Trevor Project

Providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to LGBTQ youth. The Trevor Lifeline: 866.488.7386 [U.S. based calls only]
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trevorproject - Trevor Project
Yes, you are! #tgif #sidewalkart
tgif - sidewalkart -
tolikegood : :)
alledennis : πŸ’œ
_strivinforperfection_ : πŸ’™πŸ’™
flyynnstonee : @sweggysyd
oblivianinheaven : @soulless._.ang3l follow this account
hazy_fox : @otterbea
youtuber_fandoms25 : @tyleroakley
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trevorproject - Trevor Project
Sometimes you have to look down for the best messages! 😊
emma_too_turnt : 😍
emma_too_turnt : @savannah__lakelee
cinemay : @laddaguita mira que bonito elefantito
vintagebluesbird : @momoflores
momoflores : @vintagebluesbird signs!!!!!!
laddaguita : Súper chulo @cinemay , gracias por compartirlo
kalie.kitten : πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜±πŸ˜
ellittlebit : @lisa_werle ♥♥♥♥
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trevorproject - Trevor Project
Trevor staff and supporters are keeping the #TrevorLIVE momentum going at today's #NYmets game! What are you up to today?
nymets - trevorlive - : Watching the World Cup!
ughjxsh : Tanning out by the pool 🌞
_simplyfadedd : Just wondering..... what is the Trevor Project for and who is Trevor lol #imanidiot
alwayssnape106 : @_simplyfadedd its for people (lgbt) who are suicidal and need someone to ring to help them *I am not an expert so I'm sorry if this is completely wrong this is just what I understand from @tyleroakley 's videos*
_simplyfadedd : Ohhhhh, well thanks @alwayssnape106 do u know who Trevor is??
alwayssnape106 : @_simplyfadedd I have no clue, I don't live in America so I think I'd know more then, I think its just a name?
_simplyfadedd : Ohh, dang lol well thanks anyway @alwayssnape106
alwayssnape106 : @_simplyfadedd you could Google it?
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trevorproject - Trevor Project
Shine bright today!
ibeyoda : @trevorproject t
annabella.a : I don't understand what the Trevor project is!!!
ty.lur : @annabellaa101 you're really kinda young to understand
yoomadie : It stand for queer @marihockeyy
yoomadie : Which means you are not sure what you are. You are still deciding @marihockeyy ^^
bethieanynoelm : @madysenmunroe no more cutting please πŸ˜‚ : @marihockeyy questioning
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trevorproject - Trevor Project
We believe in you, too.
sanjana.srinivas : You have got to come to India..!
itscolleensparks : I thought it said "Be here in today" 😳 woops!
anupreeetsingh : @sanjana.srinivas actually india needs a lot of work to accept anyone, I agree with you
theencourageb : @simplyb3lla_ US National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 800-273-TALK (8255)
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trevorproject - Trevor Project
Trevor supporter @lisapastryart made some deliciously colorful cookies for Pride! Come share with us at Everyone is Gay's Pride party at @bluestockings!
dickthepj : Amazing!
tyler.oakslay : OMG I love this!!♥️♥️♥️
aljenxo : Please subscribe to my youtube channel! thank you. Im 15 and live in England and want to connect with people for life!! Email me and tweet me if ya love life!!
vanessalcase : This is AMAZING!
californiagirl1921 : help me?
that_one_sporty_girl : I am making an account to help cheer people up and expressing my opinion on gay rights so if there was something I could do to add to it I would love to know I know I am young but I am always going to want to make a difference
trevorproject : Hi @californiagirl1921, We don't do counseling on our social media, but our Lifeline is always available: 866-488-7386, and we have other resources as well:
_themichaelpitts : Masked behind his perfect smile, there's feelings of unwantedness and sadness. This guy is so sweet to everyone and says he still gets hurt by most people. He has given up on thinking people care about him, so we are trying to show that people do care about him. Whether you know him or not, you wouldn't want to see someone as sweet as him become A victim of depression. @chill.kayy and I are hoping that if we can manage to get his picture to 500 LIKES we prove that people out there do care about him even if they don't know him. So please go like his pic on @chill.kayy please it would mean so much. Thomas we all love you so muchπŸ’•
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trevorproject - Trevor Project
Yes, you are.
rojr_j2 : @trevorproject ok thank you! I look forward to when I can help. 😊
youtubekidsneversleep : I just registered :)
fraubeaverhausen79 : @lamexicanlezbro @desiyoro amen!
forever.true : @tyleroakley
disneyjackie : @chris_tiahhh_na @cheaza @alliedanelle
that_one_sporty_girl : I am 12 and I love helping people out I am starting to do things in my community and I just started posting things to help people out... I want to help but I am to young πŸ˜’ if there was any thing I could do at my age to help the trevor project I would love to know because I feel like I have a pretty big impact on the people around me
lumiereovered : @on_eds_sofa
starhuggitt : My name is star!!!!
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trevorproject - Trevor Project
Trailblazers from @oitnb! #logotrailblazers #OITNB
logotrailblazers - oitnb -
ciara_bx : Ily
peneloperoberts_ : 😘😘
kalie.kitten : This is fantastic
justchachi : Hay @ddlovato
marziphan : Check dm please, it's important πŸ˜‡
trevorproject : Hi @marziphan, We don't do counseling on our social media, but our Lifeline is always available: 866-488-7386, and we have other resources as well:
marziphan : Thank you very much!
marziphan : Is it possible to ring from the uk?
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trevorproject - Trevor Project
Excited for the airing of #logotrailblazers this Thursday!
logotrailblazers -
sudzbystudz : As are we!
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trevorproject - Trevor Project
Trevor news! Stay tuned for stories from our staff, volunteers, and board members!
sashaross57 : tyler oakley❀️
i_freaking_love_chris_colfer : @trevorproject CHRIS COLFER!! :)
msjessjohnston : Darren Criss. His performances every year slay me. Love him.πŸ’™
writeyouatragedy : chris colfer 😘
gigi_guti25 : @tyleroakley
willdarkgold0727 : Chris colfer
melxlame : It just came in the mail yesterday :)
allysmith2_ : Tyler 😍😍 @tyleroakley
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