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thequeenmary - The Queen Mary
Commodore Everette Hoard tells the story of how #TheQueenMary got her name last night to 1,000 people in the Grand Salon in celebration of the ship's 80th birthday.
thequeenmary -
titanicgeek1912 : Is the full video on YouTube? @thequeenmary
titanicgeek1912 : I could not be there because I was at a titanic dinner and tour a Buena Park, sorry :-( @thequeenmary
19lungs83 - johnpizanie - jaslist - pandapire86 -
thequeenmary - The Queen Mary
Our special cake to commemorate the launch of #TheQueenMary!
thequeenmary -
somali0 : Congrats QM. I'm hoping to get to LB for the first time in 2016 for the maiden voyage anniversary.
mrspizanie : Beautiful!
cressawilmoth : So much fun the cake was delicious!!!❤️❤️🚢🚢
19lungs83 : Awesome! Sad I missed it.
safe_harbor : Awesome! *.*
nikconk : Congrats ol girl! Love ya!
pandapire86 : An honor to be a part of this special event and replicate this beautiful ship in cake!
maethpoo : 20feet, 600LB if anyone is wondering
ash_dewittbukater - tylerbleux - ilovekalifornia - ssnomadic -
thequeenmary - The Queen Mary
Original design artwork from the day #TheQueenMary launched.
thequeenmary -
stephsteph212 : Free on my birthday:)
prettynpink430 : @drown_in_flames
joaohipolito_ - alexa.backup - johnpizanie - historynick -
thequeenmary - The Queen Mary
Join us in congratulating #TheQueenMary on her 80th anniversary of her launch! Admission to the ship from 10AM to 7PM is FREE.
thequeenmary -
kkimberlymakk : @burplen @tinatwain @dixiegrl911 a long beach thing to do 🚢
burplen : When is this?
vamplifier : @bruhkouski @adoglbc free admission today/tonight, whose down!!!!
bruhkouski : I know! Im working tonight tho and plus we're broke couldn't pay for parking :( @vamplifier
_moiisess : @__cbetsy
bexkc28 : This ship is where I got engaged can't wait to go back when I'm married
swimboynate34 : Is the Queen Mary larger that the Titanic
thequeenmary : @swimboynate34: yes!
kristenann125 - tylerbleux - hankhargrove - hellosarahb -
thequeenmary - The Queen Mary
Will you be visiting #TheQueenMary to celebrate the 80th anniversary of her launch?
thequeenmary -
babiehub : @thequeenmary what day?
titanicgeek1912 : I wish!!!!! @thequeenmary
willpower59 : I will 😁
rms_queenmary : The Queen Mary's launch date is on the 26th of September @babiehub
thequeenmary : This Friday, @babiehub
hankhargrove : I wish I could. I will be thinking of you. :)
leeleemcgumbopot - gagagina - mrspizanie - 908magazine -
thequeenmary - The Queen Mary
Next Friday, #TheQueenMary will celebrate her 80th Anniversary of her launch. To celebrate, we are offering free admission to the ship from 10AM - 7 PM.
thequeenmary -
gellismommy : @__cbetsy @_moiisess @_oohdannyboy_ @angieemolly
gellismommy : @anairis_doll
joest1992 : @erik_pinedo
rae_razorblade : @iandi562 oooh! Yes! Lets gooo :)
titanicgeek1912 : Yay closer to 100
thequeenmary : @titanicgeek1912 😊 very exciting
titanicgeek1912 : The day she turn 100 there should be a huge celebration!!!!🎉 @thequeenmary
thequeenmary : I'm sure it'll be the biggest birthday party the world has ever seen on her 100th birthday! @titanicgeek1912
dancingqueen152 - dsrelf - praying.mantis - ssnomadic -
thequeenmary - The Queen Mary
#FlashbackFriday: #TheQueenMary as Job 534 before she was launched and officially named by Queen Mary.
thequeenmary - flashbackfriday -
mattagustin21 : Wow
byfield97 : Originally to be named Queen Victoria
thequeenmary : @clayton_aaronkr: well while there was talk of that happening when it was just Cunard as a builder. But when the Great Depression hit and Cunard joined forces with White Star Line (they usually named their ships ending in -IC while Cunard did endings in -IA) it was decided to simply choose a name which did not conform to either naming standards and instead name it after Queen Mary.
thequeenmary : Sorry, "while there was talk of that happening, that was when Cunard was the only builder." Correction.
byfield97 : I heard it was some miss understanding between the builders, Cunard, and the royal family... thus she became the Queen Mary
thequeenmary : Well that is certainly a popular rumor, though there isn't much evidence to suggest that is what happened, @clayton_aaronkr. But, as the story goes, the builders visited the King and said something to the effect of, "we'd like to name this ship after the greatest Queen that ever ruled," to which the King replied, "my wife would be delighted!" Thus, the Queen Mary was named. But we suppose we may never know the entire story behind the naming of the Queen Mary. 🚢
briancass : Just placed my reservations using the Flash Sale! Very happy about that. See ya in Nov!
thequeenmary : @briancass: see you then!
jinbrian - hyago_caetano - historynick - rms_queenmary -
thequeenmary - The Queen Mary
Less than a month away from @qmdarkharbor! #QMDARKHARBOR
qmdarkharbor -
therxbelmxbbs : Duhhh , @_emariiee and some drank !
_emariiee : That's always a must @_byron728
kimvxn : Yes!💁🍻 @_emariiee @_byron728 date to be announced soon!
_emariiee : We're probably the only ones on here having a whole conversation lol😂 #TU @kimvxn @_byron728
kimvxn : @_emariiee @_byron728 lol we are the cool peeps that's why 😎
_emariiee : Definitely lmao @kimvxn
elia_villa_russ : @tannaznouri3 let's go!!!!
tannaznouri3 : @elia_villa_russ let's get the tickets!!! Let's get it on Monday
jesusv95_ - mila562e - chaybabycakes - maradiaga177 -
thequeenmary - The Queen Mary
Have you visited the #BobHope exhibit aboard #TheQueenMary?
thequeenmary - bobhope -
rms_queenmary : Not yet @thequeenmary but I will
iiidegreeproductions : @thequeenmary When is the Harry Bridges exhibit? I haven't heard much about it, please let @visitlb know
07suottous09 : Hii i want to know about the romantic room!!😊
ojaijelly - iiidegreeproductions - johnpizanie - baytram366 -
thequeenmary - The Queen Mary
#WayBackWednesday: #TheQueenMary being fit with stabilizers.
thequeenmary - waybackwednesday - : Awesome shot!
salvonia - mrspizanie - majorpaynemlp - ssnomadic -
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