Kat Von D

...for the heart is an organ of fire.
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thekatvond - Kat Von D
Good morning. #edithsitwell
edithsitwell -
bittersweetacacia20 : Buenos dias :)
alessandrocar88 : 🌏 Take a look at my Hawaii crowdfunding PhotoProject? ✨ thanks!
cemak75 : Good afternoon from Sweden @thekatvond πŸ˜™
meg.ennis : "My personal hobbies are reading, listening to music, and silence." πŸ’ž
montsepeco : Muy buenos dias :)
coussinetta : A very good way to say "Good morning" .nice choice
mariska42 : πŸ‘Œ
coussinetta : "It is a part of the poet's work to show each man what he sees but does not know he sees."
fliptuna - thelifeof_alexx - da_rubies_xoxo_ - joanaashit -
thekatvond - Kat Von D
Been falling in love w powder foundation all over again!πŸ’– #LockItFoundation #makeuptalk For this simple look, I used: •FACE: Lock-It Powder Foundation in shade: L45 •LIPS: Everlasting Liquid Lip in "Lolita" •EYESHADOW: the Chrysalis Pallette, in shades: "Lifelike," "Glasswing," and "Black Milk" •EYELINER: Ink-Liner in "Trooper" black •BROWS: currently testing out a formula I've been working on like crazy for the past year! Longwear/bulletproof brows, COMING SOON!
lockitfoundation - makeuptalk -
stellar_bambii : @lilith_von_raven she def pulls it off
stevennotts : So fit 😍
sosalynette : @miranda_sosa1499
jessribeirodiary : You are looking like Joan Jett here. ;)
myieromance : so beautiful!
jamesdola187 : Classic
jessiescissorhands : @rsrhairandmakeup lock it powder foundation
t4re_ : :3 <3
kaylammittelstaedt - katiethekat - jazzyy831 - guardiian -
thekatvond - Kat Von D
Finally convinced @lioneldeluy to let me borrow his sweet glasses for our photoshoot today! 😎
michealmouse : Nana Mouskouri and Michael Douglas.
sariahxm30w : Obsessed. How do I even live not being you.
adriennerosexox : Absolutely stunning lady! #classy ;)
youurgorgeouus : 😍
theicetruckkillerr : @lin_duh087
irisanubi : Simpatici!
katliebo : @jcolorado617 literally thought this was you when I was scrolling down my feed. #twinning
missboss_jay : Absolutely beautiful
missxamelia - maddielexa - brookeorzech_ - _pantless_hooligan_ -
thekatvond - Kat Von D
Just cuz I f*cking felt like it: I uploaded a little song I wrote a while back called, EXORCISM onto my YouTube channel: thekatvond ❀️#sweetdreams
sweetdreams -
cheynicolem : Can we talk about the fact that I hate ur bangs but just because ur freaking Kat von d u look amazing.
iloveipa : Dont leave the tattoo business
run2scream : Well now that my heart just Completely melted into my stomach
theninid : @thekatvond you rock. Keep going.
sandykat_art : @thekatvond .. Ah you are just perfect. πŸ’•πŸ˜™πŸ˜ŠπŸ™ˆπŸ˜‹
fioreh.grrreano : Love it <3
black_poem : I made a Music Video for this and shared with you on YouTube
rodriknot : πŸ˜―πŸ˜„
maddielexa - chibbyyy - monica_cal_b - _pantless_hooligan_ -
thekatvond - Kat Von D
Piano guts.
jym_morrison : Kool
oonaghrocks : #freepalestine
buffalobeck : @wildwes80
montuckeynd : HammerTime
__rgl : Ah, I see what you did there. @karmaleader
danielaamores : β™‘.β™‘
christinapuff : #snaketongue
justeve398 : I love my pianos guts too.... β™‘
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thekatvond - Kat Von D
Curly hair is such a challenging task for me when tattooing portraits. It always has been, but I'm quite excited about taking this one on today! ⚑️
beachbums4eva : I hope so too @thekatvond I can't wait!! You have meet everyone in my family but me!!
