Tony Hawk Foundation

The Tony Hawk Foundation seeks to foster lasting improvements in society, with an emphasis on supporting and empowering youth.
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tonyhawkfoundation - Tony Hawk Foundation
Join @tonyhawkfoundation staff @mbskateboardmuseum Friday night for a skate-photo exhibit, then @SLOskatepark Grand Opening on Saturday. A 2009 THF Grant Recipient, the park looks amazing!
jazztrilliamsj : Dope as fuck
mdspb : @2connected @totallygenius - either of you checking this out?
2connected : Wows. @mdspb
colin_sheehan : @tonyhawkfoundation @tonyhawk would you guys think about building a park in panama city beach florida
dylant199 : @colm141 omg weymouth needs an improved skate park so bad
wyseme : thank you @tonyhawkfoundation for our skatepark in jersey city we cant wait. . much love!
funny.memes870 : Hey. We need a skatepark here in mcloud Oklahoma. No where to skate in McCloud. Not even sidewalks. All we have is flatland, no ramps, vert, or rails. We either go to a skate Park or spend over 1,000$ online buying a few peices of skate equipment. Thanks!
funny.memes870 : Not many good skaters, mostly teens, buy with a Park we won't have to spend money or go anywhere far. With a Park we WILL learn!
tomboyland - 2connected - __.thore.__ - cristhekiller -
tonyhawkfoundation - Tony Hawk Foundation
@TonyHawk wins the Masters Division at the @Vans @bowl_a_rama at Bondi Beach, Australia. Congrats, Boss!
billtheres : 1
alexis_georgiou : way 2 go @tonyhawk u the man
independenttrucks : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
eddieelguera : πŸ‘
vertical.change : ⚑️⚑️
1chefaaron : Mind bending photo
spina_bifida.skater : Awesomeness @tonyhawkfoundation still killing it after all these yrs. Inspiring!! RESPECT
__.thore.__ - spina_bifida.skater - alexwolfjones - jonathan_sk8goo -
tonyhawkfoundation - Tony Hawk Foundation
The Tony Hawk Foundation was recently awarded a grant from @CalEndow to support youth advocates in developing safe places to exercise. Here at THF, we are so grateful for the generous grant from The California Endowment to support our mission. @CalEndow #TonyHawkFoundation #HealthStartsHere
tonyhawkfoundation - healthstartshere -
chris.ziesmer : πŸ˜‚
inocenteart : That is so awesome!!!
scruffynurphherder : I've seen kids leave skateparks because of "gang" activity, being mugged robbed or beat up. That's a problem that needs to be dealt with as well.
kevinkate23 - taroba_pqd - alexfletcher1013 - tim_hall77 -
tonyhawkfoundation - Tony Hawk Foundation
Congrats to @skateistan and @skateistanollie on receiving the 2015 Eric Stricker Memorial Award for service to skateboarding! @tonyhawk had the honor of presenting the award, and Oliver was on-hand to make a gracious acceptance speech at the gala event last month in Los Angeles. #keepskateistanrolling
keepskateistanrolling -
nextupfound : πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ great work @skateistanollie @skateistan πŸ™
415plumber : Well deserved and earned..Thank you skateboarding !!
jamiethomas : πŸ™
skateswithfeathers : 2legit huh, skateboarding is good medicine.
skateistan : Wouldn't be possible without the support of people like @tonyhawk and the folks at @tonyhawkfoundation! Thanks for sharing and supporting.
abigailjd1308 - apdpm75 - anthonybd8 - lucag03 -
tonyhawkfoundation - Tony Hawk Foundation
Metallica’s Robert Trujillo, a longtime #tonyhawkfoundation supporter, has spent the last 5 years documenting the story of his electric bass hero Jaco Pastorius. A self-taught musician that completely turned the musical world on its head during his brief life. While most of the film’s work is done, Robert needs your help to cross the finish line and complete production. A Pledge Music campaign has been established so that fans can directly contribute to the film and receive dozens of great rewards in the process. #Jaco #jacopastorius #documentary #roberttrujillo #metallica @magicbulletrecords
jaco - jacopastorius - roberttrujillo - tonyhawkfoundation - documentary - metallica -
awaaulthwee : I got to see this...I love Jaco!!😊
levyhit : @dbassics
gregfurlongofficialinstagram : amazing!
