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Colombian narcotics police seized 4.1 tons of marijuana from drug trafficking gangs in two houses in Corinto, Cauca, on March 30, 2015. In this picture, taken by Jaime Saldarriaga of @reuters, a Colombian police officer carries a pack of marijuana seized in the drug bust.
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Lukas Berger, an Austrian photographer, also happens to be an avid clown and juggler. So, when he stumbled upon the traveling Lucky Irani Circus in Pakistan, he decided to join, performing with the crew while photographing its behind-the-scenes. The results offer a never-before-seen look at life at the circus. “Once the curtain opens, the show begins," he tells TIME. "The audience laughs, is amazed, some are beginning to cry. The emotions are noticeable. They are triggered by the gestures and movements of a man with a red nose, baggy trousers and a unique clumsiness.” Berger went on to join two other circuses in Germany and Ethiopia, pictured here. Photograph by Lukas Berger. See more images on LightBox.time.com
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Japan's Meteorological Agency announced on March 29, 2015, that Tokyo's cherry blossoms had reached full bloom, five days earlier than in an average year. In this picture, people are seen rowing boats to enjoy the night view of the cherry blossoms on Chidorigafuchi moat. Photograph by Kimimasa Mayama—EPA. See more images on TIME.com/photography
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In Nigeria, the results of Saturday's general elections are expected to be announced on Tuesday, but already members of the opposition party, All Progressives Congress, pictured here, are protesting, claiming fraud. Nigeria's electoral commission has dismissed these claims. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and the U.K. Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond have released a joint statement calling for a fair count of all votes. "There are disturbing indications that the collation process — where the votes are finally counted — may be subject to deliberate political interference," they said. "The governments of the United States and the United Kingdom would be very concerned by any attempts to undermine the independence of the Electoral Commission, or its chairman, Prof.  Attahiru Jega; or in any way distort the expressed will of the Nigerian people." Photograph by Tife Owolabi—EPA. For more on Nigeria's elections, visit TIME.com
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When the Bergen Museum in Norway closed the doors of its natural history section for restoration in 2013, it was forced to operate an unusual migration: moving thousands of taxidermied animals. The fragile figures had to be carefully wrapped for transportation. Norwegian photographer Helge Skodvin (@hskodvin) took a humorous approach to the move, letting the animals “be themselves,” he tells TIME. Photograph by @hskodvin—@instituteartist. See the full series of images on lightbox.time.com
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Virtual World, Varsity Sport. Photo 3 of 3. Competitive video gaming, as practiced at the Robert Morris University in Chicago, originated in South Korea after the Asian financial crisis of the late 1990s. As a recovery strategy, the government invested in telecom and broadband infrastructure. This fast new network gave young people widespread access to online games, such as StarCraft. In 2000, the government even created the Korea E-Sports Association, which is now affiliated with the Korean Olympic Committee. Today, this phenomenon has taken over the world. In this photograph, taken by Kitra Cahana (@kitracahana) of Getty Images Reportage (@gettyreportage) for TIME, Chris "STARS FourEyes" Broadnax, a 21-year old freshman, practices at Robert Morris University, which recognizes video games as a varsity sport. Find out more in this week’s issue of TIME magazine and on lightbox.time.com
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Virtual World, Varsity Sport. Photo 2 of 3. At Robert Morris University in Chicago, where video gaming is a varsity sport, the Eagles practice up to five hours a day in the iBuypower E-Sports Arena, a classroom that was reconverted into a gaming center. During tournaments and even practice, the team wears jerseys with logos of sponsors on the sleeves. And whereas a picture of a legendary coach may hang in some gyms, here the athletes play under a portrait of the League of Legends warrior Kalista. In this photograph, taken by Kitra Cahana (@kitracahana) of Getty Images Reportage (@gettyreportage) for TIME, Jonathan "McSleuthBurgur" Lindahl, a 19-year old freshman, practices on March 18, 2015. Find out more in this week’s issue of TIME magazine and on lightbox.time.com
