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Writer. Rider. Photographer. Editor at Cycle World.
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thevintagent - Paul d'Orléans
Catching a young man's fancy, just like it did in 1957. A lovely #Mondial 175 ohc roadster in a #Montecito barber shop.
montecito - mondial -
hello_sailor_soap : @oxanaelectra 🙌🏻
jonesspeedandkolor : @josh.hill.5205
your_mums_sancho : @il.b.choppin
oxanaelectra : @hello_sailor_soap 💔
quintanahidalgo : @matiasucles
highendhooker : #thatbarbertho 🔥🔥🔥
steamboatimagery : @thevintagent Are you in Southern California?
joshgfranklin : @rickycaferacer
mathewmorales1775 - andrea_livio - filouvard - julietateromeo -
thevintagent - Paul d'Orléans
Why a #Mondial in a barber shop window? Why not?
mondial -
rosko_cc : #businessexpenses
rudelovephoto : Anytime I see a bike like that, I hope it's engine is broken, or the frame is irreparably tweaked or something. Otherwise it's just a wast of a gorgeous moto!
motomg : @rudelovephoto agreed!!! Every time I see a motorcycle in some clothing store or coffee shop I cringe. When did the motorcycle become a fashion accessory in the same vein as a watch or pair of nice shoes we put on for special occasions?
officinacalonaci - victor97_gv - filouvard - julietateromeo -
thevintagent - Paul d'Orléans
Always wear #appropriategear. I confess never having seen a dress like that on a Honda CB77...leave it to #Miley...
miley - appropriategear -
deanlanzajr : Goes to show ya bikes can do a lot!!!
marty_mach : @robbyreed00 hmmm not sure what to think about her now, definitely mixed feelings
robbyreed00 : She can get it @marty_mach
davis2davis : @jordospeaks it is actually not a Dream. The CB77 was know as a Super Hawk.
jordospeaks : @davis2davis the main difference is the dream had the stamped steel frame , otherwise theyre the same?
davis2davis : @jordospeaks no different I many ways.
jordospeaks : Ok.... @davis2davis
claythebragg : I think it's a nightmare not a dream.
seaside_motor_corp - tamburini.andrea - chopper_d - ucup_58 -
thevintagent - Paul d'Orléans
Digging everything about this @ktfender photo, which speaks volumes about contemporary gender roles in the scene. A beautiful girls sits her HD on the start line of the #PunksPeak race, and all the boys ponder 'Who is she?' Kristina says 'For me, this shot reflects perfectly the motorcycle scene right now.' Rate this ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ out of 5.
punkspeak -
thevintagent : @jakevintage
occhiolungo : I don't know about 'girl on a motorcycle' but I've spent this week with several women riding pre1915 machines. If a girl rides a bike in the forest, but 9 people don't take her photo, did she really ride it? 😉 @hunty
hunty : @occhiolungo Absolutely! And - for that fleeting moment - she would have been freer than at any other time in her life!
hattieclaxton : @thevintagent thank you for putting this picture up on your page and I'm pleased people have a lot of opinions about it. Just wanted to make it clear to everyone I was not there for branding, I was not there for a photo opportunity, I was there for myself and there for the fun of riding a motorbike. I've been riding since I could get my license and yes I wasn't wearing the correct motorbike gear but oh well! 😊
jakevintage : Hey Paul, I'm only asking the questions, I'm not judging, it looks like a great event and hope to take part next year..
ktfender : Hi guys and ladies! For me it is not about ladies or men, in fact if it was a man instead of @hattieclaxton in this shot for me it would have been the same photo and meaning the same for me.... Any case it is just an image and we all take from it what we want to take from it..... In my case, and as a photographer I was totally impressed for the amount of media around I just wanted to portrait, maybe you only can see 8 cameras @occhiolungo in the frame but outfield there were tons more. The real question is what is the media and social networking doing to this motorcycle scene? How is the media using it on their favor? Is this use good or wrong for this motorcycle scene? I have my own opinion ... We all should have one I guess
occhiolungo : Agreed @ktfender . I too enjoy taking pics of old bikes, and post them so I can share my love of antique motorcycles with other people. Some of the small bike rides seem to have grown and morphed into gigantic photo opportunities that feature bikes. That's ok, but it isn't my thing. I just wanna ride, baby! Anyway, great pic! The best of the bunch, I'm sure. 😄 ciao.
