Project Steps up on WSHH RIGHT NOW !!!! New Album "The Dime Trap" coming SOON!!!!
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#Back2Work #Antman #july17 #Marvel #HustleGangOverErrrthang
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quistillwell : @troubleman31 I just finished watching your show and I just want to commend you for being such a wonderful father and role model to the community. I really appreciate what you and your wife are doing and the positive image of black family! I love the show and I love you and your family!! The superhero thing was so cute! I love all the ideas that you guys come up with for your family to teach life lesson! Keep up the good works! Congrats on your future endeavors!
charliean2 : @nick_j21
unclerudyshow : Wassup Yung Bloods!!
amigo_the_smartest : Follow this Tanzanian superstar @diamondplatnumz
biggy_sml : @troubleman31 cant wait for tht partner...#TsDaKingPartner
tffnydcrcy : whoa whoa whoa you didn't tell me TI was in it! Now I'll go watch it : @tffnydcrcy he seems to be in this...
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And then the sun set.... Sideways. #LiveFromParadise
livefromparadise -
li_mez : This is Real Shit I'm speaking... For those who want to be a follower be a follower on Real Life Like this BLESSED & HIGHLY FAVOURED!!! (Real Deal)
gimmie_mylightaaaa : #iSaluteForThaHoodie pimp #TrappersBall @troubleman31
msbee215 : U are a GREAT father and husband. Need more like ya (in my white man voice). But seriously tho. I just watched the show and u are great with ur family!
tbabydiamonds : Salute to a real nigga, a real father, a real husband..... I admire the way you love and do for ur family, watching #FamilyHustle cracking up with bae. πŸ˜†πŸ˜πŸ’― @troubleman31
justvett : Beautiful!!!!
althia_1 : Just watched your show as usual. You are a great dad. The super hero thing was so meaningful. Great job
supreme614 : This is a great pic, I actually made it my background, law of attraction. Tip, I love the image you and your family represent on your show! Beautiful thing to see family still exist like that. Keep doing what y'all doing! #GodBless #GoodEnergy #PositiveVibrations #MuchLove -Brad
supreme614 : @troubleman31
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Dis ni**a thank he fly as his Daddy!!!! lol
cambriafaith : @ashley_pantoja2010 hallaluuuuuuuuuuerrrrr πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ™ŒπŸ½
tmzmoe : Man you a great farther coming from the street ride model good dude ti keep doing it It
tmzmoe : Holla at me tip dc i run m'y city Check m'y bio
keshariya25 : 😍😍😍😘✊
nikkijbxx : @troubleman31 The way you are with your boys I hope other young males take heed and followπŸ‘
michael_lawrenze : But he is
bryanh459 : He look lik his daddy CUHH! #HARRISLIFE
mzbitter_sweet305 : HE IS AND A HANDSOME YUNG MAN U HAVE TIP @troubleman31 ✊
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These Damn Rich Kids.... Sheesh!!!!
sunflowerjovi : 😹 @arevalovee5
hoeslovemynikes : @troubleman31 real nigga I salute you!
isaiahadams534 : That's nice @troubleman31
cambriafaith : Lmaooooo he funny @ashley_pantoja2010
micko411 : @jazzzzyboothang I immediately said, "That looks like Jaz!" lol
mayalynnling : Waaaay up i feel blessed
jazzzzyboothang : Lol it kinda do @micko411
michael_lawrenze : Ti can i have ur daughter mobile number pls,i love her
_marcossoft_ - darcyj29 - lilwill4real246 - chubbssound -
troubleman31 - TIP
My fav lil weirdo... Looking beyond the horizon for his next adventure.... #LiveFromParadise #RacingTheSunset #WitMyWoes #FamilyHustleOverErrrrthang
livefromparadise - racingthesunset - familyhustleovererrrrthang - witmywoes -
j.beaux : #Dareales
j.beaux : @ms.pinkybaby_ @dareales
ludowiciflygirl : Your are so good to your family!πŸ’―πŸ‘ŠπŸΎ
gifrangeto : @mariumarinho MTTT πŸ’˜
hotepthefreespirit : I think you caught something on your fishing pole, it's bending!!! @troubleman31
mrztmeka : ❀ it!!! #vacay #Family β›΅
braidscouturee : Is that a metro hat?? Looks like Washington, D.C. Metro map on the hat
dananoble36 : I like to fish my son can teach you
skoob.e - krayzencs - bigtymers_626 - chubbssound -
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My girls!!!! #LiveFromParadise #RacingTheSunset #DaBoatride #FamilyHustleOverErrrrthang
livefromparadise - racingthesunset - familyhustleovererrrrthang - daboatride -
naj2tharayray : The girl on the right looks like me in this picture @itsfrigginkiwi
_khaoticbeauty_ : @chloes_mom28.….exactly!!!none at all
u_can_call_me_cha_cha : Deja, Your Twin;')
cierra5016 : Family is everything
poochie773 : @jaccie_ thought it was
mzgala : Dejah is growing up! She's so pretty!
