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theplanetd - Dave & Deb travel photography
Morning reflections in Banff, Alberta. One of the things that I love about sunrise is how peaceful it is. When you are out there and it is just you and the silence of Mother Nature is when I feel most at peace. Banff offers so many opportunities to get away from it all. Maybe that is why I love this part of Canada so much. #travelalberta @travelalberta
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uzairsukhera : @aneeqaishaq indeed. You were right we need to make it to the sunrise
_gleno_ : So amazing
aneeqaishaq : @uzairsukhera next time IA :)
casey_red : @samithy_vandercamp
friedtofubean : @therealchinsta @_mifans @linterallycanteven BAMF!!
ic_adventures : Absolutely gorgeous πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘
danflyingsolo : @theplanetd It really does, opens up the chance to post lots of previous images that wouldn't be suitable. You are welcome and you really are! Thank you πŸ‘
supmartha : AMAZING! I am going there!!!!
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theplanetd - Dave & Deb travel photography
The Eiffel Tower is beautiful at night. As the final glow from the sun fades in the background the Eiffel Tower shows off all of her beauty. We absolutely love Paris. The architecture just blows you away. What is your favourite site in Paris? #paris #parisjetaime #parisbynight
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thetrainertracy : πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›
mstieb : @darekris
alithena123 : Omg 😍😍
lizwarkentin : The old stone bridges overlooking the Seine. Like the Pont Neuf.
ianomac91 : @alicja.b20 ☺️😘
premierdestinations : Wow!
dalrulikemoon : Beautiful!
ahmad_karimi5424 : so beautiful
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theplanetd - Dave & Deb travel photography
Kayaking with Beluga whales in Churchill, Manitoba. 🐳Who would you take with you kayaking with belugas? 🐳 Tag them In the commentsπŸ‹πŸ‹πŸ‹ ------------ We were in Manitoba to see polar bears, but when visiting Churchill in the summer you must make sure to kayak or snorkel with beluga whales too. They are the cutest and most curious creatures. If you want an up close and personal wildlife encounter, this is for you. They get so close you could reach out and touch them. They love to play with you kayaks, chase your boats and rub their noses in your hull. It's a very special once-in-a-lifetime experience. --------- #exploremb #ExploreCanada
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_cassandra_frances_ : @run_gingi_run
husseininthemembrane : @osoul_taha :D
grownuptravels : I can't take my wife Jane. She freaks out when she sees large things coming out of the depths.
grizzly_giant : @r_sacco heh
thelawdawg_ :
amymchar : @cjloveandlight
carpediemourway : This sounds so amazing! I can't imagine kayaking with these beautiful creatures!
kcarnali : @life_by_ty
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theplanetd - Dave & Deb travel photography
Working in the shadow of Mount Everest, Nepal. One of the most fulfilling and rewarding things I have done in my life is climb to Everest Base Camp. It is a 2 week trek that winds through the stunning backdrop of the Himalaya mountains. We were there close to the start of the climbing season and scenes like this were common. Porters and Sherpas taking gear up the mountain on yaks and on their backs for the upcoming season on the mountain. This was a place that you permanently walked with your jaw touching the ground. Around every corner was a view better than the next. #sharetheview #olympustravelmassive #travelmassive
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wilto413 : @theplanetd awesome to hear you went with simrik I've had this trip booked with Deependra now for 10months and leave in 5 weeks can't wait. Are you able to tell us from what area this pic was taken from. Cheers
smile4travel : Wow!
kaiju1717 : You think the Alps are breathtaking, then you see this...
wilto413 : @_melissataylor_ you wanna come with us
_melissataylor_ : @wilto413 wow I would love too
ilaria_fe_ : Wooow😍😍Fantastic as always dear Dave and Deb😘
liliannecaboyogi : Wow...StUnNiNg!!!
tetrikx : βœ¨πŸ’ŽπŸ’ŽπŸ’ŽπŸ’ŽπŸ’ŽπŸ’ŽπŸ’Žβœ¨
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theplanetd - Dave & Deb travel photography
Riding into the storm over the tundra of the Arctic. Storms constantly come in and out over Hudson Bay. Sometimes they blow right through and other times they hang around. As we were heading back from our first afternoon looking for polar bears a storm amassed on the horizon. The rhino vehicle that was just in front of us seemed to be driving right into it. Luckily we got back to the lodge just before the storm. This just shows the power of Mother Nature. #exploremb #explorecanada #olympustravelmassive #travelmassive
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theplanetd : @jesssee26 You are welcome. It was one I won't soon forget :)
theplanetd : @ig_unitedstates_ Thank guys  
theplanetd : @_gleno_ Thanks man. Hope things are well on OZ :)
theplanetd : @jodyp15 It was a crazy beautiful night  
kevtard : One day, one day πŸ˜‰ @kimykohh
kuikhan : Amazing
jazzzymine : such a lovely shot!
