Trip Lee

Rapper, author, preacher. Rise album is out now! Rise book is out 1.27.15
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triplee116 - Trip Lee
Loved getting to know these guys on Winter Jam
misssnilda : afraid *
godfrey4ever : @getiphonenow gave me a free iphone 6
steven_fernandez00 : I saw you there omg you are amazing!
eloahmiranda : Oooooolha isso @talithamirandda
baileyadamss : Sweet Victory is my favorite πŸ’š
obey____azrah : It was awesome to see you
obey____azrah : Trip could you talk to me about something
ekhoza7 : I love your album so much!!! Good job!
esmondfountain - elizay12 - mjernigan0901 - yo_its_mandee -
triplee116 - Trip Lee
In Portland and this bookstore was amazing. Overwhelmingly massive
lpayton15 : That's my home (PDX)!! Trip I just found your music and it is so inspiring!
_lauraellis_ : @hakunamartarta trip lee loves books πŸ’œ @ashpenguinton
schrammone : You aren't an Oregonian until you've gotten lost in Powells, Trip keep doing great things!
its_shene_duh : YOU WERE GREAT.
oooppppdeh : Look my book store lol my name is Hannah Powell
kenzielynam : I have been in one of those they r amazing
chrisco_48 : I got a free iPhone from @freeapplenow
panda.bruh_21 : Nice winter jam concert at the moda center I was there
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triplee116 - Trip Lee
Got some delicious tea at Kuppa Joy in Fresno. Check em out. They're playing 116 and treating us well
poohbewz : Wow
tiffmakesyoubeautiful : This actually looks like how my brother Richard writes our last name @anabananaa_15
anabananaa_15 : Awesome 😏 @tiffmakesyoubeautiful
tiffmakesyoubeautiful : πŸ˜‚ just thought I'd let you know πŸ˜‰πŸ˜ @anabananaa_15
anabananaa_15 : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Good looking out lol 😩😍 @tiffmakesyoubeautiful
tiffmakesyoubeautiful : 3 weeks til your month timer starts!😳😏 @anabananaa_15
anabananaa_15 : Hahaha Gurl I'm all over that πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @tiffmakesyoubeautiful lol
marvi116 : That's my middle name
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triplee116 - Trip Lee
Fan art from last night's show
jillz_boo : ,*
kyle_mann1212 : TYes! So trip lee how u like sacermento? 😊
joshtbowers : TRIPLE E!!
timwilson032 : Yes. How DID you like the awesome place called Sacramento?
just_micah : Member me u signed my jam pass and I complemented you on that dope freestyle
just_micah : This for trip lee
just_micah : Also what would you do if someone tripped you @triplee116 then yelled "I TRIPPED LEE!!!"? #itripedlee
macie_lee_44 : i loved seeing you at the winter jam in Fresno CA ! you were amazing !
joshybear12 - ashley_jens - hzdoc2be - 116boiii -
triplee116 - Trip Lee
This is what happens when I go to Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles. I went with @prophiphop last night in Long Beach
beeancataylor : You were amazing at the Save Mart Center in Fresno!!!!
e_bear97 : @triplee116 Sitting in the Spokane arena, just got blessed with your music. Thank you so much sir.
itsvoguetho : Check out @dejahxo 's dance video to #lazarus
sunshezzy : You look like TI, now I'm going to have to check out your music because I love Christian rap.
katiegabbard10 : Currently at #WinterJam and you KILLED it! #Portland already loves you!
cmok_32 : He went to roscoes @graceokwu @soocalifresh πŸ™ŠπŸ™ˆπŸ™Œ haha
soocalifresh : @cmok_32 @graceokwu yeh @triplee116 knows where it's at! Next time u come back to the hood we gotta go back to Roscoes
cmok_32 : @triplee116 knows what's up! But yess! Down! @soocalifresh @graceokwu
ashley_jens - hzdoc2be - i_am_ayunda - maaarrreee -
triplee116 - Trip Lee
Albert Pujols came through tonight in Long Beach
ohgingi : It wAs amazing seeing you do ur thing last night! Everyone was moved! It was the first time me hearing you and I promise it won't be the last! Just wanted to say God bless & cont. doing His will!βœŠπŸ˜„
zero28s : @jasonagatep pujols was there last night
imlivin_ywf : Can't wait 4 u in sac town bro
christiancatano : @hunterbaclig hey it's you!!
hunterbaclig : I know!!! @christiancatano the sickest night in my life
randyhb : HB!!!
alejandraegarcia : @swaggy_precision @youngbucc_58
risingson89 : Albert Pujols!!!
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triplee116 - Trip Lee
This was Robot last night at Winter Jam from my DJ's perspective. Sam Acho from the Cardinals came out to rick with me
magdalenaprado : Was so fun
giobgirl : COME TO BRASIL @larichanchan @karensaantos_ @mariadud28 @triplee116
lizzy_boo18 : I loved winter jam so much ♥β˜…
36912ili_g : @ballislife_diego_10 check this out son:)
justfarrah77 : If that was Long Beach, I was there
god_girl671 : I loved that guy at winter jams he was so funny and good at singing😊
ana.mariiaa : @papi.sukcafree
abbi_caniff : @kendrabrummett woah 😱 - anyssa.torres - megankruzic - a2ephoto -
triplee116 - Trip Lee
Fan pic from Winter Jam last night in Phoenix
jeray06 : @blasian50 well now, but that's yo list older brother mane
phatdaddy2184 : I was there and met you @triplee116
guygvmer : Dang I miss this concert... I didnt know he was coming out here 😠😠
ken11six : Rise of the Phoenix bird.... after so long the bird will rise up from the fire...the occult says it will rise to the sun god etc...... anyways #Christisking #allday
hey.its.a.ginger : You did amazing last night! Great job. As a teen Christian I love to hear some one rapping about god. It made the night better. God bless youπŸ‘βœ¨πŸ™
courtney_godsgirl : Just saw you today you where awsome
haaileeyyyy : @yejayyyyy
ashley_jens : Oh my goshhh:)) you are amazing
mxx.nathalie - ashley_jens - j.e.7 - dollyholly26 -
triplee116 - Trip Lee
Winter Jam rehearsal yesterday. First show tonight in Rio Rancho, NM!
dtesh05 : Anxiously waiting the Rise Tour! Please come to D.C.!
white_mamba116 : Does he do anything from Rise at Winter Jam?? Anyone know?
gabiirickk : @white_mamba116 yes I went last night and he played 3 songs from Rise, and then he played Robot.... It was pretty amazing!
white_mamba116 : Yup Ik I just went last night, I wanted to know before but thanks.. And heck yes it was incredible! Him and Hillsong United were insane to see in concert
white_mamba116 : @gabiirickk
white_mamba116 : @gabiirickk Spokane, WA
gabiirickk : @white_mamba116 me too he was amazing!
godgirl_16 : @krows123
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triplee116 - Trip Lee
UPDATE: Here's your chance to win these Rise inspired sneakers! Share a picture of the physical copy and receipt from ANYWHERE using #RiseNow
risenow -
drenayahz : Got the CD last night at #WinterJam....(: it was awesome...
eric_thatguy : @secret929 do it
dauteya : @a_raynerrussell
manana_8a : I'm gonna get it soon
adenhenry12 : Can you buy these??
tommy_lunz : daaaang if only they were in the website
twinlives2xs : @nubirth
m_toribio : @et_junior
lostsinner_ - a_jamison36 - brooksday_23 - gmckisick_22 -
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