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The Little Craft Show

The finest indie craft market in the Midwest! πŸ”ΈThank you for shopping with us in 2014! πŸ”Έ2015 Show Dates TBA πŸ”ΈFayetteville, Arkansas
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thelittlecraftshow - The Little Craft Show
There are two great opportunities to support local makers today! Stop by @bunlimited and @theshedfayetteville until 6 tonight! They both have a beautiful collection of handmade goodies at both locations.πŸ’•
samiswell : @thelittlecraftshow @tolleytuesday @sadiemink strawn(at)b-unlimited.com is her husband Ben email!
thelittlecraftshow : @samiswell THANK YOU!!😘
tolleytuesday : Thank you @samiswell and @thelittlecraftshow!
samiswell : @tolleytuesday @thelittlecraftshow @sadiemink her email is jessiebirdrobin(at)gmail.com
sadiemink : Thank you @thelittlecraftshow @tolleytuesday @samiswell
_kailz : @thelittlecraftshow who was the vendor at your main event who sold photos and prints of Jesus blowing a bubblegum bubble? Can't find him!
teamspringdale : @_kailz that was @artistjasonjones!! πŸ’™
_kailz : @teamspringdale thank you!!!!
sequinsnsugar - billurkazaz - amberperrodin - bnaturalstudio -
thelittlecraftshow - The Little Craft Show
The @fourleggedbird is open and is stocked full of fresh products from most of our vendors + a ton of other artists' work! So if you missed TLCS or regret not picking something up from our show, stop in and let these guys help you out!
dailanator : @thelittlecraftshow I literally just left there 2 minutes before you posted this. :(
fourleggedbird : ❀️ you!!
caro_magee : @steelejme maybe you can grab a necklace!
artistjasonjones : @thelittlecraftshow You are the best!!
rob_nob : You guys make my heart warm! πŸ’—
thelittlecraftshow : @fourleggedbird @rob_nob @artistjasonjones 😘😘😘
lifeastonished - solovetheday - elainegravesyall - meli.yrk -
thelittlecraftshow - The Little Craft Show
Thanks to @shopthestache, we were able to keep the Photo Booth completely free for everyone to enjoy! We just shared all of the Friday & Saturday photo booth photos on our facebook page. Stop by, tag your friends, and high-five @shopthestache for believing in TLCS! (Photo by @poppyandfern)
kwanalee : πŸ’›
sgrobaby - faithrene62 - jordanstokke - thenextfallon -
thelittlecraftshow - The Little Craft Show
We spent the day wandering around War Eagle Mill, hiking in the woods, and dreaming about TLCS. Man, it was a good year. Keep tagging your photos with #thelittlecraftshow. We're seeing some great finds from the weekend!
thelittlecraftshow -
pagefiftyfive : Great photo!
thelittlecraftshow : Thanks @wareaglecoffee & @pagefiftyfive!! It's such a beautiful area, it was hard to choose which photo to share!
pagefiftyfive : I bet!
girlfridaydoes : One of my favorite memories growing up was picking up taffy on the way to the lake. Love it!
thistlendixie : Love that place!
sleetcitywoman : The bean palace is seriously one of my favorite places ever
elizabethsivill : @melbobnet is this what you were talking about? @shellybinstl
melbobnet : @elizabethsivill @shellybinstl It is! They do a huge craft fair there each year.
iv3tte - mamacardinal33 - elainegravesyall - truebadours -
thelittlecraftshow - The Little Craft Show
There are thank you's to write and necks that still need hugged after this insanely good weekend! This mug by @alligatorfooddesign is a pretty little reminder to keep moving when we just want to sit on the couch all day. Hope you babes have had a chance to recuperate!πŸ‚
cnicole726 : Had my coffee out of this mug this morning! It's back to school for me!
jordanstokke : Cuteness!!
opendoortraders : Need this mug! We had a blast at the show and are so thankful for the opportunity @thelittlecraftshow!! Great meeting you Amber! ... Real life back in session, but so inspired πŸ‘ŠπŸ˜
thistlendixie : The show was so much fun! What an amazing experience! Thanks for letting me be a part of a very talented group of makers. πŸ˜ƒ
the_wanderlust_shop : I wish I could of had more time to look because I would of totally bought that mug!!! 😍😍😍
cnicole726 : @the_wanderlust_shop I totally agree! Going to be checking out everyone online this week!
sarahmccormster : It might be a month or so before I'm recuperated... Just sayin. :)
thelittlecraftshow : @sarahmccormster let's be honest....I'm still sitting on the couch. Thank you for whoopin some serious sculptural booty at our show. Wish we could be at critiques tomorrow!
