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usatoday - USA TODAY
Happy birthday to everyone’s favorite wizard, Harry Potter -- and to one of the finest muggles around, J.K. Rowling.
crystalmriddle : @dmartin12 you forgot HP's bday today?!? πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‚ HP
dmartin12 : No I didn't. I got cupcakes to celebrate lolπŸ˜‰πŸ˜βš‘οΈπŸŽ‰ @crystalmriddle
lizknopf : @cmleahey @edemchyk
amethyst0204 : @pookiedeshaye did you know that you shared your birthday with HP? lol!
pookiedeshaye : @amethyst0204 lol yes I did and with Demarcus ware and Wesley snipes and JK Rowling
amethyst0204 : @pookiedeshaye 😭😭😭 I should have known! Enjoy Lady!
fitcelina79 : @natalie21s
natalie21s : @fitcelina79 that's why I like him so much! Zeth and Harry potter have the same bday.
traceyinwonderland - jaysonofwil - nisbetts - ja_es_muss_sein -
usatoday - USA TODAY
Did you catch the sunrise this morning? (Photo: Austin Bond, @yourtake)
jseab : @matthewawhite did you happen to see the sunrise today?
think_pay_yourself_first : Nice!
wvalencia77 : @usatoday I didnt
naiyasumit : Yeah! everyday when I wake up.....
ahmedjohn - zariemoloney - darik_jew - cherry_connection -
usatoday - USA TODAY
Indie rockers @moon_taxi perform 'The New Black' at @USATODAY's #StudioA. For more:
studioa -
epurmort : @gbschon
caktusapp : Love it! @moon_taxi
nickandrews1 : @re__porter
lewisfort : @addiemcgowan
addiemcgowan : @lewisfort niiiiiice
dino_llc : #SoundCloud #la-rivoluzione #Dino_llc #RadioMotorious #IndieLabel #DINO #IGNITIONMagazine #i_am_motorious #telematics #LinkinPark #ChesterBennington #HybridTheory #InTheEnd #TuneUp #DownloadableMusicSampler
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usatoday - USA TODAY
Look closely beneath the cloud layer, and you’ll see the Chicago skyline reflecting off Lake Michigan. (Photo: Mark Hersch, @yourtake)
cmase19 : @mrscoachk
grooveyamericano : Woah @amandawion
mgmcduffie : @rhoch522 Cool shot of Chi
jscull27 : @jscullin
ammq64 : Love it !
christiand34 : @m_meneghetti check out your city πŸ‘Œ
cyhains : Incredible shot!
karsyn524 : @reneboston man I need that framed!
thetina22 - carlotaclux - sergi_09 - ginahadfield1989 -
usatoday - USA TODAY
A child’s shoe is left behind by undocumented immigrants on the U.S. side of the Rio Grande River on July 24, 2014 near Mission, Texas. Tens of thousands of families and unaccompanied minors have crossed illegally into the United States this year, causing a humanitarian crisis on the U.S.-Mexico border. Texas' Rio Grande Valley has become the epicenter of the latest immigrant crisis, as more immigrants, especially Central Americans, cross illegally from Mexico into that sector than any other stretch of the America's 1,933 mile border with Mexico. Photo: John Moore/Getty Images
tayasimmons : @ashtonlummus let's welcome them and help our fellow humans. I def understand where you are coming from but if they left their own country it must be pretty horrible where they are. ❀️ but I do understand why you feel the way you do.
matutenco : Like this is your Fucking country ignorant fool, unless you are Native American shut the fuck off...!!!
carrielizz : @kimmie29r it's in Texas!
wigsbabe : Illegal immigrants are killing our economy. I realize their lives are in shambles, but we need to help our citizens first. My mother inlaw was denied healthcare unless we paid in cash for it while traveling to another country and if you have a baby in Germany, doesn't give that baby citizenship. Just two examples of how we need to do the same in the US. If we don't, it will be to our own economic peril as we try to sustain hunger, medical, tax, and on and on and on
jbr1 : Forget the economy we were all once immigrants so let's help them
mkomo42 : We are helping them. How many billions do we send abroad.