scorpio21_ : wonderful hair 15-30% off
michael_lawrenze : See her sgain
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#LiveFromParadise #DaBoatride #RacingTheSunset #WitMyWoes #FamilyHustleOverErrrrthang
livefromparadise - racingthesunset - witmywoes - familyhustleovererrrrthang - daboatride -
sweetsam71 : I love the Bob Marley music in the background. ..
the.artof.oquinn : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ he said man anything that breathe lmao
p_rawstein_ : I feel him though
u_can_call_me_cha_cha : Is Demony Losing weight?
ozzy_art : Luv the this man luv and takes care of his family.
king_domani_major_messiah_fan : Is that king
rayyana123 : @poohbaby88 ughhhhh I guess u right
manny_gfsbm23 : Hair line
_marcossoft_ - krayzencs - kalvin_bowe14 - chubbssound -
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#LiveFromParadise #Backatit Brought my Gs back wit me.... @domaniharris1 @phase_4 @starquality @princess_of_da_south #FamilyHustleOverErrrrthang
livefromparadise - familyhustleovererrrrthang - backatit -
d1n_peterpan : @camchoctaw I'm knowing rns right there
dre_livefit : @kimmiebella @_s.niquee @jker92 @natejeezy12
danyeezy_91 : They're too cute @kl_roman
msshna3 : The older domani get the more he look like u
crybabygigi : He sounds just like his pops
thelifeofchado : @jesquachh oh I seen this here πŸ‘ŒπŸ½
jesquachh : Yeah it's the new move πŸ™ŒπŸΌ @thelifeofchado
thelifeofchado : Yeah it's also a rack. πŸ’°
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#MemphisWeMadeIt!!!!!! After all da Bullshit Throughout da day.... It all worked out.... Now we Back to Ballin, & Gettin 2it!!!! #LookAtGod #WontHeDoIt.....1time4 @shaddagodbrm & @kuntryking & all my MTown Playas who showed up 2...... #TurnIt #TurnIt #BankRollMafia #HustleGangOverErrrthang
turnit - wonthedoit - memphiswemadeit - lookatgod - bankrollmafia - hustlegangovererrrthang -
mindsetmgmt : @giftedtoinspire G.O.G.E.T.I.T. #TakeIt β˜πŸ‘Œ #LAJit
joycealvessz : Love πŸ’•
msg3m87 : Turn Ittt
chiefmb773 : I'm in the left corner Turnt CHIEFMB773 I OPENED UP THAT SHOW I GOT BETTER FOOTAGE ON MY I.G check it out@Troubleman31
kitdevi21 : Tip come back to TORONTO 416 we miss you best concert ever November 2014 @troubleman31 πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ’–
thatgirlcarlac : @troubleman31 DAYUM!!
_rae23_ : @goldiewiththedodie he sexyyyyyyy
honeymarie707 : Naw fuck all that hit sacramento
mohammadtaha933 - santothapluggx - kingdave3602 - whatyolifelikeee -
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Maaaaaan if only y'all knew what it took to get here today..... I been pissed off-ass kicking-mad like 6 times today but still.....#MemphisHereWeCome
memphisherewecome -
up_town_bread : Check out the video link in my bio, I was on the grand hustle mixtape a couple years ago!!!
phedysh_lg : That face look like...
ashalb_ : I really admire the way you are with your kids and wife. Stand up guy @troubleman31
nikkic1121 : Love the interaction u have w/ ur children & wife. Probably the only positive reality show out right now. Btw just watched the new episode lol
onlyfa_you : πŸ’
free_racks_mari : Some people say that they fuck your fam
free_racks_mari : And shot them
free_racks_mari : Tip ti Harris
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