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thevintagent - Paul d'Orléans
No excuse required for this repeat. Spring has sprung early in California, but we wouldn't mind more rain between perfect riding days like this. My 1960 #VelocetteClubman being #UsedAsTheMakerIntended on the twisty roads of #MarinCounty, a motorcyclist's paradise. It's the reason I stick around, despite the de-freakization of my beloved, formerly Bohemian San Francisco. Even old bike fanatics are no longer seen as eccentric, as there's money in it, which normalizes everything...
velocetteclubman - marincounty - usedasthemakerintended -
orangecountylumbertruck : Yep...the old town ain't what she used to be...
eugenedn : Paul at some point you have to meet Bay Area Vincent and motorcycle man Vaughan Greene. He lives in San Bruno, he knew George Disteel and others. Truly one of the last gentleman of his time. He's in his 80's.
thevintagent : Would love to! @eugenedn
jaredzaugg : West Marin and W. Sonoma have best riding roads in the world.
garyjboulanger : Putter, putter, vroooom!
theshopvancouver : Paul you going to the 1 Moto ?
robotboysofholloway : Everything in that photo looks nice , can't wait for London to look like that.
single_malt_store - jonathanboorstein - skaayb - jamessrichmond -
thevintagent - Paul d'Orléans
I'm not #EdithPiaf; Je regrette un peu. Like selling this 1925 #SunbeamLongstroke - the essence of Vintage bicycling. Weighs nothing, spins freely, handles like a razor. #OriginalPaint. Sigh.
originalpaint - sunbeamlongstroke - edithpiaf -
artisteobscure : Ha! Cool 😺🚴💨
occhiolungo : My favorite of all your bikes
ccccriiiissssss : @155racingworkshop
pezpix : This is what I'm after.. 😍😍😍 @thevintagent
sidsux : Nice . Looks like a keeper
single_malt_store : @braddiller
kishi_he : @rh_gerardo
wizardofx : Better to have loved and lost...
mohamadimostafa5159 - yudha_galabag - rustless_hiro - hendrakumang -
thevintagent - Paul d'Orléans
If the #LeyatHelica isn't on your list, what does it take? Love this #OriginalPaint example from 1921 at the @martsetmetiers in Paris. Madness, genius, or a tasty mix of both?
leyathelica - gnomerhone - originalpaint -
sunday_school_dropout : This takes the idea of having wind in your face to another level. I would love it more if the blades were behind me, not that I claim to be a genius.
oldcrowspeedshop : @acecoffeeco of course we do! 💨
iwasjeffdecker : Neat
brunetto1977 : @thevintagent ... Boxer engine??? Douglas or Victoria (bmw) 🤔????
thevintagent : It's a #GnomeRhone flat twin I believe @brunetto1977 as used on ABC.
valvebounce : Superb!
thibautad : @thevintagent one of the best museums in Paris!
pj94812 : From a less complicated age. Have an idea and build it! Stopping, or even slowing down? We'll worry about that later. Those things the size of shoe polish tins on the front wheels are brakes I hope...
finalemotorcycles - ch_a_o_s - influenzavintage - kilpol5 -
thevintagent - Paul d'Orléans
#PerfectDayForRiding with @suzieheartbreak and my 1960 #VelocetteClubman.
velocetteclubman - perfectdayforriding -
rm88 : Cherry Blossoms! Reminds me of DC.
andyhcastro : @lewisleathers?
suzieheartbreak : @lewisleathers
nicholascolemanart : You guys don't know how to have any fun! 😜 @suzieheartbreak @thevintagent
danflatblack : 🙌🏼👌🏻
occhiolungo : Love the cherry trees, but my allergies have been brutal for a week.
old_stale_negative : Saw you two heading north on the gg bridge; thought we might see you at Marshall. Maybe next time. My friend and I were the idiots on the harleys.
thevintagent : @suzieheartbreak was all over your pal's old-school Club chop, thought it was cute! Ha! @old_stale_negative
finalemotorcycles - influenzavintage - otc_vintage - fishtail_garage_japan -
thevintagent - Paul d'Orléans
Pioneers ride alone. #FelixMillet on his #MilletMotorcycle c.1893. The first motorcycle on pneumatic tires, the first radial/rotary engine to power transport of any kind. I studied this bike at the #ArtsEtMetiers museum in Paris; it wasn't very successful but proved many points. (Terrific hat too!). Photo courtesy #JeanBourdache. Find the bike at @martsetmetiers
milletmotorcycle - felixmillet - jeanbourdache - artsetmetiers -
joshgfranklin : @funkeith @rickycaferacer
silvershareholder : Wow, I didn't even know there were hipsters in 1893
thevintagent : The louche beard look was very popular in the 1890s - think Lautrec, Van Gogh, Marx, etc; the original Bohemians @silvershareholder
silvershareholder : @thevintagent I was just going for the laugh. Great photo & awesome post.
loganllo : @marcelo.kneip idêntico!
