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usatoday - USA TODAY
Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade -- hyperlapse! #macysparade #nyc #newyork #newyorkcity #hellokitty #hyperlapse #balloons
macysparade - newyorkcity - newyork - nyc - hellokitty - balloons - hyperlapse -
hellokitty9279 : @_ziathediva_
maverick10462 : Love it!
sanahussain_1 : Awe I wish I could be there @ayeshakhan7 @zahrabme @patnirahila
tricossa : @lebfield1
eliromeropereira : @lacaro3101
libbylael : @wtfagustina check it out 💖
ulises_ud : @floranne_urdaneta @fabel @zjavier76 @danieluofficial @dianeurdaneta
jessiethill : @maryehill4
manders338 - rebeccacastagna - jojoharajli - anitaqonja -
usatoday - USA TODAY
Things we love on Thanksgiving: Family. Pumpkin pie. Football. And of course, the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Here's Snoopy, making his way along the parade route. Photo by Hadley Malcolm, USA TODAY. #macysparade #thanksgiving #snoopy
macysparade - thanksgiving - snoopy -
tatito_e : Mira @mariu303
dirtydianaaaaa : Yer in NYC? 😱 @22_l_boogie
travelgirl1068 : Best float of al @usatoday @snoopygrams rocks!
frogtownpits_bullyxl : #Americantradition
kmo194 : @staci.o
kotonyhoho : @khopietiong @lisapie
ra7al69 : Happy Thanksgiving #Ferguson
iampacba - josilva01 - 4_meadow_owls - queenbee_3 -
usatoday - USA TODAY
Happy Thanksgiving! Gravy all the things. #turkey #pie #mashedpotatoes #thanksgiving #dinner #gravy #food
turkey - gravy - mashedpotatoes - food - dinner - pie - thanksgiving -
jamper : @collinmgabriel they forgot the cranberry sauce
audge9048 : @exavierc623
jcsloan01 : I don't know about sweet potato pie. I prefer pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving! 😉
313williewill : @usatoday same to all the guys at work today keeping us informed on what's going on in the world
usatoday : @jamper Oversight!
usatoday : @jcsloan01 To each their own ;)
usatoday : @313williewill We appreciate it.
marisab56 : Pecan pie!
carliekollath - emfaith_ - skialpinwomen - delegiant -
usatoday - USA TODAY
All that dancing in Bel-Air really paid off! "Fresh Prince" alum Alfonso Ribeiro won season 19 of “Dancing With The Stars” last night. Do your best “Carlton” and celebrate! #FreshPrince #Carlton #Winning #DWTS (Photo by Adam Taylor, ABC)
dwts - carlton - freshprince - winning -
zacabrache : @antonioabrache Marico es el mismo tipo?
antonioabrache : Claro! @zacabrache estoy buscando el video jajaja!
ayja_ai : @timnmonica86 @mrs_rabaino hellz yeuh! do it mon!
beatsbyfletch : @perezxtina
qalsanea : @maeyonaise
natedeeeezy : @mwdawg Hahaha yes!!!
badger1006 : @owenheanes
worldwidewest : 👏
sbowen73 - johnsanerd - kamardavid - stelfuentesrock -
usatoday - USA TODAY
Jupiter's moon Europa is fascinating. This is a @nasa photo from the 1990s that has been re-released with new color processing. Image credit: NASA / JPL-Caltech / SETI Institute.
science - wow - nasa - jupiter - space -
usatoday : #nasa #space #science #jupiter #wow
dawnkeeball : @francis_krueger1
mrs_t_martino : @linamarie1223 "of the same moon 👀"
c_tomberlin : @heyimchandler
kotonyhoho : @khopietiong
welcometohumanity : @imcassieokay It's so pretty
recarion : @cahill110 show this to Alex!!!
youbetterworkpitch - psagencia - marlonthecat - micahkafka -
usatoday - USA TODAY
These Ohio turkeys are awaiting their presidential pardon -- in the swanky Willard Hotel by the White House. Just look at that plush carpet! There's so much to look forward to, turkeys. #thanksgiving
thanksgiving -
griffinl_ : @geospics
jjtapia : @cvm_va famous
kmo194 : @staci.o must know their names!!
a_hoachlander : @laurenarthurnyc lol maybe they visited the spa too!
kim_becker : @maggiewaits look at all those chickens !
