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wife. mom. creative. blogger. sewist. runner. photo-taker. bandaid applier. Sewing Summit founder. procrastinator extraordinaire. rockin' the suburbs.
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twomoreseconds - Erin Singleton
How many hours do I have left? #virtualsewcial #halloween #diymom
virtualsewcial - halloween - diymom -
hootnhaller : Looks like fun!
michaelannn : You got it momma!
whipstitchier : Work it, lady!!
allthingsbelle : Are you working on the "crispy" one? Miss your face! 😘😘😘
twomoreseconds : @allthingsbelle yes! And it's turning out SOOO cute. I'm dying.
allthingsbelle : Yay!! Can't wait to see! And I think O can host.. I'll text all tonight!
allthingsbelle : O being me.. wtf autocorrect?
annoriginal265 : Hopefully enough hours is what you have left. I'm rooting for you.
hm_campbell33 - smileynannn - jennydespain - ackayleigha -
twomoreseconds - Erin Singleton
Still loving a good sandwich after all these years. #tbt #vintage
vintage - tbt -
allthingsbelle : Such a cutie!
sewsara : Holy cow your boys look just like you
leedledeedle : I love this :)
heatherscent : That is a fantastic costume!
annmariesoel : Adorable!!
jenniferroper : 😍😍😍
smileynannn - mrsoneton - jennydespain - jenniferroper -
twomoreseconds - Erin Singleton
Childhood. #masongram #brothers #grahmgram #pumpkinpatch
masongram - brothers - pumpkinpatch - grahmgram -
simplegirlsimplelife : You should've let me know you were here today. This is like 3 mins from my house. :)
annieh : Where is that? Looks like fun
quinniebird - crookedbanana - annieh - ylmommyx4 -
twomoreseconds - Erin Singleton
I rescued this awesome dresser from a scary, scary place the other day & am giving it some love and attention to make it as beautiful as it deserves to be! (Any tips on removing super old, stuck on and crusty drawer liners?) #tmsathome
tmsathome -
jennthurston : Quite the find, lucky lady!
allthingsbelle : Bawahaha! Are the drawers Lysoled???
twomoreseconds : @allthingsbelle and then some! πŸ˜‚
anthecca : So many things can be saved with a little, or a lot of Lysol and Clorox wipes! Good luck!
mcneilmoments : A light application of blowtorch can help bubble up some of the yuck and then scrap off. It also helps stripping too.
stitchoutsidetheditch : If it is paper liner spray with warm water then peel/scrape up. Beautiful find.
stitchoutsidetheditch : Also Howard's restore a finish and orange oil for cleaning revitalizing.
twomoreseconds : @stitchoutsidetheditch the liners came up pretty easy with the heat from the hairdryer. You need to come see it, it's SO pretty. Already in my room. :)
iamcatreading - remardis - mia2824 - lindzoo -
twomoreseconds - Erin Singleton
Salsa for 400 at 10pm at night? Bring it on! #pta #community #service
service - community - pta -
twomoreseconds : @allison_mo17 ha ha! πŸ˜‚ Ya I'm in deep. Help?
remardis : I've had to do a lot of things for PTA but salsa for 400 was never on the list! πŸ˜„πŸ‘πŸ‘
juliedansie : 400?!! Please tell me you have help!
boyohboyohboycrafts : Wow!
kim_shirley : Woah 400! You are amazing!
annieh : Yikes. You should have told me. I make excellent salsa and could have whipped up a couple batches. P to the S: I'm staying far away from the pta
anthecca : Wo. Good luck!!!
campbellgenny : You are amazing, Erin! Don't know what I would do without you!
annieh - geecru - jenniferroper - ackayleigha -
twomoreseconds - Erin Singleton
Dinner with a side of spelling words. #tmseats #localdive #slc
localdive - tmseats - slc -
annieh : I've got to go there. I am chubby, so it's fitting.
mcneilmoments : In all the time we lived there I never did try Chubby's. We always did Red Iguana.
mcneilmoments : Looks yummy though!
