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Mary Ellen Mark, the celebrated photographer best known for her in-depth documentary projects and her portraiture, has died. She was 75. During her career, the photographer, who was born in Elkins Park, Penn., near Philadelphia, produced 18 books and was working on her 19th for Aperture. That final project was focused on Tiny, a young prostitute from Seattle whom she had photographed in Streetwise, her much admired opus published in 1988. "In every successful still photographic project that I have completed there has always been a turning point in the story where I felt that perhaps I was working on something that could be very special,” wrote Mark, pictured here in 1967. Photograph by Ralph Gibson. For more about Mark's career, visit lightbox.time.com.
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Memorial Day 2015 is upon us—and, with it, the unofficial start of the summer season. In New York City, thousands of people will crowd the five boroughs’ beaches and pools, putting behind them the long winter months and their freezing temperatures. For German photographer Tobias Hutzler (follow him on Instagram @tobiashutzlerstudios), Memorial Day is the perfect example of what makes New York so attractive. “I’m fascinated by the energy of this city,” he says. “It’s pure life.” Hutzler took to the sky, boarding one of @nyonair’s helicopters to photograph the city’s parks, pools and beaches. “This juxtaposition of colors and people; it’s so beautiful and complex.” See more images on lightbox.time.com.
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Ahead of Memorial Day weekend, the 3rd U.S. Infantry Regiment, the distinguished Old Guard, honors the nation’s fallen soldiers each year by planting more than 228,000 American flags at every grave marker in Arlington National Cemetery. The annual “Flags-In” ceremony echoes the origins of Memorial Day traditions, when both Confederate and Union soldiers decorated the graves of their fallen compatriots after the Civil War. Photographer Brooks Kraft (@bkraft) captured this year’s ceremony on Thursday in a time lapse that shows more than 1000 soldiers planting the flags over four hours. Photographs by Brooks Kraft—Corbis for TIME. See the full video on time.com
sotorenaldo : Bitches dying because they follow goberment order.. for what? Paz? No.. for oil and another business.. thats why the world hates america. Fck you all :)
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Graduates toss their caps in the air at the conclusion of the commencement ceremony for the U.S. Naval Academy Class of 2015 in Annapolis, Maryland on May 22, 2015. Photograph by Kevin Lamarque—@reuters
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This timelapse video shows the view from the Soyuz spacecraft as it is piloted by Russian Cosmonaut Gennady Padalka toward its docking with the International Space Station (@iss) on March 28, 2015. The video was released to TIME by @NASA on Thursday, May 21, 2015. TIME is following the yearlong mission by @StationCDRKelly and Russian Cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko during their stay aboard the International Space Station. Follow the mission on time.com/space
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TIME's new cover: Who killed summer vacation? Photograph by Baldomero Fernandez/ @gallery.stock; Animation by @brobeldesign
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Since 1982, millions of Americans have spent the waning hours of their weeknights with David Letterman. Tonight, after more than a decade hosting Late Night with David Letterman and more than two decades hosting the Late Show with David Letterman, the comedian is hosting his final episode of late-night TV. The show will go on hiatus for the summer, with Stephen Colbert taking over from Sept. 8. In this photograph, shot by Damon Winter for the New York Times via @reduxpictures, David Letterman races to his entrance position, his nightly ritual at the Ed Sullivan Theater. Watch the best moments of tonight’s show and read our full recaps on TIME.com.
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newsant : Had the great pleasure of watching the great man live with a little known @Eddie Izzard in '97 - props to the box office for taking pity on a couple of wide-eyed Brits in the Big Apple and sorted us out with a pair of tickets #ThanksDave #Letterman #NYC
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Violent protests in Burundi – Photo 3 of 3 Demonstrators throw stones at police during a protest against Burundi President Pierre Nkurunziza and his bid for a third term in office, in Bujumbura, Burundi, on May 20, 2015. While the president is expected to announce that local and parliamentary elections will be delayed to June 5, he has so far refused to remove his name from the running in the June 26 presidential elections. Photograph by Goran Tomasevic—@Reuters.
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Violent protests in Burundi – Photo 2 of 3 Burundi, a country in the Great Lakes region of Africa, has been experiencing its worst political crisis since 1993 ever since its Constitutional court validated President Pierre Nkurunziza’s decision to seek a third term in office. On May 13, Army General Godefroid Niyombareh attempted a coup against Nkurunziza, but he was forced to surrender to government forces two days later. In this photograph, by Carl de Souza—@afpphoto/@gettyimages, a woman carrying her baby is seen walking past as protestors gather by a burning barricade during a demonstration in the Cibitoke neighborhood of Bujumbura on May 19, 2015.
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Violent protests in Burundi – Photo 1 of 3 After weeks of protests in Bujumbura, Burundi, the president, Pierre Nkurunziza, is expected to announce that local and parliamentary elections will be delayed to June 5. Yet, further clashes broke out today, with police forces firing on protesters who have called for Nkurunziza to withdraw his plans to run for a third term in office. In this photograph by Goran Tomasevic—@Reuters, policemen are seen in clashes with demonstrators in Bujumbura.
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