Tieks by Gavrieli

The Ballet Flat, Reinvented. Please tag your pics #tieks! Read reviews at tieks.com/review.
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tieks - Tieks by Gavrieli
Ballerina Pink Tieks and rose gold links for Breast Cancer Awareness Month πŸ’— Regram from our friends at @StellaDot :) #Tieks #WearPink
tieks - wearpink -
latonton : @ashleyhudson17 @racheleaglin most comfortable flats EVER tho!
dmtully : @ameliakeely
haley0594 : @miz_chaz oh i would definitely think they are amazing quality! im 14 and need to get a job to pay for them πŸ˜‚
mrslohenkin : @nhetzel0519
sarahstuff21 : @their_only_hope_82014
cokeinthecan : @noellej34 ohhhh I love love love these!! We need 2 pair πŸ’œπŸ’›
twomindgrind : @shmalex11 πŸ™… πŸ‘¨πŸ‘ πŸ‘ 
tamtluu99 : @nich_lea cute
sashenk - kayceex3 - pascalejeanxx - lisagerdmann -
tieks - Tieks by Gavrieli
Sweets and Tieks for a beautiful bridal brunch! Thanks @bakersroyale_naomi for the Tangerine Tieks inspired cake πŸŽ‚ #NationalDessertMonth #Tieks
tieks - nationaldessertmonth -
mcamey_jewelry : I always wanted to do brunch like this @sydneeshabree
thedomesticrebel : Love! @bakersroyale_naomi @tieks looks fantastic and so sprite! πŸ’›
allthingsjacqueline : So pretty!
beachcottagelife : Ooh, I'll be right over! πŸŒΈβš“οΈπŸŒΈ
alelidayo : Wow 😍
bakersroyale_naomi : @tieks You are welcome! so much fun partnering up with you on this!!
bakersroyale_naomi : @swirledsweeties thank so much!
cmhigh : I want to celebrate my 40th birthday with @tieks! Let's do it!
rettasofyan - kiele_billington - ld1960 - nicholette0917 -
tieks - Tieks by Gavrieli
These 3 witches, wicked and chic, cast a spell on our BOOtiek! They flew away after a smile and a wink. Hard to believe? Check our bio for the link :) #Tieks #BOOtiek
tieks - bootiek -
awernersiero : @walessina
fegj85 : @steph_sanz las queremos
heymaribella : @ey_meg I like something like this.
ey_meg : I have solid blue, purple, and orange.
teacher_tees : Teachers love Tieks!!!! 😁
giogrape : Jajajaja siii me encanta esa foto @luongoale @madehc
miss_palma : @alufkin2012 I can see these cute flats on you! I want some too!
alufkin2012 : Oooh @miss_palma I love the red!!
doodlebugdoo - livey44 - sarah_odell - kimberknit -
tieks - Tieks by Gavrieli
Timeless wool texture meets classic ballet flat. Greystone, our latest Vegan style, has arrived! Link in bio :) #Greystone #Tieks
greystone - tieks -
katieharris739 : did you see these? @glorygirl23
glorygirl23 : Already got them 😏
glorygirl23 : @katieharris739
zaksylv : @rebcov my boss has like 10 pairs
rebcov : @zaksylv mine too
meikemessayu : @thesimplehappiness
cakesmama22 : @bevhils
katvil486 : Wish these were in my price range @wheelmaker so many colorsss!
sophie180pr - livey44 - henrychristine - kateecorn -
tieks - Tieks by Gavrieli
Loving @thedomesticrebel's chocolate chip cookie cups with peanut butter cheesecake frosting, made with love with @realcalifmilk and inspired by Leopard Tieks! #NationalDessertMonth #Tieks
tieks - nationaldessertmonth -
jasmineslife : It is fall and everybody needs that print in ballet flats @broccoli_butt
broccoli_butt : @jasmineslife let's get them!
sara_d60 : @niloo_sh68 @sogol.67 @nargeshas
alelidayo : Wow!!
amola1234 : @rozi_alsulaiti
branbran13 : @mommemonica we should do this when we get our Tieks!!
zaksylv : @rebcov
supersylwiakatarzyna : @li.li.lisha
sydneyteese - giuliacaristi - photos_in - _erinmcg_ -
tieks - Tieks by Gavrieli
We're celebrating 1 million fans on Facebook with… our fans! Whisper “Tieks” at any @sprinklescupcakes location TODAY to receive a mini cupcake on us ❀️ #loveourfans #thankyou #Tieks
thankyou - tieks - loveourfans -
andreapence : Finally had a Sprinkles Cupcake thus weekend at a wedding in Cali!! Delish!! :)
mimster4u : @heymabelline @malinibeanie__ @phannimal @babytiiff
jnussbaum : @joannapanner @mariahhelm WHAT???? Why did we miss this?
