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The Ballet Flat, Reinvented. Please tag your pics #tieks!
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tieks - Tieks by Gavrieli
We’re giving away 15 of our 2015 Blue Prints Boxes, filled with treats to pamper you, inside and out! Each box is valued at over $1500. Like this photo and tag 3 friends for a chance to each win a box. Be sure you're all following @tieks! For an extra entry and to learn more about what's inside the box visit link in bio. Giveaway ends 6/5 at 3pm PDT. #BluePrintsBox #Tieks
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jaclynlexie : @jocyp @claribelteran @winniebones
mlchairstylist : @charmedwards @coco.cumbee @abyrd42
linleypaske : @samanthapappas @lvpatrick @laurenpasqualone
fatima_lunar : @_alma_perez_ @marichuy_vazquez04 @forevermorecx
sarachawda : @michellef87 @mahathey14 @daniellepatel
arounsaville86 : @shopess @jengare @nestledinabook
mypineapple : Seriously @shannon_christine @srhill25 & @brainybrowngirl πŸ’™ #InItToWinIt
jengare : @mkrehley @arounsaville86 @nsiabblog
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tieks - Tieks by Gavrieli
Accessorize brightly! We love these Fuchsia Tieks with vibrant @kendrascott jewelry πŸ’• #Regram #KendraScott #Tieks
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kpautrey : I hope to own a pair too@tlhurban. As a teacher and on my feet all day I really think I need them. Everyone said they're super comfy. Love love them.
bruveloso_fotografia : Óh!! 😱 cute @janaohp
kathydoroja : @tieks would love to receive giveaways from you. My friends got theirs. πŸ˜‚ i am a tieks fan too!
roxluv : @missposita
thepinkcupcake : My fav color!
itsme_sky : I just ❀ to buy a pair of this flats but having a hard time what size i should get if your size is in between @tieks
missok : @a4enter Ψ§Ω„Ω„ΩˆΩ† عجيبب
tieks : @itsme_sky If you send an email into service@tieks.com, one of our customer care ladies would be happy to help with sizing & fit :)
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tieks - Tieks by Gavrieli
Oh the places Tieks go! #Regram of @mirandahitchcock looking over Quito, Ecuador from the historic Basilica del Voto Nacional. #FanPhoto #BluePrints #Fuchsia #Tieks
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dj_cow_art : @96becca woot woot!! Gotta get me some of them for our trip!!!πŸ˜πŸ’ƒπŸ‘žπŸ˜
attitudeemmanuel : fashion lovers rock the world
hdelbie : @vanyluny
mirandahitchcock : Thanks, @tieks !! I've taken my pair all over the world- tango dancing in Argentina, walks through town in Tanzania, and through the Great Ocean Road in Australia. Love them!
vanessa.essa : 😍
tieks : @mirandahitchcock So glad you love your Tieks! We love seeing where your Blue Prints take you!
pocakar : Let me know too please!πŸ‘†πŸ»πŸ˜Š
nouraabdi_ : These flats (tieks) are absolutely beautiful nice color choices! ❀️😍
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tieks - Tieks by Gavrieli
Celebrating the one who's been there every step of the way. Happy #MothersDay! #MustardYellow #Tieks
tieks - mothersday - mustardyellow -
_sweetgrass_ : Thanks @erin_helm ! So cute! πŸ’›
dianahdz18 : Too many signs. @ceciberi
ceciberi : Lets do this!!@dianahdz18
karpe_deem : I like the mustard!! @darshena
eu.rich : @nickeurich
jaowwow : @cheenii
ericacatter : I HAVE to have these
abq_z28 : @faviibear you
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tieks - Tieks by Gavrieli
This Cinco de Mayo fiesta's complete with a piñata full of treats and Diamond White Tieks! πŸŽ‰ #CincoDeMayo #FridaPiñata #Tieks
cincodemayo - tieks - fridapiñata -
adriennenguyenn : I love everything about this picture!
globalgirlfriend : @alexiamadrigal OMG! !!
rosa_storelli : @senorita_laura
deecc84 : @jaime_lacreacion quiero estos too! En red y blue!
jaime_lacreacion : @deecc84 ok! But can we also get the piñata?! πŸ˜…πŸ˜
beccarother : @suzanne_rother and this!
isabelricou : @marianadangond
sistersinthesand : Fun photo!
