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thekingdream - The Dream
The End, The Beginning! The fight for True is hard , in order to even fight for what's right for you,you must fight yourself and your own short comings and know exactly who you are and Love yourself fully and wholly. You must tear down your own fears and address your own weaknesses before you can provide strength and love for you and another! You must find freedom and believe what's great about you is a blessing and what's not so great is needed to have an idea of humble. Find passion for another as you seek what you don't have, only to notice that what you don't have in you can be found in another and Then you can be perfect, perfect for another and allow someone to be perfect for you. If I Practice loving I will eventually become Love itself. It's hard and it's elusive but so is life, and when you stop loving you literally have stopped living! 4L #findyourlove This world is to crazy to live and Dir without giving life a chance to be good to you!
findyourlove -
manolo_esco : @christinamilian is so much a better woman. But nice try trying replace the irreplaceable!
emeepardo : @sliqrikk love you too
shredded_mel : @shredded_json 😚
meiambellanicole : @manolo_esco I try not to read comments because of ppl like you. She has moved on and so has he. It's not about who's better or worse it's about who's perfect for him. This is a beautiful post about love, why hate when you can celebrate and/or congratulate.
l12official : This means new music!!!! New love songs by the love king @thekingdream congrats man!!!!
president_milton : @ssquared18
mrs_casa_rez09 : Beautiful @goldenrush_49
c_hac : @vinny______ seriously bro.. Dude jus put life in another perspective.. He's deep
delon_aa - nikkiboss623 - imjadeee_ - yourfavorite_starr -
thekingdream - The Dream
_legs4dayz : @missmeka757
aunestei : @aa_luring
cford51 : Absolutely classy and elegant! Gorgeous couple!
fromnycwitlove : You look so sharp congrats
ipoet_87 : CONGRATS my dude!! @thekingdream You definitely seem to be happy and that's all that matters! She's beautiful.
mybink : @prettybrowneyes0529
r8rette_panda_1vy_7o7 : Bright future to you both 💐💒💟💞💖
char1070 : @janellemajestic
iam_marvi - sickasspatti - vintagecynn - mssweetcuteness -
thekingdream - The Dream
When you forget to get your child a Sprinkles cupcake and they look at you like this and say "You said it was gone taste like sprinkles"
dropheaddreams : Hahahhahhahahahaaaaa
sikirat : Lol
talisagraham_ : @kariilondonxo Kayla
msangelafox : Lol
heart_my_two : @primm_n_proper
primm_n_proper : @heart_my_two 😂
crystalmo85 : Lol!!!
crystalmo85 : @callmedwana
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thekingdream - The Dream
Black Tie Affair, Grown!
lemmishea : @chrissy_mariah
boozyonce : @alannahgray at slight glance this could be @iheartchev
yourfavoritebeast : @pretti_precious_ He got married yesterday!
tinkay_xoxo : @awakenedenergy it been exist!
awesomeazpink : She's beautiful. Congrats
creole_bella : @mythinwithin
mybink : @prettybrowneyes0529 @renee_fantasia
prettybrowneyes0529 : Who is she @mybink
nakedxbliss - lunique1 - 509queen - pjcaninstagram -
thekingdream - The Dream
HolloweenX Decor X @mrsnashxo
goddesscouturelashes : Some kid stole my pumpkin from my yard in College Park little Neanderthals
mikedarockman : Been A Minute
mikedarockman : I'm Ready to come on in
_nicolemenezes : ❤️
nikkinumba4 : Cute
lisbonenterprise : @thekingdream you have posted everything except for the BBQ grilled, I know you cookout this past summer???? Where that picture at
rodexodus : Your new album was slept on man. One of the dopest albums of last year definitely. Keep making great music, not only for others but for yourself! U give young artist like myself a hope that people still wanna hear that real R&B SOUND! thanks! 💯💯
realmulakidd : @thekingdream Just saw you at Arclight Cinemas in Sherman Oaks . Didn't want to be a groupie . You still making music for @justinbieber
anna_bell_love - lafliiyette - janieb_ - poeticizedinflaws -
thekingdream - The Dream
Such a sight!
bennettondon : Go get tht royalty EP tht shit bangn
theblackkniight : @get2knowneek : I saw the pic, and instantly heard the song... Lol! It deg is a timeless classic. Thanks for the great music Mr Nash. It's rare to have a true Song writer/ Artist in today's generation of music who makes (Albums) not just singles. Albums that you can let ride without skipping tracks. That is Art🎼
kikijones25 : .
cford51 : She is a class act 100%!!! Real
jaynelane32 : I totally thought this was you @charlysangel
charlysangel : Omg!haha. I can see that 😊😉 @jaynelane32
evettealtamirano : ❤️@thekingdream
mrsteriusnash89 : @theblackkniight my #1 fave! #fancy @thekingdream knows this!!!
