Tony Hawk Foundation

The Tony Hawk Foundation seeks to foster lasting improvements in society, with an emphasis on supporting and empowering youth.
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tonyhawkfoundation - Tony Hawk Foundation
THF Board Member @jamiethomas and friends during a visit to @skateistan in #Kabul #Afghanistan, where he met and skated with the youth this amazing program serves.
kabul - afghanistan -
ladanigonzalez : πŸ’–
gatoredux : @damianstrules
gatoredux : @jebus_bella
casey_veee : That smile says it all. Good work, fellas.
mooseonzaloose : @tonyhawk @tonyhawkfoundation can you guys help out my local skatepark? It's 15 years old and needs to be resurfaced badly, the link for the #gofundme campaign is on my profile, any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated!! I want it to be a place kids want to go to like when I was a kid!
mooseonzaloose : I read on your website that if the grant is not for a NEW skatepark it does not qualify, so would I not be able to apply for a small grant to resurface our current old skatepark? @tonyhawkfoundation @tonyhawk ?!
islandblacksmith : Yeah, JT... #boardmember #skateandcreate
andrewthoughtyouknew : @010k_shoutout_u got me 1k
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tonyhawkfoundation - Tony Hawk Foundation
San Diego City Council Member Scott Sherman (L) and Mayor Kevin Faulconer (R) with youth from the Linda Vista community present a $3-mil.+ check for the creation of a skatepark there (THF contributed $40K to the project).
diakimsey : @jayhaizlip @christianhosoi Awesome!
bmg48gilbert : Come to buffalo! I've been skating the same broken ramps for 9 years now. The ramps are pushed into the cracks. You don't even get enough speed coming back from the quarter pipe to make it over the the bank. It's between a high-school and a middle-school, maybe more then 4 kids in the entire school would start skating if they had somewhere decent to go. Poor youngins there's nothing to even do around here in this suburban town, I think it'd be nice to see some kids sweat out they're frustration, boredom with some friends at a nice park. I would be honored to get something special going for them. Just a thought though.
curt.bmx : Seriously? Give the money to a less fortunate city, that's upper class with tons of skateparks & money. There's literally a skatepark down the street. Outrageous #helphemet
chingonskateboards : @69.oskar new park
leftysworldfamous : Three million !!! @killbill34
filmstressfilmz : I agree they need to donate money to Buffalo, Rochester or Syracuse cities where the kids could need it most!
howbaked : Hilo Hawaii!!!! Help us out
69.oskar : ima needa hit this up @chingonskateboards
hawkcavazos - thgr8dane - lomayolk - jojo_montesdeoca -
tonyhawkfoundation - Tony Hawk Foundation
Happy 4th Of July! Photo of fireworks over #PitcherPark in #Carnegie, PA (2011 #THF grant recipient) courtesy of the #PitcherParkMemorialSkatepark group.
thf - thankyou - pitcherpark - carnegie - pitcherparkmemorialskatepark -
tonyhawkfoundation : We're very patriotic, @orangegirl2112!
joshybee : Awesome!! πŸ’₯πŸŽ‰
tonyhawkfoundation : Photo by @sharonlutz1700. #ThankYou!
sharonlutz1700 : @tonyhawkfoundation :) Happy 4th of July!
orangegirl2112 : Haha. I could tell. @tonyhawkfoundation Follow me back because I didn't get the notification cuz my account is private.
sharonlutz1700 : @tonyhawkfoundation I must say you made my day! And the people at Pitcher Park are just thrilled you showed off the skatepark we have all worked so hard to being to life! Thank you for your continued support!
sharonlutz1700 : *bring to life
johnbadgis : When is it open my cousin owns it but I haven't got in touch with him.
goldog2014 - mf__imballin - mswhizdom - wenc_carranza941 -
tonyhawkfoundation - Tony Hawk Foundation
It's International Go Skateboarding Day! Head into any Southern California @Chipotlemexicangrill from 4pm to 8pm, mention @TonyHawkFoundation and 50% of the proceeds will go directly to THF! See you there!
yolomuhlana : They should*
sidmayz : Please ive been trying to get in contact with you. Please contact me at 6013241994 please, ìm from a low income community (McComb Mississippi) and it would be great if youd contact us so I could let the mayor know!
hanshagen : Perfect collab right there @tonyhawkfoundation
gilligan2192 : @tonyhawkfoundation you guys should help out my skate park its in National City san diego would mean alot
dawndada818 : Just came from there! Ppl don't forget to mention the foundation or they won't donate!!! :)
jacksonhorwedel : Please in Elyria Ohio. We are very poor here. Half of our mall is shut down too. And there are many skaters here who would love a new skatepark. It would be a dream come true.
jesssouthbay : @steffydots
shred.the_gnar : @tonyhawkfoundation I'll just be happy if you get a pool where I'm at In Lake City, Arkansas.. Not many skaters here but I guarantee more will come if you put a park in here. My passion is skating pools, but even a small street plaza would be amazing just so I have something. ✌️
thgr8dane - jojo_montesdeoca - sophheats - gabyskates -
tonyhawkfoundation - Tony Hawk Foundation
Fantastic crowd @A2skatepark Grand Opening in Ann Arbor, MI today to see the demo with @tonyhawk + others. Congrats to Everyone who made such a great park possible. Happy International #GoSkateboardingDay!
