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Erin Singleton

wife. mom. creative. blogger. sewist. runner. photo-taker. bandaid applier. Sewing Summit founder. procrastinator extraordinaire. rockin' the suburbs.
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twomoreseconds - Erin Singleton
Downtown to see the lights with my most favorite boys ever. #brothers #grahmgram #masongram
masongram - brothers - grahmgram -
mrsoneton : I'm so glad you enjoyed it therrt
karareber : Does this mean you are all feeling better!?
allthingsbelle : Yay!! ❤️❤️❤️
epitworth : Oh how I love these guys! 💋
jeifner : Yay!
suecarney : Gorgeous.
stitchoutsidetheditch : I need to do this.
anthecca : They're such cuties!!!
valbarb - guilelessmom - ramandan - geecru -
twomoreseconds - Erin Singleton
I spent some time with paper and glue today. #crafttherainbow
crafttherainbow -
allthingsbelle : Rainbow all the things!!
shad83 - pitterputterstitch - allthingsbelle - niftymis -
twomoreseconds - Erin Singleton
Mexican vanilla salted caramels. A Christmas tradition for sure. Must have been the night for it, right, @stitchoutsidetheditch ? #tmscooks #tmsathome #tmschristmas #pyrexinaction
tmschristmas - tmsathome - pyrexinaction - tmscooks -
swimbikequilt : Sounds delicious
annieh : Making my second batch tomorrow
darcystar : That sounds so tasty. Ive never heard of them before
karareber : What makes them Mexican?
wendyd23 : Yum!
stitchoutsidetheditch : Turns out my thinness is probably ok. Mine came out delicious. Yours? Also gygi wrappers for the win.
twomoreseconds : @stitchoutsidetheditch Yes Gygi wrappers are the best! Mine turned out a tad too hard but they'll work for teacher + staff gifts. ;)
punk_rockmartha : Where's mine? Haha!
beckyljames - pappys72 - bethblueknits - instajill -
twomoreseconds - Erin Singleton
I've never had a Christmas cactus before so I'm very, very excited about this one. Thanks to a dear friend this will bloom year after year and remind me of the special Christmas season when I received it from her! #tmschristmas #tmsathome
tmschristmas - tmsathome -
char_53 : It reminds me of a lipstick cactus, is it similar?
twomoreseconds : @char_53 I have no idea! I use the term "Christmas cactus" very loosely. 😂🎄🌵
twomoreseconds : @pinksuedeshoe It's pink & Christmas-y, it has your name written all over it. 👍
campbellgenny : Did you get this from your party last week?
angelabdesign : My mom has THE most beautiful Christmas cactus. When my grandma passed away, each of her kids took one of her plants home. Mom got the Christmas cactus ☺️❤️🌵
stitchtostitch : @char_53 They are slightly different. On a lipstick plant, there is a small sheath that wraps around the bottom of the flower. It looks like a lipstick tube, hence the name.
twomoreseconds : @angelabdesign that is so awesome! I've heard they can live a long time.
jillybjaques : One of my favorite plants!!!
kvintaen - karareber - jillybjaques - sammie_bel -
twomoreseconds - Erin Singleton
This was my street exactly a year ago this week. We haven't had ANY snow this year which is crazy for winter in Utah. I have to admit it's been nice not having to get the parkas out yet, but I kind of fear for the drought that's sure to come next summer. #tbt #tmsloveswinter
tbt - tmsloveswinter -
pinksuedeshoe : I love this picture! And I am worried about the summer too. So many wildfires!
sewsara : 😭😭😭 we need snow!
allthingsbelle : It's so sad. We jumped for joy when the flurries started here. Lasted less than an hour :(
vchristenson : Yeah I'm so happy I don't have to snow blow, but I'm a little nervous!!!
stitchoutsidetheditch : Crazy times.
late_mommy : We've only had a dusting here in Chicago, too. I'm ready for snow! Love the pic!
