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People watch the sunset at the Black Sea beach of the seaside resort in Urek, Georgia, July 28, 2015. Photograph by Zurab Kurtsikidze of EPA.
allieswayy : When can we @londonnnnn ?
ariwa_d : Jackie chan 'who am I
haa___jaar : @behrad_b.low @safourafarahani @mahsafarahani 😮
ckristyallen : @bets_wall can we do this
nandrews77 : @ingestmountians
ximevd : @felipeduardoglz
janinaymeri : @safikrete
leilashahabi11 : @shideh_shahabi
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Beijing is set to become the first city in history to organize both the Summer and Winter Olympic Games. Earlier today, members of the International Olympic Committee selected the Chinese capital to host the 2022 Winter Games in a close 44-40 vote against Almaty in Kazakhastan. In 2008, Beijing hosted the Summer Games. In this photograph by Fred Dufour of @afpphoto—@gettyimages, volunteers parade in front of journalists a few minutes before the announcement by the International Olympic Committee on July 31, 2015. Find out more about the bid and the challenges ahead for Beijing on time.com.
thesamueldavid : Thank you! @i_am_libingbing
vivid_moree : this is the problem, why always Beijing, is there no other choice in China?
adel.partovi : @samansafarzaee یادش بخیر دو نفره 37 تا طلا گرفتیم
yettadong : @vivid_moree Maybe it's because Beijing is the capital of China.
korea_women : @yuzhang9416 I think so.
genesislwx : be proud of my country.我骄傲!
cagasama : So glaaaaad!
emmanuelap : Amazing!
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time - TIME Magazine
Suspected Jewish assailants attacked the Palestinian village of Duma in the West Bank early Friday and torched two homes, killing a one-and-a-half year old child and critically wounding at least three people, the Associated Press reports. The Israeli prime minister called the incident a “terror attack.” In this photograph by Majdi Mohammed of @ap.images, a Palestinian man inspects the house after it was torched. Find out more on time.com.
baumster : @thealexmanne dude I appreciate what you're trying to do here as I live in Israel now but you should let it go. These people don't actually give a shit about the truth they just want to hate and argue. And thanks for serving our country!
alainaadel : @dshawn_90
abmartiz : Please don't print information if you have to put "suspected" in front of. It seems like your saying you're just guessing. Not good for a news reporting organization.@time.com
mr_irfan : Shame on you who attacked little child and burn them alive
nyashsilver : Leave the innocent children alone, kill the old but always remember to read the bible you murders
mzkleon74 : All for what? Nothing. Smh. Man
faryarfatemi : @houtankaroubeh
adel.partovi : @samansafarzaee سیاه آقا سیاه کاش که یکم خاکستری بود لعنتی
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time - TIME Magazine
Nadia Comaneci of Rumania (the English spelling for Romania up until the later part of the 1970s) was on the cover of TIME on Aug. 2, 1976. Read more on ti.me/nadia and travel back to the Seventies each Thursday at 9p ET/PT on CNN #70sTimeCovers (Cover credit: John G. Zimmerman)
70stimecovers -
caro_urra_b : I love her!!
claudiatinocofurtado : Nadia was a great athlete and brave humanos being. I admire her!
urania31 : @msthilaire815: I assume this is on prominent display in Ava's room ;-)?!?
247mom_lama : This is the gymnast I told you about khaled @zkhokho
pyoodends : @simonebiles this is going to be U some day 👍
allysmith91 : Yes🙌🙌 @jesscionti
hadieftekhary : @zhgolzadz
eugeniatrejos : @faticienta
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“The robbers—a black man and four white women-strode swiftly into the Hibernia Bank branch in San Francisco's Sunset district, pulling out semiautomatic carbines from under their long black coats. ‘Get on the floor, get on the floor,’ barked the stubbly-bearded leader at the two dozen terrified employees and customers. Two of the women rushed to the cash drawers, while another, in the best Bonnie-and-Clyde style, proudly announced: ‘We're from the S.L.A.’ One of the gang gestured toward the young woman who had taken up a position at the middle of the seven tellers' cages and shouted: ‘This is Tania Hearst!’” Read more about Patty Hearst from TIME’s April 29, 1974 print issue on ti.me/hearst and travel back to the Seventies each Thursday at 9p ET/PT on CNN #70sTimeCovers
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linapgonz3246 : What I meant was it looks delicious and healthy.
beautifulmezs : I know about her bc of #drunkhistory
do_mahoney : That was really hurtful @ahmedmismail
claire_brodmann : @radeacon
ags.777 : patty...Patty has a gun!!
shegi_palang : √
juanpvillarc : Mother of lydia hearst ??
eatsleepseek : "Everybody run, the spoiled rich girl's got a gun."