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Virtual World, Varsity Sport. Photo 1 of 3. On a recent March afternoon, a group of student-athletes are inside a downtown Chicago building, honing their skills at League of Legends, a five-on-five battle game won by the first team to destroy a glowing tower called the Nexus. These students are not entertaining themselves. They are part of the “e-sports” team at Robert Morris University, the first college in the U.S. to make video gaming a varsity sport like soccer or basketball. In this photograph, taken by Kitra Cahana (@kitracahana) of Getty Images Reportage (@gettyreportage) for TIME, Rachel "Razur" Zurawski, a 20-year old freshman, practices in the Robert Morris University athletic department's practice space on March 18, 2015 in Chicago. Find out more in this week’s issue of TIME magazine and on lightbox.time.com
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A Year in Space. Photo 3 of 3. U.S. astronaut Scott Kelly (@stationcdrkelly), 51, will today lift off for the International Space Station (@ISS) alongside the Russian cosmonauts Gennady Padalka and Mikhail Kornienko. While Padalka will only stay six months in orbit, Kelly and Kornienko will take part in a one-year scientific mission – one of mankind’s most ambitious experiments, which TIME will chronicle in an exclusive series. During the mission, @NASA will specifically study the effects of long-term weightlessness of Kelly’s body, using his twin brother, Mark Kelly (a retired astronaut), as his control subject. The results will help in mankind’s quest to fly a manned mission to Mars in the near future. “A lot of the things that are very worthy endeavors do have risks and I think it’s important for our species to continue to push our boundaries,” Kelly told TIME ahead of his mission. “I feel very fortunate that I’m here and I get to risk it all one more time.” Photograph by Marco Grob—@marcogrob for TIME. Follow Kelly's mission on TIME.com/space. Год в космосе. Фото 3 из 3. Американский астронавт Скотт Келли, 51, сегодня отправляется на Международную Космическую Станцию (МКС) вместе с российскими космонавтами Геннадием Падалкой и Михаилом Корниенко. В то время как командир экипажа Геннадий Падалка вернется домой через шесть месяцев, Келли и Корниенко примут участие в годовой научной экспедиции - самом амбициознм эксперименте, который TIME будет освещать серией эксклюзивных материалов. Во время экспедиции NASA будет изучать влияние длительного пребывания в невесомости на организм Келли с помощью его брата-близнеца Марка, астронавта в отставке, как контрольного объекта. Результаты этих исследований также будут полезны в подготовке пилотируемого полета на Марс в ближайшем будущем."Множество вещей стоят прилагаемых усилий и имеют свои риски, и я думаю, что для человечества очень важно продолжать расширять границы", - сказал Келли перед стартом экспедиции. "Мне очень повезло быть здесь и я готов рискнуть еще раз". Фотография: Marco Grob—@marcogrob for TIME. Следите за экспедицией Келли на TIME.com/space.
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ashli_williamson : My anxiety would not let me stay in space for a year with no fresh air fresh air to smell an walk through the grass. Drive to Wal Mart to my favorite steak house with salad an bakers. No catfish or crawfish hush puppies no trees no family to Kiss an hug an pray nothing seriously happens. That is why I could never do the brave things you all so. God's speed
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A Year in Space. Photo 2 of 3. Russian cosmonaut Mikhail Borisovich Kornienko, 54, will today lift off for the International Space Station (@ISS) alongside his colleague Gennady Padalka and the U.S. astronaut Scott Kelly. He and Kelly will stay in orbit for a full year, engaging in one of mankind’s most ambitious scientific experiment. During their mission, which TIME will chronicle in an exclusive series, the two men will look at seven categories of research, @NASA says, to yield “beneficial knowledge on the medical, psychological and biomedical challenges faced by astronauts during long-duration spaceflight.” The results will help in mankind’s quest to fly a manned mission to Mars in the near future. Photograph by Marco Grob (@marcogrob) for TIME. Follow Kornienko’s mission on TIME.com/space. Год в космосе. Фото 2 из 3. Российский космонавт Михаил Борисович Корниенко, 54, сегодня отправляется на Международную Космическую Станцию (МКС) вместе со своим коллегой Геннадием Падалкой и американским астронавтом Скотом Келли. Он и Келли проведут на орбите целый год, участвуя в самом амбициозном эксперименте человечества. Во время экспедиции, которую TIME будет освещать серией эксклюзивных материалов, они проведут семь экспериментов.  По словам NASA, эти исследования позволят получить новые данные о медицинских, психологических и медико-биологических проблемах, которые испытывают космонавты во время длительных полетов. Эти данные также будут полезны в подготовке пилотируемого полета на Марс в ближайшем будущем. Фотография: Marco Grob—@marcogrob for TIME. Следите за экспедицией Корниенко на TIME.com/space.
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