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thequeenmary - The Queen Mary
OpenTable, the world's leading provider of online restaurant reservations, has named #TheQueenMary’s Sir Winston's as one the Top 100 Most Romantic Restaurants in America for 2015! And we didn’t even prepare a speech.:) #humblebrag
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reasonstolovelongbeach : Congratulations
erikathomas07 : wow @queenmary I have to try it!
thequeenmary : We would love to have you
rinalove1120 : Woohoo! That is one of the reasons why Sir Winston's is my favorite restaurant ☺.
titanicgeek1912 : Congrats you deserve it! @thequeenmary
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thequeenmary - The Queen Mary
Sending some warmth to the East Coast…three babes aboard #TheQueenMary back in 1938 in this repost from #Cunard. “Superb day with my #glamorous girls! #NYC was delightful and now we’re heading back to #Blighty in style, on the #QueenMary! Time to unwind with a flute full of bubbles before we get ready for a grand night out.”
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stovetopped : Loving this!
erikathomas07 : Fabulous @thequeenmary just fabulous!
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thequeenmary - The Queen Mary
Meet our friend Ben, he's 10-years-old and has spastic diplegia cerebral palsy & he needed spinal surgery to cure his pain caused by the spasticity. Visit here to read his story: : Hope all is well with him!
kcooke75 : Feel better Ben 🙋👍🎈
titanicgeek1912 : ❤️
commondouchebag : @diplo
rms_queenmary : The RMS Queen Mary ❤️'s you Ben!! Feel better😊
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thequeenmary - The Queen Mary
Nonnie (Carol Lynley) and James Martin (Red Buttons) explore the inverted crew's barber shop aboard #TheQueenMary during The Poseidon Adventure in 1972.
thequeenmary -
mckenie143 : Is it haunted in the barber shop? @thequeenmary
hauntedmansion999 : I haven't heard any stories, but knowing how haunted the Queen Mary is, it probably is. @mckenie143
mckenie143 : looks like their looking for ghost
nikconk : I was working on the Queen as a tour guide when they filmed this movie. We did crowd control for them. It was great fun!
rms_queenmary : That's cool! @nikconk
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thequeenmary - The Queen Mary
Tomorrow is @thejunkshow here @TheQueenmary’s event park for Long Beach's most exciting new flea market!! #thejunkshow #vintage #vintagemarket #antiquemarket #antique #junk #fleamarketstyle #shoplocal #longbeach #losangeles #orangecounty
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larisa_mamonova : @melroberso for sure, but ill be in SF till Monday :/
lucy88 : @jimeneznurse
dizneygoth : @susasme mom!
thequeenmary : Info can be found here:
biglueeeee : @tonilopez801
juliuscesar_88 : @thaylormoon I figured you would like this, hopefully you find something weird! Lol
sarahlboggs : @k_foxy Thanks!! I'll take the girls!! Gonna go treasure hunting! Xo
alicejejane : @dperez1984
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thequeenmary - The Queen Mary
Regram @TheQueenMary @cunardline @LongBeachCity #iphone #photography by @RobComeau #iphonograhy
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kcooke75 : I had my reception their 10 years ago! 🚢
thequeenmary : We are known as the ship of romance'
erikathomas07 : how GORGEOUS
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thequeenmary - The Queen Mary
Tilt yer kilt to the hottest Scottie rock in town! Jump aboard and tilt yer kilt to a muckle o’ the best Scottish, Gaelic and Celtic bands this side of the pond at the official kick off party for The Queen Mary's ScotsFestival. Prepare yerself for a wild ride with live music from the likes of Wicked Tinkers, Highland Way, Brick Top Blaggers, Dublin Public and more! Check out our website for more info on Rock Yer Kilt - Friday, Feb. 13, 7PM-12AM…tickets just $15.
xxxstarwarsgeekxxx : @allisonpentoney we should go to this!!!
allisonpentoney : @xxxstarwarsgeekxxx Heck yeah we should!!!
justagoldenchild : @candy90744
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thequeenmary - The Queen Mary
There's no better place to celebrate Valentine's Day than aboard the ship that defined elegance and class in her heyday. Relive the magic, the tradition and romance of the Queen Mary. Enjoy our award-winning dining or book our Romance Package for a one-night stay with chocolate covered strawberries and champagne. We put the SHIP in Relationship. From the Verandah Grill aboard #TheQueenMary in the 1950s. Give us your best caption below:
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nancygreco777 : Beautiful!!⚓️
smogski44 : @xanthiapink
smogski44 : Thought you'd like this photo
satindollz : So Cal's 'Love Boat' 💕🎉⚓
cassy_catherine : @tomtom22 ☺️
tomtom22 : @cassy_catherine that would be fun....
lilmama_87 : @bonedaddydave87
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thequeenmary - The Queen Mary
for the latest #BarrelSeries installment, our Scotch Tasting Dinner with special guest speaker Kieron Elliott (@MacallanKieron), featuring five different tastings of @The_Macallan Scotch and @highlandparkofficial, in the Queen's Salon aboard #TheQueenMary. This five-course meal is exquisitely prepared by our award-winning chefs and features the finest ingredients available, resulting in an indelible expression of culinary creativity. Enjoy each course with a different liquor designed to match the meal's flavor profile delivering maximum taste. Your culinary journey culminates with an indulgent dessert and a premium cigar. Check out our website for more details!
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bigklbc : @z2yzx scotchy scotch scotch
z2yzx : @bigklbc down into my belly
thequeenmary : I'm kind of a big deal
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thequeenmary - The Queen Mary
Coming soon…to #TheQueenMary. The Queen Mary builders model, one of 10 models that will be returning to the ship and be on display. #modelmayhem More info coming soon.
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thequeenmary : Will be posting on Monday
christian.acosta.736 : Im thinking if the @thequeenmary ship will sail again
thequeenmary : Ahhhhh...nope
christian.acosta.736 : Oh ok @thequeenmary
cunard_line : That would be wonderful, but there is little to no chance of it happening. @christian.acosta.736
christian.acosta.736 : Oh @cunard_line
_davedog_ : Fact. The queen mary hull is too old to weather storms even though the engines & gearboxes are in good condition.
brianm5 : I thought the engines had been removed, the engine and boiler rooms are now empty.
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