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usatoday - USA TODAY
Rush-hour traffic is never fun, but this photo of the evening rush in Shanghai shows that it can be beautiful. Photo by Johannes Eisele, AFP/Getty Images.
whitneywortman : @cak38 @rockyxu ๐Ÿ‘
rockyxu : @whitneywortman #thehai
sonalidarora : @brentmataphotography
efrizzy : @freemanzach
eddyatkins17 : If this is Shanghai's "evening rush" traffic then I'm moving there #doubtit @usatoday
pakinsky : I don't see any car but still great pic
shannathaaan : The cars are in motion, therefore you cannot see the actual cars, just the light they make on the highways... @eddyatkins17 @pakinsky
annhamster - wraith_057 - levenson_b - c_albert -
usatoday - USA TODAY
Stunning, rare white-sided dolphins have been spotted in the seas off Victoria, British Columbia, and the San Juan Islands.
ginnyreed : @jillianwisse
cookieloli : @tamirsu Canada!!
calmi23 : @lavidatranquila can I keep one?? ๐Ÿฌ
ronduenas : @tiglily45
jillianwisse : @ginnyreed so cool!!
scott_swallow : @jayneswallow we be going so soon!!! Can't wait.
miami_chica : โค๏ธ
ooalmondoo : Love this pic because I love dolphins
adro268 - slyvan_z - jettprep - lisannexn -
usatoday - USA TODAY
The Thunderbolt at Coney Island is a two-minute adventure over 2,233 feet of steel track. Yes, the 90-degree vertical drop is as scary as it looks. But going up is the worst part. #hyperlapse
hyperlapse -
meaganlynnx : Let's go @sheesh1121
mlm5054 : @sammiswingle ๐Ÿ˜ฑ
pinkyandtheq : @suzanneshockey @hahnk
kaveh.mirhosseini : @aframirfarsi
tmiranda17 : @itsalexmiranda
alabbasi1 : @lulu_alabbasi @eng_nuha
michelejanet : @amanda_demaio
melissanne280 : @pat2low no.way.
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usatoday - USA TODAY
These pups made their tandem division ride look easy. Tandem division in what, you ask? That would be the sixth snnual Surf Dog competition, which was this weekend in California. Photo by Mark Ralston, AFP/Getty Images.
mcarpiol : Vea!!!! @natymcadam
instashshkbb : Ridiculously adorable
meigatron85 : @jwhite850 ellie would love this!
jppartlow : Looks like Louie and Zoe @charlie_king3
charlie_king3 : Haha that's hilarious we could def get Lou and Zoe to do that @jppartlow
jwhite850 : She would be obsessed with it @meigatron85
jverdi23 : @lolea1
jverdi23 : @sethwalker is this what y'all do in Cali? I'm jealous
faheem.mohammed.7106 - abohessanh - kuanysh_yeszhanov - lostpinesrealty -
usatoday - USA TODAY
Meet Frank and Stein. He proves that two heads are cuter than one.
ashleycarmenb : @amboschini
vcianconi : Omg @carlaport
nuggydunn : @mershan1 Dex said "just like the two headed dragon." Lol
mershan1 : @nuggydunn Dex is too cute. I love it. ๐Ÿ˜‰
lookatthesefish : @rhodes_colossus
sdoubleul : @steph_bombs
steph_bombs : @sdoubleul I want it
tonididitonem : You're dusgustingly biased. Woman who was beaten by cops pushed him first. Really?! This is your headline? After watching him beat and brutalize her?! Smh if she was white it would have been a way bigger story and all support would be thrown behind Her. You guys are disgustingly racist. Stay classy
gonebeachin - batjack_ - hollysheridan - lauroafp -
usatoday - USA TODAY
Another tremendous shot from this year’s Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition. German photographer Eugen Kamenew won the “People and Space” category for this shot of the sun and moon setting together during an eclipse behind a Kenyan savannah skyline. (Photo: Courtesy of Royal Museums Greenwich)
hannah_kate6 : That's insane @bhazard
shabibenator : @zuhair_alsiyabi ุณุจู‚ูƒ ุงู„ุฑุฌุงู„ ู„ู„ุตูˆุฑุฉ
shabibenator : @moe_clicks
therealrodney_king : @amanda_holly
charity_britton : Epic
lutis : @leviandmarley ๐Ÿ™Œ
mv_d_ramos : BEAUTIFUL
foto_pica : Wow!
