The Little Craft Show

The finest indie craft market in the Midwest! 🔸Saturday, May 30th, 10am-6pm 🔸Springdale, Arkansas. 🔸APPLY: Feb. 16th - March 16th 2015
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thelittlecraftshow - The Little Craft Show
Our spring time venue in downtown Springdale is just a few blocks away from a massive outdoor mural by @maserart at @thejonescenter! We're pretty sure you guys are going to love our spring venue as much as we do. Applications close just 2 weeks from today and we need you! Apply and join the spring time explosion!🎉🌸⚡️
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thelittlecraftshow : #thelittlecraftshow #teamspringdale
maserart : @louisajanedesign
geezlouise : I can't wait!! @sahid_man will you go with me again?
sahid_man : @geezlouise of course
lizziebsvintageshoppe : Wish I was "crafty". Would love to join this party!!
claire_bash : This looks incredible!!!
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thelittlecraftshow - The Little Craft Show
It's the most perfect Arkansas snow day to snuggle in and complete your vendor application! Only 16 more days to apply - it's so easy you can even use your phone to complete your application!❄️
kanyac : @jthomas4217 we need to do a craft show some time!!
ahoyfriend : beautiful photo!
floraandfauuna : Ahhh. I'm on it. TODAY!
jthomas4217 : @kanyac let's do it!
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thelittlecraftshow - The Little Craft Show
We're really excited to plan our first spring event. Flowers, balloons, banners, glitter and bunting...there are so many possibilities! But we can't pull off a great event without great vendors! Apply today through March 16th....that's ONLY 17 MORE DAYS!
thelittlecraftshow : (Photo by @keelymontoyaphoto)
poet51 : So the next craft show is in May? Looking forward to it💚
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thelittlecraftshow - The Little Craft Show
Only 20 days left to APPLY!! This show is going to be a spectacular burst of sunshine! ☀️✨🙈 Learn how you can join the excitement by visiting our site (linked in our profile).
teamspringdale -
writeitdownstationery : ☺️
abbieleedesigns : I would love to be a part of this one day!!!
keelymontoyaphoto : Wish I could be there for this one!
loopsandbelles : So excited!!! Love the logo refresh too :)
thelittlecraftshow : Us tooooo @keelymontoyaphoto!!
thelittlecraftshow : Thanks @loopsandbelles!!
sramassyla : Too bad it's after school lets out! I'll be back home and wishing I was there!
thelittlecraftshow : #teamspringdale
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thelittlecraftshow - The Little Craft Show
Here's a beautiful little taste of our 2014 winter event!! Visit our facebook page to see the full version by our talented friends, @truebadours!
serenajanem : @avery_mansell
fitzfabrications : Looks great, y'all!
mavisstudio : 👍
ponygalsal : @kellyboortz is that u at the end??
cashionkara : @leahejacobs you famous
littleskunkco : Love it!!
kellyboortz : It looks like me @ponygalsal but its not, must be my twin!
poet51 : So enticing💋
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thelittlecraftshow - The Little Craft Show
We received some beautiful new stamps that our Volunteer Coordinator, @anyabruhin, will be using to make some extra special volunteer gifts and other surprises! If you want to hang out with us and experience the behind-the-scenes work before, during, or after our event, you can sign up to volunteer on our site (under the "participate" tab)! We'd love to have you!!
thelittlecraftshow - teamspringdale -
thelittlecraftshow : Thanks @golightly! We're gearing up for our first spring show this May and expect to have 60-ish vendors. Our traditional, winter event has 85.
arininger : @brendatz @thepinklilli @ctruwithme can't wait to go!!! Do you realize this is the weekend after we get back from our honeymoon? Don't let me forget!!
thepinklilli : @arininger @ctruwithme we are going this time!!
leadhead_glass : Any chance you could pass us some info on being a vendor?
ted1wake : Omg I can't wait!!!
thelittlecraftshow : Hey @leadhead_glass!! Your work is amazing!!! If you check out the link in our profile we have an FAQ that should help answer any questions you might have. Let us know if we can answer anything that's not addressed in there. Applications are now open and will close on March 16th for our spring show. Hope that helps!
dripthebeveragelab : Where did you get this stamps made?
thelittlecraftshow : Hey @dripthebeveragelab! We ordered through @perrodinsupply!
