Marian Rivera Gracia

Sharing good vibes always... #Smile πŸ˜„
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therealmarian - Marian Rivera Gracia
❀️ I am so excited for today because finally, i will get to meet the designer who will make my wedding gown.πŸ‘°πŸ’ŽπŸ’ πŸ‘— and πŸ‘  by... Dolce & Gabbana
chuamee : Excited naaaa!!!😍😍😍
xxfckrs : Followback ate @therealmarianπŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“
lovelizzle31 : Ganda :) second
jonjonladaban : :)
aybiklawdyo : Hi ms marian @therealmarian iloveyou :))) its my birthday today hope you will notice me :)
teresa_8888 : Exciting!!! 😁😁😁
precytan : were so excited for you girl cant wait to see you on ur wedding day the church is very near my house
nerizzamorido : @michael5inco perhaps?
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therealmarian - Marian Rivera Gracia
Mañana...🌹 @benchtm
therealdyfans : @therealmarian miss your post today..
zekeandzuri : Love you idol! πŸŽ€
_mariavictoria07 : Hippy
guruwacharya : Very old style
iamsealongo : Miss na nmin post mo ate Yan..
jnbdavid : Buenos Dias Yanyan : ) #SpreadGoodVibes #SmileSmileSmile
lhuckysy12 : Wa ost ate yan kahapon huh
jc.usaluxury : Hi marian im jessi from las vegas selling authentic mk katespade coach add us up! Well send u whatever u wamt. We personally bought our items here.
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therealmarian - Marian Rivera Gracia
I had tears of joy last night because I felt so valued and blessed. ❀️❀️❀️ I am so grateful to have my family by my side, to support and love me, unconditionally. To the Dantes family, thank you for making me feel welcome, thank you for the respect, and for showering me with love for over the past 5 years. Thank you Lord for giving me these two beautiful families in my life! 😍 #Pamamanhikan2014 #SiPapaTaposNaNoong2012😁
sipapataposnanoong2012 - pamamanhikan2014 -
therealmichellepineda : Congrats queen! Ako rin napaluha ako sa sobrang saya nung nakita ko to ! Godbless queen
karlsuisun : @b2tw4life in a perfect world...😌
b2tw4life : @karlsuisun not really- family is supposed to be there to support you no matter what.
asenethbuque : Congrats mariam and dingdong
chelseastore : Congrats @therealmarian πŸ’πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ·
karlsuisun : @b2tw4life "supposed to" 😌
rubydiwata : #Bestwishes to both of you @therealmarian ..congrats..May the Lord bless your upcoming “ #BigDay .... Masaya ako kasi mapapanood ko kayo pag-uwi ko sa TV hehe ..salamat dahil hindi niyo ipinagkakait na masaksihan namin ang araw ng inyong pag-iisang dibdib #DongYan...we loves you
jc.usaluxury : Hi marian!!
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therealmarian - Marian Rivera Gracia
☺️ "Pamamanhikan" - Ito ang isa sa pinakamahalagang ginagawa ng iyong magiging asawa na kasama ang kanyang pamilya upang hingin ang iyong kamay mula sa iyong mga magulang! Yaaay kinikilig ako mamaya na ito... 😍😍😍
nlamoste : Super kilig din mga fans
rosalindasamonte : Its true...kilig to the bones..
gnisay : ❀️❀️❀️
melindadomingo9 : Pinoy na tradition yan yan wow
beamay_aloha_808 : JAKE
wilma091154 : Cute 😍😍
simplycon : ryt!!Lβ™‘β™‘β™‘ U dongyan
imprincevan : Congrats ate yan yan...πŸ˜€
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therealmarian - Marian Rivera Gracia
Maraming salamat sa lahat ng estudyanteng bumoto sa akin at talagang nakakataba ng puso ang hirangin ninyo akong... Most popular TV personality of the year! #CityOfMalabonUniversity πŸ†πŸ˜Šβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈ
cityofmalabonuniversity -
gnisay : CongratsπŸŽ‰πŸŽˆπŸ’πŸ˜˜
bonita_x02 : Congrats queen πŸ˜˜πŸ‘πŸ‘
tinshiver08 : Omy marian! Napaka cool na tao! Mahal ka namin mga malabonian! :* Godblessu!
fejore7fuentes : Garabe hirap maka silip kay Idol marian. Daeng Nag kakandaLoka. WorthIt naman nung nakahanap ako ng magandang pwesto at Ayuun! I saw Marianβ€πŸ’œβ€ Congrats!
wilma091154 : Crowd drawer talaga si marian 😍
flordelouflores : @therealmarian crush n crush k ng anak kong bunso,nkakatuwa xa lng kontra sa engagement nyo n dong...
