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time - TIME Magazine
This week, @time is looking for photos of veterans readjusting to life after war. Share them (and a caption with their story) using #TIMEvets, and they could be featured in the magazine. Photographed here, some of the last Marines of Camp Leatherneck, who earlier handed over their guard post to their Afghan National Army counterparts, crowd into a C-130 for the official withdrawal of the U.S. Marines from Helmand Province, Afghanistan on Oct. 26, 2014. Photograph by Nelvin C. Cepeda—U-T San Diego/Zuma Press.
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jrh24 : @abbeymhh
dongf163 : 美国大兵哪里去
re4ever2014 : Thank you all for your service!
sahrum2002 : Blessings.
ddaavvyyx : Semper fi!
1stpklosr2me : @dongf163 中国山东找蓝翔
xuan_css : @1stpklosr2me 哈哈神回复!
korihsych : One of the precious things in life, a weary soldier, holding within, the battle between body and soul, all for the duty, the call and the home so dearly loved.......thank you
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time - TIME Magazine
TIME's new cover: Beyond The Stars. Christopher Nolan, Matthew McConaughey, Jessica Chastain and Anne Hathaway turn science into art in 'Interstellar.' Photograph by Robert Maxwell for TIME.
abideivo : @aidanjwf
aidanjwf : :D @abideivo
bundimutt91 : Just cant wait for this movie!!
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gimemandelli : @gambalucinogeno ya falta poquito!!
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rustazali : :)
imarameepe : @mario41996
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time - TIME Magazine
Each day, TIME picks the best of photography published around the web. In today's selection we highlight José Colón's powerful work on African migrants trying to reach Spain’s North African enclave of Melilla. The photographs intimately capture the hopefuls’ desperate and dangerous attempts to bypass the barriers that separate the European territory from Morocco. These migrants risk everything to seek asylum, work opportunities or just a better life. But in reality, they are often detained and can be sent back. Photograph by José Colón—@afpphoto/@gettyimages. See today's Photojournalism Daily on lightbox.time.com.
crkpro : how bad is it that this reminded me of the walkers & the govenor's siege & when they were escaping terminus @_kellysings 🙈 💀👽
cvegagt : And Spain is not doing that good neither sooooo
eavelar39 : There and here are laws that MUST be respected. Regardless from where they come from or their conditions are they should be sent back. Neither Europe or the USA are responsible for their conditions in Africa and/or South America.
im5arthak : Checkout @anishkashah
cristina.carvalho2 : Despite all t
cristina.carvalho2 : Despit all considerations, I read freedom!
roxxirob : Such desperation .... Sad
ella7berg : I feel so blessed to live in a free and wealthy country. Poor souls who don't. can't imagine the pain they must suffer.
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time - TIME Magazine
TIME is preparing a gallery to mark the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall and we're asking TIME readers to give their old photos another look. Does your family have pictures of Berlin taken before and after Nov. 9, 1989 — or, better yet, from that historic night? If so, we'd love to see them. To have your photos considered, just post them on Instagram with the hashtag #TIMEBerlinWall. Please also include a caption with your name and information about where and when these pictures were taken. Please note: When you tag your photo #TIMEBerlinWall, you are giving us and our partners permission to use it. (The photo you submit must be taken by you. By submitting it, you acknowledge that use of the photo will not violate anyone’s rights.) Photograph by John Gaps III—AP.
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sweet_jinny : @wingerworldwide do you guys have any?
katzelieb : goodbye lenin
patty.chang : @wendyapple 😀tear down that wall!
transparency_international : Not far from our office!
shmannashmiller : @hellipocahontas !!
urbstones : Heil hitler
ganderino : Ahahahahhahahah @urbstones
ganderino : Hi ho hi hoo das wal we knock down yooooo
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time - TIME Magazine
Arifa, a student at the Center for Contemporary Arts Afghanistan, poses for one of her colleagues’ art work in this image from The Little Book of Kabul. The book tries to avoid cliches often present in Western coverage of life in Afghanistan by following local artists. Photograph by Lorenzo Tugnoli. To see the full story, visit Lightbox.time.com
turtlesdontjump : Wow! Thanks for the tag @estanyc I'm gonna check it out
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simsimayasim : @sadomodo @nargesdost so beautiful
liju.venki : Very nice
megmurphh : No seriously @clarerose @amaialaskin24 tell me this isn't @cleenmurph's twin
nargesdost : She looks like @najeebadost... right @simsimayasim and @sadomodo
cleenmurph : @megmurphh it looks more like @clarerose !!
