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Writer. Rider. Photographer. Editor at Cycle World.
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thevintagent - Paul d'Orléans
This is big: we have #CliffVaughs and #LarryMarcus, who designed the #EasyRider choppers, coming to the @motofilmfest. Cliff has never seen the film! Wed 9/23 screening, Sun 9/27 panel discussion.
larrymarcus - cliffvaughs - easyrider -
weargrits : Wow that's awesome!👍🏾👍🏾
thevintagent : Ben built the first two bikes under direction of Cliff Vaughs, and Larry Marcus built the second set in Cliff's backyard. Cliff was Associate Producer of the Easy Rider, came up with the name and much of the story line from his own life as a chopper-riding civil rights worker in the South in '63/64 with SNCC. Ben Hardy was Cliff's motorcycle mentor, and a chopper legend, and Cliff had Ben build the bikes after he and Larry bought them at auction. @a_mitchi
svviss : @matteoprodani vacci, dovrebbe essere strafigo
occhiolungo : the obvious question is will Peter Fonda be there for the panel discussion?
thevintagent : Peter Fonda has been telling his version of the origin story of Easyrider for 45 years now it's Cliff turn. @occhiolungo
occhiolungo : Understood, but I thought it would be exciting to hear them both at the same venue. Have they ever been in the same place?
fciron : You're a man with a mission, @thevintagent Keep it up!
cinemeccanica : History in the making! 🙌
heldbergs_richtig_gutes_zeug - w.suke.01 - romo_hause - baptiste_lamaire -
thevintagent - Paul d'Orléans
Fine day for a ride! On a #Triumph Bonneville.
triumph -
hayley_hubble : Triumph Whale!
thevintagent : You've got a future as a mechanic, young McGregor! @mcgregor_ewan
mcgregor_ewan : @thevintagent yes the problem is a build up of pressure in those early Hyperdrivegenerators Triumph used to power the speedo cathdiodraytubes!
whitelinepsycho : Splendid example sir.
occhiolungo : maybe we'll stop there this year on the 49 Mile Ride... ;)
03bonnie : Nice bike! From San Francisco ?
thevintagent : Yep @03bonnie
nateski : @coreychristenzen follow this
vassallo_gianluca - mardiantibachtiar - febhy.mrshlna - -
thevintagent - Paul d'Orléans
The latest #AnishKapoor exhibit? Nah, it's the start of a balloon race in 1915 at the #PanamaPacificExposition in San Francisco. I'm doing a little research on the ghosts of competitions past in my hometown.
panamapacificexposition - anishkapoor - tombaldwin -
dickiesnit : Fantastic photo! Might I suggest a wonderful book 'The Balloon Factory' by Alexander Frater. If the early days of flight interest you then it's a super read@thevintagent
jonbek : @lca_ink
ianofthewoods : The Dole Air Race is a good one if you're into the macabre. That was out Oakland though.
thevintagent : @ianofthewoods yow just googled the Dole Derby. @dickiesnit I'll check it out. I've been looking for info on a Zeppelin factory in San Francisco, run by #TomBaldwin. It was destroyed in the '06 quake, and Baldwin joined Glenn Curtiss back east.
benchandloom : Love that place - Ft Point all the way to Ft Mason.
dickiesnit : I would love to learn more about the Zeppelin factory you mention in San Fran! While on the subject of early flight I have to mention my other current fave read 'Wings of Madness' by Paul Hoffman. The life of Alberto Santos-Dumont it is also fantastic@thevintagent
occhiolungo : Hola Paul. There are some decent facebook pages that cover the PPIE in SF if you are looking for more pics and stories from like-minded folks.
korneev_rakovski - miss.razi - gavinwarfieldsutherland - betopolati -
thevintagent - Paul d'Orléans
No meme quotes. Just do stuff.
nick.clements : Amazing!
emasonb : @ackergram - old-timey BB
frienz_recordz : Woo fantastica!
brett1weldon : @cera_etc
rockabilly_jay : @rolandsands @rolandsandsdesign
cera_etc : @brett1weldon aha should I try this?
brett1weldon : Totally, you got it @cera_etc
illiss : #teamgofast
radunazap - matchlessg80cs - viedezebre - we_out_here0 -
thevintagent - Paul d'Orléans
There's a terrific #JMWTurner exhibit at the #DeYoungMuseum in San Francisco, which got me thinking of a 1935 Velocette poster I found years ago...well it's natural a British graphic artist working in the '30s was weaned on Turner, eh? I wrote about this in @caferacermagazine many years ago - 'Selling Speed' - and the two schools of graphic art used in selling bikes pre-War; the Turnerites vs the naturalists.
deyoungmuseum - jmwturner -
spongebarbier : Just saw that show tonight @thevintagent
thevintagent : Different 1% @occhiolungo
thevintagent : What did you think? @spongebarbier
spongebarbier : I loved the ones that were the most abstract . I didn't like the thick or ornate frames @the vintagent
thevintagent : The more abstract, the more I like Turner. The quickest watercolor sketches were amazing @spongebarbier
ktfender : 😍😍😍😍😍
pierceblackheart : ... That jmw turner exhibit is a real treat !
bisnisterdasyat : kerennnn
bronson_soap - relicmotovintageshow - hamad.623 - restaurantlaanita -
thevintagent - Paul d'Orléans
Fun fact I never knew - there was a #WallOfDeath in the 1915 #PanamaPacificExposition - and here's the postcard! Joe Hall rode an Excelsior board tracker - there were also cars depicted, so I reckon it was a big'un. 240' in 2 seconds - that's about 81.5mph, way too fast for a wall of death!
