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tributeskateboards - TRIBUTE SKATEBOARDS
Portland's favorite son returns this Friday @thrashermag Don't miss the all-terrain wizardy of the one and only Matt Beach. #MattBeach @khmedia @nikesb @skatemental @independenttrucks
mattbeach -
trippyshithippieclique : @tributeskateboards
tributeskateboards : Amen. @trippyshithippieclique
eddiegrippoz : @trippyshithippieclique I'm from Cincinnati Ohio thanks tho
braddahcade : I expect this to be a definite mind melter
ogmerlin : @eddiegrippoz OATW
cvndycobrv : Are you guys still running the online store? I placed an order and haven't heard back?
tributeskateboards : Hey Benny, Your stuff ships Monday. Enjoy that cruiser! @cvndycobrv
skatanluvsyou : I miss you guys, please make amazing skateboards again
azshohey1994 - hermitclothing - smithbrandon_999 - icey_skateboards -
tributeskateboards - TRIBUTE SKATEBOARDS
Repost from @sk8duartic. Quite possibly one of the biggest supporters of the brand, and a helluva photographer. Thanks for all of the support over the years homie.
schreiber.66 : @skateac
skateac : Best dude @sk8duartic
colter_skates : Can I send in footy
coleezoerb : You guys looking to sponsor skateboarders ? Im a creative skateboarder from Canada , i get noticed because of the different kind of tricks i do & my style . I could represent you & get Tribute huge in Canada . Message me back & let me know where i can get ahold of you . & check out my Youtube & Instagram videos , link to my Youtubes in my bio !
1789skateboards - colter_skates - zackgsk8 - hhartm -
tributeskateboards - TRIBUTE SKATEBOARDS
#StayBlazed Repost from the homie Jordan Hurt aka @jah_wow Thanks player!
stayblazed -
_trtl : I am wearing that jersey right now.
noexchavez : @madrodeos @mikeweiss916
montiel_leandro - estephano_dc1699 - azshohey1994 - ocskatememes -
tributeskateboards - TRIBUTE SKATEBOARDS
After an amazing run and great times, Tribute Skateboards is coming to an end. We're very proud of the small brand we've created but are looking forward to new projects in 2014. We want to extend the sincerest thank yous to our families, team riders, & contributors; to all the shops, distributors, and magazines that have helped us; and especially to the many fans that have backed us since the beginning. Tribute wouldn’t have been possible without your love and support. Our goods will be available online and in select retail locations while supplies last. Keep skateboarding core, support your local small brands and retailers! The Sidewalk Never Ends! -Tribute Skateboards
stevethreeoh : 😪 Good luck
tactics : You'll be missed
williamjohne : Class acts
mjr428 : Thank you for your contribution to skateboarding in the NW! Good luck y'all
nostalgias_palm : so this is where the sidewalk ends.
_wyattlee : No!!! Well then, what's next?
honeycoombes : 😘
jakejohnson50h3 : Noooo! :/
adan_ramos - casualfelix - _wyattlee - jakejohnson50h3 -
tributeskateboards - TRIBUTE SKATEBOARDS
_wyattlee : So nice
deesee : New graphics are sick!
montiel_leandro : Porto Alegre, Brasil
manu_zx : i need a board sponsorship / help . please check #ManuMart , anything just hit me with any info. my mail is cheers from Panama
coleezoerb : @Tributeskateboards Hey are you guys looking to sponsor ? Im a skateboarder from Canada with a huge bag of tricks , im known for the innovated tricks i do & my style . I could help represent Tribute all around Canada , give you shoutouts on my Instagram , Youtube , Facebook & real life , put your logo in all my Instagram videos at the start or end , same with Youtube . Ill make sure Canada knows who Tribute is & what they stand for . Also im starting Trick tip Tueday this week & thats going to get me noticed very fast , because ive learned pretty much every flatground trick existing & more that are not even classified as real tricks & can help people online learn quick & fast because im a very good teacher & have learned most these tricks in a couple of different ways , so if your in the movement with me while i get noticed on Youtube you will also get a huge increase of popularity , because what are these kids going to ask me ? How i got so good & what im skating & ill say its all about Tribute Skateboards ! Feel free to check out my Instagram & Youtube videos , the link to my Youtube channel is in my Instagram bio . Hit me with a message back & let me know how i can get ahold of you ! Thanks !
manu_zx - mcfarty - montiel_leandro - mz_power -
tributeskateboards - TRIBUTE SKATEBOARDS
Do yourself a favor watch @magentaskateboards new video short "Old Woops New Groove". Freshest shit we've seen in a minute.
crunchycolton : @permavacay Killed it
tributeskateboards : Just as gnar as the skating. @crunchycolton @permavacay
magentaskateboards : @tributeskateboards many thanks for the support - Glad you enjoyed the video! @leovalls_ @permavacay
ronaldinhho : Se liga nessa vibe @caio_zuera e @nariskate
qforthoughts : respect from jp!
chadhughes : @joyhustle
lnormine - navekvien - honishell - jurgenhovskis -
tributeskateboards - TRIBUTE SKATEBOARDS
#RipCity #Portland #StayBlazed
stayblazed - portland - ripcity -
amityskelton - streettrog - curtis_fitz -
tributeskateboards - TRIBUTE SKATEBOARDS
Keep it in the community! Help small business growth in your area. #SmallBusinessSaturday
smallbusinesssaturday -
screedler : Can I get a large red sleeve pdx baseball from you in person somewhere so I don't have to pay 5 bucks shipping since I live here?
tributeskateboards : Sure dude, baseball tees are $8 though @screedler
screedler : Totally. Red large please. Where should we meet?
zachbird : @tributeskateboards send me a care package and I'll send you some footy :)
l_erbadelvicino - erichmf76 - zephyr_the_great - tetulow20 -
tributeskateboards - TRIBUTE SKATEBOARDS
Just in case you forgot, #TheSidewalkNeverEnds! Back by popular demand & in celebration of the holiday season, Buy a Sidewalk board or Cruiser and receive a free Sidewalk tee. #TributeSkateboards #HolidayRestock
holidayrestock - tributeskateboards - thesidewalkneverends -
nschuder : Where these be for sale?
tributeskateboards : Hey Nick, Check out @nschuder
frandiscoo : Wow that is awesome, are you guys gonna have cyber Monday deals ? @tributeskateboards
tributeskateboards : Hey @frandiscoo check out our Black Friday sale online it goes through next Monday!
_wyattlee : ❤☔
tributeskateboards : Thanks buddy @_wyattlee
nicko_333 - montiel_leandro - andrehosang -
tributeskateboards - TRIBUTE SKATEBOARDS
Our Black Friday / Holiday Sale has begun! Visit for $5 Tees, $8 Baseball Tees, & $25 Fleece Happy Holidays from Tribute!
tributeskateboards -
jinsdf - trashtosh - azshohey1994 -
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