The Engine Behind It All
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thekingdream - THE DREAM
Surf #THEXDREAM #nightshift
nightshift - thexdream -
londonpiink : I wish
itsmyworld_mypower : πŸ˜‚ Hiyaaaaa ! @phuckafucknigga
phuckafucknigga : What is hiya ? @itsmyworld_mypower
iamaxelgarcia : @tschi34 hors sujet
dat1guyfromchi : Dat Cubs hat tho
itsmyworld_mypower : It's a @contra_paris hat ! πŸ‘Œ @dat1guyfromchi
guttamind : Dream, I wanna hear a collab with you and Tinashe. Can you pull that off? It would be amazing.
johariletone : patiently waiting for the album lol i know you have some fire i cant wait man! @thekingdream
luminous_poetry - gemluv.gp79 - esrev_inu - ktkramer -
thekingdream - THE DREAM
It is Ralph's tho!
melissa_likemylife : 😍 yummy !
thekingdream : @itsmyworld_mypower egg , sorry babe, I thought u was going in on me
itsmyworld_mypower : Umm, I respect you. I wouldn't ever do that unless you stopped giving us life with those hits 🎀. Lbs Funny that you hmb bc, I dreamt about u last night . I begged u to sit in on a studio session and you sd yes, but when I went to grab my things , I got lost in a parking lot ?? Weird. @thekingdream But, have a prosperous day 🌞
psviray : @thekingdream @tschi34 @trickystewart why didn't you guys work on Rihanna's anti album??????????????????
shandaveli : Love your music
socal_ash : Miss Ralphs
gonzalezlisa555 : Today your music haunts me I πŸ’– you n your music n today it's making me think an awful lot πŸ˜’
popboykidd : So many sleep on Ya work Fam. I respect ya grind and hustle Dream!!
landenwest123 - justinlovesburgs - turismo_travel - uptown_records_ -
thekingdream - THE DREAM
Your Fathers working late again!!! #THEXDREAM #rocnation #fridaymorning #godsgift
rocnation - thexdream - godsgift - fridaymorning -
johariletone : Man cant wait !!!!!!! i know u clowning in the studio aha cant wait to hear the heat!!! #LoveKing #Contra-Paris
hotangel174 : 😘
iii_x_thecharm : Thank you!!!
thekingdream : @iii_x_thecharm no excuse should have been either shipped or contacted about why it hasn't
iii_x_thecharm : U know I've been waiting! Lol Been looking forward to rockin em on campus and have ppl asking where I got it from! #ContraParis
iii_x_thecharm : Thanks again. I appreciate your time and most definitely all your music
_sundaykindoflov_ : Can't wait to hear !
crissking13 : i wanna hear Black Magic again
beautybrooke.reynolds - trxlllr - richdinar973 - johnuranga_nvsg -
thekingdream - THE DREAM
The Higher Ups. #lafamilia #THEXDREAM #rocnation #thursdaysnews #godsgift
wellpreachthen - rocnation - thexdream - godsgift - thursdaysnews - lafamilia -
itsmyworld_mypower : Also, fancy is my favorite song. It came out when I was 17 "she's only 17 but ahead of her time.." now I'm finally 23 ! Yaasss
itsmyworld_mypower : Does the background say "lil fantasy" really low or am I trippin ?
thekingdream : @itsmyworld_mypower haaaaaa , I'm flattered
inticing_india : @thekingdream you're my face....I have so many songs that love of yours! Right Side of my Brain, Sex Intelligent, Turnt Out, and Self-Conscious. Thanks for making quality music!
cat_walkin : @properstylej I didn't see it
properstylej : yea ill tag u in a pic of him there and I recorded him dancing on snapchat @cat_walkin
cat_walkin : @properstylej ur the plug!! I need to see the Snapchat
selfmade_1738 : πŸ’―πŸ‘ˆπŸ‘½
landenwest123 - yesenia_carrasco - isaacopokuawuah - uptown_records_ -
thekingdream - THE DREAM
Grey Anatomy! @thekingdream #workinglate #callingitanight dope session #taylorgang @mistercap
callingitanight - taylorgang - workinglate -
lisbonenterprise : Dope angle....kudos to the photographer
joey_babz : @thekingdream going to get the G65 this fall?
devantaeswing : Dream and Wiz
johariletone : cant wait man!!!
oyvindsandvik : 6 minutes is fireeeeeeeee!!!!!πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
devantaeswing : @oyvindsandvik whats that!
oyvindsandvik : @devantaeswing he has a new song feat t pain and twista :) google it!