gus_har - iamkarenchen - lenisebme - havoc01_16 -
usatoday - USA TODAY
Best photographer OF the universe? Yes. Best photographer IN the universe? Maybe … With this shot of the Northern Lights, James Woodend won the title of Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2014. (Photo: James Woodend, Courtesy of Royal Museums Greenwich)
amr620 : @kayrv1025 it's beautiful and surreal!
katiembo : @julianicoleharr lets gooooo
beccabeccabeccanz : Beautiful!!!
dawna_c : @whitemamba12345
acalab2781 : @kerrie_danielle
gissel_fh17 : @bahnesaaah
cigrtart : Wow must say thats fabulous ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
veggievampire : Really makes me feel that the whole universe is a hologram theory it's a little more true
incaseyoudidntkno - donalddparker - reihasilverfall - divinechad7 -
usatoday - USA TODAY
The People's Climate March took over midtown Manhattan on Sunday. Organizers are calling it the largest climate change rally in history. Protestors rolled down Central Park South shouting "No war, no warming!" #climatemarch
climatemarch -
shaked0wn : ๐Ÿ‘
soul33rebel : @civiccuh @cuhministry
soul33rebel : @__kierstyn.jimmy @_diorashton @jerrigisela : check it out. I don't know Hannah's IG. tag her
_diorashton : @hannah_sablan
tenna907 : @jacquiiwithacue ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ
radiohd80 : @nixtanyc Did you participate??
almeidacarlos_prof : What about the kioti protocol? Have Americans forgoten that?
jacquiiwithacue : @tenna907 cool!!! We were chanting with people saying "we can't drink oil, save the water" lol
umair_akmal - babekrysna - djsautumn - tymocamom -
usatoday - USA TODAY
Apple CEO Tim Cook takes a selfie with a person waiting in line to buy the new iPhone 6 at an Apple Store in Palo Alto, Calif. (Photo by Justin Sullivan, Getty Images)
mr_cale : @chadcad where you at bro
giga_g7 : @timcook...
ruparocks : @aristo_love that near my work. Damn I should've just gone
txpencilpusher : So mad. The UPS guy would not leave my phone even with my begging letter and signature!
denismartins961 - 50gotwhoop - pammieja - emmanuelmatheus1 -
usatoday - USA TODAY
The planet just had its hottest summer on record, according to data released yesterday by NOAA's National Climatic Data Center. It's also well on its way to having its hottest year ever. This plane is flying over mountain glaciers in Alaska as part of NASA's Operation IceBridge-Alaska, which studies how rising temperatures are affecting the Arctic. Photo by Chris Larsen, University of Alaska-Fairbanks via NASA.
flamepig : summer is ok this year in my town the cool summer has kept for two years but the fall is too hot to stay.....
melissanne280 : It was hotter than normal here in Baton Rouge, LA..
latashaantoinemoore : @melissanne280 it's always hotter than normal anywhere in Louisiana lol
melissanne280 : Compared to last year I meant @latashaantoinemoore :)
melissanne280 : And the years before.. @latashaantoinemoore
latashaantoinemoore : @melissanne280 yeah I know, just picking with you cuz no matter what it's always too hot in the summer :)
latashaantoinemoore : Gotcha @melissanne280 ! Sorry to hear that tho. I don't know if I could live through more summers there and that's where I grew up. Hope it's better next year.
melissanne280 : Lol thanks!! :) @latashaantoinemoore
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