maggiewaits : @kim_becker LOLOL
jojoekern : Why are they white? Js
myztulipe : @abosedra @lizzieloooo
emilygbrown - ggolin7 - jlove1182 - guygilharari -
usatoday - USA TODAY
Many people are comparing this "tank man" in Ferguson to a famous photo from the Tiananmen Square protests in China in 1989. Footage via KSDK.
rayrevis : the main fact is he had no gun and was killed 10 to 12 feet away! the officer was scared of a man he had already wounded! he should've got back in his car and waited for backup he wanted to kill him though. sad day in America. @jnleonelli its gonna take Caucasian blood to spill then maybe somebody will feel our pain
vpjoeybiden : You blew it, Ferguson.
evros78 : Africa fuck USA... Donbass forever!
keithswift1275 : @rayrevis wrong....he was shot 135 feet away according to the prosecutor last night and all the evidence released for the public to view. When he was grazed in the hand he was close because he was reaching into the squad car trying to take his service weapon...then he was shot close range in the hand...Again 135 feet away charging the the press confrence from the prosecutor last night...and when available read all the court documents and evidence presented...
rayrevis : believe what you want sir @keithswift1275
busternypd4523 : Are you trying to prove that you are not violent? @rayrevis Since you are considering yourself the voice of African American let me educate you for a moment. First, I wouldnt be afraid of you or any other thug that would get on my face. Second, there were plenty of whites rioting along side black. So my response to scumbag opportunist was meant to all. Third, Kids is never a good thing. He must understand the purpose for the Police and the Law. Without it society would just be one big riot until it destroys itself.
rayrevis : im nowhere near a thug! but i am black and i love my people hope you all are enjoying the show @busternypd4523
qknee14 : @rayrevis more like rage revis
any_579 - vibedancestudioeverett - 25daysofchristmas_shh - lena_perova -
usatoday - USA TODAY
A police officer runs by a burning police car during in Ferguson, Missouri, after the grand jury decided to not indict Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson in the shooting of Michael Brown. Photo by Justin Sullivan, Getty Images. #Ferguson #FergusonDecision #MichaelBrown
michaelbrown - ferguson - fergusondecision -
lmc508 : So very very sad, scary to say the least. Especially around the holidays. Come on people, grow up
its_ms_valdes : Burning down your own city isn't going to make them change there minds it only makes the ppl doing it look just the way the racist ppl already see them as animals....and they are the one's who are going to have to live there after they burn it down...rioting isn't going to hurt anyone but the ppl doing it
trishk_0515 : This is sad. These people are destroying their own town for no reason. It makes no sense and certainly isn't helping any cause. The right choice was made. How ignorant of these people. The grand jury are the only people who heard every stitch of evidence.
jayq222 : Idiots
jedixfett : @deniceydarling
frostedjakess : @austinhersh8
imtheswirl : Justice is a joke AND a punchline in this country.
iamsain : All you saying grow up and shit man have no idea so stfu! Of course it's not the smartest thing or not going to make a difference but what is really occurring is what was planned all along, to keep trying to keep low class down and try to give people around the world a visible excuse / reason why you should continue treat us blacks horrible and it's all your fault! We were slaves then and we are slaves now! It's bigger than race tho! It's this country's greed and bullying that leaves us in so poor shape! Fuck em
joeyveee - levenson_b - restrepojuanfe - d4wkins -
usatoday - USA TODAY
Protests in New York over the Ferguson grand jury decision. #fergusondecision
fergusondecision -
derekpav23 : It's sad he lost his life but if there is not evidence clear evidence U can't indict someone ... This is America after all innocent until proven guilty so everyone saying there should be justice for Mike brown U have to afford the same right to the officer as well .
katiecoker : go home you losers
__fbi : @ibrahim_almulla77
utahlandgroup : This is a terrible way to voice an opinion. Shame on the people ruining a community.
qalsanea : @3alidashti
emcwilliams : These people are ignorant sheep
carolweston : Young people look for meaning in causes and this is a momentary cause that they can engage in.
parsaseifikar - ds01234 - vlatz - marycarolinebouknight -
usatoday - USA TODAY
Remembering Queen frontman Freddie Mercury, who died on this day in 1991.
dumplingboy : @sophiensmith
sandypants4 : @christinith_weenith
gabriela25 : @ales479 aw
luiswilson225 : @amar_m
megumihirokata : R.I.P.
thedailyjournalseanmfitz : @joeozrealestate
wataquita : Amazing talent.
jamiep517 : Freddie was amazing RIP
robmadone - newsha24 - fe311 - yumikozo -
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