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Urban family rearing, food & faith in Washington, DC.
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thescribblepad - Shannon
The story with these boys recently: try to do the same thing at the same time while boxing out the other brother. The foundation of playing well together, right? #behrrobert #hudsonmark // side note: the love grandpa's train set even more than the piles of presents. #winning
behrrobert - hudsonmark - winning -
shannon_oertle : Same here! πŸ™‹πŸ™† they look like twins here- so cute!
_sarahtucker : Makes me so excited to have two boys πŸ’™πŸ’™
thescribblepad : @shannon_oertle glad to hear we aren't the only ones!
thescribblepad : @_sarahtucker yay! So excited for you!!
bowdenisms : Yes. Plus fin's favorite thing to do today was hug piper. But only bc piper hated it.
aeharris7 - danaees - kaitlin_sewmysoulblog - wildchild_jack -
thescribblepad - Shannon
Without the kids bringing the goofy, he had to give me bunny ears. And the birthday celebration continues...
lybritt : Love your scarf!
amberstreit - locamocca85 - jennatalbot - juliehammes -
thescribblepad - Shannon
Always glad to be on the water.
amandalaura : Looks gorgeous!
tryonlife : I grew up living on a boat in that harbor!
thescribblepad : @tryonlife so cool!
thescribblepad : @amandalaura it was so beautiful.
jennatalbot : πŸ’“
thescribblepad : @jennatalbot loved American Holiday! I wanted to buy the whole store.
jennatalbot : Yes! They have a Georgetown store, too. I love their other store Knotty Living.
courtbutch - maryslastchance - kay_kreider - ahopefulhood -
thescribblepad - Shannon
Christmas window displays and cute reflections. Enjoying a day-date with Mark.
wplandon : The best!
hkouwen - sarahajordan_ - abbiebabble - kelseyjsimmons -
thescribblepad - Shannon
Birthday celebration, part 2: Dinner at an old favorite with Mark's family.
abbymckenzie : My favorite family πŸ’–
lisa_mo : Such a great restaurant! Happy birthday to mark! And merry Christmas to all of you!
kkpinckney : you four are a good looking family.
everythinglist : Did you get the crab cakes? So good! My father-in-law actually had crab cakes and cream of crab soup from the Narrows shipped to us for Christmas. I can't wait to have some next week!
thescribblepad : @everythinglist yes! I got the crab cakes and I thought of you!
ddmannina - lizjfowler - nicoledumas - jodimckennadotcom -
thescribblepad - Shannon
Merry (early) Christmas!
hannaandersson -
amylouhawthorne : β€οΈπŸ’šβ€οΈβ€οΈ love!!!!!!!! This is amazing!
alexbyersays : DEAD 😍
amberstreit : So you weren't joking yesterday about the Hanna Anderson pjs! So cute on them!! Enjoy your morning!!
clexsted : I spy a moose ornament:)
thescribblepad : @clexsted yes! We love it! Thank you.
thescribblepad : @amberstreit ha!
sarlima : Oh Hanna! Love them! Such cuties!!!!
amyloberson : So cute...even showed my fam as we celebrated our Christmas together today too
thelaytoncrew - estherplaster - ali_vinciguerra - oppositeoffar -
thescribblepad - Shannon
Everyone is asleep, the presents are wrapped (πŸ™Œ), and tomorrow morning gets to be Christmas morning for our boys. We are taking time to slow down and savor the years when they are still so little. Our family tour whirlwind is about to begin...
betherejess : So fun!!!!!
whatwouldanerdwear : I love the anticipation! happy travels!
alund14 : What fun!! Safe travels
spolleys : πŸ‘πŸ‘
emilyamccord : Great idea. So fun! Merry Christmas!
be_forever_lovely - sarahajordan_ - ckreinbihl - mgearan -
thescribblepad - Shannon
This conveys my day. He unsealed my leakproof lid and pour my entire tea in his lap. πŸ˜‚ #hudsonmark
hudsonmark -
thescribblepad : @mike_los says the brightest of us all. πŸ˜‰
thescribblepad : @jennywassink ha!
emilyamccord : #sportsocks
raisingthemartins : How handsome
skomomma : He doesn't seem to mind one bit! πŸ˜‰
sarlima : Awe πŸ˜• on another note! He totally looks like Brooke here!!! What a cutie!
thescribblepad : @brookeangelos hear that ^^
kaitybro : At least he's adorable while he's up to no good? πŸ˜‰
angrschmidt - ddmannina - lauriegroff - raisingthemartins -
thescribblepad - Shannon
The world is full of opinions about motherhood, raising kids, and a bevy of issues surrounding the topic. But these kids, they are well loved in homes that shout Jesus from the rooftops. These are the moms you want to run into at the park, they encourage, uplift, stop mid-sentence to pray for you and remind you that day old and unwashed and even straight up messy are still beautiful to our maker. I know because they have done this for me. We've all met, hugged, cried, and laughed together thanks to online communities like @influencenet & @thrive_moms. Since we can't all live in the same city or go to the same playground, I'm bringing them to your IG feed. (On a day when there are lots of tears in my own home and huge need for all the encouragement these friends offer so well.) // send them some love: @bowdenisms @carlylskinner @makesomethingbeautiful & @babiesdontkeep
jenmigonis : What a great testament to your friends... Tons of tears here too... I'm feeling like I'm losing it.
babiesdontkeep : Shannon - thanks so much for the encouragement! I love watching you serve and parent too.
carlylskinner : Well, this just made me cry. It's been such a joy to know you too. ❀️
bowdenisms : That is beautiful. So happy to call you friend.
makesomethingbeautiful : Wow girl, I should rewrite my post! Glad to call you friend!!
triciaclarkemakeup - tiffany_pressley - choisrus - aleshablessed -
thescribblepad - Shannon
Looking for a practical way to bless some strangers? Head to the post office with a fresh roll of packing tape. // Earlier this week I was sending off packages and a line formed behind me. I moved aside to offer some counter space but the guy behind me said, "No, I'm just waiting to use the tape." My gut and first verbal reaction was "Oh, this is mine." But then I passed the tape on, seven people later the roll of tape was gone. This led to a conversation with Behr about taking care of our things but also knowing when to share and give freely. I think we both learned a lot. (For more inspiration in giving, check out @carriegraceshop)
sweethomesb : Love your heart.
thescribblepad : @carriegraceshop @sweethomesb its didn't start so great! πŸ˜‰
thescribblepad : @mercy_ink yes! I think it's been a relatively recent change so folks don't realize. What cracks me up is our post office sells boxes that need to be assembled, doesn't offer tape, and doesn't even sell tape! So you are stuck! πŸ˜‚
thescribblepad : @elishakemp πŸ’›
danaees : I just love you and @carriegraceshop!! 😘 Y'all are blessings with fantastic hearts
kkpinckney : this is nice of you. usually i immediately pocket my tape because that crap's expensive.
ashleechu : Woah! Such a great example to share during such a crazed time (and place).
kjsalguero : You have always had such a generous heart! I hope to teach my children the same. Thanks for sharing this story!
beths2006 - ttrin.ity - egdunham - choisrus -
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