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Labor Day weekend is one of the busiest travel times of the year, with nearly 35 million people traveling, and almost eighty percent traveling by air. Photographer Kevin Kunstadt began making long exposures of airplanes as they flew over the New York City area at night, creating surreal and eerily beautiful images that chart the flight paths travelers will take this holiday weekend. (Photo by Kevin Kunstadt) See the full gallery on TIME.com
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On the unofficial last day of summer, TIME presents a gallery of the hottest trend hitting beaches in China: the Face-kini. 58 year-old Zhang Shifan created the look to protect herself from jellyfish and the summer sun. (Photo by @kevinfrayer - @gettyimages) See the full gallery on TIME.com
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Skateboarder Chris Young, 22, launches himself off a buckled sidewalk in Napa, Calif., following a magnitude 6.0 earthquake on Aug. 24, 2014. (Photo by Noah Berger—AP) See the full gallery of TIME's most surprising photos of the month on time.com
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Sept. 1, 2014, marks the 10th anniversary of the brutal siege by Chechen terrorists on School Number One, in Beslan, the Russian republic of North Ossetia. Two days later around 330 people would be dead, more than half of them children. Photographer Diana Markosian returned to the school to photograph the people who survived, and the makeshift memorials that have emerged in the decade that has passed. (Photo by Diana Markosian) See the story on lightbox.time.com
erikrojasarenas : Sad...this world is moving around hate and violence.
mortarman81mm : ...and who killed em? Muslims....
anteian : Yeah ! May they rest in peace ! Not with evil moon god , Al' lah in charge ! Dirty muzrats !
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stephen32d5 : Photo by @markosian
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time - TIME Magazine
Runners clear a fence in The £500 Permanent Money Backs Handicap Steeple Chase at Fontwell racecourse in Fontwell, England on Aug. 28, 2014. (Photo by Alan Crowhurst—@GettyImages) See the full gallery of TIME's pictures of the week on time.com
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This week on #LightBoxFF we profile photographer Dave Krugman (@dave.krugman), who uses his popularity on Instagram to bring exposure to some of New York's finest museums. This month, he's worked with the American Museum of Natural History (@amnh), bringing with him a group of Instagram photographers such as Karim Mustafa @karim.mustafa and John Suarez @jmsuarez_ seen here photographing dinosaur fossils in the Hall of Saurichian Dinosaurs. (Photo by Josh Raab @instagraabit) Read the full story at lightbox.time.com #FF
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See TIME's new cover: The Answers Issue—Everything you never knew you needed to know
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mattyrlambert : Does this edition have that amazing Ultimate music chart that's posted online in it?!? That chart was so much fun to read and analyze! http://time.com/music-ranking
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billyleungjok : @henn.penn at least this is not polka dots. I don't like polka dots. Give me goosebumps.
henn.penn : @billyleungjok regularity in pattern helps me, so polka dots are not too bad for me. I don't like irregular dense patterns, like wet fur/feathers of penguins!
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time - TIME Magazine
“I think the smartphone is a radical change,” explains photographer and film maker Henry Jacobson, who curated the exhibition 'The Space Between: Redefining Public and Personal in Smartphone Photography,' on display at the Center for Photography at Woodstock (@cpwwpc) through Sept.15, 2014. “The fact that everyone is a photographer has changed the way that everyone thinks about photography. It’s become about the sharing of experience, rather than the sharing of a moment, and that’s something that I think is entirely new.” (Photo by @dannyghitis and @dzalcman — @echosite) See the story on lightbox.time.com
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time - TIME Magazine
Summer might be coming to an end, but for Polish photographer Michal Solarski it's just the beginning as he takes a trip down memory lane, looking back at past family vacations to the "Hungarian Sea." “For us everything was new,” remembers Solarski. "The fancy cars driven by the tourists from West Germany or Austria, the shops with assortments that, for us, were virtually mind blowing, and the ice-cream in all possible flavors and colors. It was impossible to experience that in 1980s Poland, where shops were still only offering basic goods.” (Photo by Michal Solarski) See the story on lightbox.time.com
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time - TIME Magazine
Photographs of daily life don't always make the news, but for a group of documentary photographers, they are essential to dispel common misconceptions about the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Latin America and even the U.S. TIME speaks to the founders of the Everyday Movement. (Photo by @ahmadmousa — @everydaymiddleeast) See the story on lightbox.time.com
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