chloe_5soskilljoy182 : I would love to be tattooed by you! Tattoos and music are my life! And everyday I'm constantly thinking what other tattoos I want! I've always enjoyed drawing, and ever since I watched your show, @thekatvond you have inspired me to become a tattoo artist! One day, I would be honoured to be tattooed by you! Until then keep up the outstanding work!
jascore : @thekatvond what is the best way to reach for some appoitments in Costa Rica?
dope__quotez : Yah and thx??? Do ik you??????:/@tokebowles
dope__quotez : @tokebowles
tokebowles : @dope__quotez you don't know what sarcasm is do you?
miryellen : A melhor, mas ela so tatua rosto @brenaac
dope__quotez : Nooo y???@tokebowles
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thekatvond - Kat Von D
Hollywood Blvd. #zoltar
zoltar -
draven.gayheart : Holy crap. I juat had my fortune told by ole Zoltar at Waverly Hills. He said I need to be wise like the owl and not talk so much...hmmm...
britmayhew : @stevoporter
matt_trudgeon : @jessicainns but it's funny.
monk_rot : @mulher_imaculada818 Robert still has his.
mulher_imaculada818 : Lol me too @monk_rot
mocana : He travels far. He has a home here in Manitou Springs too
hempmehempyoucom : my skin needs help.
kayesylou : Lol! My daughter went on one of these the other day as she wanted it to turn her into 'Big'
kayesylou - sasha_notgrey - darione_81 - roybenavidesmoreno -
thekatvond - Kat Von D
Hollywood Blvd. #misfits #dio #burzum #mayhem #anthrax #death #darkthrone #suicidaltendencies
dio - burzum - misfits - darkthrone - mayhem - death - suicidaltendencies - anthrax -
_ritabot : @moichingon_666
moichingon_666 : @_ritabot I used to buy all my shirts there:)
_ritabot : @moichingon_666 Yeah I thought you'd like the picture:)
petols : @fortfahlen #darkthrone
toriexbotts : YyyyyeeeeeeeSaaaaasasssa
fortfahlen : #godflesh #napalmdeath
jeffraaaay : @siknick83
halfglassfull09 : Bae when u gonna spoil me with all them shirts
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thekatvond - Kat Von D
For those asking, I got the "how to" tonal drawing technique DVD at @wonderlandLA ❀️
metalvertigrace : Nice
n_ljubic_ : @topshoutsig got me 1k
thytboy : Night LV
alicevasselucci : @bianca_soaress2 ... Olha essa @thekatvond que perfeição :v :v
ana_lovesart : Did she draw this?! Or is this part of the DVD? And did she make the DVD or buy it there? Lol
ana_lovesart : Shoutout people!! You guys don't even have 1k shuttup lol
fiery.fairy : You're a goddess
nataliekorff : @http.daphne
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thekatvond - Kat Von D
Can't believe I waited so long to watch this "How to Draw Vampira" tonal drawing technique DVD (taught by Camila Rocha).
claytorious_big : #blackandwhite #bnw #monochrome #TagsForLikes #instablackandwhite #monoart #insta_bw #bnw_society #bw_lover #bw_photooftheday #photooftheday #bw #instagood #bw_society #bw_crew #bwwednesday #insta_pick_bw #bwstyles_gf #irox_bw #igersbnw #bwstyleoftheday #monotone #monochromatic#noir #fineart_photobw
ybroos80 : Cool and creepy
jetskyyy : Creepy be Happy stayyy Trendy, BigHuggy from JimtheCutie !! eheh :)
jym_morrison : Radd,
angelamcewen : I sure do love you Kat. I hope you realize how much.
thekatvond : @austere_ ❀️
thewillhatton : @helpful_shoutz got me 1K
pamisixx : Love it! ❀️
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