Tony Hawk Foundation

The Tony Hawk Foundation seeks to foster lasting improvements in society, with an emphasis on supporting and empowering youth.
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tonyhawkfoundation - Tony Hawk Foundation
Locals taking on the trannies at the @PeckParkSkatepark kidney bowl (2012 #THF Grant Recipient).
thf -
tonyhawkfoundation : Check out to get started, @babytaquito2.o @nikkiwintersreed @zach._.taylor.
tonyhawkfoundation : THF only helps fund public skatepark projects, @1moniquecash. Check out for details.
nikkiwintersreed : Takes a long time before breaking ground, from what I've heard, thank you!!! @tonyhawkfoundation
ihardflippedursister : Thats me can u post the group picture plz @tonyhawkfoundation
noah_cornelius_ : Can you sponser me tony hawk
noah_cornelius_ : Please
1moniquecash : Thank you for being accessible & responding... That says a lot more about your foundation's ethics... Continue blessing others... @tonyhawkfoundation
brianna.hernandez.121 : Aye there's my brotherπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @savage_462
sf_for_life_415 - m22rod_ - ericw00d - eyes_of_apanther -
tonyhawkfoundation - Tony Hawk Foundation
A huge thank you to all of our @TonyHawkFoundation supporters who made our Make #ConcreteChange campaign a success! We raised over $11,000 to empower youth in their efforts to create free, public skateparks in low-income communities. Thanks to your generosity, more youth will have the opportunity to skate and enjoy the many benefits of a skatepark!
concretechange -
booty_sullivan : Plz build a concrete park in Minneapolis
lewis29886 : We need a refresh in our local park.from a full skatepark we are now left with 1 quarter pipe and a grind box.the rest was taken away buy the local council
davidd.stonee : Newnan,Georgia doesn't have shit you should help
lisatherock : Congrats. Txs for keeping up the interest.
di_cromer : πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»
hawk_merch : Nice.. I hope you come to indonesia
hawk_merch : @tonyhawk
poponrcs - covert360 - jarisonchirinos12 - shyanne_rocks -
tonyhawkfoundation - Tony Hawk Foundation
1 DAY LEFT of our @Crowdrise Make #ConcreteChange campaign! Skateparks are a community where everyone is welcome. You can Make #ConcreteChange in communities that need skateparks the most! Donate now by clicking the link located in our bio. *Campaign contest ends on June 30th at 8:59 AM PST*
concretechange -
jeffery.w.farrow : Just nit annoying scooter kids
thirtythr33_ink : @andreshateshardflips lol
dailyleadershipstudio - ___jacky.boy___ - cassy_da_weirdo - yaeltoledo -
tonyhawkfoundation - Tony Hawk Foundation
Today is International #GoSkateboardingDay—so go skateboarding with a friend. And help others have the chance to skate, too—make #ConcreteChange by donating to help build more free public skateparks where they’re needed most. (Link in profile) #goskateboardingday
goskateboardingday - concretechange -
master_cf : It was an awesome day! I'm so pushed to build the new Skatepark in my town!!
dejanface : Awesome I will
2wiceberg_say_god_is_gud : @akadoodie let's goooo
lophatpat : Park looks like imperial beach but no fence
freemotiongroup : fundacion tony hawks greetings to express you my most heartfelt wish to thank Tony for making grow the sport and I want to invite you to visit my country in panama summer of 2016 that will make the dream come true to many young people and children today see skateboarding as a sport in Central America I echo for you to come and give it out to all young people who want to be like you because I tony expect an answer
alex_autos - cassy_da_weirdo - heartwellskateparklb - skatertony_ -
tonyhawkfoundation - Tony Hawk Foundation
Don't forget to honor your dad this Fathers Day (tomorrow) by donating in his honor to the Tony Hawk Foundation, and help create skateparks where fathers and kids can skate together! 100% of your donation will directly benefit communities build free public skateparks. Do it for dad!
