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Travel & life evangelist. Speaker, storyteller, consultant. Connecting people to life-changing experiences. Abroad since '01. Strictly 📱 photos here.
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uncornered_market - Daniel Noll
Haitian houses on a hillside. Taken along the road we hiked from the national park below Haiti's highest peak, down into the capital city of Port-au-Prince. A terrific hike that took us from the silence of pine trees and the occasional horse or two through a succession of hillside villages dotting endless mountains.
098030 : i wanna go...
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uncornered_market - Daniel Noll
Bon weekend from Haiti! A couple of schoolkids greet us on our way across the mountain.
veryhungrynomads : Wohoo! We are planning to go there next (after Cuba). 👍😃
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uncornered_market - Daniel Noll
Haiti...who knew? I say this to myself regularly on this visit. After a cool evening with our own homemade Haitian spiced hot chocolate and a little fire to warm our room, we set off into the hills on a morning hike, through villages, among cowboys, and past families making use of watering holes to end up here. Pic Cabayo, Parc Nacional La Visite. Difficult to choose the best view.
sylmacanon : Awesome!!!
teunvdk : @natuurlijksportief check this
bohdana9 : Breathtaking!!!
bohdana9 : @luciebenson1 tohle jsou mi kamarádi, co cestuji po světe. Teď jsou zrovna na Haiti. Aspoň se někam podívám :-)
luciebenson1 : @bohdana9 no tak prave proto taky sleduju par takových cestovatelů fotografů ;) na gauci přes cely svět :D
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uncornered_market - Daniel Noll
Good morning, Jacmel. One more dose of coast before we head back into the mountains for a few days. #Haiti
haiti -
bohdana9 : Not very photogenic! :P
nomadicmatt : Are you going elsewhere in the Caribbean?
lavidashannon : Wow, stunner!
_nctaylor : Gorgeous! I love how you go to these untrodden places.
amkane3 - masonunrau - tinealtschuler - bethany__ellis -
uncornered_market - Daniel Noll
A view from my day-ending beer. Sunset, Haiti style. Kabik Beach, Jacmel Cayes. How to beat the #polarvortex
polarvortex -
travelmehappy : Awesome sunset🌅📷👍 See you Dan & Audrey ;-)
uncornered_market : @travelmehappy 🙏 😄 great to hear from you!
stephnairn : Looks like paradise!
uncornered_market : @stephnairn Could be worse 😉. Sending waves of warmth your way.
sylmacanon : Awesome!!!
clarktia : Wowowow! !
tinealtschuler : Beautiful!
masonunrau - rnjira - nadfuad - sealmiron -
uncornered_market - Daniel Noll
Bassin Bleu -- in the hills just outside of Jacmel, Haiti. I have a mixed relationship with waterfalls, as many are oversold. This one, however, lived up to its billing and included a little mini-rappel (abseil), a couple of pleasant pools, and plenty of ledges to take a leap. True to its name, the water is blue. And be sure to look closely at the dude flying on the right.
gadvhaiti - haiti -
uncornered_market : #gadvHaiti #Haiti
whereintheworldismsfabulosity : I was there just weeks ago. It's beautiful....
katbep : Beautiful! 😍
sylmacanon : Awesome!!!
tinealtschuler : Amazing shot.
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uncornered_market - Daniel Noll
Countryside Haiti. A stop at a family guildive rum distillery, outside the town of Milot. Pure sugar cane in, clear fire water out, and a cognac-like process in between. Called guildive because drinking it is supposed to "kill the devil". Local apprentices-in-waiting (kids) look on.
richyfeet : Great shot! Really cool. I've only been to the other side of the island!
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uncornered_market - Daniel Noll
Cap-Haïtien central market. A covered market whose red wrought-iron gates and roof open to a world of managed chaos and Vodou mysticism. A sea of people end to end, even on a holiday.
greetingsfromjordan : Beautiful shot :)
tinealtschuler : After following your pics, I so want to visit Haiti now. 😊
martona974 - tinealtschuler - travelmehappy - claudio_barman -
uncornered_market - Daniel Noll
The streets of Haiti, just outside the main covered market of Cap-Haïtien. As locals trade in produce, shoes and Vodou (voodoo) paraphernalia, the Sunday morning streets echo with church sounds and Latin beats.
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wendybird_99 : I spent some time in Cap-Haitien a few years ago ... thank you for sharing your time there and bringing back so many wonderful memories for me!
galligans1964 : fantastic picture!
uncornered_market : #GadvHaiti #dna2Haiti #Haiti #tourHaiti #everydayHaiti #lovehaiti #haititourism #tourismhaiti #travel #caribbean #ThisIsHaiti #creole #kreyol #onehaiti #market #markets #life
haiti_uncut : Very kool shot👌
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uncornered_market - Daniel Noll
Patience! A typical bank borlette, a Haitian lottery shop. Numbers are based on the draw of the New York state lottery. This one on the supremely colorful streets of Cap-Haïtien. We played a ticket for just short of $1. If we win? Thinking we'll quit our jobs and travel the world.
tdysign : 😂😂 good luck.
audemouf - travelmehappy - xplicitmike - tinealtschuler -
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