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Award winning photography & travel bloggers. Married 16 yrs with a decade of travel to 7 continents. Expedia Viewfinders & Amex Ambassadors
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theplanetd - Dave and Deb
A perfect way to enjoy Greece. As we move on to Athens and say goodbye to the Greek Islands we are left with memories of amazing wine, beautiful views and friendly people. So far Greece has been everything we dreamed of and more. We can't wait to explore Athens and delve deeper into the Greek culture! #greece
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theplanetd - Dave and Deb
Paradise found in Santorini. On our final night we stayed in Oia and were not disappointed. As we strolled down to the infinity pool overlooking the caldera, my jaw dropped looking at the view. It is something that we had only seen on postcards. As I dove into the pool and took in the views I knew that this was a moment we would never forget. #greece
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theplanetd : @sharonlewinphotography Santorini is amazing. Blue skies, blue water and blue and white buildings everywhere.
pattimarquardt : Wow! so many hues of blue! what a dream!
sophiamzaller : @laurennmc here>spanish
sasha2r : @artvandelay_imanarchitect greece
bestattraveluk : Breathtaking πŸ’•πŸ™Š
rikerama : So beautiful ! πŸ’™
richyfeet : WOW
lrmackey : Unbelievably beautifulπŸ’–πŸ’—πŸ’•
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theplanetd - Dave and Deb
A catamaran trip at sunset is a must in Santorini. As we sailed the Aegean Sea watching the sun go down, we felt as if we were in a dream. We sipped wine while dangling our feet over the edge watching seagulls fly behind our wake. A sailboat in the distance caught our eye and we snapped our last photo of the day.
anne20y : πŸ‘‹πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘
melissaghelman : Wonderful photo. Looks so relaxing.
intrepidescape : Amazing shot as always :)
notjustagranny : Hmmmmm Looks heavenly
mo.ziegenaus : wonderful !
mavibelen : 😍😍😍
1step2theleft : Wonderful!
switch_sunglasses : Sigh...beautiful!
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theplanetd - Dave and Deb
The doorway to paradise in Oia, Santorini. As you walk through the town of Oia it is like you are walking in a postcard. Everywhere you look there is a scene that includes white washed walls, blue domes and azure coloured skies. It is hard to believe that this town was virtually destroyed in the 1956 earthquake.
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birdamlamasal : @_literary_ seninle orada nefes almak ...
melinatexier : @zouzougp @alinetexier
stuali_travels : Beautiful
theplanetd : #ig_shotz #ig_worldclub #big_shotz #hot_shotz #exklusive_shot #world_shotz #instagramhub #wonderful_places #igers #travelstoke #epic_captures #justphenomenal #global_hotshot
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theplanetd : #doors #greece #travel
andrejprus : Sweet :D :)
ciaobucarest : 🎯🎯
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theplanetd - Dave and Deb
Sunset at the Caldera on Santorini. We have been lucky with weather here in Santorini. The sunsets have been a mix of clear and cloudy skies offering a different view each night. Looking out over the Caldera is a popular view and you can see why. We only have 1 day left here in Santorini and I can honestly say we have seen some of the most spectacular sunsets in the world here. #Greece
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drewbinsky7 : @theplanetd love your pics Dave and Deb! Are you coming to Korea anytime soon?!
theplanetd : @mo.ziegenaus @lamberto67 @bloody1004 @thatgirldeeblog thank you!
theplanetd : @stayadventurous very cool. Where are you now?
theplanetd : @drewbinsky7 I hope so! We're just starting to put together our 2015 calendar. We'll see where we end up!
theplanetd : @mytravelcollage thank you!
drewbinsky7 : @theplanetd awesome let me know if you come, I'd love to show you guys around!!
theplanetd : @drewbinsky7 will do!
stayadventurous : In Spain these days... Spent most of September in Greece... So true about a walking post card that Santorini... Truly a special place. Definitely will place a sunset from there in the 2015 calendar...
