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time - TIME Magazine
The Unseen Photography Fair and Festival comes to a close in Amsterdam today. Launched three years ago by Foam museum and magazine, Unseen has embraced what it sees as a new generation of artists, who are questioning the very nature of photography itself. "These aren't image takers, they're image makers," said Marcel Feil, Editor of Foam magazine and Deputy Director of Artistic Affairs for Foam Museum. (Photograph by Jessica Eaton—M + B Gallery) See the story on lightbox.time.com
chadedwardsmith : @jessicaeat
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callieschram : @kirsthan
ahershfand : @phersh
jessicaeat : Thanks @chadedwardsmith. Thanks! @time ...though I had no work to speak of at the fair. This piece is on view @foam_amsterdam in the museum exhibit "Under Construction: New Positions in American Photography" through Dec. 10th.
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time - TIME Magazine
The launch of U2's latest album, Songs of Innocence, at Apple's iPhone event might have been controversial, but Bono, photographed here by Sebastian Kim for TIME, says it's just the first part of a plan to bring back value to music. "For the last decade, the interweb has had its way with music," he tells TIME, hinting at Apple's plans to launch, next year, "an audiovisual interactive format for music that can't be pirated." (Photograph by Sebastian Kim for TIME) Read the full interview in TIME Magazine and on time.com
dmurphy211 : @hoady76 never going back
artofgraham : Seems like Apple are following in the waves that @bjork made with Biophilia; its music and interactive app.
dhv12 : @knpatel11
dtriple3 : Nice Hair implants!!
kailualvarez : Heisenberg!!
alessiogianni : @irenegia Bonold
jakesmith013 : I didn't press download lol, that's the whole point.
jordaniel_white : this is phenomenal
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time - TIME Magazine
This week on #LightBoxFF, TIME speaks to Kate Steffens, curator of the Instagram account @thefamilyacid, which features over 40 years of her father’s — counterculture photographer Roger Steffens — slide photography. (Photo by Roger Steffens) See the story at lightbox.time.com #FF
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mussophia : Ay que malotes
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To mark James Nachtwey's 30 years as a TIME contract photographer, the magazine's photo department will showcase more than 50 incredible layouts featuring Nachtwey's work, plus some extraordinary unpublished photographs at the Photoville festival in Brooklyn Bridge Park, New York. The show will run from Sept. 18 – 28, 2014. This image shows a pilgrimage to the holy Shi'ite shrine of al-Hussein in Karbala, Iraq. Shi'ites from around Iraq attended. Women prayed in front of the shrine that was built on the site of Imam Hussein's murder, April 22 and 23, 2003. (Photograph by James Nachtwey for TIME) For more information visit lightbox.time.com
mrm84 : @lubna_marafie 😂😂😂بالثلاثي المرح
lubna_marafie : بالضبط 😂 @mrm84
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hanani_ez : @razieh_aalinezhad معنی دقیق اینم نفهمیدم ولی بعضی از عربا توهین کردن
abramg : I so wish I could be there for this! He's like a personal hero to me. Will this be in print as well?
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time - TIME Magazine
This week's TIME International cover: The New U2. The veteran rock band faces the future as it works with Apple on a secret project that might just save the music industry. Photograph by Sebastian Kim for TIME
tressie_poon : @cashewshill 這都被你發現了! 最近老睡不著😭
cashewshill : 凑巧发现~ 肯定是因为太激动呀喂
cashewshill : 凑巧发现~ 肯定是因为太激动呀喂@tressie_poon
dari_orue : I loveee U2 ❤ ❤
christiangadams : Haha. Called it @bethwpr
safcjosh81 : @johnroberts23 I'm waiting for them to announce their tour dates!!
natachaginja : No one does it like U2!!!
nelly_hewson : U2 forever
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TIME's new cover: Is Football Worth It? The tragic risks of America's obsession. Photograph by Curtis Simmons--The Tipton Times.
brayden_adcock : wait wa?
simon_wright4 : @daniellalituanio....
