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thekingdream - The Dream
1inch something's just sound better than digital!
kbrerv : Cry pt.2 comig ;D
spiffy.a : http://youtu.be/b7UaIc5cXyA
915primo : Analog
sikirat : Chruuuu
wearenthesame : Might you be able to tell me where I can find the cap with the word "lords" on it you wore on a breakfast club interview I've been looking online to no avail
shaggydo0 : Can't beat that Ampex ATR-102! I always knew you were a smart guy!
audofficial : @thekingdream True VIRGOnomics
just_syidah : Would love and be honored if you listened to a song I wrote....
skudge_elias_landberg - artefactosonoro - w468smiked - just_syidah -
thekingdream - The Dream
That Analog!!!
deehwp209 : @hallwayprodz
devantaeswing : You gonna accept the Ice water challenge ?
burlodge : @thekingdream
officialyolei : Post more plz
hallwayprodz : @deehwp209 yeah that sounds dope too
nikkinumba4 : U going to the awards "I never see u anymore" frozen voice
nikkinumba4 : Ur vocals r killing on this Beyonces performance of XO!!!
oldnewyork : Right @nikkinumba4 lol
madeinthe8one - sivitom - juwols - reureloaded -
thekingdream - The Dream
Like Violet said daddy's always at Work! Getting it the Right way! Love Music!!
jiejiemjb5566 : Quick accept the challenge I hope you can call Mary j. blige accept the challenge @nicolescherzy @therealmaryjblige @jackie_glowing
cjh04 : Nominate me
misscoleman36 : Listening to Roc
berealcuh : i hope you work with lana del rey someday !! magical xx
martinafxo : one of my fave artists πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
vondajackson2010 : Violet is right; that is the best way!
officialyolei : I can't wait to work with u
_sundaykindoflov_ : Can't wait to hear the next one you are the best of the best!
zeeizmee - princeofabia - mariathyself - kriss365 -
thekingdream - The Dream
Black this shit is real! When we start to value ourselves as black Men from one man to another, ignorant people will stop devaluing us! Why care about something we don't care about! I Care, Do you? Or can I wait to expect one of my own to log on and somehow try to demean me , my family or my success. All of these stupid as blogs and reporting only the negativity and adding in lying ass rappers about what we have or don't have and what do we have Nothing, and we wonder why a kid can be slain and no one outside of some of us thinks it absolutely crazy! And Blacks only bark when it's a white person killing a black, it's just add bad that more than 60 blacks are shot in Chicago a week! Equally disgusting! Take responsibility for the demise of ourself! Don't call Obama or Jessie Jackson for something in our community when we know what the problem is. Being black is impossible! As beautiful as it could be we are to stupid to organize and change anything! Guck a hashtag!
ipoet_87 : @thekingdream Man that was some real sh*t my dude! We NEED to do better! We HAVE to do better!!
mstarsha27 : Preach!!!!! @thekingdream
luv_bein_bianca : If you study black history maybe you will understand we devalue ourselves because WE don't have black leaders and they was taken from us look at other races especially in Middle East they over there killing each other so what the difference I'm sorry I don't want to put a black man down but go research your history you will have a better understanding.
ynotsl : Preach @thekingdream
lordcristyle : @luv_bein_bianca thank you, they need to learn their history and understand who devalued us, and made us hate each other in the first place...
sosohype : This is one of the realist thing youve ever wrote, i hope to God that they dont erase this quote
sweetestpetunia : #ferguson
officialyolei : Some ppl can't see that.
p_______________ - gibby_freshwater - live4myself - ag_711 -
thekingdream - The Dream
This little girl is something else. My Madison!
missconceptionn : Lol to funny and so cute <33
evadopediva : @helpful_shoutz got me 1k
jling27 : Too cute! My grandma's name was Violet!
iamjvaughnatl : Sooo many accomplishments! And all by the age of 6?! Busy man? Boy? Hmmmmm...
primm_n_proper : @_love_my_fam πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜‚
ambii_xox : Lolz
officialyolei : Awww
zeeizmee : Lol @age 6.... #thisisloveπŸ’–
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thekingdream - The Dream
No one is Perfect, but you are you, and no matter what no one can be as perfect as you at being yourself! Love who u are and others will follow! We all are encoded with Greatness and Pure Love.
dayrinaluv : Thx @thekingdream really needed 2 c that God Bless u n your #beautiful family ☺
ll_cool_jamal : @youngleecgod
mrsnashxo : I love you always
larrylovesinger : Dream I'm tryna work hmu @thekingdream
mizzchass : These posts make me smile every time. Love is contagious.
sheawyman : We are all perfect in God's eyes 😍
berealcuh : πŸ€
tracytampa1 : Word up
masterbrucejones - america92 - butterflybeauty713 - princesskoko1 -
thekingdream - The Dream
Good Sunday!!!
so_classy414 : She looks like a good around the way lady...Congrats my man
mzladyposchebaby : Beautiful view!
rezumay : The Dream is alive
trickystewart : Love this picture.. Happy Sunday guys!
centspix : That's my old neighborhood. Right down the street. Nice choice buddy!
berealcuh : πŸ€
easyfundstoday : If you want to make $1500-$5500 within 30 minutes call or text 318-382-2160 all it takes is a call or text
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thekingdream - The Dream
Above everything else My Friend. The best thing is when u can be yourself!
vondajackson2010 : #friendship and lots of love............
sparkle519 : She's gorgeous
allyoucanhandle_ : U and @mazivs look alike lmao
the_king_messiah : The greatest gift 2 all is love. Peace god@thekingdream
blackaustin : @thekingdream sup King. This is my link: www.soundcloud.com/b-austin10
_msaden : @msladystarr 😩😩
sikirat : Please take a brief moment to check out the composition i posted? :( please? i love u so much😩 ty loveπŸ’•
sarimalynn : @chiomaopara the girl that was driving him today :-
iamfrancescar - taty_loveskam - roseisapeach - queen_afri -
thekingdream - The Dream
Stealth Worth, it's a blessing to have a hand in helping others achieve a goal even while achieving your own! The elusive Diamond Award most single sales all time!
djclue09226 : @thekingdream AWESOME & congrats
duhim_winning : @thekingdream Congrats big dawg. One of the best producers ever! #DreamsComeTrue
stress_free_c : #HardWorkForeverPaysOff
blackbottom88 : Aww my god kids liked that song n now I know why I didn't mind listening to it
blackbottom88 : #kingdream
sparkle519 : Congrats
officialyolei : πŸ”₯
djkthreat : πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°
tia_nichelle0517 - tangledinyarn - only_iyr - bugsubherbansound -
thekingdream - The Dream
Happy! I will never under appreciate #happiness again! Re writing history! #savedmylife #love #alignment
savedmylife - love - alignment - happiness -
lisbonenterprise : I just made the Album name up!
sparkle519 : Beautiful
missconceptionn : You are a sucker for love, and I think I like it.
my_dirty_lense_ : Yo is this the Dreams IG??
ciredevon : Now That's Gangsta @thekingdream
themeghan_k : Love it!
zeeizmee : So Happy for you!!! πŸ’πŸ’ŸπŸ’πŸ’‘πŸ‘Œ#a beautiful thing .
jaemac2 : @taurussweetie
zeeizmee - disarmingsmile - leesabeat88 - swagg_so_handsome -
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