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toddlandstore - Toddland
Thank you everyone that came out today for pier clubs memorial to Ben this morning. Around 105 people in the water and another 50 or so on the pier and the beach came to pay their respects. Some amazing words said by Dave Clarke and Dave Collier, some great memorials, 8 bells in his honor, and song in his honor, a written tribute, flowers released on the swim out, and a small plaque placed on the ladder at the pier where ben came out for the last time. Ben's dog even got to join us again on a lap around the pier. Really touching to everyone involved, and his friends and family. Thank you everyone. #newportbeach #pierclub @cityofnewportbeach @newportbeachlifeguard #benwouldgo #bendidgo
newportbeach - bendidgo - benwouldgo - pierclub -
burrito_savant : Respect
violator_photography : Glad to be there. Very sad event yet thankful to see everyone he touched
caitgo : Love this #newportlove #benwouldgo
zekethomasisrad - _zachsummers - steve.shaw1994 - lindor3000 -
toddlandstore - Toddland
Everyone please join us at pier club this week in memory of Ben, who was killed this weekend making a rescue. All are welcome, and feel free to watch from the pier if you can't make the swim. We meet at tower 22. Please share. #newportbeach
newportbeach -
lafirefox : Sorry for this tragic loss Todd :(
natethedeeohdouble : Confirming this is still on...gonna drive down with a couple friends from Anaheim to pay respects.
toddlandstore : @natethedeeohdouble very much so. We start at 745, but we're expecting it to be busy so probably get here a little early.
natethedeeohdouble : Great, will do.
bobbiewobie - rosssinclair4 - michelereyner - eventfarm -
toddlandstore - Toddland
The beards stars and striped, now for my @nothingtoofancyknoxville tank, @raygunshirts meow shirt, @toddlandstore tank or @ambsn_calif trunks. Hmmm, I'm just gonna put it all on. Happy 4th! #stayrad #4thofjuly #murica
4thofjuly - stayrad - murica -
raygunshirts : \m/ 🎉❤️
hayleymann - iamrocketkyle - scottdmartin - luiscadavid -
toddlandstore - Toddland
I've figured out how to stencil stars into my beard. Take that communism. #usa #4thofjuly #america #beards #beard #beardsofinstagram #stayrad #newportbeach
america - usa - stayrad - 4thofjuly - beardsofinstagram - newportbeach - beards - beard -
ashleyhoppis : @junebugarmy tell Stefan to get festive today!
rachael_starr : Yes!!
o_porcupine : Proud of ya
thedieselguy91 : #merica
nikkijeanann94 : Merica @aalleexxd
55queenie : Oh you never fail to impress your mother with your talent. Happy Birthday America!
paulypaul24 : Much respect bro
iloveyou_veronica : That's one of the greatest things I've ever read in my life.
carrie_anne_parent - mikeshaw921 - beardedhero88 - esor_noj -
toddlandstore - Toddland
Well, it's hard to count, but it looks like we had 56 at pier club today! Only 55 pictured as pier club had it's first ambulance ride to the er this am. But the ladies got to hit on firemen, lifeguards, and paramedics, so they didn't think it was all bad. And it definitely wasn't due to a shark attack. Maybe a shakka attack. But not a shark attack. Thanks everyone! #newrecord #murica #pierclub
newrecord - murica - pierclub -
darks1de13 - the_con_fluence - craiger_bombz - rln81 -
toddlandstore - Toddland
Come out tomorrow and help us try to break the record (38) we set last year 4th of July week! And wear something patriotic but not a wetsuit. #pierclub
pierclub -
jlomonies : I'm in
remy_galiard - kristinejuliet - dixiehurst - various_methods_of_escape -
toddlandstore - Toddland
Couldn't help but notice how much this guy in the Phillipines "her" art looks like the Christmas story print I have on my wall #bummer hey @mattowen have you seen this? Not even original colors...
bummer -
lafirefox : Stealing
mattowen : First time I've seen this one.
toddlandstore : @mattowen kinda figured. He's 20 and in the Phillipines so no recourse, but figured you should at least know it's out there.
mattowen : Thanks man.
helloiamms : The cat new When shall we see you my wallet?
tj_wiggles : The dangers of minimalist movie poster art...
sacredbeast : Either way they both jock Saul Bass.
sacredbeast : Cool design though ⭐
andreweisz - michael_ball - arondraws - stevepre2005 -
toddlandstore - Toddland
Now one of our accounts @raygunshirts is the raddest thing to come out of Iowa since #lesliehall, but getting this coozie in the mail from them today... Brah-vo. #freedom #abelincoln #flyingtrex
lesliehall - abelincoln - flyingtrex - freedom -
nick062313 : @angelaktabor
lady_vinyl : God bless the U S of A :')
siddaleeokc : @themessiest
lady_vinyl - haydenswims - meat_loaf - burrito_savant -
toddlandstore - Toddland
we're in the thick of SDCC planning/panic right now, but a fun little package of @originalfunko showed up at the office today, so that makes it all better!! Now to track down the elusive blue tobias... #goonies #arresteddevelopment #sdcc #imamonster #stayrad #anustart
sdcc - arresteddevelopment - goonies - anustart - stayrad - imamonster -
sgames : !!!
toddlandstore : @sgames !!!
aquabatswriter : Omg they make a funko for everything lol
toddlandstore : @aquabatswriter they do!
cartarsauce : I would jiz if sloth was the oversized figure #literally
toddlandstore : @cartarsauce they made stay puft as a 6"!
flea418 : #rockyroad
jillianczahor : OMG! Sloth!
jillianczahor - andreweisz - olliewoggle - hex_101 -
toddlandstore - Toddland
oh my glob! Look what's happening!! Our pals @kidrobot are now pals with cartoon network! This pleased us! #kidrobot #adventuretime #cartoonnetwork @kidrobot
adventuretime - kidrobot - cartoonnetwork -
toddlandstore : We had the pleasure of working with kid robot, Cartoon Network, and adventure time, and all 3 are amazing companies! Couldn't be more stoked for this!
mistavusache : So cool!
thesquidking : Woah @joellenlove
joellenlove : YESSSSS
joellenlove : Plz me sure to make Lady! 🌈 cc: @thesquidking
joellenlove : *be
lafirefox : Love
toygami : I want one!!!
kaipo_ruiz - amanduhbangs - instagrahamjrg - ruthhiiooo -
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