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Tony Hawk Foundation

The Tony Hawk Foundation seeks to foster lasting improvements in society, with an emphasis on supporting and empowering youth.
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tonyhawkfoundation - Tony Hawk Foundation
Just when you thought Tony's skated everywhere, he takes it to the stratosphere with @aaronjawshomoki, @900films and @sony. Full video through link in our bio.
masondenunzio_ : @sbs_steezy @olfuntimelo
maraf25 : @luciensagar
luciensagar : @maraf25 I saw this that's gnarly
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tonyhawkfoundation - Tony Hawk Foundation
Come and get a grant!!! Apply for skatepark construction funding by clicking the link in our bio. Grant window closes on June 15th.
izstrangespider : Mr Kerry Simon @kerrysimon was a big supporter of @tonyhawkfoundation
tonyhawkfoundation : @frank.lemes Awesome! Please let them know about our services.
skateinnovation : What a great foundation can only say well done to everyone involvedπŸ‘πŸ‘such a proactive approach to bettering and helping the next generation keep up the good work πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
tonyhawkfoundation : Thanks @skateinnovation!!!
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tonyhawkfoundation - Tony Hawk Foundation
The Tony Hawk Foundation is working with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation and the Clinton Foundation to raise awareness around the lack of physical activity our women and girls are getting today as well as empower girls to celebrate their athleticism. @brightonzeuner (pictured here) is a skater. What are you? Join us in the #GirlsAre campaign and help create a world where our girls can reach their full potential through physical activity. Join the campaign at
girlsare -
davidfowlerproperties : πŸ‘ ✌
kayodemodupeojo : Wow!
skateinnovation : Awesome✌✌
larry8446 : Then come to ft. Lauderdale Fla! But your money where your mouth is!!!!
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tonyhawkfoundation - Tony Hawk Foundation
Thanks to Landon Powers for selling his awesome custom pens to donate to #THF. Landon rules! If you want to support our effort to help create more public skateparks, click the link in our bio.
thf -
z.marston - cc_hafner - peacock4life - hiswalkingcontradiction13 -
tonyhawkfoundation - Tony Hawk Foundation
Dear international female skateboarders! @exposureskate is offering a free trip to Southern California for the #Exposure2016 event on Nov. 5th! Make a video, follow these instructions and you could be flying to skate at the biggest women's skateboarding competition on the planet. πŸ“· @nataliekrishnadas
exposure2016 -
nataliekrishnadas : @thaisgazarra
thaisgazarra : @nataliekrishnadas what a samba! 😻 hahaha
123hillsidejump : @originalfloyd
azscooterfam : @blondenicole you should do this!!
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tonyhawkfoundation - Tony Hawk Foundation
We are now accepting #Skatepark Grant Applications! Click the link in our bio to learn more or apply!
skatepark -
andrew. - raven_l1872 - z.marston - brody_hall2 -
tonyhawkfoundation - Tony Hawk Foundation
If you haven't taken our #skateboarder survey yet, here's your chance to win this limited THF Deck while providing us with valuable info. Share by tagging your friends. Link is in our bio. Thanks for the data!
skateboarder - : @peachey_117 y_117
velocityupholstery : @1dublow
azscooterfam : Done! @busterbox
floydhpruitt : Done deal @tonyhawkfoundation ! @punkroc701 @punktastical
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tonyhawkfoundation - Tony Hawk Foundation
Going through some old Grant Applications (Grant window opens TOMORROW) and found this. It is a great example of why you want skaters thoroughly involved in the skatepark project, and what happens when you don't get them involved. At least it was labeled as "Temporary Skatepark" due to its pre-fab nature. #skijumpminiramp
skijumpminiramp -
mattfrenchart : @dropinonthis
zillionbux90 : @shoestringjoe @stevelauder @tom_atwood
brenteyestone : Is this Big Bear? Because there's totally something like this there.
nik.montana : Looks like 99.9% of few skateparks in Italy 😭
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tonyhawkfoundation - Tony Hawk Foundation
Want to win this limited issue deck signed by Tony? Tag your skateboarding friends in the comments, repost this image tagging us, and click the link in our bio to take the #skateboarder survey. One lucky random skater who takes the survey will win the deck! #skateboarding #tonyhawk #freedeck #skate
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alexbmx860 : @izaiah9929 @jaxgator8
azscooterfam : @busterbox
clifftastic01 : @hdawgy
trexstagram : @noreastersurf
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tonyhawkfoundation - Tony Hawk Foundation
There is still some time to prepare for your #THF grant application using our sample form. Click the link in our bio for more. Skatepark Construction Grant window opens on May 3rd and closes on June 15th. Get on it!
thf -
christianskatersbrasil : Don't stop!
ledzilla5254 : This is so great! Wish this was around when I was that age!
fallbrookskateparkinc : πŸ‘
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