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themissap - Agent Provocateur Official
For your eyes only: naughty polaroid’s from @EleonoraCarisi are an ❌❌❌ treat. #KnickersForever #AgentProvocateur #ShopGirlTakeover #EleonoraCarisi #Regram
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hollyrobotic : I'm fairly sure this is back to front.
laoutfit : @powerkitty666 trying to look for this on cyber Monday
powerkitty666 : @laoutfit 😳😍
claire_maree : @vickiemma yeh forgot to tell you...🙊
_.silhouette._ : @sculpturallandscapes
federicagranaldi : Facciamo i seri dai
justine_dv : @tashi_bee
hectorishair : @dismuthafucka
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themissap - Agent Provocateur Official
@SofieValkiers goes behind the satin curtains of our Antwerp boutique, and becomes a seductive lady in lace. #KnickersForever #AgentProvocateur #ShopGirlTakeover #Regram #SofieValkiers
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stefmatuszz : @corrupterofmind 😍
anfoule : @mezselss haw wach habit
alainrayas : Where are you located guys?
fake_chum_lee : @alainrayas "Antwerp boutique"
rafaeljimeneznieves : Beautiful
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themissap - Agent Provocateur Official
The striking @AdrianneHo stealing the show on Snapchat - our honourary Shop Girl got all dressed up in the Sakurah Corset and the Matinee Kimono! #KnickersForever #AgentProvocateur #ShopGirlTakeover #Regram #ArianneHo
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marianacu14 : @blanchegj a ti te quedaba mejor jajaja
amycheng_ : @danaslx
chaqitabonita : ❤️
veroniantonova : @apollinaria_1
blanchegj : @marianacu14 ojalaaa jajajaja
sheisonlyhappyinthesun : @menuntalan
pietervandievoort : Mega geil
captaintripss : @kimmmples
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themissap - Agent Provocateur Official
Bask in the glorious beauty of Gloria basque. As seen on the cover of @kmag_magazine #APclasssics #AgentProvocateur
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_dollgalore_ : @_bearfist either way no one asked for you opinion so shut up
_dollgalore_ : @_bearfist you see that girl in the ad? The designer behind the clothes? They couldn't give a shit what your close minded opinions are because the lingerie isn't for a guy to wear
_dollgalore_ : @_bearfist it's for a woman to feel good
_bearfist : @_dollgalore_ Ooooo did i touch a nerve ahhaha im entitled to my opinion, so thanks but no thanks i wont shut up. But clearly you seem to care so much that youve gone out of your way to have a go at me ahha im done.
notallrocknroll : I'm not taking sides here, and I know it's an expression (old and tired, maybe) often used when someone makes a distasteful remark, but does one really have to be asked to give one's opinion? Having different ideas and likes and opinions is what makes us interesting. I will say though, if a girl puts her shoulder forward in this manner, her collarbones will protrude - whether she is skinny or not. This is more about the positioning of the model's body than an issue with her weight, I think. I like the styling of this shot and the lingerie and model. That's my two bob (and no one asked me for it). 😬
weissekatze : Her thin physique is beautiful (:
elle_photo : Whatever she's doing, it's not a good look
sylvia.p : love it. the lingerie, the model, the mag. and all things Polish & beautiful, obviously. All you Polish ladies out there - we know how to show off our AP stuff, don't we :)
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themissap - Agent Provocateur Official
Tattoo-style French embroidery meets silhouette structure defining in our Gloria basque, as seen in @kmag_magazine #APclasssics #AgentProvocateur
apclasssics - agentprovocateur -
jelena_jrok : @_tijanavukovic_ kola imamo
rabbitchops : Very nice! 👍😉😊
discombobulated_gongoozler : @mightycocainebear
zakkiyax : 😍😍 @jai_23
sylvia.p : stunning
jai_23 : @zakkiyax omg so gorgeous!
