Tracee Ellis Ross

black-ish ...Wednesday nights 930/830c on ABC!
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traceeellisross - Tracee Ellis Ross
Everyone seems curious as to what brand these eye pads are...they work very well and are a favorite of myself and @anthonyanderson courtesy of the brilliant make-up dept at @blackishabc @blackish_makeup_AngieWells and #NaydeneHicks @SKYNIceland #HydroCoolFirmingEyeGels #blackishabc
naydenehicks - blackishabc - hydrocoolfirmingeyegels -
danithejewell : Yes laud!!! @sumsum79
lisaw_xoxo_ : Under eye puffiness
unapologetic_reem : @ummizair215
ecorbett77 : @brownshell
brownshell : @ecorbett77 I need a lifetime supply!
love_akila : @ivirlei
linastone : @lucyjeane I need some too! : Hi please follow our page for natural hair products and tips. Thank you
_rashidaisha_ - sirrahoj - love_jamjam - reneelemonier -
traceeellisross - Tracee Ellis Ross
Fridays weather: showering curls with cooling eye pads! #happyFriday #blackishabc
blackishabc - happyfriday -
laaddydee : No don't do that please that not good😳😳
_mmerc : @__safiya I need this
sadittyb : Let us know if they work
naija30 : @ vallry201 y u on some negativity nonsense.. she beautiful ...that's what jessabelles that are he jealous n only know how to throw shade would say. @traceeellisross I appreciate your self confidence in being raw and natural.. You don't look aged at all. You're a strong inspiration just wish others would wake up and create a society of love ....
naija30 : And for the record I never entertain ignorance but I felt really uneasy about the level of negativity
worldwidetash : Hair!! πŸ‘πŸ‘
itsdimplesbaby : Love u !!
leahfreweyni : @naija30 quit kissing ass of a celebrity who doesn't give shit about u! She looks old she normally doesn't bc she wears make up for TV
raylins_dad - kingkernos - adomaa_ - d.goode -
traceeellisross - Tracee Ellis Ross
Happy Birthday @gabunion a lady I'm proud to know...funny, smart, hot like fire, gorgeous and talented!!!! You are my #WCW and my #BdayTwin
bdaytwin - wcw -
itsmequeenbea : Yes!! Sheesh! 😍 @lusciouslucy87 I told her brunch Sunday for her birthday! 😝
therealmaliaobama : Hey you guy im malia Obama help me get followers plz !! I am real!! Spread the word
tesha82 : Happy Birthday Tracee and @gabunion
char_2400 : @ooohkisha03 its your birthday πŸ˜‚
ameliaison : HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRETTY LADY @traceeellisross!!!! #UROCK #WELOVEU
call_m_zoe : Black women are truly beautiful
ortizlisette : Happy Birthday sweetheart enjoy your day!!!!!! :-)
cesarias.queen : She's mad pretty
j.inspires - thepinkprint___ - bosschick_sharii - nalielizabetta -
traceeellisross - Tracee Ellis Ross
#tonight #Halloween #tunein #blackishABC #930830central #ABCSpooktacular
tonight - abcspooktacular - 930830central - blackishabc - halloween - tunein -
lilwatts46 : I looooooooooooooooove this show!!!
cpeek70 : @traceeellisross You are such a great actress. I love Black-ish
_kimwk : The show is perfect! My kids and I pranked each other afterwards!! @traceeellisross
talitha_cumi1 : I Love the Show*!!!!!!!!! πŸ™ŒπŸ‘
kiyomi1028 : @daryan_coates πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
kscottshabazz : Lovvvvve the show!
kirstieeve24 : I love your show it's so funny @traceeellisross
mrsroyalmrs : Love this show!
seannajuicynails - elaineswwnn - 4applejax - therealmarkel -
traceeellisross - Tracee Ellis Ross
The jewlery of @gusnorris_57 is really just mind bogglingly beautiful! So fun to see everyone!
miltonscott32gmailcom : Gmn Tracee I shall,will always Love You.
jessejade_mua : @mishsl
da_mad_hatta : Looking great!
amerikabstyleme : @style_by_leah
pastastepmasta : Stunning as usual!
