Tracee Ellis Ross

black-ish on ABC Wednesday, September 24th!
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traceeellisross - Tracee Ellis Ross
#blackishABC #wednesday #sept24 #930 #830central
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itskimmd : DVR set!
themadisonjay : @justlandy_tl
drmwrld : Ill check it out!
brittnynicoleee : Can't wait! 😍
signorina_tamtamz : My Bday πŸ™Œ
beautifuljellybeanboyd : Can't wait
mrsbgadson1 : Love love love you don't care for the name but will be tuned in... Just my opinion
kairos313 : Would love to talk Mathematics with U ;) Good luck <3
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traceeellisross - Tracee Ellis Ross
Be a part of the #BlackishABCchat tonight with @anthonyanderson, @kenyab_in_imax3d and ME hosted by Kevin Powell! TONIGHT, 8PM ET/5PM PT!
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in_paradiselost : @compulsiveintrospection 😳I think most people have an issue with the term "black-ish" in the sense of how the show is using it....but yes, you're clearly too smart for the rest of us :-).
compulsiveintrospection : @in_paradiselost in ...except for the that comment or two that I saw...that set me off...that specifically said they didn't plan on watching the show and were only upset about the name. I'm not quite sure how you skipped over that paragraph but chose to respond to mine?
honey21718 : Black•ish ...kill yourself.....these people graduated from college with honors I'm sure and the best name for a black family sitcom in 2014 is ...Black•ish ....#Shame and I love these actors but seriously someone stand up
fashunstalker : @cubanmixx blackish meaning kind of black.
originalana : @nyc_sourdiesel read this
case__closedd : It's satire @feistyfee
yon_uhhgee : Yes! Open minds! I like it ;-) @yellabird12... And yeah, I know what you mean about the puns, but I think once you see the whole episode it will make sense. I really do hope it changes your viewpoint! And @starry_eyed_dreams I rarely comment on stuff like this, but the reactions were making me smh. Too often POSITIVE black shows with potential don't last because of negativity. What does you disagreeing with the name have to do with the content of the show and the awareness (and SELF-awareness) that it could bring to a lot of ppl?? So I'm glad u get it. Lol 😊
sam0ki : I think everyone is getting upset by the name... Fair enough it might not sit well with you BUT, we HAVE to support these shows OR we will just disappear from TV. Despite the fact London is more ethnically diverse than ever, statistically the number of black people on TV is diminishing. If we don't watch, guess what no future programming! I'm definitely not saying we should be watching ratchet TV, but the chance to watch a successful, educated and educating black family is too good to miss. Let's watch black people do and be something else... Shows like Girlfriends/ Blackish don't come round too often! And for them to hit the UK shores is even more rare...
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traceeellisross - Tracee Ellis Ross
@blackishabc #blackishABC #wednesday #Sept24 9:30/8:30c
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ladonnamcduffie : Can't wait!
lil_hattie : Looking forward to it!
fardowsas : Soooo excited and amped for this show 😊😊😊😊
bossladydiva2 : Can't wait!!!
crmlmocha : Black fish!! Lol
__shanine_ : Definitely will be watching! πŸ˜€
justme2c : Can't wait z
echukuanderson : Anxiously awaiting.
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traceeellisross - Tracee Ellis Ross
Do you all know about @booksandcookiesla ...My sister, Chudney's, Children's Book Store & Play Place? It is so lovely and Chudney does the best #StoryTime ever! If you have children and are in LA check it out! 2309 Main Street #BooksandCookies #Chudney #Family
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nellydreams : @casss_stacks going to check it outπŸ˜˜πŸ‘Œ
anti_socialmedia_chick : @knflove @brittanyb___
loveshoes0629_ : @alicianicole_flattery that would be the next best thing to a screaming OOOO
flyrock : @sophia_janeen
flyrock : @mzrayrae
lordgeezuschrist : Sure does! thank u very much @blackgirlscook
goldie_girl_costello : What a great idea!!!
