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time - TIME Magazine
Some of the 200 Ethiopian nationals detained in Maula Prison for illegal immigration sit on the floor of the prison in Lilongwe, Malawi, on June 1, 2015. Malawi, which is a transit route for many Ethiopians, Somalis and other Africans seeking work in South Africa, says it has seen a sharp rise in migrants in recent months. Photograph by Mauricio Ferretti of @afpphoto.
ladylindasa : People from Malawi have an amazing energy and humble harmonic culture. There should be no boundaries as to where people live. Free for all. There is more than enough jobs for everyone. Government just socially conditions negative control over the masses. Very sad
fleamarket_economist : @laurarunshappy I more than follow- my house is a 5 minute walk from the prison entrance :( it's smack dab in the center of town
hannahlubart : @leximils
ysfksy1 : I do street photography and I invite you to check my feed.
ninjamaycry : GLOBALIZATION - IMF I hope you're happy ✖️✖️
starrynight2006 : Why not make their country better?
jmcjilton : Sad
smartdetox_agen : Amazing ka fotonya... Emang bener ya ka asik banget holiday dgn badan ramping 😄
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time - TIME Magazine
Along South Carolina's coast, residents were preparing for a second round of flooding as rivers swollen from days of devastating rains make their way toward the Atlantic. Flooding in the state has already killed 15 people. In this photograph by Mic Smith of @ap.images, a man makes his way through floodwaters in the parking lot of The Citadel Beach Club on Isle of Palms, S.C., Monday, Oct. 5, 2015. Find out more and see additional images of the devastation on time.com.
heathersyelton : @ken.yelton and @tiffany.yelton look at Isle of Palms!
lorenzo0v : @francesca_rasore ouch! Però c è anche Gesù!
basil_ayoub : @matthewjquinlan @bcschneid @pluciano @matthew_woods @ryan_m_park @escot68 The Courthouse is under water...
cbaum18 : @mikecon40
rutheden52 : @carloslenty
franziapickens : @erizacat
francesca_rasore : Ahhahah si l avevo già vista 🔝@lorenzo0v
mikecon40 : @cbaum18 holy crap
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time - TIME Magazine
As Russian jets have flown bombing raids against rebels in Syria, the search to justify this military effort has strained Kremlin propagandists and bewildered audiences. Unlike the war in Ukraine, the Kremlin is struggling to sell its action in Syria to an unconvinced public, writes TIME's Simon Shuster on time.com. "Most of the spin has derived from Putin’s claim at U.N. General Assembly last week that the terrorist threat from the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is similar to the threat that Nazi Germany posed 75 years ago," Shuster writes. "Such invocations of the fascist menace served Russia well during its invasion of Ukraine last year, as Putin managed to convince many of his countrymen that ethnic Russians in Ukraine were under threat from 'neo-Nazis and anti-Semites.'" This military effort, however, is "shaping up to be a much more difficult sell." This image, distributed by @AFPphoto, was taken from footage made available on the Russian Defence Ministry's official website on Oct. 5, purporting to show a Russia's Su-24M bomber dropping bombs during an airstrike in Syria.
davidchamber1 : We should have taken care of them when we first learned about them
mimir1982 : @mikhail_grinchuk я не знал что в Сирии есть русские которых надо защищать... М-да.
mikhail_grinchuk : @mimir1982 я думаю вы даже не вкурсе, что у нас в стране из-за низких цен на нефть, сокращают бюджет, увольняют много людей с работы и прочее, это все из-за дешевой нелегальной нефти из Сирии, я думаю вы бы рассуждали немного по-другому оставшись без работы и средств к существованию
qasimehmud : So if Americans do it, it's all good. If the Russians do it, everyone loses their mind. Typical Western media hypocrisy.
