AKA The Dream

CrownJewel coming soon! One Day I'll Be The Most Important Artist of The 21st Century.
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thekingdream - AKA The Dream
Good Morning! #crownjewel #ContraParis #godsofanalog #tgif #thedream
crownjewel - tgif - contraparis - thedream - godsofanalog -
mzelan : @dkpskb πŸ™Œ
istayafrican : Yeah, wheres the camera?
i_dont_fawk_wid_chu : @istayafrican I think I see it at left mirror bottom right corner just a little part of it
brandi613 : @am__________j I need one of those!
officialyolei : #thatsmyshit
istayafrican : hmm, It has to be directly in front of the part in between the two mirrors that has no reflection @i_dont_fawk_wid_chu
zodiacas : If somebody would have went on the elevator while you were taking this. It would have totally messed up you picture bruh lol
i_dont_fawk_wid_chu : @istayafrican ya the bottom vent is pretty high up so hard to see the camera. Like shit it's Friday morning n we're fixated on where's the camera πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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thekingdream - AKA The Dream
Green! #CrownEP #CrownJewel #ContraParis #royalyep ##THEDREAM #thedreamforever
royalyep - crownjewel - contraparis - thedreamforever - crownep - thedream -
meholiday : The king green
callmeceo : Check out @SongPlay.. Start -up music streaming social network site and mobile for musicians and their fans. High chance for acquisition from companies like Apple and Facebook once launched. #SoundcloudKiller #MyspaceMusicReInvented
rkrsueno : @thekingdream the ep got pushed back!? Noooo I can't handle these damn push backs no more 😀
conjurequeen : #BaronSemedi #MadHatter #JackofTrades
ms_chun : When is your CD coming out??? @thekingdream
doesyasmoke14 : Where is the tracklist!
kinahnyudental : I've been. Hearing fruition on the radio a lot. Now I can listen to it on my iTunes and the radio
nikkinumba4 : @ms_chun 3/31
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thekingdream - AKA The Dream
Turning Madison into a sand mermaid. Photo by @mrsnashxo
cford51 : So sweet πŸ˜ƒ
holylovexo : Soooo cute 😍😍😍🌸🌸🌸
loyaltyovrstatus143 : @thekingdream thank you, father daughter time, beautiful
sheapge : So cute
berealcoz : The is the 1πŸ’œ
berealcoz : This*^ -typo
berealcoz : This is the 1 πŸ’œ
kinahnyudental : Cute
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thekingdream - AKA The Dream
Going up! Taking the stairs gives you a true knowledge of how you got to the Top so when you get to the next floor you know what it takes to get to the Sky!
devantaeswing : @twelvetheartist I was asking you lol
joharitone : @devantaeswing OHH lol Idk im hoping it will be. I wanna see a track list and I think the project got pushed to April 14th πŸ˜ͺ
devantaeswing : @twelvetheartist Bruh I hope not,, he can't be playing with people's emotions lmao
joharitone : @devantaeswing I know I got heated when I saw fader say the EP was dropping "4-14" @thekingdream please say it isn't so
nicholastynan : @sowwowofficial @samuelt6
nicholastynan : @sammygillette
philthekeys : What up Nigga?
kinahnyudental : Love those 6's. I think I'll wear mine tomorrow
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thekingdream - AKA The Dream
Man, Navy got so big so quick!!! Was at work just reminiscing!!!! Wow I'm blessed! Almost 10! #fathersanddaughters #love
love - fathersanddaughters -
kandystayturnt : Nivea
industrykidsevents : Beauty
industrykidsevents : @blackcelebkids
poca_hon_tas_85 : Omg so pretty
eboniexivoryy : @bosslady_5_star_chick
h0ney_e : Pretty 😍😍
juansmom_22 : She's absolutely beautiful
sirknight_ : @straydaze why does he have more kids smdh
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thekingdream - AKA The Dream
Awesome shoot today! #TheDream #MiguelStarcevich #FearofGod #ContraParis #CrownEP #crownJewelLP
crownjewellp - miguelstarcevich - contraparis - fearofgod - crownep - thedream -
nikkinumba4 : Love ur olé fine self
j__o__j__o : @thekingdream
shahka : You a melody God
jimmy_knobody : Here
jimmy_knobody : @thekingdream Montalban theatre rap.
