The Queen Mary

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thequeenmary - The Queen Mary
Do you believe #TheQueenMary is haunted?
thequeenmary -
christinai89 : Sure do!
hannamalco : I stayed in B501.. And nothing happened :(
weeeo : absolutely.
spaztastickitteh : Stayed in A201 and nothing happened....until the last night when a child let out a bloodcurdling 1am.....
hankhargrove : No, not really. Unless you count the "spirits" in the bar. ;)
titanicgeek1912 : Not at all, the ghost thing is fake created to attract more costumers after the movie titanic when lots and lots of costumers where visiting the Queen Mary, but when they came they where not impressed with how the ship was missing the gyms, boiler rooms, and other things they had seen in the movie so they didn't come back, the Queen Mary's attendance went down, so then of corse Ghost of Legends and other ghost tour where created To bring the tourists back. So the point is the ghost thing is a sham and was started because of the movie titanic, is this enuf proof to convince you people?
titanicgeek1912 : The most sad thing is that the Queen Mary is being destroyed to be decorated for these tours
dolphin195261 : I spent a night in one of the rooms after a business party. Some time during the night I woke up to a man and a woman talking in our room. When I sat up in bed, the lady said sorry to wake you and they went out the door. I am convinced to this day it was ghosts of two people that were on the ship long ago. I will cherish that moment the rest of my life. Always thought I would be scared to death if I saw a ghost. I saw two ghosts that night and wasn't afraid at all. Love the Queen Mary and hope some day I can visit her again.
louiebaur - izzzy712 - ssnomadic - dansonbrinkerhoff -
thequeenmary - The Queen Mary
Happy 4th of July from #TheQueenMary! Can you guess what our flags say today?
thequeenmary -
thequeenmary : f, e, s
thequeenmary : @rms_queenmary
rms_queenmary : It says fireworks!!!!! @thequeenmary
titanicgeek1912 : Yep just checked it it says fire works @thequeenmary
thequeenmary : Correct! @titanicgeek1912 @rms_queenmary
rms_olympic1910 : $35 isn't alot. If you think it is, remember that it is a piece of history. @shit_show_sean
shit_show_sean : @rms_olympic1910 okay, thanks for your input...
rms_olympic1910 : I guess it is alot, but I think it is worth it @shit_show_sean
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thequeenmary - The Queen Mary
#TheQueenMary's logo from 1936. #TBT
thequeenmary - tbt -
sickjaysoto : @tweetz_soto we have to go back soon
rhyanns_mommy : See u tomorrow for independence day
titanicgeek1912 : I have 2 Queen Mary menus from the 50's and one of them have this logo the there one has the logo with Queen Elizabeth and I also have 2 Queen Elizabeth menus but they only say Cunard White Star on them
ss_normandie - pawprint959 - pmbk84 - johnpizanie -
thequeenmary - The Queen Mary
#TheQueenMary greeting Lady Liberty. #StatueofLiberty
thequeenmary - statueofliberty -
louiebaur : Great shot!
desmondsmama - pmbk84 - rob_foskett - dsrelf -
thequeenmary - The Queen Mary
"Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go." - T.S. Eliot, past passenger aboard #TheQueenMary.
thequeenmary -
tinawestall4 - johnpizanie - amanda.ydg - ssnomadic -
thequeenmary - The Queen Mary
Happy first day of #summer from #TheQueenMary! #BeachWithBenefits
thequeenmary - summer - beachwithbenefits -
_pennsardin_ : love the view 👌
jennyleenewbs : 💚 the Villa Riviera! But LOVE the Queen Mary more!!
l_amanda_0309 : So beautiful! I need a date night with my hubby soon to take a better look at that view. 😊
rudaloe - tinawestall4 - empresslilly - paige_king_4214 -
thequeenmary - The Queen Mary
It's all about those stacks! #TheQueenMary
thequeenmary -
justindowns123 : I see a mustache
justindowns123 : :3
maidenvoyageco - johnpizanie - chriscunard - barbferres -
thequeenmary - The Queen Mary
Menu #artwork from #TheQueenMary's dinner menu on June 16, 1957.
thequeenmary - artwork -
rms_queenmary : Why don't you ever send emails any more I'm a subscriber and I miss your email!!! @thequeenmary
thequeenmary : @rms_queenmary: we do still have an email list and send emails out regularly.
rms_queenmary : I haven't gotten a new email from you since 5/28/14 @thequeenmary
emiliaroyal - hyago_caetano - pmbk84 - titanicgeek1912 -
thequeenmary - The Queen Mary
Happy Saturday from #TheQueenMary! Are you visiting us today?
thequeenmary -
rms_queenmary : Oh god I wish! Any chance you can give me a free stay and admission??? I am a big fan!!! @thequeenmary
rms_queenmary : And I love this photo!!! @thequeenmary
briancardin : Yes I'll be visiting! I'm typing this onboard!
thequeenmary : Welcome aboard, @briancardin!
lovee__peace : Uggh I wish maybe soon!
titanicgeek1912 : I wish I want to go back so bad it is killing me!!!! I miss her more every second!!!! @thequeenmary
cheezypops : No
dsrelf - titanicgeek1912 - nyffeventsofficial - __tina_marie__ -
thequeenmary - The Queen Mary
This Day in History: June 11, 1931. Steelworkers working on #TheQueenMary's hull.
thequeenmary - waybackwednesday -
thequeenmary : #WayBackWednesday
christian.acosta.736 : Awsome
morrisonsrebel : @erik83lb
travelholic : @geoff_notkin 3 weeks ago, we wandered these decks down your memory lane. Cheers!
danithedreamer : Where was it being built?? @thequeenmary
panam229 : ^^thats funny. But omg i love the queen mary so so so much. I went there for my graduation party and everything its so cool!!
geoff_notkin : @travelholic Such a fantastic time! Thank you.
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