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time - TIME Magazine
Summer might be coming to an end, but for Polish photographer Michal Solarski it's just the beginning as he takes a trip down memory lane, looking back at past family vacations to the "Hungarian Sea." “For us everything was new,” remembers Solarski. "The fancy cars driven by the tourists from West Germany or Austria, the shops with assortments that, for us, were virtually mind blowing, and the ice-cream in all possible flavors and colors. It was impossible to experience that in 1980s Poland, where shops were still only offering basic goods.” (Photo by Michal Solarski) See the story on lightbox.time.com
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Photographs of daily life don't always make the news, but for a group of documentary photographers, they are essential to dispel common misconceptions about the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Latin America and even the U.S. TIME speaks to the founders of the Everyday Movement. (Photo by @ahmadmousa — @everydaymiddleeast) See the story on lightbox.time.com
saskatchp : Yea, these are people caring about their own, making sure genocide does not befall them all.
fireshenice : I want to see the end. 😄
ddsstuffandthings : Time, you suck! Fucking uneducated brick Time. #loversnotfighters
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time - TIME Magazine
TIME’s new cover on the tragedy of Ferguson: How the shooting of Michael Brown reignited the race conversation. Photograph by Scott Olson–Getty Images
nadiamckinney : @kersygirl I wanna get this one
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hennessytuxedo : Way to fuel the fire Time. Fuckin joke of a magazine. Not surprised at all
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bryce_badger : @silkie123its_a_silkielife4me @efrenramirez1963 James Foley is not worthy of a Time Cover. TIME not times cover.
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crispiechipz : I'm sorry but I need to say this after reading an article.
mzd2 : I'm so ashamed of being American after seeing what looked like a battle zone iny country. But when the pale faces protest, they're protected. And mind you I am white.
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time - TIME Magazine
The Ebola outbreak has killed more than 1,200 people in West Africa in the last five months. In this photograph, shot by @gettyimages' Moore, Fambulle stands over her husband Ibrahim after he staggered and fell, knocking him unconscious in an Ebola ward on Aug. 15, 2014 in Monrovia. Read Moore's harrowing account of the situation on the ground. (Photograph by John Moore—Getty Images) Visit lightbox.time.com for the full story.
mohamadhshirazi : Wow.great..
samelissam : So sad 😢
jvir_17 : This happens and the photographer decides to take a pic wtff
betagamizado : lol photojournalism seems cruel, but it's necessary. After all, he couldn't do nothing to help that man, it's not up to him.
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vlippon : If a photographer doesn't take a pic it's not written and not seen. He doing his job for us and a solution.
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Smoking is ingrained in Indonesian culture, with children lighting up their first cigarette from the age of four, finds Canadian photographer Michelle Siu. Ilham Hadi, shown here, has smoked up to two packs a day. Photo by Michelle Siu (@monstermeesh) See the story on lightbox.time.com
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#TIMEDISPATCH Ferguson, Mo., Aug. 17, 2014. A man holds a sign that reads, “Stop killing us” in a cloud of tear gas after further protests and clashes with police in Ferguson, Mo. on Aug. 17. More than a week after Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager, was shot to death by police officer Darren Wilson, Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon has imposed a curfew and deployed the National Guard. "I can tell you now, this is only the beginning,” says photographer Jon Lowenstein (@jonlowenstein), who is in Ferguson for TIME. “It isn't going to end soon." See TIME’s full coverage on time.com.
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renaadaspears : Inhuman is just inhuman... No 1 way outweighs the other
cassiemone : Gay
w.seals : This situation is terribly sad. What decent, responsible citizen would even consider attending such an unstable situation... much less a parent actually taking a child with them to witness the chaos? Absolutely amazing and extremely foolish. As well, the media needs to stop adding fuel to the fire.
j_keeps_thundering : @chaosychaoser yes what's happening in iraq is horrible but you cannot come to a picture that is relevant to another situation and argue that people should be discussing another issue... this is not the place for that.. go to a blog that is talking about that specific incident and stop arguing witu people who have concerns with this issue that's happening in our own back yard...people have every right to discuss this topic.. what's happening here is out of control and we will one day be like those in iraq and other countries if we don't start facing our issues here...head on
herfianto23 : Its just the media guys..I live in st louis and shits fine around here
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shopianmarko : @time Amazing photos and gallery! You have such a captivating page.
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time - TIME Magazine
Spectators watch as a diver Sali Riza Grancina performs the winning jump from the Ura e Shenjte bridge during the traditional annual high diving competition, near the town of Gjakova, Kosovo. (Photo by Visar Kryeziu—AP) To see the full gallery of TIME's Pictures of the Week visit time.com
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Tide spectators react to a high wave hitting the bank of Qiantang River in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, China. (Photo by Xu Kangping—EPA) To see the full gallery of TIME's Pictures of the Week visit time.com
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At first glance, Japanese photographer Takehito Miyatake's photos of magical firefly trails, glowing forests, and the eruptions of the Sakurajima volcano in Japan call to mind a long-forgotten childlike sense of wonder, but his photos also reveals his profound reverence for the power of nature and a confident, lyrical use of light that is more often found in painting than in photography. See the story on lightbox.time.com
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This week on #LightBoxFF, TIME speaks to Stacey Baker (@stace_a_lace) an Associate Editor at the New York Times Magazine, who has an Instagram feed full of ladies legs, which she photographs on the streets of New York City in what she calls an "impromptu creative exchange." (Photo by Stacey Baker) See the story on lightbox.time.com #FF
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