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Travel & life evangelist. Speaker, storyteller, consultant. Connecting people to life-changing experiences. Abroad since '01. Strictly πŸ“± photos here.
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uncornered_market - Daniel Noll
Welcome to Colombian coffee country - Quindio Department in the shadow of the eastern spine of the Andes. Loads of colorful haciendas, a look behind the coffee production curtain and a full -blown coffee tasting that covers fragrance, aroma (turns out there are 36 of them) and flavor separation. Colombia is third in the world for coffee production, but 36th in per capita consumption (Finland is #1). Only day one of our @gadventures Colombia experience.
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retrokimm : Cool stuff😊
daniel.ziv : Wow, gorgeous.
nadiasamkat : Stunning sky!
lamargos : Beautiful
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uncornered_market - Daniel Noll
Mercado Colombiano. Villa de Leyva Saturday market. People pour in from the hills and towns nearby to sell, buy or trade. Why? Prodigious produce (avocados the size of footballs) and fabulous fruit (everything from guayaba to guanabana). And all with a touch of Andean indigenous culture. #Colombia
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global_adventuress : Love visiting & supporting local markets - great pic @uncornered_market
parttimevagabond : Looks like a good time.
traveleuro : Nice colors!
streetytravel : Very vibrant
uncornered_market : #market #markets #leyva #yahootravelexplorers #bbctravel #traveldeeper #lonelyplanet #lovetheworld #southamerica #latinamerica #color #colors
uncornered_market : Thanks πŸ™ @global_adventuress
uncornered_market : Was good eating, @parttimevagabond
uncornered_market : πŸ™ @traveleuro @streetytravel
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uncornered_market - Daniel Noll
Colombia has its own Lord of the Rings style landscapes. Who knew? Chicamocha Canyon and National Park. This shot taken from above, via a gondola that runs from an elevation of 1400 meters, down to 500, then back up to 1600 meters -- across a distance of 6.3km. Impressive, but a wee frightening when those canyon winds pick up.
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nomadisbeautiful : Amazing place 😊
monrat66 : We paraglided there, last year!!!
jwar82 : @uncornered_market Great landscape don't forget visit giron land of extreme sport
uncornered_market : πŸ‘ @nomadisbeautiful @diuno07 @primlanikitchen
uncornered_market : @monrat66 saw people paragliding. Looked like a (terrifying) blast πŸ˜„
uncornered_market : @jwar82 thanks for the tip!
uncornered_market : #latinamerica #southamerica #colombia
steffyzemanate : Me alegra que estén disfrutando de este país 😊 @uncornered_market
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uncornered_market - Daniel Noll
Beauty needs #nofilter. Chicamocha National Park, Colombia. We convinced a skeptical park ranger to show us the "back route" into the canyon. We took the path not taken, got a little lost, but found this. Misfortune could be worse. This is the Andes Mountains, Eastern spine. #packprAna
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travelingcanucks : Looks beautiful
uncornered_market : #travel #bbctravel #yahootravelexplorers #colombia #traveldeeper #lovetheworld #lonelyplanet
uncornered_market : @travelingcanucks 'Twas. The photo doesn't tell the half of it.
mhisaac : Looks impressive
katbep : πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ
uncornered_market : @mhisaac Was even more impressive than we imagined
uncornered_market : @katbep πŸ™
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uncornered_market - Daniel Noll
Still life with tuk-tuk. Yes, Colombia has tuk-tuks (I'm sure there's a local word, but haven't asked yet). Colombia also has plenty of churches, too. This one (Catedral de la Inmaculada Concepción) seemed to hold service every night. One of the few events you could depend on in the sleepy, yet oh-so-photogenic town of Barichara.
bythesuites : πŸ’› @uncornered_market πŸ’›
rishthedish : @feelgoodbandit Colombia :D
itraveller : This is bliss. :')
gastropolitica : The walk down to Guane from Barichara is a must! Visiting the local restaurant at "escuela de artes y oficios de Barichara"
monrat66 : We did the walk down to Guane!
uncornered_market : πŸ‘ @itraveller @bythesuites
uncornered_market : @monrat66 Especially for the time investment, it's a great walk/hike.
uncornered_market : @monrat66 πŸ‘
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uncornered_market - Daniel Noll
Hiking the ancient El Camino Real from Barichara leads us to Guane, a small colonial village in the hills of the eastern range of the Colombian Andes. Although the weather app on our phone showed lightning bolts, the locals knew better and told us we'd be fine on our hike. We had blazing sunshine all day.
lieveng : Hoe heette die wandeling ook alweer?πŸ˜‰ @nckcstckr #timeofourlives #heimwee #hashtagsarenotacrime
anjmrodriguez : Country life! @jagcon1993
paorestre : @beefweef No he estado, pero se ve super lindo.
ryleealece : @dannahpirson I wanna go here!
monrat66 : We had a similar experience, last year...🌻
uncornered_market : @___wanderlust___ thanks! Sorry, been on the run. We've been to and enjoyed Barichara, Guane (nice walk/hike between the two). Chicamocha park and canyon was impressive. Villa de Leyva Saturday market was great. We still have a couple more weeks (Armenia coffee country, tayrona, Cartagena, Medellin and the lost city trek). Hope some of that helps. Happy travels!
uncornered_market : Thanks πŸ™ @guneeta @lamargos
uncornered_market : πŸ‘ @monrat66 @ryleealece
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uncornered_market - Daniel Noll
Today's #nofilter special comes from Barichara, Colombia. Apparently, the peaceful, chill vibe is in the history of this place. The original name Barachalá comes from the native Guane for "place of relaxation". To the point or as an aside (not sure which), one of the cute little old sisters running our guest house assured Audrey, "It's very safe here. Don't worry. No one will offer you marijuana or other drugs."