stupiddope : πŸ”₯
theliampeppers : I love jaco
minnask8 : πŸ™Œ
papapeel : @magicbulletrecords I met jaco in 82 and ended up as a roadie and driver for him and spent more time the last 5 yrs with him than anybody #roberttrujillo
stuart_park : @shnophrey
summit02g - pedropotiens - magicbulletrecords - hobbies3sixty -
tonyhawkfoundation - Tony Hawk Foundation
STOKED to see @JHotzFoto's #RideItSculpturePark image winning its category in the new print edition of @PDNonline. the north-central Detroit skatepark received a #THF grant in 2013.
rideitsculpturepark - thf -
rooftop_04 : Cool
ginar99 : Nice! Who's the skater? & where'd all that graffiti go?!
woodsterbikes : Nice!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
jhotzfoto : @ginar99 @sam.lind
restinpeace_official : @jhotzfoto dude this is fucking awesome! Congratulations
ourlifesocks : #gauntletskateparks
mr.green76 - terrymalfavon - restinpeace_official - finnt13 -
tonyhawkfoundation - Tony Hawk Foundation
Not sure who had more fun today..... the skaters or their parents! Thanks to @volcom @volcomskate and @wahoosfishtaco for supporting #TonyHawkFoundation and thank you @birdhouseskateboards for coming out and tearing it up for the kids!
tonyhawkfoundation -
volcomskate : πŸ‘πŸ‘
finnt13 : Sick
pton_lke_a_bss - wahoosfishtaco - juleshools - worthgirl78 -
tonyhawkfoundation - Tony Hawk Foundation
Many thanks to @eddieelguera, @dawnaelguera, and everyone @elgatoclassic for such a great event this weekend in Palm Springs, CA, honoring the pioneers of skateboarding and making such a generous donation to our work. #Honored
honored -
skaterpayton_86er : 1
stupiddope : πŸ™Œ
shotcreature : Origins of skate culture gathered to give thanks , shred some thane, and pay it forward. Ultimate respect to our heroes and early inspirations, mahalo nui, thank you for inspiring people to keep skating and having fun.
dawnaelguera : @tonyhawkfoundation It was our pleasure!! Thanks all you do for skateboarding!! Here's to many more checks in the future..
eddieelguera : I love that the @tonyhawkfoundation champions the future of skateboarding!!! Our honor!!!
sk8art_st : Awesome you guys rock & roll @tonyhawkfoundation
elgatoclassic : Thank you for allowing us to contribute to the great work you do for skateboarding!
erniepeewater - gabrizatta - elgatoclassic - inocenteart -
tonyhawkfoundation - Tony Hawk Foundation
ReGram from @gnarmads: Rooftop view of Manhattan's LES Skatepark (2008 and 2012 THF Grant Recipient).
br1zs : Great photo
royalracksusa : Thank you so much @tonyhawk and the @tonyhawkfoundation for making a donation to Madison, WI ! We are striving to contribute as well!!!
tonyhawkfoundation : Happy to be a part of it, @royalracksusa!
tim_alaniz : Help us out in Ventura CA! @tonyhawkfoundation
papapeel : @jeromechrome u were here the other day
felipeesilva - streetdevilofficial - paul_skateur17 - acduncan32 -
tonyhawkfoundation - Tony Hawk Foundation
Thanks to all of our project partners and supporters in 2014! 557 THF-supported skateparks to-date, and counting, plus our ongoing support of @Skateistan's international work. Let's keep it going for projects like #Skateistan and Pitcher Park Memorial Skatepark in Carnegie, PA--which just got lights for night skating! ReGram courtesy of @pitchersk8park.
skateistan -
geojenkins : @tonyhawkfoundation thanks so much for being apart of this! This park is a blessing for the area. #2015 going to be a good year thanks @pitchersk8park
chucktreece : I gotta get out there @tonyhawkfoundation @geojenkins @gogatchaman23 @yermaws
yermaws : Fer realz @chucktreece .. When possible,We'd love to help/volunteer/work with @tonyhawkfoundation let's set up skate-rock benefit with McRad ⚑️
ryker47 : @krivvvonak @shanemartinsmith @robear_toee @bryan_scagline
submarineco : @tvheadphotos
shanemartinsmith : @ryker47 @krivvvonak no way! Looks like we got a new place to skate next time I'm home
helovessunshine : @_._._._.kya._._._._
halfdayatticus : @mike_odonnell this needs to be chi
wesleypetteson_ - tommywalter1 - brrpdsa2s - marcus_walters5 -
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