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AKA The Dream

The Most Important Artist of The 21st Century.
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thekingdream - AKA The Dream
Reminder. #black
black -
bi11y318 : @jamalrasoully @eliasshah8 @sal_n this nigga hashtagged black ... Bet
nikesandpearls : The day I got married 😍 #newlywed
officialyolei : #blackPower✊😌
karinadbieber : My birthday :3
werknwerdz : Funny thing is ... I just asked a friend... where are all the #blacklivesmatter post. Ppl only follow fads
manniejr_psup : sorry i just gotta say this.. Kill the lights is forever the best song !!!!
the__presidents_face : Kill the lights @manniejr_psup do go HARD
spoon_em : Do another song with Drake! @champagnepapi shut it down is the best song ever! @thekingdream
ladyjill18 - the_king_messiah - nanaovereverything - mr.curlyq -
thekingdream - AKA The Dream
nothingicansaywouldbeenoughtosaywhatifeel -
beatsbyfletch : #beatsbyfletch #letswork πŸ™ listen to my instrumentals
bountifulbeauty : I loveeeeeee your new single! Can not wait for the album
koriiligon : @xvr_lgn yasssss
cford51 : Happy Holidays to you two lovelies @thekingdream and @mrsnashxo
mrsnashxo : @cford51 Happy Holidays to you too!😊
fairlivin : I see yaw nice pic @mrsnashxo keepem going on the music industry and its cold in the states I need my contra paris hoodie dont know were to buy it from @thekingdream
mybody_bangz : Where is your next album coming out?
bellabcash : @thekingdream what's that new single called where can we find it I'm loving it ...
king_universe - the_king_messiah - supermario666666 - myvlog2k15 -
thekingdream - AKA The Dream
That Time of Year!
psviray : @thekingdream "fruition" sounds like Sade! "dreams can come true, fruiiittionnnn, fruitionnnn"
psviray : @thekingdream Sade/DeBarge influence!
ebonylovemusic : Fruition..yes dear.... I knew it was you!!! I'm listening like who is this dope ass nigga. U Been Dope since we used to write over B -Rock beats years ago. Love love love it
ebonylovemusic : Like it take a special kind of dude to sing the word FRUITION. Real talk. I was somewhere in between catching the holy ghost and catching a nut @thekingdream whooo!! God is good!!! Lmbo. He used you as a vessel boy, with that one word. Make it manifest!!!! Man lemme get 1 in with ya on ya project!!
nikkinumba4 : Happy holidays to my favorite guy!!!
kutie_pie1111 : I love you're music
bubbly81774 : Rug
missmoinc : @psviray @ebonylovemusic where did you hear it?? I'm trying to find the song fruition on iTunes can't find it
thekingdream - tinitastm - sophiealicemay_x - lola_anjeriku -
thekingdream - AKA The Dream
So we All know what time it is! On the way to work with my nigga @tschi34! Records and Tapes! #Backseatdriver
backseatdriver -
missmoinc : @corporate_cutie82 where can I hear fruition?
corporate_cutie82 : @missmonic Big Tigga has been playing it during his radio show at 4pm everyday. So far, I can't find it online yet πŸ˜”
corporate_cutie82 : Actually, you can hear a tiny sample here, if you don't have V103 in your area. http://youtu.be/3NfaGJJUCTg @missmoinc
missmoinc : @corporate_cutie82 I found it online!! Go to @3lxvi on soundcloud β€οΈπŸ‘
corporate_cutie82 : Ahh you're right!!! Thank you!!! Yay!! @missmoinc
missmoinc : It might be 3lxi lol but enjoy @corporate_cutie82
corporate_cutie82 : Lol I found it. Thanks girl!! @missmoinc
missmoinc : @corporate_cutie82 πŸ˜‰
thekingdream - alexey92_ - stevemtoi_official - karlaaaxoxo -
thekingdream - AKA The Dream
Kickin It on the passenger Side! #withyou
withyou -
m1jones : My nigga, u responded?! πŸ˜‰ @thekingdream I was just playin. But u gta take them down 2 holes and tie them there. Looks better and kicks won't wrinkle that fast. Im a fan tho! πŸ‘Š
thedream187 : I'm a big fan dream!
eastoaklandroy : Hahahaha dream a real nigga
wel_fresh : Nash play nice... Like it ain't a dido accordingly
thekingdream : @tekzenmusic yezzir
clay326 : Next album?
dredre_chante : Absolutely love your music. Been a big fan since LoveHate. It'll make my night if you responded πŸ˜πŸ™ˆπŸ˜©πŸ˜πŸ˜
kisashe.k : Radio killa !!!
