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thevintagent - Paul d'Orléans
Sun flare on a cold morning in Missouri. Broughing it with @suzieheartbreak on the 2014 #MotorcycleCannonball with visible breath - I think this was the day we stopped in Wal-Mart for thermal underwear and a gillie suit! Photo by @revivalan our partner
motorcyclecannonball -
davidharto : That looks like fun!
f_o_a_m : Beautiful photo 📷👍
marioispanico : @nicolastark
nicolastark : Sei identico @marioispanico
rcortot - fredgeomy - shawnqfink - aceropuro76 -
thevintagent - Paul d'Orléans
Things I'm grateful for: the opportunity to own and/or ride some of the world's most remarkable motorcycles. I dug this 1925 supercharged Zenith-JAP land speed record bike out of Argentina. I'd looked at photos with @jaylenosgarage around 1990, and it took years to track down the actual owner, and make a deal. It took more years to track down the amazing history of #SuperKim and the Sigrand family. It's current owner mechanically restored her, but wisely left the patina intact; I got a brief ride at #Montlhery a few years ago. Unforgettable!
montlhery - superkim -
sandeimorning : Chest bursting whenever I see Super Kim in @thevintagent posts. Argentina, land of the fast, the fury and the diy stufff. CHEERS!
datanoster : oh yea! one of my favourites!
jakevintage : MONSTER
patoun13 : Splendide
whitelinepsycho : Karmic goodness, well deserved.
mpg_60 : @blackkatmotorwerks
made_of_white : Caption this ... "If i don't make it back you take care of my Velo's" @thevintagent
beeef_art_attak : @nic_nouche comme grisou
mrandmrsalloycuter - chien840309 - rustinpeaceofficial - elcastillodeldiablo -
thevintagent - Paul d'Orléans
Things I'm grateful for: a first class riding (and life) partner. Thanks for being so much fun @suzieheartbreak, and rarely complaining I'm going too fast!
ulrichjamesbitch : Triumph butts drive me nuts. @mrmurner
th_01 : it is lovely to have such a partner that let's you be yourself #suzieheartbreaker #thevintagent
kyteboy : Lucky man 👍🏼
triplenickel555 : totes adorb! ❤️ @suzieheartbreak
momully : 😍😍😍love you guys
spamshields : 👍🏻👍🏻🏍🏍
melissaguerrero : Adorbs 😿 @suzieheartbreak @thevintagent
alltalknowalk : ! @frxnzskx
chien840309 - elcastillodeldiablo - chiltepemotors - kinghossein724 -
thevintagent - Paul d'Orléans
Things I'm grateful for: friends who let me ride their kickass bikes! One of my favorite #ShinyaKimura #coachbuilt creations- his #MVAgusta. He encouraged me to spank it, so I did, and it proved a rock-solid rocket. But those looks - simply amazing, as was the noise. Photo by @menacing_ayu
mvagusta - shinyakimura - coachbuilt -
ludlowblunt : ❤️
therealjohndonnelly : His finest work.
cava.31 : Awesome!!!
_tbh : so cool
jkalning : @onemorefix
onemorefix : 😍😍 @jkalning
bodo2704 : @philippbeckerr
whitelinepsycho : Such a daring build.
partdirection - old_school1969 - yurusvtx - empanatorstreet -
thevintagent - Paul d'Orléans
Oldest motorbike in town - my 1902 Clement Autocyclette. I bought it thinking I'd crash the NYC #TweedRun, but that never happened again. Purchased in Paris at the @bonhams1793 Grand Palais sale (bargain!) and brought home in a bicycle box after I stuck the motor in a suitcase. Total air freight = $50. Now it sits beneath a #Thangka the #DalaiLama gave my grandmother in 1960...
dalailama - tweedrun - thangka -
gpmpkpkpaw : Beautiful bike
guswalbolt : 👍
revisitedmotorcycleco : @switchstudio - beaut.
mclaughlin.lives : Love it!
sevenshortagrand : That caption is full of so much awesome my head might implode...time to hustle!
joaoperestrello : Thanks for sharing this wonderful story.
