two fav patterns!!!
raphacguedes : @gabrielaalbers
_soccer.for.life_ : Make a backpack out of the pattern
thedenisetee : Lol, always prepared! 😜 @kaylie.l
kavya_jain3 : @omlaz3
emimah09 - quinnieem - liv_805 - ting32 -
verabradley - verabradley
We're spending today at the ball park for Vera Bradley Day at Parkview Field! Today, the @TinCaps team is wearing custom Ziggy Zinnia jerseys.
fartnanda_ : @ezequielsmommy
simplylauren18 : I WANT TO BE THERE!!😭😭
samanthaflynn_ : @becca_robbins
magnoliasgal : That is so cool
penslover35 : @karina_solman oh no.... My worst dream is becoming reality....
chrissylumi : Love this!!
eamber1984 : Huh?
jsl3578 : And your friend... @caitlinwickes
jess_dance327 - yaybikes25 - charloj98 - aprilceleste96 -
verabradley - verabradley
Lots of notebooks? The Canvas Backpack is your bag. Plus, you can personalize it with your own special mark. Press play to see even more great features. #BrightestYearEver
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majohe1 : Vera bradley in Vegas ??
donnalynn11 : When does the pattern Moonblooms come out? Saw it on a poster in a little drawstring bag, love it!
anika03d : So cool!
isk8_ella : Just ottdered it about 5 hours ago
libby2021 : My name
haileyateek : How much?
genamariemancuso : @kylie_merz5
kylie_merz5 : Looks good @genamariemancuso
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verabradley - verabradley
The Ultimate Backpack may be smaller in size but there’s tons of organization, even room for a tablet. Press play to see more. #BrightestYearEver
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sarabelle93 : @michayla_major it's $89!
luv_emma_donohue : I love that pattern.
michayla_major : Thanks @sarabelle93
xime.soto23 : πŸ‘ŒπŸ™ˆπŸ˜
ed1naa : @verabradley you have to bring back the Frill Collection Backpacks ... Those were awesome
alexa32437 : Too small, in my opinion.
jazzalexa_ : @rubytuesday_10 it has room for a laptop
haileyateek : How much?
chungster_ - bella_cortina - suzanna_ginn - al.val -
verabradley - verabradley
Technically speaking, the Tech Backpack is perfect! Press play to see some of its features. #BrightestYearEver
brightestyearever -
tlglass43 : Love mine !!!
alexa32437 : Is it large enough for a laptop and paperwork?
moriee1 : i got one the other day ! 😍
brl0702 : got it in flower showerπŸ˜πŸ‘…
jazzalexa_ : @rubytuesday_10 this one has more room and a laptop compartment
haileyateek : How much?
brl0702 : $108 @haileyateek
mikayla.cox : I have it! It's amazing
chungster_ - hetty_xh2521 - susanmaxfield - kopyykatt -
verabradley - verabradley
Our Product Development team is taking a break from the trend show to explore Central Park in New York City.
kathryn56 : @ecole_02 You are right! Encourage the use of the pedi-cabs!!!! Too many horses collapsing and some even die on the job! πŸ’œ 🐴 Use the ones pulled by humans!
drama_queen31 : Hey guys those horses are big strong breeds, and do you think ASPCA or PETA would have done something about it already? @alyssa_hess you're right it's sorta like pulling weights but for horses
caciahans : @ecole_02 @kathryn56 Agreed!
cj12reno : @ecole_02 @kathryn56 please educate yourselves on the matter of carriage horses. They have to follow very strict laws and those horses live better then most people.
fanniegirl83 : Just google NYC horse carriages and you'll get a thousand hits on the debate- which unfortunately exists because there are too many documented cases of mistreatment towards the horses. I agree- "educate yourself"- but in my case I did not find that they "live better than most people" once I did.
katski324 : @lauren.proctor
elisabethgrace1 : Why is it so expensive?
reagann123_ : I need I cheap backpack of yours
hetty_xh2521 - britani_williams - lol_avery_09 - russiandeafgirl16 -
verabradley - verabradley
Meet the Campus Backpack. From an extra-large interior to a headphone port, this backpack holds it all. Press play to discover even more cool features. #BrightestYearEver
brightestyearever -
haileyateek : How much?
_yannna_ : I have it in pink swirls!
_soccer.for.life_ : How much
xoevelynexo : 109 @haileyateek
xoevelynexo : 109 @_soccer.for.life_
cassie.croft : I have it but it's the yellow pattern. Very pretty and big so I can fit all my stuff in it. ! Cant wait to use it!
0bellawalker0 : Just got it!! ( in ziggy zinnia) it's amazing!! Totally recommend it!!
_kyliedianne_ : @brooke_choatee that's my backpackkkkk
zerboniae1038 - jessicamahone1996 - al.val - _hotshots_softball_8 -
verabradley - verabradley
Thank you to all the wonderful models, sponsors and bloggers for making the #MomtrendsBTS event a success! #regram
regram - momtrendsbts -
mommytipsbycole : We had a great time! Thanks for having us! πŸ‘β€οΈ
kprocmom : Great event tonight! Thanks for everything:)
nataliavolleyball123 : Y'all should really make a dorm rug that matches the comforters!!!!😁😁😁
btw.zoey : I have the signature petite tote in lola and i defiantly recommend it!!!
wallpopswallart : Thank you! We had so much fun! πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›
momtrends : Thank you! What a treat to get tips and trends from Barbara!
tamaralynnlabat : I heard a rumor that ribbons would be retired do you know if this is true??
serena.badridge : do u think u could make ipod 5 cases?
chungster_ - sophie_1003 - suzanna_ginn - batoul_jaber -
verabradley - verabradley
These stylish kids are modeling the perfect looks for back to school! #MomtrendsBTS
momtrendsbts -
marinobambinos : Such a fun night! My little one had a blast. Thank you!
soccer_champion_19 : @cindymp
toricox8 : My child on the far rightπŸ˜‚ @connor_mosebey
rosie_forever13 : 99% of people married the seventh grade love. Since you read this you will be told good news tonight. If you don't re post this to 9 comments your worst week starts now. And 53 minutes someone will tell you they love or like you.
kayliegon : I thought the one on the far left second to last was meπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I'm dumb but I was like wait wuuuuut @risabear2000 @evelynne_9 @tlkyne_ @maddie__215 @xoxosmilerzxoxo @hannah_munnsy @jillian_545
ken.gymnast : I have four pieces that I use for school. @verabradley
suckit_nerds : Its still summer dammit!
lizkozy9 : I love your book bags and lunch bags they are so pretty
chungster_ - country_girrl_05 - jillian_bridget - summer4419 -
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