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thelittlecraftshow - The Little Craft Show
There are just 23 days left to apply to our first Spring Craft Show on May 30th! Join us for an exciting event under an open-air pavilion and 7,000+ shoppers!🌵
thelittlecraftshow - teamspringdale -
mindboggld : How do you apply?
moremeknow : Awesome! Applying today! 👍😍
thelittlecraftshow : Hi @mindboggld! You can apply online by visiting our website (link in profile). Hope that helps!
cloudninesoapco : Wish it was closer. Looks fabulous!
lovedbysophiaclaire : Wish it was closer to me, I would have love to attend the event so you have table set up for artists can't make it? @thelittlecraftshow
shamirradanielle : @mileyboomwoah
leliaksh : @shandybrown1 Are we in?
mindboggld : Thanks @thelittlecraftshow ... Think I'm a little too scared/nervous to do so right now, but maybe the next one? :)
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thelittlecraftshow - The Little Craft Show
We just glimpsed over the applications we've already received and they're looking so gooood. We're flattered, honored, floored, and so excited about our first ever spring event in Springdale! We've also been looking over our venue and decided that if the booths are 8x8' we can fit lots more of you into the show + due to the insane amount of interest, we're *considering* a beautiful tent to put right up next to the pavilion. This way ALL vendors will have a roof. Keep those applications coming from now thru March 16th!!!🎉🌸 ➖This beautiful quilt painting is by @sleetcitywoman!!➖
lilygottsacker : Soooo excited for you guys!
thistlendixie : That's amazing news!! And 😍 @sleetcitywoman
ashleylthurman : I would have loved to join this year, but maybe next time...too much on my plate, not enough time 😫
pheasantpress : Working on my application!!
sleetcitywoman : @ashleylthurman nooooo 😭
ashleylthurman : @sleetcitywoman I know!!! I just don't want to commit unless I can really rock it out and I've made too many obligations around this time. I might come just for fun though! I'd love to meet ya and see what everyone makes. ☺️
lovestruckco : @mochusss yes! Working on my application. 😊
sleetcitywoman : I think you should definitely come and check it out, I'd love to finally meet you! @ashleylthurman
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thelittlecraftshow - The Little Craft Show
SPRING 2015 APPLICATIONS are now open!! We gave our website and logo a little sprucing up, we hope you like it as much as we do. Click the link in our profile to learn more about our event on May 30th and how you can get involved!
opendoortraders : Loving the new look😍
bethmacre : Done! :)
rollandtumblepress : Lookin'good @thelittlecraftshow , very good!!
writeitdownstationery : We are super excited!
snowwhites_apple : Wish i lived in america so that i could attend 💕
lacylstewart : @dgstewarthardgoods
elleventy : ❤️
nativehoundshop : @justdogsgourmetlr
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thelittlecraftshow - The Little Craft Show
For over two years now we've been watching, waiting, and dreaming about THE PERFECT spring time venue and we've finally found it. After an exhaustive search and lots of "alright" locations, this venue fits us beautifully. With a handsome outdoor pavilion, a new boardwalk overlooking the creek, a trail alongside it, ample parking, and plenty of new landscaping and green spaces, The Shiloh Square in downtown Springdale, Arkansas will be our new home this spring! For one day only we'll be taking over the square on Saturday, May 30th from 10am-6pm. We can fit approximately 30 vendors in this space so we'll be featuring the best of the best in one exciting day! Applications will open just ONE WEEK from today (Monday, February 16th - March 16th). We've been dreaming big and hustling to bring you lots of fun and unexpected details and we're so excited to be the first public event in this up and coming area...YAY! Mark your calendars! We can't wait to seeeee you!🌿🌸🌿
thelittlecraftshow : @cellardoorstore we'd LOVE to chat with you about sponsoring us! You're such a sweetheart. We'll be in touch!
abikaylivsmom : @myrrhhandmadejewelry
mjchamplin : SO excited!
tinylittlespecks : I CANT miss this!!!!
milkandmusic : @mayweflydesign @landoflulu
iceatlanta : Finding the perfect venue is so difficult and (when it happens) satisfying and amazing!! Congratulations!!
lovestruckco : @theshopboy
poet51 : I'm new to the area and will be looking forward to coming this year🍃❤️🍃
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