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wife. mom. creative. sewist. runner. photo-taker. bandaid applier. maker. procrastinator extraordinaire. rockin' the suburbs. shop: @aceandollie
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twomoreseconds - Erin Singleton
How we #SuperBowl - I'm here for the commercials & BBQ shrimp. #vintagepyrex #tmsathome #bbqshrimp #superbowlfood
superbowlfood - vintagepyrex - tmsathome - superbowl - bbqshrimp -
littlevicious_ : Woah bbq shrimp?!
pappys72 : Great commercials 🏉
royalpipeline : Nice.
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twomoreseconds - Erin Singleton
Thanks to our awesome friends the Bennetts for the tickets & then Aunt Judy for the sweet upgrade to great seats, we had a blast at our first Jazz game ever. (I maybe went in high school?!) The boys had a fantastic time! • • • Grahmisms: "are you KIDDING ME there is a bear ON the motorcycle!" "This is actually quite interesting!" "where are their fluffy things?" (The Jazz dancers didn't have thier pom poms) "the guy keeping track of the points must be really good at math". #grahmisms #masongran #grahmgram #utahjazz #weareutahjazz #wearemorebaseballpeople
wearemorebaseballpeople - grahmisms - grahmgram - masongran - weareutahjazz - utahjazz -
jackiefinch_ : Derek was there tonight too! The Bairds gave us tickets that they couldn't use. But Noah got sick today so I decided to stay home and Derek took his brother instead. Looks like you guys had a fun time! I love all of his observations! So cute 😊
valbarber91 : Ha ha I was there too! 💛💚💙
leedledeedle : So good at math. 😂
twomoreseconds : @valbarber91 what?! No way. Did you see aunt Judy too? 😂
twomoreseconds : @leedledeedle he was kind of blown away that some shots were worth 1, some 2 & some 3. 😂
twomoreseconds : @jackiefinch_ that's too funny! It was fun! Sorry about Noah! 😢
pinksuedeshoe : Scott went tonight too. Haha!
stitchoutsidetheditch : Score keeper= good at math=life goals. 😂
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twomoreseconds - Erin Singleton
He's going to be a lot of things in life but 7'1" just probably isn't one of those things. 😂 #grahmgram #weareutahjazz #utahjazz #saltlakecity
saltlakecity - weareutahjazz - grahmgram - utahjazz -
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twomoreseconds - Erin Singleton
If this little nugget doesn't stop sneaking out of our yard into the neighbors yard ... I'm going to ... I'm going to .... Well I don't know because she's so damn cute she can get away with it. But it's really annoying! #cicigram #bassethound #tmsathome
cicigram - bassethound - tmsathome -
sweetjennybelle : But those eyes 😍
epitworth : Me! Me! I'll take her in a heartbeat....😄..... but you'd all be too sad.
oneygirl50 : Beagles are wanderers. It's just their nature
instajill : Oh, Cici....
mcneilmoments : Ha! I remember when it was our yard and I'd find her wandering around back there. Such a cutie! ☺️
twomoreseconds : @oneygirl50 she's a basset hound but she still has that super good nose that leads her into trouble! 🐶
twomoreseconds : @mcneilmoments I know! I wish it still was your yard! 😢
pappys72 - aprilmaedesigns - niftymis - lizziehmason13 -
twomoreseconds - Erin Singleton
Cheer Up! It's the first day of February. I made it a month of bullet journaling & I LOVE the system. Here's my weekly spread for my first week of Feb. It's such a good cross between a journal & a planner / to do list. #bulletjournal #bulletjournaljunkies #planwithmechallenge #tmsathome #bujolove #bujo #leuchtturm1917
bulletjournal - bujo - tmsathome - bujolove - bulletjournaljunkies - planwithmechallenge - leuchtturm1917 -
jeyolove : Loving the vibes here
oneshabbychickhawaii : So cute!!
stitchoutsidetheditch : Yes! I would to see this in person.
twomoreseconds : @stitchoutsidetheditch I will bring it on Sat 😁
creativequiltgirl : I've been using a bullet journal since September. I love it.