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tieks - Tieks by Gavrieli
May Day in LA! #Brentwood #MayPole #MayDay #Tieks
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mistydawn2524 : @tiffwill25 remind me to tell you about this and what it has to do with dad! πŸ’•
car.s0n : @kristen_harkins
mjasalvador : Hi may i know where is your branch in san francisco??!!
ssuarez89 : @susadomi I do remember!!!
mrg_78 : @nicolegazaloneil xxxx
tieks : @mjasalvador We sell exclusively online through our website & offer complimentary shipping within the US :)
mjasalvador : Oh i see thanks
maryam_hosseinii : @imaryamee
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tieks - Tieks by Gavrieli
Spoil the one who's always there for you - even when things get messy! Visit (link in bio) to shop for Mom. All U.S. orders placed by 5/5 at 3pm PDT will arrive by Mother's Day. No wrapping necessary! #MothersDay #Tieks
tieks - mothersday -
joizmama : I love these shoes. Just bought the fuchsia to add to my collection and they're adorable but the clover green are still my favs ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️#Tieks
colleenzenk : Waiting by the door for my first pair!! #clovergreen
pink_paisley_events : @tieks love your brand! I am sure you get this a lot- but if you need a florist for your look books or marketing material I would be happy to collaborate! Your fun vibrant colors are to die for!!
purlbird : I've been walking all over NYC with my ballerina pink Tieks for 3 days and my feet feel perfect! No blisters, no rubbed spots, no sore feet! I can't wait to buy more and more of these shoes. Love my @tieks πŸ’—
tieks : @pink_paisley_events If you send an email into info@tieks.com, they'd be happy to forward it along to the right person! @purlbird We're so happy to hear your Ballerina Pink Tieks have been keeping you cute & comfy in NYC πŸ’•
dbwaldron : @zeuswind05 hint hint πŸ˜‰
talkatz : So cute! πŸ’˜
healthyfitnicole : I just bought my mom her first pair of Tieks for Mother's Day! I can't wait to give them to her!! πŸ’•
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tieks - Tieks by Gavrieli
Show us your shoefies! πŸ“· Tag @tieks and use #tieks to share your best shots, like this one from the lovely @mckennableu! Visit link in bio for more Tieks shoefie inspiration. #Regram #Shoefie #MintPatent #Tieks
regram - tieks - shoefie - mintpatent -
eybrittle : Do these shoes have arch support?
tieks : @eybrittle If you send an email into service@tieks.com, one of our customer care ladies would be happy to help with sizing & fit :)
rosemaryandlace : Love the blue!!
nouraabdi_ : Ahh mint!!!
miss_vendetta : So cute 😌😌😌
kathhhxo : @alyssa002
kiyya_kardashian_ : @vimehson
fjp82075 : I've been looking for a nice flat shoe & I think I've found it! I'm in love πŸ’˜!!!
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tieks - Tieks by Gavrieli
"The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is now." -Chinese proverb 🌏🌱 #EarthDay #Tieks
tieks - earthday -
mirandaaclairee : Just got my #Tieks in the mail! LOVE THEM! @tieks
mireyatarin : @ivonneee_m let's plant a tree in honor of our friendship haha
ivonneee_m : @mireyatarin omg that would be the best thing ever
mireyatarin : Than we should do it #seriously @ivonneee_m
ivonneee_m : @mireyatarin we shall lol
mireyatarin : Hahaha an avocado tree @ivonneee_m
ivonneee_m : @mireyatarin πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
perfect.wedding.dresses : @beastellabella @petitesol
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tieks - Tieks by Gavrieli
These @californiadonuts are too cute to eat! 🍩 #WeAteThemAnyway #Tieks
tieks - weatethemanyway -
gigib73 : @twinbv I want
sailapaloniemi : @elnakatariina 😍
gueguecreations : Cute!
donnahitz : I got a calendar!
cat6277 : My calendar arrived
bchang16 : I got mine. Really cute!
valeriedavisbinder : I received my calendar, very cute!
sereenaz : @yosra.mohammed
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