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toddlandstore - Toddland
If you're counting, that's 96 abs. You're welcome. Ok, some of the washboard abs are under piles of laundry, but you didn't even show up. "🎶 @whoischrismartin's back Alright🎶!" #pierclub #newportbeach #newport
newportbeach - newport - pierclub -
whoischrismartin : Just when I thought you ran out of jokes. #toddsgottheburner
rbradshaw065 : Yea the rest of you guys are not pulling your weight in the donut consumption department! #carbdeficiant #you'llbeshiveringcomefebruary haha
howlingpoint - rbradshaw065 - wells0321 - wicked_tight -
toddlandstore - Toddland
We've got enough tourist dollars to last us another year. There's a line at the donut shop every day. And we're over cleaning up the beach after you and explaining the concept that there is no parking on the peninsula. Everybody out of the water. #pierclub #newportbeach
newportbeach - pierclub -
hausvonellis : @whoischrismartin
radicalconeheads : Benny's go home, sincerely New Jersey
whoischrismartin : Is it winter yet
yolandacmc : @dan_mcnamara
liveonceinkoc - rbradshaw065 - - the_house_guy -
toddlandstore - Toddland
Kinda love this by @apemeetsgirl . Now I need a nermal and odie skeletor. And dockboy as trapjaw. #motu #garfield thanks for sharing @weinbeezy !
garfield - motu -
meljoy28 : This is too cool!
vendreska : @teolimark
huggablekoi : @billstewart147
toygami : Amazingly hilariously side splitting funny!
rbradshaw065 - ecoupe_r - - leland.stewart -
toddlandstore - Toddland
Here's your bakers dozen of #beards #boobs and #bulges for the week. You're welcome. #pierclub #newport #newportbeach #comeseehowgoodwelook #allabsphotoshopped
allabsphotoshopped - boobs - bulges - newport - comeseehowgoodwelook - newportbeach - beards - pierclub -
davidecollier : I got the job! Today was my first day. #piñatasfordays
jkoller906 : Sexy crew of misfits ... Well done.
lizzylitt : Ripped!!
howlingpoint - kevin_ohneeder - rbradshaw065 - wells0321 -
toddlandstore - Toddland
what it's like living in a tourist town during the summer. I'm locking myself in. i'll see you guys in september. #newportbeach
newportbeach -
leahdurb : Get out and come hang at the pool weirdo
zsobes : #gooutside
wells0321 - rbradshaw065 - spookymaidens - bambooanime -
toddlandstore - Toddland
if it makes you feel any better, we don't even notice when you're not there. water is dirty. tourists suck. and we traded @toddrsnider for @whoischrismartin in what we can only predict is an awful deal. come get eaten by shark or don't. we don't care either way. pier club #138 #newportbeach #newport #sharkattack #shark #landshark #stayrad
shark - 138 - sharkattack - newportbeach - newport - stayrad - landshark -
rbradshaw065 - the_masoud.sks - huggablekoi - vintagecactus -
toddlandstore - Toddland
ANALRAPIST. Sort of comic con related since its close enough, FINALLY tracked down the @originalfunko Blue Tobis to round out my Arrested Set! I wish they made a Lucille. And Lucille 2. And Annyong. Here's some money. Go see a star war. #arresteddevelopment #funko #popvinyl #tobias #stayrad
funko - stayrad - arresteddevelopment - tobias - popvinyl -
yolandacmc : @dan_mcnamara
astrodeath : I guess I just blue myself...
tstlsoom : Ugh I wanted that one... ANUSTART
familyofcosplay : this is awesome
kathabcde : @collinvowinkel
dan_mcnamara : @hbhatts
dan_mcnamara : @zbruns
zbruns : @dan_mcnamara dang.
benjam_min - onegeekstreet - apauladaycomics - dancer_182 -
toddlandstore - Toddland
my last name is masters and I've collected he-man even before a kid on the playground in elementary school called me todd masters of the universe. So here's my he-man haul from #sdcc #sdcc2015 .I picked up the two awesome 9" paper crafts for $5 each, and the other stuff I had to get a skeletor token from the @super7store booth, go to their store in downtown SD, wait an hour and a half at 1am, and then I was able to get the chia pet moss man (main want for the con), the M.U.S.C.L.E. Motu black exclusive sets, and they gave out that sweet patch there. Can't say enough great things about #super7 and #skeletorslair they did everything right this year, and we're hard to impress. Their @jasonedmistonart commission was even better in person. The battlecat trophy head was insane and they even got the wallpaper right in there. #stayrad #motu #heman #papercraft
heman - stayrad - skeletorslair - papercraft - sdcc2015 - motu - super7 - sdcc -
e__green : M.U.S.C.L.E.!! Loved those things. That took forever to spell.
le_nerd07 : Can't wait until Edmiston releases that painting as a print. I was reluctant to buy the chia pet, but scored the black M.O.T.U.S.C.L.E as well! Great place to be during con.
rockabillykitten : @toddlandstore I picked up Moss Man 😸 I didn't get that awesome patch tho! 😿
onlycatsandfood : I am ruined now bc all I want is that battlecat trophy at home
toddlandstore : @onlycatsandfood they're making it! $5000 American pedis though! @rockabillykitten I went preview night so was in there early, and @e__green they are releasing the pink version of the motu ones everywhere but the two black sets were exclusive. And M.U.S.C.L.E. Are cheap on eBay. And takes forever to spell.
patrickquarter : I am extremely jealous of your hall, most notably the M.O.T.U.S.C.L.E. packs, as they represent two of my favorite toys growing up.
jadedgirl369 - podigyaudio - huggablekoi - imsgg -
toddlandstore - Toddland
another awful day in Newport Beach. Water was too wet, it was a little breezy, and there was a line at the donut shop. Time to move. #pierclub #newport #newportbeach
newportbeach - newport - pierclub -
heavyseas : Donde esta @rosssinclair4 ?
rosssinclair4 : @heavyseas coaching now lifeguarding :(
tj_wiggles : That's why I left.
hayleymann : @dougiemann finally back in action!
rbradshaw065 : Wow glad to hear it sucked since I had to miss! Line for donuts REALLY we gotta find a new pier!
jadedgirl369 - oakgrillnb - rbradshaw065 - ocplasticsurgeon -
toddlandstore - Toddland
It's a pretty old face swap, but still kinda rad to see our Mr. Right Now tee on the biebs, on @fuckjerry . #stayrad #belieber #taylorswift #bieber
belieber - stayrad - taylorswift - bieber -
mcflyyy : @cdobs
santi_girault_igjb : @carley_pinsonneault_
coastalcare - - huggablekoi - vdizz1977 -
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