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helgabakirova : 6πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
the_pure_traveler : Love Colombia. Going to Tayrona also?
carlysadventuresafar : Lovely shot!! Glad to see you made it to Barichara πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
uncornered_market : I hear that, @streetytravel
uncornered_market : Gracias πŸ™ @helgabakirova
uncornered_market : @the_pure_traveler yes, we are headed to Tayrona in about a week
uncornered_market : @carlysadventuresafar thanks πŸ™. Glad we did too. Quaint town, and great walk/hike to Guane
uncornered_market : #barichara #colombia #southamerica #latinamerica #travel
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uncornered_market - Daniel Noll
Spending time with a friend at his finca (farm) in the hills outside of Bogota. Hiking, poking around virtually gringo-free mountain villages, birdspotting. This is lush country -- mountain, jungle and local farmlands all rolled into one. This is Rio Blanco. #Colombia
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guneeta : I should connect you to a dear friend of mine who lives there :)
mcecinegri : Excelent !!!!! Divine !!!!!
uncornered_market : @guneeta Sure. I'm at dan@ our website. We are criss-crossing Colombia, so there's always a chance we are passing through where they live.
uncornered_market : @mcecinegri thanks πŸ™
uncornered_market : #travel #latinamerica #southamerica #nature #choachi #bogota #landscape
mcecinegri : You should come to Patagonia, Argentina, there you many photos to take.
guneeta : I'll surely do that!!
uncornered_market : @mcecinegri We've been a few years ago, from route 40, el chalten, Neuquen and the wine region, etc. a great time. I should post some photos here
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uncornered_market - Daniel Noll
The doorways are back. Favorite doorway candidate #37, in the outer neighborhoods of Bogota. We're back in Latin America, the land of colorful doors and stoops. On our first day in country, we enjoyed staying in one of the areas outside of the center -- to catch life, as sleepy as it is on a Sunday morning. Church bells and dog walkers. We had coffee and banana-leaf wrapped tamales. This is Colombia.
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wanderlustprima : I'll be there on Thursday! Any recommendations on what to see and where to eat?
carlosadiazg : @wanderlustprima Hi! You can go to "Zona T" in street 82, then search "Plaza de Andres"and you'll enjoy delicious food.
rkrystalli : Colombia, my favorite...
uncornered_market : #door #doors #doorporn #doorway #doorfetish #doorstep #doorways #doorwayporn #travel #traveling #trip #colombia #bogota #latinamerica #southamerica
uncornered_market : Thanks πŸ™ @ai_followus @retrokimm
uncornered_market : @florabaker πŸ‘We, too. Really enjoyed the hills outside of Bogota. Now off to Barichara. You were in Medellin...any suggestions in or around?
uncornered_market : @wanderlustprima unfortunately, we just transited though this time. We were in the hills outside. Heard the street art tour is good. As for food, Salvo Patria (fusion Colombian, higher end). Azahar for coffee.
uncornered_market : @rkrystalli πŸ‘
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uncornered_market - Daniel Noll
Layover in Barcelona. Can't check-in for 3 hours. What to do? Head into town, hit the streets, and have a tapas-filled lunch of roulette peppers (every 100th one is hot!), fried artichokes and a bevy of local fish. Then soak up the streets and color, hop the bus back to the airport and hope they're ready to take you to Colombia.
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arttrav : @uncornered_market thanks! It wasn't cheap but we got home - with bags, via another city... And now I have an article to write: How to have a layover in Barcelona and not miss your flight ;)
uncornered_market : @ramona_envoyage You're welcome. Have a great visit.
uncornered_market : @rtwdave πŸ‘ We too. Been nicely low key so far. Off to Barichara at the moment.
rtwdave : @uncornered_market There are some beautiful doors in Barichara 😊
uncornered_market : Thank you πŸ™ @helgabakirova @beluck.ie @hkeb88
uncornered_market : @rtwdave πŸ‘looking forward
uncornered_market : @arttrav In case you do write about it, our experience. We had about 6 hours. We arrived T2, but were departing from T1. So we took the shuttle there to leave luggage and get a lay of the land. Glad we did, because that removed an unknown. Took the bus into town. Had a couple of hours. Just focused on neighborhoods including Ribera, local stuff. When we returned by bus, we were just under 3 hours from our flight departure. We'd already checked in online, so removed that variable. Security was a mess, but made it through Ok. We ended up at our gate with 1hr, 40 mins. Audrey even tried to get a manicure at the lounge, but time was tight and staff bounce between lounges. Outside of that, we found our gate area sparse and absolutely not worth spending any time. Maybe I should have written all that in my first comment 😟
arttrav : @uncornered_market Dan, absolutely will include this! (I was going to mention your tip that set it off)... I actually found T1 very nice... In the 3.5 hours we waited on the way TO Alicante. So the way home begged adventure 😳 saw the manicure place which looked nice. Also found an outdoor area (see photo about 8 back).
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