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'Kehinde Wiley: A New Republic', a career-length survey of the artist's work, is on display at the Brooklyn Museum through May 24, 2015. Wiley developed his artistic strategy in 2001, not long after receiving an MFA from Yale. Recruiting young African-American men off the street in Harlem, he would invite them to leaf through art books at his studio and choose a pose from an Old Master painting. He would photograph them in that posture but costumed in the latest street gear, and use that shot as the basis for a large photo-realist painting that carried the title of the earlier canvas. This image, 'Two Sisters,' is modeled after a painting by Riccardi Tisci from 1843. Painting by Kehinde Wiley, Courtesy of Sean Kelly, New York. Read more in this week's issue of TIME.
lainag23 : @fashionablybroke get there before it opens?
almost_famous_tho : @worldwidewest ... How ironic!.. @the_drop13 & I were discussing this exhibition this morning.
kenezra : @smackriley 😏
lilreddavies : @saritaroja maybe your wedding dress
ouleye_ndoye : @fatoundoye
danivitorio : Que lindeza @leuliana88
michaelchaucertorello : @shannon_harkey1
gloricohen : Thursday!! @emarans
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The animal mind is a complex thing, but there is new hope for nonhumans suffering from human-like psychological problems. Thanks to advances in areas like biology, genetics and neuroscience, we are learning more about the vulnerabilities of the animal mind. It isn’t easy: only the animals know what they’re feeling, and they’re not saying. Animals in the wild live the lives they’re intended to live. But, animals that are forced to interact with humans live very different ones—in zoos, circuses, amusement parks. Photograph by Evan Kafka (@evankafka). Learn more about psychological problems in animals and how to treat them in this week's issue of TIME.
imraff : @alecdibrino look 😺
paigecatharine : You @a.bbydean
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cindybcraw : @saguilar2012 that cat is beautifully grumpy
shabibs : @nadia1201
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#TIMEDISPATCH - National Harbor, Md., Feb. 27, 2015. Jeb Bush took the microphone at CPAC on Friday to the theme song from 'Rocky,' foreshadowing his bid for president in 2016. Of the question-and-answer session, he said “that was raucous and wild and I loved it," although a group of costumed activists continued to chant "No more Bushes!" He later argued for expanding the Republican tent: “There are a lot of conservatives out there in America who just don’t know it yet.” Photograph by Mark Peterson (@markpetersonpixs—@reduxpictures) for TIME. See more photos and CPAC coverage on time.com
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ic206bones : Florida no longer had a surplus when he left, just a massive deficit. 💙
imac2good : That's all the country needs, another thief and lying Bush, more deficit and wars. No thank you!!!
wrd2yamother : Ughhhh No No Noooooo more Bushes or Clintons or Kennedys. No more dynasties in the White House. Give others a chance. Plenty more capable Americans as long as they are not named above
innadesilva1 : A man should be judged on his own merits. He was a great governor in Florida
brett.wilks : @time not sure what the journalistic intention is behind this coverage. The photos (thus far) are ordinary. The supporting writing Has been insightful. If it was an intention to illustrate conservatives as the above, you've succeeded. Overall I'm not sure this exercise is yielding the stories and interesting portrayals of the main characters.
brett.wilks : Correction: should read above the writing has NOT been insightful
bootsje : Was job bush governor when bush won the election by voters recounting in Florida
albertotiezzi : 👍👍👍
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"Live long and prosper." Leonard Nimoy, the actor who popularized the Vulcan salute as Spock on Star Trek, died on Friday, Feb. 27, 2015. He was 83. Nimoy first starred on the Star Trek TV show in 1966, and then appeared in Star Trek: The Next Generation, as well as eight movies, including J.J Abrams' reboot movies. Photograph by Silver Screen Collection/@gettyimages. Go to time.com for more photos and information.
bronxnation : And William Bell!!!
eva19 : Спок вернулся на свою планету...
1_ms_e : RIP
michel_petillo : @time Who took the picture?
lrosari : One and only, RIP.
dbldbl67 : 🙏
davidchamber1 : Rip
munca048 : R.I.P
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The space selfie phenomenon is trending, but it's not new. Astronauts have been turning the camera on themselves since 1966. Pictured here, JAXA astronaut Aki Hoshide takes a selfie in Sept., 2012. Photograph by Aki Hoshide—@nasa. See the 10 Best Space Selfies Ever Taken on time.com/photography.
kristifitzgerald : @robzeh
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bon1578 : @foxeymoxie he wins.
barbarakosmic : It beats every stupid #Selfie Kim Kardashian will ever post. Booooooom!!!!
nani08 : @josieguida very coolis
sanisayma : Tremenda foto
justafitlife : @melilugox3
davidchamber1 : This is such a cool picture. I like the way you can see the earth in the helmets face mask.
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#TIMEDISPATCH - National Harbor, Md., Feb. 26, 2015. New Jersey Gov. Christie struck a defiant tone at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference Thursday, taking swings at the media and his leading presidential rivals as he fought off the notion that his likely presidential campaign is moribund. “When you do things like I’ve done in New Jersey, that take on a lot of these special interests that they support, they just want to kill you,” Christie said, of the New York Times. "And here’s the bad news for them. Here I am and I’m still standing.” Photograph by Mark Peterson (@markpetersonpixs—@reduxpictures) for TIME. See more CPAC coverage and photos on time.com
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battttttt : Yo who's running this circus? Don't tempt me...DON'T MAKE ME. Clean it up! TRY IT AGAIN TRY ME bb
lizarizzo : @xtina_egea
johnnykaramkaram : @nelly_raad
ripeduck : Haha @lurrywales #hatethegame
mudbucket24 : Oh please!
beezkneez13 : @reidspeedmen
campkmomma : he talks the talk but doesn't walk the walk!
rickyd32 : Will not get my vote...
