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Tombstones are seen at a cemetery at the Kenama Ebola treatment center, run by the Red Cross Society, in Kenema, Sierra Leone on Nov. 15, 2014. Photograph by Francisco Leong—AFP/@gettyimages. See the full gallery of TIME's pictures of the week on time.com
exploringmarkets : So sad. Our thoughts go out. Ebola is a terrible disease. Luckily many companies, major biotechs and more, are searching for an answer.
melomys : Sad
ahsw : @rupertday thanks for the heads up about your pictures. It's nice to see something positive about the area.
rupertday : @ahsw no problem and thanks for looking! It's a beautiful country, just very unlucky
kibobofred : RIP
deborah.brandon : So heartbreaking
jay043 : :(
bg702 : @justjohnnyy
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Indian soldiers take part in a demonstration of 'fire breathing' at the start of Operation Hand in Hand, a joint training exercise between Indian and Chinese troops, at Aundh Military Camp in Pune, India on Nov. 18, 2014. Photograph by AFP/@gettyimages. See the full gallery of TIME's pictures of the week on time.com
mahesh4689 : Proud of indian army.
mailonmars : Indian X-men vs Chines Avengers )))
upasanavasant : @lyrabelacoux @mehularora5 😮
afaiknothing : @michelle2690 this is happening while you decide between yogurt or cereal. Remember that
ryder_skateboard56 : @merrychristmasfromapple give away in bio
marklushman5 : @bradyheff holy shit
carter_caro : @bmackinonyourgirl
jcpdiesel21 : Whoa!
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A view of a sinkhole stretching 20 by 30 meters at the Solikamsk-2 mine in Perm territory, Russia on Nov. 20, 2014. Photograph by Itar-Tass/Corbis. See the full gallery of TIME's pictures of the week on time.com
sweetrain217 : @rbfrbf2 what a scary pic
smalahovet : Å herregud en av mine størse angster å bli utsatt for! Særlig i Russland! @idaoehlund @anholu @robbbwest
lizhenrocks : Americans are digging through!
aliciachavon : So that means homes were destroyed and lives were lost 😰
tintonardhie : Whopppp
ginesalarcon : @seriozhap__
scheepsparkiet : @likebettedavis Here it is again, could this be RB-s Hoofprint?
jcpdiesel21 : Holy cow!
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This week's Genius Issue of TIME takes a look at the year's best inventions. Pictured is the real-life hoverboard, inspired by the movie Back to the Future II and created by California-based tech firm Hendo. Circular "hover engines" create a magnetic field to lift the board a few inches above a conductive surface, like aluminum. Photograph by Justin Fantl (@fantl) for TIME. See more best inventions in this week's issue of TIME and on time.com
_lewall_ : Baggggg
cbucket : @dusteetorres good stuff
daphneiliaki : @zazeo
dribezerritz12 : @marsicco
patrickmelgaco : @henriquemarques
mattlillig : @benlillig @nathanandhollylillig
m_sampedro : Habían hecho muchas bromas otros años, ahora si es en serio?? @loresampedro
joseph__li : Cool
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On Nov. 20, 2014, President Obama announced an executive order granting legal status to almost 5 million undocumented immigrants. While the country debates immigration issues on the current U.S.-Mexico border, artists David Taylor and Marcos Ramirez ERRE are exploring the 1821 border between the two countries, which reached as far north as Oregon, encompassing all of California, the southwest, and Texas in Mexico. "[This is] about the the transitory nature and ephemerality of borders..." says Taylor. "History does not support them as a static phenomena, they move around all the time." (Photograph by David Taylor and Marcos Ramirez ERRE). See the full story on LightBox.time.com
_jenjen94 : @_eli_reyes_ oh wow! Good for your family then! Well, see, if your family pays taxes then all illegal aliens must pay taxes, right? Yeah. No. That's not how it works. Open your eyes.
natewaterfill : @_eli_reyes_ then they should be appreciated, not deported. I stand with and work with immigrants.
_eli_reyes_ : @natewaterfill thank you. God bless you
debravilla : Well said @wb_4444!
debravilla : @legion-dr u r so ignorant. Not all illegals are from Mexico and if you read the details you will see it does include educated students in tech sector!!!!!
darlinjewelry : Nice :) Please check out our collection of jewelry @darlinjewelry
miller.mom1 : For all those screaming for impeachment because they think is illegal you are so wrong! http://www.pensitoreview.com/2014/11/17/impeachable-18-immigration-executive-orders-by-republican-presidents/
rulenumb3r6 : @universalmagazine - fair. But you have to admit you are making very broad claims. Let me guess, you watch CNN- same problem Fox has- only opposite bias. - just because the president is not white doesn't mean you can state that's why an entire betwixt is against him. It's his poor decision making - exactly why no one approved of the white president Bush. It really irritates me that people still have the need to pull that card every chance they get. It's OLD!!!!