goskateboardingday -
chucktreece : Nice
zaczellers : that's me in the hat
vaughnkingcole : Steep and deep @tonyhawkfoundation
eddieelguera : πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š
c_radmahr : @katelyntoo
goldog2014 - mf__imballin - rutger_deverell - mateo_dossantos -
tonyhawkfoundation - Tony Hawk Foundation
It's International Go Skateboarding Day! Head into any Southern California @Chipotlemexicangrill from 4pm to 8pm, mention @TonyHawkFoundation and 50% of the proceeds will go directly to THF! See you there!
semperfi_keith : Sooo cute
volcomchick : Dawww \m/
tyler_hunger : Damnnn why not Minnesota
flolisskateboards : πŸ’£
chefdad2000 : @tonyhawkfoundation @tonyhawk only so cal @chipotles ? Why not nationwide? I'm going there anyways!
ryanmueller333 : @trevoisier sounds good!
prs2dkr : My daughter and r going to Chipotle and then to our local skatepark. Great day!!!!
vicolege : 😘
mateo_dossantos - siljebale - etaxrow.o.j - mf__imballin -
tonyhawkfoundation - Tony Hawk Foundation
We toured the new section of #RideItSculpturePark in #Detroit, MI with Mitch Cope from #PowerHouseProductions today. Another #THF grant put to great use!
rideitsculpturepark - powerhouseproductions - detroit - thf -
brycemister : Sick
_goskate : Park is so much fun
lilbobbyjones : Chicago
khanoxenham : @dingoes75 @orangecurrent75
ginar99 : So glad you got to stop by & see the park
ginar99 : Another fine job by @evergreenskateparks !!
ginar99 : ps- tell your friend Tony he owes me a WHOLE slice of pie, dammit πŸ˜‰
ginar99 : @chemirosadoseijo Recognize the jacket? #laperla everywhere
mateo_dossantos - gili.haitovsky - fixedgearswag - a_hercules7 -
tonyhawkfoundation - Tony Hawk Foundation
You're gonna be hungry tomorrow, so why not plan your dinner at @ChipotleMexicanGrill, and celebrate International Go Skateboarding Day while helping @tonyhawkfoundation create public skateparks? Tomorrow only, 6/21/14 from 4 - 8 PM, mention Tony Hawk Foundation at any Southern California Chipotle restaurant and half the proceeds from your order will be donated to THF! Skate hard on #GSD, and treat yourself while helping a great cause! Find a Chipotle Mexican Grill near you at #BowlsForBowls
bowlsforbowls - gsd -
why_b_kay : @bukueone @ahren.boudinot @k_boudi @albapixie
somwherenearjasper : Cool
that_one_skater : I wish you guys could do somethin in South Carolina all our parks are shut down or three hours away πŸ˜ͺ @tonyhawkfoundation
vj_mariano : @this_dummy @aaron1243 @justinmlew @guesswhojustt
_stay_gold_justin_ : @_odfc_ @jjloks
_odfc_ : I'm down
_odfc_ : @_stay_gold_justin_ @jjloks
jjloks : sick asf @_stay_gold_justin_
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tonyhawkfoundation - Tony Hawk Foundation
SAVE 'TIL MIDNIGHT TONIGHT: Rock out and support THF! Use code TONYHAWKFOUNDATION to get up to $50 off tickets to the #Bottlerock festival in Napa Valley, CA, 5/30-6/1, featuring #TheCure #TVOnTheRadio #Outkast#Weezer #EricChurch #TheFray More info:
thefray - outkast - tvontheradio - bottlerock - weezer - thecure - ericchurch -
somwherenearjasper : For skateboard or wine drinking?
pridelanglitz : 200 like
sidmayz : Ok me and some friends are trying to get a skatepark in mccomb MS. ive heard really good things about this foundation.. ive made a complete legit petition and the mayor said he would do it but we dont have the money. So if you would reply to me thatd be great.. weve been trying this for a while. Please reply
polina_trofim : Like for like))
that_ethan_kid : So you dont look at comments but it illeagal to skate in my town. Just the other day we got our names taken down by a cop for skating a doc and he said something about a citation. That day their was two other cops that stoped us. We have a diy spot with ramps but it dosnt give me the passion that street skating does. The only skatepark kinda near is ried menzor and we need to drive to that. We need to make a skate park here in red lion pa.
ezra342 - we.dont.belong - vinniedalessandro - ace.boogey -
tonyhawkfoundation - Tony Hawk Foundation
#THF Programs Director @peterwhitley breaks it down for #LosAngeles-area skatepark advocates and administrators at the Skatepark Summit in #Compton, #CA, graciously hosted by Compton Parks And Recreation and @scmaf.
thf - ca - losangeles - compton -
greggood : Always impressed, @peterwhitley and @mikivuckovich. Keep on.
lsebas1991 : En Honduras necesitamos skateparks!!!!!
sk8rdude75149 : Tell them to put a skatepark in mesquite Texas
tonyhawkfoundation : Ci, @lsebas1991!
oxygoon : We need a new skatepark at Oxnard, CA we already have one the east side of oxnard but we need one on the west side of oxnard please help! Skatepark is so far away from my house and Im always getting kicked out
skatepark_of_danapoint : @tonyhawkfoundation still fighting the good fight. Dana is a hard but to crack.
directorbrazil - motionsicknessskatefest - spitfirejames - skatepark_of_danapoint -
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