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troubleman31 - troubleman31
#DontShoot The Game ft. @richforever @iamdiddy @therealswizzz @myfabolouslife @hairweavekiller @yogottikom @wale @djkhaled @spitta_andretti @problem354 @tyrese @therealtank @ginuwine & @kingphara0h https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/dont-shoot-feat.-rick-ross/id913324810?ls=1 Proceeds go to http://www.gofundme.com/justiceformikebrown
dontshoot -
loot_wantitall : Hey @troubleman31 can you check out my new first official video http://youtu.be/TXGe8Iwnm9U thanksπŸ’―
__antwizzlee : Gah damn @3martinez1
huz_ : @al266 πŸ‘
nolenharris_ : @ynotg247
nagyhamed : Alla gör kaoz nu @adaamsaleh
xxtgoxx : Thank you man I was just thinking about how Michael Jackson got no mo heal the world songs.
shotdinero1 : Official..
mxrashwan : @shuagalam @zainfarooq @ssoldaat better be fire
missshera - nathan_asap - msreallydontcare - fonzier77 -
troubleman31 - troubleman31
slim_vee_gui_boy : This a real nigga free bg
regularron5 : 1of Tha original HB lookin very healthy get soon bruh stay up....
gino_3434 : Free BG
sonofa_gangsta : My Popz
turnupp305 : @marcoz_47
kingstackks_ : Free that guy
rossdadon : Free that nigga B.G.
bo_outlaw85 : Chopper city
geebabyyungin - hazataha - potochach_project - king_deep -
troubleman31 - troubleman31
@domaniharris1 on da set of his nxt video "Roll Wit Me" !!!!!! He gettin better by da day... Whew!!!! Had me worried there for a min.lol #DomanisWorld mixtape coming soon!!!!
domanisworld -
troublemakers_2 : Awww man ,@domaniharris1 why you ain't tell us about the shoot so we could pop in ?
black_soni : Count it up Damani!
waitasecondholdup : U put yo son in this game? Smh
q4dasouth : I'm glad to see T.I.P. is showing his kids the art of the hustle.
proudvet09 : @troubleman31 I am a disabled veteran and I know you started a group for veterans in your town. There is an issue I would like to talk to you possibly through and email, is there someone I can email who can forward it to you, it's about making a father son dream come true and they are both veterans, but the dad has passed away
rossdadon : Congrats to you Domani your dad gave you the hustle
yb3krazy : @Darylballard it's a 85
yb3krazy : @Self_made_beauty datz right 2. Tell dem niggaz. At least I got a car.
ladycherryladycherry - mac_kids_3 - enjoylife_4ever - era_mecaj -
troubleman31 - troubleman31
Masterminds at work.... #GoHardNoSleep #PaperworkTheMotionPicture
gohardnosleep - paperworkthemotionpicture -
teddytecks : It's how @howuseeit
itsjoi84 : Our Boos.lol @msnikkidca
nahomeezy : Another "my life is your entertainment" eyyy
peecemaker : King Usher!!
billonaire_boys15 : King ti
luxiicharm21 : I'm looking for management @troubleman31
buddhastevens : Shawty what it do boy a nig sho been trying to find away to holla at u on some music dude tight work
rossdadon : Congrats to the king of the south keep hustling
simonov_d - missajones3 - changecomineffectively - sbrya2 -
troubleman31 - troubleman31
@howuseeit & @kawanprather in da lab makin history!!!!! #Paperwork :The Motion Picture comin soon!!!!
paperwork -
atlsm : I can't wait! #HUSTLEGANG
jal23 : I have those lebron a
tondagirl : u
thatchick4532 : @follower got me 1K followers.
julie_k_s : 2 of my favorite men!! #grandhustle #usher
black_soni : Let ya boy be in da movie tip this soni now
lilbitz29 : Damn ,damn ,damn 😍
karlapepper : My loves usher and TI.....sucks to live in HONDURAS if I didn't i'd go to there concerts ugggggghhhh
michaeltomarco - imstillalive - aisha_umaru - yasuo625 -
troubleman31 - troubleman31
The Wait Is Over!!!!! #PaperWork #10-21-14 #Hustlegangovererrrrthang
10 - paperwork - hustlegangovererrrrthang -
mis_shala : @gemini_queen12 awww shoot!
