The Little Craft Show

The finest handmade market in the Midwest! ➕Next event: December 4 & 5, 2015 ➕Applications open August 1 ➕Northwest Arkansas
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thelittlecraftshow - The Little Craft Show
We had a blast making new friends and meeting some of you at @riffraffhq's Summer Socialite party tonight! We also snagged one of these perfect cookies from @doughmestichousewife while we were there! In case you're wondering - they taste just as good as they look.✔️#SummerSocialxRR #riffrafflove
summersocialxrr - riffrafflove -
aige_frazier : So good to meet yall!! Yall are so sweet!
hopeburrell : Wooo!
doughmestichousewife : You are seriously the sweetest! So glad to see you and can't wait until we work together again!😘
doughmestichousewife : @harperhoweyinteriors @savphree Thank you girls SO much!❤️
thelittlecraftshow : @doughmestichousewife my goodness, thank you! And cheers to working together soon! You're kindness and talent are so inspiring.💕
maryslittlesweets : LOVED meeting you last night, Amber!
riffrafffayetteville : So glad y'all came!!
riffraffhq : 💯💯💯
maka101113 - monumentalmoments - rogersoutdoormarket - alligatorfooddesign -
thelittlecraftshow - The Little Craft Show
Our holiday applications open in just 45 days! The dates for this year's holiday market are Friday, December 4th and Saturday, December 5th - so save the dates and get excited because we're celebrating our 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY with a bang! Applications will be open through the entire month of August.⭐️
thelittlecraftshow : Yep @stephanie_michelle_!! We're a juried event. So we accept all applications and then they're reviewed and hand selected by a jury! We like to keep things fresh so we want new crafters, old crafters, traditional, contemporary, and innovative techniques. That leaves room for everyone! Check out our FAQ page, too. That might give you a good idea of what to expect.💕
bentonville_baking_company : Can't wait to apply! :)
darlingdonaldson : @minajhabibi
rach_sloan : Considering this! 😱 would definitely make for a busy December for me!
sramassyla : Wish I could save my spot in line now!
the_bentonville_baking_korri : We at the Bentonville Baking Company can't wait to apply! ✨ : I'll be crossing my fingers and toes once again!! 🙏❤
nwagossipgirl : @fm2ycreations
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thelittlecraftshow - The Little Craft Show
Alright, we know the shows over and we should give it a rest for a bit, but here's another booth we loved from the show by @pheasantpress! The floral touches, gold framed logo, greeting card display, and overall aesthetic were so yummy to look at! #thelittlecraftshow
thelittlecraftshow -
pheasantpress : Thanks guys! It was such a fun time.
anyabruhin : @thelittlecraftshow quit fooling. We know you never rest! When is post spring show/pre winter show brunch?
sunshine_on_water : Very Pretty!
rogersoutdoormarket - m_daizy00 - huntermaypottery - allnstitch -
thelittlecraftshow - The Little Craft Show
Here's another photo of one of our favorite booth displays from @mrussellart! Not only is her art amazing, but Maggie's setup was on point.👌🏽
thelittlecraftshow - teamspringdale - mrussellart -
lu_and_ed : Love it.
lr_kids : You should do a pop up shop @outletsoflr this holiday season. Your stuff is amazing!
dontblink_bb : Yay @mrussellart!! So proud of you friend!!
aniblett : That was my favorite booth setup, too! : So perfect!!!
artistjasonjones : Great person too!
abikaylivsmom : I was mesmerized by this one.
anyabruhin : This was the one that made me wish I had driven a vehicle with doors. So good.
artsanchezpix - artclassesfortsmith - localcolourgallery -
thelittlecraftshow - The Little Craft Show
Every year our vendors have had the cutest booth displays on earth. But the incredible displays we saw at EVERY single booth yesterday were nothing short of amazing. Our makers put just as much thought and energy into their setups as they do their handmade items and it shows! Here is @savviestudio's beautiful booth!⚡️
thelittlecraftshow - teamspringdale -
therachelelise : 😻😻😻
thejonescenter : It was an awesome event!
lilyasher : Amber, did you see @vivisjewels amazing "carpet" 😂😂😂
thelittlecraftshow : YES! Loved it @lilyasher!😍
savviestudio : Awh man, thanks for the love! 💕💕 So many inspiring and creative booths this weekend!
lindsey.m.mcdonald : @lnbryant @blugracehome we need to go to this
junquerethunque : So much awesome!! I'm a broken record... 🎶🎶💿 or cd - since there are no vinyl emojis!!!
