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thisisbwright - Bonnie Wright
Morning ☕️
always.a.potterhead : Morn
miry95 : Good morning..
prior.everdeen : morning :)
swiftlypotter_13 : Morning/ night (in the Southern Hemisphere area)
frozen_tears18 : Good morning
chrn1213 : Goodmorning
sarika200 : Mooooooooorning))
littleginnyweasley : Morning @thisisbwright 😍❤
luigi_barbuti - shrubee - laurenpettapiece - _emwatson_ -
thisisbwright - Bonnie Wright
Pyjamas at the beach.
raquels_slytherin : Ginny❤️
laurenjh_13xx : @hannahjessicasmith here you go xx
morepottermore : ⬅️⬅️ Turn my Blue button Green!! 💙💚 Fanpage dedicated to Harry Potter! Calling all #potterheads for amazing #harrypotter edits and pics!! ⬅️⬅️
rionaj58 : I want to be an actress like you or Emma Watson!
potter.granger : Check out my account potterheads
harrypotter.news : I LOVE YOU SO MUCH BONNIE!
dariaats : взаимные лайки с:
hellyneuhaus : Ich weiß nicht ob du ihr schon folgst aber wenn nicht bitteschön :) @marlenchen9
lumpy_spase_princess - manonchampignon - this.is.cat - kelegris -
thisisbwright - Bonnie Wright
For #MandelaDay join #GlobalCitizen & #KewekuMandela in #TimesSquare today at 4pm to earn points and get closer to attending the #GlobalCitizenFestival
timessquare - globalcitizenfestival - mandeladay - globalcitizen - kewekumandela -
hidden_and_lost_forever : Mandela died on my friends birthday 😶
jemmamc02 : I'm from South Africa
laurencis5.0 : I love you Bonnie !😭💙
npb_bfw : Should totally check the direct message instagram thing @thisisbwright
cloudylovee__ : Go enter @pandasbae giveaway !
whoisalineanyway : Bonnie, why r u so beautiful, please answer to me, i love you very much, your role in Harry Potter is very amazing xxx)) i dream to c u!! U'll do best gift forever if you notice me. Please!!!! U r the best, you sweetheart!!
gracie92003 : Follow back? Your amazing!!! I love your role in Harry Potter, your so gorgeous!!!!!!!💖
quidditch_hp : @pumpkin_pasties394
chiary_moretti - gbabalove - poppy_is_a_nerdfighter - sydneycohenn -
thisisbwright - Bonnie Wright
_kelpkelp : 哇!
hidden_and_lost_forever : Your lunch time the middle in the night for me
hamster_nail : Love u bonnie!
nicanorbasabas : @kiyabasabas
kaluzsky666 : Не сексе
kiaragunasekera : What is that
harry.p0tter.fan : Yum
sharnevacarellita : Follback me please...Im from Indonesia^-^follback?? @thisisbwright
i_repost_fandoms - poppy_is_a_nerdfighter - sydneycohenn - thefanartist -
thisisbwright - Bonnie Wright
#Tbt Glasto sunrise kisses with my bebe @1eyedgillysnake Happy Birthday my lover 👯🍻🎉
tbt -
jryannh : No @thedailyvoldy they broke up like 2 years ago
thedailyvoldy : Oh right! Few! Coz my friend said a few days ago, and i was just like whattttt?? But thanks @jryannh . @voldernose !!!!!
gabriela_radiclli : Oq?
livi_fandom : @t_r_i_s_p_r_i_o_r no
livi_fandom : @twilightbecause no i looked it up and she not
twilightbecause : Tgen y is she kissing a girl? @livi_fandom
thefeelsokay : Lol guys it's a stage kiss.