mimir1982 : @mikhail_grinchuk вот это объяснение более правдоподобно, а то патриотизм и долг перед родиной... Патриотизм и долг это хорошо когда тебе 20 лет и уши для лапши ещё оттопыренны. Настоящая глобальная политика в прямую зависит от экономики, но ведь ни какой здраво мыслящий человек не пойдёт воевать за нефть или за позиции определённой страны на другом континенте (будь то Россия или США) поэтому молодым и пихают мутню вроде патриотизма.
mikhail_grinchuk : Поверьте, для офицеров, которые сейчас там воюют, честь мундира, патриотизм и долг перед родиной - это не пустой звук и без сомнений они профессионалы своего дела, любящие свой дом, а так же понимающие, ту долю ответственности, которую приняли на присяге, и что кроме них постоять за страну больше некому
mikhail_grinchuk : @mimir1982 Поверьте, для офицеров, которые сейчас там воюют, честь мундира, патриотизм и долг перед родиной - это не пустой звук и без сомнений они профессионалы своего дела, любящие свой дом, а так же понимающие, ту долю ответственности, которую приняли на присяге, и что кроме них постоять за страну больше некому
guryan777 : From Russia with love🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺 👍👍👍
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time - TIME Magazine
Some doctors are finding that many American women with #breastcancer are being massively overtreated. TIME's new cover story profiles Desiree Basila who, diagnosed with breast cancer, decided to do nothing. Opting out of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, she is one of many women who are taking a chance on such speculations. "What I am doing is not foolproof," Basila says. "I know that. I also know life is finite and that death is unavoidable. For me it came down to the quality of the life I want to live. I don't want to be tired and bitchy if I can avoid it. And come what may, I think we really hurt ourselves by trying to just not be dead." Read the full story in this week's issue of TIME. Photograph by Peter Hapak for TIME.
breastcancer -
mswayzz : @leila629
lily_niloo : @arsallanh mitone kole badano begire o bokoshee!!!! Hata ba darman hanox mikoshe!!! Midoni ke che sorate talsiri dare!
mia_vinci : @__recker Joey are you trying to tell me I have breast cancer...
__recker : I just thought this was cool 😂 @mia_vinci
hermiaz : Great thoughts!
arifangga7 : @iphip
su_mmerfield : So true I think sometimes too now u had chemo and radiotherapy, surgery and antihormonetherapy read more about it in my blog: www.su-mmerfield.net
luival : 👌
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time - TIME Magazine
After getting caught cheating on U.S. Environmental Protection Agency emissions tests, the company is facing plummeting share prices, up to $18 billion in fines, impending lawsuits and the resignation of the company's CEO Martin Winterkorn. Now, an analysis by Associated Press says that between five and 20 people might have died each year in the U.S. alone as a result of Volkswagen's deceit. The software used by the firm allowed the cars to spew between 10 and 40 times more nitrogen oxides allowed by government regulations. In this photograph by Ingo Wagner of @ap.images and @dpapicturealliance, Volkswagen rolls out a new shipment of cars at a terminal near the company's plant in Emden, Germany on Sept. 30, 2015. #volkswagen #🚗
🚗 - volkswagen -
eesuoyodees : But they can just buy their way out
ron_baloy : @portilloooo wow looks like they're gonna pay BIG time!!
indicud0_o : Still better than ford
dannyjblige : @itbetee
___ckt___ : @s0940064 這是time
greyrooster : What is this suppose to mean? @crisppeechris
stratcoma : Its not the first time germans killed people with gas @marcogazzola_
trinalynnphoto : @fletcher_y so it was emissions not mpg
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time - TIME Magazine
A base jumper leaps from the 300-metre high Kuala Lumpur Tower during the International Tower Jump on Oct. 2. He is one of more than 100 people who base jump on a hazy day in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Photograph by Olivia Harris—@reuters.
fatima.rezaie.22 : @behrang.n i d love to
deddy.aceh.tv : No word to say anymore
lc405 : @nat_bee405 the whole group got to see a bunch of them today before we got here! They said it was amazing!
mkalinow : @chad.mcneal
mallikasharmaa : @jeanlitan @shawntan94 pls🙏🙏🙏
iereierei : ❤️
terwalden : @nat_bee405 it was so awesome to watch them jump. We screamed like a bunch of girls the first few times.
