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Award winning photography & travel bloggers. Married 16 yrs with a decade of travel to 7 continents. Expedia Viewfinders & Amex Ambassadors
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theplanetd - Dave and Deb
The Wild Atlantic Way here in Ireland has some amazing views. This is Dun Aengus on the Aran Islands. As a storm approached I grabbed this shot. The beauty of Ireland is that the light is changing every minute making each location a treat to shoot at anytime of the day. @tourismireland #planetdireland
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fiberwoman15 : Beautiful!
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theplanetd - Dave and Deb
Sunset in the Masai Mara. As I look back on our time in Kenya I can't get the scenes of perfect sunsets out of my mind. This is one of them. The tree, the bird, the colours, they all seem to blend so well together to create a scene that is so synonymous with African landscapes. #latergram #kenya
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wemustdash : @theplanetd any advice for a first time traveling couple? We're hitting the road in a few days for 5 months! 🌏
bruisedpassports : Gorgeous photo guys 😍
antoinetteereilly : Great shot of one of my favourite places on the planet!
awanderlustforlife : Simply stunning!
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theplanetd - Dave and Deb
Sunset reflections in the sky. As the sun dipped at the horizon it lit up the clouds perfectly in the pool in front of me. Such a peaceful and tranquil setting on an otherwise rough and tumble Lake Superior. #discoveron #latergram #explorecanada
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theplanetd - Dave and Deb
Sometimes the skies are so dramatic here in Ireland. As we pulled up to our B&B for the night the sky just exploded in colour and with the dramatic storm clouds on the horizon it really added to the scene. Just loving the landscapes here in Ireland #planetdireland @tourismireland #deluxeFX
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theplanetd - Dave and Deb
The Famous Dark Hedges if Northern Ireland. When we made it to the Dark Hedges just off the Causeway Coastal Trail we were impressed. Theses are a grove of Beech Trees that have been featured in ads and TV shows forever. As we were taking shots of them I noticed they were a little less dense then I had seen in the past. I suppose even the most distinguishing landmark of Northern Ireland needs a haircut once and a while. #planetdireland @discoverNI @tourismireland
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noteyesaidthecat : @sangomaballs
kimberlydawn37 : Wow
ca_kayan : Looks like an enchanted forest
luiz_rodolfo : πŸ‘πŸ‘
mynamemeanslife : In Ireland πŸ‘ @ahtn_210
theplanetd : Yes indeed! @suglyn being in sunshine is always better than grey days! Enjoy sunny California! When we're there next I'll send you a message .
asoutherngypsy : Ahhhhhh! One of my dream destinations.
thegreenlite : Wow awesomeπŸ’š
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theplanetd - Dave and Deb
The Morning Blues on the Giants Causeway. We were up early for sunrise on the Giants Causeway but alas the sun did not make an appearance. But what I love about this area is that regardless of the weather each scene can be drastically different. The clouds of the incoming storm matched with the blues of the morning light give this shot an almost eerie feeling. #DiscoverNI #planetdireland #ireland
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theplanetd : @carriewchildren thanks Carrie!
theplanetd : @ruthiesroutes it's beautiful isn't it? Such a cool place to visit
e_qui24 : Great shot!!
supermorgy : Mysterious! Just beyond wonderful
arzugolcuklu : I hope for my imagination they are made by the giantsπŸ˜‰ I haven't heard about this place so I am happy you shared it with usπŸ˜„
shakim416 : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
suzi_666 : Wonderful!! βœ¨πŸ™Œβœ¨
joseluissalvatierrah : Beautiful blue
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theplanetd - Dave and Deb
A front row seat for the incoming storm. We have been fortunate with weather here in Ireland and tonight was no exception. As we sat on the dock watching storm clouds amass in the distance we held our breath waiting for the rain. It never came. But we were treated to an amazing view from the back of our cottage here on Northern Ireland. I love this country! #planetdireland #discoverNI #ireland
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nvrguys : Storm watching!
rikerama : Oh hi there!
barb_jc : Stunning!
intrepidescape : 'That' feeling of when a storm's coming is great!
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photographyleo : Graet
ashley__castle : Your photos always transport me @theplanetd. πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
breathedreamgo : This looks like a painting.
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theplanetd - Dave and Deb
Well we couldn't come to Northern Ireland and not visit a castle! This is Dunluce Castle. Nestled on the edge of a basalt outcropping in Co. Antrim it is a sight to behold while driving the Causeway Coastal Route in NI. #discoverNI #planetdireland
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robroyart : It's a beautiful spot to be as the sun goes down makes one hell of a Silhouette!
biaranga : Yes, Dunluce Castle, not Castell, as I said. I should practice more often my english. Lol.
biaranga : @theplanetd, nearby there is a little chapel just for six people (or four... Its really small). I had not the opportunity to visit, but I am still curious about it. Wondering when I will come back to see it.
biaranga : Sorry for the late tip, but I just remember right now... :)
koes25 : @patti141
curbfreecorylee : Gorgeous! I'm loving your pics of Ireland! πŸ€
twodriftersphoto : This is perfection @theplanetd
suzi_666 : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸŒΉπŸ’«
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theplanetd - Dave and Deb
The landscapes of Northern Ireland are stunning. Driving along the Causeway Coastal Route it seems like there is beauty around every corner. This was taken on our way to the Rope Bridge at Carrick-A-Rede. #planetdireland #discoverNI
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bethbannor : Beautiful
trentjmatthews : Walking between giant's causeway and the rope bridge is far more rewarding than driving, trust me! Beautiful shot
wildnavigator : Yes walking from the rope bridge to the giants causeway is just stunning :-) around 16miles but every step is just stunning 😊
explorechios : Stunning shot! Congrats!
discoverni : Amazing photo. Hope you guys are enjoying your trip so far.
angieaway : 😍wow
suzi_666 : Beautiful! πŸ’«πŸ’–βœ¨
cindyfangbot : My husband and I did this northern Ireland trip in June. Everything asking the coast is gorgeous. There is a lovely restaurant in portrush called harbor bistro. Everything is woodfired.
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theplanetd - Dave and Deb
Reflections of the Castle Ward boathouse in Northern Ireland. This is our first visit to Northern Ireland and let me tell you it doesn't disappoint. Stunning landscapes, friendly people and great food. I think we are going to like it here! #planetdireland #northernireland
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theplanetd : @marilucima thank you!
_thewino : 😍😍😍
biaranga : Nice! If you have time try to go Dunluce Castell. Also a beautiful place to see in Bushmils, @theplanetd. Enjoy it! :)
biaranga : ... And show us, of course. I just love your pics.
theplanetd : @biaranga thanks for the tip. We are going to Bushmills 😊
theplanetd : @biaranga thank you! Cheers! 🍻🍻🍻
my_best_shot : perfectπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
janeyc47 : Stunning!
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