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usatoday - USA TODAY
"Our thoughts and prayers are with the family during this difficult time," Capt. Ryan Elizabeth Alvis said in a statement early today. A training exercise turned deadly at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina, killing one Marine and injuring several others. #CampLejeune #NC #Marines (Photo by Cpl. Paul S. Martinez
marines - nc - camplejeune -
wondherful : "The Lord is close to the broken-hearted." #psalms
wanderer_1980 : Sad news
tablefor05 : So sad!
kofikessben : Awesome
ashlbashl : @raklovits : πŸ˜•
drdrew718 : @nycryan
kellymariebrown71 : So sad. Absolutely sad. Prayers for the soldiers. #America
biznesalert - nancykemei - ralphj.clarkin - kirsten_elizabeth_b -
usatoday - USA TODAY
With the changing leaves comes better prices for your travels! We’ve rounded up some best-bet destinations for bargain seekers this fall, like #Bulgaria (Yes, Bulgaria). Photo by Getty Images/iStockphoto #FallTravel #Bargains #UniqueDestinations
falltravel - uniquedestinations - bargains - bulgaria -
selenatorsstayforever : Great
fbashev : #Sofia, Bulgaria πŸ‘Œβ˜ΊοΈ
ato94565 : @razzderful
brittahedstrom : @john3neidrich
josycampos - ofeiticeirodeoz - dayaryranya - alexander177199 -
usatoday - USA TODAY
A federal judge has overturned Patriots QB @realtbrady's #Deflategate suspension: (Photo: @usatodaysportsimages) #tombrady
tombrady - deflategate -
kuriakos : A punch in the gut to NFL Commissioner and NFL Players Union. All NFL suspensions should now go to federal court. Let the federal judge be NFL commissioner.
lubguban6 : Goooo Raiders!!!
nick_delucia21 : Justice has been served!!!
aanchalsaxena : @vike504
esptv : He will pay with pain in the first game against the Steelers
cyndimitchell : Such BS
ksantil28 : I guess cheaters do win
carmie62 : And what does this teach our children? Smdh.....
supasizefriez - tofilaura - fbioandr_fotojornalismo - d_towncrier -
usatoday - USA TODAY
Chris, a sheep lost in the Australian scrubland, was shorn for perhaps the first time on Thursday yielding 93 pounds of wool: (Photo: RSPCA via AFP/Getty Images)
hollandwardwhite : @vich21 πŸ‘
gillie8 : Well this was the stuffed animal I got you until they shaved him... @drewjollyyy
kdg24 : @royce_vinsanity He needs your barbering skills πŸ’ˆβœ‚οΈ
kelseydauer : @katiedauer
lindsay_dworetz : @vicaldrich
vicaldrich : @lindsay_dworetz hahah wait dying so fluffy
jamesdean_holywood : Hhhh
zuritacountrygirl : @j831lopez true that brody... saw that good line of thinking.
naimatullahpopal123 - tyrone.ellis - mpanga_robertzkovik - beatrice.sanchez -
usatoday - USA TODAY
In honor of #NationalSkyscraperDay, here’s a fantastic photo of the world's tallest building, the #BurjKhalifa in #Dubai, which towers more than a half-mile above the surface. Its strength comes from a honeycombed, triangular shape — a breakthrough in building design. #Skyscrapers #Incredible
nationalskyscraperday - dubai - skyscrapers - burjkhalifa - incredible -
chao_147 : @mcsurucu
kaela_knoll : @cknoll1984
msjoy78 : @steezuschryst
steezuschryst : @msjoy78 just waiting on another flight deal... Oh we booked Colombia for next may
trenchdon : @dr_jetsetter @luvmysummer @beezindabreeze @sunchelle David, when will you be taking Rachelle and I here?
