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When you wake up thinking it's Thanksgiving morning but you have to wait one more day
agiorgi25 : @ksquared02 @kenzie_giorgi7
frontr0wseats : @gingalicious22 @tgerm12 she's the best
lakenlitman : @ninamandell look at this jacket
ksquared02 : @agiorgi25 you wake up hungry with that face everyday
dlfeldstein : @laurenberns caption
jriche32 : @andreamchugh3 @lauren.mchugh10
kenzie_giorgi7 : @agiorgi25 more like your face daily
laurenberns : @mbernstein11
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You're going to need to hold up 15 more fingers, Steph. Perhaps Draymond can help you out with that, because the #Dubs are off to the best regular season start in the NBA's 70-year history. 16-0. #Warriors #DubNation #h16t0ry
warriors - dubs - dubnation - h16t0ry -
biggyjsevenp : The nba have a real dream on their hands with this #warriors team around. Today they now have a 70yr history breaking 16-0 record. As for what other records this insanely talented, and relaxed looking side can own only they know. Because for us looking in they look unstoppable. Well done #dreamteamwarriors
djelray : Greatness
laurenrothbart : @jtjr1030
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No, this isn't photoshopped. That's #Bills DE Mario Williams and his crazy colored contacts on #MNF. After letting the #Patriots move on to 10-0, you can bet Williams, Rex Ryan and the Bills squad are seeing red for sure.
bills - patriots - mnf -
cjmcmann5 : @lvhotsauce46
jsedotto : @tfryer123 scary
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It's lit. ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ From yesterday's Panthers game. The @panthers are 10-0, and the 9-0 @patriots are playing on #MNF. Of the two undefeated NFL teams left, who will lose a game first? Tell us what you think in the comments.
nfc - undefeated - nfl - camnewton - afc - patriots - panthers - tombrady - mnf -
usatodaysports : #panthers #patriots #nfl #undefeated #camnewton #tombrady #nfc #afc
raziel_saaanchez1 : Patriots!! ๐Ÿˆ
sydney_eleanor_hire : Nice!
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Just nine months ago, Kyle Busch was more concerned about learning how to walk again than getting back into a car. Today, he's a first-time #NASCAR Sprint Cup champion. What a ride (pun sort of intended).
nascar -
bmarkk : @schihigh that you?
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Admit it, you're going to miss this face. @redsox slugger David Ortiz will retire at the end of the 2016 season, and will announce it tomorrow, on his 40th birthday. Practically everything about him and his career screams Hall of Famer. What do you think? Will Big Papi one day make it to Cooperstown?
mlb - boston - baseball - bigpapi - redsox -
usatodaysports : #redsox #bigpapi #baseball #mlb #boston
christopher_steyne : Absolutely
maura_anne6 : @maryclareriordan
dani34cali : @shellebelle34 @sivanraya @officialstevewood
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Peyton Manning will not play Sunday against the Chicago Bears, head coach Gary Kubiak announced Monday. See that guy to Peyton's left? That's Brock Osweiler, and it's his time to shine. You may have seen some of Osweiler during their game against the Chiefs yesterday, but he had only received limited meaningful snaps prior to that game. Manning is out with an issue to the plantar fascia in his foot, and the @broncos haven't made any determinations about his status beyond Week 11. Who's ready for a Brock Osweiler start?
peytonmanning - denver - broncos - fantasyfootball - nfl -
usatodaysports : #Broncos #NFL #PeytonManning #fantasyfootball #Denver
kkunalic : Let's go Os!
bigtiz9 : Don't blame it on PF everyone including Gary knows it's because his career is over #PeytonManning #Denver
bryanb69 - fantasyfootball_insiders - bplsource - muhammedbalmumcu -
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Today might not have been rookie Todd Gurley's best rushing performance of the season, but just look at this hurdle.
mason_carey88 - shanto_________ - drewchris18 - yomenews -
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A day later, and the defeat of Ronda Rousey is still something of shock. But Rousey wasn’t the only one who lost Saturday night. Las Vegas sports books were crushed by Holly Holm's upset. Bettors had to wager $900 on Rousey to win $100 and could wager $100 on Holm to win $600.
conjeezy : @_estrada17 @je_c2123 @1986noe
_estrada17 : Dam @conjeezy
greider101 : @thechadrobertson
gregorypaulguerra : Fuck Vegas
photobyjurassic : @danawhiteufc if you going to release your opinions why to you spill all the beans! You are the cash cow for the business you represent, so relay the news without biased! You tellin all the press @usatodaysports how bad @valerietroubleletourneau eye looked post fight! How about telling us how bad @rondarousey looked, because she was hiding on TMZ.
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He did it! Peyton Manning acknowledges the crowd after breaking the #NFL career passing yards record today agains the the Chiefs. He jumped Brett Favre's 71,838 yards for the No. 1 spot.
nfl -
dannywild11 : and then he threw three interceptions ๐Ÿ˜’
jdouglasfrs : ๐Ÿarm but we love 18
tray_foster : Now retire gracefully
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