shawna_tx : @savviestudio 😍😍😍 - artclassesfortsmith - allnstitch - cocktailkitsch -
thelittlecraftshow - The Little Craft Show
Wow!! We're still fielding through all of the kind comments, emails, and messages and can hardly believe it's all over. THANK YOU for showing up and believing in handmade! We had an amazing day and can't wait to do it all over again. Please tag your photos with #thelittlecraftshow hashtag so we can see them all and remember our first spring event |tap the image for photo credits|😘
thelittlecraftshow - teamspringdale -
thelittlecraftshow : #thelittlecraftshow #teamspringdale
serenajanem : love this! thank you for putting on such a good craft show for our community! #teamspringdale forever.
emma.kenneyy : aww so cute :). so glad I got to come and explore, will be back for more ❤️
natalieannspencer : @indietrunkshow look at that photo backdrop!!
jennjtaylorart : @badame1225 @audramarie @lbbhmredlands a photo booth would be a cute addition to the next @lbbhmredlands.
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thelittlecraftshow - The Little Craft Show
The Little Craft Show is hoppin'!! We're here until 6pm! Come hang out with us, make some free crafts, enter our free raffles, support handmade and @teamspringdale!! #thelittlecraftshow #teamspringdale
thelittlecraftshow - teamspringdale - : Thank you for organizing such a stellar event!!! 💕
joyelizabethceramics : Another super show, well done! I really enjoyed it. Thanks for all your hard work.
artistjasonjones : Pure awesomeness! I'd like to buy you guys a beer! 🍻
robinsonlane : Amazing event!!! 🎉 Thanks to the entire team - y'all are totally top notch.
cultureflockclothing : @thelittlecraftshow @amberperrodin we say it every time, but this was the best show ever! You guys are incredible and we truly appreciate getting to be a part of such an amazing event. Thank you x1000000! 💜💐👍🏼
scatterbrainedcollars : Thank you so much for having me @thelittlecraftshow I don't think I've ever met so many nice people in one place! I can't wait to come back to more of your events!
geezlouise : Best show ever!!! I can't wait to hang my new goodies in our new home.
danyaarnold : Loved it! @thelittlecraftshow when is your next event? Would love to apply to have a booth at the next event!
artclassesfortsmith - rogersoutdoormarket - allnstitch - littlelovedones -
thelittlecraftshow - The Little Craft Show
TODAY'S the day!! A miracle has happened and our chance of rain went from 80% just a few days ago to less than 10% now!👯👯 So come on out to this FREE event from 10am - 6pm and have some fun with us. Shop from over 75 of the best makers the Midwest has to offer!! 👇🏽106 E. Emma Avenue Springdale, Arkansas.
thelittlecraftshow - teamspringdale -
dhappiness112 : Headed that way!!!!😄❤👭🙌
lovelostcreations : Can't wait to see it all!
mariuhlovesyou : @avslove
towens317 : @laciegreen
jln03 : @maggiestylz
_laurenstrom_ : That's so exciting! Break a leg!
melwel1 : @polletposse is this near you? You should go!
polletposse : How did I miss this today?!?!! That is 20 mins away! Bummer! @melwel1
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thelittlecraftshow - The Little Craft Show
Well you can't blame us if your little one doesn't have the cutest clothes on earth, because we will have THE BEST children's clothing lines at our show tomorrow. Featuring @tinylittlespecks, @vivisjewels, @eleanorandeverly, @glitterandwit, @everygoodthingnwa, @darwinanddelilah, and more!!
glitterandwit : Can't wait!
anyabruhin : @laney.katherine find me at the show! I can get you a job!
laney.katherine : I will so try! @anyabruhin
sellenking : @arjayhawk show Mere! We can get Maliha some sweet handmade coats and dresses!
arjayhawk : Done @sellenking !👍
ashleydcruz : @thelittlecraftshow does it cost to get in?
junquerethunque : @ashleydcruz it's free!
junquerethunque : My girl will "defiantly" help. As she does everything. ;)
rogersoutdoormarket - huntermaypottery - allnstitch - closeknitok -
thelittlecraftshow - The Little Craft Show
We worked our fanny's off today setting everything up including this 9'x12' backdrop for your picture taking pleasures. You could look just as cool and awkward as @perrodin if you wanted. #lumberjackmannequin 🙈
springdaletacotour - lumberjackmannequin -
rollandtumblepress : @thelittlecraftshow @perrodin great photo!!😍
ilovelostlittlethings : 😍😍 Best of luck tomorrow! Sooo wish I was there!
quietclementine : Best backdrop!
ikimfro : @jaclyndo @jennifernn
busvlogger : The dancing video I've been dreaming about starts here!
kelseydavisdesign : Omgomg! 😍😍 the backdrop!
thehandmademarketplace : Omg I totally forgot to snap a pic at the backdrop 😭 this is an awesome pic of Jonathan though! Haha
thetrendysparrow : Omg so cute!!
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