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twomoreseconds - Erin Singleton
I couldn't bear posting 2 crying kid pictures in a row, so thank goodness the tears have stopped for this one for now. He slipped on the ice at recess & landed on his front teeth. The dentist said he'd never seen someone come in with actual asphalt still stuck on their tooth! One tooth completely broke in half & the other 2 are jostled loose (all adult teeth). Lots of blood & pain. Thankfully it didn't break into where the nerve is so he should be able to get by with a cap on it- but not until next week so he gets soup & a lisp for a while. And milkshakes! #masongram
masongram -
ellisonlane : Happy to help! It's a pretty good visual! ;) @twomoreseconds
rstogether : You are so right!!
twomoreseconds : @smileynannn we love that movie around here ;)
leedledeedle : It doesn't even look that bad! Just like his tooth is growing in.
twomoreseconds : @leedledeedle ya it really is a pretty crazy straight horizontal break!
czecze : What a week!!! Glad to see the smiles, though!!
emiline246 : So sad and painful! But thankfully it's not worse!
cindymindypindy : Oh man, ouch! I didn't see this until just now. I actually noticed his tooth but thought maybe it was just some kid thing like that he still hadn't grown it in. Poor kid.
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twomoreseconds - Erin Singleton
Sometimes first grade is so hard. We had to have "a talk" about him chatting too much to his neighbors in class and distracting them from getting thier work done. You would have thought I ripped out his heart and stepped on it, he was so upset. He so rarely gets in trouble at home or at school, he takes it so personally when he does. My little sweetheart, lots and lots of hugs after this and being grateful talking too much is all it is and thinking how much worse it could be. #grahmgram #tmsathome
tmsathome - grahmgram -
twomoreseconds : @annoriginal265 ha ha ha! Karma for sure!
karasauras : Oh my goodness, this breaks my heart. There's so much pain in his sweet little face! You're raising such good boys!
melbarb6 : My heart hurts to see his sweet little sad face. He is so cute.
allison_mo17 : Oh, he's such a sweetheart! Give him a great big hug💕
kim_shirley : This breaks my heart to see him so upset! He's just a sweet and friendly boy! So hard!
janlutz : Your such an awesome mom!
valbarber91 : He is so sweet!
reckless_driving : Oh man I want to hug that little boy tight. My younger brother was more of a feeler than I was and he usually reacted this way. My heart goes out to him
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twomoreseconds - Erin Singleton
Some of the best advice I have ever received is : whatever you have, just throw it in a frittata, man. Today was broccoli, onion, parmesan, rosemary, sundried tomatoes, and parsley. (The zucchini didn't make it in). #tmsathome #sundaymorning
sundaymorning - tmsathome -
stitchoutsidetheditch : Mmmm refrigerator frittata.
allison_mo17 : Great cooking tip Martha.....I mean Erin!
orangeemily - pappys72 - allison_mo17 - jltaddicken -
twomoreseconds - Erin Singleton
Saturday errands: barbershop. ✔️ Thanks for being so rad for my little guy, @rays_barbershop #tmsaroundtown #tmsinslc #masongram #downtownslc #visitslc #slcut #utahigers
utahigers - slcut - tmsinslc - visitslc - masongram - tmsaroundtown - downtownslc -
jeaniehlm : This barbershop is beautiful!!!
number1libbylewis : @boldedition how about this?
boldedition : @number1libbylewis That place looks amazing. You know a barber there?
twomoreseconds : @boldedition we've been there a bunch of times & all the barbers are great. Today we had Cody.
boldedition : @twomoreseconds Solid. Barbershops remain one of the last great cultural universities on this rock; so much knowledge to be gained (and spent) there. Hope Cody had a fun experience!
campbellgenny - pungo2 - lizziehmason13 - iconoclad -
twomoreseconds - Erin Singleton
Sewing night and Fannie the Featherweight isn't cooperating - being temperamental & breaking threads every 2 seconds. 😡 Thank goodness for delicious big ass cookies, felt balls to string & fun conversations with great friends. #tmssews
tmssews -
craftingprettythings : Boo for sewing issues but those cookies!!! 😍😍 I want one now haha
jenniferroper : That looks amazing!
leedledeedle : Fannie, huh?
leedledeedle : Fannie and pip.
rstogether : Is that cookie to scale with Fannie? If so, whoa - good cookie!!
twomoreseconds : @leedledeedle named in the moment last night with that particular pairing in mind 😂😂
leedledeedle : So mine's pip?
diaryofaquilter - pappys72 - cbs4635 - fbell1 -
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