Urban family rearing, food & faith in Washington, DC.
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thescribblepad - Shannon
Jumping in for #fridayintroductions -- a chance to share more about ourselves with our instagram community. My name is Shannon and this winter realized how much I crave the outdoors. We live in a small city apartment and most days I have a mantra running through my head: must get outside, must get outside, must get outside. I am definitely not the type of person that can snuggle up indoors, I get too restless. How about you?
fridayintroductions -
alisonwren : I could stay in and snuggle all day, every day!
kaileyrogers : Ohh I'm an indoor snuggle person but I do have adventurous cravings! Nice to meet you!!
aleshablessed - wildchild_jack - alisonwren - erinakincarroll -
thescribblepad - Shannon
I hardly read in 2014, spending most of the year feeling overwhelmed. This year I am focusing on simple things I love, like reading. Time to put a dent in the stack that has been growing by my bedside. (Update: I've already started most of these books, so they have been hanging over me like a list of to-dos! This is as much about release as it is self-care.)
shannonreads2015 -
jcasey1015 : Thank you for sharing! Currently reading The Longest Ride. Can't wait to check out some of these others!
sarakahlenberg : Don't forget The Good Girl by Mary Kubica - 2014's best book!!
merwar333 : I LOVED Boston Girl!
alund14 : Great stack!! Read several and have several still in my to-read. And i am wirh you. 2014 was my worst bool year since i can remember. I have a big stack on my e-reader i neef to tackle.
beccagarber : So many good reads in that stack!!!
saucy1963 : I just read the Boston girl this week, loved it!
saraiwasmyname : Boston Girl and Red Tent were favs!
nannerburns : THE RED TENT FOREVER. 😍
lizrchapman - sarlima - christielacy - jodimckennadotcom -
thescribblepad - Shannon
The moment Hudson realized he made a huge mess. If you haven't already, go watch his hot chocolate video from yesterday. I'm still can't stop laughing.
hudsonmark -
thescribblepad : #hudsonmark
katschilling : So this is going to sound weird but I'm at a conference and I think I just saw your husband. Weird how you recognize people from blogs and social media :-)
thescribblepad : @katschilling ha! It happens quite a bit!
thescribblepad : @katschilling if your at National Harbor just outside of DC, you are probably right! Go say hi to him!
katschilling : I will! Small world :)
markschreiber6 : @katschilling hi! Come stop by the Daily Signal booth and get a free t-shirt πŸ‘
sarahrbagley - twopurplecouches - lybritt - littlefpa -
thescribblepad - Shannon
I'm up late with excitement. I finally decided to start a separate feed about essential oils because there is so much I want to share. Instead of waiting for the official launch of @oilmewell on March 1st (more prizes to come!) I wanted to offer all of you a sneak peek. If you are interested in joining our team (along with @kathleenharveyoils) now is the time! Anyone who signs up a premium starter kit before the end of February will receive a second diffuser and care package from me. Hop over to @oilmewell for the link to sign up.
doriankaysibray : Which diffuser is that?! Pretty!!! :)
kristinepritchard : Me me !!!
thescribblepad : @doriankaysibray it's not a young living diffuser, but came highly recommended. And yes, pretty enough to want to have out on display! πŸ˜‰
thescribblepad : @kristinepritchard yay!! Email me at:
_sarahtucker - elishakemp - catdmoore - jodimckennadotcom -
thescribblepad - Shannon
I rarely post videos. But seriously? This kid is too much. #hudsonmark
hudsonmark -
samwims : There are no words for the cuteness πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—
littlefpa : Can't get enough. So glad you posted this.
leahfaith : Watched it twice. Soo cute
kathleenharveyoils : I laughed out loud - worth the video!
nannerburns : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ ha!!!
kathleenharveyoils : Nice diffuser. Oh and nice puddle of hot chocolate too
ddmannina : Hey there, handsome with a chocolate beard!
thescribblepad : @ddmannina he is the handsomest little brother, chocolate and all.
annasjoy - ddmannina - carriep310 - janalamberti -
thescribblepad - Shannon
First big boy hair cuts in the books. Our home hair cuts were getting a bit unruly (in more ways than one).
wewalkdc - behrrobert - hudsonmark -
juliehammes : dear hudson:: STOP IT WITH THE GROWING 😳
alund14 : They are too cute!! And looking so alike
sonjalranslow : Sooo handsome!!
amberstreit : Where did you end up going?
jilltaylor528 : Too cute!!
kathleenharveyoils : Precious!
thescribblepad : @amberstreit bravado in eastern market, near the book store. They were great!
thescribblepad : @alund14 so much alike!
scottybmore - egdunham - amy_oberson - jilltaylor528 -
thescribblepad - Shannon
This morning they both seem to be on the brink of teenage years. A few moments later, Hudson took a bite of the raw bun. πŸ˜‚
skomomma : They're so cute working together!
hannahbanana2224 - saraestey - markschreiber6 - amyts -
thescribblepad - Shannon
Reunited with the boys last night, snuggles all morning. Now we are heading back to the ER for this little stunt man's chin again.
hudsonmark -
thescribblepad : #hudsonmark
choisrus : Oh no!!!
juliehammes : 😩 not again!! little man!
itsahuntlife : 😩
oradalehandmade : Oh no!
itsahuntlife - juliehammes - beceliza - lifeonthehorizn -
thescribblepad - Shannon
We've left the frozen tundra and are back in the land of mud and slush.
kristinrafel : Still so pretty though.
angiepics - ahopefulhood - carriep310 - bethnealdc -
thescribblepad - Shannon
Another shot from our snowshoeing adventure.
choisrus - markschreiber6 - sahmiambeth - sonjalranslow -
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