Urban family rearing, food & faith in Washington, DC.
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thescribblepad - Shannon
School art projects for the win. Tell me, what are you thankful for this season?
danaees : @thescribblepad I'm so thankful for all of the incredible women I've met through the @influencenet who've inspired and motivated me to continuously strive for a full life in Jesus!
katielelliott : Ditto @danaees!!!!
amandajrodriguez : Be still my heart. SO SWEET!
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thescribblepad - Shannon
This city shines at sunset. It's my favorite. #wewalkdc
wewalkdc -
btransatlantic : you are right are puns the corner from me - and I'm not on the Hill at the moment! are we following each other?
thescribblepad : @btransatlantic ha! Must be so!
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thescribblepad - Shannon
One of my favorites from our walk today. Savoring the warm sunshine before it fades. #wewalkdc
wewalkdc -
sweetwaterellie : πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸŒ†.
kkpinckney : i love dc row houses.
bulldogsandbabies : The northeast was amazing today right? Made city living feel so good!
ahopefulhood : Was today 70 for you too?! Philly waaaarmed up today!
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thescribblepad - Shannon
*** GIVEAWAY *** Have you seen the adorable #momdiggitydesigns advent calendars? They are all sold out, but I snagged one just for you! With activity prompts for the kids, resource to help you with said activities, and a Jesus Story Book Bible reading plan, this advent calendar is perfect for moms and littles. Did you know Kara-Kae also designs digital Christmas cards? It's not to late for those, so check them out! How to enter: 1) You must follow both @thescribblepad and @momdiggity to enter. 2) Leave a comment below tagging a friend and telling them why you are thankful for them. 3) Extra entry - repost this picture tagging @thescribblepad and @momdiggity and use the hashtags #shannonsthankfulmdd 4) Extra entry - share your any picture from @momdiggity's feed featuring her design work or your own picture of her work in your home and tag @thescribblepad and @momdiggity and use the hashtag #shannonsthankfulmdd (MUST BE NEW PICTURE) (cannot be private for the extra entries to count) Giveaway ends Tuesday at midnight so it can ship out to you on Wednesday, arriving just in time! Spread the love: #mddadvent
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oradalehandmade : @doriankaysibray I'm thankful for your listen ear, your honesty, your ability to speak truth, your kind heart, your prayers, your ability to make me laugh and your friendship! 😘
oradalehandmade : @doriankaysibray Listening ear!
theblessedmrsc : @kyrierp @mfoss87 so thankful for you girls and your ever standing presence in my and my family lives. You girls are always there :)
laurasys : @dawnjulius you will never understand the peace i find in our friendship and the warmth you being to my life.
theartofhomeeducation : @laurasys I am so thankful for our friendship. After being here for almost a year I feel like I found a true fellow homeschool friend.
theblessedmrsc : Waiting with bated breath!
thescribblepad : @mrsjenngrand is the winner!!! Congratulations Jenn!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ @momdiggity and I cannot wait to see your advent calendar in action! Email me your preferred shipping address. πŸ˜‰
thescribblepad : @theblessedmrsc I always wish I could give everyone the prize when I host giveaways! Thank you so much for entering.
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thescribblepad - Shannon
We had breakfast on Saturday at Ted's Bulletin with my family. Mark and I are still talking about their homemade pecan pie poptarts!!
juliehammes : 😍 poptarts have been a huge pregnancy craving and i can't eat them because of the sugar (womp womp)
choisrus : Heading there in a bit!
blairita : Yyyyeeesss! 😍
kristinrafel : Adding that to the list of must visit places next time we are in DC! Pecan pie is my favorite!
btransatlantic : LOVE.
oradalehandmade : Oh my gosh...
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thescribblepad - Shannon
Learning the legacy of their great-grandfather, my mom's dad, who served in WWII, Vietnam and the Korean War.
behrrobert - hudsonmark -
thescribblepad : #behrrobert #hudsonmark
mflynnpete : So special. My husband's grandfather is buried there as well. πŸ’•
betherejess : You're right next door! Have so much fun!
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thescribblepad - Shannon
Good morning Mr. Lincoln.
koderzz : One of my favorites at night!
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thescribblepad - Shannon
Can I tell you a secret? I've already read most of the @naptimediaries advent journal. But I am saving the beautiful cards as a gift to open December 1st. Today is the VERY last day to place your order (3pm est!) and you will be so glad. The wisdom shared from @jessaconnolly @rachkincaid @thebalancedwife @rebeccasmithonline (and her husband) and @nicksconnolly, it's all so good. #ntdadvent
ntdadvent -
pagejc : I'm so excited to get mine! It's going to be so good.
caroline_north : I got mine and I cannot wait to start!
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thescribblepad - Shannon
He cracks himself up all day long. #hudsonmark
hudsonmark -
lizhall30 : Oh that boy is sweet!
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thescribblepad - Shannon
We are all feeling a bit run down this week. So I am cooking leftovers for dinner (no prep!) and enjoying this view. One of my favorite ways to boost my own spirits is to write letters to others. What is your go-to pick me up?
betherejess : Such a gorgeous view. My pick me up is running out to grab a cup of coffee ( or steamed milk πŸ˜‰)
jenmigonis : So gorgeous. Baking or creating something beautiful. :)
withwildlove : A hard cider and cooking an elaborate meal. Something about the rhythm of making up a recipe focuses my busy mind. 😊
pagejc : πŸ·πŸ™Š
thescribblepad : @pagejc currently.
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