ilikerad : @sevenshortagrand seriously. That's the best thing I'll see all day
thevintagent : Thanks Ian - I'd need to revive the pup first. I've thought about doing the Pioneer run, got plenty of friends who do! @beaming62
miss_b_bc3 - - jigsaw_motorcyecles - ich_432 -
thevintagent - Paul d'Orléans
Can we just talk about @casecompany's racing #NortonAtlas? With the lightweight Curtis frame? So much goodness here, especially the #OregonMotorcycleRoadRacing sticker.
oregonmotorcycleroadracing - nortonatlas -
sidsux : Proper race stuff - lyster
adam_ciferri : @sethciferri
sethciferri : @adam_ciferri indeed
theecrabler : #omrra
skog1 : @nickitwang
bob5 : Interesting swing arm with upside-down rear suspension. What's not to love about a clutch that uses a diaphragm, :-O
rustinpeaceofficial - partdirection - elcastillodeldiablo - chiltepemotors -
thevintagent - Paul d'Orléans
Seen at the @whitneymuseum - art from the #RaleighChopper! #RobertAdams photo from 1972, part of the current exhibit of the Whitney collection.
raleighchopper - robertadams -
jonathankeenan : The best, worst bike ever.
cj_yossie : @jonathankeenan Grifter was the best/worst bike ever 😂
speirmoor : Thats a MK I Chopper. Looks like gears and brakes have been eliminated. Perhaps in the quest for greater speed as they were always a bit of an anchor
mcgregor_ewan : I had the little brother 'tomahawk' when I was a kid, crashed and knocked my self out on it. Ended up in hospital for the night. I want a Chopper now. Never too old! There's one in a shop window display in Noho NYC. I've got my eye on it!!
partdirection : I've got a silver Mk1 I rescued from a skip in Kilburn. The forks were snapped off (didn't seem to be any sacrificial goolies on the shifter) but the rest of the bike was mint, so I guess it was decommissioned back in the day and never got repaired. 5 minutes of welding and I was transported back to 1976
weescotsman68 : Loved the chopper but always got the front wheel stuck in a manhole cover. So traded up to a Raleigh grifter.
doctor_b._rat : I had one when I was a kid but my sister fell off it and split her chin open. I was never allowed to ride it again! Coolest thing I ever had.
speirmoor : @mcgregor_ewan if the one in Noho doesn't work out I have a couple of Mk2's in Qns. Complete but some assembly required
vitor.rubira - infamous_nik - cherrymarspt - ypunto_project -
thevintagent - Paul d'Orléans
Fave pix need reposting. My sweetie @suzieheartbreak on our '68 BSA OG/OP chopper. Currently on view at the #NationalMotorcycleMuseum in Iowa at my Chopper History exhibit...
nationalmotorcyclemuseum -
suzieheartbreak : Looks like I'm lovin' it
melissaguerrero : Hell yeah!!
themachinefiles : Total #chopper especially the straight from the bottle drinking @suzieheartbreak
silverbones1 : Bellisima
timmyorr1963 - jamessrichmond - maisondeleage -
thevintagent - Paul d'Orléans
#Honda #Motocompo at a Chelsea gallery! Buy one now, they'll be solid gold in minutes!
motocompo - honda -
el_dooley : @tom_flanagan_otc I want one
iamjimmygatz : Come onnnnn @mattorivera
yo_dev_ : Were you going with that @mattorivera
gravyproductions : @autumnspadaro you have your Amex!
muzziness : @dabica
andrewghafary : @beavis_t82
thevintagent : @chambernyc dig this!
chambernyc : 😀
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thevintagent - Paul d'Orléans
Crazy thing coming up at the @bonhams1793 December 10 sale - a Sunbeam S8 with a Porsche motor! Built in 1966 by an engineer; runs and drives and leaves long black streaks in the road...
sidsux : Looks good. Car motors usually look too big in bikes
mr_seannguyen : Looks fricken awesome !
symphony_of_shrapnel : @thevintagent so this is pretty much like the vw conversions a lot of guys were doing with /2s in the 60s. They don't go for too much money, but since this is porsche who knows?
maisondeleage - yuzuru_iwasaki - chiltepemotors - attohiri08 -
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