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toddlandstore - Toddland
tide is whatever. swell is whatever. temp is whatever. sharks are whatever. you're whatever. pier club number 130. #newportbeach #pierclub
newportbeach - pierclub -
whoischrismartin : YES #WHATEVERFOREVER
tj_wiggles : Miss you guys already! πŸ˜­πŸ’¦πŸŒŠπŸŠπŸ»
toddlandstore : @tj_wiggles when you starting pond club Portland??
tj_wiggles : Once I get settled in!
juicy_a : @jurrriee
wrendleton - slade.mirakuru - bambooanime - aaaazgnut -
toddlandstore - Toddland
Here's your weekly dose of swim meat. Water's still cold, bearclaws in the microwave from the donut shop are still warm. #pierclub #newportbeach #getoffyourcouch
newportbeach - getoffyourcouch - pierclub -
tj_wiggles : You were swimming in my tears this morning. πŸ˜­πŸ’¦πŸŒŠ
marveltrcsh - wells0321 - thomasmabercrombie - skyedelviscio -
toddlandstore - Toddland
pc129. 1'tide. 2' swell. water is 60. it's cool. we don't make fun of people that only show up in august once and claim it. you're good. #newportbeach #beards #pierclub
newportbeach - beards - pierclub -
kristinejuliet : 😍😍😍
speonnphoto : Best to claim it for sure
may_seas : @melegasaurus you need to grow your beard back and the. Do this!
adventureish : @tarasimonphoto
tarasimonphoto : @adventureish so good!
themoguard : We should probably get you a moguard
daisydukestx - rbradshaw065 - ecoupe_r - greenparty_ca -
toddlandstore - Toddland
yes, there were sharks up the beach in Huntington. it's the ocean. and this is newps. our sharks are the 1% and have better things to do than eat us. #pierclub #newportbeach #dada #dada #dadada #dadadadadada
newportbeach - dada - dadada - pierclub - dadadadadada -
heavyseas : πŸ˜›
fulphilment : Looks warm
tj_wiggles : Sad I had to miss. Woulda been my last before my move :( oh well... I will return to pier club someday!
daveclarke5 : The city council deemed that sharks were not s good fit for Newport Beach
zoesimonecohen - rbradshaw065 - spookymaidens - illegalitygirl -
toddlandstore - Toddland
we're not just hunks of meat. we're hunks of meat with feelings. #pierclub #newportbeach #whowearsshortshorts #wewearshortshorts looking good @jlomonies
newportbeach - whowearsshortshorts - pierclub - wewearshortshorts -
izuz86 : @jlomonies only if you are ok with being called a whore
sky_lurker : πŸ‘πŸ‘ this is amazing
matt.elder : @sarahelder523
facesgirl : Haha! Laughed loud at this one.
chrisgwerner : Amazing
fulphilment : Some of your finest work here Todd
sarahabeattie : @bremnermorris
bremnermorris : @sarahabeattie this is everything.
jasonwho_dat - scoots_handplanes - wells0321 - spookymaidens -
toddlandstore - Toddland
The profiling HAS to stop! This dog wasn't even speeding and he got pulled over and harassed! We need police reform now. Oh Mr. Fuzzlepants Snugglemonster, we all know you're getting outta this ticket. #newportbeach #police #newportbeachpolice #nbpd #dogs #dogsofinstagram
nbpd - police - dogsofinstagram - newportbeach - newportbeachpolice - dogs -
fulphilment : Looks like a Costa Mesa dog playing his music too loud.
bandofbanshees : #fuzzlepantssnugglemonster πŸ˜‚
toddlandstore : @bandofbanshees we call him FP for short. We boys now.
daveclarke5 : @toddlandstore damnit! That's the 2nd dodger dog has been pulled over in 3 months! This time it looks like GTA! That's not even our car. We try & we try... He's a lost dog
toddlandstore : @daveclarke5 I blame the parents. Wasn't he responsible for a murder a few weeks back too?
daveclarke5 : @toddlandstore πŸ˜₯ where did we go wrong??? should we have pushed him a stroller through Fashion Island to boost his self esteem... Should Teryn have put him in a Louis Vuitton arm bag & gone shopping at Whole Foods? Oh the humanity
b_n_d_k : #whitelab got a warning
jadedgirl369 : Uh oh it's the po po
superc0al - trgmortgage - claws.or.paws - mollythemaltipooo -
toddlandstore - Toddland
It's cinco de mayo AND taco Tuesday. So does the taqueria get the day off or have to work? That's how wormholes get made. #richardsimmons #tacotuesday #cincodemayo
cincodemayo - richardsimmons - tacotuesday -
lennymutt : I feel lucky to have this amazing photo posted on my birthday! 😳
erin_e_finnanigans : @becks53 @cecilylen @cali2kauai @soopasmash oh my sweet baby jesus...
apauladaycomics : There's sadness in them eyes...
prendercat49 : @mbretney
prendercat49 : @adventurejillian
mbretney : @prendercat49 where can we get that outfit?? I want to be festive πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ
scrumpyjake : @leucadia.united @bobbiewobie @sandiegodrinkmxr
toddlandstore : @apauladaycomics how dare you speak about uncle Richard like that!
vhsdude - wells0321 - bambooanime - oakgrillnb -
toddlandstore - Toddland
wear your greedo speedos or just your black ones and a vader helmet. pier club is two days after star wars day, but we make our own rules. may the 6th be with you too. bring your light saber. (ok seriously though, swell may still be gnarly wednesday, so bring your fins or stay in the parking lot if you think it might be too sketchy for you) #seriouslygreedospeedo #bringyourlightsaber #thesearethedorksyourelookingfor #pierclub #newportbeach #starwars #starwarsday
starwars - seriouslygreedospeedo - starwarsday - bringyourlightsaber - newportbeach - thesearethedorksyourelookingfor - pierclub -
wells0321 - rbradshaw065 - thecurioustrooper - bambooanime -
toddlandstore - Toddland
rumor got confirmed in vanity fair. now everybody scream and freak out! so so happy with this! #starwars #starwarsday #episodevii
starwars - bisexualrobotlovetrianglesmatter - starwarsday - episodevii -
le_nerd07 : I'm peed a little when I found out about this!
kristinejuliet : Reading it now!!!
jlockettd : What rumor, Todd Masters?
joeldepartment : So amazing! I loved the Gungan city so cool that most of the last trilogy is going to take place there! I thought the robot nod to gay marriage was a little bit overly topical though.
toddlandstore : @joeldepartment #bisexualrobotlovetrianglesmatter
toddlandstore : @jlockettd if you want to know who is playing Captain Phasma it's all over online. If not, don't look. I heard a few weeks ago, but they announced today. Epic casting call.
jlockettd : Oh baby! That's exciting, thank you for answering, Sir. #pierclubisawesome
andy_is_hungry - marveltrcsh - dasherworld - jamesyhod -
toddlandstore - Toddland
And don't forget it's Cinco de Cuatro today too!! "Cinco de Cuatro is a Newport Beach holiday started by Lucille and George Bluth in 1982 as a way to destroy all Cinco de Mayo food and decorations so Lucille's Hispanic staff wouldn't take May 5 off as part of their "war on May the 5th". #arresteddevelopment #ad #alwaysleaveanote
alwaysleaveanote - arresteddevelopment - ad -
astrodeath : Gene Parmesan!!!
fulphilment : Rebranding genius
facesgirl : @dkanderson4
partyonastro - wells0321 - sargarcia77 - marveltrcsh -
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