devantaeswing : @oyvindsandvik thanks
vivianette.nichole - hkovalova - turismo_travel - uptown_records_ -
thekingdream - THE DREAM
The Late Night Shift! On Break!!!!!!!!@thekingdream #porschelife #hov #THEXDREAM
hov - porschelife - thexdream -
berealcoz : ^^πŸ‘€
shadesofchi : πŸ‘€
marcellus_ibeast : Bro fell off the map like fr
bookie_baybee : @thekingdream get it in βœ”οΈ
letsgetghost : Late night through the morning . Leave this dark booth with the sun shinin. Light glisten off diamonds. Consider tha new streets finest
itsmyworld_mypower : And when can you donate to me ? You know, bless a mf lbvs @thekingdream
itsmyworld_mypower : @obi.nn919 Omggg that album brings back so many memories. "So kiss that nigga, hug that nigga, love that nigga to death Go ahead and please that nigga, feed that nigga In time you'll see the problem's yaself cuz when love is the problem"
oddnation23 : @thekingdream dm me
ariheart4 - yesenia_carrasco - one_over_kind - esrev_inu -
thekingdream - THE DREAM
Middle of the Week Vibe! Feeling like a 94 sl500, one of the first cars I seen on the west side that made me Want to Strive to be Rich!
keethanggg : Bring @thisisnivea back please @thekingdream !!!
sirsmilealot : Peanut Butter interior?!
freekyzore140 : #Dopeness
monica_mynigga : Before the weekend n Miguel you were my guy!! Come back n come back strong Not different!!!!
lidajay1 : Still love your music 😘
thekingdream : @miata_xo I love TJMaxx, but you deft didn't see me there! Hope u didn't give someone ure info
marwanxavier : @kjaygettinit twins
paidinfull89 : @thekingdream hoe can I email you this hit
majormusiq - olivia_mode_urbainchic - hh61090 - uptown_records_ -
thekingdream - THE DREAM
#WhatisGenesis #THEXDREAM
thexdream - whatisgenesis -
romy.jpg : @napz____ 😏
1lovefirst : Creation from creation.
nothingnice666 : What ever happened to the Love Affair album @thekingdream
cat_walkin : The beginning........
johariletone : Please release the track "Royalty" that was going to be on Crown Jewel
beatsbyfletch : Can I send u beats? #beatsbyfletch
dvibed : Nice
lisbonenterprise : I'm working towards this
eljefedre23 - majormusiq - sakinahshea - uptown_records_ -
thekingdream - THE DREAM
Thank you All for the Birthday wishes from the bottom of my heart! These are Inspiring Times, so I took my ass Right Back To Work! #Movie-Scoring #makingsheetmusic @thekingdream
movie - makingsheetmusic -
chyna247365 : So we just gonna act like we don't see that... @bank_sinatra105 πŸ˜£πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ŠπŸ™ŠπŸ™ŠπŸ™ŠπŸ™ŠπŸ™ŠπŸ™Š
kinahisabigdeal : New album please
beatsbyfletch : #needbeats #letswork #beatsbyfletch
beatsbyfletch : #colab πŸ™πŸΏ
beatsbyfletch : #justlisten my music
cece_mcfly : I love u.
alandren_4 : @thequeenbeeaz this is that guy!
itsmyworld_mypower : Is it true that you make more money writing for movies, video games, and commercials than producing for artists? David Banner made it seem that way.
tysonbalmain - veebased__ - smsjortega - majormusiq -
thekingdream - THE DREAM
Thank You All for the Birthday Wishes, I pray that the day my Mother lifted me into this life @ 4:29 pm September 20th, has made a Positive impact to the Human Race. See you all Next Year same time Same Day.
brandevans97 : @thekingdream Love Hate, Love Vs Money, Love King, Terius Nash: 1977 & IV Play would never of existed. You made an impact to the human race 4 sure.
cat_walkin : I'm grateful Marshawn Lynch voice
uptown_records_ : πŸ‘‘KingπŸ‘‘
toniastrong : Real ish @theoriginalbigdaddy @thekingdream needs to be the music producer for season 3 of @empirefox
bpzy : #ProducerSaLuTe to a fellow #Virgo β™πŸ‘πŸ’―
giovanni_marks : Realest shit with the 60two. Damn.
timothypaule : I have a new design firm and would love the opportunity to showcase our creative skills for you
hmjb1248 : King of R&B hands down! 1977 is my fave!πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’š
majormusiq - jameztgc - universal_godz - uptown_records_ -
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