Tony Hawk

Skateboarder, dad, @catherine_o High, low, can't say no. That's my private Tokyo.
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tonyhawk - Tony Hawk
Tokyo, 5:15am. Some of the best sushi places open now, and already have lines of people waiting outside. #EggsAndUni
eggsanduni -
gamerchr1s : Cool
quixoticelixir_ : Wowow ๐Ÿ™
_a.m.__ : amazing ;-;
phcruisershawaii : @elishahuntah
trevso_electric : Hawkst In Translation ๐Ÿ’•
squadthuggabe : @ayeitskenley kik me please
pepe_galvan : Want to go there
ryanbmx___ : @eefjeschouwenberg
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tonyhawk - Tony Hawk
Robot Restaurant in Tokyo is beautifully absurd. I can't recommend it enough. Video: @catherine_o
jordi_bus : @amandaperez71
hannah_time : @tabone_er we are supposed to go next week!! So funny you tagged me in this. โ˜บ๏ธ
theshetland : @amandaromeril
fridgelamp : @joshuarobert01
phcruisershawaii : @elishahuntah
tabone_er : Hell yeah @hannah_time !!!
vanacek : @lookingtothesky
dimcar23 : @akonia1 @stefanosang @lefpavlis @amanopoulos @pimm28
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tonyhawk - Tony Hawk
Big Buddha & bros ๐Ÿ‡ฏ๐Ÿ‡ต Photo: @ripzinger
nicolemsalois : We sure did! @organikarl1111 @elan.w
euro_andy : @punjabz my boy!
chandtakespics : @skaggy_fresh weren't you just here? You missed tony bro...
skaggy_fresh : I was there like three months ago. Haha. But I am stationed like 25 min away. @chandtakespics
spiralingtowardsdeath : I been there! Did you go inside it?
gcurados : @jopamendes daibutsu
hiya_irwin_5sos : Thanks @mattiooooo
lil_pac12 : @littlefred56
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tonyhawk - Tony Hawk
Savannah Slamma, 1987. One of the first big "street" events, complete with a quarterpipe to 10' wallride. Photo: @timmalins.
milne_ry : Eric had it @kilinoe2409 but it belonged to Ponos
lyle_m__bunker : Actual footage of the 900 from the other guy shows him leaning on it and just slipping out he was pretty damn close. And the the not letting him compete in the best trick contest after he had been competing it for several years straight seems sketchy
lyle_m__bunker : *landing
jgrantbrittain : @lyle_m__bunker And he made it a couple of years later. I also have Sluggo "almost" making it. Not sure why the Xgames kept him from entering best trick? It wasn't brought out in the video, it was just said.
jgrantbrittain : @lyle_m__bunker I said a couple of years later, meant 15 years later
tconnelly_ : @jgrantbrittain ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ
pigdog237 : @jgrantbrittain ๐Ÿ˜˜ ๐Ÿ‘ @kyle_m_bunker I think you're too young to be aware of most of the back story. Tony had been on-off trying the 900 for years, along with Danny Way. If you watch Danny's Risk It part from way back in 89/90 there is a very close attempt. The question in most skaters' minds back then (before you were born) was which of those 2 would be first. They were pretty much the only skateboarders who would've had a realistic chance at that time.
jgrantbrittain : @pigdog237 Yes, and Rob "Sluggo" Boyce
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tonyhawk - Tony Hawk
jacob_fortna15 : Looks awesome
biggie_sm0lls : @carolineresch2 haha he's an idiot that is Paris
biggie_sm0lls : @carolineresch2 also I know this is not actually Paris but I thought maybe u missed tony so I brought u here
eskildaa : woow๐Ÿ‘Œ
agiraru32 : I love japan tower ^-^)
phoenixthemagician : Ah Tokyo, a great place!
