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The Queen Mary

The Queen Mary - Hotel, Award-Winning Restaurants, Historical and Paranormal Tours, Banquet Facilities and Shops.
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thequeenmary - The Queen Mary
Looking for a last minute #holiday gift?! Unique. Distinct. Delicious. #TheQueenMary Barrel Series is the perfect #gift for friends, family and anyone who loves great food and premium spirits. A great chance to Eat, Drink and Be 'Mary.' Check out our website for more info. @kickseabass #regram
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kickseabass : @thequeenmary Thanks for using my picture. However, I think you should know that the service this night was awful. Brought out the wrong order, couldn't get another scotch, just an overall obliviousness for my table. As you use this pic to try and sell gift cards and services in your lovely bar and restaurants, I think it should also be used as a learning and training possibility. I was very surprised at the poor service and I hope that it is remedied as I enjoy my trips to The Queen. She's deserves better. Thank you
kickseabass : @thequeenmary Thank you for posting this picture. I would have been a great ad for the ship had it not been for your extremely poor service in the Observation Bar for my friend's 30th birthday celebration. A Shirley Temple drink took 30 minutes to arrive for the birthday girl. @thescreensiren
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thequeenmary - The Queen Mary
Happy Thanksgiving to #TheQueenMary friends!
thequeenmary -
save_ssus : Happy Thanksgiving to The Queen Mary from us here at the Conservancy!
kayliesautographs : DM ME Please
chlo.bot - rockervee98 - stanislava_richi - rms_mauretania_1906 -
thequeenmary - The Queen Mary
Catch a wave with this Surfing Santa at #QueenMaryCHILL! Have you visited the Ice Kingdom yet?
queenmarychill -
jillgabesmommy : @gabrielgabedodger
jetsettingkids : woweee
temeculaqponer : Can't wait to come Sunday!
cunard_whitestar_line - shameless4ever - spamming.lexi -
thequeenmary - The Queen Mary
Six lanes of pure fun... Ice Tubing at #QueenMaryCHILL opens this Friday!
queenmarychill -
______jp______ : @binniebby lol thats for little fags lets go to six flags.
ade_sanc : 😁😁😁 @karenn_pavon @4l3jandr4 @_mariaa562 @officialmarvinvalle @xoxo_leo6
jani_geee : @jebus_b
fabi_perez18 : @sindimel @cinnmo @mel_r93 @irvinr_
razzlejoy : @sweetface35 @musicrossi @nmatina @pandayna Let's go!?
sweetface35 : @razzlejoy we probably will lol we went last year
clairecastanos : @alan_huerta24 @ihuerta24 let's take Nathan here with my sister!
team.dove.cameron : Where is This located?
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thequeenmary - The Queen Mary
In just 3 days, Santa drops into #QueenMaryCHILL! Will you be visiting #TheQueenMary this holiday season to see the Ice Kingdom?
thequeenmary - queenmarychill -
nmedrano89 : Awesome. Can't wait to go this year! definitely had a great time last time I went.
thekingoflongbeach : Looking forward to going, I went last year and thought it was amazing.
thequeenmary : @nmedrano89: we can't wait to host you!
thequeenmary : @thekingoflongbeach: wonderful to hear!
titanicgeek1912 : I'm the 100th like!❀️
thequeenmary : @titanicgeek1912: yay!
emilypizanie : πŸŽ„β„οΈπŸ‘
like_a_melodi : @thesotelo
eddie_qmdh - dolphins1150316 - shameless4ever - ianr2001 -
thequeenmary - The Queen Mary
#TheQueenMary is officially dressed for the holidays.
thequeenmary -
thewinstonandrus : It's so pretty and twinkling I LOVE IT!!
briancass : I would love to see this in video form!
emilypizanie : πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’› we gotta go, @thewinstonandrus
emilypizanie : πŸš’πŸŽ„
bronsonfan357 : @bubbiesbabyz @daisychandler12 we shud all go here and Mk some memoryz. Tim to short. Can't wait to see everyone today especially the fam babies
daisychandler12 : Yes! @bronsonfan357
save_ssus : We would love to put up Christmas lights up on our funnels! Unfortunately, as I'm sure you already know, the SS United States is too run down this year.
eastman_kodak_24 : You should post a video of the lights sparkling on all three funnels
mrubio1030 - finalcountdownevents - bombolinavita - hauntedmansion999 -
thequeenmary - The Queen Mary
Repost from @portoflongbeach: #POLB is a proud sponsor of the ice skating rink at the #QueenMaryCHILL and we want you to join the fun! Win a pair of tickets to the opening night of CHILL on November 21, 2014. TO ENTER: 1. #Repost this picture 2. Tag #POLBwinter & @portoflongbeach in your repost 3. Be sure you’re following the @PortoflongBeach! 4. Tag a friend that you'd take with you to CHILL! We’ll choose 5 winners on Friday, November 14 at 2pm.
polbwinter - repost - queenmarychill - polb -
ella_danny : @thequeenmary does it matter if the account is private?
portoflongbeach : @ella_danny unfortunately we can't see your entry if the account is private.
ella_danny : @portoflongbeach you know I want to win when I change my privacy settings! 😊 #crossingmyfingers
whatsappgrappe : Sfs?
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thequeenmary - The Queen Mary
#TheQueenMary is proud to offer free admission to active service members of the armed forces, retired military personnel, veterans and special discounts for their families tomorrow for Veteran's Day. #VeteransDay
thequeenmary - veteransday -
titanicgeek1912 : πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
rdking01 : @syrah27
syrah27 : @rdking01 It's funny that you tagged me, because I was going to tag you!
rdking01 : Lol! Your it. Thot of you @xbrudy73 told me you like the queen
syrah27 : @rdking01 LOL! I LOVE the queen! We actually haven't been back since we got married. :(
jdemetrioroa - eddie_qmdh - rms.queen.elizabeth - hauntedmansion999 -
thequeenmary - The Queen Mary
Repost from @phacebook. We simply could not pass up sharing this beautiful photo of #TheQueenMary!
thequeenmary -
visionsofscary : @k_foxy
kristincolby : Love this
thequeenmary : @kristincolby: we do too!
jaimemaas : @gelgiron83 :)
jennyleenewbs : What a beauty!
alaskamb : Beautiful
jdemetrioroa - white.star.line - rms.queen.elizabeth - carevealed -
thequeenmary - The Queen Mary
Our Captain's Demonstrations include life boat demonstrations and explanations on signals. #TheQueenMary
thequeenmary -
titanicgeek1912 : You guys have start d lifeboat demonstrations again? I'm so glad because I remember emailing Someone about starting those up again! @thequeenmary
thequeenmary : @titanicgeek1912: yes! We are very excited about it!
titanicgeek1912 : I hope my emails where of some help for this idea @thequeenmary
aliciarios2 : I'm so happy you guys brought them back! I remember watching the demonstration the first time I went to the Queen Mary. Can't wait to go back now :) @thequeenmary
sierrarailway32 : I'm coming tomorrow, and staying the week, will you guys do one when I'm there
dancingqueen152 - burtonesque_ness - sierrarailway32 - tommytrentonjr -
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