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The Ballet Flat, Reinvented. Please tag your pics #tieks!
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tieks - Tieks by Gavrieli
We're playing Cupid this Valentine's Day! Visit link in bio to take the Sole Mate Quiz and find your match. #SoleMates #Tieks
tieks - solemates -
bell_n_ajs_ma : @kbott33 lol
ravirenj : @simplyserendipitous haha - tres romantique
lizziboop : My kind of Valentine's Day
jay_quell_lyn : @keepitclassidyy relationship goals💖
keepitclassidyy : Lol 😂😂😂 @jay_quell_lyn
walkonthesnow : 😍😍😍
lizagator13 : @cloth_and_paper my quiz results had the rose gold glam I want for the wedding #Tieks
katziekatz_2004 : if half size? should order up or down a size?
samantha.kipfinger - basiunia1965 - elizabethdelhagen - ipsyglambagbeauty -
tieks - Tieks by Gavrieli
Arabian Night Tieks have arrived—our first ever customizable style. Shining, shimmering, splendid, each pair is a unique work of art. Visit link in bio to learn more and shop. #ArabianNightTieks #Tieks
tieks - arabiannighttieks -
lovefashiongirl8 : 😍😍😍
zoep73 : Ugh! So gorgeous!!
lizloveskisses : @jaymay83 I want
meg_og : I am in love with them! 😍
lboggs386 : @njhistory Aladdin inspired!
moussevet : Another thing to add to my wish list! 💕😁 @ttebault02
gettingstamped : OMG I want!!!!
nat_grace : @ladolcevitanina
jellybeangf - pamchosen - doconnell777 - kezzi.808 -
tieks - Tieks by Gavrieli
{UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who participated in our Magical Giveaway! Congratulations to our 3 winners, Krissy H., Neysa J., and Timie Y.! These lucky ladies have been notified via email.} Preview Arabian Night Tieks & enter to win a pre-launch pair and trip to see Disney's ALADDIN on Broadway in NYC! Click link in bio to see our magical new shoe and enter. Ends 1/26/16 at 11:59pm. #ALADDIN #TheSurreyHotel #ArabianNightTieks #Tieks
thesurreyhotel - tieks - aladdin - arabiannighttieks -
spillingpaint : These r wild @vickiiij_
nayechenagucia : 🙏🏻 @saibowling
fai_panasorn : @thepkumi super cute!!
sistermckenzie : @adventureof_me I want these now!
adventureof_me : @sistermckenzie haha. I do too!!
adventureof_me : @sistermckenzie it will never end I feel
dshawnashawnte : @pee_cherry 😍
katiec80 : @rachelt36
samantha.kipfinger - courtneymk99 - groovygranny99 - jeanwde -
tieks - Tieks by Gavrieli
A whole new shoe—shining, shimmering, splendid. Appearing soon. #Tieks
tieks -
jennjenn902 : Are these for real or from my dreams?! Gorgeous. I would loooooooooove to win!
mellanovha : Gorgeous @tieks
4eyes2seeyou : Need them! <3 #tieks
maymeleigh : #ilovemytieks #blueprints #bestballetflatsever #tieksblue #ineedtowin #iheartny
sunmoongaldms : These are great, hope to win!
chris_athletic_ : Want these shoes
christinabaeo : Aladdin is my absolute FAVORITE Disney story of all time, and holographic prints are my obsession!! I really hope to win 🙇😍 @tieks
lindsaymstewart : WOULD LOVE TO WIN!!! These shoes are amazing!! @tieks
elizabethdelhagen - ipsyglambagbeauty - 2cuties_1mamabear - dianita_jackson -
tieks - Tieks by Gavrieli
The ultimate earth tone is back in stock! Visit link in bio to shop Taupe Tieks. #Tieks
tieks -
mrsarifa_ahmad : @_aynaxo for my bday 😘😘😘
lresnick1 : @1chrisbuttler they basically said to order your normal size and they will mold to fit your foot. They can't say if they will for sure fit as everyone's foot is different and if it doesn't, they have an awesome return policy. Good luck! Let me know how it goes.
