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mixed media artist. designer. author. teacher.entreprenuer.creative soul. <3 #PrintmakingUnleashed #artjournalPLAY launching fall 2015!
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treicdesigns - traci bautista
What do you do with all your painted and printed papers? Most of mine ended up in art journals. I'm not concerned with making a finished piece when I'm painting backgrounds. It's a process of exploring and playing with color as I let the brush dance across the page. It's making marks with cardboard dipped in black India ink, the spray of ink through a stencil, a skewer used to inscribe paint to add a hidden message. It's all about PLAY..have fun and enjoy the process! Share a peek inside your art journal using #artjournalPLAY I'd love to see what you're creating! #mixedmedia
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reddoglady : Love seeing your journals
radcrochet : I love your work!!
braidsandbeads : I like to use them as backgrounds for quotes. 😊
sgstamm : πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—
artnaround : At Art'n Around, we like to cut up our excess pages and use them for collage :0)
fivefingerartstudio : I dream of cutting them and binding them into journals but instead I keep piling themπŸ˜‚ someday!!
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treicdesigns - traci bautista
playing with #patterns using handmade paintbrushes. #printmaking #mixedmedia #artjournalPLAY
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tjcoates : I see woodgrain
shutter_mama : Love these!
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treicdesigns - traci bautista
My art.journal.PLAY: art journal inspiration series continues on my blog. I'm sharing a video peek inside a few of my art journals and creative exercises! #mixedmedia #artjournaling #artjournal #collage #painting #printmaking #artjournalPLAY
artjournalplay - printmaking - artjournal - collage - mixedmedia - painting - artjournaling - : This is awsome!
fivefingerartstudio : Oh this ones my favoriteπŸ’•
reddoglady : Love it
malujanoset : @treicdesigns I love the colors! I need to visit your blog more often. I have two of your books and I always use them when I'm stuck and dk what to paint.
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treicdesigns - traci bautista
today's the final day for the early bird pricing for my new art.journal.PLAY mixed media lab + creative business VIP CHARTER beta membership program. There are only a few spots left...join now and get first access to all my new content and education site when it launches in September! {link in profile} #mixedmedia #stencils #artjournaling #painting #collage #artjournalPLAY
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studiobeecreationslivecom : I am sooooo excited!!!!!
studiobeecreationslivecom : #artjournalplay
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treicdesigns - traci bautista
thanks to everyone who joined in the printmaking unleashed LIVE summer session live stream workshop! Head over to the classroom to see the replay. Watch the process unfold as I paint this colorful girlie. You'll learn how I use my NEW #stencilgirl #stencils, incorporate #collage using my painted papers and get a peek at all my fave supplies. #mixedmedia #prismacolor #goldenpaints #pigma #collagepauge #printmakingunleashed #artjournalPLAY
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artandwhimsy : πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
armellartpages : where is the link to the classroom?
treicdesigns : @armellartpages if you are registered in the class, you'll find this workshop in Printmaking Unleashed LIVE classroom. If you want to sign up you can find more info here:
treicdesigns : @artandwhimsy thank you! 😊
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treicdesigns - traci bautista
the pages of my art journals and sketchbooks are inscribed with visual stories told through my personal graffiti...a combination of symbols, layers of vibrant color, doodles. I kicked off a NEW blog + email series with creative prompts, ideas and inspiration for your #artjournal PLUS I'll be sharing peeks inside my colorful handmade journals. Head over to my blog and sign up for my email list to get access to the extra bonuses with this series! #mixedmedia #artjournalPLAY
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treicdesigns - traci bautista
took a break from designing on the computer today. #pattern making + prints with simple tools. #cardboard. carbon black high flow. #goldenpaints #printmaking #productdevelopment #printmakingunleashed #surfacepatterndesign #artjournalPLAY
productdevelopment - pattern - surfacepatterndesign - artjournalplay - printmaking - printmakingunleashed - cardboard - goldenpaints -
dar63 : WAY cool!!πŸ’
cfalbro : Great idea
agirlandherbrush : I love this!
treicdesigns : @dar63 @cfalbro @agirlandherbrush thanks!
jensan68 : Really cool Traci! Love it. 🌞
treicdesigns : @jensan68 thanks! 😘
hedleyroberts : πŸ’₯πŸ’₯
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enjoying the view outside my studio window while listening to podcasts, working on website design + ecourse planning. #bts #creativebusiness #wireframe #designthinking #hydroflask #artjournalPLAY
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lauramillerartist : I use a lot of post it notes too.
lahondaknitter : I love the color coded postits!
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treicdesigns - traci bautista
summer in the studio...want to know what I've been up to? Head on over to my blog for an update. #mixedmedia #collage #tracibautistastencils #artjournalPLAY #printmakingunleashed
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sister.artists : Good job!
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treicdesigns - traci bautista
art.journal.PLAY mixed media lab + creative business incubator VIP CHARTER beta membership registration opens to the public today! There are a limited number of seats for this program so register early. The beta program launches September 14. so excited to share my new online education website with you!! {link in profile} BE inspired, EXPERIMENT with new techniques and ELEVATE your art to the next level. MOVE from hobbyist to FLOURISHING ARTIST and make money from your creative passion. creative IDEAS that encourage you to infuse your own style, create unique artwork and build a successful business on your terms. #mixedmedia #ideation #artmarketing #creativebusiness #artjournaling #dreamBIGecourse #artjournalPLAY
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jannawerner : Sounds fantastic
angelahappyheather : Whoop! πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½
artfullyvintage : Just signed up for this! Sounds amazing @treicdesigns!
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