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Freelance photographer Stuart Palley has been chasing blazes for the past three years, documenting one of the most dramatic consequences of California’s extended drought. Follow @timelightbox to see more of his dramatic photographs, shot as the Lake Fire has devastated thousands of square miles of forests near San Bernardino, and read his interview on lightbox.time.com. (Photograph by @stuartpalley).
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The American Ballet Theater has promoted Misty Copeland (@mistyonpointe) to principal ballerina, making her the first black female principal ballerina in the company’s 75-year history. Copeland, who has been with the company for 14 years and danced as a soloist for 8, is one of the most widely visible ballerinas dancing today, with fame spreading far beyond the ballet world. She has written two books (Firebird, a children’s book, and Life in Motion: An Unlikely Ballerina, a memoir), presented at the Tony’s, made an ad for Under Armour that got over eight million views, and was honored this year as one of the TIME 100. “Something that my mother instilled in me, as a biracial woman herself, and me being biracial, was that the world was going to view me as a black woman, no matter what I decided to do,” Copeland said at the TIME 100 gala in April. Read more on time.com (Photograph by Sebastian Kim for TIME).
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An Indonesian air force transport plane plowed into a residential neighborhood in the country’s third-largest city of Medan shortly after takeoff on Tuesday, killing at least 49 people, the Associated Press reports. Find out more on time.com. (Photograph by Roni Bintang—@reuters).
sastrogembes : This never came as surprise to me as this crash of hercules is the 3rd in less than 10 years. Reason? Usual gross negligence of Indonesian transport regulator
darkstar1664 : There's no health and safety regulations here
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arcanusantara : Now at least 141 victims found on location airplane crash @time
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It was easy to gauge the rising panic in Athens this weekend by the length of the lines at the ATMs, writes TIME’s Simon Shuster from the Greek capital. On Saturday, when Greeks learned that they would have to vote on the terms of their country’s bailout program in a snap referendum on July 5, clusters of people began to gather at the machines that still had cash to give. By Sunday afternoon these lines were sometimes stretching entire blocks as word spread of the government’s shocking announcement: the banks would not be allowed to open in the morning, and they would start limiting how much money their clients could withdraw. The resulting anxiety, which would seem to herald an imminent climax in the five-year-old saga of Greece’s depression, will now form the atmosphere for next weekend’s referendum. The choice voters face is stark: They can either vote Yes to more tax hikes and pension cuts as a condition of keeping financial aid from Europe flowing, or they can vote No and reject the deal from Greece’s creditors, potentially forcing the country to default on its debts and pull out of Europe’s currency union. But for many in Athens, however, the decision came down to a simpler and more depressing question: What do we really have left to lose? In this photograph by Alkis Konstantinidis of @Reuters, a woman pulls a shopping cart outside a closed Eurobank branch in Athens, Greece June 29, 2015. Read more on time.com.
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A couple kiss in Trafalgar Square after the annual Pride in London Parade on June 27, 2015. Pride in London is one of the world's biggest LGBT+ celebrations as thousands of people take part in a parade and attend performances at various locations across the city. Photograph by Rob Stothard—Getty Images. See more photos on time.com
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azat.gevorgyan : Ебаные пидарасы
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These rings might look like colorful, interstellar rainbows, but for astronomers they’ve helped solve a mystery. By studying these rings, which were captured using NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory, astronomers were able to determine how far Circinus X-1, a double star system in the plane of our galaxy, is from Earth. Find out more on time.com. (Photo by @NASA—CXC/U. Wisconsin/S. Heinz).
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Energy drinks have doctors worried—but business is booming with 50% of adolescents consuming them. The Center for Science in the Public Interest has called on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to add safety warning on energy-drink bottles. Find out more in this week’s issue of TIME. (Photo by Andrew B. Myers for TIME)
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What should I order? There are some suprising healthy choices at popular fast-food chains that aren’t salad. Compared with other items on the menus, these offerings are among the highest in fiber–which only 3% of Americans get enough of–with less than 1,000 MG of sodium, like this Sour Cream and Chive Baked Potato at Wendy’s. Find out more in the Answers Issue of TIME out now in newsstands and on the iPad. (Photo by Gregory Reid for TIME).
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Where’s the best beach in America? U.S. coastlines receive some 62 million visitors annually, and the top beach is Huntington Beach State Park in Orange County, California, according to research published in this week’s TIME. But, Florida, Georgia, New Jersey and Hawaii also have some of the country’s best beaches. Find out more in the Answers Issue out now in newsstands and on the iPad. (Photo by Justin Fantl for TIME).
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Friday’s Supreme Court decision making gay marriage a legal right in the United States is the culmination of work by many activists in the gay and lesbian community. One of those unlikely activists is Edith Windsor, a feisty and loving former computer programmer who lived an ordinary and happy life, but whose legal battle for spousal rights led to the first high court victory for gay marriage in 2013. After Windsor’s spouse Thea Spyer died in 2009, leaving Windsor her entire estate, Windsor fought for the spousal exemption to the estate tax that gay couples were denied under the Defense of Marriage Act. After hearing Windsor’s case, on June 26, 2013, the Supreme Court found DOMA unconstitutional, thus ending the federal ban on gay marriage. “I’m thrilled. I’m absolutely thrilled,” Windsor said of today’s legalization of gay marriage across the country. “It really is the beginning of the ending of stigma. It is the beginning of teenagers who fall in love with a person knowing that they can marry—that they have futures. It is the beginning of kids not having to apologize to their families anymore because they can marry just like anybody else." "I thank Supreme Court for once again proving to me that the constitution of this country does matter and that justice will prevail." Read her full story on time.com. (Photo by Edith Windsor).
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