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theplanetd - Dave and Deb
Taking it all in at Machu Picchu in Peru. ☀️Who would you like to enjoy this view with? Tag them in the comments☀️ I will never forget getting up to Machu Picchu early in the morning and it was shrouded in mist and cloud. I was so disappointed that I had come all this way and would not get a chance to see this beautiful site. But as the morning moved on, the clouds parted and offered up this stunning view of this ancient Incan city. Well worth the wait...don't you think? #latergram
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_antonkey_ : Как там круто должно быть!
klechleider : @lemmonr
eliasmaseka : Enjoy
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irlin123 : @liz_amundsen 😍
pamcordovalobaton : My beautiful peru
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theplanetd - Dave and Deb
A quiet paddle on Lake Louise, Alberta. 🚣 Who would you share a canoe with? Tag them in the comments.🚣 Renting a canoe and paddling on Lake Louise is one of those moments where you appreciate the beauty of Mother Nature. Dipping your paddle in the calm waters surrounded by the Rocky Mountains is an experience you won't soon forget. #latergram
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bethbannor : Beautiful
c_caden_ : @devinchii yes pleez
petal_to_the_metal : @kbill09 We should meet in the middle some year and drive from Calgary through Banff, Yoho, and Jasper Nat'l Parks!
hussain_alsairafi : @ghazoi
arnaldomehedin : @amehedin , how about that? U game?
amehedin : @arnaldomehedin oh yeah
san_chuary : @peeohdee7
wanderingstar737 : Wonderful capture ✨💫✨
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theplanetd - Dave and Deb
A storm rolls in on safari in the Masai Mara, Kenya. 🐘🐘Who would you take on Safari with you? Tag them in the comments🐘🐘 The first day we arrived in the Masai Mara we were greeted by an incoming storm. We were on the search for cheetahs and thought we would have to cut our day short. Luckily this storm passed just east of us. Just another part of being in safari in Africa. #latergram
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xo__melrose : Yes we can my love 😘 @jesust_616
byrnephotography : Loving that lone tree.
ryan_ramerica : @doughfo
wanderingstar737 : Lovely!! ✨💫✨
1derfullymaide : @lori_luuv beautiful!!
devongalland : @gracilynnn
sugarplumvelvet : I would ask h im
kristina_blondlife : @valeriya_rebelgal just like our flag! ♡♥♡
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theplanetd - Dave and Deb
Just another day in the Everest Region of Nepal. 👣Who would you hike with in Nepal? Tag them in the comments.👣 As you walk through the Himalayas you can't help but be impressed by the scenery that surrounds you. Yes it is a challenging hike, yes you will be tired and yes you will remember this adventure forever 😄 If hiking is on your bucket list then the Everest Base Camp Trek is one of the classics. #latergram
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shalmaliyadav : Chal @im_prasanna jayuyat ;)
im_prasanna : I'm ready baas Bol kadhi nighaychay ... Gadi kadhto ani akkhi gang gheun jau ... @shalmaliyadav
shalmaliyadav : :D aft diwali jayuyat @im_prasanna climate pn masta asel
catherine.vietnam : Awesome !!!
johnnyboypdx : @johnnyg2605
rovinst : @franceenee wow Vilvi :)
johnnyg2605 : Wow that's a stunning views @johnnyboypdx
wanderingon : Love this shot!  And loved the Everest Base Camp Trek when we did it in March 2012. Would love to go back and do it again! 
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theplanetd - Dave and Deb
Enjoying the view on the South Island of New Zealand. ☀️Who would you like to sit with? Tag them in the comments☀️ Our time in New Zealand was awesome. We spent 6 weeks traveling the country and were treated to views like this almost every day. The South Island is so different from the North and if you get a chance to do both you should. I remember pulling up to this spot and just sitting down and taking it all in. I think that is so important theses days. Take the time to enjoy the moment because that is how memories are made. #latergram ##NZMustDo
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fluffy_weirdo : @lobean1425 awesomeeee
ericwhiz : @kasey_w
lulumanuka : So beautiful!!! 👍💞
cosmicais : Awesome @ciaosmile @moohbear @loquacious_dian @ronkinlao
gilmour_girl_travels : I just noticed the rainbow! I didn't see it at first.