aj.warren.ys : Proud skateboarder myself of 16yrs, and proud father of 3 kids who skate! 3, 12, and 15! Family that skates together stays together! (The wife rolls on the cruiser for early morning coffee xD)
skatenc : Duude @aj.warren.ys thats really good for u
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tonyhawkfoundation - Tony Hawk Foundation
Lanark Skate Plaza open for business!
mikebagack : Cool
dc2sc00tdude : Kool
dc2sc00tdude : Aid
kkoos : @danaclare
brittish76 : Great job , Tony Hawk! !! πŸ˜‰
skater.anthony : Today was fun at Lanark skate plaza
er1ckarce : Newark NJ needs a skatepark πŸ˜”
anggdizzle_ : @kevin.legaspi your in the right on topπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
ortiz_henrique - draggunballz92 - pawc33 - skatertony_ -
tonyhawkfoundation - Tony Hawk Foundation
@tonyhawk, Stalefish over the hip at Lanark Skate Plaza--open today!
bill_brigg_13 : Dope
michael_1118 : @joseee_023 dude I see you
hoes.say.jose : Oh shit !!!! @michael_1118
aideannn : AYY IM IN THIS
draggunballz92 - pawc33 - jonahwilhite - heartwellskateparklb -
tonyhawkfoundation - Tony Hawk Foundation
Don't miss @tonyhawk and the @Birdhouseskateboards team today at 2PM at Lanark Skate Plaza in Canoga Park, CA. Join in the celebration of this community's #concretechange success!
concretechange -
ardimelojen : Sangat bagusss!!! Seandainya di kota saya bisa dibuatkan seperti itu
maximale13 : @morrispics
mikebagack : Cool
wilson_films : @_squidyskates @deathwishguy @rrod_27 @israt_
wilson_films : @oscargetsbuck @rodrigomolina__ @sotyjason
__missemm : @_josiee923 lol only cause tony hawk will be there! It's gonna be super packed!
chris4sk8boarding : What street is it at? @tonyhawkfoundation
_israelcuhh : #skatewithnyjah
gabrielpedrasilveira - robert_casagrande_skt - dogtownxsuicidal_nl -
tonyhawkfoundation - Tony Hawk Foundation
You can make #concretechange today by starting a fundraiser, joining a team, or donating! Click the link located in our bio to start making #concretechange!
concretechange -
paul_kincaid15 : Long time ago @jjavi._ so downtown for go skate day
jjavi._ : maybe @paul_kincaid15
paul_kincaid15 : Cmon please @jjavi._
jjavi._ : yea i will @paul_kincaid15
lamblionrealdeal : Hempcrete
fvlclothing : πŸ™
satansgnarlybunghole : @tonyhawkfoundation u guys should make a skatepark in hacienda heights california PLS @tonyhawk @tonyhawkfoundation @tonyhawkfoundation
skatingfashionista : #girlscanskate πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ and its more than ok to just sk8 for fun ✌️😎
alex_autos - ortiz_henrique - pawc33 - jessica_caroline_soares -
tonyhawkfoundation - Tony Hawk Foundation
GRAND OPENING: Lanark Skate Plaza! Join @TonyHawk and the @Birdhouseskateboards team in Canoga Park to celebrate the newest #concretechange within this community! 6/19 @ 2PM
concretechange -
brunden_the_great : @tonyhawkfoundation @tonyhawk
southinkucanmom : Looking forward to covering the ceremony! The kids in this community desperately needed this skate park! Many thanks!!!
bejarano.rodrigo : Fuck yea @theclintorous @choadped @davidloy @dixonormous are coming @carlosvalerio11
carlosvalerio11 : & @aaronjawshomoki
woodsterbikes : Fancy...πŸ‘
bugsbrando : @lordmud
_ryu_alvarez_ : @southinkucanmom can u please dm the address of the skate plaza thank you
pvshox : @d_coon new park in the valley.
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