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usatodaysports - USA TODAY Sports
Jeff Gordon gets his fifth (!) win at Indy.
brickyard400 - gordon - jeffgordon - indy - nascar - sports -
usatodaysports : Credit: Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports
usatodaysports : #sports #nascar #indy #brickyard400 #gordon #jeffgordon
adilaila : @mrkokoc пагода)
missael_garcia - adilaila - pvaldezjr - mrkokoc -
usatodaysports - USA TODAY Sports
Rory McIlroy shot 71 Sunday to win the British Open by two strokes over Rickie Fowler and Sergio Garcia. (Photo via USA TODAY Sports Images) #TheOpen
theopen -
jacobwitt16 - tyler_jones50 - wil_is_me - bensnider3 -
usatodaysports - USA TODAY Sports
Goosebumps. In his final All-Star Game, Derek Jeter doubles in his first at-bat.
mlb - derekjeter - newyork - jeter - sports - re2pect - baseball - yankees -
usatodaysports : Credit: Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports
garrettplocky : 1
usatodaysports : #sports #baseball #mlb #newyork #yankees #jeter #derekjeter #re2pect
adespiegelaere : Nice! Tag him in the photo @2dsj
gvduncan : @jamiektitus
z_litchmania82 - diegoabarrios - nicksmitha2 - cdcav_52 -
usatodaysports - USA TODAY Sports
Germany wins the 2014 World Cup!
worldcup - argentina - soccer - germany - sports -
usatodaysports : Credit: Tim Groothuis/Witters Sport via USA TODAY Sports
usatodaysports : #sports #worldcup #soccer #germany #argentina
bowlahchilli : No one cares
jerrobinson : Great match. Very exciting World Cup this year.
cowboyfan091971 : Who cares!!! Is it football season yet..
yayomota3 : @bowlahchilli I think there are plenty of people who care
artistledom : 🇩🇪⚽️💛❤️
mauruuru12 : Great team !!!!i'm glad very glad !!!!
mauruuru12 - basa98 - micoongkeko - rodrigoo360 -
usatodaysports - USA TODAY Sports
It's official. LeBron James is coming home. (photo via USA TODAY Sports Images)
mc_chase86 : @shaqsgirl
dakotas_pjs : @volman
grobertson15 : He'll surely be missed
kaydubs21 - rodrigogarza68 - lamjr628 - odedabraham -
usatodaysports - USA TODAY Sports
Argentina will play in the World Cup final!
usatodaysports : Credit: Tim Groothuis/Witters Sport via USA TODAY Sports
evgen_life : Back to 1990 ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️
julianzeng - cnguyen_7 - nickandrews1 - skol_mn -
usatodaysports - USA TODAY Sports
What a disaster for Brazil. #Germany routs #Brazil 7-1 to reach the World Cup Final. #WorldCup (Photo via USA TODAY Sports Images)
brazil - worldcup - germany -
spencer_c274 : First
lil_hurstie : @spencer_c274 no one cares
spencer_c274 : No one cares but yet u took the time to say that u don't care so u must care @lil_hurstie
slade_james : Haha @lil_hurstie
mauruuru12 : Ils reviennent. Sur terre !!
crusher1908 - mauruuru12 - trinitydunn75 - z_litchmania82 -
usatodaysports - USA TODAY Sports
Novak Djokovic holds off Roger Federer to win his second Wimbledon title ... then celebrates by eating some grass.
novak - djokovic - tennis - grandslam - wimbledon - sports -
usatodaysports : Credit: Susan Mullane-USA TODAY Sports
usatodaysports : #sports #tennis #wimbledon #grandslam #novak #djokovic
alireza_kashani - btannen - georgiamade - acptachi -
usatodaysports - USA TODAY Sports
Petra Kvitova wins her second Wimbledon title.
wimbledon2014 - champ - kvitova - tennis - wimbledon - sports -
usatodaysports : Credit: Susan Mullane, USA TODAY Sports
usatodaysports : #sports #tennis #wimbledon #wimbledon2014 #champ #kvitova
xsakurat - _sarahpatino_ - richardbrown99 - bethbengel -
usatodaysports - USA TODAY Sports
The USMNT's World Cup run comes to an end against Belgium.
belgium - usa - worldcup - soccer - usmnt - sports -
brandon_falen : Good
rob_94welsh : @brandon_falen it's once every four years. Sheesh
summer_time_baseball : Fvck belgium
yayomota3 : @bowlahchilli I've never played a game of organized soccer actually. Lol must be awesome being a Cleveland fan. With those teams you should invest your time elsewhere. As a matter of fact grab an anatomy and physiology book. Last time I checked in the NFL plays are made mostly with hands. You can't tell the difference? You must be "educated". individual w NFL has such a problem with head trauma that its going to be its ultimate downfall. As a responsible parent, why would you put a child at risk when it can be prevented. As for an educated answer, yes there is enough proof to not put a child in football. Head trauma is serious. If you're ever smart enough to reproduce then you'll see why but I doubt it
bowlahchilli : @yayomota3 that response was choppy man. Who wrote it up for ya? Mom? I did say American football and in our country we call it soccer. So I know the difference in America between American football and soccer. Hands vs no hands. As far as a child's concern if he wants to play football then by all means I'm gonna support him and coach him. Not shelter him and tell him play soccer. The game of football and the protection players wear does evolve and will continue to get better. Football will never go away cause you think there are head trauma issues. Believe that.
yayomota3 : @bowlahchilli I'm not to worried about writing a cohesive response to you on a social media site. I'm sure you got my point. I guess if your child wants to join a gang you're going to let him so he can experience it himself too right? Instead you should educate your kid about football and let him know the risks associated but then again kids will be kids which is why they need their parents to guide them. If you call it sheltering then I feel bad for your kids. They are making strides toward improving safety but its pretty hard to stop concussions. The impact is severe when you have to kinetic forces hitting each other. I do love football and it is the biggest sport but still the game is changing
juju_beee03 : @jeanettes_23
jeanettes_23 : @juju_beee03 my love 😍
arvadapanthers99 - jordanlovett6 - kpernick - zc250 -
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