laurenovaries - _plenilunio - beringerwood - katie_muncie -
thelittlecraftshow - The Little Craft Show
YOU GUYS!! Our hearts are just bursting with gratitude. We are so grateful for each and every one of you for pulling this show together. It's definitely a community effort and we rocked it!! We had 7,000 shoppers this weekend with Friday night lines forming at noon! Holy cow. We love you guys and can't say thank you enough for believing in handmade!! Please tag your photos with #thelittlecraftshow so that we can see them! This gorgeous photo is by the amazing @merrittwakefield! Tap the image to see who made what. πŸ’™
thelittlecraftshow -
ms.art.teacher.lady : Thank you so much for such a beautiful event....I knew it would be amazing, but wow.... I hope to be back in 2015 for sure!!
americannativegoods : 😍😍😍
geezlouise : We had a blast! It was so awesome to finally meet you Amber!
sunbonnet_sandy : The show was so great :) I had a blast & the vendors were all so talented. Gush!
amberelea : perfect in every way ! @thelittlecraftshow
riseandshinequilts : That is so awesome!! Great job!
wroteeverynote : Where can I get that shirt
thelittlecraftshow : @wroteeverynote it's by @passivejuicemotel! They can hook you up if they have any left. 😘
cynarafreespirit - makeitbetony - thistlendixie - strawberryswingkc -
thelittlecraftshow - The Little Craft Show
Sweet little sterling silver spoon rings by @aaronpauldesigns. I even spotted one with an original engraving from 1902. On my wish list! #thelittlecraftshow
thelittlecraftshow -
jackiewolven : @paigelorrabeth
ahoyfriend : I own one and I adore it!
paigelorrabeth : @monsonba for Christmas please.
lcsbeadhead : I LOVE the one I purchased from him!! @aaronpauldesigns
aaronpauldesigns : Aw shucks. You gals are too kind :)
kdbreen : These were simply amazing and so was @aaronpauldesigns I got one for me, one for my mom, a necklace and brought home a wish list. ;)
livvie_cath - circle_r_cigarbox_guitars - pinkkatydid - _chanes -
thelittlecraftshow - The Little Craft Show
Well, I think I could be a morning person if I had these cool mugs by @cnicole726 at #alligatorfooddesign to start my day off with. β˜•οΈ
alligatorfooddesign -
cnicole726 : ❀️❀️❀️
abbyhile : This was my favorite booth!
danielledanforth : Do you sell any online, @cnicole726?! I would loooove to snag the get stuff done mug for a Christmas gift!
cnicole726 : @danielledanforth Yes ma'am! They will be up in my etsy shop sometime this week! Www.etsy.com/shop/alligatorfooddesign
danielledanforth : @cnicole726 thank you thank you!
itskittyyall : Wish I was in town these are too cute!
myrrhhandmadejewelry : I can't believe I missed this booth!!!
chelsea_chelsey - circle_r_cigarbox_guitars - amy.louise.page - _chanes -
thelittlecraftshow - The Little Craft Show
If you aren't here, you need to be. You're missing out on all of the fun. πŸ’πŸŽ‰ #thelittlecraftshow @aaronblakemontoya
thelittlecraftshow -
dlh112 : @thenextfallon! !!!
jcubjay : This is amazing...
addielou : @opaljewel1 @olliejomenschucket @junebugarmy
olliejomenschucket : @addielou YES.
opaljewel1 : πŸ™Œ @addielou
katie_gerald : @joel_libramento
livvie_cath - chelsea_chelsey - joyelizabethceramics - rubyjane40 -
thelittlecraftshow - The Little Craft Show
Represent, @fitzfabrications πŸ‘Šfind way more cool decor made from refurbished bar tin here at the little craft show! #thelittlecraftshow
thelittlecraftshow -
annamariesullivan : Do you accept paypal and ship?
fitzfabrications : Yes, we do @annamariesullivan
alismif5 : Do you still have any of the 'hogs' left ?!?!?!? @thelittlecraftshow how could I order 2?
thelittlecraftshow : Hi @alismif5!! You'll need to check with @fitzfabrications, the artists. They might have done listed in their shop or you could contact them directly on their instagram! Good luck! πŸ’™
fitzfabrications : Yes, we do! Shoot us an email: fitzfabrications3@gmail.com @alismif5
alismif5 : @fitzfabrications where r u located? I just went they your Instagram cute cute!! Do you have any angel wings ? Or a crown? I will email you !
fitzfabrications : We are located in Tulsa. We don't have those things in stock, but can do custom orders. We'll look for your email! @alismif5
afielder : @nico_tico
chavaboyett - earth_chld - the_wanderlust_shop - dkmccormickart -
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