n_____________n : Torrw de Tokyo :o @pipee___e
n_____________n : :')
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tonyhawk - Tony Hawk
Times Square! This is too surreal. Thank you Sony @actioncam #ActionCam
actioncam -
zz_ianhollister_zz : @will_fenn_ ok big boy
will_fenn_ : Hahaha you probaly scooter @zz_ianhollister_zz
zz_ianhollister_zz : @will_fenn_ nah I board first one I got was a bird house then a death wish now a blind
tony_kny : @javianro
irudra : One of the packages is prob at time square
dicklepick : Hey look penn and teller
franco_warrior12 : Look at the bottom screen ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
karenahdz : @danielolan
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tonyhawk - Tony Hawk
Happy 16th birthday Spencer! You still look the same, but your hair has improved. Mine, not so much.
shanilove0112 : He's adorable
domicat1 : This is the cutest picture of the day!
logan_capps : 6th or 16th
orginle_chevy53 : Is he 6
supkellin : @melonalisa
jgrantbrittain : @nickmckeage @mdangelo90 @plaksteen I shot sequences of four skaters trying the 900 back then and the one complaining about it the most is not even the one who came the closest to making it. Contrary to the "documentary", Tony never saw the other sequences I had and I would have been stoked if anyone had made it after shooting over a hundred rolls of film. Anyone can make a documentary, but it doesn't mean it's the truth. What stole the 900 from Tas was Drugs. You guys can believe what you want, but consider the source and facts. If he was so close to making the 900, why did it take him another 15 years to pull it?
mdangelo90 : @jgrantbrittain thank you sir. Case closed. Can that footage be seen anywhere ??
jgrantbrittain : @mdangelo90 I never ran the sequences because they were bails. Not sure if there is anything out there. I shot a sequence of Tony doing one over a channel a few weeks later and that ran. I missed the one at Xgames, I got kicked out by a cop and I had no idea Tony was going to try it there, I am not even sure Tony knew he would try it.
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tonyhawk - Tony Hawk
New gear: @fredwater stainless steel flask & my bigass setup. In The Jerk's voice: "and that's all I need!" #Built2Refill #MoreWaterLessSugar
built2refill - morewaterlesssugar -
sickoutazza : As per previous idiot post against wrong pic, seeking flask contents.
vinnysvintopia : LOL! "Just this flask, this ride, and this number 2 pencil. That's all I need."
son_of_a_bridge : ...
j_ball_28 : I have a question that most likely wont be awnsered anytime soon, but were trying to hit the 900 before Taz Pappas or did you steal that cause i think you stole that
joserdgzm : I neeeed :(((
alexleal04 : @rafgaresc2000 el skate <3
rafgaresc2000 : Pffff @alexleal04
ted0w : @j_ball_28 Tony was the first to pull it competition, making it official. From what I read, on Tas' AMA, it would seem he was "close" to pulling it but didn't. There's no stealing when you're in the elite pro ring. Everyone skates with each other and sees what each other has in the bag, just my 2 cents.
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tonyhawk - Tony Hawk
My recent travels, shot in glorious 4K with #actioncam. Full edit: ๐ŸŽถ - Surf Curse
actioncam -
kingcurtis1234 : @jacobrubeck @nicholasrattigan
tiagofmiguel : @ferrugeskate
iiutama : You're amazing tony
lautaroferreyro : @antogrigioni Islandia n_n
jeffrysatria03 : Follbeck
nehruvianfrank : @skrause91
idajigfelt : Swedeeeeenโค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž
972keaton : I hell naah
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tonyhawk - Tony Hawk
My annual Twitter hunt #THTH15 is on April 4: 100 packages hidden all over the world, clues given out [only] on Twitter. Follow me there or go to for more info. If you complain that you "don't have a Twitter," it's really not that hard to sign up and "have a Twitter"
thth15 -
czerwinski76 : And France ?
foetoes : @jaclynnic0le follow him on twitter!!
jaclynnic0le : DONE @foetoes
shaunak_madan : Anything in Mumbai, India? @tonyhawk
budaskate : #sk8ATX
jonyjones_99 : @astro.__
couponslave : Send me one #thth15
mijaresruben : Participa por mi jaja tu tienes suerte para esto @idaiaven :*
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