The Little Craft Show

The finest indie craft market in the Midwest! πŸ”ΈSaturday, May 30th, 10am-6pm πŸ”ΈSpringdale, Arkansas πŸ”ΈCelebrating Handmade since 2011πŸŽ‰
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thelittlecraftshow - The Little Craft Show
@dosshausdesigns' hand-embroidered drawings are so pretty!🌡
katoler : @shelbylikescats omg πŸ’•
tinjones : @ozarkgal
dailanator : πŸŒ΅πŸ’•β€ΌοΈ
maria_marrone_ : @itshuntermoore you may need this in your life
cait_mccay : @marygracemull
americannativegoods : Those scissors
dosshausdesigns : @americannativegoods right?! They were my grandma's!! They are basically my favorite thing.
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thelittlecraftshow - The Little Craft Show
We love looking through #thelittlecraftshow hashtag and seeing all of your hard work prepping for our spring event! Look at this beautiful booth arrangement @pheasantpress is trying out for our little 8x8' booth spaces! Our makers always put so much thought into every tiny detail of their setup and we couldn't be prouder!πŸ’•
thelittlecraftshow -
lemonglaze : @cahootshandbags
cahootshandbags : @lemonglaze Thanks for the heads up!
hammonsbeck : Love love @pheasantpress !!
pheasantpress : 😘
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thelittlecraftshow - The Little Craft Show
Look what our amazing vendor and 2015 sponsor, @robinsonlane, is making for Mother's Day! If you order by Wednesday you can have one of these beauties in time to gift to that special momma in your life.😍
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britmcdaniel : @thelittlecraftshow hoping I can make this show work with my schedule next year! Really enjoy your feed! @mrussellart I might need you to bring one of these pretties back for me 😁
molliehendrick : @mrmarkhendrick these are so pretty!
tashadoestulsa : @val__hansen πŸ‘€πŸ˜πŸ˜
ijustloveaustralia : @robinsonlane uniquely beautiful
robinsonlane : Oh my goodness y'all! Thank you so much! 😘 I just sold out but I have ordered more and will have them soon (plus plenty with me at The Little Craft Show May 30!) πŸ’— In the meantime look around on my page...maybe you'll see something else for mom! ❀️❀️❀️
robinsonlane : @nepperson13 Yours is one of the ones going out tomorrow! Thank you for your order!!
mrussellart : @britmcdaniel - so lovely, right?
thelittlecraftshow : @britmcdaniel we'd love to have you!😍
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thelittlecraftshow - The Little Craft Show
Only 26 more days until our spring show!!! Check out our pretty little postcards with a small selection of our makers' work on it. If you're a local interested in helping us hand these beauties out, we'd love to get you some! Please email us at volunteer@thelittlecraftshow.comπŸŽ‰
littlethingskw : Ah! I made it on the flyer!? Thank you! I'm so so so excited
happyguppytoys : πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰ Can't wait!!
cellardoorstore : I need some of these at the store to hand out : Woooopp!!!!!! πŸŽ‰πŸ’Ÿ
dhappiness112 : @thenextfallon woohoo!!!!!!
thegoodhippie : You guys are pretty rad ☺️
opendoortraders : Ughh so sad we are out of town for this event!! Keep on, you guys are awesome!!! πŸŽ‰
scatterbrainedcollars : Thanks for including me on the flyer! Now I really have to step it up!
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thelittlecraftshow - The Little Craft Show
Get your @thelovestruckco candle fix this spring at The Little Craft Show!🌸We can't waaaait to snag one of these for ourselves.
thelovestruckco : Can't wait! It's going to be such a fun show!!
laney.katherine : I love their gnome stubble!
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thelittlecraftshow - The Little Craft Show
We stopped by our spring venue this evening and it was pretty magical!πŸŒ’We can't wait to see you guys here in just 31 days. |Also, we just released our booth assignments - link in profile|
thelittlecraftshow - teamspringdale -
thelittlecraftshow : #thelittlecraftshow #teamspringdale
glitterandwit : 😱😱😱
hartnhevn : Eep!!
dhappiness112 : Exciting stuff!!! @thenextfallon πŸ’— : Wooo!!!!!! Crunch time!!!!!! πŸ˜…πŸ’Ÿ
robinsonlane : So excited!! πŸŽ‰
rollandtumblepress : Yes!!
ahoyfriend : here we go!
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thelittlecraftshow - The Little Craft Show
😍LOOK😍 at our new spring posters by @rollandtumblepress!!! They're perfect for our first ever outdoor event! πŸ»πŸš²πŸ’¨πŸƒ
junquerethunque : Yeeeeeeessssss!!!
junquerethunque : "Brrring-brrrriiing!!" <--- that's my bicycle bell sound. :) 🚲
sara_b_ford : Love it!!!
mrsemmaball : So good.
thegottsackers : @rollandtumblepress y'all are the bomb! Love it :)
ahoyfriend : β€οΈπŸ‘
localcolourgallery : @lanalouise
rollandtumblepress : @thegottsackers thanks!
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thelittlecraftshow - The Little Craft Show
@eleanorandeverly will be joining us this spring all the way from Washington! Their lovely creations are like small works of art. Only 32 days before we see all of you again!
doughmestichousewife : This is adorable!!!!
augustloudesigns : Wish I could have applied this year!!! @thelittlecraftshow you're always amazing!!! 😘
thimblepress : Adorable!!!
stacialeonard : @madeline.keeling
sarahfortune : woo hoo!
reedcourt : @sqedan 😍😍
loriblythephotography : πŸ‘Œ : @ashleyjonilla
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thelittlecraftshow - The Little Craft Show
@savviestudio is tuggin' on our heart strings with these adorable cactus phone cases that you can embroider onto! The Spring LCS is only 33 days away! πŸ™ˆπŸŒ΅πŸ’–
favyfav : @thethomaswillis
savviestudio : Awh thank you! I am soooo excited to join you guys this spring! πŸ’•πŸ’•
lilyasher : That means 33 days till I get to see y'all and all those fab makers! xo
rachelelise_bags : She's just the best. πŸ’•
nothingbutapigeon : Take my money already!!! πŸ’³
littlehicktownsquares : πŸ˜„What kind of iPhones are these cases for?
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thelittlecraftshow - The Little Craft Show
We were just perusing #thelittlecraftshow hashtag and spotted this beauty by! She creates intricate works of art with small pieces of torn paper like this handsome fox mounted on wood. Find her at our Spring event this May 30th!
thelittlecraftshow -
jesseyloo : You are the best! #herfoxisbetterthanyourfox : You are too kind! @jesseyloo 😘
floraandfauuna : WHOA. ❀️
jamiegarnerthe2nd : @hannahleemac
hannahleemac : I need this!! @jamiegarnerthe2nd
allnstitch : So great!!!
opendoortraders : πŸ‘πŸ’œπŸ’œso great!
jetteyoos : @ever.changing.eyes
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