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"Our goal is never to vandalize," says the photography collective @Dysturb, which, for the past week, has been pasting poster-size versions of news images across New York City in a bid to inform people about world events. "The public's reaction has been very positive. People want to know what we're doing and they want to know about these images. Photography is a universal language and this is proof of it." Photo by Capucine Bailly (@capbailly). Read the full story on lightbox.time.com. #dysturb
dysturb -
talesofordinarymadness.co : 👍
keeseehugsatl : @akrav25 @seestill Check this out! How original and powerful.
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sarah_karpell : Follow @timelapseoftoday for AMAZING time lapses
natalia_fregoso : @espiritudgante
kbeseda : Inventive way to communicate. I'm glad they're getting noticed.
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time - TIME Magazine
Members of the Syrian Kurdish Altay family try to spot their relative, Zamani Suruc, who is fighting against Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS) jihadists in the Syrian border town of Kobani, also known as Ain al-Arab, from the Turkish Syrian border village of Mursitpinar, on Oct. 20, 2014. Photograph by Bulent Kilic—AFP / @gettyimages. Find out more about the situation in Kobani on TIME.com.
miladdisturbia05 : My gaze is kobane
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The sun emitted a significant solar flare on Oct. 19, 2014 in this image released by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory on Oct. 20, 2014. This flare is classified as an X1.1-class flare, one of the most intense types of flares recorded by SDO. Photograph by EPA/@NASA/Solar Dynamics Observatory
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pillayroneshni : You're thinking of a nuke, Ner @nerisapillay
nerisapillay : Whatever ever in the words of Choi Siwon
suzyqeue : O_o wowwwww @rissers
nmyl8 : Some incredible shit's goin to happen, likw #Fantastic4 lol
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Actress Angelina Jolie, right, is presented with the Insignia of an Honorary Dame Grand Cross of the Most Distinguished Order of St. Michael and St. George by Britain's Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace in London on Oct. 10, 2014. Photograph by Anthony Devlin—AFP/@gettyimages. See the full gallery of TIME's pictures of the week on time.com.
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ivanovkurchavzcyk : @drajow el saludo muy Francmasonico?? No crees??
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_._sakeenah_._ : Respect n love...
nrgcld : It looks like she's photoshopped!
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Ahead of this year's Veterans Day, TIME.com will be featuring stories and photographs of veterans that inspire YOU. Share your images with us on Instagram using the hashtag #TIMEvets. This week, Brittany Green (@bleighgreen) shared with TIME a photograph of her dad, James L. Green, who served as a U.S. Marine in Vietnam from 1969-1971. "Though his tireless work ethic and desire to provide the best for his family, Jim has shown what it is to be not only a great person, but a phenomenal father," she tells TIME.
timevets -
sweedholmes : @rvgalvan @deegalsendejas
_markpaul_ : @blackgatsby
mkkuntz : Jim Green loves his country and his family and is a lovely human being.
jeanette81787 : @bleighgreen this is great!!!
blackgatsby : @_markpaul_ IKEA
broadrck : My son is a Marine on active duty. The Marines are a dedicated, hard working bunch.
lafleurz0la : @matthijsklaver Lookalike!
pal1664 : #kway
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Is competitve giant-pumpkin farming a sport? An art? An innate talent? Find out more about the growing trend in this week's issue. Photograph by Harry Gould Harvey IV (@HarryGouldHarveyIV) for TIME
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Pro-democracy protesters hide behind umbrellas to protect themselves from police's pepper spray on a street outside of Hong Kong Government Complex in Hong Kong on Oct. 15, 2014. Photograph by Anthony Kwan—@gettyimages. See the full gallery of TIME's pictures of the week on time.com.
mfandym : 反正你们开心就好
wangjiangkonglin : 搞得好像警察迫害他们似的,真是醉了。不多说什么,中国加油!Cheer up China!
hamo_soq : @zyeeen i hope you can read the news from different sources. Your base of judgement is on one side only and subjective. Your thinking are controlled by the government. Do you know that?
barfdmao : @sylvialeung @colin_adrian20 also recently britiain allowed Scotland's referendum for independence so you can't really use past british actions back when they colonized HK to support the point of whether HK would have been under worse conditions being ruled by UK compared to China in year 2014
colin_adrian20 : @barfdmao those are two different things that you can't compare with at all. HK has always been Chinese even when it was colonized by Britain. And you can't deny the fact that the current condition is much better.
colin_adrian20 : You can choose to keep doing this for sure but everybody knows that it's not going anywhere.
colin_adrian20 : @sylvialeung I'm not brainwashing anyone. I also support it if people fight for their rights. But it seems the original purpose has changed since the very beginning. I'll just step out of this and let's see what will happen. Good luck for you guys sincerely.
cancancan008 : @watchuho
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time - TIME Magazine
A giant fork designed by Switzerland's artist Jean-Pierre Zaugg to commemorate Nestle's Alimentarium Food Museum 10th anniversary has been set up on Lake of Geneva on Oct. 17, 2014. Photograph by Fabrice Coffrini—AFP/@gettyimages. See the full gallery of TIME's pictures of the week on time.com.
jli512 : @adriennebali Swiss obsession with giant tall structures in lake geneva lawl
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"In retirement, those who had good jobs can play tennis all day and work part-time: consulting, advising, expert-witnessing. But those who did manual labor without the protection of a pension plan will have sore backs and need full schedules, hoping for scraps of service labor to be thrown their way," writes TIME reporter Jack Dickey on Millennial retirement plans in this week's issue. Photo-illustration by Holly Andres (@hollyandres) for TIME.
nasniems : School of hard knocks
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bennyshu : @pedrodelnorte ask Frank what he thinks.
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time - TIME Magazine
"The Republican Party will adapt, evolve or die," Senator Rand Paul said at Harvard University on April 25, 2014. This week's TIME Magazine cover story takes a look at the 'Reinventions of Rand' and asks if he can fix what ails the GOP. In this image, Paul manages to have five minutes alone to go over his speech during a BBQ event at the Donnelly Barn in Bowling Green, Ky., Oct. 12, 2014. Photograph by Charles Ommanney (@charlesommanney) for TIME. See the full story in this week's issue of TIME
valarieivester : @thejrifter
_pedroandre5_ : I thought republicans didn't believe in evolution
dukeaiona : HRC will eat him Alice
lkypaul : Go extinct GOP
nycm_ : @_pedroandre5_ 😂😂👍
eavelar39 : If someone wants to talk and/or debate about Obama please start by saying what did he do RIGHT during these last SIX years. May not be too much.
zhabrev : Clarkson?
summertimewvu78 : He'll just continue to run away from women who want to talk about going to college....just another politician. Nothing new here.
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