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Love a man in uniform. 👀
x.illuminvti.x : *shit
bobbyiv : Its interesting how you say the Bible is full of stories and it's based on faith and belief would not a person who believe in evolutions stories and theories be based on faith and belief? Is there a difference between the two?
krissy_drake : Yawl are the cutest couple.
x.illuminvti.x : Yes the evolution has proof and the theories may or may not be true. We know that are theories have are still in the process to be proven. We know that evolution is a very true thing. Like I said when u believe in somethin it doesn't have to be necessarily true. But science, is true. Anything in science is either true, is in the process of being proven, or is still being questioned. But with religion, in the past and nowadays in some parts of the world, beliefs are questioned all the time and for that ppl are killed or shunned or insulted. Deep down you know the bible is false and crazy. Don't let the masses of believers intimidate you. Be like me. Question everything @bobbyiv
x.illuminvti.x : *there are theories that are
x.illuminvti.x : So please stop denying that religion is not true. Tell a religious man you talked to an animal. He will call u a liar or crazy. But in the bible conversations between animals and humans were very common but go ahead and believe your sky daddy Nd magic book and tell me how it turns out
x.illuminvti.x : @bobbyiv
bobbyiv : I had alot questions myself and it let me straight towards to the bible . Yes u are correct war and religion have mixed for centuries. Jesus foretold this in day on the earth when told his disciples on the Mount of Olives he said you will hear of wars and the report of wars ; Nation will rise against Nation and kingdom against kingdom. You see it and I see and so did Jesus back his day.
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therealblasian - therealblasian
Good morning! I'm on my way back home from Alabama, I had SUCH a great time meeting new family members and spending time with my cousins and sister. I can't wait to come back. Alabama, it's been real but I'm a city girl. 😋
royalthesocial : Love u see u soon
zainab99freepalestine : Beautiful ♥♡
_giovani_7 : Nirvana
theofficialchasem : ♥️
armizeee : @larranagz look at her shirt 😜
larranagz : @armizeee hahaha h&m!!
rzabeatsdun : That's a pop culture look good in it though.
kissmeimstylish : Make another YouTube video soon?!? (:
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New hair color 😋 I'll post a better pic tomorrow lol. Chanel Perfume Bottle Case from @caviar_chic
ima_lil_thug : So gorgeous
tarzan_money : Tstone90 kik
lovekaylashante : Your nailssss! I'm gonna have to go where you went ASAP. 😊
128pooch : U r beautiful in any pic
trap_life708 : Am i tha only one who sees that foot in tha corner
thatboyfunny : S4S @therealblasian
el.hugo : 😣😉 too good
zainab99freepalestine : Gorgeous babes @therealblasian You are 100% beautiful ♥♡ Love you
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Guess where I am...
dopegirlsboutique : Check out our up and coming boutique we are looking for promoters/models and love your look!
blasianmee : Nails 😍😍
eboni.bui : 💆
taylorbree_ : I spy ikea 😉
bxsed__slv : Umm ur hair dresser and getting ur make up done before a shoot ? 😜😄
yhimthatgirl : That watch 300 : Ummm at a hair stylist getting ur hair done?
lvxlforever : This pic is Dope. Check us out! Thanks!
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I've got a loooong car ride to Alabama today but I can't stop starring at my nails! Love them!! Thank you to both @mindyhardy and @kayyrinaa for making my nails look super cute!! Their salon is literally the ONLY one I will go to in Florida. @mindyhardy is the best to eeeever touch my nails! Make sure you follow her and show her some love, comment done after and I'll check out your page. 😋
sierragardner23 : Alabama
islanderlove_98 : I live there❤️
bane77787 : I want my nails done just like @therealblasian
glama_sara_az : Ugly
_kvshy : That's mean @glama_sara_az
yasminchanda : These are so cute x
officialnana_ : aw that's so cute OMG💅
malaysiaiam : I've been following her for a while nowwwww. I didn't know you went to her. Amazing work. I'm obsessed. I've wanted to go but my job won't let me have nails like that :( maybe I'll just quit my job.. lmaoooo! <333
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lucyyy15_ : Happy Birthday 💖🎉😊
randomismee : Happy birthday tho🎉🎉🎉
obeyqueenz1 : Happy Birthday 🎉🎊🎉😊
basedlyn_ : Happy birthday👏👏👏
coldarmorprod : Happy Birthday
nooneytunez : Happy Late Birthday I'm Sorry I Couldnt Tell Yu On Ur Day I Jus Haven't Been C'n Any Posts From Yu On My Page!!!!!!!
2_kayzz_ : Really late but happy birthday👏👏👏😍😍
yasminchanda : Happy belated, hope you had a great time ❤️❤️❤️
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Had to fix it lmao so I'm reposting. Turned my tumblr post into a video. 😭
mariojavon : Lol
editsqueeen : Lmao. @ama_xd
bre_stole_me : Noooo
pandarosee : @lovelyliz7 omg lmaoooooo
shamai_ : @mya.simone_
mya.simone_ : Ommg no @shamai_
mikaiarion16 : @angel81417 @miguel81422 lmaooo
bella_baddieee : @blasian.prxncess
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I had such a good time shooting this lol. Oh and two more days until my birthday! 😋 Shot by: @kincordell
jadelyn5 : Happy Birthday!
xpvmelv : happy birthday princess 😍
trill_kid95 : HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!! ♡♥♡♥
h0llywood4lyf3 : Happy birthday babe 😘😘
__cvxii : Happy Birthday
angie_xo19 : 😍😍😍
zach_xvii : 🔥🔥😏😍
yasminchanda : 👌
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& she used to be the sweetest girl. 🌸 Shot by: @kincordell
_dimples06 : Happy bday 😍😍😍🎉🎉🎉
scooty_scooty_ : Happy birthday @therealblasian
owigshairextensions : 💕❤️💕❤️😘😘
og.nishaa : Happy birthday !
white___boy911 : Happy belated birthday beautiful, and Alex Isabella deleted her IG? 😢😢
majedfouad : 👍😉
ashcashmoney : I am in love with this😍😍😍. And happy belated birthday boo I miss you!!!
teshha_marie : Yassss boo
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I miss the beach. 💘😢
cristian07cosme06 : I want to kiss you
arriiannahh : I love your bathing suit!😍💞 Where did you get it? 😊
trill_kid95 : Dnt be a stranger fb
camm_jaxon : Happy birthday 🎉🎊🎂😍
preettygalyae : Happy birthday baby @therealblasian
vegasmade702_ : Hbd😁
young_savage_naiya : Happy birthday ur my idol I love u so much I wanna be juss like u when I grow up ur so beautiful and u can dress<3
flyboyomar : Whats up? Send me Some Pictures So I can Feature You as a model on Hot97s Funk Flex Website #InFlexWeTrust email me
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