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troubleman31 - troubleman31
Hustle Gang #GDOD2 coming HG weekend... Get Ready #Hustlegangovererrrthang
hustlegangovererrrthang - gdod2 -
reedthechitownlegend : @troubleman31 CHI-TOWN TO ATL STAND UP
misselisen : @troubleman31 T.I. why is Shekinah on the show? She is going to make y'all lose ratings because she is beyonnnnd Ignorant! We just want to see you and your family only!!!
rozlove76 : That ferrari do......LOVE IT
_brandonbello_ : Grand hustle ♠️♥️♣️♦️
goldedup : #PresidentialHigh ✈✈✈
lottie__dottie : Y'all come off super fake! This show is whack!!!!
yallboylookya : 😱😱😱 G.D.O.D PATNAH!!😄😄🙌🙌✊ #HustleGang
yxng_rixh_kidd - thapr1nce - ang3l_og - __billionaire__ -
troubleman31 - troubleman31
#DontShoot The Game ft. @richforever @iamdiddy @therealswizzz @myfabolouslife @hairweavekiller @yogottikom @wale @djkhaled @spitta_andretti @problem354 @tyrese @therealtank @ginuwine & @kingphara0h https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/dont-shoot-feat.-rick-ross/id913324810?ls=1 Proceeds go to http://www.gofundme.com/justiceformikebrown
dontshoot -
rawthree : Wya @taycashout
666_sike_ass_i_aint_satan_mf : SHIT SUCK MINE BITCH @taycashout
baeza_831 : Suck mine @taycashout
24hoursofflow : Hit me if you need inspiration
kittyznchopperz : Soundcloud.com/vibewithceejay
california_natiive_ : @astrange10
iamaudio : Super dope
perrell1 : #freemeekmill he needed to be here for this
chubb_hz_foe - __perfectchemistryy - bobbystaples20 - jordanguttacrew -
troubleman31 - troubleman31
certified_understand_me : Free my soldier
jade_hall1 : Free one of the realest
joshdaatllien : Realist Nigga Eva #FreeBGizzle
chixffis_indigo : @sonofa_gangsta
gatah3sixty : @troubleman31 I'm sick wit da graphics fam. ...get at me on some #FreeBG sh!t.....I'mma N.O. representa'....I'mma hold him down....get at me
gatah3sixty : The Realest of his time. #LastOfADyinBreed
jfiy : real g
char_est_1984 : I went to visit my real life bae and I heard them say he just left the visitation room!!! Lol! Go c him @troubleman31 so I can c both my real boo and my in my head boo!!! #imafan #hustlegangovereverthang #mybabydaddy
aaron_da_great_ - princessqueen13 - _mgmontae24 - speak_facts_or_stfu -
troubleman31 - troubleman31
@domaniharris1 on da set of his nxt video "Roll Wit Me" !!!!!! He gettin better by da day... Whew!!!! Had me worried there for a min.lol #DomanisWorld mixtape coming soon!!!!
domanisworld -
black_beautiful_1 : Lol..
celeriitystar__ : @dreaam.lovely
twin153 : Tip sign me I'm good to nigga
24hoursofflow : Hit me for some inspiration
ms.pink_b3auty : I love your song new national anthem
ms_independent_datsme : Look at my babies @iammissmulatto @shandriaelliott
jeffdj39 : U ARE amazing Father♡♥♡. ...if u didn't have money u would still give your Time. .......I dont understand how some men do their kids including mine...and im 40.....I always feel like I missed out in something so special. ..but hey God still is good to me♥♥♥!!!!!!
st4y_focu5ed_ : My ol gurl first car 😭😂😂 MC
mezaswagz - akeia - blackshearlife - roro_rozina_2 -
troubleman31 - troubleman31
Masterminds at work.... #GoHardNoSleep #PaperworkTheMotionPicture
gohardnosleep - paperworkthemotionpicture -
willieblack713 : I need a feature how much you charge Tip #hustlagang
mrkrazyidts : @willieblack713 50k
jackygnz : @troubleman31 its my 18th bday can i get a bday shoutout please it will make my whole world!!!
hustlegangtj : Always in the studio with him but never dropped anything . wassup @troubleman31 we gone get somthing this time ? 😂😂😂 cant wait for that GDOD2
ricataughtu : I knew it was usher from the back of his head lol
paulioso : @hustlegangtj lol u kinda right but they do have few records together tho mostly on @howuseeit album ... They have one call " don't take me to jail" I think
helenboast : Would love to do some more BTS with you guys.
lilneal7 : Lets talk bizness @troubleman31 ?