iwishmylifewasamovie - ms_carmin - reenaabellaa - yogisweetasshunnie -
thekingdream - AKA The Dream
kingeuropeanmay : That's nice man truck too
jappleseed23 : Happy holidays Dream...
mystertodd : @t_streets99 that bish hard. 93k on the cheap side
butterflybeautyartistry : My most favorite guy in this entire world! I adore you! #loveking
hdeezy18 : @royalstatus so you wouldn't drive this
itsjesstoyou : #alliwantforchristmas writing session with you @thekingdream
centspix : I want one!!!!!!
monique_517 : @naturesmistake88
therealmscookie - camila_caamila - karlaaaxoxo - alexey92_ -
thekingdream - AKA The Dream
8 in a Row? @atlantaHawks @thedreammachine Flickr
nikkinumba4 : We need Selfies Dream!!
mybody_bangz : I don't wanna see new sneakers πŸ‘ŸπŸ‘ž I wanna see new songs 🎢🎼 on ITunes I can buy... Thank you @thekingdream
rachelillumine : Miss u! 😐
ethan_alexander0923 : Radio killa....πŸ˜„
mryeah_dd41 : @mostlymiket @trey_day @jr_garcia83 @sancheezy806
briarandolph : The most underrated of his time...
sunshineego : #killa
lexidancer13 : #shoes #onpoint😍
iwishmylifewasamovie - reenaabellaa - yogisweetasshunnie - handsomebowtie -
thekingdream - AKA The Dream
Kickin It! Thankyou#Nike
nike -
_russo_ : Jackin my steelo ha. @otissupreme
le_chiffre_ : You the man Dream.
mybody_bangz : To hell with your sneakers.. Where that NEW music at!!
iamnorrahc : @thekingdream ...live Fancy... Live fancyyyy... You know how we live...😍
nazhind : @ericisk
centspix : I know that floor. πŸ’“
djtezzdabeatmaker : I c you at the game big dowg @thekingdream
djtezzdabeatmaker : Much respect let's link yo!! @thekingdream
scorpioapache22 - bnder.alzned88 - rumeysa_torba - marianabalbinott -
thekingdream - AKA The Dream
Now this is what I don't understand. It's like the song Black was never heard, Never came out. I was literally talking about this type of shit, flew my ass to Africa to further make a point, and it's like a pin drops. It hurts to not touch yall with honesty when that's what our mothers and fathers use to look to in order to lead and Make a Change. Now artist are scared they can't be cool and be political and I know because I work with them all! Wake Up! Can't just eat eat the sweet of life and expect to be healthy, a life needs to be well fed! "abuse of Power Classism". And to the "NFL " I guess there is no pressure stop what happens to blacks daily so yall don't say shit! When your product is Young Black Men!!!! No ones calling u into court for all the other things, no rights groups are protesting so it's like the social emergency issues are not yours to have! Don't take the best of us if you can't take all of Us! Don't chew on our talent and spit us out when it's convenient!!! What's wrong with everyone!
cantstayput_ : @ananemenit YES!! This is awesome... Thank you @thekingdream
divinelyfocused : True. @ms_ashleyyvette he's been saying some real ish
dkendrick1 : Put the song out anyway
the_king_messiah : πŸ‘‘Keep voicing it! Keep Dreaming, Martin did. You have the stage! My day 1 nigga! Love you bro! @thekingdreamπŸ‘‘
hipster.babee : Ily 😍😚
nikkinumba4 : Love u
raydogg909sbc : Sing Marvin Gaye what's going oooon... since then aint been alot going.onnn..
b______p : Man i love that song brother positive message
beauteparelle - ayeitsviiv - bigpapijt - missinghim1227 -
thekingdream - AKA The Dream
Thank you to V-103!!!! RealLove!!! @v
vauje : ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️
l12official : @thekingdream please release a single ASAP!!!!!! I'm mad I didn't get to hear the songs U showed on v103
cjtaylor_ : @thekingdream valentines show? Yes please!!!πŸ™πŸ˜ btw I heard #fruition yesterday and damn near had a wreck! It's beautiful, I love it!
hellokittykouture : @gsneed80 I thought that was you lol
gsneed80 : @hellokittykouture ...lol.. I don't see it
jadoir1202 : Big fan!! You should come out with cologne and perfume!! 😘😘😘😘😘😘 @thekingdream
sikirat : @lpurifoy73 private show?! *heart jumps out of chest* lol, eeek!!!!
kepeyi : Is this AKA from south africa
iwishmylifewasamovie - shaadwilliams - handsomebowtie - lola_anjeriku -
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