AKA The Dream

My Instagram may say a Lot, but it doesn't Tell You Everything,#getmyMusic 1day I'll Be The Most Important Artist of The 21st Century.
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thekingdream - AKA The Dream
Mmmmmmmm The Coffee Tho! After having those designer coffee's, u realize that this is that 9-5 cup of joe!
machine421 : @thekingdream NC?
__jackieo_ : Lol designer coffees?? Calm down Dream.
mattfaroudi : What happened to the Jewel ep?
trevorjoyce : @paulmartinpaulmartin @ctfraser
hotangel174 : ๐Ÿ˜Šโ˜•๏ธโค๏ธ
andyzpower : @thekingdream what the waffles like?
theblackkniight : Damn! I missin the south. Waffle House is where it's at!
beautybybrittni000 : Baby I love you @thekingdream
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thekingdream - AKA The Dream
The Original Bach, can't let it go , something's can't be repeated.
kinahnyudental : โœˆ๏ธ
iamaxelgarcia : @thekingdream ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผman! #jewel
hawiianbluu : Much love and respect, please to meet you. I'm Bluu steel, rapper and screenwriter. A fan of your work, so please check me tube video blu ski mask
datfyrerican23 : OMG @thekingdream I am in live with you I wish I could meet u and cook u a meal.
johariletone : @kingtravii94 what song is that?!
kingtravii94 : @johariletone its off the screw love mixtape he released in like january I think but omg I copped it and its dope to me, I mean wat songs aren't by this man :) just type in the dream exemplary love on google, u will find it.
devantaeswing : Who are you in the studio with next ?
claudjacksonlds : I'm thankful that you found Wealth in life and I pray you now find Riches.
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thekingdream - AKA The Dream
So hood! 2009 MCM
johariletone : Hey mr nash @thekingdream could we get the album July 10th?! I have it marked in my calendar and im looking forward to it. My pre order isn't on iTunes anymore
kingmikeyrose : Heard you a coo dude from da homies, you & I , HIT $$$ la native ..
lisbonenterprise : @thekingdream you good?
kinahnyudental : Cute
sikirat :
easymoneymarkus : Help me help you and I can get you back on top where you supposed to be
captaindmac : @thekingdream I didn't get the hat in time for the choreo, but the video is out on my page
ayomccay : 12,00th
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thekingdream - AKA The Dream
Engines where the trunk be, see the future when it hit Top Speed! @kingpush
enchanteedd : come to San Jose
_ganjika_ : Dad please ^
mrcurtis2u : How can we go about booking you?
kinahnyudental : Dope
sikirat : Dope pic
sikirat : Happy Father's Day lovely man!!!
teamkingdream : โค
easymoneymarkus : I got you.....Help me help you and I can get you back on top where you supposed to plan is monster
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thekingdream - AKA The Dream
Me and My Boo!!!!! #curecancer #fightcancer #Ferrari
fightcancer - ferrari - curecancer -
enchanteedd : come to San Jose ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ
mrcurtis2u : What's the best way to go about booking you?
geminidiamondz1 : Come to Houston
thedjxrated : Big Bro, ,,
kinahnyudental : ๐Ÿ˜Ž
teamkingdream : ๐Ÿ‘ซ
easymoneymarkus : I see farther.....Help me help you and I can get you back on top where you supposed to be..... Staying
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thekingdream - AKA The Dream
See You Guys Tomorrow. Atlanta Motorsports Park Ferrari of Atlanta #fightcancer #killcancer
fightcancer - killcancer -
hotangel174 : @thekingdream Aww man, this is so cool and for such a great cause. You got this. Have fun w the kids! ๐Ÿ™โค๏ธ #killcancer #loveyou #youhaveabigheart
kingdomshawty : @hopeforeverlong
hopeforeverlong : @kingdomshawty awesome event. Go get'em tiger๐Ÿ˜ผ
lisbonenterprise : Respect
kingdomshawty : @hopeforeverlong Missed it
x.aliccia.x : Please come to the bay
easymoneymarkus : Million dollar dreams.....Help me help you and I can get you back on top where you supposed to be....million dollar attitude
ayomccay : AYO!!!
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thekingdream - AKA The Dream
Shot Fired!
teamkingdream : @thenetworkqueen I didn't get that notification
thenetworkqueen : Yup on amazon @dreamsnikki he did it with the first one
synnamonapple : I need this full album asap. That notification i got from Amazon was not cool
1993dez : And every night around this time we make love songs LET ME GET THAT 808
derekdderekd : What year is your gto ?
_ganjika_ : Please
teamkingdream : ๐Ÿ’ช
easymoneymarkus : I'm futuristic...Help me help you and I can get you back on top where you supposed to be....can't stop success
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thekingdream - AKA The Dream
Contra-Paris the Independent Art Label No-Major
merce_trilldope : just to be around this man would inspire a new born life in me @thekingdream is truly the gentleman most all of us need to admire .
teamkingdream : Do u like go go music DC goes hard for that I can see u making a son with go go beats
_ganjika_ : Father
youngreminisce : Can we please get an update on Crown Jewel? @thekingdream
easymoneymarkus : Putting the industry......Help me help you and I can get you back on top where you supposed to your back pocket
_miraxo : ummm could u bless us with a tour? pls & thx๐Ÿ˜Š
skeetypablo__ : I'm trying give you this money for the next album and tour thanks Og ... #kingdream !!
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thekingdream - AKA The Dream
Happy Memorial Day Weekend!!!
rkr.andres : Can we talk about how "Sweat It Out" is one of the greatest new age R&B records of all time!?
teamkingdream : U have a point I don't want to offend anyone #deleted
teamkingdream : Ur such a good person
bldart : Oh yeah!
x.aliccia.x : Come to San Jose
teamkingdream : ๐Ÿ˜œ
easymoneymarkus : The American dream.....Help me help you and I can get you back on top where you supposed to now reality
ep400 : @b_rock828 plus the black cherry
arianagrande_persempre_ - bess2k2 - redgaby1111 -
thekingdream - AKA The Dream
Image has its on Point Of View.
teamkingdream : @fly_milf girl I woulda been stalking that station
teamkingdream : @swisher_one that would b a dope location
teamkingdream : @avrilleigh t bird that's just my baby daddy lol
x.aliccia.x : Dad
michael_p_dubya : G wagon @mbusa
mamas0513 : You are the greatest artist ever!!!!!!
teamkingdream : #Greysweatpants a woman's weaknesses๐Ÿ˜“
easymoneymarkus : My energy is contagious......Help me help you and I can get you back on top where you supposed to be.....getting sick is the next best thing
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