_its_ae : Let's Go 4 Story Time!!! @sexyoramas @dice2u
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traceeellisross - Tracee Ellis Ross
My mama!!! Sheesh! Thanks @philgeston
lil_hattie : Watching "Lady Sings the Blues" right now. "Baby Love" was the first record I ever bought. I love you and your Mom!
maison_swag : Royalty πŸ‘‘ @traceeellisross
mikki3kids : #theBoss
sisters_in_height : Nice
marioepanya : πŸ™Œ
dorothyrobertson3 : She is such a beautiful wowab
beautiful_harajuku : #Beautiful I LOVE DIANA ROSS :-* :-)
evf6_9 : Ms Ross the boss her album was my ish
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traceeellisross - Tracee Ellis Ross
Another clip from my #newvideo where I unlock the mysteries of #Hookah by @kinggoldchains and @thuggerthugger1 for full video go to
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jerrytolbert : Lmao @prettybrownstaceface she's sick πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚
shemaiahnissi : @nine_three_til_infinity
nique_cherrise : @lexieddings
yizzleg : @saaaycheeeese πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
saaaycheeeese : Lmao. Po' baby @yizzleg
marielz_b : @brianacephas @zbonilla_9 @kaybonilla @dat_man_bonilla this is me all the time πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
kaybonilla : @marielz_b so true lol
_morethanamazing_ : @project_pattie
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traceeellisross - Tracee Ellis Ross
Does somebody EVER pass @tyga & @youngthug the #hookah?? I explore these questions and more in my #newvideo on for the full video go to the link in my profile! #UnlockingTheCode #Hookah #TMurda #GentleSoul
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_morethanamazing_ : 😭😭😭😭😭 @project_pattie
dab_1124 : @ellesaba πŸ˜‚
project_pattie : I loveeee her @_morethanamazing_
_moniec_ : Crying laughing!!!!!! @dabombenb @_nicolemiles_ @new_igram_name
ellesaba : @fhaunsylo
a1exandriaaa : @cherellamichaela
dabombenb : @_moniec_ I'm DONE!!
aldadon10 : @lowertracks that's your man
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traceeellisross - Tracee Ellis Ross
My life has changed...I haven't even worn them yet and I'm a better person! Thank you @jonbuscemi #Buscemi
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bchic02 : @wheres_mejia that feather
msnk84 : πŸ‘Œ
fitfit_activewear : πŸ’–πŸ‘ŒπŸ”₯
tanabe_chiyo : Hey, @rlnyc7 have you seen these?
kiapics : @virgo_diva23 dope!
semone_surgtech : @tattoousoslk2 is this a near christmas gift I think yes!
tattoousoslk2 : @semone_surgtech πŸ™Œ the blk ones are the shyt too
1life1love1me : @tisatay you need these in your life
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traceeellisross - Tracee Ellis Ross
Beauty treatments! Gotta stay fresh! #blackishABC #Sept24
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luvisher : @Mandy_2285
mandy_2285 : Lmao @luvisher
law7469 : @3bster
jrholston : @tasharajc
prettybrownstaceface : @loveeyoungg
loveeyoungg : @prettybrownstaceface πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I want that
shemaiahnissi : @nine_three_til_infinity lol this is us!!
nine_three_til_infinity : @shemaiahnissi lol definitely
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traceeellisross - Tracee Ellis Ross
Happy Birthday @msjeanettejenkins your joy is contagious!!!!
kinkwzrd : @natdouglass888 πŸ˜’ ... Read better
i_stay_out_of_peoples_bi : Traceeellisross but wait u look just like your dad got the white people nose no offense u black just like me lmao still beautiful
gorgeous8181 : @barrysmom07
socialite_rothschild : You look so sad
keesegramz : I love you
yourgalbribri : I thought that was Gabriel union
lg_choclatecandy : I thought it was gab to, wow
tony_thetyger : @traceeellisross it's almost criminal how beautiful you are. 😍😍
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