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theplanetd - Dave & Deb travel photography
Looking into the mouth of an unknown fjord near Nuuk, Greenland. Our exploration of Greenland offered so many opportunities to discover new places. The captain of our ship was very experiences and took us to places that have never been seen before. This fjord was one of them. Because of the ebbing sea ice we were able to get down this narrow channel which ended in a glacier. Simply awesome. I can't wait to return to Greenland in 2016 and explore even more! If you love our travel photography don't forget to check out our friends over at @beautifuldestinations. They have some awesome images!
jesssee26 : Untouched nature..great pic..thanks for sharing
karen.oh : @world_unite oooo
ricsanches : Beautiful
oddnaz : That water 😍😍😍
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opangsa : gorgeous
great.ka : Real Greenland! Amazing.
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theplanetd - Dave & Deb travel photography
Reflections in Snowdonia, Wales. When I thought of Wales I never thought of scenery like this. Mountain lakes and beautiful backdrops are just what you will find in the Snowdonia region of the country. Snowdonia is a region in north Wales and a national park. It was actually the first to be designated of the three national parks in Wales, in 1951. When you make it to Wales I recommend staying at least 3 days in the region. There is so much to see and do. #visitwales #wales #britain
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alicja.b20 : @ianomac91 😍☺️
gulancem : @deniz.argic
grovesy.jpg : Great capture :) what lens did you use if you don’t mind me asking?
imagesbyjillian : Great reflections 👍
theplanetd : @grovesy.jpg Thank you. I used a Zeiss 16-35 f4 on a Sony A7Rii body.
theplanetd : @imagesbyjillian Thank you for the kind words 😄
neekelitatravelstheworld : Gorgeous!
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theplanetd - Dave & Deb travel photography
Frozen waterfalls in Johnston Canyon, Alberta. As we gear up for our return to Banff National Park in less than 2 weeks we wanted to share a little of what is to come. We will be spending 10 days exploring this winter wonderland and doing some amazing backcountry adventures. So follow along with us and @banff_lakelouise at #mybanff and #travelalberta starting on December 6th. It is going to be epic! #explorecanada
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sajjadhusseini : GREAT PIC. Thanks
two_drifters_ : This is just crazy! I have got to get up to Canada someday! It's so close yet sooo amazing and different! @theplanetd
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theplanetd - Dave & Deb travel photography
Waterfalls are everywhere in Maui. This particular one was taken in Haleakala National park in Maui. After a walk through the the forest to another waterfall I saw this view on my way back. The lush greens of Hawaii are one of the things that I really love about these islands. It is by far one of the most beautiful places on earth. Don't forget to tag your photos with #tripitpic to be featured by @tripitcom
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rahim_nobakht : @moti61 👌🏼
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samshoester : @nikwillg13 : @30naaa89 من دیگه حرفی ندارم
max.khanafeev : Beautiful
rachelschrey : @kcleffi1 I want to go to there
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theplanetd - Dave & Deb travel photography
The Palm in Dubai from above. The Palm Jumeirah is an artificial island shaped like a palm tree that consists of a tree trunk, a crown with 16 fronds, and a surrounding crescent island that forms an 11 kilometer-long breakwater. It is impressive from the air to say the least. Dubai is a city that is constantly under construction. They are actually building another Palm that will be further up shore. Dubai is a city that you must see from the sky. It shows you just how massive it is and how it is expanding. #dubai #mydubai #expediathingstodo
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backpackerbrock : Headed there in a week. Thanks for building my excitement.
ayush9788 : @abhistillalive been there. But not from above : Amazing Shot 📷❤👍
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rdgonzalez7 : @croussetty
theplanetd : @backpackerbrock have a great time!
theplanetd : @ayush9788 it is pretty cool to see from the sky
theplanetd : thank you!
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theplanetd - Dave & Deb travel photography
Following the lines in Zion National Park. As we turn towards winter and temperatures drop I always like to remember the warmer months in beautiful locations. Zion was a place that we did not get to spend enough time in. We were only there for a day and were seduced by its beauty. One thing I have found is the the US has some of the most beautiful national parks in the world. #usps #zion
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amir.eb.ef : Awsome👏👏👏
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theplanetd - Dave & Deb travel photography
The impressive city of Dubai at night. One of the things we really wanted to do while we are here in Dubai is to see the city from the top of the Burj Kalifa. At 839m tall it is the tallest building in the world and offers an amazing views of the surrounding city. You get a 360 degree view of the city and a chance to see it from this unique angle. A must do when you are in Dubai. #mydubai #dubailife #dubai #burjkhalifa
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theplanetd : @exploring_the_globe thank you !