twomoreseconds : @annieh let's make a date.
twomoreseconds : @mcneilmoments I love the Iguana too! But this is super good simple cheap homemade mexican food. ;)
annieh : @twomoreseconds yes! Without my kids. 😜
stitchoutsidetheditch : I get the same thing there.
twomoreseconds : @stitchoutsidetheditch with the shred beef? Holy moly it's good.
hinga53 - jenpfluke - jennydespain - jenniferroper -
twomoreseconds - Erin Singleton
This leaf can't commit. #tmslovesautumn
tmslovesautumn -
pinkyingblog : It's gorgeous though!!
annieh : Those are my favorite kinda of leaves. And bright red ones.
undertheeveningstar : Way to be ALL the colors!
hinga53 - jeifner - sassafrasgirl - nadineabean -
twomoreseconds - Erin Singleton
A finished full length beauty shot of my #scrappytripalong quilt even tho it's been popping up in my feed lately because I'm OBSESSED with it. So perfectly crinkly and the best size. Even tho it's hard to see, I went with 95% green binding & just a little corner of the yellow arrows. #scrappytripquilt #imadethis #tmssews #tmslovesautumn #quilting
scrappytripalong - imadethis - quilting - scrappytripquilt - tmslovesautumn - tmssews -
knittybitties : So fabulous!
owl_and_otter_photography : This is gorgeous! !
lucyandnorman : It's perfect Erin.
leedledeedle : Great shot too!
twomoreseconds : @owl_and_otter_photography @lucyandnorman thanks so much!!!
twomoreseconds : @leedledeedle someone photo directing sure knew what they were doing!!!
punk_rockmartha : Love the movement of colors! Awesome!
kristastitched : So gorgeous!
punk_rockmartha - pappys72 - jacylynn96 - urbanpolyester -
twomoreseconds - Erin Singleton
A year ago we took this exact same picture in the exact same spot this exact same weekend. A lot has changed in that year but not the fact that these guys are still good friends! #tmslovesautumn #grahmgram #masongram #friendgram @leedledeedle
masongram - tmslovesautumn - friendgram - grahmgram -
allthingsbelle : IG ate my comment πŸ‘Ž - a lot can change in another 365 days.. Loves you and @leedledeedle
leedledeedle : Now it's a tradition!
twomoreseconds : @leedledeedle that's what Sam told me!
leedledeedle : Haha!
crisc_photography : Love this- where is it?
twomoreseconds : @crisc_photography just City Creek.
ramandan : Pretty darn cool!!!
cocodraws : So lovely :)
mrsoneton - fussycut - jillybjaques - crookedbanana -
twomoreseconds - Erin Singleton
So, mystery. The #vintagepyrex bowl on the right is my orange bowl from my New Dots set. A bright, true Crayola orange. The bowl on the left is the bowl I found in Idaho this weekend. Its a rusty red/brown color. It's in much better shape than the Crayola orange bowl. So mystery is, are these the same color bowl and one is just extremely faded/DWD'd or the other just extremely ... I don't know, darker? In my experience DWD'd pieces were faded and more matte/rough. Sometimes with a white chalky finish. The reddish/brown bowl is extremely shiny and in great shape. Also someone mentioned a microwave can darken the color - is that a possibility? #pyrexlove #pyrexinaction #vintage #pyrexbowl
pyrexinaction - pyrexlove - vintagepyrex - pyrexbowl - vintage -
twomoreseconds : Also, I've spent an hour this morning scrubbing up the reddish/brown bowl with elbow grease, barkeepers friend, toothpaste & a magic eraser (carefully) and the color is not budging.
jeifner : I would think its the true color
jeifner : Or at least one of the colors it came in, or special order or special production
orangeemily : Could the one on the left be a reprint?
annmariesoel : Whatever it is it's awesome!!!
twomoreseconds : @annmariesoel I agree! I love them both. I was going to sell it but now since it's technically not a duplicate I might keep it πŸ˜‰
thepeachkings : Cool!
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