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thevintagent - Paul d'Orléans
One of our @wetplatevan portraits of Rob Harmsen @triprob co-owner of @eatdust clothing in Belgium, taken in 2014 while he was in LA to buy the Sportster chopper he's sitting. This is a perennial favorite portrait!
rollinstock : ⚡️🔥
konrad_z : This portrait is juste awesome ! 👌👊👍🙌
highendhooker : Breathtakingly beautiful.
vgskcks : I hope I'm this rad when I'm older.
joshgfranklin : @funkeith
mikez1903magazine : I think I might have seen that photo before... : @vgskcks how could you not be that rad when you already are rad now
jasonmazz__ : @bon_askew_art_
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thevintagent - Paul d'Orléans
George Dance at Brooklands ca1921 with one of his special Sunbeam sprinters - side valves converted with steel barrels and aircraft OHV heads. Unbeatable at the time, the bikes probably weighed barely 200lbs.
thevintagent : Sadly, none of Dance's original racers seem to have survived @tropy73
jordospeaks : Love those goggles
bsa_dave : Whaddya mean.. There's more survived than were ever built !
cemetarypockets : Hey what's yt? That blue stuff
thevintagent : Ectoplasm no doubt @cemetarypockets - have you seen the ghost images on my tintypes? Go to @wetplatevan
cemetarypockets : Yeah I figured it was a o
cemetarypockets : Passage through, in the paranormal activity marked one's. It's has the same blue stuff
cemetarypockets : Some paranormal in the trees.
grizzlyvladams - jasonmazz__ - fernandoy_madmax - kuncentro -
thevintagent - Paul d'Orléans
Making Nortons faster. @nycnorton-land, building up the next customer Commando engine with alloy barrels, big bores, and hot cams.
pinthav : Why not just put a triumph motor in it. Lol
chuckchillout1 : @pinthav must have missed the "faster" part..
nickashley57 : @pinthav Cackle!!!
ilikerad : Ohhhhhh sick burn
gregorhalenda : Hi John
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thevintagent - Paul d'Orléans
#BarnFindLand - after the success of Banksy's @dismaland_park, Bonhams is hosting its own theme park at Stafford. All exhibits purchasable! Greasy snacks too.
barnfindland -
thevintagent : @bonhams1793
vintamac : Wow! When's this?
emasonb : @happyjack1125 - how bout that set?!?
kiwitibbs : The peashooter is beautiful that's going under the hammer.
mikez1903magazine : Much cooler than dismaland
mertantika : @thereddestredd falcon types everywhere
whitelinepsycho : Alright !!
ashtonparslow : @bradleyasser
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thevintagent - Paul d'Orléans
I didn't spec a Ground Zero for the chopper explosion for my book #TheChopperTheRealStory - but this is as close as it gets. #KennyHoward in 1946 with his crazy Indian Scout with tiny tank, custom paint, flared exhaust, and tall risers. Boom! From his biography
thechoppertherealstory - kennyhoward -
roadtoglory1 : That bike has a good story besides that Dutch rode it for alittle while
whitelinepsycho : Kenneth had his own frequency.
chrisfbartlett : Awesome photo Paul!
dedcatsk8r : @haifleybros @brains_lsmc @bigtrouble_lsmc @biglou81666
grubbypoll : This really is great.
yace : The best!
tricostore : This is amazing
von_pasen : Gött stuk @lumpsamlarn
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thevintagent - Paul d'Orléans
There are 3 #BroughSuperior 'kits' coming up at the Oct 18th Bonhams sale at Stafford. Two are SS100s, like this 1927 Alpine Grand Sports - a grand project indeed!
broughsuperior -
kk38k : ..#basketcase ..
occhiolungo : DQ is traveling to UK for the sale
thevintagent : Yep; his old pal supplied the Broughs and loose motors. I'd been to Gary's place once on a Velo rally on Oz - I liked him. It sucks we die. Good morning Pete! @occhiolungo
occhiolungo : Poor old guy had all that Brough stuff, but never put it together or rode one. Carpe diem!
thevintagent : I still had my Broughs when I first met him, we talked about them often, but he rode his Velos! Some people are hoarder- preservers... @occhiolungo
louis15481 : @pixed81 ola
kevinsaysmoo : @theacrobaticcat
thevintagent : @bonhams1793
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thevintagent - Paul d'Orléans
New to me: the 1931 prototype FN 'Becassin' by Dougal Marchant, noted Brooklands habitué. Skirted fenders long before Indian used them! Seen in #TheAutomobile this month...
theautomobile -
forzamacchi : Lovely...
mikez1903magazine : Sweet
unitedrw3 : @chadobson @supes47 @sandojorge @hashtaggoss
nicholascolemanart : Super neat.
evanthia : Beautiful
whitelinepsycho : So sleek.
made_of_white : That would have looked like the future in 1931 and it still looks like the future in 2015.
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thevintagent - Paul d'Orléans
'Hellion Harlow and her honey Hans hum the holiday highway heat on her hellacious Harley Hog.' #Alphabetics book from @gestalten - 'an aesthetically awesome alliterated alphabet anthology.'
alphabetics -
canaille_scream : Crazy image!
voruda : @dirtyfkndan920 @tvos @chaostobin
whitelinepsycho : Lucidly lovely alliteration.
thevintagent : Gender-grinding greaseballs getting good and grimy going great guns to Gomorrah, gaily gesticulating with a glorious gesture of godlessness. @whitelinepsycho
whitelinepsycho : Sensibly sidestepping Sodom, so several schizophrenically psychotic sickle subversives save substantial sums of spondoolies and, subsequently, serendipitously soothe some sadsack savant singing silly songs of supercilious stupidity . . . phew !!! - elegant_apparatus - ilan.23 - phumsiak -
thevintagent - Paul d'Orléans
Pretty much a perfect sunset ride in the Marin Headlands - that view of the Golden Gate Bridge never gets old. Nice to have a few running bikes for friends from Berlin! An East German MZ250 for our East Getman friend @irenewyork, and a spare Triumph for @erntezeit and his son, who swapped for my Velocette and didn't kill it once - not bad for a Harley guy 😜. @suzieheartbreak is excellent company too!
cwclark_ : Very nice
wizardofx : Spare Triumph... Love it.
occhiolungo : Fun day. Sorry I couldn't make it. Next time fo sho
kurtyaeger : I got to get up there with ya. How's nov/dec?
erntezeit : Was so awesome!!! Thanks again soo much!!
good_fare : What an absolutely perfect way to celebrate the German reunification anniversary that way too, this freedom to travel is one of the best gifts that came with it.
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thevintagent - Paul d'Orléans
Love this 1930s #Puch catalog cover, from a friend's collection in Germany. I rode his'38 4-cylinder Puch a couple of years ago - need to post those photos!
puch - gnomerhone -
jaredzaugg : Any idea of the artist Puch hired?
daryl_kennedy : @castandsalvage @chinonthetank
victorialawson95 : love love love it !!! <3
grubbypoll : Wow, thanx for posting this, it's great.
spamshields : Cool
thevintagent : No, but I've seen a #GnomeRhone poster which is similar @jaredzaugg
giamma_69 : @thevintagent awesome
floor_o_clock : ⚡️⚡️⚡️PUCH !!!!⚡️⚡️⚡️
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