Trevor Project

Providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to LGBTQ youth. The Trevor Lifeline: 866.488.7386 [U.S. based calls only]
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trevorproject - Trevor Project
Kimmarie knows it's brave to #AskForHelp. Download a sign at and share your selfie with us during September's National Suicide Prevention Month!
askforhelp -
micahjesse : Amen!
___valll___ : ^^❤️❤️❤️
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trevorproject - Trevor Project
Have you taken a selfie yet for National Suicide Prevention Month? Go to and click on the share tab to download a sign! Then share your selfie with us using #AskForHelp.
askforhelp -
_troyleroflove_maddie : IDK if you respond to comments but oh well! Um my friend is going through some really hard times like REALLY hard times and I asked her if she would call a help line what do I do cuz she said she won't.
trevorproject : Hi @_troyleroflove_maddie, We don't do counseling on Instagram but our Lifeline is 24/7: 866-488-7386 and you can find more resources here: <3
_troyleroflove_maddie : Thanks
makenakane : Please help @shoeytroylerlushlaws before she does anything please help Trevor before she commits we need you
makenakane : I know you can't council but please if you can just write something on her pic before it's too late
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trevorproject - Trevor Project
It's World Suicide Prevention Day, and we want you to know that it's ok to #AskForHelp. Visit to learn more about how you can spread the word today and every day.
askforhelp -
emma_too_turnt : 😍 love y'all
brandizzle2012 : ASK!!! Love this.
imalivechatline : Yes it is okay!
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trevorproject - Trevor Project
#TrevorLIVE tickets are on sale now! Special Guest Director Adam Shankman is putting together an amazing show! Buy tickets to support our life-affirming work here: #losangeles
losangeles - trevorlive -
iamjcarson : @trevorproject I want to perform at this show
thekatykatlove : I wish it was in Florida 😩
andiiviveros : Fabulous!!!
oxwindsorxo : I can't wait!!! : @tyleroakley needs to see this
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trevorproject - Trevor Project
With Johnson & Johnson's Donate A Photo app, you can help us save a youth in crisis. Each time you upload a photo through the app and select The Trevor Project, Johnson & Johnson will donate $1 to us! Download the app for iPhone: Android: You can donate one photo per day until the donation period ends on November 30th, or until we reach the maximum donation amount of $16,000. The Trevor Project will still receive a minimum donation even if the total raised is below the minimum goal. #jnj #donateaphoto
jnj - donateaphoto -
jamiejames26 : @khloekardashian
kripikamehra : I tried installing the app, but it said its not available. How else can I go about it? @trevorproject
hello_this_is_jennifer : Installing it now!
trevorproject : @kripikamehra Hi, try searching "donate a photo" in the App Store. It should be the first result.
kripikamehra : It says the app isn't available in my country's app store. @trevorproject
trevorproject : Hi @kripikamehra, It's only available in the US. Thanks for wanting to help out though!
kripikamehra : Oh okay. I hope I can help out some other time then. :) @trevorproject
cyberwolfx3d : Is it available for amazon
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trevorproject - Trevor Project
Friday love in the office #tgif
tgif -
whirlypooly : ^^^^
lucyhamilton14 : ^^
theniyagram : @btgljw
english_angelberry : @saragreene04 @pete_helms @audreypeterman13
_trevor_gomoll_a.t._ : Please change your name
miranda_20001 : I did that and put them on everyone's chairs in church and everyone's locker
lauren__kr : @swimmerceline
books_fangirl_20 : Thank you so much @trevorproject you guys saved my life last night...thank you.
padenbarnhardt - musicaddict6312 - westwoodfezzes - esmearose -
trevorproject - Trevor Project
Crush and Hope say happy #NationalDogDay! Playing with dogs and other pets can be a great form of self-care, not to mention they're so fun and loving! We hope if you have a dog, you give them an extra treat today 🐶😃❤️
nationaldogday -
rojr_j2 : Aww
manu.lea : @sophiasherrer HAPPY NATIONAL DOG DAY
sophiasherrer : Aww thanks @manu.lea
_trevor_gomoll_a.t._ : Please change your name in being bullied cuz of it.
_trevor_gomoll_a.t._ : *im
latz_bex : Awe
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trevorproject - Trevor Project
Our education intern, Kiley, brought in homemade Thai iced tea cupcakes to celebrate her last day in the office! They're delicious and make us even more grateful to have wonderful interns in our offices!
the_king_of_fiji : Wish I could work at @trevorproject
ohheyitstania : Yummy
sophie.frieden : I would love to work at the Trevor project tbh
amypoehlersmartgirls : Yum! 😋
_trevor_gomoll_a.t._ : Please change your name please
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trevorproject - Trevor Project
Celebrating our #TrevorSweet16 with Josh Hutcherson at the #nike3on3 Straight But Not Narrow game! #jhutchSBNN
nike3on3 - trevorsweet16 - jhutchsbnn -
a.famig18 : @mumfordandswiftromance congratulations on taking this step! 🎉🎊🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂
angel.alfaro : Lol why come out? I don't believe in coming out. If you do that's fine lol, but i don't see heterosexuals coming out so neither did i lol.
angel.alfaro : But congrats😀😃
angel.alfaro : @mumfordandswiftromance
bands_for_life432 : Yay congratulations❤️ @mumfordandswiftromance
t_rex__bex : @mcjammerr
kedemvexler1 : Josh 😍😍😍😍
ewan.stewart : @helpful_shoutz got me 1k
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trevorproject - Trevor Project
Josh Hutcherson grabs a pic with Trevor Executive Director, Abbe Land before #nike3on3 #PowerOn
poweron - nike3on3 -
kieran8704 : @rann2d2 gotta love this guy!
amylouise2294 : I love Josh
dillonh0978 : @_allixxstyles_ this is why I love him !! Because he loves everyone !
_allixxstyles_ : @dillonh0978 I love his body tbh
hpfangirl71 : I love the shirt hes wearing...makes him look even more beautiful!! 😘
msmelissasingy : Babe!! 😍❤️
joshin.around : My husband
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