Trip Lee

Rapper, author, pastor. Rise album is out now! Rise book is out 1.27.15
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triplee116 - Trip Lee
Had a great time speaking at #Catalyst15 today!
catalyst15 -
sethmarbut : @dlack10 @joshprice25 Trip Lee putting Duluth on the mapπŸ˜‚
jackiboy445 : @tyler_cooper_0815 trip is life 15 minuets from my house :/
annakaren.x : Ikr lolol @hiber021
snowballs3678 : @respence
ellzbellllzz : @mynameiz_
frbc_ym : Great job @triplee116 We graduated together from the former Philadelphia Biblical University. It was awesome to see you bring God's Word like that. God Bless everything your doing now!
blakeallen : You killed it. Thank you.
polished_by_amanda : I loved all the speakers, but I was most impressed with you for touching on an issue most understood in the church - the purpose of music in the church and for the soul. Thank you!
emad_mostageer - sandeepsebastinkujur - packers0220 - motivationalist_ -
triplee116 - Trip Lee
Had a great time with @pcc_students tonight!
foxxydiva30 : I'm on my 1:1 six I love you trip Lee I can't too meet you on day # 1 fan
emilydavis73 : YES SUH
fvmous.bryce : I'm on Trip's page πŸ”₯ I was in the front row and I got a fist bump 😏
middleton_chris : Thanks for coming by! Incredible word
xan_man7 : Thank you so much Trip! You DESTROYED
why_jay767 : Hahhahaha ikr @anerich21
justjesswade : You are such a gifted speaker. I'm still chewing on two sermons I pulled up on YouTube of you speaking on Mark 5 and the other on one on evangelizism. You swim deep.
puppies9150 : I was actually there!!!!
s121ee - _annalynxx - racheldefelix - packers0220 -
triplee116 - Trip Lee
You can still get my ebook for $2.99 today at B&N, Amazon, iBooks, etc!
misfitseen_ : I need a new experience
pesachbenjamin4455 : loving de pic yo trip
1st_timothy_1_15 : @triplee116 your book has inspired my family and i to rise up and start acting like Christians who do work and not just take up a seat on sunday. thanks bro. we need the push.
superrlowkey : yo where u been homie
superrlowkey : πŸ˜‚
ritawoo : @triplee116 praying all is well with you & the family bro... The hubby & I still bumping Rise... God bless
drummerdrake : WOW This Book is amazing!! Thankyou @triplee116 God has definitely used this book. It is such a huge encouragment
yodittt_ : aye im gonna ask my dad to get me this
danita4248 - wyattwinters7 - wholesome_hike - royalpachyderm -
triplee116 - Trip Lee
Have you read my newest book? Get the ebook at Amazon, iBooks, etc. for $2.99 today and tomorrow!
triplee116 : @ryanmilkie all good bro!
lidiyatebebe : @triplee116 it's on sale seriously after I bought it
enderpearl16 : YES! Book is too good!
enderpearl16 : Album is shweet. Please don't quit
jayzamehs : How can we get it in Nigeria
lyrix_116 : Is it available in the Caribbean
ruebenflyease : ✊
kingcoffie : @wmartin100 this brother is the real deal
josh_z_35 - kelay_abc - jesusholdme209 - _christmusic_ -
triplee116 - Trip Lee
paredesjake : thank u bro been trow a hard time in my life same times I just want to end it @triplee116
playboiillinoisey : @paredesjake praying for you, Brobro in Christ. Keep your head up and trust in the Lord. For He that is within you is greater than he that is in the world. 1 John 4:4 kjv
mike_al_made_it : I just started getting into your music! Keep it up man and God bless! Please come out to Cali sometime I would love to see you live! πŸ™πŸΏπŸ™πŸΏ
lyrix_116 : Yo @triplee116...continue ur good work bro #biggestfan...know almost all of ur songs by word...I like ur flow man keep preaching the gospel...just wish I was in America to see u perform man...I live in the Caribbean πŸ˜•
asianlizard : Great rapper love your music keep spreading Gods love πŸ‘ŒπŸ™
travwand : Trip Lizard you fly πŸ˜…
your_girl_rachie : πŸ’–my favorite Christian rapperπŸ’–πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘†πŸΌ
lazarus_hga : I want to see you in concert so bad! Your music is inspiring but more than that it helps me when I need motivation and when I need to be energized. Thanks for showing God's love through music! I know I haven't met you but you know I'm in 116 haha just another unashamed brother! I hope this gave you a smile! @triplee116
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triplee116 - Trip Lee
These are some of my favorite sneakers of all time. Shout out to @forgivenboutique!!!
sdrspencer24 : To all you 116 fans out there, NF is coming to Rhea County High School in Dayton, TN this Saturday September 5th! Be there at 6:30 p.m. Admission is open to the public and FREE!!!