lianberaha : @elifkocak 👯
elifkocak : @lianberaha 😍🙈
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themissap - Agent Provocateur Official
Agent Ronnie from Mercer St New York gets ready for the holidays – tune into @TheMissAP on Snapchat and Periscope now! #ShopGirlTakeover #AgentProvocateur #KnickersForever
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hivybivey : @mypollywood OMG!!! My doppelgänger !!
hivybivey : @stacymarston @bkass99 @bmnathe @seantribe_ @__jayjayc @semhar @scottie_cameron who does she look like??!
sophieschandorffpcc : Where's this beautiful hat from
__jayjayc : @hivybivey wait that's not you ?! lol
agipos : Thats a georgetown cupcakes box! Delicious.
seantribe_ : @hivybivey ha spitting image
hivybivey : @__jayjayc @seantribe_ right!!!!! It's my sista from another mother type thing
missangharad : Killer style as always miss ronnie :)
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themissap - Agent Provocateur Official
Agent Ronnie from our Mercer St, New York boutique is our final #ShopGirlTakeover before we ring in the New Year. Make sure to tune in tomorrow @TheMissAP on Snapchat and Periscope for some festive frolicking. #AgentProvocateur #KnickersForever
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janiquebailey : 💗🔪💗🔪💗
modernredhead : Cayute! 💘💘💘
jewan86 : 💃❤️💞💘💥✨✨
jerrybait : @latronika
dearmyhighheeleddarling : @behindtheseams awe yea
rabbitchops : Gd pic! 👍😉😊
totalblamblam : Ronnie! Miss you at the SF shop, girl!! 💅🏻💖
christapiller : Ronnie was fabulous!!!!! 💖💖💖
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themissap - Agent Provocateur Official
For the latest of our Shop Girl Takeovers, we get up close and personal with the sultry @AdrianneHo today as she posts live from our Melrose Ave store. Follow @TheMissAP on Snapchat now for more undercover chatter from Agent Provocateur with Adrianne! #KnickersForever #AgentProvocateur #ShopGirlTakeover
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miss.victoria__ : Haha if online i could get away with wearing that little 🙈
miss.victoria__ : @11jennjenn11
88heartsrachelle : Dear AP! Please feature Charlotte at the Vancouver Canada location, she is uber Fab!
morguekathleen : @jaskwasnica yoooo
alinuch : 😻😻😻
lostlittlecanadian : Yes @88heartsrachelle !! I second! I live in Sweden now but I miss the Vancouver girls, they are fab and I'd love to see them again! Xoxo!!
aboutthedh : 😩😩😍
88heartsrachelle : @themissap @lostlittlecanadian you hear that AP?! FEATURE CHARLOTTE IN VANCOUVER!
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themissap - Agent Provocateur Official
We get down and naughty with @AdrianneHo as she takes over @TheMissAP Snapchat. Follow our girl live from our Melrose Ave store tomorrow. #KnickersForever #ShopGirlTakeover #AgentProvocateur
knickersforever - shopgirltakeover - agentprovocateur -
christinaea : The girl Gino's dating lol @itzpamk
itzpamk : @christinaea lolololol
josh_____h : @haylotts
lordschott : @izzzy1986
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themissap - Agent Provocateur Official
Reach the peak with our holiday winter warmers at your nearest boutique #HitMySlopes #AgentProvocateur
hitmyslopes - agentprovocateur -
sandra_tumiati : If only I could have one shop to sale all this nice lingerie #agentprovocateur #morzine #lesgets #frenchalpes #lingerie
karishmaas : @rosh93
aliciaagar : @brinkleyogbonson ski trip outfit??
misshelen1 : @martinibesti
thewhiteleaf : @kamilatron is that you?! 😉
kamilatron : @thewhiteleaf lol' no, but you can pretend! 😉
amgnyc_ : @lizgruber21 our skiing look?
catherinejanealexander : @supershoplondon loving your work
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