imansafiyah_ : You're my goal as an adult
shownprove4 : Nice
msmonique2011 : @tannastephens
bella_typalove - winterfalls__ - freeblueminds - uncle_daniel28 -
traceeellisross - Tracee Ellis Ross
My hair has wings! Morning brush out in prep for #RainbowsBraid #blackishabc @araxi_hair_studio
blackishabc - rainbowsbraid -
desnor_nicole : @po_latta Hahaha sha I am at least 10 years from that
theeisshe : @mrsjadkins
atouchofshea : @traceeellisross Shea Butter from atouchofshea (Mango) try it all over head to toe body and hair butter beautiful.
columbotheshiningstar : Wt up beautiful
kaymonaejk_ : @jes_blue211 you'll get it : @traceeellisross Hi Tracee please check out our page for natural hair products and tips. We absolutely love you
trina.asante : How do you keep your hair so healthy 😩
kailakaila_ : @itsmercyjaye
bet_on_fashion - sunshyneonyamyn - cottonmouthaliyah - kailakaila_ -
traceeellisross - Tracee Ellis Ross
Happy birthday @misspersiawhite I love you my #ScorpioSister #Girlfriends
girlfriends - scorpiosister -
khen_see : ❀️ #scorpio women are flawless
msqueenb49 : Happy Birthday Tracee! And Persia! πŸ’œ U Ladies. πŸŽπŸŽπŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚πŸŽˆπŸŽˆπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
bigricki_1 : Scorpio is that sign
coolinaxx_phil : 😍😍LEN!
alicewangabiye : Happy Birthday Hilarious and amazing woman!
_llorrenna_ : @franwil123
jhaymeiy : #scorpioseason
expensive : @fasilll us
bella_typalove - seannajuicynails - hola_gine - _thegreatali -
traceeellisross - Tracee Ellis Ross
Tired and Flat...flat out tired! Thank you Syracuse! #ReneeStrikesAgain
reneestrikesagain -
imperialphero : @traceeellisross this is so chic ...... I love this
designerchick1 : Lol I love tracee
bonitaapplebumm : @yodaddylikeit me literally every day when I get home from work lol
tamali_n : @antoinettesbain I think we all.. she funny doe lol
raheezy : LMMFAO. πŸ˜‚ But it is though! @angel_curls
teej1010__ : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
lovechellieb : @wonderwoman_mre this be you
wonderwoman_mre : Lmao sure isssss.@lovechellieb right now actually
sharibrad - virgo_salvi143 - amber_risse - liyahhh_thick -
traceeellisross - Tracee Ellis Ross
Loving my @freecitysupershop sweatshirt! Life is good! So much to be grateful for! Definitely feels like heaven!
harry_whodini : Sheesh! I'm in love with you!
gemof1972 : HBD!!!
mylifeasmekia : LOVE this.pic...Happy Cakeday!!
lollipopcutiegottagetget232 : I love the face you made @traceeellisross
ii_smize : Happy birthday!!! πŸŽ‚ #cake πŸŽ‚ #cake πŸŽ‚ #cake
lostinselfieland : Happy Belated Tracee!!!!!
prettychickkeya : Awwww that's my daughter's name. ☺️ #Heaven
phume_gee : Free the nipple!
virgos_princess - johnnymexx - sunshyneonyamyn - iamsassynclassy -
traceeellisross - Tracee Ellis Ross
Happy Birthday @kgrupski I'm so happy we are friends. I have learned so much from you...especially this summer...I'm not yet a mother but I will hold so much of how I see you mother in my heart for when I am!!! You are a treasure and allowing my heart to dance with you and the rest of our tribe lastnight was just magic!!! Thank you for that gift!
allaboutsicklecell : Happy Birthday
timahmonae : This is the TSA agent from LGA so good to see you today! Have a great day!
adrijace : Bottom right!!!
goodnews_co : Happy bday! And Tracee I love you and i think you are one of the funniest, most humble, and (best for last) most beautiful women i know! #stayyou
treebraidsbykaale : :)
10up_smokebean : #repost
10up_smokebean : #rp
kemcake : Facts! So scary @bbandrea @ac_heisenberg
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