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time - TIME Magazine
He was "the sort of director whom most writers and actors only meet when they are asleep and dreaming," wrote TIME in a June, 1970 cover story about Mike Nichols. The legendary director, of The Graduate and The Birdcage fame, died on Nov. 19 at the age of 83. Photograph by Archive Photos/@gettyimages. See more remembrance of Nichols on time.com
niasoejoedi : One of the great director!I love the graduate
rostyle99 : How come they don't mention he was Diane Sawyers hub
maggiesteber : He is gone too soon.
og.alonzo : @apple.iphonefree got me a iPhone
rhe_4jc : RIP
historyofficial : HISTORY PAGE FOLLOW US
katclairemcc : @mmfarley another famous mike Nichols!
liputan6 : Hallo everyone, we are media from Indonesia, if you want to know everything about Indonesia, you can follow us :)
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TIME's new cover: The Genius Issue featuring Benedict Cumberbatch, Walter Isaacson on Alan Turing and the 25 best inventions of 2014. Photograph by Dan Winters for TIME.
kuoweihsuan : @h2odie 居然!!去誠品買啊~~~
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hustinita : @icalat28 😘
josiejette : That's amazing @nicasa !
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isaac_0211 : @hehehahaka wow
ketleng : @annemreyes @charidaclaire @meggay89 #cumberbitches
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On Tuesday, a blizzard slammed many parts of the U.S. Over six feet of snow hit Buffalo, N.Y. and its suburbs, paralyzing the area. At least 100 people were trapped and six died. Scott Naauao (@naauao) took this photo of the "morning snow" in Buffalo, N.Y. on Nov. 19, 2014. See 15 more images of this snow storm on time.com
zzzzhiyu : @glencwm
thekushtrimavdiu : I want half of this snow in my country
ms_etaha : @opin_yunated omg
_katelyndavis_ : @lfassel ❄️😬🙈😳
arwaka_ : @thikriat_aljewair
nrgcld : We need some in sunny California
mtgjarina : Terrible weather
jlynncoops : I do, no work #snowday @devansi
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Two Palestinians armed with meat cleavers and a gun stormed a Jerusalem synagogue during morning prayers Tuesday, Nov. 18, 2014, killing four — including three American-Israeli dual-citizens — in the city's bloodiest attack in years. Police killed the attackers in a shootout. In this photograph, Ultra-Orthodox Jews carry the body of Mosheh Twersky during his funeral in Jerusalem. Photograph by Oded Balilty—AP. See the full story on time.com
vihari_gollakota : Serves them right. 4 Israelis killed and time is blabbing. What about thousands, including kids and infants killed during Israeli air strikes? That said, they shouldn't have attacked them while in prayers.
meabanks81 : Israel is targeting areas where there will be fewer casualties. Can Palestinians say the same, NO! Americans should stand behind Israel no matter the cost to us, they are our only true allies. They are not teaching hate in their school like so many Muslims are and Israel only wants to live in peace....to coexist does not mean to behead those who will not do as you wish them to do!
thrashermcthrashin : Religion is hilarious. Thank you for the entertainment, idiots!
ayseee_nur : @thrashermcthrashin It's not about religion. It's about the injustice the Palestinensians have to face and a crime Israel is committing!
thrashermcthrashin : Why do you think Israel was created in that specific place? Why are the Palestinians still fighting an occupied force which they have no chance of beating? All because it's deemed holy land and sacred because of religion. Religion is a cancer, a disease. Man made god in his image and we've been killing each other over "him" ever since.
thrashermcthrashin : @ayseee_nur
donghaochuan : Jews get out of Palestine!
donghaochuan : Fuck Israel
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time - TIME Magazine
"My motive has always been to open a window on North Korea," says David Guttenfelder (@dguttenfelder), a freelance photographer and one of National Geographic's Photography Fellows, who in 2011, helped open the Associated Press' first bureau in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK). "There are so few images coming out of there, and yet there's so much interest." Guttenfelder, along with five amateur photographers, launched @EverydayDPRK to offer a unique view of the country. In this image, a Pyongyang traffic police officer is portrayed. Photograph by Andrea Lee (@andrea_uri) for @EverydayDPRK. See the full story on LightBox.time.com
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donghaochuan : American troops have killed thousands of innocent Korean people during the Korean War. The truth is always hidden by the wicked American government. Eisenhower didn't want the whole world to know they are the real killer.
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