jackie__susan : @jjimenez18 thought this might interest you...some of these comments are so hateful and hurtful it's disgusting.... Where are you Humanity?????
indyboogiedog : I wonder how many people in the US are still waiting to adopt a child... πŸ™
serdar_baltaci - umanoclothing - patrickadjei - bakrmousa -
usatoday - USA TODAY
Saltwater Cowboys lead the northern herd of Chincoteague Ponies down the beach at Assateague Island, Va. on Monday July 28, 2014. Wednesday July 30, 2014 will mark the 89th year of Chincoteague's annual Pony Swim. Photo: AP/Eastern Shore News, Jay Diem
outofstep73 : @pkdna73
_meganroy_ : 😍
akbakes : @lordluginbill
pkdna73 : ❀️
penserga25 : @jaydiemphoto
_meganroy_ : @sophiamarye Remember The Book?πŸ’•
sophiamarye : yessss we were so obsessedπŸ˜‚πŸ’™ @_meganroy_
_meganroy_ : I know rightπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @sophiamarye
bakrmousa - aheleni - patrickadjei - thenoimad -
usatoday - USA TODAY
Clowns pose during a parade in the historical centre of Guatemala City in the framework of the VI Latin American Clown Congress on July 29, 2014. Photo: Johan Ordonez/AFP/Getty Images
inspectorsrod : @katiatus see what you missed out on?! I can just picture you getting paralyzed right now lol!
nickandrews1 : @sydeddy13
sophia__jones : @vrbirdsong
wizzerwit : @ohmyclod Remember when you were afraid of clowns? 😬😜😳
ohmyclod : @wizzerwit lol
bill1195 : As congress works toward their summer break.....
krazeekatee : Da clowns love you @kaljacks muhahahahaha
jenalrescate : @elillymar28 lol
mkcamarena - aheleni - paigekeenefarmer - egoverg -
usatoday - USA TODAY
The lovely @uzoaduba stopped by to talk tech with @jeffersongraham. #crazyeyes
crazyeyes -
avajoye : @ronnie_junior
lesmil1 - joshualhiggins - marctylerromero - lazchenkodmitry -
usatoday - USA TODAY
Iraqi Shiites clean the grave of a relative at one of the world's biggest cemeteries in the holy city of Najaf, Iraq during the Eid al-Fitr celebrations marking the end of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan. @usatoday Photo: HAIDAR HAMDANI/AFP/Getty Images
tamibarta : Why is this news ??? What about American Solider's loved ones mourning their graves @usatoday??
satori_roshi : Because real Americans respect the life's of every human consciousness regardless of their culture or world views. @tamibarta Great work @usatoday this is a beautiful piece
thekelly_s : I follow @usatoday because I want news from the USA! This isn't CNN.
beckyjberry : Are families not buried together? Those are all men's portraits. Just curious.
zaboo6s : You are buried according to the plots being filled,, in the gulf countries (Kuwait)we dont reserve places to be buried near your family members,,, inthe afterlife is where we will be reunited @beckyjberry @usatoday
beckyjberry : @Zaboo6s interesting, thanks for the info. Here people prefer to be buried next to loved ones, though we also believe in being reunited in the afterlife. Here it is a comfort to know you are still close to loved ones here on earth as well as in the afterlife.
zaboo6s : No problem, i guess each religion and cultural influences effect or influece what the traditional aspects of buriel... and even within sectors sunna vs shites are different @beckyjberry i understand the comforting feeling of knowing all are together, but we believe that the dead meet regardless of location waiting for the day of judgement
muhssinandmore - tobias_wedding - merilyn_bawit - brendajohll -
usatoday - USA TODAY
First Lady, trendsetter, editor … American icon: Jackie Kennedy Onassis would have turned 85 today. (Photo: Jaques Lowe)
zeze_ : @tamadher_albazie 😁
lindsayheinle : Ha I get that a lot actually @bigdlittled
ambers2009 : @shaylbee
kallimeisler : @robinfsu
sandi702 : @tiffanichynel
christinalcowart : @cecilybowen
tbgdesign : My mom turned 91 today. I never knew she shared a birthday with Jackie. Cool.
mgrojean4 : That top and skirt are fantastic!
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