only_1mzgina - yoimjp - c_life31 - lovin_ni -
troubleman31 - troubleman31
@howuseeit & @kawanprather in da lab makin history!!!!! #Paperwork :The Motion Picture comin soon!!!!
paperwork -
tasha_lovesmith : Dm me king
uptownmac : Og im in town work with me 8702282826
dreamsandwealth_ : Hey TIP Your daughter always come in my job Menchies at camp creek right by Supreme Fish Delight. She real cool and down to earth 💯. Can't wait Til the new album I'll always support #HustleGang @troubleman31
__giftzofgab : 😻
jade_hall1 : Nice
blacknbeautiful35 : @troubleman31 are u coming to louisville to perform on monday?? Please tell me cause I just can't believe it? .I, wanna confirm it with my family cause we are so excited
juwaunmccray : Tip you be Turnt bro fb one day when I make it and achieve more I want to follow your footsteps hope to meet you one day thanks for the show letting me expierence a good life !
lilbitz29 : 😍😍
__perfectchemistryy - loyallewis_stonernation - ang3l_og - __billionaire__ -
troubleman31 - troubleman31
The Wait Is Over!!!!! #PaperWork #10-21-14 #Hustlegangovererrrrthang
10 - paperwork - hustlegangovererrrrthang -
thesleepyone7 : Greatness! @troubleman31
kittyznchopperz : Soundcloud.com/vibewithceejay
misscosme237 : @jo_jo1300
everiley : where dey at doe
mmulroney1 : cant wait til this shit drops
virtuous_beauty_ : Yesss 🙌
sahfiree : BRUCE BAKER !!!
brownsug3r : When u go on tour for this imma need you to do a meet n greet vip option
kiyabella - michael_carrera - char_est_1984 - champagne_chef -
troubleman31 - troubleman31
Da wait is over!!!! Tonight 9pm vh1 #familyhustlegangovererrrthang #weeeeereBaaaack
weeeeerebaaaack - familyhustlegangovererrrthang -
gwop_alot_iget : That's an they opinions @girlintheplasticbubble
luzanney : Your movie is on Vh1 or BET you so sexy man
naaamnaam : @israenb uhhh
celeste11marae : Whoever did @majorgirl makeup🙌🙌🙌 it's looks amazing, great picture!
jeffdj39 : Love yall guys so much♥♥♥♥
sahfiree : BRUCE BAKER
misselisen : Take Shekinah off the show!!!!
joyjoyworld : Watching this show gives me life! Your am amazing father!
anthony_payton - __shiekh - __markel__ - lil_zay_stayfresh -
troubleman31 - troubleman31
RIP lil homie.... May our Prayers, bring Peace, Love & Blessings of The Lord to the Mother,Father, & Family of this young brother. Gone too soon. But far from forgotten..... The Harris Family Salutes U!!!! Love.
black_beautiful_1 : You irrelevant ass ppl calling ppl snitches.. get ya money up.. and then maybe then you'll be able to afford a "Super Lawyer", such as Mr. Dwight Thomas! He's a beast! Check out Brian Steele too! Get ya loot up and stop running ya dick suckers!!
pholarapopo : what a great loss
vicsun17 : Respect
xmbereliane : You are everything, and your anthem is the truth for people like me we don't need the radio for it #respect
sahfiree : Bruce baker
cj713_ : @king__julian u a Bitch @rosywhiskey u a sorry Bitch too what if somebody in your family was shot up by police what if it was u @frisbybc u n little faggot the world will be better off without you fuckin pussy
cj713_ : @dancing_diamonds_majorettes
eggo_waffles : All these people talking shit. Have some respect dammit.
yo__babysdaddy - yayo5053 - savanas_dad - __markel__ -
troubleman31 - troubleman31
If u ain't got dis shit yet... #FuckisUdoin 🏃💨 u best get to gettin it!!!! My lil Bruh @travisscott went HAM on dis shit👊💀🔫 #hustlegangovaerrrrthang
fuckisudoin - hustlegangovaerrrrthang -
g5_eazy : @rasta.beentrill
atlsm : This hot!
clintongram : 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 can't wait for the album Rodeo. This is on repeat. Keep up the hard work. @troubleman31 @travisscott
rodistotle : @jgriss3 don't really like the sound tho
jgriss3 : New but I dig it tho @rodistotle
youngmizzle : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NRtm1-zwIuM&feature=youtube_gdata_player
413__ : @troubleman31 dat shit clean tho so is your new anthem song i was feeling dat dem pigs TRIPPIN
sahfiree : Bruce baker
thug_kitty - alexfirth91 - yo__babysdaddy - asianeyes_thickthighs -
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