Urban family rearing, food & faith in Washington, DC.
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thescribblepad - Shannon
Cold hands and serious about hot chocolate! #hudsonmark Also? Those light flares are not a filter, just magical winter sun.
hudsonmark -
hannahbanana2224 : what a beautiful picture and a handsome baby πŸ’™
blessingsbrnyrd : Sweet shot❀️
ruthiehart1 : πŸ˜πŸ’™
littlefpa : Pretty dang cute
jenniferguidara - avishan85 - lyssa__ann - ahopefulhood -
thescribblepad - Shannon
We drove until we found snow and then we froze.
sarlima : Drive up to boston... You can find snow there πŸ˜œπŸ˜‚πŸ˜
sarlima : And playmates ☺️
wildchild_jack - beckikcampbell - meghanparadise - ajacobvt -
thescribblepad - Shannon
We adventured by bus this afternoon.
behrrobert -
thescribblepad : #behrrobert
amberstreit - btransatlantic - markschreiber6 - withwildlove -
thescribblepad - Shannon
I pass this door nearly every day, but with its iron gate normally closed, I've never noticed how beautiful the blue is. Almost six years without giving it a second glance. What gates do we put up, keeping others from really seeing who we are? My gates include being in a rush -- how often am I missing conversations and friendships by rushing from place to place? What do your gates look like?
influencenet - wewalkdc - thrivemoms -
thescribblepad : #wewalkdc
thescribblepad : #influencenet #thrivemoms
christiefelker : I love this.
amayes : Fear...... And, I notice that I do my best when I start whatever project in my own world where no one's thoughts have entered in. Once it's time to come out of that world and press send, speak, or show what I've done does it seem ..... Unnecessary, wrong, stupid, etc. it's fear and satan. •• what a wonderful thought and an utterly beautiful door!
vintiedesignco : Geez, this one hit home. I'd have to agree with being rushed. And also feeling like we have to have everything picture perfect before we open it up to the world. Personally and professionally. Thanks for speaking truth and breaking down walls.
kristinrafel : What a beautiful post. Thanks!
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thescribblepad - Shannon
Four hours, eight stitches, and endless tears later we are home. He wiggled out of the papoose three times, fighting for his freedom. And this is why we call him "The Destroyer!" He was a champ tonight.
choisrus : Awww, hope he is feeling better today!
lizhall30 : He is still so stinkin cute with his sad face! Snuggles and well wishes for Hudson!
lindseykubly : Oh no! Feel better buddy!
alexbyersays : Kisses and more kisses 😚
danelleradney : Sorry Shannon! No fun. I hope Hudson is feeling better.
mmandle : Get better and heal little guy
dakota0617 : What a sad face :( you can tell he's been crying. Poor guy and I'm sure poor momma
kmwagner99 : Wow, always an adventure! Glad he is ok!! Be careful out there momma!
lilbritmel - eliseburkhead - markschreiber6 - 317col -
thescribblepad - Shannon
Big brother has surgery on Monday and this guy wanted to get some of the attention. In the ER for a split chin. #hudsonmark
hudsonmark -
thescribblepad : @camp_patton the worst. Always thankful for hospital staff that seem to exude patience at all hours -- thankful for folks like your husband.
thescribblepad : @kristinrafel stitches, lots of stitches. But at least they are the dissolvable kind
thescribblepad : @amberstreit @cworthmeff he wasn't even doing anything exciting. @littlefpa such a sad face. Thanks for being folks I knew we could call on if we needed to drop off Behr (even though we didn't)
thescribblepad : @juliehammes πŸ˜”
thescribblepad : @itsahuntlife Behr is having umbilical hernia surgery -- from when he was born, super common, but still will need to rest his abdominal muscles. Too much in one week.
thescribblepad : @frandorsey right? Seeing him like this is worse than knowing how many stitches he has.
thescribblepad : @whatdoyoudodear @ashleykirnan thank you both.
thescribblepad : @dannymagss and it wasn't even goofing around with his lacrosse stick. πŸ˜‰
elizabethjoywest - i_roro1234 - beyzahosgorr - lydi_mo -
thescribblepad - Shannon
He dressed himself in layers, including a quarter zip under a v-neck sweater. πŸ˜‚ @jcrew might want to start taking style notes. #behrrobert
behrrobert -
rachel_nordgren : @thescribblepad What a lush!
danaees : Such a handsome fella @thescribblepad!
littlefpa : Good job, buddy!
christiefelker - nadinewouldsay - amy_oberson - kaylalovesjeffrey -
thescribblepad - Shannon
One of my favorite homes on Capitol Hill (actually, they are all my favorite) is still rocking their Christmas lights and I love it! Winter needs more bright spots. #wewalkdc
wewalkdc -
lindsay_hellohue : Gorgeous!
elishakemp : Sooo pretty!!πŸ’™
kristinrafel - marciaaudrey - ekcd - sonjalranslow -
thescribblepad - Shannon
It's been too long since I shared a changing pad picture of #hudsonmark. And his shirt? It's his mantra for the week. Someone send us some cheer, and fast!
hudsonmark -
emilyamccord : I have a brilliant idea. Move to Texas and we can be neighbors. 70 degrees in January is always cheer-inducing!😎
lisalogz5 : He's just so stinkin cute!
juliaangelos - egdunham - amandajrodriguez - meghanparadise -
thescribblepad - Shannon
Most pathetic snow fall ever -- I know DC wasn't calling for much snow, but my boys just really wanted to go sledding. I miss the blizzards in Boston. Praying for all my Northern friends. Stay safe and warm and have a blast for me, okay?
thescribblepad : @choisrus @courtbutch @jennatalbot is it even more pathetic when I am glad the DC burbs didn't get clobbered (so I'm not the only one missing out)??
thescribblepad : @jenniferguidara I wouldn't trade our spring for snow! You've got that right.
breenaholt : Too funny! I married @thesometimespreacher in 05, so 05-06 was his 3rd and final year at Gordon Conwell Theo Sem! I nannied in Reading and South Hamilton!
jmsimmons78 : And I thought out snowfall or I should say ice fall in Annapolis was sad. I have snow envy of all my friends up north.
thescribblepad : @breenaholt we had tons of friends at Gordon Conwell during that time -- I bet we crossed paths. And that is a great area to nanny in. πŸ‘Œ
iamcchill : @thescribblepad I'm telling you. Where's the polar vortex when you need it! ?πŸ˜†
eteedee : There's enough snow in the VA burbs to go sledding! Maybe a small snowman? But we definitely didn't get dumped on. Maybe 3 inches?
breenaholt : Oh yes! I miss those sweet babies now all grown up πŸ˜‰ It was a gorgeous area! The best homes, amazing history and beautiful scenery.
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