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thekingdream - The Dream
This way, come on Woman! Photo credit @mrsnashxo
ipoet_87 : @thekingdream what up my dude!? Get at me! Great song writer on the rise!
missglotyler : Who takes this pictures 😳
misscoleman36 : Dam
blackanloveli : 😍#bae
spiffy.a : @thekingdream I hope to meet you one day before the lord takes my soul! Your truly inspiring to me, forreal !
charliecontacto : @brandon.maragh loll
lisbonenterprise : @thekingdream Carry everything on
baylienn : You that Nigga bro. My Idol fareal
cedric_wayne - oochiewallyally - etodaroc - janieb_ -
thekingdream - The Dream
San Fran a beautiful picture from my scrapbook:July 2014
lucass_89 : @thekingdream my brother lives next to the tall brown building (Bank of America building). If your ever in the area let's grab some drinks, meet some beautiful women and get bottle service on the 39th floor of the Marriott hotel
mrsnashxo : ❤️Our city❤️
mrsteriusnash89 : I love the black and white color scheme of this skyline if San Francisco @thekingdream
sikirat : Ol scrap book face ass n*gga..! Lol
thekingdream : @sikirat ole god am picture this ass nigga
sikirat : Lmao. I hate u<3 ;(
lisbonenterprise : @thekingdream great composition!!!!!
lisbonenterprise : Photography is my life!!!!!
_shuggiebear - juniesmommie - blharken - fornah101 -
thekingdream - The Dream
Now I usually just let certain shit slide!!!!!! The over hyped Matt Ryan, the gm who seems to care more about his sideline wanna be Author blank stance. There is not a person this earth who is more atlanta falcon than I, and we may have had some bad teams before but by far this is the worst spirited team I've ever seen in my Life, the absolute worst. No heart to even make up for the lack of talent. Scared hit and et hit, please leave my city! Mike Smithis a good man I'm sure but he is to nice of a guy to coach a team in a city with no rings! The year we won 13 games the schedule was light in the ass! So let's just say this is who we really are. Figure out how to draft Gurley and find a Coach,a QB and a LB leader on defense that inspires a team. 4 running backs for what, now u have no linemen, if we have Steven all that money to Run his ass should run every down, that's a sign that the team is weak , sure u want to share the rock but where's the pride, where's the leave me in the game attitude. And I hope I pissed yall off so we both can be pissed off together, the last three games looked like a D level College. All you silly ass owners in Atlanta owe it to this City! Yall wonder why people don't come to games , ain't nobody got time for this shit..... Yall even fuck my fantacy up. Damn @atlantafalcons @espn #horriblefootball #dionsanders21 ps and don't make us wait to the end of the year to make a change we all know where this is going so don't try to fuck up the first pick by winning two more games, there's still a chance we can be the best team with the worst record! Let's go! The generation of giving trophies to teams that loose and giving false hopes to those who come in second place! Good Win Chicago!
horriblefootball - dionsanders21 -
dashofyas : 🙌
i_am_biggchris216 : #GoBrowns! The surprise team of the league baby!
50justscored : Same here dream them fuckin falcons tripping tbh we should've improved the secondary and the d line but if this defense don't get some pride I might have to leave high school and play for them boys
thekingdream : I ain't surprised
b.h_d : @nature_boi55
itscapomadness : @smofi
smofi : @itscapomadness ahahahahahahaha
itscapomadness : @smofi hahaha tu as vu la haine ?!
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thekingdream - The Dream
Heading in to that Nightshift!
thekingdream : @fryltd89 I just wanna make sure for the first time these multiple albums I've made in the last 10 months are seen in the places and judged side by side with everyone else, I don't want my shit bought cause I said get it I want it bought because simply we are more passionate about music and it's state and also because it deserves to be heard the right way, not put on a conveyor belt . I Am Not the Same! No ego I'm just not like everyone else.
priscillassecrets : @thekingdream READ THIS: I ❤U
lionseyez : Real talk @thekingdream ... but listening to all your catalogue gets us thirsty for more!
wolf_of_cfstreetz : Your tracks are official long time waiting bro
mrsnashxo : I love you baby ❤️❤️❤️
famous_canary : Please check out E Hood. Link in my bio or #EHood
lisbonenterprise : @thekingdream On TI's New Album!
gotsamm : @thekingdream i really just want to sit in the lab and watch you create!!
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