theplanetd : @sugababee12 it's definitely one of those destinations you have to see once 😄
theplanetd : @mohameddubai we just left. Great city you have!
tilleyhats : Amazing photography!!
frenzy_bear : @cosmo_lynx
pujli : @eeviebreezy
aljvd : Sick
sugababee12 : @theplanetd ...closest I've been is Jeddah, Saudi Arabia....I loved that city also
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theplanetd - Dave & Deb travel photography
Sunset in the desert of Dubai. After an afternoon of dune riding we stopped to take in the sunset over the desert. As the wind blew through our hair and the sand was in our toes we knew we would remember this moment for a long time to come. Dubai is a bust city and constantly changing. My recommendation would be to get out of the city for a day and treat yourself to one of the many desert experiences. Dubai is more than just sky scrapers and shopping malls. #mydubai #dubai #expediathingstodo
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exploring_the_globe : Such a beautiful picture
matteo_muntari_martellini : Seguitemi 😊😉
loiseaurose : Beautiful shot !
simonkavicky : Beatiful 🔝
hronispap : Woooow MY GOOOOOD ITS AMAZING !!!! This is gorgeous!!!! Keep going !!! You are one of the bests !!! @theplanetd 😎😀🏆🙌🏿🇬🇷
hronispap : @anastasia_pett δες εδω ενα προφίλ που ξεπερνάει την κοπέλα απο διπλανή πόρτα...... ! Only places not people ! 😜😁😬❤️🙌🏿
anastasia_pett : @hronispap για μένα ειναι too much πολυ ρετούς πεφτη ...
hronispap : Δεν εχουν επεξεργασία φωτογραφίες του. Βγήκε απο Canon camera 😩 @anastasia_pett
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theplanetd - Dave & Deb travel photography
A full life is a balanced life. We found our passion in travel. But no one thing should never consume your life. After working hard for several years to fulfill our dream of full-time adventurers, we learned that we need to balance travel with taking the time to care for our health, visiting our friends and family and nurturing our relationship. Once we achieved balance we found we were more productive, more exciting opportunities came our way and we were finally living a full life. Are you living a full life? Head over to @AbbottGlobal to take the quiz and share your #fullosophy #ad
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theplanetd : @sadiq2523 thank you!
theplanetd : @gunun_karesi thanks!
theplanetd : @cancuncanuck thanks so much!
casy_89 : I never thought about this, I always seem to travel too little, I did not think you could travel too much!
theplanetd : @casy_89 I know it sounds strange, but when travel is your career, the destinations you visit can become more about work and capturing the moments than stopping to enjoy them. I think everything I. Life needs to have a bit of balance. When we travelled from place to place working on projects back to back, we neglected the rest of our lives. It's always good to make sure there is health, family, friends and even down time in your life. That's what we discovered anyway. 😊
seb2_ : Well said @theplanetd
habtoorgrand : Wonderful shot!
casy_89 : Thank for your life lesson 😀 @theplanetd
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theplanetd - Dave & Deb travel photography
Paradise found in Krabi, Thailand. Have you taken a trip that changed your life? It was our first trip to Thailand that change everything for us. Five weeks in paradise reignited a spark in our marriage, we discovered our love for adventure, and we learned that there was more to life than just focusing on our careers. It was in Thailand that we went sea kayaking for the first time. We paddled through the mangrove forests and wove our way through the incredible kharst formations of Krabi. During that trip, we tried things that we never dreamed of doing at home. When we returned to Canada we looked at life in a different light. We now worked to live, not lived to work. On weekends we went rock climbing, mountain biking and camping and eventually our love for adventure turned into a career. Now we travel full time and have revisited Thailand again and again. With more than 100 countries visited and countless adventures under our belt, we have never forgotten the first trip that changed our lives. Share your life changing story with the hashtag #MyGreatestAdventure
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sarah.sumsion : @lynerdsee
ms_jol : @andian_8
chelleylovinglife : @sineadlauren this is that Railay beach I told you about near Krabi Aonang xx
alanna_bond : I'll be here in 2 weeks! 🚣
pritesh_pri7 : Maaaast hai na @richa_kalra95
ciararivera560 : Nice bright colors this picture is great in color definition
rtwgirl_ : Travel is the best
sineadlauren : Thanks @chelleylovinglife xxx
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