merrymichau : Ok my turn.... I also raced at punks peak with @hattieclaxton who is my dearest friend. For the record we ride our bikes everywhere including a five hour ride the day before and riding one hour in the pissing rain up punks peak to race. We raced for ourselves and bloody loved it. Just imagine the pressure of being only three women racing in a sea of men in front of thousands and media you don't want to balls that one up..!! We had on proper bike clothing for the race including gloves for the record .... O and Hattie won both her races btw.!! I got beaten by a guy who cheated saying his bike was 400 like mine but turned out to be 900 ... Haha what does that say about you boys ey ? Can't let a women win? Love, ride and live and let live there's room for everyone @thevintagent
lena.roebuck - heldbergs_richtig_gutes_zeug - ucup_58 - biancalinetter -
thevintagent - Paul d'Orléans
Portrait of @glasses_valen with my '33 #VelocetteKTT in #Motopia
velocettektt - motopia -
2d : Yes!!
castrolfranck : Possible to get Closer pic of the alloy fork torque stay ? @thevintagent
rtwdoug : Is it running again? :)
thevintagent : Just flat alloy bar, heavily drilled @castrolfranck
castrolfranck : Yep @thevintagent
nickashley57 : Ooof!
searsteddy : So fuckin cool
veerayuth_a - seaside_motor_corp - chopper_d - ucup_58 -
thevintagent - Paul d'Orléans
Punk before punk - a #VivienneWestwood creation from 1972. Studs and a Norton patch on ancient #GeneVincent sweatshirt. Dang. Regram from @punkpistol_seditionaries
genevincent - viviennewestwood -
milwmoby : @aleisharice punk style
bigfoot_and_wildboy : Freakin' amazing!
guswalbolt : Very cool!
ravenblack1986 : @kuriio
plexicondevil : 👌🏼🔥 @sarahaaronson @thevintagent
jonathan_vnuk : @cheatercarl
cheatercarl : @dtk77lamf @gimme7782
cheatercarl : @jessvergon
ginawinehus - filouvard - jimmy_cooper_777 - julietateromeo -
thevintagent - Paul d'Orléans
Early 1950s attitude. Rigid H-D Panhead with a dual saddle. Rolled up jeans, black tee shirt - somebody wrote a song about that girl, I bet. #Trouble
trouble -
velocette59 : @blytheoftheball
blackboard69 : Tough chick! @brittneyann_69
fiestorch : She will make him pay in oh so many ways. #troubleonastick
scuderia93 : some things never change. And that my friend is an awfully good thing
plexicondevil : So hawt! @thevintagent @sarahaaronson
tamsinpearce : @lanefortyfive
emasonb : @ackergram me n you?
mikefarrell1968 : I like that one a lot
k_billythekid - alibalibee56 - pologarat - _silbermaschine -
thevintagent - Paul d'Orléans
Looks like my #PuchGrandPrix is going away tomorrow...need space for something a little more special.
puchgrandprix -
oscarnluisgarage : @luis_ramon_puyod
voruda : @leegitter
thevintagent : Bought by accident at a Bonhams sale! Was chatting with @triplenickel555 and gesturing - Malcolm took it for the winning bid. @herrhpunkt it came from a big moped collection from the Netherlands. Bought a Cyrus for @suzieheartbreak too
herrhpunkt : @thevintagent 👍👍
ejafunfactory : Daamnn.. Old yet so goldd : Solid, baby
insinyur : Classic!
cameronkuehne : @pioughd @via_traquea
olivierfarjot - y_so_k - derbilyfe - _silbermaschine -
thevintagent - Paul d'Orléans
#TheAutomobile magazine is out with my article on the #ConcorsoDiVillaDEste. 'The only English car mag that matters!' I write for them a few times per annum - it's TheVintagent on 4 wheels...
theautomobile - concorsodivilladeste -
benchandloom : 👏 cool
spamshields : Cool is right!
paulhitchens : ✒... 'their sub-brand Rolls Royce squats...' Ouch 😉👍
thevintagent : Ha - the truth hurts @paulhitchens
mehran__malekzadeh - tetei.chhangte - tommymanoch - filouvard -
thevintagent - Paul d'Orléans
1963. #Greeves
greeves -
kaitlinwix : Fantastic
jcmantis : I've got a '66 Greeves mx 250 Paul @thevintagent so fun to ride and so much mx history.
simonjamescathcart : @250london
tony_rex_12 : Hi the original Hawkeye!
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