Trevor Project

Providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to LGBTQ youth. The Trevor Lifeline: 866.488.7386 [U.S. based calls only]
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trevorproject - Trevor Project
Some Friday fun in the office! What are your plans for the weekend? #tgif
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thenile_dan : @vick_oak is that you???
vick_oak : No, haha, @thenile_dan, but she really looks like me. Haha 😁
sudzbystudz : Awesome!
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trevorproject - Trevor Project
Each month we highlight folks from The Trevor Project and #Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants who #LiveAuthentically with courage and commitment. Today, we're glad to share our webmaster Matt's story with you!
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trevorproject - Trevor Project
Our office has gone purple for #SpiritDay! Download the Donate a Photo app to help activate a donation from Johnson & Johnson, too! It's available in the Apple and Google Play stores in the US.
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trevorproject - Trevor Project
We're going purple on Thursday for #SpiritDay! Learn more from @glaad about how you can participate:
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glaad : Thanks for your support!
butternot : I will definitely be wearing purple on Thursday for #spiritday !
_fabrily_ : Love your work guys! We'd love to help u raise funds & awareness! No costs and profits go 2 ur cause. Who can we contact?
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trevorproject - Trevor Project
Whether you're out as LGBTQ, questioning your identity, or a supportive ally, our safe social networking site for youth might be for you! Check out to connect with over 100,000 youth from around the world! ‪#‎NCOD
emmatomaselli : That's my name ☺️
gcamplejohn : This site has honestly helped me a lot with everything from questions to just having fun. It's honestly been great
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trevorproject - Trevor Project
Today is National Coming Out Day! It takes a lot of courage to start thinking about who you are, whether or not you ultimately decide to come out to other people in your life. Everyone's experience of coming out is unique, so if you're considering coming out as LGBTQ, check out our Coming Out As You guide: ‪#‎NCOD
portia_ellen_4ever : I came out to my friend today 😆❤️ the first person! 😱❤️😆
luckrej : I came to my friend as a transgender today, I've never felt such relief
allymp1982 : Been out for over 15 years but my mum still not accepting of it so its a continuous coming out to her until it sinks in! Well done to all who have come out today - just be happy and feel the love 😃
manders87_ : My male friend was crying at work one day because people were making fun of his voice, and he confided in me that he's gay. That gave me the courage to tell him that i'm bi. We've been through a lot together, but it really does get better. Congrats to everybody taking that step to come out today. Or any day. It takes a lot of courage, but you deserve to be you. And I do believe that God loves each and everyone of us for who we are :) Idk if anybody is even going to read this...just remember that for ever 1 hater, theres 2 people with arms wide open accepting you :)
missaracelig : @gabriela_627
sorryitsnick : One of my best friends came out today ☺️
sofiiklainer : I came out to my mom today last year! She's been amazingly supportive :)
bmmsmg : I was putting this number in my phone and then I accidentally called it. I hung up also right after. Will anything happen?
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trevorproject - Trevor Project
The #My2024 Declaration is taking shape with predictions and priorities for the future of the #LGBTQ movement and there are 24 hours left to add your future: Make your voice heard!
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trevorproject - Trevor Project
With Johnson & Johnson's #DonateAPhoto app, you can help us save a youth in crisis. Each time you upload a photo through the app and select The Trevor Project, Johnson & Johnson will donate $1 to us! Search for the app in the Apple and Google Play stores. You can donate one photo per day until the donation period ends on November 30th, or until we reach the maximum donation amount of $16,000. The Trevor Project will still receive a minimum donation even if the total raised is below the minimum goal. #jnj
jnj - donateaphoto - : who started it? @ainsleedelacruz
trevorproject : Hi, you can learn more about our history here:
bands_for_life432 : Is the Trevor project just for LGBTQ community, or for anyone? Thanks :)
trevorproject : Hi @bands_for_life432, We primarily serve youth ages 13-24, and we're always LGBTQ inclusive and welcoming.
13.56pm : When I go to donate I can't find the Trevor project ??
chl0e_aslett : @dtankodra @heyitspennyx @nay_vw @firleebvb @hxnnah_alexander if we were to do one of these donating things for citizenship then would that count as making a difference ?
firleebvb : Yeah i think so @chl0e_aslett
hxnnah_alexander : Yeah @chl0e_aslett
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trevorproject - Trevor Project
We've joined the #WeAreHere movement with @AliciaKeys @weareheremovement! We're helping to make a kinder and more peaceful world, and you can, too. Join the movement here: Photo credit: Stuart Ramson/Invision for United Nations Foundation
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fauxtografer : @everydayambassador 😊
fauxtografer : @katherineotto
adamshankman : Fantastic
onurmarq : @ethan_rolando @rad14reyes @rock_star8777 @dalwinj29 @sloaneaj
lifeworksla : @trevorproject any shoutouts for Models of Pride ☺️☺️
taylorzlife22 : Do you know @meredithoconnor ? I legit hope she notices you cuz this post reminds me of her antibullying music video for her song the game. It changed my life. u may hav already seen it tho :3 Its about a little girl whos saved by a butterfly! If u like it leave a comment on her channel she usually replys and i really want her to notice u. Or on instgram piks usually works for me :0 just type in- the game meredith o'connor <33
taylorzlife22 : Cuz would be awesome if you guys got @meredithoconnor :)
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trevorproject - Trevor Project
There are many fears that make it hard for folks to #AskForHelp, but we're here to let you know that it's always brave to ask for help. As National Suicide Prevention Month comes to a close, we want to remind you that it’s brave to ask for help! Thank you to everyone who participated by taking selfies, sharing our posts on social media, and by asking for help when you needed it. Learn more about our resources:
askforhelp -
zachmalloryofficial : #TalkToMe I can't wait for the Webinar to become a #TREVORChat Counselor!
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