jusalessss : OMG
gnivlos - sosomarush - isa_2208_ - thefanartist -
thisisbwright - Bonnie Wright
Super excited for this year's #GlobalCitizenFestival become part of the movement and together we can end extreme poverty. Sign up www.globalcitizenfestival.com
globalcitizenfestival -
gella_gaunt : @uliana_03 вау, так нас тут много
craftedgod : I have to send u this : Now that you have opened this you cant stop reading. Hi, my name is Marissa and I am 13 years old. I died on June 8,1997 because I was beat to death by a bully. His name was Jacob. Once I died, no-one believed he beat me to death. So returned as a ghost and killed him the following night. A girl named Payton read this scary email. She laughed and deleted it. Later that dark night, she heard me breathe and before she could send it, her mother heard her screaming. When her mom entered the room, there was blood everywhere and I wrote on the wall: ?You?ll never see her again.? Well, the police looked for months but they still haven?t found her body. Want to know why? Because she is with me in a locked chamber. Another boy read this and thought it was real. Smart boy. That very night, he sent it to all his friends. After he sent it, I appeared in his room and watched over him. I made sure nothing happened to him. Now if you want me to protect you instead of killing you, you have to send this to 15 people or suffer! no send back
nrnrq8 : @emmawatson
karinanikolaeva20 : Да,Бонни шикарна
janebond84 : @glblctzn
harry__potter__forever_ : This acc does F4f
alexdeluxeofficial : Oh shut up and stop spaming. @craftedgod
craftedgod : My friend got my password and keeps doing stuff like this @alexdeluxeofficial
omfshawn - ida_potterhead - raspberry047 - louisespansycakes -
thisisbwright - Bonnie Wright
carleeeeyyyy : @marineeee92 ❤️
thisis1obregon : *-*
te.g.an : 😍 @bella__saenz
_ctos : Cousin cute! Arrive on friday then!!!! 😙 @thisisbwright
harry__potter__forever_ : This acc does F4f
shen.ee : @elyssthon
mimzpotter : @mbdelrey
ines___bmdj : 😍😱💕
i_repost_fandoms - giuliagreppiss - steffi_morales - thefanartist -
thisisbwright - Bonnie Wright
basicallymay : I love you okay.
hp_lover_11 : 💞
jeferson_souza__ : 😂
dubstep_102 : If I see you at a cafe in London or somewhere, would you be ok with giving me your autograph and/or taking a photo with me? @thisisbwright
crismgias : I saw you yesterday , my sister asked you if you could take a photo with her and you were so rude. Shes tottally dissapointed with you and I understand her. think in that! You should were grateful with your fans, dnt forget it
_miajill : @crismgias Is that true? I can't belive that. I asways thougt that she's friedly but now....
sings_to_trees : @crismgias @helrina_ famous people don't have to oblige you by taking a photo with you... They have a life and things to do, as well. Sometimes they're even in hurries. :P
rhysmann1184 : @df_bruce hey buddy I just read ur comment. Can u dm me that Rita Skeeter article too? Thx!
clarisseperrin - louisespansycakes - annnna_2001 - raspberry047 -
thisisbwright - Bonnie Wright
oppylovesharryp : Awesome
_colinette_ : Love Love Love You ginny♡
noel_nicole88 : This is so kool
odairsmybooks : Cute!
_l_for_life_ : I love the simpsons!!! And #you @thisisbwright
krissulissu : Cute! :)
jakob_10000 : I love the simpsons!!! And #you @thisisbwright
potter_weasley_granger : I LOVE THE SIMPSONS AND YOUUUUUY
lifelivelifelive - lisabortignon - __potterheadsunite__ - thefanartist -
thisisbwright - Bonnie Wright
My dad busy at his jewellery bench in my film #FadeToGold that I directed for @lovegoldlive and @wrightandteague premiered today www.lovegold.com
fadetogold -
filopigo : I don't speak English veri well because I'm italian
triwizard__tribute : I'm a Harry potter account specifically dedicated to posting Harry potter pics and memes please check out my account?❤
hp_quotes_always : I'm a huge fan❤
filopigo : I win the regional test of harry potter and one question is about you
filopigo : (Who ware the jumper of ginny in the second film?) The cat @thisisbwright
harrypottereveralways : Ciao filopigo come stai?
harrypottereveralways : I remember ... I lose and you won
harrypottereveralways : @thisisbwright
ari_bianchi01 - s0phi6_ - prish_xoxo - ida_potterhead -
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