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theplanetd - Dave and Deb
A Dream come true. Santorini is a place that you can wander for hours. The cliff side villages seem to go on forever. When we were walking near the village of Imerovigli looking for a great sunset spot we spotted this sight from afar. Now just because you see it doesn't mean it is accessible. So as the sun was plummeting we were scouring the landscape for the stairs that led to this spot. Just as the sun was dipping we made it and I am glad we did as this to me is the scene I imagine when I think of the Greek Islands. #greece
greece -
_partha : This is just too beautiful !
anthonivarsson : @chelzed amazing!!
brantastic : Wowzers! Absolutely breathtaking!
brantastic : 😍😍😍
jehinkes : @heatermcg your spot!
joseluissalvatierrah : Great sunset
amandaralonso : @itsoscargarcia buenas noches
100prayingwomen : Sweet spot....
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theplanetd - Dave and Deb
There is no shortage of stark and contrasting blues here in Santorini. As we walked through the beach town of Perissa these two domes caught my eye. I loved how the different tones of blue from the sky and the domes contrasted with the white of the church walls. Beauty is everywhere here in #Santorini
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alexarentas : Love it !
photoreporter1656 : πŸ‘
brantastic : Amazing!
leckerschmeck : πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™
krronos : Omg
approachguides : Gorgeous blues!
drewbinsky7 : @theplanetd Santorini is one of the best places in the world πŸ‘
robinsonrambleson : I wanna go! Looks stunning :-)
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theplanetd - Dave and Deb
Sunset from Imerovigli. The sunsets from our @iconicsantorini balcony were magnificent. Allowing us a great view up and down the coastline. Although the sunsets from Oia are legendary In think these are just as good if not better. #greece
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intrepidescape : Love this shot! :)
bucketlistbums : Such pretty colors in the skyline .... πŸ’œ
bethbannor : Beautiful
trudetherese : Wow amazing!πŸ‘πŸ˜
shumilkinroman : Not really beautifulπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
ifatchencohen : Gorgeous! So Wonderful πŸ’™πŸ’™
ig_iceland : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸ Wonderful
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theplanetd - Dave and Deb
Sunset in Oia, Santorini. This is one of the most beautiful cities we have visited. The combination of the blue and white here a unlike I have seen in any other city. We made it to Oia for sunset and we're not disappointed. Although fighting off the crowds for a place to see it from might turn some people off the rewards are worth it. Can't wait to process my DSLR photos from this shoot. We will return one more time before we leave...just because it is so darn beautiful. Thanks @elialocardi for the ideas of where to shoot! #greece
greece -
rtwgirl_ : Wowzers
valeriarios_ : @padeilla si o que?
_literary_ : @birdamlamasal
birdamlamasal : @_literary_ harika.... aşk ...
_literary_ : @birdamlamasal ruhu senle ancak hayat bulur.....
birdamlamasal : @_literary_ al götür beni Sevgili... nereye istrsen,.. seninle heryer guzel.. burasΔ± sensiz düşünelemez ..
padeilla : 2015? @valeriarios_
ciaobucarest : 🎯dream shot !
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theplanetd - Dave and Deb
Sunset in Santorini. This was taken while sitting on our balcony. I can see why sunsets here in Santorini are legendary. Heading to Oia tonight for sunset and I hear that is the place to be. Got any insider tips on where is the best spot for sunset in Santorini? #Greece
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tvpappy : Was there in 1986. The key is to get there early to have your spot along the wall. Make sure you have a bottle of local Vulcan wine to enjoy as you witness one of the most glorious sunsets ever.
mlovera84 : Head down all of the stairs in Oia to Sunset Tavern - you can enjoy the sunset along a little fishing area over dinner.
leckerschmeck : Oia is absolutely incredible. From Imerovigli you also can see an unique and amazing sunset.
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madonskis : Loved Oia - incredible place 😍
e_qui24 : Beautiful
boocbd : This reminds me of you babe @leeanseno
leeanseno : Hmmm sooooon love! 😍❀️ @boocbd
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