mannyfantom : Then junta are naaaasty πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ
futurenbaplayer116 : Ayo trip come to minnesota
jorgelama_hello : 7 bordeux
iam.g0at116 : Bordeaux's😍😍😍
jaaybug.__ : Retro 7's😍i got some
ruebenflyease : 😌πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
animated567 : Cool
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triplee116 - Trip Lee
Outcry Tour was dope
jgm.12 : Love this pic ..I put it as my lock screen lol @triplee116
andyritten : TRIP YOU ALWAYS MAKE ME WANNA READ THE BOSSES MANUAL. Your still fresh. Tracks always make the word a desire. Lazaruuss! @triplee116
lecraefans_ : Your album tho' . πŸ”₯
rylan_116 : Trip lee Man U gotta come down to Edmonton Alberta
rmejia37 : Men I am thankful with God the I heard about you about your music!!! You have done a lot of things with your music in my life continue working hard men you are changing a lot of life in this world with your music!!! God bless you @triplee116
upshur1906 : I like this perspective and silhouette view of @triplee116
_nono2k15 : Come to Rhode Island☺️
jona900 : the best rapper
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triplee116 - Trip Lee
We've been having a good time out here. Tonight's the last night of Outcry. Southaven, MS. Music starts at 6:30
anacaroline_jc : @juan.dantas ????
julieamills : You were awesome!
mr.jasso_1 : A
summitseraph72 : @triplee116 Jenn JohnsonAre u guys tight with the Bethel camp yet?? I think they'd really support ur guys posture of being in and amidst secular circles to shine light.
summitseraph72 : @uncool_rising #SorryBro lolol πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
vincentdufont : Beautiful People. Different styles of music all to worship the King. Excellent photo.
ooebebelloo : @iyarutalem i love this and Karii to!
iyarutalem : @ooebebelloo same!
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triplee116 - Trip Lee
Outcry tour in Htown tonight. Music starts at 6:22
amber_ospina : You were awesome!!! I loved it! You're like a rabbit, you jump around And don't stop moving! I couldn't get a still picture of you! God bless you. :)
contreras.szn : Do you were so turn up keep it up man @triplee116
sjarquin13 : Great job!!
_knalee : Awesomeee job β™‘β™‘β™‘
itss.claudia_ : Omg πŸ˜­πŸ’ž u did amazing job.
luzmaahdz : It was incredible! πŸ˜‰ God bless
sbaricadecade : Sweet victory for real u got son
garcia002777 : It was awesome😎πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ The King of Kings was there that nightπŸ”“unlocking the hearts that were locked
skittleslove24 - chakajere - jd0g3143 - kelay_abc -
triplee116 - Trip Lee
I have no idea what I was doing here. Outcry is in Tulsa, OK tonight. Music starts at 6:30
autumn_ruth_ : Absolutely amazing performance tonight, you are truly talented. You moved many people tonight. πŸ˜„
manny_116 : @goldiebonk17 thx.
nathanielmutemi : @mickeypoet Rise
nuelvic : Thats Shweet
christsufficient : Here is my online artist bio for those of you who want to know a little more about me and where I came from!!! Bio: Christ Sufficient born Jeramy Jordan, is an artist with a testimony that the Music Ministry needs. He grew up in church and always had an ear for music. In 2003, Jeramy back slid and went into the world and start living an unrighteous life. Winter of 2006, Jeramy decided to use the alias name "Noel" which he preferred over his government name. He then began doing secular entertainment in 2008 as youtube celebrity Noel4sho. He had 260,000 fans and over 1 million views. He began dressing as a female and did so for four years. On April 3, 2011, Jeramy gave his life back to God and continued to learn the oracles of Him. But, in 2012, he would meet a man at his workplace. Jeramy decided to leave the protection of the Lord and submit to his male lover. On April 12, 2013, Jeramy was stabbed in the back of the neck by his lover. He was left with a permanent scar on the back of his neck to remember the pain in which the homosexual lifestyle caused him. On August 18, 2013, Jeramy's lover tragically died from a train accident. This incident alarmed Jeramy but he still was not ready to return to the Father. He then put out secular songs like, "Boys love Beyonce(Hemix), a remix to Drake's song "Girls love Beyonce". The song was in reference to how Jeramy spent his relationship. The song became a hit and shortly after, he released "Let me Love you", a very deep song about his now abusive relationship and a new one to spark up. In January of 2014, Jeramy decided to give himself back to the Lord, where he wanted him to do Gospel rap for his Glory. The name, Christ Sufficient, was how Jeramy wanted to live. After a few months into embracing it, it became his artist name. Christ Sufficient, Minister of Lyrics(the more expressive vocals), is a two-toned, fire spitting rapper with versatility and he speaks the Word of God through lyrics and encourages many with his blood bought melody.
jaxiejax : @mlealexis Outcry!!!
nailoj : Last night was amazing!! I was too hype when you came out a second time!
kalliefenscke : You were amazing!!!😍
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