karareber : I miss the snow! Although I don't miss the crazy drivers and slush. It just doesn't feel like Christmas!
amrosenthal : Sad. So so sad.
honeyguide - kim_shirley - pappys72 - emmaelizabeth47 -
twomoreseconds - Erin Singleton
Same view, different couch. It's definitely a couch-laying day.
leedledeedle : Uh - I'm tired too. @xxnicke
leedledeedle : Also - I'm stealing this pic.
karareber : Not again! ? You haven't had the best December! Does that mean the rest will be smooth sailing?
leedledeedle : @xxnicke can you see how tired I am yet? Did you find that comment meant for you?
xxnicke : @leedledeedle ha!!! I put it together, you both should probably just come on over! 😂😊😘
twomoreseconds : @candacetodd they're actually @leedledeedle's but if I had kids with any of the same names id totally steal them. ;)
twomoreseconds : @xxnicke I kind of really wish we could. But we'll see you in a few weeks right?! @leedledeedle
twomoreseconds : @karareber it seriously better!
wendyd23 - safieh - madcat1 - reeneatnelliesniceties -
twomoreseconds - Erin Singleton
Laying. That's about it. #tmschristmas #tmsathome #tmssews
tmschristmas - tmsathome - tmssews -
cindymindypindy : Pretty Christmas quilt.
leedledeedle : Pretty Christmas light sunburst.
mcneilmoments : Hey I remember when you made that. :)
twomoreseconds : @cindymindypindy thanks! It's a pillow actually and about the simplest thing ever to make.
twomoreseconds : @mcneilmoments only when I had the coolest neighbor ever!!
twomoreseconds : @leedledeedle isn't it awesome. It even was green!!
boyohboyohboycrafts - fussycut - cricketharris1 - rosalie_lefebvre -
twomoreseconds - Erin Singleton
Trying to sooth my stomach with some tea after its nasty fight with the flu yesterday. I love our Christmas tree so much, even tho it doesn't have any ornaments yet! #tmschristmas #tmsathome #treemugging
tmschristmas - tmsathome - treemugging -
char_53 : Ornaments are over rated at this point. Hope your on the mend.
knitty34 : Liking as a get better hug, not because you had the flu!
orangeemily : Sorry you're sick, Erin! The flu really is so miserable!
knittybitties : Love the view! 💕 Hope you're on the upswing. XOXO
vojones : Boo for stomach flu, but at least you have a cute little mug for your tea!
pitterputterstitch : Ugh. It's going around. I'm recovering from yesterday too.
twomoreseconds : @pitterputterstitch I'm sorry! It is so miserable!
sherelto : Hope you're feeling better now
melisawinslow - kim_shirley - jennydespain - instajill -
twomoreseconds - Erin Singleton
Mason and I are sharing electronics, an electric blanket, a barf bucket, and a nasty case of the flu. So over these past few weeks of sickness! #masongram #tmsathome
masongram - tmsathome -
anthecca : 😷😞😢it just left our house yesterday. So sorry.
guilelessmom : Waaah i hate the flu
diaryofaquilter : 😬😷 yuck. So sorry. 👎
ramandan : That's the pits! I hope it's on the way out!
momadvice : Noooo
char_53 : @twomoreseconds @pinksuedeshoe I think I would rather puck up dry toast over banana, it's too chunky for me😯😬
honeyguide : Boo! Hope it clears out by the holidays. Feel better soon.
stitchoutsidetheditch : Oh no! Just saw this. Can I bring you anything? Do anything?
momadvice - ramandan - niftymis - pinkkrystal -
twomoreseconds - Erin Singleton
Having pizza and movie night in the front room because we can't get enough of this gorgeous tree. #tmschristmas #grahmgram
tmschristmas - grahmgram -
allison_mo17 : Looking like Christmas!
campbellgenny : I love that kid!
j_q_adams : Wait, wasn't he just born, like, yesterday??
stitchoutsidetheditch : Pretty lights!
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