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troubleman31 - troubleman31
hustlegangyounggunna -
nataliewood28 : Dm it's urgent
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nrvsa : ti you're trash just like your fat farm animal wife
tm_movie : No justice no peace click link my bio ™🇯🇵
just_fatima : It's really Disappointing how I watch you on tv and admire you just to discover that your a fucking coon. It's sad how many house niggas are still in existence. To actually support that bitch that white washing OUR culture and than come at banks who was just speaking her mind! You're a fucking bitch!! Straight up. I really use to love you and it's sad cause I know you probably don't even care. Support your people.
shontae1980 : @just_fatima I couldn't have said it better!!!!!
just_fatima : You're black. Your allegiance, your support, your identity should be as so. Get it together @troubleman31 iggy clearly has no respect for our culture and lives. She blatantly called herself a slave master and you condone that? Since when did we as a people become silent about things that matter. Since when did we sweep things under the rug? You have power and influence, use it positively because I know you can. It Literally hurts me
istillluvemlikeiuse2zelli : he dont have to get it together to please you 1 bitter biotch on here poppin off calling ppl names&and being disrespectful. so u might wanna go on ur own page talking that nonsense cause this aint the place u disrespecting him on his own page sooo Iggy never even wrote that it was photoshop n u just looking for some drama! #byefelicia
lucyguerrea - gfklongway - saidsakuru - isaiah_thatkid6 -
troubleman31 - troubleman31
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samnoelle14 : @keshbaby003 and @troubleman31 where's the after party?
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444mbarakzaid : k
444mbarakzaid : yap
eddycyusa : Yh really
eddycyusa : @younger_t.i.p
mila_jaye30 : Hi
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troubleman31 - troubleman31
Come celebrate da MixTape release of a True Blue Hustle Gang Young Gunna @superspodee RSVP cuz it's GON be LIVE #HustleGangOverErrrrthang
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skullsurvival : Check Out our clothing line @skull_survival
brent_leavitt88 : Don't buy no album from grand hustle if your an eminem fan. Tip need to get iggy in check she won't be relevant next year @troubleman31
718cashflow_dec12 : Fuck u cock sucka nobody care about u or eminem fuck off the man page wid ya bullshit fag @brent_leavitt88
soulful808s : 👌
x_protege16_x : @anita_nehi I forget the song name that TIP did with Chris Brown
x_protege16_x : @anita_nehi its called 'Private Show'
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troubleman31 - troubleman31
#MillionsMarchNYC #JusticeLeagueNYC
millionsmarchnyc - justiceleaguenyc -
fluffy__cherry : Привет, я начинающий фотограф. Стараюсь делать красивые снимки. Загляните ко мне, а если понравится подпишитесь. Буду рада каждом новому подписчику.
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erinjalexis : Don't let that chick disrespect your wife
fluehundreds : Man fuck his wife bitch can't read and wht are u tlkn bout @cashbudd415 she's a female if she gt something to say she can say there both women and 2nd he better let her disrespect her cause mayweather disrespected to the highest power and to aint do shit wit his #snitch ass
mwaledex - safiyadiva - africannprincess_ - bsmith725 -
troubleman31 - troubleman31
A step in da right direction... But still not quite there yet. #blacklivesmatter #alllivesmatter #NoJustice #NoPeace
nopeace - alllivesmatter - blacklivesmatter - nojustice -
thewatchdepo : OFFIACIAL ROLLIES ⌚️💵💵⌚️📮on my page #markdepo
handsome1ransom : nigga betta pay them billz
errlronhubbard : International sign for distress
asiianeyes_ : What have did in the last three months for out people ? Serious question and I'll wait for an answer!!? NOTHING that's exactly what have been doing.... You have a voice that's louder these protesters buy you chose to repost on other people post. Azalea Banks is right you and these other artist. Y'all some coons..! Your a shit!
anjello315 : Not gonna change shit
fluehundreds : Man fuck u youz a coon u would put this bs up and say step in the right direction no mothafucka this is the wrong direction u a fuckn coon we riding wit @azealiabanks and we kno u stole her name and gave it to a white bitch trader
fluehundreds : Boycott all his shit fuck his shows fuck his music most importantly fuck his artist cracker bitch and fuck u
drakeisabadyellabitch : @fluehundreds By doing that, what are you accomplishing?
pinkrainn - hello_tamara - datniggazoezoe - kim_n_kimora -
troubleman31 - troubleman31
#factstho RP
factstho -
sleepercellactivate : @bogarimf thank you
thelexmonroe : 🙌
yumsexy : @troubleman31 he still use them, but they didn't get into heaven ... Don't leave that part out!! It's the most important.