1chrisbuttler : Thank you @lresnick1 I plan to buy some soon. I'll let you know.
uhcougar49 : @foodogg67 In black matte.
foodogg67 : @uhcougar49 size???
hornsofabull : @suzyt_ig these are the shoes I was talking about
jenellefaria : @kerryhscott check out these shoes for Rachel! 😋
jalapena2007 : @pachakster These.
andreataylorexum - tina.few - kwhite2229 - christine6498 -
tieks - Tieks by Gavrieli
Happy New Year, Tieks Girls! Cheers to the Blue Prints we left in 2015 and the ones to come in 2016. #NYE #Bye2015 #Hi2016 #Tieks
hi2016 - tieks - bye2015 - nye -
inurse.itravel : @cupcakesandcounting i think this was at your house last night😂😝😉
cupcakesandcounting : @inurse.itravel still here!😂 And that's us daw! Lol!
dinarski : Every single time I see these balloons I think of Johnny's 40th. Every. Single. Time. @nikkicastanha hahaaaa
ematulis81 : @tieks just ordered my first pair!!! I have a feeling 2016 is going to be a #Tieks year!!!
lucyandrews25 : Beyond beautiful!
roniryan33 : @andrealittle2
sancierose : @greeen.goddesss
tieranny__ : @jenifergalloway
eadamsdesigns - thecofranhome -
tieks - Tieks by Gavrieli
Whose Tieks collection grew this Christmas? We want all the details! #TieksTheSeason #Tieks
tiekstheseason - tieks -
stcygrn : @padillaxochitl
xomandymarie : @rubyannherrera I'm in love with all of these shoes!
his_only_love : 😍
marya.mann : Gorgeous
justnatalie5 : @akrass6 another one of those wants and not a need....💸so many colors 😁
akrass6 : I meant to ask you about these... But yeah💸💀 @justnatalie5
lischerry84 : @etgser I want these 😍😍😍
as80runner : My red pair of Tieks are my favorite! I got them as an early Christmas present because I had to start wearing them as soon as they came in.
andreataylorexum - marialuisavillam - theresaloves7 -
tieks - Tieks by Gavrieli
Have a holly, jolly Christmas, Tieks Girls! #MerryChristmas #TieksTheSeason #Tieks
tiekstheseason - tieks - merrychristmas -
tieks : @deglesia8 We sell exclusively online through our website!
stephanieamerica : Another year, no tieks under the tree!!
taniagoodman1982 : That might have to be my next color! Love!
lovefashiongirl8 : Great photo, and the Tieks look amazing as always!
carbear24 : Hoping to add Cardinal Tieks to my collection in the new year!
vivalasarai : @mzpenn look at their ig!
b_wleung : @handshakin Hint hint hint my birthday is in a few months.
lischerry84 : @etgser 😍😍😍
mamayorkie2 - jacktedyaya -
tieks - Tieks by Gavrieli
We're spreading Christmas cheer...overnight! Receive FREE overnight shipping on U.S. orders before 12/23 at 12pm PST. #TieksTheSeason #Tieks
tiekstheseason - tieks -
rachel_obrien312 : I will take all the Tieks on that sled!
katieharris739 : Hope Romantic Blush is waiting under the tree for me tomorrow morning!
bellamichaels : 😍😍😍😍
csraines : My husband surprised me tonight with the leopard ones. I was really surprised. 😍
bbwalker123 : My package did not show up ...😥
ninarouge60 : Loving my Christmas Tieks!!
carolrogers034 : Wearing my new Tieks on this beautiful Christmas morning!
zoep73 : Love Love Love!!!
mamayorkie2 - algebra_accents - danxphilx -
tieks - Tieks by Gavrieli
Because you've been an awful good girl...Receive FREE Christmas delivery on orders before 12/22 at 12pm PST. #TieksTheSeason #Tieks
tiekstheseason - tieks -
dcala221 : @pinarozbek - yes !
ejmening : @tommy_ls
zoep73 : So excited to see if I have Tieks under my Christmas tree!
andrealittle2 : mine arrive tomorrow!!!!
roniryan33 : @hannah_richards086
uheartcupcake : @channman1
adventuresofburton : Hoping one of these beautiful boxes is under my Christmas tree!
runatticusrun : My Christmas gift to myself! Love my new taupe Tieks and the card and wrapping were gorgeous!! Thank you for being an awesome company!
wendyjcooper - ryann_herrera - sseepphhii -
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