Trevor Project

Providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to LGBTQ youth. The Trevor Lifeline: 866.488.7386 [U.S. based calls only]
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trevorproject - Trevor Project
Jack is a member of our amazing Crisis Services team! In addition to being a compassionate person, he uses his experiences as a #RealLiveTransAdult to help youth in crisis. You can add your stories on twitter, too!
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trevorproject - Trevor Project
Remember this! #tgif
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cubanabarbie1 : @trevorproject ✌️ I'm proud of you for being involved in such a crisis issue. There are more Suicides than Homicides every year. I lost my eldest daughter 2 years ago and it's remarkable how much The Lord lifts off your shoulders and heart if you get involved in helping. God bless you many times over. 😘
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trevorproject - Trevor Project
We're proud to have Randi on our Crisis Services team. It's important to him that others feel heard and comfortable, and that's just what youth who use our services need. He's a #RealLiveTransAdult, which you can learn more about on Twitter.
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peachy.posts : Hi. My parents have been really "iffy" these past months and today my mom was talking on the phone saying she wanted to spend the summer away. I don't think she wants to be around my dad anymore. I'm just super scared they will get a divorce cause they have had fights a lot these past months 😔
peachy.posts : @trevorproject
peachy.posts : Should I talk to them about how I feel and I'm worried about them? I don't have the guts to. I've talked to my friends about it and they say I should just tell them how I feel.
trevorproject : Hi @peachy.posts, We don't do counseling on IG but our Lifeline is 24/7: 866-488-7386 and you can find more resources here:
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trevorproject - Trevor Project
The Trevor Project is a proud partner of Human Rights Campaign’s 2nd annual Time to THRIVE conference promoting safety, inclusion and well-being for LGBTQ youth: Join us and register today! #TimeToThrive
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trevorproject - Trevor Project
It's great to see inclusive signs like these! We spotted this one at during lunch in #NYC! #transinclusive #everyoneinclusive #lgbtq #progress
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smartsign : Hi @trevorproject! Our company makes these signs. We would love to partner with you. All signs are donated FOR FREE to colleges, nonprofits, and churches. Please email for more information
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trevorproject - Trevor Project
If you’re in the #LosAngeles area, celebrate Valentine’s Day with Trevor NextGen LA! Buy tickets here: Bring your friends and make new ones, all while supporting Trevor’s life-saving work. #TrevorXO
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trevorproject - Trevor Project
What a nice treat in the office today! A former intern's mom made us delicious "Unicorn Poop" cookies! 😋❤️🌈
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trevorproject - Trevor Project
Applications for @PointFoundation’s 2015-2016 scholarships are open for one more week! Point Foundation empowers promising LGBTQ students to achieve their full academic and leadership potential, and hopes to provide a greater level of acceptance and respect within future generations for all persons. All members of the LGBTQ communities are welcome, so apply before January 20:
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dominicsporle : Omg i hate my school! They blocked hundreds of websites including the trevor project because and i quote 'Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual' like what is wrong with them! Just saying :3
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trevorproject - Trevor Project
We're proud to have Charlie on our Youth Advisory Council! She's a current college student in New York City living her truth as a #RealLiveTransAdult. We'll be highlighting more Trevor friends in the coming weeks, so stay tuned! And make sure to read through the tweets on Twitter.
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trevorproject - Trevor Project
Congratulations @transparentamazon on winning a #GoldenGlobe for best TV series! We were glad to have cast members attend #TrevorLIVE last month. Thanks for continuing to give a voice to transgender people.
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felixmkq : @trevorproject why won't you guys go Canada wide?
trevorproject : Hi @felixmkq, You may be interested in our social networking site,, where you can connect with youth from around the world!
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