The Little Craft Show

Arkansas' finest indie craft market! 🔸APPLY: August 4th - 31st! 🔸DATES: Dec. 5th & 6th, 2014 🔸Fayetteville, Arkansas
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thelittlecraftshow - The Little Craft Show
We just met the darling @aaronpauldesigns at @vintagemarketdaysofnwa and he wants to give you guys a pair of key earrings!!! His 550th follower will win these beauties. Go follow him and GOOD LUCK!
aaronpauldesigns : What I actually am going to do is make it where I draw a name out of the people who have started following me since 490 follows until 550! @thelittlecraftshow
thelittlecraftshow : PERFECT @aaronpauldesigns! 💙
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thelittlecraftshow - The Little Craft Show
Yippee! We just released our 2014 vendor line up PLUS learn more about our new staff members on our about page! (link in profile) Photo by 2014 vendor @littleskunkco!
adrianleffingwell : Thank you! Double excitement!!
poodlesandstrippers12 : Life Styles is so honored to be among these incredible talents. Hotdiggity!!!
littleskunkco : @thelittlecraftshow so excited to see Fayetteville and be a part of the show! 😍 thanks for the feature! 😉
americannativegoods : Whoop!
juniperdesigns : @littleskunkco how fun!
simplyorganized : I 💕 Arkansas!!!!
rustedbrown : Looking Forward to the event!
bonitabelle : @midorimao !
blakelyhi - angelinacho - brookebaioni - munclefredart -
thelittlecraftshow - The Little Craft Show
Making a list...checking it twice! 🌲Trying to iron out our floor map so we can squeeze as many vendors in as we can!
kassahgross : i am too excited! <33
jayyyonce : I can't wait to come shop @thelittlecraftshow and see what all the vendors have. Soooo much talent!!! #EXCITED
karabethcole : 😩
momicajordan : @thistlendixie Keep crossing!!!!! ;)
jessicacoachwife : @momicajordan @thelittlecraftshow Gah! Can't. Even. ;)
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thelittlecraftshow - The Little Craft Show
Aaaaand, that's a wrap! We can't wait to reveal our 2014 vendor lineup. All notifications will be sent this Friday!
thelittlecraftshow -
handmademarket : Working with your hands is a way of life. Nothing better!
sms0627 : Hurry up Friday!!! I can't wait!!
audreyeclectic81 : I'll miss you guys this year! No shows for me in 2014 though with this little guy... But I hope it's amazing and so fun--- I know it will be!!!
regenerousdesigns : So exciting!!!
ahoyfriend : either way, I am going to need that rug!!
tbstone : Such a beautiful, happy place!
spotlightjewelry : Didn't make the cut this year but still so excited to visit the show and all the awesome vendors! I will reapply next year for sure 👍
thelittlecraftshow : @spotlightjewelry 😘😘😘
thelovelylisab - flowercrownsociety - lilyasher - inkprintrepeat -
thelittlecraftshow - The Little Craft Show
A beautiful spread getting us through our jury meeting today! We've got a really hard job ahead of us choosing this year's vendors!
makeitbetony : Oh! Yum! Have fun!!
chelseagstohl - lilyasher - bagray53 - teamspringdale -
thelittlecraftshow - The Little Craft Show
It's the LAST DAY to apply! We can't wait to see your application!
makeitbetony : I want to buy y'all a gigantic coffee and also be a bug on the wall. 😘 have a blast! We are all so excited!
ifautumnends : Wish I kept stock so I could participate! Have funnnnnn
nicholeannettehoward : Thanks for liking a photo of mine! It inspired me to apply and I got it in just in time!
andiesspecialtysweets : We'd love to join you at a future show - looks great! :-)
thelittlecraftshow : 😍YES, @andiesspecialtysweets! We'd be honored!!
thehiphandmademarket - andiesspecialtysweets - gaga4three - opendoortraders -
thelittlecraftshow - The Little Craft Show
We're on the countdown! Only 2 days left to apply!
thelittlecraftshow - fayettevillear - nwark - fayettevilletownscenter -
thelittlecraftshow : #thelittlecraftshow #fayettevillear #nwark #fayettevilletownscenter
paroparoman : hi~
zzoeyyi : cool @joojunxx_
eighten1zero - evelynj_woo - elainegravesyall - hyxmichelle -
thelittlecraftshow - The Little Craft Show
Today, tomorrow, and Sunday are the last days to APPLY to be a vendor!
thelittlecraftshow - fayettevillear - nwark - getonit -
thelittlecraftshow : #getonit #thelittlecraftshow #fayettevillear #nwark
cellardoorstore : Wish I was crafty😞
ozarkmountainleather : @cellardoorstore I think you are;)
angelinabowen : @ejwoodshop
chelseasmiller - madelittlerock - slhargis - crazyface__ -
thelittlecraftshow - The Little Craft Show
Today we met with the University of Arkansas advanced sculpture class to talk about TLCS! Their final project will be to create art installations to be on display at our event! We got to see a sampling of their work and rest assured, they will not let you down. These guys are brilliant and we can't wait to see what they come up with!
begoodnatured : Oh how cool!!
artistjasonjones : I love this.
s_hussey : We are so excited to work on this project! I just finished doing a collaborative installation for the @backspacearts nap time. Check it out! ❤️thanks for the support.
thelittlecraftshow : Thanks @s_hussey!!! Can't wait to work with you!💙
nocturnalbrute - easinerica - sperrod - bagray53 -
thelittlecraftshow - The Little Craft Show
That one time we had a crazy photo booth in 2012. That was fun! Although we'll have the fancy pants @hatchandmaascollective photo booth this year, we're pretty lucky to have the talented @keelyyount as our event photographer again!
evsketch : That's us! @alyssa_arielle1127 @megggsy look!😍
spotlightjewelry : Love this photo @evsketch 🐾
evsketch : @spotlightjewelry Thank you! Me too😉
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