kinginparis : @yumsexy how you know they didn't go?
yumsexy : @kinginparis it says it in the Hebrew bible 👀
johanneimmis : Str8 Factz
mrwhohethinkheis : Can't go by that bible that's why he sent Jesus with the new testament. Yall going back to find more wisdom but still end up lost......?
rumbella : Old Testament
iam_klarckent - meek_mik - saidsakuru - ashleigh.drake -
troubleman31 - troubleman31
"If It Ain't About The Money!!!" #HustleGangOverErrrrthang
hustlegangovererrrrthang -
iampazzo : http://soundcloud.com/iampazzo/aint-about-the-money-leethentic-ft-iampazzo
h_nezzy : @maalys_world
ending_thescam_era : 🙏 #aintnoexception @troubleman31
jade_hall1 : Bofl
___thenewclassic___ : "Where it at doe"?
emoup : @troubleman31 #MadeHistory wif dat #IfItAintAboutTheMoney, dat Joint An #Anthem Plz Blee... Ain't Nobody In/Outta Ma Circle dat Don't Fuck Wif it #InGodWeTrust #HustleGang Portna... 🎲💸💰
foreverprinceton : Lol
cindji93 : Hahahahhaaa @rozii_22
xvxs_ - ashleigh.drake - deryckcabrera - igormalheiros90 -
troubleman31 - troubleman31
Say maaaan.... Make sure you watch the "Mamacita" video!! @travisscott @richhomiequan and @thuggerthugger1 Get it off iTunes Too!!!! http://smarturl.it/MamacitaVid #HustleGangYoungGunna
hustlegangyounggunna -
michaelcurrie55 : Its unlike @troubleman31 to cosign a nigga that wear skinny jeans and calls another nigga "bae". Whats really good Tip? U was the one knockin niggas with funny haircut tight jeans dancing on the stage... Remember my nigga. Fuck these european homo thugs. Fuck that newschool "gaytown" shit bro...
iampazzo : http://soundcloud.com/iampazzo/aint-about-the-money-leethentic-ft-iampazzo
brent_leavitt88 : @troubleman31 maybe can go back to listening to grand hustle after iggy gets dropped next year when nobody want to hear her trash
tavant34 : @realdropolo new video with @superspodee is hard
honeybad.ger : Y'all didn't hear Azalea Banks go in on his house nigga ass. His career is done soon hopefully
igbrownbeauties : What happened to you? All you do is promote garbage now 🐍
stonaboizoe : CHECK The Music Out "http://www.reverbnation.com/widget_code/html_widget/artist_941966?widget_id=50&posted_by=artist_941966&pwc[design]=default&pwc[background_color]=%23333333&pwc[included_songs]=1&pwc[photo]=0%2C1&pwc[size]=fit"
stonaboizoe : Reverbnation.com/BossStona
_heavens_beauty_ - pinkrainn - odd___future - montscloset -
troubleman31 - troubleman31
Happy G'day to da #HustleGangYoungGunna @superspodee stay focused lil cuzz...U up nxt!!!! #HustleGangOverErrrrthang
hustlegangovererrrrthang - hustlegangyounggunna -
livelovelife_32 : @onmamasss bruh is that you? Lmao
bigbosdomo : Fuck a vice lord bitch we die 5 vlk
kapkamilli : Salute homie
nena0042 : Nigger
meez600 : @_lamborghini7
fluehundreds : @bigbosdomo he's not a vice lord nh crip la shit
fluehundreds : 40s neighborhood crip @bigbosdomo
fluehundreds : @superspodee. Go sign to a$i it's Finna get bad for ti
africannprincess_ - sahyooom - hotcherrypie4u - asap_vongah -
troubleman31 - troubleman31
#HustleGangOverErrrrthang #4LIFE
hustlegangovererrrrthang - 4life -
eth8nsm0mmy : @queenb_1613
merlynsitaa_x3 : So true 👏👏👏👏👏 @woahdaniela_
zaaeee : @branddonnn
queenboss_100 : True
iampazzo : http://soundcloud.com/iampazzo/aint-about-the-money-leethentic-ft-iampazzo
mslovelydada : @troubleman31 Exactly
evie_215 : 💯
she_travels1 : @troubleman31 So then why are you supporting someone who calls themselves a runaway slave master ??? #NoDisrespect
badazzbooty - caramel_adiya - odd___future - africannprincess_ -
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