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realanthonysayegh : Is violence worth it? I don't see where football is the real problem.
vmattioni : @paulobenedetti
trrichie : Probably just as many if not more people die riding bicycles, or driving in cars, or flying in planes--those can be your next three cover stories. Is it worth it?
eavelar39 : Football is not the problem. The problem is the players culture. They ALL should go through an educational period before being accepted by NFL.
zhangzhui1990 : worth can't be judged by death.
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time - TIME Magazine
It might be the end of the line for the U.K. The Scottish vote on independence is happening tomorrow, with millions going to polls to decide whether their country should secede from the union with England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Fascinated with life in the geographic extremities of Britain, photographer Jo Metson Scott spent months documenting the northernmost parts of England, where towns and parklands skirt the existing Scottish border. (Photograph by Jo Metson Scott) See the full story on lightbox.time.com
taylorunift : @ydreamphy 看不大懂原贴意思,还有你的回复与原贴关系?原谅我智商有限
donghaochuan : Scotland is not a part of the UK! Scotland is an independent country
donghaochuan : We need a new Scottish Republic!
donghaochuan : Free Puerto Rico now!
donghaochuan : Fucking Americans get out of our Puerto Rico!
iamwalt1 : Ummm ur asian and puerto ricans are in america not the other way around. Dumbass
salguerogarcia : Pathetic that the NO was chosen over FREEDOM. Where is Wallace?
donghaochuan : FREE PUERTO RICO!
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time - TIME Magazine
Fire approaches the shore of Bass Lake, Calif. on Sept. 14, 2014. 20 structures were burnt to the ground and over 1,000 people evacuated from the inland town in central California. This week has seen wildfires spread throughout the entire state with devastating consequences. (Photo by Darvin Atkeson—AP) To see more visit time.com
sorenmc : Wow @sevans824
lkjones60 : Beautiful picture, fire and water but such devastation.
stprovogirl : @derekeb wow
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tsusani : #impressive but #terrible 😨
feedyoursoul416 : amazing photo of heartbreaking devastation
myroyalpics : Striking photo, so devastating. Praying it ends soon 🙏
bnator05 : @roycahue @peterjayvee @_ykmsmalls
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The Last of Us Remastered is a post-apocalyptic video game with a twist: it offers a Photo Mode. TIME LightBox assigned conflict photographer Ashley Gilbertson (@ashgilbertson) to enter the game and document its protagonists as they fight to survive in a zombie infested world. "I initially played the game at home. But after a short time playing it, I noticed I was having very strong reactions in regards to my role as the protagonist: I hated it," Gilbertson said. "When I covered real war, I did so with a camera, not a gun." (Photo by Ashley Gilbertson for TIME) See the story on lightbox.time.com
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wbaidek : Dat photo mode @martabaidek
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varshitakhaitan : @silvergravel isn't the name of this same as the one you made?
silvergravel : @varshitakhaitan yea man its the same name, and its fuking famous. So mine sounds like a scam now. :(
withfloor_ : Wow
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#TIMEDISPATCH Indianola, Iowa, Sept. 14, 2014. Hillary and Bill Clinton flip steaks at Sen. Tom Harkin's 37th annual Steak Fry in Indianola, Iowa on Sept. 14, 2014. As speculation about 2016 reaches fever pitch, the former Secretary of State teased the crowd: "Well it is true, I am thinking about it." Photograph by Brooks Kraft (@bkraft)—@CorbisImages for TIME.
timedispatch -
rechfurlan : @faalberti meeee
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mimicronin : Net worth of 11 million dollars? Is that true?
kittykatcullen : @camouflage_cam wow I just noticed your comment. Thank you
daytime777 : Next and first prez
kscsps : They are so fake!
donghaochuan : She will ruin the country if she becomes the president.
smaster_101 : Lol
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