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wife. mom. creative. blogger. sewist. runner. photo-taker. bandaid applier. Sewing Summit founder. procrastinator extraordinaire. rockin' the suburbs.
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twomoreseconds - Erin Singleton
Hand washing chores made bearable by #vintagepyrex #pia #tmsathome
pyrexinaction - pia - tmsathome - vintagepyrex -
twomoreseconds : @pinksuedeshoe Oh nope, used them to serve the PTA teachers dinner last week & am just getting around to washing them finally. πŸ˜‚
marciwarrenelmer : Wow! That is a lot of green bowls. I wish I had that kind of focus... I collect all over the board.
twomoreseconds : @marciwarrenelmer you know me & green. I'm nothing if not predictable.
58bluebirds : You have quite the collection!! My Pyrex collection is minuscule compared to this πŸ’š
marciwarrenelmer : I have an very green kitchen and I love it. But I just buy things I like without thinking of what it will all look like together. Eclectic junk circus is my home decor theme.
stitchoutsidetheditch : Which reminds me I still need to give you that green bowl.
stitchoutsidetheditch : @marciwarrenelmer πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ imagining an HGTV show with someone getting their house redone and describing their style as "eclectic junk circus."
twomoreseconds : @stitchoutsidetheditch I would still love it.
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twomoreseconds - Erin Singleton
My boy & I hiked a really tall, steep hill. See the teeny little orange picnic tables down there ? That's where our camp was. He's so awesome. #grahmgram
grahmgram -
leedledeedle : Cool place!
sherelto - oneshabbychickhawaii - czecze - rozybox -
twomoreseconds - Erin Singleton
Crazy pretty little plant growing in the middle of all those rocks.
ambernoel226 - pappys72 - craftsewcreate - mcneilmoments -
twomoreseconds - Erin Singleton
It was proving too hard to crossstitch while riding in the motorhome so I am switching over to starting a new book. (First real/non kindle book in ages!) Who has read this again? #tmsreads #tmssews
thefrostedpumpkinstitchery - tmssews - tmsreads -
knittybitties : It's on my list, let me know! I'm reading The Hundred - Foot Journey right now.
lucyandnorman : I'm reading a non-Kindle book too and it's weird!
courtiepie : I've read it and I really enjoyed it!
kd_quilts : I really liked that book too! And it was one of the first paper books I've read in a long time. I enjoyed the change!
amandabritt6 : I read 3/4 of it & it could never bring my self to finish it. πŸ˜” I really wanted to love it.
cindy2476 : Great book!
epitworth : Loved it ❀️ πŸ‘
twomoreseconds : #thefrostedpumpkinstitchery
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twomoreseconds - Erin Singleton
All the rain water yesterday made our little valley super green.
orangeemily : I have loved your pictures. They are so beautiful!!
jeifner : So pretty
sarahmariecp - brunaaduarte - jenniferroper - pappys72 -
twomoreseconds - Erin Singleton
We're the only ones in the whole campground. Everyone else must think this gorgeous cool fall weather is terrible.
megmormel : Gorgeous view.
pinksuedeshoe : Beautiful.
fabricmutt : Wow!
mcneilmoments : Where is this?
twomoreseconds : @mcneilmoments it's called Strawberry Pinnacles just a little past Strawberry reservoir. So gorgeous.
anthecca : I think I need to go there next weekend. Beautiful!!!!
kvintaen - wendyd23 - augustnovember - frutejuce -
twomoreseconds - Erin Singleton
Stuck in a motorhome while a storm passes means I'm getting a lot of stitching done! I forgot my hoop at home so it's been the perfect time to practice the stitching in hand that I've been wanting to forever! #tmssews #thefrostedpumpkinstitchery #autumnsampler
thefrostedpumpkinstitchery - tmssews - autumnsampler -
allthingsbelle : Not bad, right? I almost never use a hoop. So cute! ❀️😘
mcneilmoments : I've never like using a hoop. Good for you!
boarishreads - janlutz - jillybjaques - sizovalove13 -
twomoreseconds - Erin Singleton
Woke up to some pretty intense looking clouds this morning but it's still pretty beautiful.
pinksuedeshoe : Where are you? This is beautiful.
leedledeedle : Really pretty!
stitchoutsidetheditch : Dumping rain here.
twomoreseconds : @pinksuedeshoe it's a little hidden campground a little bit past Strawberry Reservoir that our family has been coming to for years. Off the beaten path!
pinksuedeshoe : @twomoreseconds that's my favorite kind if place :)
sometimescraftr : Capital Reef? So beautiful. I didn't get my Utah road trip this fall and I'm missing it so much!
mrsoneton - karenlknits - linawennars - allison_mo17 -
twomoreseconds - Erin Singleton
Glow sticks around the fire = tradition.
made.line.emily : This looks so awesome! @lydia_slatcher we should try this 😁😁
lydia_slatcher : OH YES @made.line.emily
allthingsbelle : 😘😘😘😘
abrightcorner : Have you seen those packets you can throw on the fire and it changes the color of the flames? Our kids love those!
karareber : @abrightcorner I want to know more!
anthecca : Sweet! Why have I never tried this?!?
abrightcorner : @karareber we found them by the fishing gear aisle in our walmart. It's a small packet and you just toss the whole thing in the fire and the flames change color. It lasts quite awhile too. The downside is once you toss in the packet, you can't use the fire for cooking food/marshmallows.
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twomoreseconds - Erin Singleton
Utah summer mountain clouds are awesome.
simplegirlsimplelife : Yes they are!
leedledeedle : So pretty today!
purplepoppyquilts : I miss Utah sunsets, too.
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