miss.sweetiee : Check DM @thekingdream
ki2dacity : Your style is so ill. You can dress your ass off. You have a stylist or it's all you? πŸ‘Œ
leoramonroe - iheartari12 - kwanzamonique - thedailyspice -
thekingdream - AKA The Dream
elizshuanet : Love you. You're an absolute inspiration to my life. Your music speaks real stuff & I've been a hugeee fan for almost 10 years. Love your rawness & the fact you always kept it real with your music & never did anything out of character. You're the first and only artist I ever seen live and I still remember me being front row in Boston in one of your concerts and you held my hand. The most amazing experience in my life that I will forever reminisce as long as I live. Thank you for that!
lovebitten_87 : #1 artist
haleyeahmusic : That's why I call you Mr. Home Depot!.. #justtalented
berealcoz : 😩😩
kinahnyudental : @haleyeahmusic πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­
joharitone : @thekingdream @tschi34 it's sad that the EP was cut to 6 tracks (meaning 4 new songs + that's my shit & fruition) so can we get a track list of the EP?! There was some dope ass songs on there that I pray yAll won't cut for the March release lol
jimmy_knobody : I believe
robmessy_ : bull said he was drinking it like e&j ahah
teboy_gfm - beats4thestars - egyptianlyn - ki2dacity -
thekingdream - AKA The Dream
thedreamforever -
danii_dee1807 : That is REAL music! Lyrics with so much sense.
devantaeswing : @twelvetheartist what snippet
joharitone : @devantaeswing he sent snippets to our emails but it was deleted
devantaeswing : @twelvetheartist I think I missed it but thanks
silvia_vs_candy : ABSOLUTELY!!!!
nikkinumba4 : U gotta go on Empire get ur acting on
steviemontana : Man, a classic! This album will never get kids will listen to this whenever they come around πŸ™Œ
dolce_zee : @thekingdream this album still goesπŸ‘Œ
angel_ac3 - ki2dacity - dr._harri_boy - bigboy3287 -
thekingdream - AKA The Dream
It always seems like yesterday!!!! #West Fulton High 8th grade. #bakerroad #bankhead #simpsonroad #delmarlane #mistyvalley #atlanta #ga #thedream
bankhead - bakerroad - west - mistyvalley - simpsonroad - ga - delmarlane - atlanta - thedream -
loveme_somemarie : Aweee.... Buckwheat
mrsnashxo : ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️
vernonf_ : @princetaz_ lmfao
lozangela : Swag at adolescence
seandretta : Bae
weezyjfk : the real west side gots to know that
straydaze : @sirknight_ lol
sirknight_ : @straydaze if only he looked this cool today lol
a_b2178 - angel_ac3 - nydiva74 - bigboy3287 -
thekingdream - AKA The Dream
#goinup! #crown #crownjewel #CrownEP #crownJewelLP #love #gold
crownjewellp - love - gold - crownjewel - goinup - crown - crownep -
noshebaisntanickname : U may not remember completely u look kinda young but its all G
joharitone : @noshebaisntanickname well of course I knew he wrote before his debut. I didn't think it was 2000 because the b2K album "pandemonium" released 2002 but that makes sense lol
noshebaisntanickname : Yea I guess technically be didn't start big time till 01 lol hes so dope
noshebaisntanickname : @twelvetheartist
joharitone : @noshebaisntanickname amen to that!!!! πŸ˜©πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
mr.mcclain2u2 : I have high end fashion available for sale
kinahnyudental : #goinup #comingdown ride clean fix your hair in my crown
misscoleman36 : Sexy beyond comparison
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