asvpxcory_ : @deontooraww
gemini_queen12 : I gotta see what he talkin bout on this album....@mis_shala
forever_meisha : Omgee, thats my birthday!!!! I think it's a sign! Lol I love u @troubleman31
carmelazelia : @108thavenue finally this light skins release! Gives me chilllsssssss πŸ™†
philthyvision : @jennie.quan πŸ˜€
rossdadon : Can't wait for paperwork to come out
miami_made34 - ijayblaze - mxrashwan - flyshit_only101 -
troubleman31 - troubleman31
Da wait is over!!!! Tonight 9pm vh1 #familyhustlegangovererrrthang #weeeeereBaaaack
weeeeerebaaaack - familyhustlegangovererrrthang -
annnie_13 : @jcervantes707
lesly.0.0 : YHUSSSS!!
aq5a : ireally wanna watch this 😞 @yumnaax_ @sameeyaijaz
troublemakers_2 : We luv this show❀❀
junn__gotti : Wise words brother TIP !
phhuckyoumean : y'all be looking so uncomfortable when y'all have scenes together. it's like u don't even wanna touch each other. who y'all fooling
foreignbaddiee : @cidjubrown
nadaemerenthia : um nez @nezbubbles
juicyblicious - labella_monae - vito_guwop - samuel_0218 -
troubleman31 - troubleman31
RIP lil homie.... May our Prayers, bring Peace, Love & Blessings of The Lord to the Mother,Father, & Family of this young brother. Gone too soon. But far from forgotten..... The Harris Family Salutes U!!!! Love.
peaches786 : It's sad that ppl can't respect the dead!! Regardless of how feel about this child that was innocent( in my eyes) how dare you throw dirt on his name when The Lord has called him to rest!!! Now his actions and accounts relies with The Lord above not anyone who thinks he got what he deserved:(... Just remember we all have to leave this place and make sure your character is πŸ’― and the most high is pleased with u before you throw dirt on someone else's soul! May the most high redirect all of our shortcomings and raise us above this foolishness!!!
atlsm : R.I.P.
mrsrociojackson : RIP may you rest in heaven peacefully πŸ™. May God bring your parents peace in this terrible situation.
frisbybc : Robbed a store 10 minutes before he died. The world is a better place without the punk.
bighomiecole : ^^ idiot
foreignbaddiee : @cidjubrown .
fatpriate : What happened to him
queen.khvos : He was shot q times and killed by a Ferguson police officer . Before he a as killed he put his hands up said dont shoot but they kept shooting anyways . And it happened 3 days before he was supposed to start college . @fatpriate
valeriethehotcancer - labella_monae - vito_guwop - kvng._.khalil -
troubleman31 - troubleman31
If u ain't got dis shit yet... #FuckisUdoin πŸƒπŸ’¨ u best get to gettin it!!!! My lil Bruh @travisscott went HAM on dis shitπŸ‘ŠπŸ’€πŸ”« #hustlegangovaerrrrthang
fuckisudoin - hustlegangovaerrrrthang -
yung_dmk : As far as I'm concerned he's promoting a fellow artist..
yung_dmk : #SomethingsThatsCommonInTheMusicIndustry
drewwwdeezy : We ahead of the game @im_nyse
xwe_x16 : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ”ͺ lesh ma yshl7 ma b8a shy @jojo.alsh
jojo.alsh : @xwe_x16 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
guccirodriguez31 : @ troubleman31 Tip responded I swear I never see you respond but @ayanna313 was asking for it
g5_eazy : @rasta.beentrill
atlsm : This hot!
karinadls_ - fatpriate - dboyakadbeezy - saluteterro_0 -
troubleman31 - troubleman31
Happy 10th birthday to da coolest flyest, most mature 10yr old I know!!!! Long Live Da KING!!!! Live it up lil buddy!!! We love u!!! #familyhustlegangovererrrthang!!!
familyhustlegangovererrrthang -
817pinkcandy : awhh
browneyes1960 : Happy Birthday enjoy your day
mochq : HBD! !
kcartermom1 : You just look like my causin
atlsm : Aww!
__erionn : Happy birthday
fierce_furious : Happy Belated Birthday lil man :)
kalleah11 : Happy birthday
imtrabeats - mtbmg_qua - rontedagiant - mikkie63 -
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