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Travel & life evangelist. Speaker, storyteller, consultant. Connecting people to life-changing experiences. Abroad since '01.
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uncornered_market - Daniel Noll
Church of St. John at Kaneo. Yes, it really is that beautiful above the shores of Lake Ohrid, Macedonia. A Macedonian Orthodox church dating from the 15th century or thereabouts. This, just one of the highlights of our Balkan road trip. Stay tuned as we unravel the best looks, including from Montenegro, Albania, and Kosovo.
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adri_cotw : Visited 3 months ago! It's an amazing place!
theislandlife : Wonderful account ! Thanks for sharing !
adventurous_travels_ninja : Lovely Dusk shot
nos_vamos : <3
tallcupofchocolatemilk : If you haven't already done so, I can highly recommend visiting Montenegro. Kotor and Virpazar are something else!!! @uncornered_market
travel2yazd : Hi my dear friend.I am Iranian.I have a good home in Yazd and I want to invite people to visit iran.how can I do it?thanks alot
destinationcosmopodcast : Wow!
pototskayaeva : Hello everyone) Help dial 500 followers)
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uncornered_market - Daniel Noll
"I only went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in." -- John Muir. Knowing ourselves can sometimes be aided by getting lost in our own thoughts. This, on the road from the village of Vusanje to Lake Gshtares, Montenegro. Taking our @justporter backpack on the trails of Peaks of the Balkans.
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michelsch : @rafarossi_
uncornered_market : #montenegro #balkans #peaksofthebalkans #lp #bbctravel #beautifulbalkans #mountains #albania #travel #travelstoke #trek #trekking #lonelyplanet #natgeotravelpic
uncornered_market : Thanks πŸ™ @honesttraveller
lurgadhan : Beautiful trail
rafarossi_ : @michelsch nem preciso falar que estou dentro
adventurebrunette : Cool clouds!
portshopping : this is so cool
onemoderncouple : Beautiful gallery guys!!
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uncornered_market - Daniel Noll
"There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self." -- Earnest Hemingway. Reminded of this as we walked the ridge from Mt. Talijanka and views of the Karanfil Mountains are revealed, in the midst of the border region between Albania and Montenegro. This is Peaks of the Balkans. Views provided by Mother Nature, trekking shirt by @prana
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zbulodiscoveralbania : was great to meet you on the top, happy that the weather cleared! :)
uncornered_market : #packpRana #balkans #peaksofthebalkans #lp #bbctravel #beautifulbalkans #mountains #albania #travel #travelstoke #trek #trekking #lonelyplanet #natgeotravelpic #deeptravel
hecktictravels : This is so stunning!
uncornered_market : #YahooTravelExplorers
prana : β€οΈπŸ™πŸΌβ€οΈ
ardyny : @gilluis look this view Albania/Montenegro
gilluis : @ardyny πŸ™ˆπŸ™ŠπŸ’
adventurous_travels_ninja : Such a stunning photo of the mountains
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uncornered_market - Daniel Noll
Laundry, even in the Accursed Mountains of northern Albania. This is the backyard of a coffee and rakija (clear fruit brandy) shack en route to the shepherd meadow of Doberdol.
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annemariebt : Stunning view
mauge099 : Quiero vivir ahí. .@nefertitisis no es genial el lugar?
pochispiccieunacartina : #notmypanni
uncornered_market : @annemariebt πŸ‘
uncornered_market : #trekking #trek #travel #travelstoke #albania #mountains #beautifulbalkans #balkans #peaksofthebalkans #europe
nefertitisis : Yo tmb kiero @mauge099 q lindo recien veo sta publicacion jiji
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uncornered_market - Daniel Noll
Astonishing landscapes need #nofilter. We crossed the border from Albania into Kosovo and summited Mt. Gjeravica (2656m/8714ft), the highest peak in Kosovo and Montenegro. The route between the three countries was once known as the Balkan Peace Park (BPP). Now, it's known as Peaks of the Balkans.
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uncornered_market : @theblondegypsy πŸ‘ Am sure you'll be surrounded by loads of kind, thoughtful people. If you have any questions, give a shout. This trek has been a deep dive along the entire Peaks of the Balkans, but we can see lots of approaches to individual day hikes, too
ramona_envoyage : THIS. Heaven on Earth 😊❀️
theblondegypsy : Thanks, I definitely will! Looks like an amazing experience you're having 😊
zbulodiscoveralbania : @chasingthevine happy to provide information, check out our website zbulo.org/peaks-of-the-balkans/ and pictures https://goo.gl/R5hHVr
uncornered_market : @theblondegypsy I should also have mentioned, the guys at @zbulodiscoveralbania can also answer any questions, too.
uncornered_market : @ramona_envoyage πŸ‘
felixinden : Wow, pristine and (photographically) unspoilt- perfect place to be @uncornered_market
livingrome : So beautiful
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uncornered_market - Daniel Noll
The shepherd's son. As we descended from the border between Montenegro and Albania, we encountered a hill dotted with shepherds' huts, just re-inhabited 10 days ago as families come up to the mountains from their lowland villages for the summer. We enjoyed a cup of Turkish-style coffee with them in their home.