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time - TIME Magazine
On Oct. 31, 1977, the “war on terrorism” was already on the cover of TIME. Read more on ti.me/waronterror and travel back to the Seventies each Thursday at 9p ET/PT on CNN #70sTimeCovers (Cover credit: Claude Salhani-Sygma)
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projectzrc : War with Terrorism all life
potatochip725 : @lazy_hanr will do
longwayvictor : @ridho_wicaksono Told ya, war mongers will always have a reason to keep their employment. When the short-lived traditional actors have declined in participation of warfare (all hail liberal-democracy), the non-traditional ones seem to be more promising to keep them busy in the long run, thus keeping the wheels turning for those who find no profit in times of peace. Ever heard the term 'monkey business' right? Wars are just another example of it. On this picture, war on terror. In another media, war on drugs. Cyber warfare, though not actually having to involve real troops and weaponry, has the potential to reel in even more money than its coventional counterpart. What's next then? Predictable, as is imaginable. War on pandemic diseases, war on poverty, or even outer-space/galactic warfare. There are always a good number of targets seemingly necessary to rain war and fire upon, and an even better number of reasons (and the wits) to keep finding those targets. Hopefully one day there will exist a 'War on the Warmongers'. Nah, just kidding. Too paradoxical an existence...
rizqi.arifuddin : @safitribonea
ags.777 : religion wars? economic wars? politics wars?..i think what is under real wars is religion.
ags.777 : Like medievels!!!! what progress?
shegi_palang : √
mvhotels : Nice
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time - TIME Magazine
This 18-Foot python was captured in the Florida Everglades on July 9. Found near a popular wildlife-watching trail, the python was a female who measured 18 feet 3 inches and weighed 133 pounds, CBS Miami reports. The longest ever captured in the park measured 18 feet 7 inches long. Photograph by @gatorboys_chris. See more photos on time.com/photography.
chrisstain : @danielbuezo omg maxwell is probably this big nowww
caittybugg : @connroberts next on caittybugs exploration is down to the Everglades 😈🐍
klarckorver : @kurtkorver I always think those demons are global and not here in thee u.s. of a...just disgusting
connroberts : @caittybugg😳
jonmtchel : @annalisapeck
joewmorris : @epmonville sorry dude I can't make it to Florida anymore to many snakes
channy_khem : @fillou_tubs
fayelesly : So scared..!!!
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time - TIME Magazine
One man died on Tuesday night as hundreds of migrants stormed the area surrounding the Eurotunnel before being repelled by police. The man, said to be from Sudan, was ran over by a truck as he tried to board one of the trains that connect France to the United Kingdom. Ministers of both countries are expected to meet to discuss reinforcing security at the border (Photograph by Thibault Camus of @ap.images). Read more on time.com. #Calais #migrants #France #UK
france - migrants - uk - calais -
hbeylot : @christophebeylot English?
emvotino : @stephanievotino
omid_sedighi : @sarahmostofi
muhammadfalalu62 : It's very unfortunate.
carolchu1208 : RIP
sesquires : @liam_t_may omg
iamraziya : Smh @areavis22 :-(
fairytwinklestomp : @thrashermcthrashin @newyorkexplorer every woman in East London already does! Has to stop.
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U.S. President Barack Obama wrapped up his four-day visit to Africa on July 28, 2015, with a rousing address to the African Union in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Earlier that day, he visited the factory of Faffa Food, which produces low-cost and high-protein foods with the help of Feed the Future, Obama’s global hunger and food security initiative. In this photograph, shot by Saul Loeb of @afpphoto/@gettyimages, he is seen laughing at the hair nets that members of the press had to wear during the tour. Read more about Obama’s trip on time.com.
akakyakakyevich : I don't like his tie.
mikaprincess : Love this 💕
_forgetanything_ : #
_forgetanything_ : @giyong_forever 我现在就是这个表情
nik.tila : Lol this pic makes me happy @taniamazzeoiacovella @christinacerminara
badboychao : @leoliyida 😂😂😂
sbk735 : Ещё раз повторюсь . Самый настоящий уебок.
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At least six people have died in the northern Indian state of Punjab after gunmen dressed in army uniforms opened fire at a passenger bus and a community health centre early on July 27, 2015. The attackers then stormed a police station, resulting in a siege that was ongoing hours later as security forces surrounded the area near India’s international border with Pakistan. In this photograph by Sajjad Hussain of @afpphoto—@gettyimages, activists of the Indian Youth Congress (IYC) shout anti-goverment slogans during a protest following the attack. Read more on time.com/world.
younes.photo : Great shot
hrt2hrt1 : Sad!
haamedebaadi : @sajad_jamali6
imagesfoundmedia : true feelings :(
the_call_of_islam_shia : #The_Call_Of_Islam_Shia
rooneyboi : @me__period um. Okay totally relevant. But I do support ms bland
immu30 : Km o m
tuanhaiis : :(
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