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Tori Spelling

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torianddean - Tori Spelling
jaimeperry01 : What a beautiful family!!!
cptghettomomma : They look soooo cute...
4cribblets : Liam looks so much like his daddy
cpmcloughlin : Beautiful picture!
asienkaglowa - anniebrugman - tonnie_miller - educated_mermaid -
torianddean - Tori Spelling
From thanksgiving 🎲
charitablerealtor : So cute. Have to say I've watched all of your shows - 90210 to date. You have always been a fav of mine. I'm praying for your family - you are very blessed.
armywife535 : There's a different in playing with make-up and looking like u are working the streets
tinateul : Such beautiful kids, lipstick on the girls' lips?
vivh14 : I put makeup on my daughter when I do her pics..but I do use a very light pink gloss on lips a swipe of mascara and light pink on lids n cheeks still they are sooo cute! Hope you're doing good girl!
giamoon14 : Tori....serious? Is this a joke? These r babies. BABIES on thanksgiving. Not toddlers & tiaras. Gosh. Common sense. Dean?
pally3013 : Does Finn wear lipstick?
tinamariemiller74 : Just beautiful! Love it!
monstergirl79 : No reason to be so rude and judgemental...if you don't like it, don't look at it and don't "follow".πŸ™ŠπŸ™ˆ
conniesueraupp - quickrt - malindar - lauriedauria -
torianddean - Tori Spelling
Pizza time
margaritapalosoto : Ummmm...you are so pretty!!!
welo_jenta : @melisss333 What Strength??? 😳
welo_jenta : @melisss333 You too
watforddana - worriedwasper - melissalove22 - free2bme2013 -
torianddean - Tori Spelling
Vegas baby 🎲
tjanisch00 : Is Stella wearing lipstick ? @torianddean
nataliepsychic : Always here for a reading @torianddean
margaritapalosoto : Beautiful family!! Merry Christmas!!!
welo_jenta : @torianddean Old pic!! Look at the hair!!!
pally3013 : Liam face2?
pebbleenia : Adore u guys but cut Liam's hair
kimsantos1 : Adorable family!
olszewskabeti - lizettemonique18 - worriedwasper - kittkat5142002 -
torianddean - Tori Spelling
Countdown to Christmas πŸŽ…πŸŽ„
barronreynolds : Beautiful
tammydumont : Tori- as brutal as your show was for you and dean.., there was a lot of valuable teaching moments for the viewers. Enjoy your amazing family! Happy holidays!!!!
katyc99 : Count your blessings, they're all around. I have a tough time with two kids sometime, let alone four! I think everyone's marriage struggles when you have young kids. It's a magical time with young kids, but a stressful time on marriage. Always remember for better or worse when it comes to true love. This is most certainly my longest Instagram post eva! Merry Christmas to you and your BEAUTIFUL family.
cptghettomomma : Ur awesome Tori!!!
babyjaneandbuckles : Have a very special, and Merry Christmas.
babyru0517 : I luv u @torianddean ur a great mom. Keep those kids ur priority and keep healthy for them. They need u #toughtimes #putufirst #mytaurusfriend
giftedlilones : 😍❀️❀️❀️❀️
jaimeperry01 : I love Finn little curls, too cute
olszewskabeti - vanou8484 - leighann_oneil - leessa12 -
torianddean - Tori Spelling
Finns snowhawk ❄️
seahawks_babyy : Cute :-)
cpmcloughlin : So adorable!
solooza : Finn is the bestlooking of all 4
lana_banana_95 : All four of the children are beautiful @solooza
giamoon14 : Solooza that's an awful thing to say. I always thought Hattie was adorable but a lil forgotton.
solooza : You missunderstood, all four are ofcourse beautiful children, but everytime I see a photo of Finn I just melt, with his big lips and big eyes he has something else..
solooza : And english is not my first language, sorry
armywife535 : Who does he get those curls from
shelly.vega.12 - _beverly_hills_90210 - luci.thompson1 - mondylusan4 -
torianddean - Tori Spelling
Hattie's party πŸŽ‚
gracielue123 : Y'all are amazing you are my idol and that cake is beautiful :) happy belated birthday Hattie
cpmcloughlin : Love!
svetfan : Is Dean going to come back to Instagram soon? Miss him
karenannban : Looks like fun πŸ˜„
melenabartley73 : Such a beautiful family.
jloper53 : I watched this and the party looked fabulous!! Great idea! Your little girl was precious
tarla1962 : Cake is spectacular!
annakoellen : @torianddean, i hear that grape juice works good for migraines😊
tiffanyharris91 - sexinthecitygirl - bordierikaren - what_jo_snapped -
torianddean - Tori Spelling
Happy thanksgiving
what_jo_snapped : Beautiful!
sgeary143xo : Vegas! 😍
cpmcloughlin : Love!
dklindeman : Precious...
junprincess35 - dollyggrivell - lonja888 - jannagazzola -
torianddean - Tori Spelling
#tbt baby liam πŸ‘Ά
tbt -
dklindeman : I pray God will bless you this beautiful Thanksgiving day you have a beautiful and precious family, lots of love. P.S. MY GOD IS THE ONE TRUE GOD JESUS CHRIST MY LORD AND SAVIOR
gladysm3 : Love your hair! 😊
brittanybusk : He is adorable! Happy Thanksgiving, Tori!
junprincess35 : Great photo Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.
ladybuugs : You look so good in this pic.
cpmcloughlin : Looking good!!
smithln : He really hasn't changed. So cute!!
kylachlan : You look so pretty here tori
nathaliemiler - vanou8484 - leessa12 - nickylovesrick1 -
torianddean - Tori Spelling
The night of jacks party 🎈
cpmcloughlin : Aww! So adorable:)
terrikeith1030 : Hes sooo cute!!!!
jenann143 : So sweet Tori, your kiddos are adorable. I love your show πŸ‘I relate to you in so many ways and would have reacted the same way, with my husband over a baked potato πŸ™Š Big fan of your show, it's the only show I make sure I watch :) Ty
aelsand : So glad you and Dean are still together working through the difficulties of life and marriage with each other. Forgiveness is huge. Take care.
coralatino : Nice photo!
gunzie27 : Ugh you can do better
skincaregirl : Adorable! πŸ’• people quit hating!
dklindeman : You have a beautiful family. I pray God will bless and strengthen you and your family. Life is so hard I couldn't imagine it without Christ my Lord and Savior. He makes beauty out of ashes. Praying with love. xo
shelly.vega.12 - nathaliemiler - mrsknapp00 - _beverly_hills_90210 -
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