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usatoday - USA TODAY
Apple CEO Tim Cook takes a selfie with a person waiting in line to buy the new iPhone 6 at an Apple Store in Palo Alto, Calif. (Photo by Justin Sullivan, Getty Images)
mr_cale : @chadcad where you at bro
giga_g7 : @timcook...
ruparocks : @aristo_love that near my work. Damn I should've just gone
txpencilpusher : So mad. The UPS guy would not leave my phone even with my begging letter and signature!
muhamad_salar1 - useiusery - tobias_wedding - baby_meeks -
usatoday - USA TODAY
The planet just had its hottest summer on record, according to data released yesterday by NOAA's National Climatic Data Center. It's also well on its way to having its hottest year ever. This plane is flying over mountain glaciers in Alaska as part of NASA's Operation IceBridge-Alaska, which studies how rising temperatures are affecting the Arctic. Photo by Chris Larsen, University of Alaska-Fairbanks via NASA.
flamepig : summer is ok this year in my town the cool summer has kept for two years but the fall is too hot to stay.....
melissanne280 : It was hotter than normal here in Baton Rouge, LA..
latashaantoinemoore : @melissanne280 it's always hotter than normal anywhere in Louisiana lol
melissanne280 : Compared to last year I meant @latashaantoinemoore :)
melissanne280 : And the years before.. @latashaantoinemoore
latashaantoinemoore : @melissanne280 yeah I know, just picking with you cuz no matter what it's always too hot in the summer :)
latashaantoinemoore : Gotcha @melissanne280 ! Sorry to hear that tho. I don't know if I could live through more summers there and that's where I grew up. Hope it's better next year.
melissanne280 : Lol thanks!! :) @latashaantoinemoore
pjouclas - muhamad_salar1 - addrs - marioanzuoni -
usatoday - USA TODAY
On Thursday, voters will choose whether Scotland will continue its more than 300-year union with England or forge into full independence. Should Scotland vote to become independent, it will be become the 31st country formed since World War II. Photo by Matt Dunham, AP.
jeffersonanemia : Hello, I am a Chinese, because the nose is too skinny face, Chinese people are afraid to see me and said I ugly, work was rejected a few years now stay at home, afraid to go out, thought suicide. Now psychological illness, face increasingly thin. The only hope is to go abroad, and what can be done to work abroad, cleaners will do. The great American hope, help me, help me to immigrate to the United States, I'm not lazy insect, what work can be done. The United States is the hope of mankind, hoping to save my lonely Chinese people.
franklinashland : Nay!!!!!! Down with Independence!
sergioduran37 : @silvialozanoj aye or nae ??
the4bookclub : Nae
donghaochuan : @jeffersonanemia You made so many mistakes in your broken English
donghaochuan : FREE SCOTLAND!
donghaochuan : FREE PUERTO RICO!
donghaochuan : Aye
kuek79 - that_fighter_kid_jake_85 - vlatz - therhondarobertshomesteam -
usatoday - USA TODAY
Call it the Little Frappuccino, the Kiddie Frappuccino or even the Baby Frappuccino.
fahernandezm : @laprix16 ads
laprix16 : @priscillafuenmayorp
kbrookek : @myheartbelongstob just what my ass needs...literally
leeanee : @amees___ our prayers have been answered lol
amees___ : @leeanee yummmmm tomorrow
amees___ : @leeanee I already want it!
lindseyestout : @karbs22 "Just a little latté"
priscillafuenmayorp : 😭😭😭 @laprix16
realtorcrunch - skwachler - that_fighter_kid_jake_85 - psychedelicwolves_2014 -
usatoday - USA TODAY
Filtered Chicago. Instagram by @pmmichalski
jasonarredondo : Picture reminds me of the movie District 9
copy_and_paste_job : Cool!
bryanwitry : @jennahalberstadt
nickandrews1 : @sydeddy13
rimarks : @barryce
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usatoday - USA TODAY
A jet aerial tanker drops its load of fire retardant on a forest fire in California. Firefighters are battling at least 11 major fires in California, where hot, dry weather has exacerbated conditions caused by a record drought. Photo by Rich Pedroncelli, AP.
lutis : 😢
unme52496 : @_hiramstayhigh @supernose_10
jordancjohnson : @jamiemwilliamss
_we_all_have_a_fighter_in_us_ : Shit 🙈😢
divinechad7 : No El Nino there.
jimmyjoephoto - lapalabraesunarma - spooklady - dysfunctionalmarwah -
usatoday - USA TODAY
The Kaiser Chiefs stopped by our #StudioA recently -- here's a cut of "I Predict a Riot." More at
studioa - : They are awesome!!!
lena_perova - kuanysh_yeszhanov - advocatehealth - any_579 -
usatoday - USA TODAY
Aerial footage of the #KingFire, about 60 miles from Sacramento, California.
kingfire -
blazklavora : Damn!!
eeuuu_gene : @mchlllyn
iwindsurf78 : In my hometown. Parents live there and friends have been evacuated. Hope it is out soon
bellaruggio : 😥
austin_eide : @inakigarat this is just tire smoke from my civic lx
mzbuttarican808 : @kuuipo84 hope everything is all good where you are
kuuipo84 : It's a few miles from my mom's house, my uncle's house up there had mandatory evacuations, mom's ok though, so far @mzbuttarican808
mzbuttarican808 : @kuuipo84 okay keep me posted
magilla101 - kuanysh_yeszhanov - advocatehealth - paigekeenefarmer -
usatoday - USA TODAY
Step away from the DeLorean -- you don’t have to time travel to pick up a taste of the 90s. Surge, the citrus-flavored drink that was discontinued by Coke about 12 years ago, has reappeared in limited supply today. The only place to get it: Better hurry -- it’s already temporarily sold out twice! (Photo: Coca-Cola)
lanek16 : No way! @jayl55
autumnlouanna : Whaaaaat!? @shine4him77
tough_cookiie_ : I remember this !!
tough_cookiie_ : @vcharlemagne @wallstreet_blu ^^^
momsmeatloaf : @hoop_er
jayl55 : Hahahaha yea @lanek16 sold out
lanek16 : Figures lol @jayl55
jayl55 : Lol yup @lanek16
lumachicago - dollbeth - kuanysh_yeszhanov - lena_perova -
usatoday - USA TODAY
This is the third year in a row Miss New York has won Miss America.
caitlin_hawley : @lkniffin
ruppman_jr : @natekaplan
luifaro : Hurray! Hurray!
your_farmassist : 3 girls. 1 cup
agaesmaeel - chinaboy_wei - adindarahma_ - bsjohnson2 -
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