The Stone Foxes

The new album 'Twelve Spells' is out August 2015. Follow #FoxesFirstFriday to stay updated on new songs from the album
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thestonefoxes - The Stone Foxes
Here's to blowing stuff up and to playing the Safeway Waterfront Blues Festival in Portland TOMORROW! We're on early at 12:45!!
ginahuntington : Can't wait!!! See u all soon
trendy_dad : #clichepictureoffireworks
erin_in_the_world - rplatten - the_speez - akaserobnison -
thestonefoxes - The Stone Foxes
The mic's are hot during soundcheck at @thecrocodileseattle ...really hot.... And stop laughing Ben! Tix available at the door, show at 8, we're on at 10:45
donnapersonna : Go get em
karolynengh : thats hot
mark_orr - alex.g9829 - badcitizenband - enemy_91 -
thestonefoxes - The Stone Foxes
Dear Kelsey Grammer, We know you qualify as a certifiably insane person in real life, but if you come see us at @thecrocodileseattle tonight dressed up as Fraiser(with the head phones and mic and bring Eddie), we'll give you $1000. No strings attached, just a nice invitation with a little incentive. The rest of you, get tix now!
onceandfutureband : He's gonna need the money after that last transformer's movie!
haaannk : Savage^
tomblcfc - turnerb13 - zacklanedavis - onceandfutureband -
thestonefoxes - The Stone Foxes
The air conditioning may be out in the van...we might be resorting to ice cream to keep cool...but we're goin full boar tonight at The Cannery in Everett TONIGHT!!! We'll save a bite of the cone for you!
im_scottpilgrim_bitch - wallvahtnee - enemy_91 - chrisdevinnavarro -
thestonefoxes - The Stone Foxes
@seattletimes says you need to start your holiday weekend with us at @thecrocodileseattle We second that emotion. Take a gander:
donnapersonna : So foxie
jsunleeo : @thestonefoxes see you boys on Sunday!! #BigStage #Portland
brendonius4 - natalie__belyaeva - beardedbartender - acrystaldawn -
thestonefoxes - The Stone Foxes
@thewildhoneypie calls our new track NYT (New York Talk) "Throwback garage heaven... They have the kind of jangling guitars, wild energy and old fashioned swagger that just screams ‘rockers’ and we could not love it more. It’s a pure shot of energy" Check it out exclusively through them right now! -- About our upcoming album Twelve Spells -- "So far, it’s been nothing but searing guitars and energy, and we’re sure the whole record will follow suit." Thanks for the kind words, guys! #twelvespells #NYT #newyorktalk #foxesfirstfriday #foxesfirstfridays
foxesfirstfridays - newyorktalk - nyt - foxesfirstfriday - twelvespells -
skitchpatterson : Come on man, all those latters?! BE SAFE!
donnapersonna : "I want to be you". " I want to be someone". Love you guys.
acrystaldawn - trendy_dad - eeerocky - el_pinche_rawl -
thestonefoxes - The Stone Foxes
Behold, Dragon Glass, bequeathed to us on a glorious night at will give us the power to take over the state of Washington. Our reign begins TONIGHT at The Big Dipper in Spokane! Tix at the door, show at 8pm!
im_scottpilgrim_bitch - royaruth - lindseyfernweh - lisa5591 -
thestonefoxes - The Stone Foxes
Missoula. At the the @tophatlounge tonight. 8pm. Bring your rafting tubes....cuz we didn't.
human_guy : I love Missoula
r_nelson7 : Gotta try some fishing boys?
moonsideparlour : Hello, my new friends! I'm the one hanging round top hat talking about tattoos and writing letters to lovers. Enjoy Missoula, and I will try to catch ya'll in Portland for Blues Fest :)
joelyle : Enjoy guys. I wish I could be there with you and the silver fox.
b_gubbs - doomie_newmie - sanga1ang - natalie__belyaeva -
thestonefoxes - The Stone Foxes
See you guys July 5th for the @waterfrontblues fest! We got to play with Buddy Guy a few years back - looking forward to seeing him rip again! We're on at 12:45.
himynameisfitch : Ugh. Come back to Salmon Arm again!!!
waterfrontblues : See you soon! #pdxwbf
the_speez - redlemonsband - viktor_zhu - robbob60 -
thestonefoxes - The Stone Foxes
So excited to be heading back to @thecrocodileseattle 7/3 Sold 'er out last time, so let's do it again!! Best way to kick off your 4th of July weekend. 📷: @kirstyphotog
iamsahab : Sexay!
vinceyprincey : @themondegreens go see these guys!
kirstyphotog : Aww yeah!! Thx again for the shout out, it was great to see you guys in Boulder at @bouldertheater!
tkoaudio : Great shot!
constellationcygnus : Lovin' the locks!
acrystaldawn - natalie__belyaeva - constellationcygnus - coeurnord -
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