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onlinestore_sepatu : Pretty !
jennjiang : @r_baker_j
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theplanetd - Dave and Deb
Exploring the "Hongs" of Krabi, Thailand. 🌴Who would you explore Thailand with? Tag them in the comments🌴 Dreaming of the beauty of Thailand today. Krabi is a place that you must visit. The beautiful waters, pristine beaches and unexplored sea caves are just a few of the reasons that this part of Thailand is our favourite. We first explored here back in 2000 and have been back several times. If you make it to this part of the world don't miss it. #latergram #thailand
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_toddsilveira : Done it!!
douzepont : @_autumnroses ❤
_autumnroses : Can't wait to be there with you 🙈🙉🙊💕💕 @douzepont
j0e.gaia : @nomadicgypsyacrobat fly honeyDipp.
mansinail : @fereshteh1615
chasemitchelldavis : @italironstone
mdkappy : @rachgerbs hi 💗
farcox : @steventencate in a heartbeat! X
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theplanetd - Dave and Deb
Paddling through the brash ice in Antarctica. ❄️ Who would you kayak with in Antarctica? Tag them in the comments.❄️
udita82 : @nishit13 @dmesh22
ssleternity : @kimpo_slice
elizabethiweber : @tdoregoff
angelesdlp : @sofidelger
byrnephotography : This is great 😍👌
katgodlewski : Number 1 on my bucket list. Who did you sail with @theplanetd?
1ies1 : Such an epic capture! 😍😍😍 @theplanetd Please may feature this wonderful pic on @marvelshots with your permission? 😄
jewelszee : This is incredible guys!! 😍😍
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theplanetd - Dave and Deb
Sunset in Goa, India. ☀️Who would you like to witness a magnificent sunset with? Tag them in the comments below☀️ Goa was one of the places that we lived in India. Every night there seemed to be another gorgeous sunset. It was a perfect place to chill after the hustle and bustle of the rest of India. We stayed in Patnem beach which was a lot less busy than the others that are around the area. Cheap accommodation and great food made for an awesome stay. #latergram
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sweetelite21 : Romantic ! :)
lcezaro : Awesome shot!!!
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theplanetd - Dave and Deb
A family of rhinos at the watering whole in Lake Nakuru, National Park, Kenya. Who would you take on safari to Kenya? **Tag them in the comments below.** #latergram
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glamouroustraveller : Wow! And to see one with its whole horn... Amazing! And sad that we dont see more of them
desertcamel : Nice and wonderful together
nadlehka : @vikaly_ @jlegky Africa goals
wanderingstar737 : Marvelous!
my_best_shot : Great 😄👌
salmahshafie : Great shot
jonas.vesterlund : Stunning capture dude! 😍🙏
brayden_turnbull06 : @mamadonk89
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theplanetd - Dave and Deb
🌴 Your ride awaits in Railay, Thailand 🌴 Who would you take a boat ride with? **Tag them in the comments** It was a day of kayaking some of the most beautiful waters we had ever seen. We left from Phuket on a 2 day kayaking trip exploring the "Hongs", or caves, of the Andaman Sea. As we arrived on a small island we were greeted by a long tail boat which had brought some people from the mainland to explore a little in their own. The Thai coastline is dominated by these boats which are the main mode of transportation for locals. Almost all of them are decorated with colourful ribbons on the bow. Taking a long tail boat is a must do if you visit the islands of Thailand. #latergram #thailand
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wes_hubs : Maybe ?
wiki_toria : @tahispeed lets do this one day! :)
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aisanc : @luciamckenzie 😍😍😍
luciamckenzie : @aisanc the dream
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