theplanetd : @kuikhan @jazzzymine Thank you so much πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
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theplanetd - Dave & Deb travel photography
Night settles in over Istanbul from the Galata Tower. We loved Istanbul. Just the hustle and bustle of the Grand Bazar and the beauty of the able Mosque are enough to entice anyone to this city. We were lucky enough to stay at a place that is right next to the Galata Tower. This medieval stone tower is located in the Galata Quarter just steps to the Bosphorus. It was the tallest tower in the city when it was built back in 1348 and now offers a stunning view over the entire city. #Turkey #TheGlobeWanderer
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mehdi_ps4 : @mah___fcb
b.ryce8 : @evann15 there's yo city again
evann15 : @b.ryce8 😍😍😍😍😍!!!!!
cozisen : Very, very beautiful
sajjadhusseini : Lovely ❀
atastefortravel : I'll be in Turkey next month. Can't wait!!
lama_khateeb_ : ❀️❀️❀️
kirstenalana : They're great, yes!! It's funny because he and I had just met before the three of us were in this apartment in Istanbul. And now we've just had our 2&1/2 year anniversary of dating. How time flies!
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theplanetd - Dave & Deb travel photography
Sunrise over Canmore, Alberta. One of the most beautiful settings for a small town is surrounded by the great Rocky Mountains. That is exactly where the town of Canmore sits. Full of friendly people and small town charm it is a place you want to make sure to visit when you are in Alberta. It is worth it to get up early and head into the mountains to enjoy a spectacular sunrise. We absolutely loved Alberta and can't wait to return this winter πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» #explorealberta @travelalberta #explorecanada
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travellifex : Home province! Great reminder how beautiful it is!!
evann15 : @b.ryce8 😍😍😍😘
aneeqaishaq : True! My favorite town in Canadian Rockies. @uzairsukhera I miss!
cozisen : Very, very BEAUTIFUL!
journey4dreams : Just amazing ♥️
wanderingcarol : I was just there!
marilynsteiner64 : Awesomely beautiful!
goldensuzie : Outstanding πŸ’™
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theplanetd - Dave & Deb travel photography
Sunset reflections over the Tundra of the Canadian Arctic. As we departed from our 3 days of spotting polar bears in northern Manitoba we were sent off with this beautiful sunset. One thing that really stuck with me after this trip is how lucky we are in Canada to have such vast wilderness like this. Flying over thousands of square kilometres of beautiful scenery it really hit home hat we have to all we can to preserve this magnificent planet. Thank you to @churchillwildsafaris and @travelmanitoba for showing us the beauty of this magnificent part of the world. #exploremb #explorecanada
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theplanetd : @sajjadhusseini Thanks man!
theplanetd : @saltaconmigo They are so different yet equally amazing! Hope you get to the Arctic soon  
sajjadhusseini : @theplanetd ❀✌☺
theplanetd : @churchillwildsafaris Thank guys for an amazing and unforgettable experience. Next time we have to visit in the winter...just to compare ξ„… ξ„…
theplanetd : @itsnathanchan Thank you so much man!
churchillwildsafaris : Well yeah, you gotta be thorough in your research!
cozisen : Your photos are amazing!
gabrielslanza : Olha esse instagram tbm @andrejuliano90
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theplanetd - Dave & Deb travel photography
The long and winding road into the Badlands of South Dakota. ------------------------------------------------------------ Don't forget to check out our friends at @beautifuldestinations for some awesome travel photography. ------------------------------------------------------------ I had heard about the Badlands but I wasn't prepared for how beautiful they are. Badlands National Park covers almost 250,000 acres and is home to these amazing pinnacles and spires that have eroded over the years. It almost seems like you are on another planet. At each turn new formations extend out in front of you as if they have popped out from nowhere. The Lakota have used this area for a hunting ground for almost 11,000 years and is one of the many sites you should not miss if you are in South Dakota. @southdakota #thegreat8
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travel_flu : @binzelman @dhabya_uae @zoom270 @king_of_fj @takhayal @aldarei1
two_drifters_ : Perfection Deb & Dave!!
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marynana123 : @maysamjafari a road trip
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shreya_s_ray : What an awesome capture
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theplanetd - Dave & Deb travel photography
A mother and cub walk the shores of Hudson Bay in Manitoba, Canada. ------------------------------------------------------------ 🐻 Who would you like to see Polar Bears with? Tag them in the comments. 🐻 ------------------------------------------------------------ As we headed out for our second day of searching for polar bears we were not disappointed. We came across this mother and her cub. We approached carefully with our guide and watched them for over an hour as they played in the water and walked the shoreline in search of food. There is really something special about being out in the wilderness and witnessing wildlife in its natural habitat. We had several days up at the Nanuk Lodge with @churchillwildsafaris and can't wait to return. #exploremb #explorecanada #fantastic_earth #olympustravelmassive #travelmassive
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shelby.ryan : @https.kaitlyn jack and Kate?
https.kaitlyn : @shelby.ryan no thats the killer polar bears
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