panamapacificexposition - wallofdeath -
thevintagent : There were boards on the PPIE track, and a banked section at one end (out on Chrissie Field), but this does seem to be an exhibition spot or Wall of Death @archive_moto. Time to hit the SF Public Library!
yeoleghost : Great post! Thanks
calihellriders : Great post. Love seeing history from where my show came about. I did not know they dated back to the early teens. Thought they started in the twenties. Great find. @thevintagent
thevintagent : There's clearly more to discover here @calihellriders. I can see the Palace of Fine Arts -the last remnant of the PPIE - from my home in SF, and now my picture of the past includes a race track and a Wall. Totally changed my perspective. Now I have to find more
calihellriders : A guy by the name Joe Boudreau built 3 wall of deaths in his life time. He was from Swansea Massachusetts. We have the last remaining wall he built. It's amazing to know there was 100's of them and now only about 4 tour the United States. It's def a dying breed and it puts a huge smile on my face when I see these posts. I wish the sport would come back. Check this site out. @thevintagent
mikez4dog : Check it out @1903magazine and @kyleives1
thevintagent : I know where Jack Prince's personal scrapbook lives, and hope to scan its contents soon @calihellriders
calihellriders : Now that's what I would like to see. @thevintagent
maremotosmc - baptiste_lamaire - w.suke.01 - gpmpkpkpaw -
thevintagent - Paul d'Orléans
#BoyzInDaWood on Zayante Road above Santa Cruz. Mountain roads are best! Especially on vintage bikes - Triumph, Honda, Velocette. @southsiders @elsolitariomc @revivalan et moi. Wish we could do it more often!
boyzindawood -
73cafe : Ahh I was just in that area on my way up from LA on Monday. Ride safe boys!
benchandloom : Where's my MZ?
chefboyamihungry : Ha! Roads the locals take for granted. It's a bummer lower 9 into Santa Cruz is currently closed
southsiders : @thevintagent. the seven dwarfs under the giant forrest
thevintagent : It was Day 2 @benchandloom
trevaleslie : @austynstark #lifegoals
rickycaferacer : 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
sepatumurah_wakai_dll : Beautiful
spoon300 - drd5 - dankaicustoms - anna_ddias -
thevintagent - Paul d'Orléans
Believe it or not, this is #SanFrancisco in 1915! Driving this Maxwell race car is #EddieRickenbacker, future WW1 flying ace, during a Vanderbilt Cup race held in SF. This area was called Harbor View, the site of the #PanamaPacificExposition, and now called The Marina District. Dario Resta won the race in a Peugeot!
panamapacificexposition - eddierickenbacker - sanfrancisco -
old_stale_negative : Whoa is that the same Rickenbacker who had all those cool bikes in that bar on 2nd street at mission? Gotta be. Too cool!
benchandloom : Too cool!
tufftootnbaby : @chavo1960
occhiolungo : The guy with the bar used the name, but wasn't the same guy from 1915. @old_stale_negative
chrisfbartlett : Amazing photo, Paul!
spamshields : Wow, wonderful photo
nickashley57 : @thevintagent the wars really changed things
brian_bent : Very rad
deanlanzajr - muchamadsandi - 13warhead - dr.noriega.ayala -
thevintagent - Paul d'Orléans
@suzieheartbreak with her Cyrus moped at the #PalaceOfFineArts in San Francisco, a very popular spot for wedding photos, and occasional Moto shoots. We picked up this gem from a Bonhams auction - too cute to pass by...
palaceoffinearts -
spamshields : She matches💙
kaitlinwix : Where'd she get those jeans?
blitzmotorcycles : @suzieheartbreak you rock on this Moped!!! Nice catch.
thevintagent : Susan has a wardrobe vast and fair, having been a buyer and fashion house manager in a former life, but I'll ask her @kaitlinwix. @suzieheartbreak ??
kaitlinwix : Yes please do! Women's selvedge that fits?!? 😇🐮
suzieheartbreak : @kaitlinwix this was a few years ago but I think they are by Civilianaire. They have been my "go to" jeans for years....
banjo_devil : @camcam_cha 👍🏻 ?
kaitlinwix : I must find them! They look great on you 😊 @suzieheartbreak
lena.roebuck - heldbergs_richtig_gutes_zeug - deanlanzajr - baptiste_lamaire -
thevintagent - Paul d'Orléans
I chose to spend $35k on this crazy unknown rather than a Brough Superior SS100 of similar condition and value. I already had an SS100 in pieces, and a BS '1150' I rode around to bars. Now they're all worth 20 times or more those 90s prices, but I was lucky to ride 'em without compunction. I only rode this 1700cc supercharged Zenith, #SuperKim, once, but I see it pretty regularly in Germany. An Australian '27 Harley FHA 8-valve racer in similar condition brings the old beast to mind...
superkim -
monoxc03 : Mira @pablo_caste_
scottiesharpedd : I think you are older than the bike by now!
selfedge : so good!
timkillcustom : @nickyumek
nickyumek : That's my kind of death trap! @timkillcustom
pablo_caste_ : Que buena !!! @monoxc03
andrey_bagas : Thats great
gpmpkpkpaw : Beautiful bike great find
bronson_soap - sawon94 - restaurantlaanita - gpmpkpkpaw -
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