Erin Singleton

wife. mom. creative. blogger. sewist. runner. photo-taker. bandaid applier. Sewing Summit founder. procrastinator extraordinaire. rockin' the suburbs.
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twomoreseconds - Erin Singleton
Making memories on his 5th birthday with Grampa. #grahmgram #grampagram #tmsthisissummer
grampagram - tmsthisissummer - grahmgram -
cindycakers : That's a pic that needs to be printed and framed. One for the bday boy and one for the gpa. Very special! 😍
tashanoel1 : Perfect.
sherelto : Lighting by Mother Nature
leedledeedle : 5 = not a baby.
emiline246 : So sweet!
twomoreseconds : @leedledeedle it is for sure not. 😒
twomoreseconds : @sherelto exactly! So pretty
jillybjaques : Nothing better than fishing with UR!!
utehawkjeff - mrsoneton - ramandan - pappys72 -
twomoreseconds - Erin Singleton
The campground was nearly empty so these knuckleheads could run around anywhere they wanted to. #brothers #masongram #grahmgram #tmsthisissummer
masongram - tmsthisissummer - brothers - grahmgram -
hinga53 - stitchoutsidetheditch - suecarney - geecru -
twomoreseconds - Erin Singleton
Where I spent the last 3 days .... reading, fishing, eating, hiking, I would live there in a hot minute if only I had internet. Gram overload to come. #tmsthisissummer
utahgram - igutah - tmsthisissummer - iloveutah -
twomoreseconds : @marciwarrenelmer I just saw you were up there too! Wasn't it gorgeous? We went to Sulphur Campground which was just past Mirror Lake. It was gorgeous. We hiked to Bourbon Lake.
purplepenguinsaz : Scrooling through my feed and all of a sudden, I see heaven!! Such a beautiful picture!
marciwarrenelmer : The weather was perfect it is so pretty up there. I could go there every weekend.
sherelto : Love Fall's shadows
remardis : Wow, after seeing your photos and Marci's I have got to get up there! We wanted to go with the kids today but the rain scared us away. @marciwarrenelmer
holly_inez : Amazingly beautiful!
leedledeedle : Internet! Yay!
twomoreseconds : @remardis it's so gorgeous. It's sad it's so close & I haven't been there in years. Mirror Lake would be such a good day trip!
clairebrighten - myemeraldnest - pappys72 - ramandan -
twomoreseconds - Erin Singleton
And this is the way I like to camp! In a motorhome ... With someone else driving ... A fridge full of snacks and a full kindle! #tmsthisissummer #grahmgram
tmsthisissummer - grahmgram -
pinksuedeshoe : Heaven. Truly. :)
abrightcorner : Amen
quinniebird : So fun!
leedledeedle : Have a great time!
karareber : Me too!
allthingsbelle : Have so much fun!! Xoxo to you and the boys!!
mrsoneton : Looks fun erin
melbarb6 : Have fun!
dmcstudios - mrsoneton - augustnovember - guilelessmom -
twomoreseconds - Erin Singleton
Oh little boys thank you for posing for such great pictures. #masongram #friends #tmsthisissummer
tmsthisissummer - masongram - friends -
annmariesoel : Awesome!!!!
twinssquared : Perfect! 😁
ramandan : Mason's eating the eyeball!!! Cute lil buddies!!
leedledeedle : Yes. That's my life.
annoriginal265 : I gave up worrying about getting a decent picture. It really is how my sons looked most of the time anyways. πŸ˜•
kristencheney - antstosugar - hotpinkstitches - moosequilts -
twomoreseconds - Erin Singleton
I'm trading sewing lessons for babysitting hours with a cute girl in my neighborhood, tonight is her first lesson! So excited! #tmssews
tmssews -
tiffsewinsomethin : What a great idea! I wonder if one of my neighbor girls needs sewing lessons...
xxnicke : Twizzlers... Essential!
busybean : Fun! I'm starting sewing lessons on Friday for the family of girls that babysit our girls.
twomoreseconds : @busybean great minds! 😘
kwilter100 : What a fabulous idea!!!
annoriginal265 : Awesome idea.
anthecca : Great idea! Have fun! She couldn't have a better teacher.
campbellgenny : Thanks Erin! She came home very excited and had so much fun!
mamaisquilting - whynotsewquilts - sagenovembersews - iamcatreading -
twomoreseconds - Erin Singleton
Shopping for #mugswap14 and I think I found some winners! Now which one would you like best partner?!
mugswap14 -
hpengler : Blue!
xxnicke : @twomoreseconds where did you find that heart mug???? I must must must have it!!!
itsjessicajohnson : β˜•οΈπŸ’•
knittybitties : Ombre hearts please ;). 😘
aroundthequiltblock_anna : They are all great, but hearts are me favorite!
mgj04 : The yellow is gorgeous.
sewsara : I want to see your tattoo!! 😊
melbarb6 : Yellow is my favorite!
jobranscomb - raisingliberty - megholley - ilovemygremlins -
twomoreseconds - Erin Singleton
Thanks to @pinksuedeshoe a 9pm take and bake pizza all to myself is exactly what tonight was missing. #tmseats
tmseats -
jeifner : Mmm
pinksuedeshoe : Perfect. This makes me feel justified in eating my whole pizza in one sitting. Ahem..... :)
littlecreatable : Mmmm pizza!
ramandan : Zucchini pizza?
amylouwhosews : Yum!
ramandan : Also, you're being such a tease with just a little bit of your new tat showing. I wanna see it!
twomoreseconds : @ramandan it's Thai chicken pizza & it's SOOO good! And ha ha - I totally didn't do that on purpose!
khuckreimer - pappys72 - amber_crawley - niftymis -
twomoreseconds - Erin Singleton
I'm in a good reading groove ... I'm only at 40% of this book but am loving it! #tmsreads
tmsreads -
mrdecremer : Yes! I haven't read it. Excited for a good book to add to my list!
craftygardenmom : Reading this now too, loving it. She's a great storyteller, Hypnotists Love Story blew my mind, Husbands Secret was such a fab book club discussion we went through 2 extra bottles of wine lol
twomoreseconds : @craftygardenmom ha ha! Husbands Secret is the only other one I've read of hers but I have What Alice Forgot also. I'll add the other one to my goodreads!
augustnovember : Thanks for the tip. I've started reading again. Slowly. I don't have the patience for it while I'm pregnant or have a little baby.
makeaface : Adding it to my list now!
annieh : @twomoreseconds @mrdecremer I have forgotten how to read.
busybean : I'm reading What Alice Forgot right now. I just finished The Last Anniversary. I'm really into her stories after finishing The Husband's Secret.
twomoreseconds : Let me know how you liked it when you're done. This one is soooo good. A mystery without being all grisly and detective-boring. @busybean
whatsuesews - pappys72 - rozybox - nel999 -
twomoreseconds - Erin Singleton
Quilts on the wall in Las Vegas. #latergram
latergram -
leedledeedle : Love the wallpaper SO much!
tennjenny : reminds me of the DSQ print that @michellepatterns (and I) love.
ml_wilkie - zumbakimberly - sansysansies - niftymis -
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