crude_oil : @sparky_maiers @speedracinjason
alancalifa : @marcelo.kneip kkkkkk, back To the future!!!🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼
martsetmetiers : Great picture 😀 🚲
finalemotorcycles - influenzavintage - lanz_bulldog_toni - classic_vintage_motorcycles_za -
thevintagent - Paul d'Orléans
#AllisVanity. My 1928 #SunbeamTT90 regards its reflection in a Victorian tailor's mirror. And who can blame the lovely thing?
sunbeamtt90 - allisvanity -
themachinefiles : 👌🏼I love the late 20s.... Gotta get my 29 Rudge done one day.
thevintagent : An Ulster? @themachinefiles
paleolovr : @thevintagent Love this...
ashtonparslow : @sophburridgee
themachinefiles : Special Paul, wish I still had my 37 Ulster. Damn that was a quick bike. I don't have everything for the 29 so it will be a bit of a racing special.....
th_01 : gorgeous
leonardoapcardoso : Beautiful!
fishtail_garage_japan - p.insyaf - alastairgibsoncarbonart - d_whitehart -
thevintagent - Paul d'Orléans
It's the #SuperBowl tomorrow - the best day of the year for a ride! Every knucklehead glued to the by @ktfender from @wheels_and_waves 2012. Not my usual ride - #AnyBikeBeatsNoBike
anybikebeatsnobike - superbowl -
gavineivers : @dachwaton is that you?
dachwaton : @gavineilvers pretty much mate ha ha
ktfender : 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 @triplenickel555 yeah !!!! @datanoster
ktfender : @thevintagent 💖💖💖💖💖😂😂😂
vickychamp2 : Man, what an ego!
jaredzaugg : So true - and for where there's snow it's a great for snowboarding.
thevintagent : Monumental @vickychamp2
sunday_school_dropout : This Desmo head will be watching the game
finalemotorcycles - single_malt_store - influenzavintage - nmpongpun -
thevintagent - Paul d'Orléans
Other lands, other V-twins. This cool #ReneGillet 750 Model G was parked in a hallway at #Retromobile2016 - #TheresAlwaysAMotorcycle even in a car show...
retromobile2016 - renegillet - theresalwaysamotorcycle -
stevewest : You going to be in Portland next week, Paul?
joshgfranklin : @rickycaferacer @funkeith
jaredzaugg : Hmmm, Paris. Any roasted lamb and Slavic Vogue models?
thevintagent : I only entertain Slavic Vogue models who race 1920s Bentleys @jaredzaugg
mototalbott : Yes , such a gorgeous French moto , we are so lucky to be taking delivery of an original Rene Gillet , complete with it's leather tool bags , "Paris" running boards and original 1929 French license plate , I love Barn Finds !
d_whitehart - joshua.bubble - alpracingdesign - chef1121 -
thevintagent - Paul d'Orléans
San Francisco tan! And a killer racing #NortonAtlas back in 1988. Definitely the fastest Norton I ever owned or rode, it was built for racing in the late '60s, and converted to lights later. Magnesium carbs and racing mag. Where is it now?
nortonatlas -
husabergsf : @punkdadmaine they will, trust me, they will!
cyclemec : Loved my '72 Dunstall Commando. What a noise it made.
stillsouthernlil : The coolest photo yet!
arqlucianolongo : Drum brakes... mama mia!!!
sidsux : Nice . Did you race it
solomotorcycleworks : @thevintagent Hey Paul, that's a really nice one. I always liked seeing the photo of it on your blog. Drum brake and disc rear, was a big stand out. And then I remember you saying it had magnesium carbs. Definitely some uber cool parts that you really don't see people put together these days. A true period special. Wish you still had it that's for sure.
synthiamashack : Whoa thats wonderful. Have a look at www.smfollowers,com to grow your likes and followers today!!!!!
ccccriiiissssss : @155racingworkshop nice
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thevintagent - Paul d'Orléans
#RanWhenParked. Hard not to be pissed off sometimes...dude had 8 #BroughSuperior bikes and 1 BS car, plus a lot of other stuff he let rot. Ah well, it will all live again. Displayed at the @bonhams1793 #GrandPalais sale...
grandpalais - broughsuperior - ranwhenparked -
paul.nixon : If every old item was sold to the first snoop that turned up there would not be the fun and mystery of finding things like these bikes! Yes it's sad that they have deteriorated badly! But I am in awe of the guy to have had the opportunity and the foresight to have collect such a brace of amazing old machines! As you get older sometimes just knowing that you own these things is immensely satisfying the fact that the building wasn't suitable is what has created the problem not the guy who owned them, now I feel some sadness that is the last that we know of hidden treasures.
vickychamp2 : No, the guy was a twat
garymargerum : @thevintagent it's going to be interesting what the final price will be on this collection. Crazy!
jboupele : @loic_v
isjunk1 : @gkf4684
isjunk1 : @gkf4684 still got the number for the one in Melb , just need to rob a bank
lookbackbmx : @corvus_motorcycles
corvus_motorcycles : Fuck such a shame
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