nat_bee405 : Oh my gosh Terry! So very cool. You guys were there 🙌🏻!! @terwalden @lc405
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time - TIME Magazine
The new Diller Scofidio + Renfro (@dsrny) designed Broad Museum (@thebroadmuseum) opened its doors to the public on Sept. 20 in Los Angeles, featuring over 2000 works of art from the Eli and Edythe Broad private collection. TIME's Spencer Lowell (@spencer_lowell) photographed the museum's exterior at sunrise the morning after the museum’s opening gala. "I knew the sun was going to come up while I was shooting," he says. "But I didn’t realize how beautifully it would kiss the building." Read more in this week's issue of TIME.
ashbax2 : @jglekos @osmarrrr
briiizus : @brianatirado
aynne_etc : Bravo! 📷 @spencer_lowell Stunning work!
orrriane : @flopy17
katrina_marshay : I can't even look at this picture it makes my skin crawl!! 🙈😖
la_petite_femme : @zorelle_mattingly This is the museum I was telling Khalid about.
sh2max : @shahabtavakolian The Broad
sh2max : @milad_qajarbeigi
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TIME’s new cover: Why doctors are rethinking breast-cancer treatment. Photograph by Peter Hapak for TIME; animation by @Brobeldesign
rtshimer : In memory of my sister...love u Barb.
saeid.forootan : @sahar_naz_amiri
jjaggard : @stonesevyn
angelicawarchal : @sueygolds @debbieandrew72
sofigarcesn : @vathany.sri yep.. Because must are just not cancer
courtsportney : Not cool
n_ahmadinabi : @saranajafii
justeen125 : @nutalia 💕
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Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas declared before world leaders at the United Nations that he is no longer bound by agreements signed with Israel, and called on the U.N. to provide international protection for the Palestinian people. It was Abbas‘ most serious warning yet to that he might walk away from engagement with Israel and dissolve the Palestinian Authority, although he stopped short of accompanying his threat with a deadline, the Associated Press reported. After his remarks, the Palestinian flag was raised for the first time at the United Nations headquarters on Sept. 30, 2015. Photograph by Spencer Platt—@gettyimages. Read more on time.com.
nan_liang : Damien
robertasmah : This is absolutely a joke Abbas. The whole middle east can't stand against Zion, the people of God.
danmano : Palestinians could have raised this flag on 1948 when the UN decided to vote for the two state solution, they didnt because they didnt accept Israel as a state, so they are only 67 years late now. Nothing really had changed, Arabs do not accept Israel as a Jewish state and therefore do not end the conflict.
allriledup3 : #freepalestine progress!
ranaabhimanyu : @heniiii84
besho_o69 : All I can say my Lord, grant victory to the people of the right
lironatzur : Just now a palestian killed 2 israeli
jasapromosi_olshop : Lovely!
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time - TIME Magazine
Typhoon Dujuan has made landfall in the eastern province of Fujian in China, forcing authorities to order tens of thousands of boats back to shore and to close tourist attractions. In this photograph, distributed by @reuters, a paramilitary policeman holds onto a fence as tourists dodge tidal waves increased under the influence of Typhoon Dujuan, at the bank of Qiantang river, in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, Sept. 29, 2015. #🇨🇳 #🌊
🇨🇳 - 🌊 -
kareglaziikaktus : Зонтик то точно поможет
keita163 : 钱塘江大潮
keita163 : @1_am_ypanw1225 这是钱塘江
y.e.n.y.i.n.g : Why didn't talk about Taiwan?The first place Dujuan hit.
chenroook : @keitalkk 笑了 正文里写着dujuan台风好嘛 装逼
edtabanana : 看你们吵架有点小丢人…
s_h_uting : Actually the first place it hit was #Taiwan 😊
justeen125 : Why would you even try to cross this? And who cares about the umbrella at this point you are STANDING in water bruh
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