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thescribblepad - Shannon
18+ month check up today. 22lbs 7oz and 32 inches long. He seems to be growing up so fast! And he kept this skeptical look the entire appointment. #hudsonmark
hudsonmark -
jenniferguidara : Adorable
nurseduke : That face!! πŸ˜ƒ
judybeltrez : ❀️so cute
heyashleynoelle : Kendall's is tomorrow. I want to compare stats!
angrschmidt - danaees - lydi_mo - chelseakgriffith -
thescribblepad - Shannon
Exasperated with me, both of my boys decided to lie face down on the ground while I was doing laundry this afternoon. These rainy days require patience and a lot of grace. #thrivewhereistand
thrivewhereistand -
emilyamccord : You're a great mom.😘
sarahrbagley : Oh my word we are having the same kind of day!! Waving the white flag!
choisrus : I so feel ya on this!
katie.bowling : Ditto! Woke up to a flat tire and we were stuck in allll day
aeharris7 : Oh preshy little babes! Rainy days = 😭 hoping your day brightens!
carlacward : We are so there today.
everythinglist : Honestly I feel the same way today. I almost laid down in the floor like that as well. The difference is age.
emilysanforddesign : Lol
thatwildroad - becomingbarsotti - meghanparadise - sonjalranslow -
thescribblepad - Shannon
I had to turn Hudson's car seat around earlier this week and forgot to turn it back. The pouring rain deterred me from fixing it and boy is he thrilled. He immediately got excited about the DVD player. Could he be any cuter? #hudsonmark
hudsonmark -
coles_brittingham - klogan09 - jess_backiel - wildchild_jack -
thescribblepad - Shannon
This is called a cheesecake pumpkin. When it's puréed, it has a light an fluffy texture. It's delicious in baked goods. Plus, they are pretty. #csainspired #orchardcountryproduce
csainspired - orchardcountryproduce -
whatupdc : Are you at Yards??
aliceingraz : Will you link to the recipe for pumpkin pancakes you pictured a little while ago. They were topped with blueberry sauce/syrup. They looked absolutely divine!
thescribblepad : @whatupdc yes, that's where my farm share is. But I am on my way to school now.
thescribblepad : @aliceingraz yes! I will do a post of a bunch of my pumpkin recipes.
aliceingraz : Brilliant, thank you!
beccaleggio - beaktweets - lydi_mo - withwildlove -
thescribblepad - Shannon
Apple cider donuts forever.
mrscaballero512 : πŸ™Œ We took our 1 year old to Cox Farms a couple weekends ago. I'm considering making the trek again because I only ate 2 donuts during that visit. Not enough. Never enough.
avagracescloset : 😍😍😍
kathleenharveyoils : Ohhhh I forgot about those
thetinytwig : πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
deployedheart : Yum!
ourwalshworld : I've come back like 6 times to re like this! Nothing in the world like an apple cider doughnut!!! 😍
leeanndearing : ...And ever, amen.
ashleymcw - annadunham - lydi_mo - withwildlove -
thescribblepad - Shannon
Today we went to a fall festival. It was crazy and over stimulating and a bit overwhelming too. I hardly had a chance to look at the pictures I was taking. But these two, they steal my heart each and every day.
aboothby90 : Love this
lizhall30 : They are getting so this sweet picture, cuties!!
thescribblepad : @choisrus I had no idea what I was getting into. Insanity.
lybritt : I used to go to Cox Farms when I was little! My mom was probably just as stressed as you at the time, but I never knew it. I have such great memories from there!
kathleenharveyoils : They overwhelm me too!
amberstreit : So you went!! Hope you had fun despite the chaos!!
elishakemp : We are going Friday!
heyashleynoelle : They are ADORABLE
kathleenharveyoils - morrowfamilie - littlefpa - sahmiambeth -
thescribblepad - Shannon
One of my children is being influenced by the wrong parent... #flyeaglesfly
flyeaglesfly -
littlefpa : Yep. Behr. πŸ˜‰
sarlima : awe cuties!
courtbutch : Yeah Hudson! #goskins
hkouwen - kthompson212 - kelseyjsimmons - jodimckennadotcom -
thescribblepad - Shannon
Representing. #flyeaglesfly
behrrobert - flyeaglesfly -
thescribblepad : #behrrobert E-A-G-L-E-S!!!
btransatlantic : we're on our way there now! #hail 😜
thescribblepad : @mike_los @mikeangelos @pattiang -- we are gonna need to work on Hudson. His jersey isn't green. 😳
kristinrafel : I'm so disappointed!😜 Go 'Skins!β€οΈπŸ’›
kay_kreider - markschreiber6 - mike_los - ahopefulhood -
thescribblepad - Shannon
Blustery autumn weather seems to be settling in here in DC. As we walked home last night the air began to smell like winter. Don't mind me, I'll be the person staring at all the beautiful trees until the leaves are gone. #wewalkdc
wewalkdc -
makesomethingbeautiful : 😍
emilyamccord : Beautiful!
nlbellino - ddmannina - anniewiltse - shannon_oertle -
thescribblepad - Shannon
When it calls for heavy downpours all day, you go to the mall and things like this happen. Four dollars later, we rode a stuffed elephant around in a circle for eight minutes. #reasonsiavoidthemall
reasonsiavoidthemall -
thescribblepad : @markschreiber6 the cost of forgetting your credit card somewhere...
emilyamccord : Wait. I want to ride an elephant!!
ddmannina : #futurecampaignad #voteforbehr
thescribblepad : @emilyamccord then move back to DC.
thescribblepad : @ddmannina truth! Didn't even think about that at first. Ha!
estherplaster : Yes you did!
kathleenharveyoils : Where is my friend? Travelling again? Missed your pretty IG posts past couple days.
kalaann04 - lizhall30 - kelseyjsimmons - sarahrbagley -
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