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The Desert Sunlight Solar Farm in California's Mojave Desert is the world's largest solar plant with eight million panels producing 550 megawatts of power — enough to supply 160,000 homes. For the latest issue of TIME, we commissioned Jamey Stillings to photograph the plant, which, he says, could become as important as the Hoover Dam or the Empire State building in people's minds. “I’m interested in acknowledging the fact that, not too far down the road, we’re going to start having a historical perspective on these plants," he says. Photograph by Jamey Stillings for TIME. See more in this week's issue of TIME and on LightBox.time.com
treishka : http://www.syracuse.com/news/index.ssf/2014/08/mojave_desert_solar_plant_cook.html an interesting article about the impact this solar farm is having on avian wildlife. It really makes you wonder what can we do? Solar energy is better than coal or nuclear sources...they should crowd source a resolution. Someone out there knows how to keep the birds away.
skydrones : 👍👏👏👏👏👏👏
saeedeh_delaram : @zarilena این چیه النا توضیح بده
pierocanestr : The best energy.👍👍👍
zarilena : @saeedeh_delaram اين؟! اين همون عقل و شعوريه كه از تكنولوژى و انرژى سالم و مفيد مجانى طبعيت، داره بهترين استفاده رو مى كنه! آى! الهى من بخار شم كه تو اين مملكت درندشتمون حداقل دو تا كوير گنده داريم آآآ!!! 😫😫😫 ما توش مين ميذاريم مردم برن روش منفجر شن! بعد اين كفاربى دين صهيونيست غرب زده اينطور از نعمتهاى خدا بهره كشى و سوءاستفاده مى كنن!؟؟؟ والا! 😭😭😭😭
zarilena : @saeedeh_delaram متن انگليسيش رو مطالعه نفرمودى آيا دلبرم؟! بزرگترين سلول خورشيدى زمينه در كاليفرنيا، انرژى ١٦٠،٠٠٠ خونه رو تامين مى كنه... نوش جونشون! حقشونه! لياقتشونه! ما فقط ادعا و كفرنعمت و شكايت... 😔😢
tamtasticfitness : @nanumbat this is awesome!
chptchavez : The biggest one in the world its under construction @ México. It will produce 1,100,000 Megawatts of power, more than twice the one we are reading about. If interested contacto me mch@markur.com
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#TIMEDISPATCH - National Harbor, Md., Feb. 26, 2015. The conservative grassroots are gathering by the thousands just outside of Washington, D.C., for the annual ritual known as the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). Part political rally, part marketing bonanza and part youth bacchanal, the event is one of few in which the far-flung factions of the party come together for a three-day blitz of speeches, panels and policy sessions. TIME will provide live coverage throughout the event, with photographer Mark Peterson publishing his dispatches from the conference floor. Pictured here, a reporter asks CPAC attendees to pick their favorite candidate. Photograph by Mark Peterson (@markpetersonpixs—@reduxpictures) for TIME. Follow @TIME and time.com for more CPAC articles and photos.
timedispatch -
lildfromokc : @tilieduong haha to hold a sign to tell them how narrow minded they are!
busterdiamonds : Dr. Ben Carson?
keithstueven : Dicks on sticks....what a bunch of fucktards.
tomsssssssb : Lol
j_so_money : Goofballs!!!
angie273687 : Wow, those choices...uhg
jl63_11 : We need a change in Washington , let the process begin
avarms : 😑🔫 @jayckatz
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See TIME's new cover: The ISIS Trap. Illustration by Jay Shaw for TIME
azreens : Perceiving ISIS as 'Muslim' is ignorant and incorrect. There is nothing Islamic about what they do and they have murdered Muslims, activists who helped Muslims and many other innocent lives. Burning a helpless man alive highlighted the fact that they're not Muslims even more as burning any creature, humans or animals alike, is strictly forbidden in the Quran. Everything they have done thus far contradicts the normal habits of a practicing Muslim. Slapping the label 'Islam' on themselves takes no effort whatsoever but that doesn't make them part of the society that makes up 23% of the global population. So again, perceiving ISIS as 'Muslim' is ignorant and incorrect.
justinbierrrrrr : @azreens agreed! I've also heard that some fighters buy books like "Islam for Dummies" they may masquerade as Muslims, but they take the Quran out of context.
annafho : @fabsantor 👀💥
xynned : Thought it was this is a trappp lmao
lhuisa : hahahaha podíamos bolar algo assim pra capa de domingo, não? @cossenos
cossenos : @lhuisa pensei nisso! amanhã vou sugerir ai :)
nikiyaberry : @coryskky
coryskky : Another #CIA creation funded by American tax payers....just a thought
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Brazil is currently experiencing its worst drought in 80 years. The Cantareira reservoir in Sao Paulo, which is the region's main source of water, is currently at 6% of its total capacity. This image shows an aerial view of the Atibainha dam, part of the Cantareira reservoir, on Feb. 23, 2015. Photograph by Victor Moriyama—@gettyimages. See more on time.com/photography
paulnery : The government of São Paulo did not invest in this sector, the right-wing party did not think it was important, so this happened. It is not lack of rain, because the city gets flooded every time it rains, it is lack of planning , they did not build water reservoirs enough.
paulnery : Other States did, though.
jpnachabe : @fclmello Brazil is useless to the world lol
fclmello : why are you still living here?
rivaldoraf : Brazil needs a efficient environment politics and combat the corruption.
___maliboo___ : @thecoolpori
james9rodriguez : hi, #halamadrid
jaan_li : @deannadongg yap #truestory
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