boofyq : Beautiful!
zbulodiscoveralbania : Stanet e Dershanes, one of many seasonal pastures of #Tropoja inhabited during the summer months highlands. Immersive #PoB #experience.
markrothschildphoto : I was in Montenegro several years ago. A lot to see there. Your photo is beautiful.
uncornered_market : Big belated mountain thanks πŸ™ @365sara @helgabakirova @boofyq @markrothschildphoto
uncornered_market : @zbulodiscoveralbania πŸ‘
uncornered_market : @cherylhowardblog A long post is coming. That is, after we finish our 210+ km, then treat ourselves to a week on the coast 😎
cherylhowardblog : @uncornered_market nice!!! Wine soon when you are back?! 🍷🍷🍷
uncornered_market : Yes. In the meantime, we'll raise a glass of local Vranac to you @cherylhowardblog
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uncornered_market - Daniel Noll
Peaks of the Balkans, the big climb, Day 1, 1200 meters up from the village of Valbona, on the approach to the border between Albania and Montenegro. A beauty that almost frightens.
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uncornered_market : @ana_deliallisi Po, po. πŸ‘ We can confirm this.
laurrrajean : Dayyyyum those Balkans 😍 @tucakoviclej
helgabakirova : Really great
martyhar66 : This is excellent! Looking forward to the full report!
zbulodiscoveralbania : Looking forward to see more pictures of your trip!
uncornered_market : Thanks πŸ™ @helgabakirova
uncornered_market : @martyhar66 Stay tuned to our blog (link in our ig profile). We'll give the full download after we've finished the 210+ km and treated ourselves to a week on the coast
uncornered_market : @zbulodiscoveralbania More coming soon, connectivity permittingπŸ˜„.
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uncornered_market - Daniel Noll
A lesson in life, sometimes it is essential to look behind you. To understand from where you've come, for a different perspective. No less true in the mountains. Today we head straight up, 1200m, with the goal of finding a shepherd whose hut we will stay in for a night. As we slowly make our way across the Albanian Alps to Kosovo.
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helgabakirova : Amazing
g_sadek : @ashkurti @xhafajblerina
mzzlinaaa : @tea.saurus.rex
townske_official : Hey @uncornered_market We really like your gallery and wanted to know if we could send you an email / PM regarding being a publisher on Townske.com. :)
zbulodiscoveralbania : #koman lake in #Albania
uncornered_market : Thanks πŸ™ @lizwarkentin @helgabakirova
uncornered_market : Sure thing, check our website and shoot us an email info@ @townske_official
townske_official : @uncornered_market hi we've sent an email through your website. thanks! :)
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uncornered_market - Daniel Noll
Komani Lake, Albania. We took the slow boat across, through the narrows, around the bends. 3 hours so we could soak up views like this. Photo selection today, a nearly impossible task. I also wonder what it's like to live in that house! This is Peaks of the Balkans.
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uncornered_market : @jessikafaithfull Yes, this place is absolutely remarkable. Thanks for the recommendations. We will do what we can to follow them. Thanks for the compliment πŸ™ made our day!
er.i.sa : @uncornered_market i have sent to you a direct message with the villages you can visit in south Albania, hope you will enjoy them :)
jacknjilltravel : Hey guys, we'll be there this coming Fall and would love to go trekking as well. Is this something that can easily done independently? Is it hut to hut or carry everything type of hike?
uncornered_market : @er.i.sa Thanks. DM via Twitter @umarket?
uncornered_market : @jacknjilltravel With a guide. Very tricky otherwise. We met some other trekkers going it alone and they'd gotten lost, frustrated. Also, that time of year (depending on when in fall), it might not be possible. Season goes until mid-September or end.
jacknjilltravel : @uncornered_market thanks much. I figured it'd be too late in the season like you said - take care, will keep following your adventures and looking for ideas.
zbulodiscoveralbania : @jacknjilltravel drop me an email at welcome@zbulo.org if you need more information on the #PoB Peaks of the Balkans hike - check also our website zbulo.org/peaks-of-the-balkans/
destinationcosmopodcast : So beautiful over there!
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uncornered_market - Daniel Noll
Our "Peaks of the Balkans" adventure begins! Approximately 210km hike across some of the highest mountains in Albania, Montenegro and Kosovo. The shot here is from the deck of our ferry across Lake Koman (Albania) en route to the town of Fierza, with the day's final stop Valbona.
uncornered_market : πŸ™ @kuchale
uncornered_market : @hjortur πŸ‘
uncornered_market : @curtrapp8 Indeed. We like to get in a good long walk/trek/hike each year if we can. So 210km it is, this year.
uncornered_market : πŸ‘πŸ™ @boboandchichi
uncornered_market : Faleminderit, @endrit_zbulo πŸ˜„
monkeyphilip : Wow I love this picture
uncornered_market : πŸ™ @monkeyphilip
weronani : Nice gallery πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ˜
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