Trip Lee

Rapper, author, pastor. Rise album is out now! Rise book is out 1.27.15
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triplee116 - Trip Lee
Don't miss Winter Jam!
tyler_yams : @matt_torres34 or Columbus
madimeyerson : @emmaleaward
camhoov : 2nd night was just as good @triplee116
chrxstxna.e : @isaacjwz.eswa
jdog_198 : I wish :( @trip116
jdog_198 : But love the song .
rlefranc : Can't wait for Fairfax winter jam!!
ailynlovesu : @na_bonilla !!!
cameronwhite4200 - kholespring - a_jewel_181 - woophotos -
triplee116 - Trip Lee
I had a great time at the Georgia Dome tonight!!
dawvimike : @triplee116 Come see us at Greensboro (Feb. 27th) for Winter Jam.
silverdome3 : Just heard your song on the Willie Moore Jr Show. Sweet
warrior7fit : Had a great time there watching ! Amazing !
nevaehelaine : Meeting him was awesome!
chrisdavid629 : Trip Lee and the clique did not have enough time on stage.
sikirat : Posted a video of ur performance check it out
mollymckelvy : I was there❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️u were my fav
allihavefaith - vicmitchie - trottersabrina -
triplee116 - Trip Lee
The people have spoken. #MickeyMouse2016
mickeymouse2016 -
josiah161999 : @mikyla_renee Is it? Is it really though? If you're elected president as this post says, you'll enslave everyone to make and serve you pizza.
mikyla_renee : No. I will only enslave you and make you serve me pizza. That is why I said " because you CAN and America IS a free country " CAN and IS are present tense. I will not be making you do these things until I am officially elected which will be in the future @josiah161999
josiah161999 : @mikyla_renee ohhhhhh that makes sense! Do I get any of the pizza?
mikyla_renee : Maybe. But only if you are a good slave @josiah161999
josiah161999 : @mikyla_renee I'm a good slave. I promise!
mikyla_renee : Mhm... we'll see. @josiah161999
josiah161999 : @mikyla_renee when will we see?
mikyla_renee : When I become your ruler and make you my slave. Have you really already forgotten? Is your memory THAT far gone? Do you have alzheimers? @josiah161999
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triplee116 - Trip Lee
This is dope
nomelette : "Right is of no Sex – Truth is of no Color – God is the Father of us all, and we are all brethren." 💯
kaeden_watson_r : Omg thank you @triplee116 the rise was awesome
whoah_someone_really : Seriously?? People start an argument over ANYTHING. The fact is he was an incredible man who was a critical part of the civil rights movement. And talk about a figure of forgiveness—later on in his life after he had run away and then was made legally free by his friends who purchased his freedom, he wrote to his first master: "I love you, but I hate slavery." People assume that because he is black, he is only a role model for blacks. The truth is he is a role model for us all.
mjbrown2 : @tylerrgolden Well it's more than just history or living in the past a person of color, those same things are still happening today currently. Yes forgivenesses is important but we gotta create awareness around those issues too
tylerrgolden : that's very true man @mjbrown2
greggers175 : Frederick Douglas was a truly amazing man! Trip you come to Boston and we'll stand in the same room where this man spoke!
iwan__racks9 : I ain't pay attention at all. Nooooooooooo
chandler_howard20 : MANOLO
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triplee116 - Trip Lee
Snapchat lit today. Add me: TripLee116
jewleen.bowling03 : 😍😍😍😍
oliviashadwick : Love winter jam
tt.seth : Add me back😂😂
sikirat : Like that song w/ u @dimitrimcdowell ! #winterjam i'm at work like👀🎶 lol
chandler_howard20 : I LOVE MANOLO
billy.johnston_ : @katherinecamak
katherinecamak : added✔️ @billy.johnston_
itslilnell : @yuliyapalchevskaya
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triplee116 - Trip Lee
Happy 116 day! Enter to win all Reach music and merch for a lifetime at
omicaho : @4evasalz Romans 1:16 that's what 116 clique stands for
robson_atalaia : OK ok
robson_atalaia : 2 c 7:14
mattmc_05 : I was there at the winter extreme l have been Lesing to you ever sense
4evasalz : Ohhhh @omicaho thank u!
mi_two : i just wanna say i love your snapchats! 😎👍
iam_jms116 : Please come to NM
arlene_dominguez : No more 116 man up tee shirts?!!
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triplee116 - Trip Lee
This one was one of my favorite books last year. Illustrations were hands down the best I've ever seen in a kids bible book. And the content is amazing too
zekeasaurus : @bigplew @triplee116 uses it!
nursenett : @jihan777
bay_tizzle : Where were you last night? We missed you! @triplee116
caracanington : @bren_ner ahhhhh you have this!!!!! 😍
joeyariascoots : Have not read it, but I'd love to.
mrskarencurtis : Cool! It is beautiful!
jess_smith978 : @fingersjd what's this about?
heartofgoldapparel : We love this one too
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triplee116 - Trip Lee
Every now and then the books we read my kids have amazing illustrations🔥🔥
thescumbag : @socal91angels Google
cambeasley1 : I LOVE YOU
kashsmithdesign : Great
socal91angels : @thescumbag oh my bad didn't realize I tagged you
thescumbag : @socal91angels it's all good bro
jgutierrez_mrg : I love this book! I read it over and over with my second grade glass. We love Beekle!
torithenumpty : LOVED that part in #Rise! Thankful for that book and your ministry!
kelleyraemicah : @triplee116 there is this really dope hip hop kids book out that has awesome illustration. And the message is good.
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triplee116 - Trip Lee
You need these hotel tips in your life. It's funny till you realize it's truuuue. Snapchat: TripLee116
hit_head55 : Im gonna see him in concert cant wait
gianinni : Hey Trip Lee. My wife and I are film directors based in Los Angeles and would love to work with you. Is there an email address we can reach you at?
abolishhumanabortionsandiego : #abolishhumanabortion
_cameron.steele_ : What's the point of playing a game if you don't win it. (Candy land) 😂
tiffyjo1 : Keeping it real with them corn fields! 🌽🙌🏽 lol
iamdriv : Haha! Put em on game, Trip!! #chh #116 😆🔥🤘🏽
ibklarrissa : @triplee116 just needs a youtube channel because it's kinda sad snapchat story's are deleted the next day...
jewleen.bowling03 : 😍😍😍😍
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triplee116 - Trip Lee
I do it for the turn up
caleboy510 : I was at the #winterjam2016 it was awesome
hudsynmills___ : @a_hoggle19
_jesus_freak_1_16 : Why aren't you at all the shows??
iam_jms116 : Got that ammo locked and loaded
owen.t.pierce : @_jesus_freak_1_16 I was wondering the same!!! My friend and I were so disappointed that he wasn't there!!
sydneymoss : can i be ur backup dancer
babyuri_77 : Love that song wish i could be there
chandler_howard20 : MANOLO IS THE BEST SONG EVER
caleboy510 - noguerajacob305 - church360_ - josh_harmison -
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