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theophiluslondon - T L
Who knew selfies wud become a thing? Like I can request for this selfie to be hung in my house for my children to Remember me. But the Rez won't print out right. Any way I'll just give my kids my iCloud pass #iLife I SEE U
ilife -
fuckingsawad : gimme ur hat nigga
maxugly : bb
yungkolbs : Young Bindi @theophiluslondon
th_andrew : I.D. On the hat?
mikehoppe2 : @mia_dileonardo33
ssaarriinnaa : @emiliacol third eye
apostlewolfgc : @yungkolbs my niggas just saw your comment randomly. @theophiluslondon Canadian your?
apostlewolfgc : Tour*
fasinfrankqueen - michaelperez24_ - youthoftokyo - aleckeehn -
theophiluslondon - T L
many of my friends and I have cried to this song. This song is bigger than the artist or album involved its helps and changes lives, i've been so honored to hear lately ❀️ we the voice we the people !
miiuspriv : @hawiprivat det her e sangen min
naturellementfred : @dadoubalossa
maxjoehansen : Thank you for the Vinyl @theophiluslondon!
jgravy15 : That track is an instant classic always good vibes from it
jwillone : @ajbaria yeah that song's dope
pmotta : @valerielisa πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
vicveggies : THE WHOLE ALBUM IS TRUELY FUCKING AMAZING!!!!!! Life changing I swear. Like I can't even explain it. @theophiluslondon
lordzevallos : πŸ‘Œ
aleey80 - dfm3d - taniataniav - alexghevara -
theophiluslondon - T L
WATER ME! Another self-love cleansing song I needed to write to save my life with the help of Adam , @leon_ware @forcemds @miribenari soko and @ianisiah | u can sing this to your daughter or u can sing this to a tree ! Forever greatful to have the vision for this art ! thank u to the fans for uploading these videos ! Happy holidays πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž
bignasty415 : Arte fr
mvtthxw : Amazing song
courtinit : I need to order this ASAP!!
heldsmusic : Love singing this song its like a therapy waaaater mee
souloveryou : Favorite track off of Vibes #couldsingittoatree
becula93 : This Album is so Amazing !!! πŸ’–πŸ™Œ I love every song on it πŸ‘Œ
lordzevallos : @sandzzz
sandzzz : @lordzevallos you don't understand how much I love this album (':
elizabeth_boii - gabby_gurrrl - mayra__martinez - mr.yeezy_ -
theophiluslondon - T L
FUGURE IT OUT Is so perfect for the holidays! Because it was recorded during holiday of 2013. A spirit told me to bring together @devhynes @leon_ware @forcemds @sarahruba ,@louisbrodinski all in one breath! Cried after mixing this song. FOREVER BLESSED BY THIS RECORD! SELF LOVE SELF LOVE πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž #UNITY #VIBES!
unity - vibes -
dadrumbum : So sick! Can't wait to cop this shit yo #vibes
bryanmacnight : @theophiluslondon shoot the video
louisbrodinski : ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️
thebrandcatchers : @armonixchange best song on the album! #killedit
youngaxlrose : #AWESOME #BROTHER !!
love.faycell : @fvhjed ybki 3la ay song?!
rooftopdarling : That severed up there with my favorite Al Green and MJ tracks etc, you guys surely picked up where the greats left off πŸ‘πŸ‘‘
lordzevallos : πŸ™πŸ‘
kenyanpapi - gabby_gurrrl - polo_greenwich_club - mayra__martinez -
theophiluslondon - T L
Congrats to the fans that collected this! Hold and cherish these items with love :) thanks from me and @pintrill πŸŽ…
weiserca : @weisersgeysers dope
lifeartstudent : Need that
jedipeko : <3
lord_bachand : @charleycamirand
xtraxtralex : I just did an interview with PinTrill. i wanna interview you next
frederic__d : @guruoflove1
geebose : @_mrbrown
jose.rviz : @courtinit
feutrance - aleey80 - d_____m____ - millinsky -
theophiluslondon - T L
Check your local record store to collect this rare art. If u have trouble finding pls dm me so I can direct u to the Vibes! πŸŽ…
courtinit : 😩 @jose.rviz
jose.rviz : @courtinit want
wpgchief : Can't find in Winnipeg, MB @theophiluslondon
judejtaylor : Can't find it in Bristol, UK
vintagehotrod1 : Just copped some new pieces for you bro check em out also a new hat haven't to a photo tho. #vibeingout @theophiluslondon
madizzay : @theophiluslondon Can you help us out in Wellington, New Zealand?
mjmacdonald : Theo! Can't find the vinyl anywhere up here in Canada can you help a brotha out?
mrkantonio : @cif1029
joosyyy - marinaterentii - thevoncomplex - mrbaskins -
theophiluslondon - T L
Vibes! X Mercedes Benz X The Coveteur film coming soon | BTS photo by @shelbyduncan | look out for this πŸŽ₯πŸ“»πŸŽ₯
tama_taite : @casey_cuz don't even know what these are but 😍
brentd905 : Lol "I'm into em" @thomasconlon
casey_cuz : @tama_taite they are like $900 haha for real ones
cesar_alzate : @casey_cuz *6000
sb.730 : @tama_taite nike air mags!
kovuusantiago : @maxx.andre bastard!loll
maxx.andre : @kovuusantiago the mags ugh envious
ttylctrn : @golfdre
stuntmaann - cemo_xcvii - geemixedjuice - mxdvs -
theophiluslondon - T L
If u buy VIP tix to my tour you will receive cool home dvd of the making of VIBES! The album / iPhone 6 leather cases/ vibe bath towels and robes/ vibes bed sheets/ stickers and Bras bro! So get that VIP BRO :) tix on sale now
purplepartydesigns : I literally did a brand called Vibez in college that looked like that too, it never went mainstream though....
7_mooner_6 : Ticket master ?
arcellnelson : Awesoome!
mrloupic : @dnsu holy shirty
mrloupic : @dnsu shit !!!!!
kristinbaca : I didn't have a VIP option when I bought mine >:/
liamblackadder : there's no vip in toronto?
lionelha : !!!!!
imlexinicole - johndenclark - _eduardoalvarado_ - stroketeam_berman -
theophiluslondon - T L
The Vibes! Tour coming to a show room near you 2k15 | Euro dates to follow than Caribbean Dates this summer ! American tour feats. @father and @lilsussi ATLANTA IS FIRST ! See dates on ILLROOTS.com TIX ON SALE NOW! #THERETURN 🚸🚸
thereturn -
claragalea : @marjorylaw folayyyyyyye
marjorylaw : @claragalea hate
varun.y : You gotta come to Florida thooo
harrisonknight : New Zealand thoooo
mad_have : @elbinamaya haven't given it a listen yet...
elbinamaya : @mad_have you need to its pretty good
mad_have : @elbinamaya YOURE PRETTY GOOD
iamnassier : You should perform stuff from This Charming Mixtape when you come to NYC. I loved the album Vibes.
jefftittsworth - flinttony72 - thegoodiebag - artculturequality -
theophiluslondon - T L
Vibes by crispysz
vintagehotrod1 : dope IG @crispysz nice work
mistermort : #chassidicstyles
alboooogie : See you in Portland 😈
ruthgruca : Get it @theophiluslondon
lexi_re : Sweet
redmansworld : Dope pic πŸ”₯
oshhhhhhhh : Dat hat doe.... @coolhandwink
86a.m : I love you... Too soon❓
imlexinicole - _xchara__labxzzy - stroketeam_berman - ladygoatt -
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