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__eddislicc420 : @troubleman31 u suck Man U ain't even come out to hue SF . #falseadvertisement
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yaddayaddawhateverusay : @troubleman31 You rocked the stage at Pharrell concert in sf! Wish you on stage longer! Thank you for the surprise! !
diorjador : @sean_nuttsooutlaw_cole @jojoflowers @cutiefrcali @barlife101 @tamishs41
jennyjenm19 : Dann.. I'll be seeing Rick Ross doe lol
lintops : Has anyone been to @troubleman31's restaurant in ATL? Do they serve alcohol? I want to go there for my anniversary but I dont see alcohol on their menu...
selfmade_dd : @troubleman31 I'm At The Fmu Concert 💯
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In 2days my muuuuufuckin Brudda Back at y'all Suckaz Necks!!!! #ThaTruth2 #Abn #BankRollMafiaLife #UDIGG #HustleGangOverErrrthang
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kirkpatrick161 : @troubleman31 you a bitch ass nicca that's a snitch!!! You a downlow fag too!!! Only trouble you see is on TV bytch!!!!
kirkpatrick161 : @troubleman31 tip means when a tranny put the top in ur mouth and make you work ur jaws bytch!!! You 4'11 and wanna play tough!!! You still wearing lipstick or the illuminati say that's enough? You suck a mean dick don't you bytch!!!!
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brittanyterry23 : @troubleman31 it's my husbands 30th birthday March 15 a week before you come to Greenville SC..... He is your biggest fan and wants to come to your concert!!!!!! PLEASEEEE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!
phara07 : Why you don't ship BRM in Canada???
k_rock801 : @troubleman31 dam 78 for a jacket fuck we ain't Rich ass you
k_rock801 : @troubleman31 that better keep me warm for the whole 2016 lol and be water proof lol man I wann chop one dam 78$
realyoungalton_privilege : Aye tip u my fav rapper been listing to a lot of your songs mixtapes albums I just ask to do a song wit u one day that's all I ask God blessd me everyday to get up write songs make music I just wanna be famous get rich help my family out that's my mission so if u could get this message see it could u reply to me showin u care and that u can help a young man like me make it some where in life wit my music @troubleman31
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mattida_q : Hustle Gang TIP get at me @troubleman31
mattida_q : Tuurnnn IT
aye_smokey : Yo I see a lot of dumb shit on yo comments but peep the link in my bio hopefully you see the talent and I don't wanna gimmi I need a open door and i got the rest look back 💯
annayoeun1 : Lol
lieut_general102 : @carol_zviko style bey..
promodivatip : @troubleman31 If anyone is the Clayton Henry area and interested in helping the homeless or saving our sons from gangs. Please inbox me your contact info I would love to speak with you.
bryant_financialservice : Are you a single parent thing to be struggling financially make $2,000 today all you need is $200 call me if you interested. In the process
roc_blackqueen : Love how you SO real💪🏾🙏🏾🙌🏾, may god bless you with many more @troubleman31
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Happy G'day to my first&oldest Warrior!!!! @phase_4 I couldn't have asked for a better 16yr old son to set the standard of being a true "Stand-Up-Guy" for da rest of da next generation of Harris Men. You continue to impress me with ya style, passion, maturity, growth, & development into a cooler than usual, all around awesome young man. I'm honored to be apart of your life & have a hand in your evolution. Who knew 16 yrs ago I'd have a chance to actually raise a kid that'd grow up & become one of Youngest members of "This thing of OURS"!!!! The first & oldest of my 4 Lil Homies!!!! I Love U & I'm extremely proud & excited to see where life takes US next. Happy Birthday "BUBBA"!!!!! #ProudPops #HarrisFamilyKickin💩 #TUUUUUUURRNNUUUUPPPP
proudpops - harrisfamilykickin💩 - tuuuuuuurrnnuuuupppp -
tipslady : Happy Belated G Day
annayoeun1 : HBD
boxinking1988 : Happy Belated Birthday!!!
prettygyrl_87 : He is your twin!! Happy belated birthday!!
aleeyuadonaira : I like that's king of the southern ATL geo....hustle gang 4 life bitch Nigg #👌 ✌
aleeyuadonaira : N happy belated birthday 🎁🎁🎁🎁💰
roc_blackqueen : Your twin , HAPPY BDAY ......blessing to have seen one more year ..🎂🎂🎂16
mos.persona : ~Major & him a spitting Image of Dad aka T.I.P
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The winter is about to heat up! Make sure you tune into Tidal.com tomorrow at 8pm for the premiere of @Moneyandviolence Season 2. To see the full trailer go to www.akooclothingbrand.com and for all behind the scenes action make sure you follow @akooclothing #AKOO  #TIDAL  #LIONSGATE #HustleGangOverErrrthang
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mykeah_j : @troubleman31 we need a stop the violence Movement in Chattanooga, TN ASAP! February 1st a 5 year old boy called 911 to report that he witness both of his parents get shot & killed. that is the 3rd homicide in 2016 but the 17th shooting in 2016. http://newschannel9.com/news/local/police-investigate-shooting-on-e-13th-street?999999. here is the videos for our local news! PLEAS HELP! it's getting out of control!
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nyambese : Check, run it, all hundreds @troubleman31 love from Tanzania
sugarbrowngirl : @stormi_h330 girl i hope so too. You've got me hooked!
easy_life25 : @raymondmoye1
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#HarrisFamilyKickin💩 @phase_4 turnt it at Benihanas 1Time... #ProudPops #HappyBirthdayBubba #BIG16
happybirthdaybubba - proudpops - harrisfamilykickin💩 - big16 -
classybosslady86 : That damn Benihana bae @datniggacountry1210 Kobe's better though
toshoya_20 : Major 😍😍
beccagisele : @amotschie Benihanas
reka108 : @prettygalnae
lotti.berlingen : Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY🎂🎉
darius2012 : Happy Belated Birthday.. And Many More To Come... Be Blessed... Keep GOD 1st...
tiritrigger : B
_callmejass : @chanel_dreams aw look at major lol
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#HellisUsayin #FuqUmean????
fuqumean - hellisusayin -
mrmelvinm : @chingerdingz
thatsplashlife : truth
nikkiitayylor : @jawwad89 this picture is so you
marcypr0jects : @ameetbalilty @zackfrankel
aidibeth_ : @valsobo
valsobo : @aidibeth_ you and I to a T
cakezofbaby_drivethemcrazy : Truly
__blackplate__ : #ITSDAKINGBITCH !!!!!
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#Facts #HateToBreakIt2U 😂😂😂😂 But live Ya Life Tho!!!!
facts - hatetobreakit2u -
angelblancogarcia17 : @davidpita99 xd
davidpita99 : jajaja @angelblancogarcia17
big_n_tasty : @golden.slim
golden.slim : 😭💀💀 @big_n_tasty
boutique115 : Ctfu
cakezofbaby_drivethemcrazy : Lol #Facts
loot_stg_fmb : @almighty_salts hahahaha
almighty_salts : @loot_stg_fmb Lol rns god
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Studio flow... Vodka, Lemonade, Hot wings & Blue Cheese....#HustleGang #Tradition #GShit #BankRollMafiaLife
bankrollmafialife - gshit - tradition - hustlegang -
doubleman19 : Hustlegang and chicken wangs
twin_twin5 : Nice pic
msdillard33 : What is the name of the wing spot. I love wings
shunda4000 : My cuz/classmate @djmlk so proud..keep it up!!!! #salute 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
yawnfimz : @troubleman31 let's work
4500.jet : https://soundcloud.com/4500badguy/money-mitch
moeskyfly : My shit
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