Tony Hawk

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tonyhawk - Tony Hawk
Repost from @jgrantbrittain: Gleaming Cubes in 1988. @peraltastacy found this pool by scouting Hollywood Hills in a helicopter. The movie studio paid the homeowners to drain it, and we got to ride it all day in between scenes of acting... badly.
gabe_peterson02 : Hey you probably won't read this but I live in redding California and it would help if we got a new skate park because ours sucks dm back if you read this plz read it
carsonz : Fuck you
black__planet : hey tony, youre fucking gay
4_string_malaysia : Jesus
fuuckinryan : I find a documentary more sorceful than someone random persons instagram post in spite of what they saw on a documentary. @catherine_o and you're hella biased so I don't care.
fuuckinryan : #eduhateyourself
russmini : One of The Best films Ever!
saschagattiker : 😳 neither did i! @billystyle
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tonyhawk - Tony Hawk
Congratulations to Jersey City, NJ on receiving the $25k grant from @tonyhawkfoundation. The local skaters worked hard to get a park approved, attending council meetings and lobbying their cause for the last 8 years. We are proud to support their efforts. Other grant recipients: McCook, NE; Janesville, WI; Taylor, TX
jvicyjane : @theandyguevara building in our backyard and in our house
tyler__gunderman : @nick_pikowski @cupcake55z @t_gilz @collindasilva @jessepierce489 @jessewalsh719
tyler__gunderman : @polo_ovo
theandyguevara : @jvicyjane 😍😍😍😍😍
nick_pikowski : @tyler__gunderman that's gunna be dopee
l_iamfarrell : Fellas, this is what @tonyhawk is bringing home!!! πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ @d_skeels @mattdetroia @atlantic4 @rob6skeels
_origiinal : When is it gonna be done ? @hoowaan
hoowaan : Not soonπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @_origiinal
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tonyhawk - Tony Hawk
Apparently Snoop is the new @ayc team manager. "Road trip" might have a whole new meaning.
thisisdeezygoinvegan : @c_mo456
victasiaparker : What a great ass selfie
mraafli : @anwarwarr snoop is ayc team manager
geek_sushi : Look at unc @shewhoshall_notbenamed
shewhoshall_notbenamed : @geek_sushi ??
bradd_scott : @turtlesmoke
octaaviomiranda : Fumano mais que brasilia 77 hahhahahahahahaa @_pegrucci
thejoelmichael : Its legal in alaska but we have no skateparks .....
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tonyhawk - Tony Hawk
Brainstorming with Hexbug to create these @circuitboards was a blast. We had an idea, 3-D printed some samples, and by the end of the day we had a working model. The future is now. Music: Curve
mr.awesomepants8675309 : I have 7 of them @tonyhawk
_raakii_ : @danifotero
henco_gersbach : @pistoolpeet
sofiarussi : @fcanhos
sk8er_md : My mom got that for my cousin for Christmas.
ernisto_czd : Fingerboard i ♥
hey_itz_saul : @_ale._._
_ale._._ : @hey_itz_saul coolπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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tonyhawk - Tony Hawk
With Jackie Chan at 2005 @laureussport Awards. He told me a story about fracturing his skull on a miscalculated stunt, blood pouring out of his ears, straight into an emergency brain surgery... while laughing at all the anecdotes. I was fearfully amused.
marcos_paulo_serra : Massa show de bola...
lizhenrocks : Duang!
justin_adelkopf : @imnotasaindoe
imnotasaindoe : Me and you @justin_adelkopf
justin_adelkopf : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @adriandominguez11
abelzleo : Hy tony hawk...i'm from malaysia...can i be your friends..because i like your performens of the skateboard..
abelzleo : Btw nice pic with jackie chan...
baijeremy : duang duang duang
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tonyhawk - Tony Hawk
Here is a picture of words, inviting you to participate in #THTH April 4th (only on Twitter). This is so not what Instagram is for, but I'm just trying to let you know it's on. Follow my tweets that day to join the fun. Free stuff hidden across the world; finders keepers.
thth -
layngoinfo : We are sooooo in!
bymexikn : @juanilloskt averigua bien esto
jimmyjoe_iv : @tcu_athletics should give this a go
suchacz : poland pls
jdove176 : @_darkapparel
bam_otw : Miami?
italialove_cocacola : O(kkkkkkkk
flashman1949 : What about Seattle...
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tonyhawk - Tony Hawk
NSA “street” contest, 1991 (at Powell HQ). I used to find giant vert quarterpipes out on the street all the time, so I was well prepared for such an event.
_aaron_bell_ : @mitchellkubas the last trick is soooo sick lmfao
thedirtyandi : This shits old
hcreate : Found some more footage from 1991 in the UK of @tonyhawk doing 12 mctwists and a 540 olllie at the end. Check it
joeeyp_ : @daannyy___ @josh.f_ @kanegrosvenor_
codynotshaun : @mattparty
midnightmarty : @kipstallion
abronbailey : @tbrawlen
rogieblackflys : @rwashburn #GoodTimes fun day
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tonyhawk - Tony Hawk
Airwalk ad, 1989. I was posing stale 5's this day. Sin Egelja (R.I.P.) shot this photo and told me later that he was using it for an ad. I was on tour in Europe at the time and vowed to learn the trick before the ad came out, so I made my first one on a sketchy ramp under a bridge in Amsterdam the next day. Sin was an artistic genius and we still miss him.
perikoskateboard : Saludos @tonyhawk te veo desde tu videojuego de play 1 😊😊
pichi77 : I had the white/blue 540... So many memories!!
dan2nali : I miss these boots
t_i_s_t_a : @bboyrocky7 you still skate ?
bboyrocky7 : no i dont skate no more thats been in a long time since i use to skate
bboyrocky7 : Lol
bboyrocky7 : But I still have the skill to skate
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tonyhawk - Tony Hawk
One of the hardest tricks I've seen around a corner: bs smith (aka Monty Grind) to revert at #bowlarama... @vikakinho ain't skirred. πŸŽ₯: @jackbing
bowlarama -
mxttoe : @darnell_raymond @s.0phia see, this is me
darnell_raymond : That's not tony hawk πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜­ look at the video @mxttoe @jayceegrif she thought that was tony hawk
duudums : @guilhermerlima
antonioxtr : @adayperez_
felipe_bonaldo : @gu.anthony
banbaoworld : wow
fieragear : Massive!
predatorzclan : @5piks
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tonyhawk - Tony Hawk
Some highlights from Bondi #bowlarama yesterday: @pedrobarrossk8 @runeglifberg me & @buckylasek. I couldn't find video of @vikakinho doing b/s smith revert around the corner, but it was my fav. 🎢: Front 242
bowlarama -
cristhian.a.riveros : Great
baharnaderi : @oj_style
jacobrudin : @lykkeiloson
ramachiotti : @wildpboy isso s é andar !! kkkk
wildpboy : Pooorr Kk @ramachiotti
radioeugene : @yiggityyuump DAMN! he like floated into it. Hella graceful n shit
samanplasy11 : @hilmifarrel
hejnzzz : Daaaammnnn.......!
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