Urban family rearing, food & faith in Washington, DC.
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thescribblepad - Shannon
I'm going to keep looking up.
wewalkdc -
thescribblepad : #wewalkdc
sweetwaterellie : I bet the city is so beautiful right now.
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thescribblepad - Shannon
The past two weeks have been crazy. I've been running around takig care of too many things. This gem of a gift from @thejonesmarket has saved my sanity a few times! It's no secret that I love her necklaces. But this key wristlet is a game changer. It means I am not searching for the bajillion keys needed to run the building I live in. While I still feel like I have a set of janitors keys, they sure do look cute thanks to Candis! #thejonesmarket
notanad - thejonesmarket - iseriouslyloveit -
thescribblepad : #notanad #iseriouslyloveit
thejonesmarket : Janitor keys πŸ˜‚. 😘😘😘 glad you like it girl.
josieortega : Cute! @thejonesmarket has been on my wish list ever since I saw yours! Fingers crossed for Christmas (or maybe I'll just order for myself and the girls and call it a gift for them).
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thescribblepad - Shannon
This is the state of my house today. #thrivewhereistand
thrivewhereistand -
saraestey : Ditto. Except 75% of ours have been snapped in half.
kristinstew : How do you manage to keep them in one piece?!
thescribblepad : @saraestey @kristinstew ha! We have one container of broken crayons and one container of whole crayons. The broken crayons get melted into shapes, unfortunately incentivizing the breaking!
moomin_mama_anna : I feel your pain, only in our house it was books!
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thescribblepad - Shannon
Seen last weekend at the farmers market. Are you ready for Halloween? Do you have festive fall traditions?
whatwouldanerdwear : love this
itsahuntlife : those are some great pumpkins too. πŸ‘Œ
thescribblepad : @aliceingraz - my pumpkin pancake recipe will be on the blog tomorrow afternoon, finally!
thescribblepad : @itsahuntlife the sure were!
thescribblepad : @whatwouldanerdwear have you been to Brookland's art walk yet?
thescribblepad : @jenmigonis 😍
whatwouldanerdwear : no I should check it out!
kathleenharveyoils : How cute!
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thescribblepad - Shannon
Not just another autumn leaf, blogger feet picture... // Did you know the forecast in DC was 81* today? It straight up felt like summer... // And these new toms, they are definitely more exciting than my worn out red ones. Did you know patterns scare me? I never know what to do with them. What would you wear with these shoes? // I've recently discovered that if I don't put my phone in my back pocket, my jeans are more comfortable at the end of the day. Does this sound crazy? Hello fall vest with your perfect pockets. I might wear a vest every day until Spring, if only for the pocket for my keys and phone!
thescribblepad : @ekday thanks for helping me think outside of my navy blue or sailor stripe box! 😘
thescribblepad : @momdiggity @aeharris7 yay! Thanks for the encouragement ladies!!!
thescribblepad : @thegoadabode twins!!
olive_thethings : Ah my Toms are due for replacing but I hate that uncomfortable period before breaking them in!!
ddmannina : We bought B that exact pattern for her birthday! #coolastheBster
thescribblepad : @ddmannina the coolest person in the world to be twins with! Yay!!
ahopefulhood : Best caption to a blogger fall feet pic! πŸ‘
kathleenharveyoils : I think that every time I wear a vest - want one in every color & style. Cute shoes, no advice.
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thescribblepad - Shannon
Today was a very happy mail day! Can you tell what it is?
daydesigner -
thescribblepad : @elishakemp @tryonlife you two are good!
thescribblepad : @wildchild_jack Amen! πŸŽ‰
thescribblepad : #daydesigner by @whitneyenglish -- my absolute favorite way to plan my days!
mollydwantland : @thescribblepad you're going to love it!!
jenmigonis : Eek! Anything in polka dots is a happy mail day!
olivia_louise_shop : Polka dots! πŸŽŠπŸ’ƒπŸ‘πŸ™Œ
kerrielwilliams : Day designer! Yay!
thescribblepad : @mollydwantland I already do! This is my second. πŸ˜‰
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thescribblepad - Shannon
Our past few days have been long, full, and good. I'm amazing by the Basilica every time we pass it, but it especially shines at night.
caroline_north : @thescribblepad D.C. Is such a gorgeous city
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thescribblepad - Shannon
My skinny boy! Behr got himself dressed this morning from a pile of clean laundry and asked why his pants were short. Well, because they are his brother's 18 month pair. But they fit his waist! Does anyone have a recommendation for slim in the waist, long jeans? #behrrobert #hudsonmark
behrrobert - hudsonmark -
littlefpa : So proud of that boy for getting himself dressed! Great taste in kicks little dude. πŸ‘
thescribblepad : @christinevb123 @ashleykirnan @carlacward sadly, Behr is even too skinny on the tightest adjustable setting for gap or old navy 3Ts. 😬
thescribblepad : @kristinrafel I haven't tried children's place yet!
thescribblepad : @shannon_oertle crazy! @carlacward and I go to church/moms group together, how do you two know each other?
ashleykirnan : Bummer!!! He's stinkin cute though!
choisrus : Old navy skinny jeans pulled in at the waist! Also, try girls skinny jeans!
shannon_oertle : @thescribblepad lol mutual friend in Glover Park!
kelseyjsimmons : They look like they're up to no good!
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thescribblepad - Shannon
The sunset in DC tonight was unbelievable. // We just finished watching Act of Valor. I am continually amazed by the men as women who serve our country. Thank you for your dedication and sacrifice.
thescribblepad : @amylouhawthorne & @jenhatzung you two were among the first to come to mind!
jenhatzung : Awww you are too sweet!!! So much love to @amylouhawthorne and her hubby for the service they give to our country. πŸ’™
amylouhawthorne : @thescribblepad 😘😘😘😘 thank you so much sweet girl. Means more than you know. Miss you and hope you have a beautiful weekend!!!! But looks like it's already off to a great start. πŸ˜„ and thank you SOOOOO muh @jenhatzung !!!!!! Big big hugs!!!! πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™
hellovallarina : Gorgeous!!
ecoletta : πŸ™Œ
katsmith1026 : πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
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thescribblepad - Shannon
Do you all follow along with #fridayintroductions? They are the chance to remind everyone who you are following and why they are in your insta-feed. I am Shannon and I live in Washington, DC with my family (husband and two boys) in a teeny tiny apartment. I'm a former politico who now mentors DC's finest interns because I'm passionate about people in their 20s. A bunch of you are new followers since Influence Conference, so let's open up some questions. Ask away! This is also my #stitchfixfriday post! I sat down and blogged today for the first time in a while, hop over for outfit (and my 14th stitch fix) details!
fridayintroductions - stitchfixfriday -
annadunham : So pretty!
choisrus : So cute!
beccaleggio : I take offense to that MDπŸ™…>VA you just need to visit across the river more and see all there is to love πŸ˜‰
shannon_oertle : Oooh I like this outfit the best! Too cute! Also had to laugh at your hot flashes comment πŸ˜‚ I'm the same way! It's all that stroller pushing and child lugging
lindseykubly : Beauty.
sarahrbagley : I live in Northern Virginia!!! We should do a meet up!
morsels : Cute outfit!! And I like the intro bit. What's the influence conference?
thescribblepad : @morsels the influence conference is an annual conference part of the @influencenet -- a network of Christian women encouraging one another who want to make their online life mean something. Check it out!!
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