florelbalcita : Congrats dongyan..:-) forever fans xoxo...
iamdicepuloj : Sana po makapunta ka din Sa #NavotasPolytechnicCollege @therealmarian ♥
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therealmarian - Marian Rivera Gracia
Caption this... πŸ˜‚πŸ˜œπŸ˜ƒ Happy Wednesday ❀️ #Pare!πŸ‘¨
pare -
hersheyschocolates : πŸ’•
yuankevin1229 : Life is a joke! @therealmarian
litratizta : Ako si Mrs. swabe..oh oh oh grabe.
angelaltoveros12 : Ang Ganda nya πŸ’•
gigikayu13 : Smart
bj_balmes : @dandi_gayadan hahaha...
franshe_25 : Cute
beautifulia18 : Suave ni Yan 😍 😘 ❀
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therealmarian - Marian Rivera Gracia
Ate Yan ❀️Lab Jason...😊😊😊
bingjacobo : @therealmarian Keep up the good work Ambassador! GOD bless you always.
fhedela04 : Ohh bakkatouch nman ang ginawa mo yan. Keep up ur gud eorks
esquilonacel : @therealmarian kay buti ng puso ni ate Yan! God bless you!πŸ‘
cndymndzbctuan : Bait mo marian ate mariam god bless
angelaltoveros12 : Ang bait talaga ni ate yan kaya ang daming blessing na dumadating sa Kanya ehh ❀
bombs_bulacos : @therealmarian ate yan tulungan nyu din po kapatid ko kc palagi nlang sya nkahiga sa sahig naawa na nga po ako sa kapatid ko dhil ilang taon ma nyang daladala yong sakit nyang epelypsy ayuko ko na mawala pa sya tatlo na kc yung namatay kong kapatid puro babae pa po. plz. po ate Yan thanks po
krisjane010 : Baet ni yan!❀️
rubydiwata : Salamat sa buhay mo @therealmarian ..more blessings from Above... #GinintuangPusoNiYan ..
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therealmarian - Marian Rivera Gracia
Im so in love with this oversized bag... 😍😍😍
rae_montano : I love it too. How I wish I have one @therealmarian
oct_yanne : Kung si lovi di komportable kawork c mr.real..feeling ko c mr.real nmn nandidiri ka kissing scene xa... hehe
oct_yanne : Helloo primetime queen pgsusuotin nyo ng divisoria .. ang materialistic pingppalit ang pamilya pr lng sa luho. Pero si marian ini enjoy nya ang pnghirapan nya at the same time tumutulong sa iba.. blessed wd her happy family plus p happy lovelife ..SO ENJOY. :)
elmaxaquino : Don't block the haters @therealmarian sayang oras mo sa kanila. #hatersgonnahate
hiro_ikasawi : Butterflies ;)
dolmags : @missnicholineann
shirl_0912 : ganduh!!!!
realjase : We got the vavavoom bag camu butterfly.. The staff said you got some of your bags and shoes over here in Dubai :) @therealmarian congrats and best wishes!
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therealmarian - Marian Rivera Gracia
πŸ‘‹ Happy Tuesday Dabarkads...😊 May dadalawin muna ako bago ako mag punta sa Juan for all, All for juan! ❀ ️#PangakoNiYan πŸ’
pangakoniyan -
cristeldiego : ang ganda ng idol namen
mercongli : Hi idol. @Marian
nurnarissa : @norsheilawati @mrs.zuraalexsha Gaya kannnn
katherinegonzales : So very sweet to Jayson ate yan paki bati ako sa Juan for all.
mrs.zuraalexsha : @nurnarissa hihihihihhi gaya sheila upload gmbr zura buat tu bg arisa tgk😁😁 @norsheilawati
norsheilawati : Omg gaya i? Hahaha marian i ♥♥♥♥♥♥ U SO MUCH.. Perasan la tite ckp gaya kita.. @mrs.zuraalexsha @nurnarissa tang mane yg gaya tu.. Jauh bezaaa
mrs.zuraalexsha : @norsheilawati mirip syg!!
lornamarzo7851 : Bat sa tv ang laki ng balakang mo pero sa foto nde nmn gaano
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therealmarian - Marian Rivera Gracia
Bonding time con mi Cariño...😜 #Spa🌸
spa -
kayesiervo : Pretty!
mjasmintish182 : I want your Chanel shoes! ;)
misskristinea : @ericarquero Marian's Chanel espadrilles tho 😍
rrhain1381 : I love the way you wear Marian I adore u much.
gabriellamroque : Ganda lang ate marian
gabriellamroque : πŸ‘—
graciefirmeza : Happy Birthday Ma'am Ana Feleo!!!
simplycon : ur s.Adorable!!!mwahhhhhhhhhhh
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