luvmysummer : @trenchdon @dr_jetsetter and me? Lol
dr_jetsetter : I've been trying to get there for the longest! @trenchdon @luvmysummer @sunchelle @beezindabreeze
sunchelle : Yes take us with you @dr_jetsetter Lol
heribertonunez66 - john.manyama - aung_john - arifi.engjell24 -
usatoday - USA TODAY
One day after a police officer was shot and killed, dozens of heavily armed officers are on a massive manhunt throughout the town of Fox Lake, Ill., for three suspects believed to be responsible for the shooting. (Photo by Brian Hill, AP
heatherlygee : I hope they catch them.... Rip to the fallen officer...
endlssummr : It's scary they haven't caught them yet. there has to be surveillance cameras somewhere.
baseddavey : RIP to the 32 year veteran police officer. I hope whoever shot this man and the two men involved get what they deserve. God Bless America, we need it. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
ddinnola : This is becoming the norm, so sad!
lindabarrow : Police Lives Matter!
n_noory_c7 : The most biggest terrorist in the world will destroyable.
adamglasgo : #Bluelivesmatter
isaac_scientyfic - jorge23mejia - tofilaura - thepaparazzi.icon -
usatoday - USA TODAY
The search for the rumored Nazi gold train has escalated again. The government has warned treasure seekers that before Nazis left the trove, there is a “huge probability” that the site was heavily protected by explosives. "Reconnaissance” work is now being conducted by military personnel. Maybe next time, just call Indiana Jones! #GoldRush #IndianaJones #TreasureHunting (Photo by STR, AP
goldrush - indianajones - treasurehunting -
ramos_585 : @somarcram haha
lynsieb : @cjaye11
surfdad87 : Where is it?
zionnsmithh : @myarae_ when you open your legs
sabeezus : @vsvpzimar
sandra21marie : Even if gold is found, it's cursed. Shame on any one trying to profit from such a horrible time in History!!
jwalsh254 : @zack_rubin
dhamvir_kang - mimoprinces - electioncoverage2016 - vahrul77 -
usatoday - USA TODAY
Unfair, he's holding pizza! Turns out #Georgetown tops the list of “most right swiped men" on @tinder. Do you agree? (Photo by Kelsey Begin #HoyaSaxa #SwipedRight
georgetown - swipedright - hoyasaxa -
staldo93 : @a_costanz
staldo93 : @aaroncliff @leilaghara @halebar
halebar : @k8barrows
halebar : @staldo93 HAHAHAH need to figure out how to repost
a_costanz : @staldo93 this is gold. @j4mie_l33
aaroncliff : @staldo93 I hate what this will do for your ego
leilaghara : @staldo93 who did you pay to do this
k8barrows : @halebar LOL
supasizefriez - alinawaz1920 - abdlrhmnlwrtny - louiel.a -
usatoday - USA TODAY
Wynton Marsalis and Carlos Henriquez perform live for USA TODAY @jazzdotorg #NYC
nyc -
thestevereno : Cool! #trumpet
cwatzkeg76 : @adrirn04
_beauty_n_u_ : @chitowns_oliver_queen
paige.c._ : Look its you. Still not playing the melody @tonyarroyoo
lburk2000 : @pburk2000
jvidalonch : πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
jshienbaum : @gsfineart
chitowns_oliver_queen : @_beauty_n_u_ Nice
samuelcepon - tofilaura - vale.marga - electioncoverage2016 -
usatoday - USA TODAY
On the anniversary of J.R.R. #Tolkien’s death, we journey through the most iconic moments of “The Lord of the Rings.” #jrrtolkien #lotr #lordoftherings #middleearth #theyretakingthehobbitstoisengard
lordoftherings - jrrtolkien - theyretakingthehobbitstoisengard - middleearth - tolkien - lotr -
lioness126 : @jimmy0519
jimmy0519 : Oh, hell! Now I'm gonna hafta read it again...
ph0e6e : @rlucker
christiand34 : @j_rod_91 thought this was cool
manteufelgirl : @smanteufel @jake0wen
jekneeb : @devinejay
masinimarta : I can't hear the video!!!! Help
sandaneestormy : Oooh @lovememadly! I love it! It's so cool!
fattjey - chathuraperera111 - tofilaura - monikarana785 -
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