joannapanner : @jnussbaum @mariahhelm @lisahelm7 nooooooooo!
tanbuffalo : As a cupcake junkie that lived in NYC, I have had them all and sprinkles are #1. Pair them with @tieks and nothing is better
lisahelm7 : @jnussbaum @joannapanner @mariahhelm Yesterday's outing? Priceless!!!
jing.2x : @justine_selena their shoes are cute
jinjinpop : Such a creative shot! πŸ˜€
itsmejanicelee - ellelandi - hauteofftherack - pineapplesandcoffeecups -
tieks - Tieks by Gavrieli
Classic color meets timeless texture in our vegan interpretation of wool. Greystone Tieks, coming next week! #sneakpeek #Tieks
tieks - sneakpeek -
luxeadventuretrvlr : Ooh! Those would be fab for fall and winter!
kelly_mkay : That's awesome :D thanks for sharing @missdahlin62
aimelator : Hi!! Will these be available soon? They look beautiful.
tieks : @aimelator They should be available within a week or so! Stay tuned :)
aimelator : @tieks yay!! πŸ‘πŸ‘
stipanie : Thanks for replying to my email @tieks! πŸ‘β€οΈ
bakedbyrachel : Love these!
shawnbutler07 : @tieks are the vegan as soft as the leather?
itsmejanicelee - vannerys23 - annettepug - _erinmcg_ -
tieks - Tieks by Gavrieli
Wish you could shop Tieks from our Instagram photos in one click? @shopsy lets you do just that! Visit shopsy.com/tieks (link in bio) to check it out :) #Tieks #shopsy
tieks - shopsy -
nihalgamilamin : I need to order and I live in egypt, how can I do that and what' the shipment cost?
lindzaymm : @kels224
tieks : @nihalgamilamin They're available on our website & we ship worldwide :)
findingsatiety : @gravityof_g
amysmithcalvin : @vonnku I never had to break mine in they just fit right and the leather is so soft, never once got a blister like I have many times with other flats
laychenpp : I feel you @vonnku. Those @toryburch flats with the elastic on the back also killed mine! 😰😰😰
vonnku : @amysmithcalvin Thanks! :)
queenbeeliving : @laychenpp thanks for tip on the @toryburch flats. I've been on the fence with getting those bc of that same fear. I have sensitive skin and I can blister easily! @tieks it is!!
itsmejanicelee - dunyatraveler - yuisachiii - mlle.danielle -
tieks - Tieks by Gavrieli
When breast cancer is detected early in the localized stage, the 5-year survival rate is over 95%. Self exams are an easy and quick method that leads to early detection. Like if you're committed to doing a self exam today and encourage your friends to do the same! #CheckYourself #BreastCancerAwareness #PinkOctober #Tieks
tieks - checkyourself - breastcancerawareness - pinkoctober -
gabriellezwi : @canoncupcake
lisaay_ : On s'achete une pair de ballerine de cette marque? En plus tu peux les plier 😏 @xitsamyly
xitsamyly : @lisaay_ 200$ pr cette merde ?! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
maggieeeboo : #BCAmonth
carolrogers034 : πŸ’—πŸŒΈπŸ’—πŸŒΈπŸ’—
janettegreen156 : Love my Tieks
hannah_richards086 : πŸŒ·πŸŒ·πŸŽ€πŸŽ€πŸ’˜
lisableo : @michbz @mamabarbos always important to self exam! πŸ’—
goddessinspired1 - lisableo - twotees1665 - mrskimalward -
tieks - Tieks by Gavrieli
A “Something Blue” that’s perfect for walking gracefully down the aisle and dancing the night away! #Regram from @WeddingWire πŸ’™ #Tieks #WeddingWednesday
regram - tieks - weddingwednesday -
allie.gee_ : @emilyfeinstein
tastenfashion : @linda.star.emge remember the flats I told you about they are these
linda.star.emge : @tastenfashion ther are pretty neat lol
weny0610 : @vanessa_violin
jacquie_sparkles : Nice shoes😜
circlemein : @madame_brochu
twotees1665 : @futuremrsbeltran cute ☺️
weddingpaperdivas : What a chic "something blue" idea!
nataliahryy - melina_lora06 - hauteofftherack - _erinmcg_ -
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