aqibkhan_ : @sajidahh_ thought you'd like this
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time - TIME Magazine
Each year the Society of Biology, a British group dedicated to the life sciences, holds an amateur photography competition. This image of a tarsier in its natural habitat in Sulawesi, Indonesia, taken by Wolfgang Weinhardt, was one of six ‘Special mentions’ for 2014. To see the full gallery of winners and special mentions, visit science.time.com.
italian.wombat : @edleeinfalt che occhioni graaaaandi
ciderwrosie : @ellierosemarysmith thanks for reminding me ...
shamma1977 : @cinemanader too cute!!!! 👀
the7thwave : @yehitscindy lmao
pamelams612 : @caseytrio "the tarsier"...
summpatel : @sarahdhalla lmao what are you trying to say, those are creepy hands lm
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bonomobenedetta : @biafraeli è quello di cui ho bisogno! Per Natale avrò sicuramente bisogno di un animaletto...tipo cane....TU SAI QUALE! #veciadespade #need #love
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The Stanley brothers of Colorado grow a strain of cannabis called Charlotte’s Web on a farm near Wray, Colo. An oil made from the plant is being used to treat children with epilepsy in Colorado and California and is in high demand throughout the country. To read more about this controversial treatment, visit time.com/pot-kids.
jotabaptista : @teijasmedo o q é q queres dizer com isto? 🙈
puertoricansweetie : @moemuheize
dolladubcity : @kyeofflife
slick_dreamer : @mari_5298 that's pretty awesome lol
tubby_16 : @chisco1001
teijasmedo : Quero dizer que ha hobbies (botanica) interessantes e assim sempre poupavaa dinheiro, nao sei, digo eu @jotabaptista 👸❤️🍀👈
2hip.4.u : Best medicine in the world. AND it's 100% natural/green.
aldenzeff : @livzeff
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time - TIME Magazine
Ahead of this year's Veterans Day, TIME.com wants to feature YOUR love stories about veterans and soldiers on active duty. Share your images and stories with us on Instagram using the hashtag #TIMEvets. This week, Mariah Williams (@mariahfaye123) shared with Time a photo collage of her and husband Austin Williams, assembled in March. At the time, she was living in Tampa, where they both attended high school, and he was stationed at Kirtland Air Force Base in Albuquerque. They were engaged, and hadn't seen each other in six months. "I was really anxious, so I put those pictures together, pretty much saying that the [distance] wouldn’t tear us apart," she tells Time. "It's an 'I'm almost there!' photo."
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zz__cy : @l__exi 我们也拍个
anooosh94 : @natalia_rebecca collages haha
akper_ : @_____crystalmoon_____ 我过一会儿给你照一张!
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l__exi : @zz__cy 好呀
natalia_rebecca : @anooosh94 I'll slap you
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time - TIME Magazine
Britain's Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, takes her seat in a State Carriage for the procession to Buckingham Palace as part of the welcome ceremony for Singapore's President Tony Tan Keng Yam at the start of a state visit at Horse Guards Parade in London on Oct. 21, 2014. Photograph by Leon Neal—WPA Pool/@gettyimages. See the full gallery of TIME's pictures of the week on time.com.
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thetabascokid : Ha! Nice one. Now if everyone could please start giving me over 11,000 likes on my own feed, I'll be happy!
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anteian : Parasite!
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Bishops attend the beatification ceremony of Pope Paul VI, and a mass for the closing of a two–week synod on family issues, celebrated by Pope Francis, in Saint Peter's Square at the Vatican on Oct. 19, 2014. Photograph by Andrew Medichini—AP. See the full gallery of TIME's pictures of the week on time.com.
bon1578 : @foxeymoxie Ah! Should've thought of that! Ha ha!
pzka : Suka sama fotonyaaa @rizqieaulia
letizia_anto : Quasi inquietante..
feliapurnawan : False prophets
karluloy : @feliapurnawan ululwhut?
miguelftrigo : @duartebicker Primeiro Congresso de Pedófilos em Roma
duartebicker : @miguelftrigo noto aí alguma revolta, na altura do pós-confissão o que é que o Padre dos Salesianos te pedia em troca da remissão dos pecados?
miguelftrigo : @duartebicker Nunca me pediu nada que tu nao fizesses!
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